First Taste of Cum Part 149    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Young Performer

    My name is Lenny, a thirteen-year-old middle school kid. I used to jack off with a couple of buddies but now that they are interested in girls they say jacking off together is too gay for them. I understand, but I find cock a lot more interesting than girls. From what I've seen, guys chase after girls, trying to get lucky, and they get nothing but headaches. I'll stick with cock! The problem is, I'm not getting any. I don't dare show my interest at school, because the kids can be brutal, picking on anyone who is different. I saw one gay kid driven to tears from the harrassment, and another badly beaten up.

I thought if I could line up some cock somewhere away from school I could suck but still be straight at school. But you don't just go up to strangers and offer them a blowjob! I tried some internet contact sites, but all the good ones required a credit card, which I didn't have. So I followed the Craigslist postings. I answered a few, but guys wanted nothing to do with me when they found out my age – I guess the pedophile sting operations by police had scared everyone away. How is a young guy supposed to find guys to suck?

Then one day I saw an interesting post: "Looking for young looking actor for BBC"

The posting said they were looking for a young looking white actor willing to pleasure BBC (Big Black Cock). The more youthful in appearance the better, but must be 18 or over.

I decided to give it a try. I certainly looked youthful, and maybe I could get away with lying about my age. I dashed off a reply and later received a thank you email. They said they had a big response and were setting up interviews. They gave me a phone number to call to schedule an interview. I took it down, and immediately called. I was able to schedule it for 4pm tomorrow. That was after school, so I had time to get there. It was in a business district a couple of miles away – an easy ride on my bike.

The next day I arrived for my interview, parking and locking my bike down the street. I didn't want them to see me coming in a a bike. I went inside and met Ann, a friendly black woman, who welcomed me and took me to an interview room. She said she would have some preliminary questions, and if all went well I would be talking with the manager.

"You understand that we will be making movie of you performing sex acts with black men?" she asked.

I nodded, and she continued, "How much experience do you have in giving fellatio?" she asked.

"None," I confessed, "I'm just beginning."

"Thank you for being honest with me, young man," she replied, "So many misrepresent their experience and skill."

"Can you show me your driver's license or State ID card?" she asked.

"Sorry, I don't have one," I replied, realizing that this was a bad sign.

"You seem to have been honest with me so far," she said, "And I hope you will continue to be – how old are you?"

"Thirteen," I said timidly.

She looked right at me and said, "You know that our ad said you must be at least 18?"

"Yes, and you also wanted a youthful appearance," I replied, "I hoped you would make an exception."

"Let me talk to the manager about this," she said, and stepped out.

I thought I would be out of luck, but in a few minutes a tall black guy entered and introduced himself as Mr. Standale. He said they might have a well paying situation for me, if I could be discrete. I told him I was interested and asked to hear more.

"You are under-age, and any movies we do would be child pornography, which is very illegal," he said, "But there is a market for that sort of movie, but you will have to pretend to be over 18."

"I'll be glad to do that," I replied.

"Since you are inexperienced, we would cast you in the role of an inexperienced kid having sex for the first time," he continued, "You will be expected to do things you have never done, some of which may be distasteful."

"I understand," I said, "And am fine with that."

"Because this is highly illegal," he said, "The pay is excellent, and we will need for you to set up a bank account that your parents don't know about, and we will deposit directly into it."

I agreed to all of this, and he told me I would have to demonstrate my professionalism and ability to perform. I told him I was anxious to do so.

He told me to undress and to jack-off while they both watched. That made me a little nervous, and I wasn't sure if I could even get hard under this pressure, but I knew it was part of the test. I undressed and began to stroke. Soon I was hard, and in a few minutes I felt my climax coming on, and shot my load into my hand. For good measure, I licked my cum up and swallowed, which impressed them.

"Okay," Mr. Standale said, standing up and unzipping, "Let's see how you do with this."

He approached me and offered me his cock. It was my first blowjob and with a monster black cock I was afraid I would fail. I opened my mouth but he was too thick to get in. He put his hands on my head and pushed until the head and the first few inches were in my mouth. I didn't even know how to give a blowjob, and worried that he would find out. Fortunately he just kept fucking my face, occasionally gagging me when he got to the back of my throat, bringing tears to my eyes. He continued for a few minutes and flooded my mouth with his cum. I was so happy to complete my first blowjob, but worried that he'd be throwing me out now.

He pulled out and said, "I think we can use you – I like the tears – can you do that again?"

I quickly swallowd and said, "Sure."

"Ann will help you with the paperwork," he said, "Welcome to your first job!"

I shook his hand, grateful for the opportunity, and pleased with the manly taste he left in my mouth.

Ann had me fill out employment paperwork, including a certification of my age, which I listed as 19. I also filled out paperwork to open a bank account. They had a lawyer who would get it set up for me with a tax ID number that the IRS couldn't trace to me.

I went home, thrilled at giving my first blowjob as well as landing a porn job! On the job I was sure to get plenty of action and hopefully make some connections for other times as well. The movie shoots happened on the weekend, and I was to come to rehearsal sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I was usually away from home much of the weekends anyway, and would just have to come up with excuses to be gone Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today was Wednesday, so I'd have rehearsal tomorrow night.

Thursday when I arrived Ann told me to get undressed, since I would be naked most of the time anyway, and she enjoyed seeing me that way.
When nobody was watching she enjoyed playing with my cock. She said it was so cute, (because it was so small), but she knew when I was hard I would be aroused, and she liked keeping me aroused.

Mr. Standale was there and was the director. In addition, there were three other black guys – all well hung, and a white woman. This porn studio specialized in black domination of whites.

"Are you an anal virgin?" Ann asked.

"Yes," I confessed.

"You won't be for long," she said, "What's the largest object you've had in you?"

"My finger," I said, "I guess."

Ann opened a cabinet, took out a wooden box and opened it. It contained a series of tapered rubber objects. "These are anal dilators," she said, removing a small one, "They will open you up so your first time won't hurt so much."

She handed it to me, along with some lube and I applied the lube and inserted it right then and there.

She lined up four more on a table and told me to switch to the next largest size every 15 minutes. I liked the way the dilator felt inside me. I probably could have started with a larger size, but I'd take it slow. The biggest one she set out was nearly two inches in diameter.

Ann mentioned something to Mr. Standale, who cried out, "Damn that Ernie – where could he be? I just can't depend on him!"

He turned to me and asked, "Lenny, you know how to fluff? Of course you do – every cocksucker does. You can be fluffer when you aren't doing other things – Ann, make sure he gets paid for this."

Ann took me aside and explained that the fluffer's job was to keep the guys hard so the filming didn't get delayed. I could use my hands, but usually it was by sucking them.

She told me where to kneel, saying, "This is the fluffer station."

Mr. Standale called out, "Tyrone, you're up first – better get ready."

Tyrone walked up to me and I sucked him to erection – I was going to really LOVE this job!

They went through the movements that were planned for the movie, except there was no penetration. Mr. Standale didn't want the guys cumming except when they filmed – he said it was a waste of cum. But he insisted that they be hard all the time, so the guys spent a lot of time with me.

Ann brought over the next bigger dilator and I inserted it, giving her the one I removed. The new one definitely stretched me, and I hoped that I would be able to take the biggest one. Ann left and went to clean up the used dilator.

By the time the rehearsal was over I was wearing the largest dilator, which felt like it was really stretching me. The makeup person called me over and said, let's get you ready for a tatoo.

That surprised me – I wasn't expecting a tatoo. "I can't have anything that will show in the shower," I said.

"Don't worry," the makeup guy said, "These are temporary."

He opened up an envelope and took out a tatoo that looked like a black spade (like the playing card) with a lower case "j" on it. He explained, "This is the Jack of Spades, used to mark white guys who service BBC." He looked me over and had me slowly turn before him.

"We need to find the best place," he said, "Wait, that's it."

I paused and he got some shaving cream and a razor. He shaved off the little bit of pubic hair I had above my cock. "That's perfect," he said, right about your little pecker – it's gonna be adorable!

He explained that in one of the early movies I would be taken to a tatoo parlor where they would pretend to do a regular tatoo, and put on the temporary in its place. After that I would just get a new temporary for each shoot.

Before I left Ann gave me a larger dilator and told me to put it in before I went to bed, and to wear it all night. I should wear it Saturday morning before I came to the shoot. If I had trouble getting it in, I should start with the smaller one first.

I went home, pleased that I was now also the fluffer, and looking forward to Saturday, and having some BBC up my ass. I've never been fucked before, but heard great things about it!

I sat through dinner with the large dilator up my ass. I wondered what my family would think if they knew I was stretching my ass to take a BBC on Saturday!

On Saturday I arrived and reviewed the script for today's shoot. I was playing the key roll in a new white slavery series. In this story I am kidnapped and sold to black men as a sex slave. I am made to pleasure them and am taken to a tatoo parlor where I receive the Jack of Spades tatoo over my little cock. They plan to make a big deal about my little cock, because it shows both my youth and lack of manliness, which is highly valued for a submissive white sissy.

As we film they spray my eyes with a mild irritant to make me cry. I'm supposed to be bawling like a baby as they force BBC into my mouth and ass. Thankfully the dilator made it easier for me to take the BBC in my ass, but I was to scream as if it was tearing me up. After they pulled out of my ass they squirted fake blood on my hole so it looked like a brutal rape. I cried realistically through the tatoo scene, and the movie concluded with a closeup of my new Jack tatoo, just above my tiny pecker.

After we finished filming Mr. Standale said he was very pleased with my work and was delighted that I had answered the CL post. They alway had to specificy 18 or older, but really hoped that younger guys applied, but usually didn't.

I talked with the writer and he told me that he had a suck line planned for the next movie, and I was to fake throwing up after swallowing a dozen loads, but I would be forced to continue on until finishing all the men. Ann worked with me to make sure I stayed hard most of the time. I may not be very manly, but they wanted all the viewers to know I was aroused the whole time.

Before I went home I asked to see Mr. Standale, who asked if everything was alright. "Yes Sir," I replied, "It's alright, but I wondered if I could please blow you again."

He smiled and unzipped. While Ann watched, I got on my knees and blew him in his chair, grateful for the taste of his manly seed. "I'm a serious cocksucker," I said, "And welcome your cock any time."

"I'll see that you get it!" he said.

The next morning I was careful not to wash off the Jack tatoo in the shower, because I really liked the way it looked, and all it represented.

I had gym class today and needed to keep the tatoo hidden as I changed my clothes. I had a playful thought when I saw a black kid was changing next to me, so I made a point of facing him as I pulled down my shorts. I saw that he was staring at my tatoo, so I just stood there a bit and then pretended to be embarrassed that he saw it. I pulled on my gym shorts and left the locker room.

After class when I showered I let him catch a quick glance and then turned away. I covered up with my towel and quickly got dressed and went to my next class. I realized that it may have been stupid of me to let him see it, and didn't know what I would do if he confronted me. I would have to be more careful in the future.

At the end of the day I went out to get my bus and he was there waiting. He approached me and said, "I saw that tatoo – is that for real?"

"It's just a temporary tatoo," I said.

"Just the same," he said, "You like BBC?"

"Yes," I said, not knowing what I was letting myself into.

"Come with me," he said, and I followed him into the parking lot to a car with three of his buddies.

"This is the Jack I told you about!" he said, and they told me to get into the car. They drove to a nearby wooded park and parked the car. They led me into the woods and told me to undress. I did and stood there naked and hard, showing off my Jack tatoo. The each took a close look, and then one commented, "With a tiny dick like his, he should be a Jack! Now show us what you can do."

I dropped to my knees as they unzipped and one after the other pushed their cocks into my mouth. I sucked them and swallowed, and all-to-soon was done.

They said they liked my work and wanted me to suck them more often. "I'll suck you as much as you want, but PLEASE, don't let any white guys know about this!"

"Is it okay if we tell our brotha's?" one guy asked.

"Sure," I said, "Tell them all!"

They drove me to my neighborhood and let me out about a block from home. They had mentioned that they might want me to come to one of their parties, and I said I would be glad to.

That night as I lay in bed I thought about how I had "outed" myself at school – but hopefully only to the black guys. I hoped that they would keep my secret and feed me plenty of BBC!

  To be continued . . .

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