First Taste of Cum Part 151    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

CD Seduction III

    I'm Ben, a middle school student just discovering the wonders of sex – or at least solo-sex. I'd rather be doing it with a girl, but for now my hand will have to do. My friend Tommy [see First Taste of Cum Part 141: CD Seduction I] told me about Rachel, a high school girl who loves to make boys our age cum, and I'm certainly game for that. He made arrangements for me to meet Rachel, and I've been horny all day thinking about it.

At the end of the school day I walked to a bench near Rachel's house where I was to wait for her. I was visibly hard as I sat on the bench, wondering what she would be like. In my daydreaming I didn't even notice her arrive.

"You must be Ben," Rachel said, "And I can see that you are anxious to see me – let's get you taken care of!"

I greeted her and followed her to her home, captivated by her lovely ass that bounced in front of my eyes. I think Rachel noticed and made her hip movements even more obvious.

Arriving at her home, she led me in and told me to get undressed. Tommy told me to do exactly as Rachel told me and I'd have a wonderful time, so I undressed without hesitation, and stood a bit nervously before this total stranger.

"So Ben," began Rachel, "Are you a tit man or a ass man?"

"I like both," I said, "But a girl's ass is the best of all."

"Then we'll focus on that," said Rachel, turning toward me and reaching under her skirt, slipping off her panties. She handed me the panties and told me to sniff them as she dropped to her knees and began sucking me. I was looking forward to getting my first whiff of pussy as I brought her panties to my face. I had no idea what it would smell like – I heard it would smell like fish, but didn't believe that.

I inhaled deeply but only smelled a pleasant scent of soap and perfume – I suppose Rachel was especially clean – not a bad thing.

Rachel sucked me and I was in heaven – I expected to cum soon, but Rachel stopped and stood up. "Not just yet," she said, "You can cum when you show me just how good an ass man you really are!"

Rachel walked over to her couch and knelt on it, facing the back, and lifted her skirt over her ass, giving me a really hot view. "Now come over here and kiss me," she said, "And convince me that you love my ass!"

I knelt on the floor next to the couch, with Rachel's ass inches from my face. What I really meant was that I liked to look as ass, and maybe squeeze the cheeks, but it seemed that she expected me to kiss her ass! That wasn't what I had in mind, but it was starting to seem like a good idea – for sure I wanted to please Rachel, so I tentatively kissed one cheek, and then the other.

"Go for the crack!" she said, and I moved to the crack, licking the exposed skin, but careful to stay in safe territory. Rachel reached back and spread her cheeks, and it was clear that she expected more. Her pink pucker was fully exposed now, and I had to admit that it did look pretty nice to me. Gathering my courage, and prepared for the worst I pushed forward and planted my lips on her pucker. Surprised that the only smell was the same combination of soap and perfume, I licked her pucker.

Rachel moaned with pleasure, encouraging me further.

"Now jack-off while you lick me," she said, "And go as deep as you can!"

I began to jerk off as I extended my tongue into her. I was pleased that I encountered nothing unpleasant as I pressed into her, and the combination of her moaning and my excitement propelled me forward. I was getting close to cumming when Rachel said, "Don't you dare cum on my carpet – catch it in your hand."

I was glad that she warned me, so I could avoid a problem. The feel of her warm ass cheeks pressed on my cheeks was incredible and I shot a really big load. I pulled back and Rachel turned around and kissed me and told me I shot an impressive load!

She dipped a finger in the puddle of cum in my hand and tasted. Then she dipped it again and brought it to my mouth, but I resisted it.

"Come on now Ben," she said, "Don't wimp out on me now – show me you're a big boy now!"

I opened my mouth and tasted my cum – it wasn't a very good taste, but Rachel said I would grow to love it, and shouldn't waste something as precious as cum. I had never thought of it that way before, but Rachel was giving me a new perspective on many things.

She told me to lick the rest of my cum from my hand, which I did without delay, wanting to impress her with my maturity.

"You did really well today," Rachel said, "Come back tomorrow and I'll have something even better for you."

As I walked home I couldn't get Rachels hot ass out of my mind, and I replayed every moment over and over again. Even eating my cum wasn't so bad – Rachel would make me grow up in a real hurry!

The next day I waited for Rachel on the bench, and soon she escorted me to her house again. Once inside I undressed and she led me into her bedroom, where she had a massage table set up. She had me lay on my back and told me that this would be really special. She got up on the table and knelt over my head, while she faced my feet. She had taken off her panties and was now lowering her ass to my mouth. She spread her cheeks as she brought he hole to my lips. She stroked my cock while I licked her. I looked forward to a nice handjob while I tongued her ass deeply.

"Now just stay there," she said, as she raised up and turned around. She lowered herself down onto me, and I expected to taste pussy soon.

With her skirt covering my face I couldn't see anything, but it was definitely NOT pussy pressing to my face! Rachel lifted her skirt and I was shocked to see a cock laying on my face.

I struggled to get up, but she had my arms pinned down. "What the hell!?" I exclaimed.

"Now take it easy Ben!" Rachel assured me, "I'm a girl, just not quite like other girls – now you aren't going to reject me, are you?"

"I didn't sign up for this!" I said, still trying to get free. Then I felt a mouth on my cock, but couldn't see who was there, but it felt so good.

My judgement was now seriously impaired, which Rachel exploited, saying, "If you aren't going to pleasure me, at least hold me in your mouth."

I must not have been thinking, but I found myself opening my mouth and letting her in. It all seemed like a blur to me, but I seem to remember actually LIKING Rachel in my mouth. Soon I came, and my sucker withdrew.

I felt embarrassed about sucking a cock, but Rachel still had me pinned down. Finally, she got up and helped me up.

"I'm sorry I tricked you, Ben," she said, "But I wasn't sure you'd go for it – are you mad at me?"

She had just tricked me into sucking a cock, but she was so beautiful and sexy that I still wanted her. Reluctantly I told her I was fine, and she kissed me.

"No more tricks," she said, "Tomorrow if you want you can hold me in your mouth while you jack-off, or we can do something else – you chose."

I decided that I would definitely choose something else, and I got dressed and walked home.

That night as I lay in bed I found myself aroused by thinking about Rachel – something about a girl with a dick was incredibly hot and I couldn't help but jack off! I came in my hand and licked it up, just as Rachel had me do the other day – then a guilt feeling came over me and I felt ashamed cumming to such thoughts. I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke with my usual boner and jacked off on the spot. Rachel and her dick were central to my fantasy and once again I climaxed thinking about sucking her. This time the shame was a lot less – I reasoned that I was just going down on a girl, even though she had a dick. I know that sounds like nonsense, but it seemed right to me at the time!

By the time the school day ended I was looking forward to sucking Rachel again.

Arriving at her house I undressed and Rachel turned to me and asked, "So Ben, what would you like to do today – it's your choice this time."

Without hesitation I said, "I want to suck you."

Rachel smiled and said, "I'm so glad you see it that way – it can be difficult for a girl like me."

As I stood there naked Rachel undressed until she was just wearing a peach colored bra and thong panties. She came up to me, pressing her tits to my chest and putting her arms around me. We kissed and I felt her soft round cheeks.

"Unhook my bra," she said, and I fumbled behind her to unhook her. She let the bra fall from her breasts and I saw them bare for the first time. I liked asses better, but these were definitely really nice.

Rachel had me suck her nipple, moaning with delight as I did. Then she told me to remove her panties, and I knelt in front of her as I pulled them down and her cock bounced forward, right in my face. I leaned forward and kissed it and she said, "You can suck my clitty later – I have something else for you first."

Clitty? I thought she was a girl with a dick, but it made sense that it should be called a clity, since that was its function for a girl. Rachel turned and walked to the couch, where she knelt on it as before, legs now spread, giving me a glimpse of her sensitive hole. Even though a pair of balls hung down, I knew that I was looking at a girl's ass, and didn't hesitate. In moments I was kneeling behind her, driving my tongue into her, holding her by the hips, pulling her close to me. I continued to lick her for a few minutes as she moaned, and then she said, "Your turn to cum!"

I pulled back and she stood up facing me, her clitty nearly touching my face.

"Now don't try to make me cum today," she said, "Just hold my clitty in your mouth while you jack off – and don't cum on my carpet!"

I took her clitty into my mouth – this time voluntarily, and felt somehow like it was the right thing to do. My cock was hard before I started to stroke, and in just a few minutes I was cumming in my hand. Rachel pulled out of my mouth and I licked up my cum.

Rachel kissed me and said, "We can continue that for as long as you want – you decide when to make me cum."

I lingered while we kissed, feeling especially close with Rachel now – I had no idea a girl could be so wonderful!

I got dressed and went home, feeling a bit guilty that I didn't make Rachel cum. I realized that a REAL MAN should always make sure his lady cums, and resolved that from now on I always would!

The next day I once again sucked Rachel's nipples, then kissed her ass and then sucked her clitty. I was ready to cum from the start, but held off, wanting to take care of my lady first. I just stroked gently, sucking her clitty eagerly, until I tasted her girl juice flooding my mouth, then I let myself cum. Rachel pulled out and I licked up my cum, feeling kind of special about my cum mixing with her juice, which I eagerly swallowed.

Before I met Rachel I would never have guessed that there could be such a wonderful way to cum, all thanks to a very special girl!

For the next three days we repeated this scene, which I felt I could do indefinitely without it ever getting old. When we finished the last time Rachel asked if I would do her a favor. I said I'd do nearly anything for her, but she insisted that I hear her out before agreeing.

"I can tell that you really enjoy sucking me off," she said, "And I'd like you to suck a guy off and see if you like it as well."

That caught me by surprise, but Rachel was full of surprises. I answered, "Nobody else will ever be as good as you, but if you want me to, I'll give it a try."

Rachel kissed me and said she really appreciated how open minded I was. I got dressed and walked home. As I thought about what was to come, I realized that I'd be giving a blowjob. I rationalized that sucking Rachel was just going down on my lady, but tomorrow would definitely be a blowjob! What the hell – it's all very private, what can it hurt? I thought.

The next day I arrived and we repeated our usual routine, and I was just beginning to suck Rachel's clitty when the doorbell rang. Rachel answered the door naked and brought in a high school guy who she introduced as Larry. I was surprised to find that I was hard in anticipation, and Rachel pointed out to Larry that I was ready to get started.

Larry unzipped and approached me, offering me his cock. It wasn't much different than sucking Rachel, except he didn't look as hot as she did. Rachel stood next to me, offering me encouragement as I sucked. I hadn't intended to jack off while sucking Larry, but my hand was pumping myself hard, and soon I came, but still had to finish Larry off. After I had cum, I didn't have the enthusiasm for sucking that I did before, but realized that I had an obligation to finish, so I sucked Larry until he unloaded in my mouth. Then I licked up my cum and swallowed both the loads together.

Larry thanked me, unzipped and left. Rachel let me to the couch and we sat together, kissing. She said she was so proud of me for sucking Larry the way I did, and asked how I liked it.

"It wasn't as good as sucking you," I said, but I kind of liked it.

"Larry doesn't have a girlfriend yet," Rachel said, "And really would benefit from your attention, if you are willing."

"Sure, I'll be glad to help out," I said, and Rachel smiled at me.

"You probably need to leave now," she said, but I insisted that I had something to do first, and repeated our usual routine of sucking her nipples, licking her ass and then sucking her clitty. Since I had already cum I was clear-headed and could fully appreciate all that I was doing with her!

From that point on I became Larry's "little brother", sucking him off whenever he needed it. I grew to appreciate his cock too, and still saw Rachel from time to time.

  To be continued . . .

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