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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Foster Home

    I'm Mark, a fifteen-year-old boy living in foster homes for as long as I can remember. I was orphaned at age 2 and was placed in various foster homes. I got in trouble in a few, but usually went along with the rules and things were ok – that is, until I was able to cum – that changed my life! I had been playing with myself for years, just enjoying the feeling but not knowing there was a purpose – then one day I came for the first time, and I knew what life was about. I would jack off every chance I got, but living with two adults and six other foster kids didn't give me much privacy. The three bathrooms meant a lot of sharing, so I had to be quick about it when I jacked off in the bathroom.

I found that if I was careful, I could find some privacy in parts of the basement, especially in the furnace room, where nobody else usually went. In good weather I would go for a walk in the woods and jack-off there. One most days I would jack-off three or more times, and life was good until I got caught. My foster parents were real religious nuts and told me I would burn in hell for abusing myself. What nut-case ever decided that this was abuse?

I had endured unending religious talks for as long as I stayed there, but just ignored it – this was the first time they were really restricting me. From that time on the watched me, and even got some of the other kids to watch me as well. They set up what they called a "buddy system", where someone was assigned to be with me all the time. The bastards would rat on me and I'd be in trouble. Finally I found that I was able to talk Brandon, a twelve-year-old boy over to my side. I convinced him that playing with himself felt good because it was all part of God's design, and we would go off into the woods and I would jack-off while he watched and played with himself. He was looking forward to being able to cum, which I told him would happen very soon.

I eventually talked Brandon into sucking my cock, which felt incredible and it would make me cum in only a few minutes. I promised him I would suck him off once he was able to cum, so he sucked me very enthusiastically. I had no intention of making good on my promise to reciprocate, but I'd deal with that problem later.

Because I could cum so easily from Brandon sucking me he could suck me anywhere we had a couple of minutes of privacy, and we took advantage of that. I made a game of finding daring places for him to suck me and he enjoyed the challenge of making me cum before anyone caught us. This went on for months and we were never caught – until that day.

Brandon was sucking me in the garage when my foster father suddenly came in and caught us. He went crazy and started hitting both of us, but especially me. He was yelling something about me being possessed by the spirit of Satan and how he was going to put an end to it. I feared for my life and ran outside. He chased after me and finally tackled me as I screamed for my life.

He probably would have killed me if one of the neighbors hadn't called the cops, who came and took him away. They talked with my foster Mother and with Brandon, and decided that I had definitely contributed to the incident, but since I was bruised and bleeding they let the paramedics take me to the hospital to be checked out.

While I was being examined and waiting for x-rays, a case worker from Child Protective Services came by and talked with me. She said that this was the first time in years that I had been in any trouble and wanted to hear my side. I explained how the home was so religiously oppressive and how I was punished for masturbating. I lied and said I had been forbidden to masturbate but after a few weeks I couldn't bear it any more. She agreed that they were too hard on me, and she knew that boys had needs. She said there was another home she could place me in that had a great record with teenage boys. I told her I'd like a home where I wouldn't feel constantly oppressed.

I was kept in the hospital overnight for observation, and the next day I was taken to my new foster home. Mrs. Martin ran the home and there were five other boys of various ages: Tom (12), Greg (13), Joey (13), Mike (14) and Jim (15). They all seemed really friendly and made me feel welcomed. After the case worker left Mrs. Martin took me aside to talk. "I see that you were punished for masturbating?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "They watched me all the time."

"Nobody here will stop you from cumming," she said, "Although we often help each other out. We believe that cumming is good, and all the boys cum several times a day."

"How do you help each other out?" I asked, hoping I could get some of the boys to suck me.

"We encourage teamwork and experimentation," Mrs. Martin explained, "There are so many ways to cum we like to let the boys find new ways, and they are always eager to show them to me."

This was a very different foster home, and I knew I would like it better. Since most of the other kids were younger, I thought I'd be the alpha male, and could get them to suck me without any reciprocation. I was no faggot, but it was okay if they were.

Mrs. Martin called the boys in and said it was time to welcome me to their home, and asked who would do it. The boys played rock-paper-scissors until there was a single winner, who was Joey.

"Welcome to our home, Mark," said Joey, and he dropped to his knees before me. I couldn't believe what was happening, and Joey looked up at me anxiously.

"Don't you need to cum?" asked Mrs. Martin, as Joey reached for my zipper and pulled it down.

I took out my cock which was now nearly hard and all the boys gathered around to get a good look. It seemed that they were all faggots, so I could count on blowjobs from all of them. Joey began to suck me while everyone watched. Mrs. Martin smiled as I enjoyed several minutes of bliss before cumming in Joey's mouth. Joey thanked me and got up. He went to each of the other boys and kissed them on the mouth, apparently sharing some of my cum. It was clear now that they all were faggots.

This was a really big change from what I had endured at my last home, and I didn't know exactly how to respond. I thanked Mrs. Martin and the other boys for welcoming me, and said I was really glad to be there.

We all had dinner, and Mrs. Martin explained that everyone was encouraged to cum as often as they wanted, and all the boys were encouraged to help each other. I resolved that I would help by offering my cock, but I wasn't about to do anything faggoty.

She said that clothing was optional upstairs, but needed to be worn downstairs, because there were often visitors. I could wear what I wanted, but most often the boys wore only a t-shirt and jogging shorts with no underwear. That allowed easy removal when the occasion warranted.

After dinner we gathered in the living room and watched TV. During that time a couple of the boys took turns sucking each other off. At bedtime Mrs. Martin took me to my bedroom, shared with Jim, the other boy my age. Mrs. Martin said the boys usually slept nude, but I could wear pajamas if I wanted. Not for me – I stripped down and got into bed. After Mrs. Martin left, Jim came over to me and asked if I wanted some help getting to sleep. He put a hand on my cock and I knew just what he meant!

I agreed and soon he was sucking me. Then he climbed on top of me and put his cock in my face as he sucked me – obviously trying to get into my mouth. I just moved my head aside, avoiding his hard cock. Soon I came and he swallowed.

"Thanks Jim," I said.

He swallowed and said, "But what about me?"

"I let you suck me," I replied, "What else do you want?" This was beginning to get awkward.

"You could at least help me out," he said.

"I'm not like that!" I insisted.

"Like what?" asked Jim.

"I'm not a faggot!" I replied.

"What's a faggot?" he asked.

"A guy who has sex with another guy," I explained, wondering if Jim was a little slow.

"But we all do that," insisted Jim.

"Then you are all a bunch of faggots!" I declared.

Jim seemed visibly hurt, and went to his bed. I lay there and began to think they wanted me to be a faggot as well. I wondered if perhaps I may have gone from one bad situation to another – but at least I should be able to get a blowjob whenever I wanted.

The next morning I put on a t-shirt and shorts, but no socks of underwear, so I could easily strip down any time. I did enjoy being naked and loved cumming, but hoped I wouldn't be pressured to suck cock. I just had to stand my ground. I didn't mind living with a bunch of faggots, especially if they blew me, but I didn't want to be one.

Partway through breakfast Mrs. Martin put me on the spot.

"Mark, I hear that you didn't want to help Jim cum last night," she said.

"I really appreciated his help, but I'm straight," I explained.

"Those distinctions are so limiting," returned Mrs. Martin, "I think you should try it and give it a fair chance."

"Thank you," I said, "But I prefer not to." I was trying to be as polite as I could be, since I sure liked this home far better than the last one.

"We really value teamwork here," Mrs. Martin continued, "And if you don't help others, you may not be helped by them."

"Well, if need be I can just jack-off," I said, hoping to put an end to this discussion.

After breakfast we all helped clean up, and then Mrs. Martin reviewed the schedule for the day.

"Joey will get prettied up, because Mr. Benton will be taking him out today – Jim will help," she began, "We have appointments for Tom, Greg and Mike as noted on the board. Jim will work the Glory Hole from 6-7, Tom from 7-8, Greg from 8-9, and Jim will finish up from 10."

"Is there anything you want me to do?" I asked, hoping to be useful.

"I suppose you can help with the housework," Mrs. Martin said, "I was hoping for a more productive role for you."

I didn't really understand what all this was about, but it became clear throughout the day. I watched Jim turn Joey into Jenny, a pretty girl – apparently Mr Benton had a thing for feminized boys. It also became clear that the appointments that the other boys had were for sex, so Mrs. Martin was running a brothel featuring young boys. She had to be paying off the cops to look the other way, but was probably making a fortune on it. I realized that she had hoped to put me up for sale as well, and I had no intention of becoming a faggot whore.

I didn't know what the Glory Hole was all about, so I asked Jim as soon as he was finished preparing Joey (or more correctly, Jenny).

"It's nothing that would interest you," Jim said coldly. He was obviously unhappy with me – I wished I could somehow win his friendship, but not by blowing him.

Mrs. Martin came by to check on Jenny, and said, "You look adorable Jenny – no wonder Mr. Benton likes you so much – he'll be here in half an hour. Joey had let his blond hair grow and Jim had styled it so it looked really pretty on Jenny. I thought Jenny looked pretty hot, and my shorts were tenting in response. Mrs. Martin noticed and commented, "You look like you could use some help."

"May I do him?" Jenny asked, racing up to me and pulling down my shorts.

I stood there with my shorts at my ankles, cock standing erect, as Jenny knelt before me.

"Go ahead Jenny," she said, "You are always so eager to please."

As she sucked me Mrs. Martin urged me to reconsider my participation – she was doing her best to ruin a perfectly good blowjob!

I ignored her and just enjoyed Jenny's mouth. In a few minutes I gave her my load and she pulled off, saying, "Thank you, kind Sir!"

"Are you sure you won't try it our way?" Mrs. Martin asked, and I shook my head.

Suddenly I felt my arms pulled behind me as Jim grabbed me from behind.

I struggled and Tom brought some zip ties and bound my wrist together with them. They were amazingly strong, so there was no way I was getting away. I began to kick at anyone nearby, and Jim wrestled me to the floor, and all the boys ganged up on me. I thought they were going to beat me up, but they carried me to my bed and tied ropes to my ankles, and tied the other ends to the corners of the bed. I was now completely helpless, lying on my bound wrists, legs spread. I would have been an easy target for some painful ball-kicks, and hoped nobody got that idea.

Mrs. Martin came in and spent a few minutes putting something on my cock. Then she told me that she would untie my legs if I promised not to kick, and I agreed. The boys helped me up and stood me before a full length mirror. I saw some sort of plastic and metal device enclosing my cock, with a brass lock on it.

"It's a chastity cage," explained Mrs. Martin, "So won't be able to cum until we let you out. Jenny, please help Mark understand how it works."

Jenny knelt before me and took my balls in her hand. My cock was completely enclosed, but my balls were free, though there was a metal band going around my sack. As she played with my balls my cock began to swell, and it tried to become erect, but couldn't, held firmly in place. The more aroused I got the more it hurt, and I begged Jenny to stop. Mrs. Martin nodded and Jenny withdrew.

"Mark, I really regret having to do this," said Mrs. Martin, "But until you become a team player I'll have to keep you locked up."

I was really pissed and fully intended to make short work of this. I went into the bathroom and tried to remove the cage. It was on very securely – I tried removing it with a sudden pull, but only ended up hurting my balls badly, which left me laying on the floor in pain.

After I recovered I went out into the garage and tried to remove the cage with tools. Nothing I tried worked, and it seemed that nothing short of neutering myself would remove the cage.

I went to Mrs. Martin as apologized for being such a problem and told her I wanted to make things right.

"I'm really glad to hear that," she said, "I would rather have you cumming than be locked up. So are you ready to help the other boys cum?"

"Please Mrs. Martin," I pleaded, "Is there any other way? I know I just couldn't give blowjobs."

"How about if you give handjobs," she asked, "Could you do that?"

"I would gladly stroke them all off it will get me out of this cage!" I said.

"Well, not so fast," said Mrs. Martin, "It won't get you out of the cage, but may help you get out sooner."

"When will I get out?" I asked in disbelief.

"Mark," she replied, "You'll have to trust me on this, but if you cooperate and try your best it will be sooner rather than later."

That seemed to be the best deal I could get for the moment, so I accepted it.

I helped out around the house, but Mrs. Martin noticed that I seemed to be in some discomfort and told me to pull my shorts down.

"Your balls are all bruised!" she said, "What happened?"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Martin," I replied, "But I was trying to get the cage off – I sure won't do that again!"

"I'm sure you won't," she said, "I'll get you an ice pack you can hold on your balls to reduce the swelling."

I laid on the couch pressing the ice pack to my crotch. I didn't like the cold, but it did seem to reduce the pain and swelling. By dinner time I was feeling a lot better, and helped Mrs. Martin serve dinner, and clean up afterward.

Jim hurried through dinner so he could begin his Glory Hole shift – whatever that was. Jenny was back from her date, where she no doubt showed Mr. Benton a good time. She remained in femme form and was really friendly toward me.

"I'm sorry for what you are going through, and hope you will be past this soon," she said.

After we cleaned up we watched movies in the living room. Jenny sat next to me and snuggled close. I knew she was really a boy, but she seemed so much like a girl that I enjoyed being close. I found myself slipping my hand up her skirt and running it up her leg, feeling the soft warmth of her inner thigh. She looked up at me, smiling and said, "It's okay," spreading her legs as if to invite me.

I stopped partway up her leg, wanting to preserve the feeling of being with a girl. Jenny was so affectionate that I was sure she was trying to seduce me, which I liked, but would have to be careful it didn't go too far.

I put my arm around her and held her close. Her face was so pretty I just couldn't resist kissing her – just a harmless little kiss on her cheek. But when I went to kiss her she turned and our lips touched, and it seemed like I was kissing a real girl! I lingered in the kiss for a while and then returned to watching the movie. I really liked kissing her – I shouldn't have, but I did.

I little while later I found myself wanting to kiss her again, which she welcomed, but this time her lips parted and I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. I wasn't ready for that, but something about it was hard to resist, and soon my tongue was probing her mouth as well.

Through the rest of the movie we continued to kiss like lovers. After ten Jim returned from his last shift that the Glory Hole and Mrs. Martin urged us all to turn in for the night.

I got ready for bed and undressed, climbing into bed naked, wearing only my cage. I sure could us a blowjob, but I knew that was out of the question for now. As I lay there I thought about how I enjoyed kissing Jenny and found her so attractive. By now Jenny was back to being Joey, so I just tried to clear my mind and get to sleep.

I closed my eyes and in a few minutes I heard something next to my bed. I looked up and it was Jenny, wearing a shear nighty with bra and panties underneath. This caught me entirely by surprise. Jenny whispered to me, "Mind if I sleep with you tonight?"

While I realized that Jenny wasn't a real girl, I just couldn't refuse her, and welcomed her into my bed. We cuddled under the blanket and I found my hand gently squeezing one of her ass cheeks. They felt so soft and feminine. I got a little bolder and slipped my hand down the back of her panties, with my middle finger laying between her cheeks. She wiggled and seemed to be pressing toward me.

Caught up in her femininity I slipped my finger between her cheeks and touched her tender pucker. I heard her moan and whisper, "Mr. Benton likes my ass, as kisses me there."

I was getting aroused, but my cage quickly reminded me of my limitations.

Jenny brought her mouth to mine and we kissed, out tongues dancing together. "I really like you Mark," she said.

"I like you too, Jenny," I replied, and our kisses grew more passionate. Somehow her femininity dominated my attention.

"Oh Mark," she pleaded, "If only you would kiss me like Mr. Benton."

"You want me to kiss your ass?" I asked.

"I'm nice and clean," she said, "And I would do anything for you if you did."

Jenny was so persuasive I just couldn't resist, and told her I would.

Jenny positioned herself kneeling over my face, look toward my feet. She lowered her ass onto my face, spreading her cheeks and bringing her hole to my lips. I was pleasantly surprised that the only smell the scent of soap and perfume, and in the dim light I could only see a pretty girl's ass!

What the hell – I decided to go for it. I kissed her hole and extended my tongue into her. She moaned with pleasure as I did, encouraging me to continue. I rimmed her for a few minutes and she got off and knelt next to me. She was fully aroused, and leaned over to kiss me again. "I wish you would suck my clitty," she said, "It's just between us."

My head was reeling as we kissed and I found myself consenting. Jenny climbed back onto me, this time facing me, entering my mouth. She was very small – almost like a clitty after all. It did seem like I was going down on a girl. I had never done that before, but I imagined that it might be like this. I ran my tongue around her clitty and she ran her fingers through my hair, telling me how much she loved it. My fantasy of going down on a girl was shattered when Jenny climaxed, giving me her juice.

It was strong tasting, and I refused to believe I had just given a blowjob. I swallowed and maintained my fantasy as I asked her to lay next to me. I put my arm around her and we drifted off to sleep.

In the morning seeing Jenny next to me was a welcomed sight, and I kissed her awake. She turned toward me and pulled close, and I could feel her arousal again. "You need attention again," I said, "Lets get to it."

Needing no further encouragement, Jenny got back on top and I went down on her once again. This time I looked forward to her cumming, wanting to give her pleasure.

Soon Mrs. Martin gave us our wakeup call and we all got up and took turns in the bathroom. At breakfast I was disappointed to see the Joey had replaced Jenny, but that brought myself back to reality, still not wanting to admit to myself that I'd given two blowjobs.

After breakfast Mrs. Martin reviewed the plan for the day, and then sat down with me.

"How are you doing?" she asked me.

"Okay under the circumstances," I said, "I'm looking forward to getting out of this cage."

"We all are looking forward to your earning your way out," she said. Like it or not, I was going to have to do something I didn't really want to do if I ever was going to get out of this cage.

"I see you've really warmed up to Jenny," she said, smiling knowingly. Did she know all that happened between us?

"I was disappointed that she wasn't at breakfast," I said.

"Joey will be with us most of the time," she said, "but if you like Jenny can sleep with you."

"That would be wonderful!" I said, "And I'm going to work really hard at becoming part of the team!"

Mrs. Martin said she would be watching my progress closely.

I found Jim and asked him if I could help.

"I thought you didn't want to be a faggot," he said in a not-very-friendly tone.

"Jim, I'm really trying," I said, "I'm not ready to suck you, but will give you a handjob."

"Well, a handjob is better than nothing at all," he said, pulling his shorts down and sitting on the couch.

I took his cock into my hand, just telling myself to do just what I do went I stroke myself – only with his cock.

I tightened my grip as he hardened and began to stroke. Soon he was smiling and breathing hard and said he was getting close. I looked around and realized that there weren't any tissues around for him to shoot into. "Where do you want to shoot?" I asked.

"How about in your mouth?" he said, and then thought better of it, "oh, shoot me onto my t-shirt – I'll just change it."

That was a relief, but as he grew harder in my hand and I knew he was getting close I really felt differently about it, and leaned my head forward, opened my mouth and took his entire load.

"Wow, that was great!" Jim said, "Thanks – especially for taking my load."

I swallowed his load, this time fully realizing that it was cum. I got up and saw that Mrs. Martin was sitting in a chair and had been watching it all.

She smiled at me and said, "Keep up the good work!"

Next I ran into Joey and stopped to talk. I told him that I really enjoyed last night, and that he femmed up really well. He thanked me and said he just felt so special as a girl – I told him that Jenny was really special to me.

"Mark, I feel the strong desire to kiss you right now, but I understand if you don't want me to," Joey said.

"I can see Jenny in you even though you're in boy mode," I said, "And know I'd be kissing her, so why not."

I drew Joey to me and gave him a full open-mouth kiss. As I held him, I felt his arousal and offered to suck him off.

"Really?" Joey said, "Like this?"

"I did it twice already," I said, "And now I really want to do it!

Joey stripped down and I led him to the couch. I laid on my back and told Joey to climb on. I sucked his little dick, this time knowing full-well that I was giving a blowjob. I swallowed, and Joey kissed me once again, got dressed and left.

The next time I saw Jim he said, "I'm sorry I was rude to you yesterday when you asked about the Glory Hole, but I'll show you now if you like."

He took me out to the garage and opened a door to what looked like a closet. There was a pillow on the floor and a three inch diameter hole a few feet off the floor. "This is the Glory Hole," he said, "Guys stick their cocks through the hole and I blow them – it's simple and anonymous."

"So you could be blowing anyone?" I asked.

"Sure," he agreed, "Could be the mayor, a pastor, or our next door neighbor."

"So how many do you suck in an hour?" I asked.

"It depends on how many there are and how fast they cum," Jim explained, "They usually cum pretty fast, so there could be ten or so in an hour."

"Sometimes it's kind of slow," he added, "But sometimes it's one right after another – Mrs. Martin has been thinking about opening another Glory Hole booth because business has been so good."

"So she could really use my help," I said, and Jim agreed.

I really wanted to get out of the cage as soon as possible, so I found Tom, Greg and Mike and blew them all, and then went to see Mrs. Martin. "What do I have to do to get out of the cage?" I asked.

"Well, I see you've been busy becoming a good team player," she said, "Maybe another day like today will do."

"How about if I took a shift at the Glory Hole tonight?" I asked.

"That's quite a bit for your first day sucking," she said, "You really think you can swallow that much cum?"

"I'm willing to try," I said, "What could go wrong?"

"You could puke!" she said, "And you wouldn't be the first."

"Is cum that bad for you?" I asked.

"No, but if you aren't used to it, you might puke if you swallow a lot in a short time," she explained.

"I'm willing to do my best," I said.

"Tell you what – you do a shift tonight and the cage will be off you before you go to bed," she said, "But take Jim with you, in case you need a break."

I agreed and left, thrilled that I'd be able to cum tonight.

That night I Jim went with me to the Glory Hole booth. He gave me tips as I sucked. I never had imagined that there would be so much variety in the shapes and sizes of cocks. The really big ones were very impressive, but difficult to suck – I had to stroke them while sucking – doing kind of a combination handjob and blowjob.

The tastes of their cum were all a little different as well, though similar. I found that the more I sucked the more I began to like the taste of cum, and didn't know why anyone would puke from swallowing it. By the time the hour was up I had swallowed thirteen loads, more than usual, according to Jim. I wasn't feeling any nausea, so I felt pretty proud of myself. Greg had the next shift, so Jim and I left the booth to him.

Just outside the booth I got to my knees and said, "Now you," and Jim gave me his cock. After just a few minutes he came and I swallowed.

"You learn really fast," said Jim, "How are you feeling?"

"I think I may have swallowed too much," I said. Jim told me I should lie down and not move around too much, until my system digested some of the cum. He took me to my bed and I lay down and took a nap.

I awoke to feel my cock being sucked, and very well. I looked down and saw Jenny in her nightie, and the rest of the household standing around watching. I had a full audience now, but I didn't mind.

Jenny sucked so wonderfully that soon I was shooting my load into her pretty mouth. She stood up and swallowed, and Mrs. Martin said, "welcome to the team!"

  To be continued . . .

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