First Taste of Cum Part 157    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

CD Seduction V

    I'm Mike, and consider myself to be an alpha male. I'm only a fourteen-year-old middle school boy, but I don't take any shit from anyone. At an early age I learned that others would naturally submit to me, and I really liked that. Some called me a pushy bastard or a bully, but I prefer to think of myself as assertive.

I found that boys respond to my influence fairly well, but girls do not. I don't know why – they must be wired differently or something, but as I tried to date girls I found that the shied away from me, and some of the bitches actually insulted me. I don't need those cunts anyway – I found a few sissy boys that I forced to blow me whenever I want. They weren't sissy boys in the beginning, but I made them that way. I prefer to think that they chose to become sissy boys so they could blow me.

Still, it pissed me off that I can't get girls to do what I want, but I heard of an opportunity. There is a high school tranny (a girl who is really a guy), who is really good looking. In fact, I'm not really sure she is a tranny – that's just what I've heard, but if she is I plan to have my way with her. From what I've read about trannies, they are usually good for an easy lay or a blowjob. If her natural impulses don't make her submit to me, I can always threaten to expose her, but I'll only use that if I have to.

I planned things out for a couple of weeks before approaching Rachel, and one day I waited until she was walking home after school alone.

"Hello Rachel," I said, "I'm Mike, and I understand that you are a very special girl."

Rachel smiled and said, "Flattery will get you everywhere, and I know what boys like."

This assured me that she was "easy" and I looked forward to what was to come.

Rachel invited me to her home and I quickly accepted, counting on getting lucky today. When we arrived, she told me to undress while she changed into something more suitable. I stripped down and piled my clothes on a chair and stroked my cock while I waited for her return. Rachel returned wearing a shear robe, showing a black bra and panties underneath.

She looked so hot I wasn't sure if she really was a tranny – she sure looked like a girl to me.

Rachel approached me, grabbed my cock and squeezed, while she kissed my lips. I had never kissed a girl before – maybe I wasn't now either. The thought of kissing a guy was a turn-off for me, but the way she worked my cock kept my focus elsewhere. For a brief moment I realized that I wasn't in control of this situation, but just went along with it for now.

Rachel stepped back and dropped her robe to the floor and slowly turned, giving me a full view of her. I saw that her panties were thongs and she had a really nice looking ass, which excited me even more. I looked at her crotch and couldn't see any sign of a bulge, causing me to further doubt that she was really a tranny.

"You seem to like my ass," said Rachel, and I nodded in agreement.

"Lots of boys really fall in love with my ass," she said, "Come show me how much you like it."

Rachel went to her couch and knelt on it, facing the back, with her ass offered to me. I approached and Rachel told me to get on my knees and kiss her. My hard cock was doing my thinking for me, and soon I was on my knees kissing one cheek, and then the other.

"Now the crack," Rachel said.

If she wasn't a tranny, Rachel was certainly kinky, but I decided to go along with her a little more. I brought my lips to her ass crack, but just carefully kissed the outside, not going between her cheeks. Rachel moaned and said, "A guy like you can do better than that!" and she reached back and pulled the thong strap to the side, spreading her cheeks.

Her hole looked like a really good place for my cock to enjoy, but Rachel was looking for something else. "Kiss me Mike," she said, "Kiss me deeply."

I was no ass-kisser, but might just try it if Rachel was a girl. I pulled down the panties and a pair of balls dropped down, and now I knew for sure. "You are," I said, "You are a fuckin' tranny!".

I moved quickly to take advantage of the situation. I spit on her hole for lube and pushed my cock into her. She was pretty tight and I had to push hard but I got in, but not until she screamed a lot more than I would have liked – I just hope that nobody heard. The fact is that the screams were a turn-on for me, along with her pleas for me to stop.

"Please," Rachel said, "You're hurting me."

"You know you like it, you tranny bitch," I said, "Now take what a REAL MAN gives you!"

I held her hips and pumped her hot ass, and soon I shot my seed into her. I pulled out and saw that she was bleeding – well she must have been a virgin!

Rachel curled up on the couch and wimpered as I got dressed, especially proud of my conquest. I realized that this was probably a one-time victory – I'd like another try, but that wasn't likely. I walked home feeling very proud of myself.

The next day I flagged down Joey, one of my sissy boys, at lunch time, and told me to be at my house after school for a blowjob. He smiled and promised to be there. When I first had forced Joey to blow me, I felt really good about it, but now he has grown to like it, which disgusts me – a real man just doesn't suck a cock! I would face fuck Joey, and be as rough as I could about it, which made my conquest over him even more complete.

After school I began walking home, looking forward to the blowjob, when I saw Rachel standing there. Oh shit! – was she going to make trouble for me?

I was reassured when she greeted me, saying "Hi Mike, you really took charge yesterday!"

It seemed that she could appreciate a REAL MAN like me, and I just smiled and said, "Ready for more?"

"Oh yes," said Rachel, "But today I really want you to cum in my mouth –would you do that for me?"

"Sure," I said, after all I was planning on a blowjob anyway.

I followed Rachel to her home and once inside I undressed, and Rachel fondled my cock and balls. "There is just one thing," said Rachel, "I'm afraid you'll hurt me."

"I want to suck you without you putting your hands on me, ok?" she asked.

"I promise," I said, looking forward to a blowjob where she did all the work.

"But I need some assurance," she said, "Let me wrap this Velcro strip around your wrists."

I looked at the Velcro strip and was sure I could break it easily, so I agreed. I crossed my wrists behind my back and Rachel wrapped the strip around them.

"Okay boys," she said, and three high school boys entered the room. I wasn't going to put up with this and pulled at my wrists, but was surprised to find that the Velcro held. Two guys (Tom and Jim) grabbed my arms and forced me to my knees. Ken, the third guy, stood in front of me and unzipped.

"Oh no!" I insisted.

"Oh YES!" responded Rachel, "You are about to have a life-changing experience."

I struggled but was held fast. Ken pressed his cock to my lips but I kept my mouth closed.

Rachel knelt next to me and took my balls in her hand. "We could force you to suck," she said, "but it would be so much nicer if you would do it voluntarily."

"Fuck you!" I shot back, "Fuck all of you!"

Rachel's hand squeezed and I felt pain like I had never before.

She released and said, "That's just the beginning, shall I show you more?"

"Please no," I begged, "I'll do what you want – just don't hurt me."

"Then open your mouth and take Ken's cock," Rachel said, "And be nice about it."

I felt humiliated, but I was trapped, with no way out, so I reluctantly opened my mouth.

Ken's cock entered my mouth and I thought I understood how Joey must have felt the first time I made him blow me. "That's nice," said Rachel, "And it just looks so right for you."

I resolved that when I got free from this I would cut Rachels balls off but right now her hand on my balls was forcing my obedience.

Rachel's hand wasn't squeezing my balls anymore – they were massaging them, and then she began to fondle and stroke my cock, getting me hard again. I didn't think I could get hard with a cock in my mouth, but Rachel was getting me there. As I became aroused I began to like Ken's cock – what the hell was I thinking?

As my arousal mounted I found myself actively sucking Ken's cock, but realized that it had to be an involuntary reflex, perhaps tied to my arousal – I would never do such a thing!

Soon I was cumming, and Rachel shot my load into her hand. Ken pulled out of my mouth and Rachel brought her hand to my mouth. "Now lick up your cum, or I'll twist your balls off!" she said.

Reluctantly I licked up my cum – it was terrible tasting, but what else could I do? When I looked up I saw that Jim and Tom had been taking pictures – my heart sank.

"You have just cum with Ken's cock in your mouth," said Rachel, "From now on every time you cum you will think about cocksucking and your desire for it will grow."

"I want you to jack off every day," she continued, "thinking about giving blowjobs, and come back in a week."

"Why should I?" I demanded.

Tom brought his digital camera close and showed me a really clear picture of me sucking Ken.

"We have lots of incriminating pictures of you," Jim said, "I'll bet if we sent them in to the yearbook staff they would make sure they got all around school."

The guys pulled my arms to get me to my feet and removed the Velcro strap. "Remember," Tom said, "We got pictures of everything!"

There was a lot I wanted to say, but I thought better of it and just quietly left. As I walked home I felt that my life had been ruined and didn't know what to do. I had always been in complete control and now I felt so helpless!

I got home to find Joey obediently sitting on my porch, waiting to blow me. He took one look at me and asked, "You okay Mike? – I'm ready to blow you."

"Not tonight, you little faggot!" I said, needing to lash out.

Joey left, as I realized that I was now in a position similar to what I had put Joey into, but I wasn't about to like it the way he does.

I was quieter than usual, and my Mom noticed at dinner, asking me if I was feeling alright.

"I must be coming down with a cold," I said, "I think I'll turn in early tonight.

I went to bed by nine, hoping to forget the torture of today.

The next morning I woke up hard and began to jack-off. I decided to focus on my fucking Rachel, and quickly reached full arousal. However, before I came I couldn't help but think of sucking Ken, and imagined him cumming in my mouth, and came at that moment also. I was so ashamed to be aroused by such a thing. I felt really dirty but found that no amount of washing in the shower would make the feeling go away.

At school my buddies noticed a difference in me and I told them not to bug me. I feared that I was turning into something I didn't want to be.

Joey saw me at the end of the day and asked if he could blow me. I sent him away, just not understanding why any guy would want to suck cock. At bedtime I decided to jack-off so I could get right to sleep. I thought about some girlie pictures I had, but once again sucking cock entered my mind just before I would cum. Damn!

Fortunately I drifted off to sleep, so I didn't have to think about it for long.

The next morning I awoke hard again, but didn't jack-off, not wanting to re-live my humiliation.

After gym class today I was alarmed to find that I was noticing the cocks on the other guys and got hard. Embarrassed, I covered myself with my towel, hoping nobody noticed.

Back in the classroom my daydreams began to include cocksucking – it was like some faggot demon was possessing me – controlling my mind.

I haven't had a blowjob lately because I couldn't bear to be with one of my sissy boys, fearing that I was becoming one. I had worked very hard to cultivate my "tough guy" image and now I felt like it was slipping away.

After a week I returned to Rachel's home, and found the three guys were there as well. I expected some new kind of humiliation, but didn't know how. Rachel directed me to undress, which I did, and stood there naked before the four of them.

"Have you been thinking about cocksucking?" she asked.

"Why would I?" I replied, not wanting to admit it.

"Don't lie to me!" Rachel yelled, "You know you want it, don't you? I'll bet you've been daydreaming about sucking any cock you could, haven't you?

"No!" I insisted, "I'm not like that!"

"But your cock says you are," said Rachel, reaching for my hard cock. It was like a lie detector, and I just couldn't escape the humiliating truth!

"Get on your knees," said Rachel, and I did. As expected Ken unzipped and took out his cock and approached me.

"Today I want you to suck Ken while you jack-off. If he cums first, hold his cock and his load in your mouth. When you cum, shoot your load into your hand.

As soon as Ken's cock was in my mouth I knew that I wanted it – but I didn't want to want it! I couldn't control my feelings though and as I stroked myself I began to suck Ken and deep down I wanted him to cum.

I thought that if I came first I would be so ashamed that I wouldn't want to finish sucking, but knew they would make me. So I sucked eagerly to make Ken cum while backing off on my stroking. Soon I felt his cock pulsing and he pumped his hot load into my mouth. It was strong tasting – unlike anything else, but somehow I knew it was meant to be. Once Rachel could see that Ken was done she reminded me to hold him and his load in my mouth and jack-off into my hand.

I did, and felt especially embarrassed at what I had just done. "Now lick it up and swallow both loads," commanded Rachel, and I complied.

"Now blow the Jim and Tom," ordered Rachel, and they each had their turn. I didn't get aroused as I sucked them, but after cumming I simply sucked them, now accepting that I was a cocksucker.

After swallowing both of them, Rachel knelt on the couch again, her balls hanging down and ordered me to kiss her ass. It seemed that my humiliation would never end, but I was no longer in control, so I knelt on the floor and extended my tongue into her ass. I licked her for several minutes while she moaned and told me I better make up for the pain I caused her. I remember raping her and making her bleed, and knew I had to make amends.

After a few more minutes rimming her, Rachel got up and offered me her cock. It looked REALLY good on a girl, and I actually wanted to suck her. I took her into my mouth and sucked eagerly, and in a few minutes she came, and I welcomed her load. I swallowed without being told to, and Rachel said that I had come a long way.

"Now we have a movie of you jacking-off while sucking Ken," said Rachel, "That's probably the most faggy thing a guy could ever do!"

I had to agree, and knew they had the evidence to ruin me if they wanted – it was up to me to make sure they didn't want to.

"Okay, you have me," I said, "What's next?"

"Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you," she said, "Now get dressed and get out of here, sissy boy!"

That really stung, but I knew it was true, so I just kept my mouth shut, got dressed and went home.

The next day I returned, and undressed as usual. This time Rachel told me to lean over the couch. I obeyed, fearing the worst.

Rachel spread my cheeks and spit on my hole. "There, that's about the amount of lube you used on me," she said, "Take him, boys."

I couldn't see who went first, but I felt a searing pain in my ass, as the first guy forced his way into me. I felt raw as he pumped, and was relieved when he finally pulled out. But then came the next guy, and he was anything but gentle. It hurt so bad that I was actually crying, something I hadn't done for years, and just added to my humiliation. The second guy finished and the third had his turn, almost making me pass out with the pain.

"Is he bleeding?" Rachel asked, "Oh yes!" she said taking a look for herself.

She took a few pictures and promised to email them to me so I could remember this day better.

"You'll live," she said, "But you don't deserve to. Now get dressed and I'll tell you how it's going to be."

I got dressed and the five of us sat in Rachel's living room, and I shuddered to think of what may come next.

"I’ve given your contact information to Tom, Ken and Jim," said Rachel, "And they will contact you for blowjobs or other services and you WILL respond as quickly as possible – understand?" I nodded.

"You have been a tough guy up to now," continued Rachel, "And you can continue to be, but you are not to make any new sissy boys. You may use the sissy boys you already have, but must be nice to them, and show your appreciation for what they do for you. You can act tough, but absolutely no more bullying! If you ever do date a girl, you must behave as a gentleman, and remember that NO means NO! Got it?"

I nodded, and Rachel made me repeat it all back to her.

"You'll be sucking the guys often," Rachel said, "But you may see me occasionally – whenever I feel like having your tongue up my ass."

After that I tried to resume my former persona, and hung out with my friends. I felt secure that nobody would ever suspect that I was a cocksucker, though I knew in my heart that I would be sucking the rest of my life. I started sucking because I was forced into it, but now I've grown to want it.

  To be continued . . .

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