First Taste of Cum Part 213    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Coitus Interuptus

    I'm Jerry, a fourteen-year-old guy just learning about sex. I've taken sex education in school, but that doesn't tell you anything useful – it's mostly about biology. The good stuff is how people actually have sex, and nobody seems to want to talk about that. Of course I've had the usual discussion with my Dad about not having sex until I'm older, but jacking-off is okay if I don't do it too much.

I know my Mom is against even jacking-off. She freaked out when she walked in on me one time. I heard her and Dad arguing about it. He told me to be more private about it and that Mom would respect my privacy and not walk in on me if my door was closed.

So I jack-off in the shower and when I get home from school, before my parents get home from work, and in bed – it helps me get to sleep. After school is my favorite time because I can look at porn on the internet. My favorite porn is gay – especially cocksucking. I'm sure both my parents would freak out if they knew about that!

I do think girls are hot and hope to date them soon, but it’s the guys that dominate my thoughts now. I heard that you could go to jail for being gay at one time, but even though society has changed, it's still not very acceptable. There are a couple openly gay guys at school who get treated like dirt, so I don't dare let my secret out.

I even thought about approaching some of the gay guys, but was afraid others would see me talking with them and figure it out, so I've settled for jacking-off three times a day. I recently heard about a place nearby that some call the "fag woods". It's a wooded park with a lot of trails where guys meet for sex. For a while I didn't think it was a real place, but then I learned of its location and decided to check it out.

I heard that many of the guys are gay, but some straight men go there just to get relief. Apparently getting a blowjob or fucking a guy's ass isn't considered gay unless you're on the receiving side. It really didn't matter to me – I just wanted some cock and didn't care if it came from a gay or straight guy.

One Saturday morning I rode my bike to the park and walked into the woods. Sure enough there were lots of trails and plenty of evidence of people being there. Looking closely, I was able to see a number of used condoms discarded along the path. It was clear that a lot of people were having sex there. What I didn't see was a single person. Well, I might as well jack off.

I did notice that while most of the condoms were dried out, some of them still contained cum, so they were probably fresh – maybe from last night. I picked up one of them and handled it, squishing the cum in the plastic between my fingers. I got hard just thinking about the cock that had been in it, and the ass it was plowing before emptying into the condom. I took my cock out and began stroking. Soon I shot my load on the pathway, sort of leaving my mark in the woods.

I tossed the condom aside and walked the paths a bit more, still hoping to find someone, but it wasn't until I was about to leave that anyone else arrived. I was near the edge of the woods when I saw a car pulled up and a guy in his early twenties entered one of the other paths.

Even though I had already cum, I'd be glad to give my first blowjob, even now. I walked to that path and hurried to catch up with the guy. Soon I entered a small clearing and saw him sitting on a tree stump.

"Hi," he said, "Like a blowjob?"

"Hi, I'm looking to do the same," I replied, "This is my first time here."

"It's a great place," he said, "But pretty dead right now. I was just driving by and thought I'd take a look – you never know."

"When is a better time?" I asked.

"Afternoons and evenings are the best," he replied, "Friday and Saturday night are always busy"

I offered him a blowjob but he declined, saying that he only sucked. I thanked him and left.

I decided to come back that evening after supper. I was surprised to see quite a few cars as I approached, and wondered if it was actually safe for me to be there. After a little hesitation, I gathered my courage. Parking my bike I entered one of the paths. I walked slowly and silently, listening for others. There was still plenty of daylight left, but in the woods there was a lot of shade. I knew that I'd have a few hours before I'd be in darkness. Not wanting to get lost in the dark I knew I had only a couple of hours, so I better make them count.

As I walked, I heard the sound of moaning up ahead and quickened my pace. I reached a small clearing where one guy had another bent over and was fucking him. When the guy being fucked saw me he called out, "shit, we'er caught!"

The guy doing the fucking wasn't alarmed, but wasn't happy when the guy he was fucking stepped forward, pulling off him.

"Hey guys," I began, "I'm sorry to interupt – I was just looking myself."

The guy who was fucking "It's alright kid – you wanna take my load?"

I nodded and he told the guy he was fucking to bend over and for me to kneel next to him, facing the fucker. Soon he was plowing the ass again and I was thrilled to be in the middle of real-life sex. In a few minutes the fucker said, "Get ready, kid – open your mouth!"

He pulled out and took off the condom he was wearing. He stroked his cock a few times and brought it to my mouth. He squirted on my cheek on the way in, but most of his load went right in. I loved the strong taste, but wished I had been able to suck him off. Still, it was wonderful to finally have a cock in my mouth!

"How was that, kid?" he asked.

"It was great!" I said, after swallowing, "This is my first time here, but I plan to be back often."

He pointed to one of the other paths and said, "There's a suck-line a little way down that path - check it out."

I thanked him and proceeded down that path, savoring the manly after-taste in my mouth. I could hear some noise up ahead – nothing loud – more like a lot of people whispering and trying not to make noise. I continued and soon came to another clearing where two guys were on their knees sucking and there was a line of more than a dozen guys waiting their turn. I wasn't sure of the proper etiquette in this situation, so I just asked, "Is it okay if I help out?"

One of the suckers paused and replied, "Sure, as long as there is plenty for all of us."

I dropped to my knees next to them and the next guy in line approached me, cock out and already hard. When his cock entered my mouth it was incredible. I knew right then that this was the way it was meant to be, and knew that I needed cocks in my mouth whenever I could get them!

I sucked and moved my tongue around, remembering some of what I had seen and read online. Soon the guy came and whispered, "Good faggot," pulled out and left. I quickly swallowed because another guy was there in his place almost immediately. His cock also felt wonderful in my mouth and I sucked him for a few minutes before he also came. Every load tasted similar, but with some differences. All of them tasted great to me, and I was glad for all I could swallow.

As he pulled out I could see that the line was about the same length – more guys must have arrived.

I was surprised that the guys came so quickly – I usually took 15-20 minutes to cum when I jacked off and so far these guys seemed to cum in just a few minutes. They were already hard when their turn started, so they must already be aroused. I didn't mind a short blowjob, as long as there were plenty of them, and there sure were now! My hard cock was straining in my undershorts. Swallowing all that cum was a real turn-on, and I wanted to go on all night.

After the nineth guy however, my mouth was getting sore and my stomach was starting to feel uneasy, so I stood up and thanked the two suckers for sharing, and left.

I never thought my first blowjob experience would be like this, but I sure had no complaints! I rode home and immediately went to the bathroom to jack-off. I just couldn't wait for bedtime. As I looked in the mirror I saw that I still had dried cum from the fucker on my cheek. I was glad that nobody was paying attention when I came in – I sure wouldn't want to explain that to my parents.

I left the dried cum there and proceeded to jack-off, remembering the events of tonight. I realized that I liked having cum on my face (something I later learned was called a "facial") and decided to ask one guy a session to squirt on my face. The rest I would always swallow.

The next morning I had to run to the bathroom to take a dump, and it was all loose. I presumed that it was from all the cum I had swallowed, and worried that it might be making me sick. There was nobody I could ask about it so I got online and Googled "swallowing large amounts of semen". I immediately got dozens of hits. Most of them were to porn sites showing pictures or videos of cum swallowing, but there were a few blogs, and some pages that appeared to be medically oriented.

I focused on the medically oriented sites first which said that swallowing uninfected semen was harmless, but large quantities could result in upset stomach or nausea, along with loose bowel movements.

The blogs were more focused on swallowing enthusiasts and explained that the nausea is caused by the stomach reacting to the mucous in the semen. I explained that most people could swallow a few loads without problems, but many begin to experience stomach upset after a dozen loads or more. It went on to say that with practice the body adjusts to a diet of semen and some report not limit to the quantity of semen they could swallow, though it has not been scientifically tested.

I recalled that I had swallowed nine loads at the suck line plus one when I interrupted the fucking. The uneasiness I felt in my stomach seemed about right, given that I'd swallowed ten loads. I resolved to get as much practice a possible and increase my limit as much as possible.

Next Saturday I arrived at the woods and quickly walked to the clearing where the suck line had been. There I saw Jeff, one of the suckers from last week, on his knees draining a guy.

I decided to give him a try, so I got in line. I took my cock out and stroked to erection. In a few minutes it was my turn and for the first time I experienced the pleasure I had been receiving. No wonder every guy loved a blowjob – it was the very best way to cum!

After I came I thanked him and told him I had sucked with him last Saturday and wondered if it were okay again today.

"As long as you understand that this is MY suck line, and I get priority," Jeff replied, "Then you can suck with me any time. If there are more than two guys waiting for me, you can suck them, but when it gets down to two guys, their cocks are mine – understand?"

I nodded and we discussed sucking. He was 23 and had been sucking since he was ten. He said he had no limit on the number of loads swallowed, but it took him awhile to build up to that. He also told me that sucking was good here during the week at about 4:30, which is when a factory down the street has shift change, and a lot of guys stop by on their way home. There were many reliable regulars in that group, and he said that the line often gets long. I told him I could be there most weekdays at 4:30, since the school day would be over.

In a few minutes several more guys arrived and soon both Jeff and I were busy. Although this was my second day sucking, I was getting pretty good at it, and my guys all came quickly and seemed to like my work. I continued sucking until 6:30, when I had to leave and go home for supper, but could come back afterward.

When I returned after supper I found an additional sucker – I think the other one from last week. I took my place and guys continued to feed me for several more hours, until my stomach began to feel upset again. I knew that I had swallowed at least fifteen loads in this session, and maybe ten more before supper. I felt proud of my accomplishment and went home with a belly full of cum.

The next morning I had to run to the bathroom again with more loose bowel movements. I wondered if this would ever stop, but even though not pleasant, as I sat there I would happily recall all the cocks I had sucked last night.

On Sunday I rested up but thought about cocksucking constantly. I really wanted to go to the woods, but I was sure there wouldn't be anyone there. Instead I jacked-off five times remembering all the men who came in my mouth. I suppose I was a slut because I sucked anyone, and as many as I could. I really couldn't even remember what the guys I sucked looked like, but that wasn't very important to me.

On Monday I after school I eagerly went to the woods so I was there at 4:30. Jeff was there waiting for the factory guys and we chatted for awhile until the first guys showed up – then Jeff dropped to his knees. I just stood there until a couple more showed up, respecting Jeff's wishes for me to defer to him. When two more arrived the formed a line and I dropped to my knees, receiving the next one. The guy I sucked kept telling me I was a good cocksucker, and that I must be born to it, starting so young. That might be true, since it really seems natural to me. Soon he came in my mouth and departed. By then there were four men in line, so I took the next. One guy commented, "I'm glad you guys have two suckers now – my wife pesters me when I come home late."

He was my next guy, and said, "I sure wish my wife sucked, but she would never be as good as you!" I realized that most people would consider me depraved, but I felt a great sense of pride giving these men the release they needed. I felt that no man should have to jack-off when there was a willing mouth available – and I was very willing!

Jeff and I sucked until about 5:30, when the last of the guys were finished. In a little less than an hour I blew seventeen guys and didn't feel the least bit of stomach distress. I knew that my limit was growing and hoped to one day have no limit.

I went home, reflecting that I was probably sucking more cock than all the gay guys at school put together, while otherwise leading a straight life. I had supper and then went to the bathroom to jack-off.

I sucked every day after school as well as Friday and Saturday nights. I wanted to keep track of my blowjobs but there were so many of them that I lost count. I knew that I was giving something over a hundred blowjobs a week and loving every one of them. It was a lot of cum to swallow, and I seemed to be taking it very well. Even on Friday and Saturday nights when I'd blow 25 or more, my stomach gave no indication of upset, and I realized that I probably no longer had a limit. I knew I could out-suck any guy in my school. I imagined my school having a blowjob team with me as the captain. I thought about being pictured in the yearbook receiving an award for "most cum swallowed".

Crazy, huh? Well that's just how my mind was working. It actually was starting to get a little routine, which troubled me. What could I do to make it more exciting than working a suck line? My answer came one day when one of the guys I sucked gave me his card and asked me to call him.

On the way home I looked at his card, which read, "Carl Benson, Photographer". I thought he might have wanted to set up a private session, but it was a lot more than that.

I called him and when he answered I said, "This is Jerry, from this afternoon."

"Oh yes," he replied, "The nice looking boy with such a talented mouth! I have some friends who would like to meet you. Could you stop by my studio some time this week?"

I had no idea what he had in mind, but I agreed to see him at 3pm tomorrow. I could go right from school, and afterward still have time to suck the factory guys.

When I arrived at Mr. Benson's studio he welcomed me and locked the door, turning the "open" sign over to "closed".

"That way we won't be disturbed," he said, "Most of my work is by appointment anyway."

He took me in a back room where a camera and lights were set up. He brought over a book of photographs, which showed naked boys in many poses, including some sucking cocks and some being fucked.

"There are a lot of men who like boys like you," he said, "But that's highly illegal, so we have to be very secret about it."

"Well, I sure don't want the world to know I'm a cocksucker!" I replied.

"I would like to invite some men over who would appreciate you," he added.

"That would be fine with me," I said, "But would you be taking pictures?"

"Yes," he said, "And videos – is that a problem?"

"Well, only if people I knew saw them," I said, "Especially family or people at school."

"I assure you that the only people who would see them would be those with a special interest in boys," he said.

He asked me to pose for some pictures and soon was standing naked before his camera. He had me pose for a number of shots in many suggestive positions. He stroked me to erection and took some closeups of my cock. He had me bend over and spread my cheeks, exposing my asshole. He must have taken more than a hundred pictures and said he to watch my email.

I got dressed and went to the woods. All the time I was sucking I couldn't help but think about performing for the camera. After sucking the factory guys I hurried home to check my email. I opened his email which had a link which I clicked on. It took me to a web page that was titled "Introducing Jerry", and showed many of my pictures. There was a place at the bottom where you could click a button called "Like", and another button that said "Meet". There were over 300 "likes" and 37 "meets".

It was exciting to think that so many men liked my pictures. I wondered if those who clicked "Meet" actually were requesting time with me – I hoped so.

There was a second email from Mr. Benson. This one said, "Jerry, there is so many men who want to meet you – When can we schedule some time?"

I emailed him back and said I could come by his studio tomorrow at 3pm again and he agreed.

When I arrived a woman greeted me, introducing herself as Miss Maples. She took me in the back and said she would help me get ready. I didn't think I needed any help, but this was all very new to me. She told me to undress. I hesitated, and she said, "Now surely you are a big enough boy to not be embarrassed in front of a woman!"

I undressed as she watched. "Just stand there," she said, and walked all around me.

"Raise your arms," she said, and I did.

"You would be more desirable without the body hair," she said, "Do you mind if I shave you?"

I was unsure about this, and she added, "It will make you look younger, which will make even more men want you."

I had always tried to look older, so this was a whole new thing, but it made sense, so I agreed.

She took me into a bathroom where she put shaving cream on my groin and underarms, and proceeded to shave me smooth.

"You are short for fourteen," she said, "So without the hair you can pass for much younger – I think we will list you as age ten."

She led me into another room, where Mr. Benson was waiting. He really liked my clean shaven look and said he wanted to re-take my pictures, but first there was someone to meet.

He took me to another room that was furnished like a living room. Sitting on a couch was a man who introduced himself as Mr. Davis. He asked me to sit on his lap, which seemed a little odd, but I did it. He had me get into a kneeling position facing him, with my knees outside his legs. He put one hand on my ass and fondled my cock and balls with the other.

Then he kissed me, which seemed a little gross. I'd gladly suck any cock presented to me, but kissing a guy was kind of wierd, but I went along with it. He then squirted some hand lotion on his finger and then slipped it between my ass cheeks. He gently touched my hole, and wiggled his finger around, which felt strangely pleasurable. He pressed his finger in and soon was partly inside me. He stroked in and out, and then plunged his finger in all the way.

With his other hand he stroked my hard cock and soon I shot my load all over the front of his shirt. "Sorry for the mess I made," I said, once I recovered.

"It's fine," Mr. Davis said, "In fact I like it."

"Would you like a blowjob?" I asked.

"Of course," he said, "How could I turn that down?"

Soon his cock was out and I knelt on the floor between his legs, sucking him. It only took a few minutes and soon he rewarded me with his hot load. I swallowed, and he got up, zipping up. He took me back to the other room, where Mr. Benson and Miss Maples were waiting.

"Jerry is great," he said, "I'd like five more sessions, and please get him ready for anal." He paid Mr. Benson some money and left. Miss Maples said, before you get dressed, let me get you something."

She stepped out and returned with a box. She opened it and it contained nine black rubber objects in a number of sizes. Each had a tapered end and a flange at the other side. They were all different thicknesses. "These are anal dilators," she said, "They will prepare you to receive a cock."

She lubed up the smallest one an told me to lay across her lap. I did so and she spread my cheeks and pressed the tip to my hole. "Now relax and you will soon begin to enjoy this," she continued, as she pressed it into me. I felt my hole open and then the tip popped in and the rest slipped in, up to the flare.

"Keep that in you for a couple of hours," she instructed, "Then try the next larger size for a while. It will stay in by itself, so you can do other things, or even wear it to school."

She handed me the box and continued, "As you get used to one, try the next larger size. Take it slowly and use lots of lube and soon you will be able to take the largest one."

I wasn't sure about that – the largest one was about an inch and a half in diameter, with the tapered tip about two inches across. I walked home and took the box to my room. Before going to the woods I decided to try the next bigger dilator. Lubing it up, I was surprised how easily it went in. Pushing it in to the flare I pulled up my pants and went to the woods.

I could feel the dilator in me the entire time I sucked and knew that it was just a matter of time before I would have a cock in my ass. I hoped that I would enjoy it as much as suckng.

Within a couple of days I could easily wear the largest dilator, and wore it to my next meeting at Mr. Benson's studio.

Mr. Davis was there again, and I sucked him to erection and then he slipped his cock into me. It felt a lot better than the dilator. He had me on my hands and knees and started to stroke in and out of me as Mr. Benson came in and slipped his cock into my mouth. This was incredible and found that I really loved this incredible experience!

Miss Maple was taking a video during this time, adding to the excitement.

Afterward Mr. Davis left and Mr. Benson asked how I liked getting it in both ends at once. I said I really liked it, and he told me that most of my sessions would be like that, which gave more men access to me.

Over the next five years I may many child porn videos and served many pedophiles, enjoying every moment of it.

I continued to suck in the woods until one day the cops made a raid and ruined our fun. Over the years I’d given thousands of blowjobs and swallowed many gallons of cum. As I grew and lost my youthful appearance Mr. Benson said I wasn’t as marketable, but he found some black guys who were into white boys. This was a welcomed development so I could continue to get lots of cum form many horny guys!

  To be continued . . .

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