First Taste of Cum Part 93    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Caught Without Clothes

    I'm Frank, a twelve year old just discovering the pleasure that my "best friend" can bring. Ever since I was told not to play with myself I've been doing it whenever I could, but now that I can jack off, the payoff is even greater! It's led to my taking a greater interest in my body and the changes beginning. I've also become a little bolder, and trying things I didn't have the nerve to try before.

Like nudity – I love to be naked outdoors. I was now on summer break from school and I wanted to spend as much of it naked as I could. That isn't feasible at home because the neighors would see and tell my folks. So when I ride my bike around I look for places I can roam naked. There are a number of areas we simply call "State Lands" that are open to the public and used for hiking and hunting. I avoided going into these areas because there might be park rangers or game wardens, but I looked for private land adjoining them.

As I rode around I spotted a good prospect – a wooded plot of land at a couple thousand feet along the road with "Private – No Trespassing" signs all along the road. This was what I was looking for because there shouldn't be other people there, so it was safe for me to parade around in. I walked my bike into the woods and hid it, and undressed. I put my clothes in a bag and hid them with my bike and began my walk. This was a real turn-on for me, so I remained hard most of the time.

At first I decided to explore the limits of the woods and had a couple of hours of nudity doing that. When I returned to my bike I jacked off and then got dressed and returned home. For the next few weeks I returned to the woods and walked around naked. I never saw any indication of people anywhere nearby, and got bolder. I ventured out of the woods into a meadow that was bordered by another woods. I was completely in the open as I felt the sun on me, crossing the meadow. Realizing that anyone nearby would see me, I was all the more aroused.

I then entered the other woods – completely new to me, and began to explore. I explored for about half an hour when I was discovered! "You don't look like you're from around here," and older man said, "You're on private property." He was carrying a shotgun and didn't look like he would stand for any crap.

I had a ready-made lie for why I was there, and said, "Sorry, I was in the State Lands and must have wandered here by mistake."

"Okay," he said, "I'll buy that, but where the hell are your clothes?"

"I'm a nudist," I said, realizing it was a pretty weak answer.

"We'll see what the police have to say about this," he said.

"Please mister," I pleaded, "I'm not doing any damage, and I'll leave right away."

"You aren't in a very good bargaining position," he said, "Why shouldn't I call them?"

"I'll suck your dick if you let me off," I offered.

The old man grinned and paused. He probably hasn't had sex in years.

"I'll tell you what," he responded, "If I like your work you're free to go."

Now, you might think I'm gay, but I'm not. I had no interest in blowing him, but I know that blowjobs are pretty easy to do, and nobody will ever know, so it seemed like an easy way out of this possiblr mess.

The old man unzipped and whipped out his cock. It was wrinkly and limp but huge! I couldn't imagine how big it would be hard, and thought this old guy hadn't been hard for years! I dropped to my knees and took his cock head into my mouth. I figured that he probably wouldn't even cum, so as long as I appeared to try he would let me go.

I sucked him and he got a little hard, but then said, "Give me some tongue action, cocksucker!"

I didn't like being called a cocksucker, but was in no position to argue, so I moved my tongue around the head. I had no idea how to give a good blowjob, so I just moved my tongue around and hoped that would be good enough.

I must have been sucking for over fifteen minutes, and thought he would give up soon. I thought he wasn't even close to cumming because he was still soft. Then suddenly he pumped cum into my mouth – the old guy was cumming while still soft! I really didn't think a person could cum without being hard, but he sure could!

This caught me completely by surprise and I started to gag on the sudden rush of bad tasting cum! "Swallow it, cocksucker, or the deal's off!" he said.

I felt like puking, but swallowed as ordered.

"Okay, you earned your 'get out of jail free' card," he said.

"I'll make you a deal," he continued, "You can walk around naked all you want, but blow me any time I want it."

"How will I know you want it?" I asked.

"See that fence post over there?" he asked, pointing to a wooden post that was part of a split-rail fence.

I nodded and he continued, "When you see a rock on top of that post, come to my house. There might be other people there, but you don't mind others seeing you naked, do you?"

"No," I agreed, a little excited about being naked around other clothed people.

I left, and as soon I as was out of sight I jacked off. I just couldn't wait until I got back to my bike and clothes.

From that day on whenever I would go walking naked there I would look for the fence post right away. For three days there was nothing, and I was a little disappointed. I didn't really want to blow him, though I didn't mind doing it, but really loved to be seen naked!

The next day there was a stone on the fence post, and I hurried to the house. I saw a couple of cars parked in the driveway and hoped that would mean more people to see me naked.

I knocked on the door and the old man answered and welcomed me in. There were two other men there, who he introduced as his friends, Tom and Mike.

"I told them that you would probably be glad to blow them," he said, "You're okay with that, aren't you?"

I hadn't planned on that, but went along with it – I was completely aroused being naked in front of this group.

Mike got up first and approached me, unzipping and offering me his cock. I dropped to my knees and sucked him. Unlike the old man, he got hard quickly, and grew to a respectable size. He pressed forward, gagging me, but I recovered. Mike told me I was a great cocksucker, and said he wanted my mouth regularly. I just ignored him and kept sucking, and in about five minutes he gave me his seed. He was much more ready to cum than the old man was, and was a lot easier to suck.

As Mike pulled out, Tom took his place. His cock was shorter – maybe five inches, but very thick. He was fully hard before he entered my mouth. He pressed all the way into me – fairly easy, given his short size. He took hold of my head and face fucked me. This was entirely new to me, and I was glad he wasn't longer. The face fucking was actually really easy, because I had to do is move my tongue around as his cock slammed in and out of my mouth. Soon he, too unloaded and I swallowed.

Now it was the old man's turn, and he put the end of his huge soft cock in my mouth. As I sucked I wondered how big he would have been when he could get hard. He was much more difficult to suck than Tom or Mike, who were close to cumming when I started sucking them, but I just kept at it. My knees and mouth were beginning to get sore and he still hadn't cum. I increased my efforts and he finally came.

The old man gave me a glass of lemonade and afterwards I departed. I jacked off at my first chance, and then went back to my bike and clothes. I was beginning to like sucking cock, and hoped that the old man would have more of his friends over.

When I returned to school in the fall I could only walk around naked on the weekends, and continued to do so until the weather turned cold.

When if was too cold out for me to walk naked, the old man invited me to come over for blowjobs and I gladly accepted, by now really loving cocksucking.

I'm now in my thirties and love to arrange to meet men in the woods for blowjobs – nudity and cocksucking go together wonderfully!

  To be continued . . .

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