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Five Boys Alone

Five brothers are living with their divorced father. He had them in his care because their mother was caught smoking Crack by a cop just as the case came up in court. Their names, and ages are Billy ten years old, Jim eleven years old, Robert fifteen, Sam fifteen, yes twins, and Paul sixteen. The father's name was David Shields, and he was running in place trying to make a living, and care for the kids at the same time. His job called for much traveling, as he was a troubleshooter for a computer company. He was on the road for days on end, and had set up a computer with AOL so the boys can talk to him often as he was on the road.

The man was not poor, and had his own plane to get around with when he had to make a quick trip for the company. A computer was set up where he can see, and hear it when he was flying the airways of the world. A voice setup made it easy for all of the boys to speak with him often. Most of the boys were quite excellent computer users. Their father had trained them most of their lives. He trusted his older son to carry out his requests for how to run the house while he was away. A cook, housekeeper was hired to care for the house during the day. Paul had asked if the boys could handle being alone at night. "We don't need baby-setters," he said. Ruby agreed with the boys, as she really wanted to get home to her own family. She always had a hot meal ready for the boys every night and the boys cleaned up, and washed the dishes each night after the meal was finished. The beds were made when she got there in the morning, and the boys were not really slobs. Well most of the time anyway.

Mr. Shields had spent time, lots of time at the courthouse getting paper work naming the oldest boy as being able to handle any need to do medical paper work on the younger boys, and Ruby was named as well. He had some other people at work that were willing to help if there was a need. The man always had his laptop computer setting on top of the computers he is working on, with a bell ready to ring if the kids needed him. He spoke with them often as he waited for his test equipment to find out what was wrong with the computers he was repairing.

This had worked for six months, and everyone had settled in to the routine. The evenings were filled with homework, and television. One or more of the boys might have a date if they were lucky. None of them were really lucky, as they had moved to a new town when the divorce was final. Paul was the only one who was sad about the move as he found being a part time father in many ways was a lot of work. He spent most nights at home looking out for the younger boys.

As said before six months had passed with Mr. Shields being gone often for days at a time. The twins Robert, and Sam had always been a pair that depends on each other more then the others. What one learned the other know almost the first instant they got together. Robert had set down to do his homework one night, and had a report on the Boy Scouts. He run a search engine, and listed the hits on a file. He learned about the English man who started the scouts, and how it was spread worldwide. A hit on one item which spoke of a court case. Robert saw the hit, and decided to check it out after he got his report finished. He was just getting the report printed out when his twin walked in to read it as it came off the Laser printer. "Good report brother. I had to do one on that woman on the dollar coin. Boy talk about a snooze. I almost fell asleep at the computer. It was lucky the teacher didn't walk in while I was looking so tired. She has been on me all week about late nights not being right for us kids." "She knows about the couple movies we went to?" "No one of the girls spoke of that night we went to the Pizza place. She wants in Paul's pants, and was upset he was there with us. He blow her off." "Sad kid, at least I can prop my eye lids open if we stay up late. I'm glad dad is not all that upset if we have some fun." "Yeah he is kool. Hey what are you doing now?"

"Oh I saw a hit on a court case on the Boy Scouts, and wanted to see what it was about." He hit the enter key, and waited for the computer to call up the web page. It showed a handsome All-American boy with a scout uniform on. The boy wondered what was going on, and looked at the boy's profile as it was the first item on the buttons. He saw a normal boy in all ways, and liked him from what he could see. Then he hit the back button. The next item called up was a list of the case, and what was involved. Paul leaned on his brother's shoulders as he read the screen. "Oh wow I saw something about that in the paper. He is the boy that was thrown out of the scouts. Oh wow look at how they smeared the boy. That has to be hard on him." "It says he is gay, but never did anything. They kicked him out for not believing in God. "Oh my that has to be rough on him. I wish I could tell him how bad I feel about some people doing that to him. Let's read the rest of this stuff." The two read fast with one or the other saying, "page down," as he was done.

They found much to like in the boy, and then saw an E-mail listing on the last button. Paul yelled out, "send him a note. We have to tell him we hate the fools that think they can control his mind." The two composed a note, and both signed it with their first name. They sent it at once, and set talking about what they had seen. "What do you think about this gay stuff Robert?"

The two looked at each other as they thought about all the playing around they had done as they grew up. Robert asked, "do you think we might be gay as we always learned about sex with each other?" "Gees brother I don't know. I guess some fools like those scout leaders might say we are. Gee does that mean we well never get laid?" Robert shook his head as he said, "I don't know. Maybe we should ask Paul about this?" "We should speak to dad too, but not while he is out of town." "Right that would be all he needs to hear. Boy would he be home in a hurry." The two grin as they think about how fast he would be home. Paul was seen walking by in his Jockey shorts thro the open bedroom door. The two young boys called out to him, and he wondered in to flop on one of their beds as they spoke of what they had seen on the net, and what they were thinking about.

Paul grinned as he said, "oh boy kids don't worry. All boys do some fooling around, and I hear twins do more then most, as they are almost the same people anyway. I had some experience with Bobby down the street where we used to live. You know we were always hanging around together. We did most of it, and it was kool, and fun too." "Gee Paul do you think the rest of the boys are doing stuff like us?" "I don't know about them, but I bet they at least jack off. I don't know if it is a good idea to ask them as it is a private thing. Just keep your eyes open and see if they are doing anything. Then it would be okay to ask them."

Paul made sure the twins were okay with what he had said, and told them, "look guys we can speak to dad when he gets back if your still thinking it is wrong when he gets home. Yell if you need any more from me. Heck if I meet someone here I well fool around again." "Do you think your queer Paul?" "I don't know, but it was fun. I might be Bi-Sexual kids as I had so much fun." "Hun what's that?" "It just means I can go with girls, but also guys. It could let me have the best of both worlds, but hey kids, what do you know about rubbers?" "Why ask that? We have never needed them." "You do if you spread your love outside the family. Let me get some rubbers, and I can show you how to use them."

Paul came back into the room, and looked at his younger brothers. Okay guys will you mind if I ask you to get naked?" "No, but why?" "I'm not going to be showing you how to do it on my dick. Get naked kids." The two boys giggled as they slipped off their shorts. They were half-hard already as the boy spoke of having to make a cup on the end of the rubber to hold the cum, and also to keep it from ripping. He spoke of finding the best rubbers, and not letting them get old, or they will rot. "Okay get hard guys, and grip the rubber, about a half-inch, or more on the end. Then start rolling it down over the hard dick." Paul helped Sam as he was fumbling with the rubber. "Hum might have to get a larger rubber for you guys. Your both well hung." "You really think so Paul?" "Sure you guys have more then me, but I hope I have a few inches growth left in me. Oh well what will be will be. I have fun with what I have anyway." "Will you show us yours Paul?"

Paul was just pulling down his shorts when the other two boys came down the hall to stop outside the open door. "Wow what are you guys doing?" "Oh come on in guys. I was just showing the twins how to use a rubber. I might as well show you guys too." Billy, and Jim set there wide eyed as the three boys showed them how it was done, and asked questions about wither Paul had ever had sex. "Oh gee guys, I just got thru telling the twins about me and Bobby playing around. We were not going to bother you guys with any sex stuff till we saw if it had donned on you to think your dicks were for more then pissing thru." "You sucked dick Paul?" "I didn't say that kids. I said we messed around. You don't need to know the details." "Ow we have been playing around since we saw the twins doing it one day last year." "You guys cum yet?" Jim grinned, as his younger brother looked bashful. "Never mind Billy it happens about your age so it won't be forever." "Gee thanks brother. The rest of the guys at school all sound like they have been doing it for years." "Most of them get hard brother, and then brag about cumming. I bet most of them are just like you just getting around to thinking about sex."

Billy looked happy, and then asked, "can you show us what you guys do?" "Oh no this is getting out of hand here. Look lets wait till dad is home, and then I well ask him if he thinks it is a good idea for us to fool around." "You think he will be upset?" "Nope he had a talk with me when he found out about Bobby, and me. He told me about rubbers, and AIDS. You know the whole bit about living, and how kids never thought they can die of the shit. I'm surprised he has not gone into all this with you guys by now. Maybe he thinks you're too young to tell about it yet."

Mr. Shields called the home on the computer as they set around talking, and Paul answered. He wanted to say he would be home in the morning. "I got this bug whipped. The loading of the programs should be done by midnight." Paul asked him what bug it was, and heard about some fool getting mad at the company, and loading some real trash on the main frame. "The fool is in jail as he did it from his desk in the office. It was easy to find him, as he was not too bright." "Good job dad. Oh you remember that sex talk you had with me when you found out about Bobby? Is it okay if I start the talk with the other kids? Something came up, and it is time they get told about it."

Of course the worried father wanted to know what had come up? Paul giggled as he said, "a few hard dicks. No dad easy. I was showing the twins how to use rubbers, and telling them why they needed to use them when the other two walked in to see what we were doing. Show, and tell is fun, but you need to set some time aside for some more talk, or let me do the job for you. I'm not too sure I can handle the whole thing." "Oh kid I can't let you have all the fun. I well see if I can get Saturday off. That is only one more day, right?" "Oh dad you never know what day of the week it is." "Yes I do. I just looked it up on my laptop." "Love you dad," came from all the kids, as he had to get back to work. As soon as Dave was off the line the younger boys were giggling, as they demanded the whole class on using rubbers. "Oh damn kids you don't need that right now. Not unless your flying with someone outside the family. Are you guys spreading the love around?" Jim hung his head as he asked, "do I need rubbers for jerking off?" "No, but can you tell me who, and what else you have done?"

Jim hung his head as he spoke of one of his buddies who was talking about showing him how to have what he called fun. "Kid I can't say go ahead, but it is really part of a boy growing up. I guess you guys do need the talk about safe sex. Look let me speak of clean sex first. I know you take showers, but come here Jim, and stick your nose in my armpit." A scrunched up face as Jim thought about this request. He trusted his older brother, and did as he asked. His nose wiggled as he said, "gross, that stinks. Why ask me to do that Paul?"

Paul used a wet wash cloth to clean his pits, and then his crouch before he asked the boy to try it again. Jim smelt the pits again, and said, "much better, but why smell there?" "Kid come here, and let me do it to you." Paul licked the boy's armpit, and saw a strange look come into his eyes as he saw the boy's pants start to tent out with a hard dick. Paul set back on the bed as he pointed at the hard dick in his pants. "I guess your dick liked me licking your funky armpit." "Darn Paul that's sick." "No brother of mine, it is sex. There are many places that will make your dick hard. Your nipples, that spot between your ass, and dick, thighs, hell the ass hole is hot too." "Gross," came from Jim. "No Jim gross is not knowing how to turn on a partner, and fumbling around when you're having sex. Sam spoke up, "ever think about sucking a toe?" "Hun why?" "Guys there are more places that Paul has not spoken of yet. I don't know if he is being nice, but Robert and me have had lots of fun trying out many ways to have fun with each other."

There was silence as the two younger boys thought about what their brothers had said. "You guys all gay?" "Oh kids that is up for grabs right now. We play around, but it is just being kids right now." Robert said, "us too. We were just asking Paul about how we feel about ourselves. We wondered if we were gay because we play with each other." "Oh wow, and you guys want dad to talk to all of us about this stuff. Do you think he will flip?" Paul grinned as he shook his head. "No way guys. He was kool with what I did with Bobby, but he has some wild thoughts about keeping safe. You all know this AIDS shit can kill a kid just as quick as a grownup." "Yeah some of the teachers are on our backs all the time about AIDS. I don't know anyone that has it." "Jim yes you do." "Hun who?" You know Larry from dad's work place. He is the guy dad asked to watch out for us, and is on your health paper work. He has AIDS. That is the controlled form of HIV. He has to watch out real careful as he can get sicker real easy." "Why would dad ask for his help?" "Oh kid think. He is human, and a good friend of dads. You know he has been over for cookouts when dad is home. I like him he is a nice guy. I bet you never noticed he is real careful to keep his food, and drinks separate from all ours."

The boys thought, and some of them nodded their heads. Then Sam asked, "is he gay Paul?" "I don't know kid. It is none of our bees wax. If he is so what? We do it too, you want some kid asking about us." "No way," came from more then one of the boys.

Paul went to his room, and brought back a hand full of rubbers. "Well boys, let's get on with the fun. Here you saw how your brothers were doing the job. Let's see if you can do it right." "When do we need to use them Paul?" "Any time you have sex with penetration of a mouth, or ass hole." Robert spoke up to add pussy to the list, with a grin. Paul pulled one out of the bag, and ripped it open. "Look guys there is a box full in my dresser drawer. If needed just grab a hand full." Paul spoke of keeping them fresh. "None of this keeping them in your pocket for months, and thinking they will protect you." There were lots of giggles as the boys tried to get the rubber on for the first time. Paul looked at his younger brothers, and asked, "how big are those clubs anyway?" The twins clamed eight inches, and the other two spoke of six inches each. "Well mine falls in at seven so we run from average to well hung. Not bad for a group of kids." Jim asked, "you don't mind the twins being bigger then you Paul?" "Why should I? Heck as I told them, I am what I am." "Okay Pop Eye."

The boys settled down to just jacking-off, and each watched the others as they started breathing hard. Jim popped a load in the rubber, and Paul spoke of how to remove the used rubber, and tie it off so the cum can be dropped in the trashcan. The twins as always were working on each other's dicks. They came at the same time as each could feel the other getting there. Paul was taking his time, and was watching the other boys as they panted their way to a climax. He laughed at the way Jim screamed when he reached the peak. He leaked some light colored cum into the rubber. It was clear, and not much, but he had his first load of cum right there in front of his brothers. The boy was crying as he held his soft rubber covered dick in his hand. Paul helped him slide it off, and turned it inside out to show the boy what his cum looked like. He held him around the shoulders as he shook. "You want to taste it kid? We all have done it at least once. The first one is a good one to try too. The younger the donator the better it tastes." Paul touched the wet rubber, and licked his finger. Billy looked at him in revulsion, and then did the same thing with a single drop. "Hey not half bad." Jim, and the twins reached out a finger to wipe up some for themselves. There was a smile on all their faces as Jim asked, "can I suck some of that out of your dick later kid?" "Hey your only a year older then me." "Yeah, but your still my younger brother. Always will be. You know I love you even if you're a kid." Billy started to attack the boy, and had a kind hand placed on his bare back. "At ease sprout. Think about what he just said. He loves you, and we all do too. Kid is just a way to say love with out getting mushy." "Really Paul?" A group of nods made the kid feel happy. He looked around to see nothing but love on the faces of his brothers.

Paul looked at the naked kids, and though about how good looking all his brothers were. "Gee you guys are going to be wanted by the whole school in a few years. There won't be a girl, or guy that does not want in your pants." "You really think we look good Paul?" "Heck line up in front of the mirror, and look at the show. Your all hung well, and the balls look good. Nice asses too." The twins held Paul between them as they told him, "you fit right in with us old man. You are good looking too." "Aw guys we will all get big heads if we keep this up. Yes I have been told I'm good looking, but I like people with brains too. Just don't be jumping in bed with people who like the body. You miss a lot of good sex if looks are all they want." Paul yawned with a stretch of his long arms over his head. "You guys ready to get some sleep? I need my sleep. We all have to go to school in the morning, and maybe dad will be here before we leave too." He waved his arm as he headed for his bed. The rest spoke about what he had said, and done for awhile, and then headed for bed too. The youngest boys seemed to take forever to get to sleep as they had a lot to think about.

Mr. Shields woke Paul up when he came in, and the two set talking as the coffee perked for them. "What came up Paul?" "The twins were playing around with sex like we thought they were, but they fell into a web site about that Boy Scout who was kicked out for being ungodly as they call a gay. It upset them, and they wanted to know if they are gay." "You handled it?" "Yes sir, but while we were talking rubbers came up, and I did my thing showing them how to use them, and telling them why they need them. You know no one ever shuts a door to their room. Well the other two walked in while the twins were learning how to wear them safely. It disintegrated into a round robin of talk about what, how, and so on. Billy had his first climax right there in front of us all, and we tasted it too." "You all playing with gay sex then?" "Yes so far, and dad you asked me to tell you when I made up my mind about my sex life. Well I'm gay."

Mr. Shields frowned, "done much yet kid?" "No dad, just Bobby, but the showers at school are looking better every day. I'm almost ready to jump somebody." "Careful kid. We well check around for a buddy for you. You know there are other people like those scout leaders out there." "Yeah, and they do act real godly don't they?" "You got that kid." "Oh dad I told Billy about kid being another word for love. He was going to jump Jim for calling him kid again." "How are they all taking it Paul?" "Real good, but I'm not the one that needs to do all this talking." "I know son. Look the teachers are doing that spring break in a few weeks. Think we can take off together for a vacation, and hold some of the hard talk till then?"

Dave looked up to see his other sons dressed in just the shorts they usually run around the house in. He held out his arms as he is rushed for a hug, and kiss from all of them. "Dad why didn't you wake us up?" "I wanted to talk to your other father Paul first. You know talk about you behind your cute backs." "Aw dad you guys don't do that. I have heard you do it right in front of us." "Yes, but this time I did do it. This stuff can be hard on a parent to speak of unless he is ready with all the ideas of what he is getting into. Paul had to tell me about himself too. We spoke of maybe me taking some time off from work, and doing one of those family trips, maybe to the lake for some talk, and lots of fun." The twins asked softly, "Paul your coming out then?" "To you guys. I was fooling myself about liking girls." The twins looked hard at each other, and then nodded their heads. "I guess we might be that way too. We talked it over last night after you guys went to bed. We is what we is too." Dave held the two shaking boys tight. "Kids I love you. Don't ever think I don't. This is a rough choice for a young kid to take so early in life. Don't be doing anything at school till you get older. They can kick ass about all this stuff."

Paul spoke of one boy he had known in school. He just looked like what the kids called a sissy. Hell they beat him up every day till his folks raised hell about the school not doing their job. I don't think he know what sex was, but they just ragged on him anyway." Dave asked, "and what did you do son?" "I kicked some ass dad. I waited till some of the ringleaders were off the school grounds, and kicked some ass. Told them that if they kept it up I was going to tell someone they asked me to let them suck my dick." Dave hugged the boy, and had a tear in his eyes as he spoke softly. "That's my kid, and why did I not hear about this before today?" "Ow dad you have enough to handle with out kid stuff, besides I forgot when you got back. Hell dad it is just so much fun when your here we don't need to talk about kicking ass." "Sorry guys. Do I need to ask for another job? I need to be with you guys more." "No dad, it is not that bad. You know we can speak to you at once if we get in too deep. You have so many people ready to help at a minute's notice it is a shame."

Paul grinned as he spoke of some stitches Jim had to get, and how the doctor was not going to except the papers Paul was waving around. "Boy he perked up when I used his own computer, and had you speaking to him so fast. He was saying yes sir so often I thought you had broke him." "Yes, and then he was happy when I transferred the full payment to his bank with a keystroke when he started wondering who was going to pay him. That was fun, but I wish I had been there for the kid." "Why dad, you had Paul doing his father act. It was okay. You would have just got teary too." "You cried for your brother kid?" "Hey I have feelings too dad. I know of a few times I caught you doing it too." "Sh. That's not nice kid. Lets just not speak of the old man crying." The boys kidded around, and then as the time was noted rushed to get ready for school. Paul warmed up the car, and the other kids found their homework, backpacks, and other stuff that should have been ready before hand. Dave shaved, bathed, and headed for the office. He set down with his boss to tell him, "Let me have two weeks off starting on the tenth. I have some problems to handle with the kids, and need the vacation time to do it." "Anything I can help with?" "Yep hire another troubleshooter. I'm on the road too much. I need to spend some more time at home. Paul is a good kid, but with the other kids growing up they need me in their lives more."

"I've been looking for a good man, but it is hard to find someone like you." "You only looking for a man?" "What do you mean?" "A man boss. Think lady." "You have someone in mind?" "Yep you know I spend some time in the help rooms on AOL. Well I keep seeing a lady in there. She is good. I have seen her help many a person with stuff I have to look up myself. She is no spring chicken, but seems to be able to handle the job. We might have to do some training, but if she wants to use the laptop like I do she can call for help." "Ask her to submit a resume to the front office, and you can interview her for the job." Dave flipped open his laptop, and typed an E-mail to the lady as they spoke of other problems. He plugged in, and sent it out. His you-got-mail beeped almost at once as the lady sent back an answer, "you kidding?" He grinned as he said, "no dear lady, here's a private chat room I keep setup. I well have my boss talk to you about the job, and what we might need." He sent the mail, and pointed out the chat room to his boss as he set back to see how the two would get along. He had to grin at some of the colorful things the lady was famous for were printed on the screen. His boss raised his eyebrows as he spoke of what training she might have. He gasped as he saw some of the items, and said, "never mind get your tail into our main office as soon as you can get here. I want to see what you can do with some of our computers. I'm going to have some of them bugged for you to work on." There was some small talk about where, and how soon she can get there, and then the room was shut down. "You're right she is a jewel. Why the hell is she out of work?" "I think it had something to do with the boss wanting a man to do a ladies job." "The fool he lost out."

Dave walked to his office, and set down to do some reading on new ideas for how to debug a computer. He leafed thro the pile, and digested what was new. He looked up to see Larry walking by the door. "Larry come in, and set down." He spoke of three of his sons being gay, and what he had to look forward to with the trip that he was going on. "The other two are fooling around so I might have a whole tribe of them anytime. Fun hun?" "You kool with this Dave?" "Oh yes kool, but worried guy. I'm sorry to lean on you with this, but you're the only one I could think of for advice." "Yeah. You know the first thing you need to tell them?" "Paul did most of that last night after he told me what was needed. He had a show, and tell with rubbers. I well have to spend lots of time on it too. Lord why did this shit have to be out there? My kids at risk. Oh Lerry I'm sorry. I never thought about how you might feel." "That's okay Dave. I'm okay with it now. I know it well kill me someday, but I had fun while I was young. You know kids never think they can die." A sad nod, and the two set thinking for a long while. "You going to tell the kids about us being an item when we were kids Dave?" "You know I will have to sometime guy. I wish we had kept it between just us, and you didn't have to have this shit." "You! Damn I would give up a lot if we could have stayed lovers, but then you would not have those fine boys."

Dave set looking at the young man. "Where did we fall apart guy?" "It was me wanting to try out every male in sight. It is what is killing me now. I was a whore. You on the other hand never thought about another male in your life. You fell in love with that tramp, and stayed with her till she almost dragged you, and your kids down to her level. Sorry Dave, but I always hated her for taking you away from me. I know I did the dirty deed myself, but I resented her." "That is okay. I never heard you say stuff like this before Larry. What's going on?" "I just got the news today. I'm dieing. They just told me I'm hot." "HIV? You're going all the way?" "Yep I need to see the boss about this soon, as they think I well be needing some time off to get ready to die." "Ow hard luck. You were doing so well. I hoped this would take years to hit you." "Never mind old friend. I'm ready, and I hope it is not one of those long slow deals. I don't think I can stand watching myself die a bit at a time." "You thinking about doing yourself in?" A look, a sad look, and a nod. I well do it softly guy with good taste. None of that dirty blood to clean up. Just go softly in my sleep." Dave looked at his old lover, and said, "guy let me hold you in my arms while you slip away. I want to be there to hold you, and show some of the love I still have for you." "You really love me Dave?" "Always guy, always." There is quiet in the room, and then Dave stood up to say, "come with us to the lake Larry, and if your sure it will be a nice place to do it." "You're going to let the kids see our love?" Dave nodded, and they walked into the boss's office to tell him what the plan is. He looked sad as he held out his hand to hold the two men's hands. "You guys think it is best?" "Yes, but we don't want a batch of hounds thinking he did it for money. How can we protect him from the inherence bit?" "What are you going to use Larry?" "Sleeping pills, why?" "No way guy, here check out this site on the web, and if you ever say I told you I well deny it to my dieing day." Lerry opened the site, and found a list of drugs that can kill with out a trace. Many were easy to find, and hard to trace as they were used in the house all the time. Dave set watching as Larry listed what was needed. He was crying softly as he saw the young man was really going to do what he had set out to do. "Buck up guy you have the kids to think about. They can't see you like this." "I'll be okay, but I well miss you guy." Larry thought hard, "got any cash on you? I don't think it would be a good idea to use my card for all this stuff." A wallet is on the table at once, and the two pull out the money needed. Larry called his boss, and asked, "can I take off for some shopping. I really need the time, and Dave asked me along on that trip the tenth. I'm sorry but don't expect much work out of me after the trip sir if any as you can imagine." "If you change your mind your job is here for you as long as you can handle it."

The two set thinking about the past till Larry staggered to his feet. "Well I'm gone, I well see you later in the day Dave. Thanks for caring for me." "Always Larry." There was not much work done by Dave that day, and his boss did even less. He shut his door, and told his assistant to handle the place. There was little that was needed for him to do, and he was short with any person who got in his door. Most he told, "not today. I'm not really able to think today."

Bright and early on the tenth the boys were ready to go when Lerry walked in the door. "You guys mind if I come along?" Dave saw welcome in all the boy's eyes as they told him, welcome. Dave drove to the airport, and did all the paper work to get his plane in the air, and on it's way to the lake. A fine day, and clear flying was enjoyed by the boys as they watched the world pass below them. Paul set talking with Larry as the rest wondered around talking to their dad, or just noodling around with the radio. He saw a look in the man's eyes he had never seen before. "Larry tell me." "What?" "Tell me what's wrong. Dad had the same look in his eye all week." "Ow kid your too smart. I got my death sentence last week." "You don't look that bad Larry." "I'm not going to stick around for it either." "You're going to take your own life?" "I did that years ago kid. I'm just going to lay down now. I had my fun, and have lived for what seems like forever waiting to get ripe. Well I'm ripe now."

Paul set stunned as he thought about when the man might do it, and saw Larry touch a bag he had carried onboard with him. "This trip, you're going to do it on this trip?" "Sorry kid, but your dad said you guys could handle it." "How?" "Some drugs that won't show up when the doctors look at my body. Dave is going to be sure they know I'm deadly, and act safe." "Larry do you know about us?" "The sex bit kid? Sure your dad asked me for my help the day I got the death notice. I well be talking to you guys as well as hopeing my death will make you think about your life." "You don't have to do this guy?" "Yes I do. Have you ever seen some of those ads with the people looking so bad?" "Sure." "Well I don't want your dad to see me looking like that." "He can take it." "Like hell kid. He saw me in my prime. Hell I saw him in his prime too. I know him before your mother, and think I loved him more then she ever did." "You two did, well you guys had sex?" "Yes your learning it just a while before the rest of the boys. We talked it over, and decided your queer uncle needed to tell you about your father."

The two set there sadly thinking about a death, and the boy's lives afterward. Sam looked at the two, and elbowed his twin. "Look at them. Something is wrong." They stepped over to stand looking at the two till they came back from wherever their minds had gone. "Ow damn kids you doing that mind reading bit again?" "What's wrong Paul?" Paul pointed at Larry, "he is dieing." "Oh no Larry not you. You're too young to die." "Kids do you know about my AIDS?" "Sure Paul spoke of it, but he said it was under control." "Not anymore. I'm full-blown HIV now." "OW guy, no."

He spoke so loud the other two boys rushed over to see what was wrong. Paul held up his hands, "hold on guys I spoke of HIV the other day, and AIDS too. Larry just told the twins he is dying. Calm down boys this is going to be one rough week." "You're not going to wait Larry?" "Smart group of boy's. Right I'm going out with your dad holding me in his arms like he used to do before he married your mother." "Dad!" "Yes he asked me to break it to you guys, and let you know what I'm planning to do. As far as anyone else will know I just passed away in in my sleep. You guys are just going to have to have fits anytime anyone tries to ask you what happened." The boys set there stunned as they saw that Larry was really going to bite the bullet as one of the younger boys called it. "No boys, drugs not all that blood. I don't want you guys freaking out."

The plane started down for the landing as their father called out to set down, and use the seat belts. He landed, and walked back to put his arms around his old friend. "He told you all about your old father kids?" "Yes is this why you were so understanding about our sex dad?" "Partly boys, but most kids do some of it. Some never turn back from the boys." The group heard a honk, and found the car they had called for was waiting beside the aircraft. Dave paid the man, and dropped him off at the car outfit on the way to the lake. The cabin was a large one, and had all they needed to live for the two weeks.

There was a rush to get bathing suits on, and into the warm waters of the large lake. The boys were quiet as they though about Larry. The two men set talking about all that needed to be spoke of with the boys over the next few days. Paul soon set down with them to say, "guys you have more to worry about then kid's problems. Lets just have some fun till it is time to cry." Larry shook his head. No son, I'm the least of the worries here. You have to live. I have to die. You're needs come first. I well help my old lover here one last time. I don't know if you realize how close we were, and are even now. It is like we got married, and just took some time out for you guys to be born. He has been there for me for what seems forever." "Can I hug my other father then?" "Paul I would be glad to have a boy like you, and your brothers as well." "They are bashful about speaking up, but we want to tell you your going to be missed like a member of the family." "Thanks kid. That makes my day." The group soon had all the boys setting speaking of many things.

Dave looked at his handsome boys, and started speaking of the subject they had all came there to talk about. Sex, and how it was done with boys, and even girls were spoke of. Paul restated his ideas about being clean for your mate. The twins spoke of it too. They chuckled about a fart one had passed while his brother was too close. It was fun as no one was putting anyone down about anything they said. Larry put in when he thought it was needed. He spoke of being a whore. Dave set up to get the talk to the hand bit from Larry. "Shut up lover, if I had kept my dick for you I would be alive right now, and the kids would never have been born."

This statement almost stopped the talk till Paul giggled, "then you are our uncle. You are the reason we were born, and I think we will miss you. Hell I know we will miss you." The other boys chimed in as well. The talk turned to safe sex, and Larry had much to say as their father set looking at him with a sad look. "Boys he is talking about how I acted as well. None of us ever thought we could die. I'm just as guilty, as bad as he was, but I get to live, he has to die. But for fate it could be me. You guys might be dieing, or dead right now." "Larry grinned as he said, "yeah, and you could have killed their mother too." "Oh Larry forgive her. She is in jail. Let her lay." "Okay I well not poke at the absent."

Each day there was more talk as they laid around the lake. Many a day they were out on a boat, either sailing, or water skiing. Larry was happy till it came close to the end of the second week. He set with Dave speaking of the past as they got ready for the last night of his life. That day Larry gathered the boys to tell them, you guys go to the hotel for that rave they have planned. Don't come back till morning." Paul asked for all of them, "you're going to do it tonight then?" "Yes I can't stay to the end of the week guys. It would look too weird." The boys all hugged the man with out a word. He know what they wanted to say, and held up his hand, "never mind boys, a hug, and get out of here. You don't know nothing, and your dad will clean up the cabin before you get home. He will call the cops, and get me out of here before you get home. Please forgive me for being a coward." The boys gulped, and did what he had said. They drove to the party, and spent the night dancing with anyone that wanted to. Dave was asked if he was okay with this, and the man nodded as he held the man's hand. He saw the way he was shaking, and held him tight till Larry told him, "I have to mix my cocktail, and you be sure to burn the cup after I take it. We can't leave any of this junk around for some smart cop to find." Dave did as he was asked, and then joined the young lover in the bed. They lay there holding each other tight speaking softly till Larry fell into his last sleep. He smiled one last time as he felt a soft kiss on his cheek. He also felt a tear, many a tear on his cheek as he fell into that last sleep. Dave held him tight as he left the tears flow. Much later he set up when he felt his lover starts to turn cold, and stiff. Dave wiped off the tears he had cried for the man, and called for help.

The cops were there almost at once, and found a man setting on the floor crying softly. He pointed at the bedroom, and set there with out a word as he saw a doctor, and many other people come, and go. At last the chief of the police demanded he talk to him. Dave set there speaking of how much fun the boys, and they had been having. He spoke of Larry being a worker at the place he worked. "I loved him like a brother, and my kids will be a mess when they hear about this. Hell we grew up together. He was my best man. Damn to die in my cabin like this." "Was he drinking?" "I didn't see him drink, but there is a brandy glass beside the bed. He never drank more then one drink that I saw."

Many more questions were asked, and then Dave thought to say, "oh shit tell the doctor to take care he is HIV positive." "You're kidding." A yell told the people to get the gloves on, and then there were more questions about the AIDS. Dave spoke of the man telling him about this awhile ago. I don't really know how long ago." Dave looked up as the boys came into the cabin, and he rushed to their side. "Larry is dead he seemed to die in his sleep kids. I saw his face. He looked like he was smiling in his sleep. Oh Lord thank God you guys were not here kids." The boys broke down as they had been told to do. Their father held them tight, and then ordered them to get their trunks on, and get out on the beach. I well be there as soon as I get done with this man." He was told to go with the kids, and rushed out of the cabin as the cops, and the doctor did their job.

Dave spoke softly to the boys to say their friend had died softly in his sleep with no pain at all as far as he could see. I almost waited till too late to call for the cops. It was hard to let him go into a strangers hands. He spoke of his love for you boys as well as me kids. He hopes you will live long, and prosper." The boys were still holding their father tight in their arms as they all shed tears for a good friend when the chief came up to say they can leave if they want to. The body will be checked out in a few days. Do you know who to notify about his death?" "You just did. Other then his work I'm as close as you get to next of kin." Dave gave them his address, and told them, "do the fire bit with the body. He often spoke of that as a way to destroy the HIV. Send the ashes to my home address when your done. I well see about paying any bills it might cause." The chief nodded as he wrote all this down, and then asked if they are staying the night? "No way he died there. I'm taking the boys home with me right now if you don`t mind."

The plane was soon in the air with the boys setting with sad faces. Dave called out on the speaker. "Hey guys it is over he wanted to go out of this world like he lived with a handsome face, and on his terms. He died happy, and I saw his smile as he went. It was his old smile like when we had sex. So sweet, and like an angel." Paul started a sing along with some of the old hymns. The boys started slowly, and then as Paul pushed at them they got louder. When they landed at their hometown the boys were almost normal. Dave shed a few tears in the cockpit, and wiped them away before the kids saw them. Paul saw the signs of the tears, and handed him his clean handkerchief. "Clean it up dad. We have to act brave for the younger guys. They are doing better now. It is a good thing you got the cops on the job before we got back."

Paul drove the family car home, and his dad set watching the foliage on the trees as they drove along. The boys watched him closely as they got close to home they started talking about what to do till school started the next week. "We are back early after all. "I'm glad Larry got what he wanted. Oh gee dad did you tell your boss?" "No I well have to call him. Thanks kid. I stopped thinking sometime last night."

While the man was calling his boss the doorbell rang. Paul beat the twins to the door, and had to hold them back with his leg as he opened it. He grinned at the troop of boys on the doorstep. "Yes can we help you?" We understand your father was there when our uncle died." Paul lost his smile as he looked at the six boys on the doorstep. "Come in boys he is on the phone." The twins wanted to know why they had never heard about the boys? The older boy shook his head as he said we are his sister's kids. She died last year, and her husband decided to get rid of us. We sort of disappeared, and were at Larry's office when a cop called about Larry being dead. We really didn't know what to do as we were hoping he would take us in." the boy might be sixteen if he was a day old. The rest were of an age down to about ten years old. Paul looked at the boys, and saw some of Larry in them.

Dave came to the door to see what was going on, and was told about the six boys. He looked startled, and then asked, "when did you guys eat last?" "It has been a few days, and that was right light." "Kids get a meal on the table now." He got some munches from the storeroom, and set out some sodas for the boys. He asked about the stepfather, and their mother. "I don't know if she ever spoke of me, but we grew up on the same street. I think I met your uncle when he was about four years old."

The boys spoke of their hate for the stepfather, and how nasty he had treated them the last year. Dave wanted to know if there was a real marriage? "I don't think Sara would marry something like that. She was a fine person." "Thanks Mr. Shields, but we really don't know why she stayed with him." "You guys got a phone number where I can call him?" "Yes here's the house number, but he will be at the bar, and grill by this time of the day. Here's that number too. Your not sending us back there are you?" "Not likely kids. I want to speak to him, and find out what his standing is. Larry was my friend, and his relatives are mine. Think about it as thou the two of us were related."

Dave set down to his computer, and asked a search engine for a search for a marriage under both names, and then asked for a search on the man's name for any thing he might find on him. The boys watched over his shoulder as he did the work. His sons set back knowing he would let them know when he is done." The twins called out for the six boys to join them for the meal. Paul waved the boys into the dinning room, and set speaking softly to his father. "We can't kick them out on the street dad. We can double up in our rooms." "You think you can handle six more kids?" "They are Larry's relatives. That means they are ours too. Please dad." "I well see. I think I have as much as I need now. Want to stay while I speak to the sleazy piece of shit?" "Yes dad, but try to get the kids to stay with us." He shut up as the speakerphone was heard ringing. Paul set there as his father asked for the stepfather. He heard him asked where he was married, to Sara and spoke of the death of his wife's brother dying without any relatives. I`m looking for any relative to see who will inherit his money." Paul smiled as he heard the man speak. He heard the man hem, and haw around as he tried to say he was the father of the six boys by common law. "She left the kids to me when she died." "I well have to speak to the boys, and see some paperwork before we settle all this sir. Can I have your work number, and times when I might call you there?" Dave smiled as he cut the phone call off. "We have him. He has not one little right to the kids. She never married him, and he lives in a state with out common law rights." Dave held out his arms to hold his son tight. "I well start the adoption papers this week. I think I have as much rights as anyone else to take them in."

Paul wondered if the six boys would mind? "Well let's go find out. I'm hungry anyway." The boys were being filled up as the twins pushed the food at them. Billy looked up, "can we keep them dad?" "Yep. Pass the food kids." "What does he mean keep us? You're not related to us." "Yes we are. Larry was more then a friend kids. Sara was a fine lady, and we dated when she was younger as well. Larry was almost a father to my kids, and he died in my arms. I don't know if your mother told you, but Larry liked men too much, and it killed him. He was dieing of AIDS. I don't think the law will ever find it out, but he took his own life before he died a lingering death. I was there to hold him as he drew his last breath. You guys have to let us take you in for his sake. I don't know how he lost his sister, but we all thought she was dead." You're staying here with us, and I really don't want anyone of you to be denying me this gift to him."

The oldest boy looked like he was going to say no, and Dave made a movement to let him see his young brothers. The boy hung his head as he said, "for my brothers sir I except, but we will crowd you too much." "Not really, see the house over there behind the fence? I own it, and it has been up for rent for almost three months. It is really too small for a family, but if I knock down the fence, and build a passage way between the two houses it well be fine for all of us. I think I well have to ask my house keeper to move in, and let her kid stay here so she does not need to keep up her own house. I can rent it out for her if she will do this for me. I well tell her she only has to work the day light hours just like she has been doing. "Ow dad we could pitch in, and do most of the work." "No son I have been checking on her, and found out she is in great need of the money. She can have the first floor of the house for her, and the kid. The rest of us can use the top floor. She well be paid more, and earn enough with renting her house to live well."

Paul looked at his father with pride as he started thinking how much he loved his way of helping people. The six boys set there stunned at how fast the man worked. "Hey you have never even asked us our names, and your adopting us." Dave grinned, "I bet one of you is Larry, and another is Dave. Let's see, Bert, and Danny would be two other names. How am I doing?" "You got the top four, any idea about the rest sir?" No she had too many boys for me to guess at the rest. I just know some names she liked. She always wanted to name one of her kids after me, and her brother. The other two were old boy friends of hers." The other boys called out their names as David pointed at them, "Jerry, Tom." Paul grinned as he heard the names," "Oh boy she used my uncles names. She really liked you dad." "Yes she wanted to marry me, but stepped aside when she found out me, and Larry were a pair. I always wondered if that was why she left home so quickly." "Your really queer sir?" "Oh Lord kid I never thought. Are you guys going to be okay with this? Some of my sons are gay as we like to speak of it." "We don't mind sir, but what if some of us are too?" "No problem, but know up front we want only safe sex around here. You guys and my kids work it out, and I well get all of you tested. Keep clean, and I hope you live long, and prosper as your uncle said just this week."

The boys held up their hands when the twins asked, "how many of you guys fool around?" A majority of the boys held up their hands, and the others said, "we don't know yet. Heck nether of us has came yet. What do we know about sex?" This brought grins to many faces, as Dave hung his head. "Oh boy. At least keep it down around Ruby, and her kid." The boys picked out kids near their own age, and headed for the bathroom, and bed. Dave pointed at Paul, "my bed for you guy. There are more kids then beds tonight." Both bathrooms were real busy, and then the kids settled down to get some sleep. The new sons to be were slow to sleep, and were really not sure if this was the best idea. The twins had two extra boys in their room, and told them, "we can set the beds up three ways boys. You sleep in one bed, we sleep one each with you, or we push the two beds together, and just make a puppy pile in one bed."

The beds were pushed together, and the two new kids were placed in the middle to be held tight by the twins. Dave set working on his laptop till late before joining his oldest son in bed. Early in the morning the boys woke to a batch of noise outside. A rush to the windows by almost naked boys was made. They watched as men started tearing down the wooden fence between the two houses. Then as it was hauled out of the way a bulldozer started clearing the ground between the two houses.

Paul watched for awhile, and then asked his dad, "that is too much ground for just a passage way between the two houses?" "Yep I thought about what is needed last night, and decided to move the kitchen, and dinning room into that space between the houses. We get more rooms over top of it too as well as the space where both kitchens are now." Paul was shown the pictures on the computer, and was told the large room over the new kitchen can be a family room. "Okay, but we are going to living tight till it gets done." "Yes I know that, but we can set some of the rooms next door up if it gets too tight. The kids can sleep there, and spend the days over here." "School dad, we have to get them in school." "Thought about that, and kicked an E-mail off to their old school for their records, also sent for their birth certifies." "Damn dad you do make that computer do some stuff." "I think you can do most of the stuff as you call it too." "Yeah, but no where near as fast as you do. I've seen you doing ten things at once with yours." The two talked about the new boys, and Paul spoke of personalities. "I well have to ask Larry to do most of the control of his brothers, as he is the father there. The boys have been looking at him for help too long for me to be ordering them around." "Put him on as second in command son, and let him speak for you with our boys too. Later the other boys will see both of you as leaders. Tell our troop why your doing it, and they well help you." "Done, what about sex dad?" "Keep a clamp on it, a light clamp. What ever happens is okay. That is as long as no one gets hurt." "Dad you think you well ever fall in love again?" "Trying to get me married kid?" "No just wondering. I know you could not think of it while Larry was alive, but he might want you to think about doing it."

The clean up of the new house next door went fast with many hands working. Painting, cleaning, and buying new furnishings was a happy time for the six kids as they had never had anything they could really call their own. Dave heard one of his kids say new kids one day, and called them on it, "it's time to just say our brothers. They are part of us now. No more them, and us. I got the paper work the other day. I'm just waiting for the judge to say the words over us." A cheer was heard from many a young boy as they ran to welcome the kids to the family.

Ruby was happy with the new deal Dave arranged for her, and as soon as the house was livable she, and her seven year old son Steve moved in. The boys looked at the young boy, and whispered, "do it?" "Yep lets treat him like a brother too." Ruby was approached by Paul the first day, "Ruby could you just throw him in among our crowd of boys, and let us treat him like a kid brother?" "Oh I could not do that Paul." "Yes you could. We can get him to school, and home. There is no need for you to have to make that trip every day. The rest of the day some of us can help with homework, and entertain him. He can eat with us, and even have a bed with some of the boys. That way he is not going to feel like he is a second hand person. You know he will want to use the swimming pool. Well with all of us there it well be safer for him." A crying lady hugged Paul as she thanked him. "It has been so hard for me since his father died. I don't know what I would have done if your father had not been so understanding about my needs to be home for him."

Paul cornered the young sprout as he was setting at a window watching some of the boys play ball on the lawn. "Come on Steve lets go down by the pool. I need to talk to you." "Does mom know?" "Yep, come on." Paul set down with his bare feet deranging in the water, and asked the boy to join him. Shoes and socks flew as the boy got them off. He smiled as his feet got wet in the pool he had been looking at since he came into the house. "Can I use the pool? I can swim real well." It is real good, not well, and the pool is for my brothers." "Ow." "Yep, and I asked your mother if you can be an honorary brother." "Oh then I can swim?" "Yep, but that is just part of the deal. I asked her if you could move into one of the upstairs rooms where the other boys will be living. You eat with us, you get carried to school, and we help with schoolwork. You can go join a ball game when we play, and movies, malls the whole thing." Paul held up a hand as the boy broke into a smile. "Hold on Steve. There is a down side to this too. You're the youngest of any of us. You get a batch of boys older then you that have all messed up many times. We all well be yelling at you when you do what we did some years ago. It will not be all-bad, but you have to learn to live in a crowd. Your games will be theirs, and they won't understand if you want to be alone. My brothers don't know what it is to shut their bedroom doors. You mind seeing a dick when they are walking around getting dressed just look away. One or more will probably be in your room any time they think to drop in."

Paul asked, "You're seven, Steve?" "Sure, almost eight in two months. Why?" "Well as I'm the father most of the time when dad is away I need to know some things about you. I didn't ask your mother as us boys don't need to talk about sex with a women. You mind if I ask if you're mature enough to cum yet?" "That's okay. Yes I just started about a week ago." I take that to mean you jack-off. You might like to know two of our boys don't cum yet so you're ahead of them. Never mind. They well be there soon. Look kid I don't know if you have done the watch me jack-off bit, but this family understands if you want to play. I didn't say you had to, just said you don't have to hide under a blanket. No need to worry your mother if you are not open with her. We just wanted to warn you that you are free to tell her anything you do, but it is bad manners to talk about an other boy." A grin, and a finger moved across his chest in a cross. "Not me mom gets upset if I throw a boner. I try not to worry her with sex. You all play around with the sex stuff?" "Yes most of us do play as you called it. Some don't do anything, some others do way beyond where you might want to go, You're free to not do anything. You are not going to be forced to do what you don't want to." Paul pointed out the pool is enclosed, and no one can see if the boys swim without a suit. He had to say nothing more before the boy was naked, and in the pool.

Paul whistled a loud note, and soon the whole pool was full of naked boys. Paul walked into the house to tell his dad, "we just adopted Steve." He was turning around to leave when his father yelled, "stop in your tracks boy. What about all your sex play?" "No problem. The kid is going to be playing some himself. I don't know how much, but he is a sexy little devil. They are all in the pool right now, and not a stitch of clothes to be seen." "Oh Lord Ruby will kill us all." "Nope I told her I was going, well we were going to take him on as a brother. I think she had a large family herself. If she didn't see some of this I'm nuts. She had a look in her eye of love for him that I like."

The new single house took months to be finished, and then they had a large kitchen open to a huge bay window with a table setting in the middle of it large enough for everyone in the large family to set at to eat. The family room on the second floor was large enough for the whole crowd to have their own corner to play in, or just set around doing whatever boys want to do. Dave had a large room with a side area set up for him to work with his computers. The boys all had there own computer set up in a corner of their room so they can work on them. The bedrooms were large enough so they can have buddies over to study, stay the night, or just have a private spot if it was needed. Dave had spoke about letting a boy alone if he needed the time. "Look guys we have a lot of people in the house, give some room if needed. Ask for the time alone if you find the need, and the rest of you let whom ever have it. This will go to hell fast if we aren't kind to each other."

It had been nice having dad home most of the time with just a few days away from home. The lady Dave had asked to come to work for them was doing a good job for them, and the boss was letting her run with most of the long trips as she learned the job. She had only to beep Dave, and he was able to help her with a few words. She was wild about the work, and wanted to help Dave as he was working so hard with his now huge family. Dave had her out to the house at least once a week as time went by. Cook outs, and even set down dinners were a happy affair with all the boys trying to be on their best behavior. Susan put up with this for awhile, and then as she saw Paul signal one of the boys to clean up his act, she called out, "leave him alone Paul. Treat me like family not a guest." Paul put his head in his hands, and pretended to sob with loud noises. "Oh no now you did it. Run for the hills. They well be too wild for words now."

Susan grinned as she said, "let them I can handle it. Mom had sixteen boys, and me. Think I can't handle this batch of monsters?" Dave held up a hand. "I have never laid a hand on any of you guys, but don't tempt me." He set back down to see which kid would speak up. Paul still had his head in his hands as the twins called out a countdown. "Five, four, three, two, one." Then most of the boys made a loud raspberry. Paul giggled as he looked around at the boys. There were grins back as Robert spoke for all the boys. "We like you lady. We well be good."

He was right, but the boys did relax. They started doing their jokes on the lady as well as each other. Steve set watching the boys play, and then set down with the lady to tell her, "I well protect you if they get too rough." "Dear let me tell you what my brothers did to me, and you will see the boys here are being very nice." She spoke of many nasty gags she had to put up with. "Hey child none of them hated me, or really wanted to hurt me. It was just kids being wild. I did lots to them too. "Look child I don't want you getting ideas, but I took a two by four to two of my brothers who went too far one day. I sure was respected around there after that. Do the rest of the boys treat you like a kid?" "No mama Paul told me kid is a way to say love with out being mushy. I understand now, but was upset at first." "Good for him. It took me years to understand my brothers all loved me. It was kind of funny. One of the boys took me out for a soda, and made a pass at me. I never saw my brothers come into the room, but I sure saw the boy fly out of the place yelling that he had not done anything wrong." "Did they hurt him?" "Yes they did. Not his body, but his mind. It took me months to get him to make another pass at me." "You wanted him to do it?" "Sure I did. I was set on marring him." "Did you?" "Yes, but he died young, and I have never found anyone like him since." "I'm so sorry." "That is okay son. I'm happy, and this job is so much fun, I can't thank Dave enough."

She was setting in the living room after one of the meals when a call came in on her beeper even as Dave was called to the phone. He spoke to his boss as she read the number off her beeper. Dave called out, "never mind Susan I told him you are here. We got a hot one. Want to double-team this one. The whole factory is down. We need to get them back up fast. Chicago, one of the big three car outfits. You need anything from home?"

Paul heard them speaking, and called for some of the kids to get dad's stuff packed, and ready to go. Susan called out she had a suitcase in the trunk. The laptop is in the front seat, and the car can be left here. You ready too?" "Yep he said as he saw the boys run into the room with his stuff. He knelt to look at what they packed, and then waved at Paul to get it all in the car. The two ran out to the car as Paul warmed it up. The boys, and Ruth waved good-by as they headed for the airport. Dave was on the phone most of the trip to the airport talking to the computer people in Chicago. They had part of the factory line back up even as they took to the air. Susan took over the phone as the plane was gotten into the air. Both were working the whole way to the factory. The two burst into the computer room at a dead run, and both set down to start isolating the problem. One by one the computers came on line.

Then the real work started. Dave said it all. "Okay they can work, but we have to find out why it went down, and fix it so it does not happen again." They set down to eat a Pizza while they spoke of what they had seen while working on the mainframe. Susan pointed at a note she had written to herself while working. Her mouth was full, and she just grunted as she pointed at the note. Dave read the note, and flipped thru his own notebook to read out some things he had seen. He asked the computer technician for his ideas. The man spoke of things he had done while speaking to them as they flew into the area.

Dave set back with his eyes closed, and asked, "okay this was not a fault of the computer. I see signs of an outside influence." Susan nodded as she flipped thru her notebook to point to some other notes. Dave swore as he saw a trail to the person who did the damage. He grabbed the laptop, and raced thro a search program. "Got him, and we have the window he used to get into it. We can shut that way down, and we can sale you some software to handle most of the safety you need." "Are we really that open to people?" "Lord yes. I know the boss would have told you that you need some of our best software. I don't know why it is not in place here." "The boss decided we didn't need it." The man grinned as he said, "I bet he tries to say it was my fault. "Not when he gets my bill he won't. I well have a copy of his statement turning down what is needed. It might be him leaving."

It took a week to get the place fixed right, and Dave even set some traps for anyone trying to work their way into the mainframe. He showed the computer operators what he had done, and told him, "it will be in the next batch of software we put out, but it is my gift to you. You're okay now. How much did the downtime cost anyway?" "Not as much as the boss thought it would. You had the important parts back on line before you walked into the place. Your bill won't kill us either." "Good, but the real item I wanted to ask is did we satisfy you?" "Lord yes, and watching you two work was an education." The man spoke of being trained by them so he can handle some problems on his own. "Thanks guys." "That's okay. My boss understands, and will let you call for help if you think you can do it with us on the phone. It costs less if I don't have to leave home."

The two tired people walked into the house Saturday morning. A rush of boys was heard like a herd of horses coming down the stairs. Dave braced himself, and warned the lady, "get out of the way sweet lady." He was laughing as the boys swarmed over both of them. Paul reached out a long arm to touch the man's cheek as he said, "I saw it on the news guys. They spoke of both of you real nicely. It sounds like another fool is going to jail." "He is already in jail. The cops want to see what else he has done before they hang him out in public." The man looked hard at his two youngest sons, well the two born to him, and saw they wanted to say something, but seemed to be watching the kind lady beside him as they thought about what they had to say. Dave kissed the two boys, and whispered in their ear. "She knows about Larry, and me. One of the guys at work asked her if she know about me. I told her it was a family fault. I guess you guys need to speak up here, and now." "Ow dad you know what we decided already. Who told you?" "Just your face kid. I love you." "Ow mushy."

The lady grinned at the word, and patted their heads as she asked them if they were happy? "Ow gee it is not a matter of happy, we just learned where our heart is at. All of us have seen the down side, and the death. We didn't really have a choice." A sad face as the lady spoke of other people she know, and had lost to HIV. "I understand the downside, but they were happy at one time. Keep safe, and find love child." A kiss on her cheek thanked her. Ruby came running in to ask what was needed for breakfast? Paul told her it was a day off for her as the boys had started the meal when they heard the plane was landing at the airport. She touched her chin in a gesture that brought a grin to most of the boys' faces. Her son asked, "mom where did you learn that?" "Your father always used it in the car when a fool cut him off. I asked him what it meant once. It does say a lot. I well serve the meal you kind boys have prepared. She hurried off to do the job as the boys went to clean out the car of all the stuff. One of the boys sniffed as he picked up the dirty laundry. "Wow they didn't get much time to clean up. Bet they slept on a keyboard if they got any at all." He didn't even think, just headed for the laundry to get a load started. His dads suit was laid out for the cleaner to pick up, and he was called to come by to get it. Ruby was told, "there is a load in the washer, and the cleaner was called. I know you would have done it. I well let you do the rest, but it was ripe." "Thanks Sam."

Dave set looking around at his rather large family. "Guys did you miss me?" A chorus of boy's voices let him know there is not one boy who did not miss him. He wanted to know if Paul had been a dictator? "Yes sir, and we all did what he told us to. We know it is hard on him to be in charge of us so we try to do what he wants." "Did Larry help him?" "Yes sir, but Paul was easer on us as he has done it before. We understand Larry is learning sir." "Good you guys work with them, and maybe one day you will get a chance to be in charge." "No way came from more then one mouth. They had to stay home all the time, every evening. It is easer being a troop." Paul spoke up to say, "I did get to go to a movie Wednesday. Larry baby-set the guys." This brought groans, and yells of, "baby he called us babies." "I'm kidding guys. Gee thin skinned group hun." "Yes, but good guys anyway."

Susan made a move to get up to leave, and Sam told her, "set lady, your clothes are kind of wet. I throw them in the wash. There is no way you can wear them like they were anyway." "Gee wiz you didn't need to do that son." "Yes I did. Your part of our wild family. I bet you slept with dad on this trip." "I did not." Dave grinned as he said, "liar, I woke up once to see you on the other keyboard sleeping." "Oh you fools. There goes my reputation. You have to marry me now." "Okay name a date." "What!" "You asked, and I asked you when. What part of yes don't you understand?" The boys set silent with their eyes wide open as they wait for her to answer. Susan set stunned, as she thought hard. "No I can't just answer you at once. This is very fast." "No it is not fast dear lady. You have met all my loves, and seem to like, and be liked by all. I think I fell for you in that AOL room, and when I met you it seemed like I have known you forever." "Oh my what can I say?" Many a boy's voice whispered, "yes." Dave pointed out, we can always hope we can have some kids." This brought the room to laugh at the idea. Susan smiled as she spoke of always wanting a big family. My husband died too young, and I always wanted to have many kids. You think you could handle another baby." "Wow she has to be kidding." "Nope I'm dead on telling it like it is." "Okay is that a yes?" "No it is I'm thinking about it." "Oh good for you girl. I was sure you would run screaming from the house." "This house has never made me think about screaming." Ruby whispered, "do it girl. You can't find a better man, or a finer family." Susan looked at the lady, and asked, "you are part of this family. You, and your kid have to have a say in this as well." Steve spoke up. "They told me I was one of their brothers mama. I'm with them, and mom was told the job is hers as long as she wants to work, so we work for you." Steve you are not a worker, just a brother. Your mother is like family too, so I think we should just think of her as family too," Dave said with a grin. "Think about it as an adoption."

Dave looked around, and raised his eyebrows to see if anyone does not want the marriage to happen. Every boy raised a hand with out a need for a word, Ruby raised hers tamely, and Dave proudly had his over his head. Every eye was looking at the lady wondering if she will do it as well. "Okay guys, and kind lady lets start planning the party." The boys looked at their dad, and whispered, "Dad we need to tell her about us, and Ruby too." "Ow kids she knows about most of you already. She spoke about how kool I was to love you all no matter what." I never had to say a word about your life either. Any more ready to be branded guys?" A frown at the word branding, and then a look at Ruth as all but the two youngest of Sara's boys stood to say, we are now ready to declare on the boys' team." Steve looked at his mother as he stood up as well. "Mom do you understand I'm gay?" "Yes child I know a long time ago. I hoped it was not to be, but you know I love you all."

Susan asked, "any one pushing any of you guys?" "Lord no mom. If there is any pushing it is Paul trying to get us to try girls." "Okay good idea, but I see it is not going to work with most of you. What's going on with the two holdouts?" "They are a little slow to become men." Sam held out his hand to stop the two boys as they made a move to attack him, "okay they can't cum yet, and won't think about any sex till they can. Is that okay guys?" He grinned, as the two blushed crimson. Paul, and Larry both started to move after Sam, and Dave pointed a finger at the boy, "apologize now." "I'm sorry guys I was just funning you. Susan I'm sorry."

The two boys held out their hands as they told Sam, "okay, but you owe us big." The family set down as the two adults wondered away to speak about what they might have to do to get all the plans ready for a marriage. There is much to plan as the lady spoke of suits for the boys. They grinned as they thought about what the boss might say when he found out about the two of them.

The wedding was huge, as there were many friends of all ages invited. Dave looked around at the full church, and wondered how he was so lucky to have so many people to love. His brothers, and their family were there. Kids of all ages. Susan had her brothers, and their family, and the boys all had many of their buddies looking on as the two walked up the aisle. Paul was the first in line to hug his dad, and kiss his new mom. The rest of the boys lined up by age to do the same with a few tears in the eyes as they greeted the new mother. The news people had a ball talking about the Brady bunch. Dave was cornered, and asked how he got the lady to take on so many kids. He grinned as he said, "Sh. I never told her about the kids, and think she is pageant." Susan clouted him on the head as she spoke up. "He's such a liar. I've been in his house often with every one of these fine boys. The two oldest boys are doing duty as fathers when needed, and I hope they well help me as well as this liar. We only slept together once. That was on a computer keyboard. I know you will run with the baby bit so have fun. I hope to have some more kids so there." There were startled looks as a reporter made a count of the boys. "Your kidding?" "No sir. If I can get a dozen more as good as these I well be happy." This brought a gasp from Paul, "oh no I quit. You do the baby bit. I don't need any more kids to watch over." He grinned, as everyone know it was just kidding the reporters.

All the boys were asked about the new mother, and one of the young sons spoke of his own mother. "It is kind of sad that she loved dope more then us kids. I wish she would get clean as she is my mother, well our mother, but Susan here is a fine woman. It well be nice to have her in the house." "What about the other boys? They aren't related to you." "Oh boy," Paul yelled. "Kids hold it down to words they can use on the air." He held his head as he heard the rest of the boys screaming out that they are so our brothers. "Dad adopted them, and we asked Steve's mom to let us treat him as thou he is a brother too. She works in the house, and there is no way we can treat him as less then a brother." Paul looked at his dad, and let him see he needed help. Dave spoke up, "they are right. They came looking for their uncle to ask for refuge, and as my friend had died I just took them in. They are fine kids, and they are mine now. Leave them alone." The reporters were told, "enough. I think it is time we get to the party, and then I get to leave all these kids alone for a few days." Rice flew, and the party as he had called it started.

The plane was soon in the air, and the two lovers were off for a trip. They both enjoyed the time alone, but missed the boys so much the trip was cut short. When they walked into the house it was to see the boys racing out of the pool naked to hug them. "Why are you guys home so soon?" "Missed you guys, and the boss is in great need for at least one of us to get to work too." "Ow guys that is rough, but we missed you too." Even as they spoke the phone rang. Paul answered, and called out, "it is the slave driver. Which of you guys is up to doing some work?" Dave held out his hand for the phone. "Hi boss how did you know we were back?" "Oh your spy at the airport. What's up?" A soft shit was heard, and the man pointed at Paul as he said, "get me packed son." He called the airport to request the plane be fueled, and a flight plan be filed for him. He looked around at his family, "it's not a big one so I well be back in about two days." Love was spoke of as the kids, and his new wife rushed to get him on his way.

Paul drove the man to the airport as he had done so often. He kissed him good-by, and watched as the small aircraft flew away. The drive home was slow, as traffic was bad. Then the traffic got much worse. It stopped altogether. Paul set with the engine running for awhile, and then shut it down to set reading a book while he waited. After a long while a single lane opened, and the cars crept along. Paul turned on the radio to have something to listen to as he crept along. He came in sight of a wreck just as the announcer started speaking of a plane wreck from the local airport. The plane number was spoke even as he saw the burnt wreck. Paul slammed on his brakes as he looked at what had to be his father's plane. He set there holding the wheel till the cop ran up to tell him to move on. "My father, that is his plane. He just took off, just... Oh tell me he is not dead." Just then the radio said it all. "No one lived. It is not known how many people were aboard the plane." Paul was told to get out of the car, and led to the side of the road as his car was parked. The policeman called for the chaplain to help the crying boy.

The man asked if he was sure it was his father? Paul pointed at the tail number, as it was all that was left unburned. "He had to aim for this damn park sir. He missed everyone. I bet he was yelling at the tower when he went in. I well tell you what he was saying right now. Well after he said what was wrong with the plane he was giving his love to all of his kids, his new wife, and us." "How did you hear this son?" "I don't have to hear it. It is how he thought sir." The man nodded as he whispered, it was the fuel cap. For some reason the fuel was washing over the engine, and caught fire as he climbed out of the airport. He did report the problem, and sent his love to all of you guys as he plunged into the park to save other people. Son he could have just bailed out. He had the time, and know he would die saving others."

A policeman asked, "can we drive you home son?" The boy pointed at the plane, "dad?" "It well be awhile before we can get him out son. Do you want any help with any of this? Is there anyone we can call?" "Yes call his boss at this number to let him know what happened. He has to get mom on the job to replace dad." "Your kidding she is needed at home son." "Nope I can handle the home front. Heck give me the phone. Paul made the call, and told the man, "dad died in a crash. Call mom to tell her she needs to do the job. I well be there in maybe thirty minutes if the cops can get me an escort." The man's voice shook as he spoke to the boy. "No son, I well meet you at the house, and we can tell her in person."

The policeman did have an escort. The family car was there in fifteen minutes. Paul set slumped over in the shotgun seat thinking about how he can tell all the boys they have lost their father. He cried for part of the ride, and then set up to wipe his eyes. "Slow down I need to get straightened out. I'm now, and forever their father. I need to get my head on tight before I get there." "Kid your going to try to run the family on your own?" "Heck no. I have brothers galore. There are twelve of us in all. I have to be there for them all. Mom will have her hands full." The man looked at the boy, and asked, "you the Brady bunch they were on about awhile ago in all the papers?" "Yes sir that is us. God this is going to be rough. That`s the house over there. The one with the huge oak tree over the driveway. Thanks for the ride. I think you need to come in sir. Mom will want to thank you." The boy led the Chaplin, and the cop that had drove him home into the large dinning room, and asked if they needed a drink, "soft," he said with a weak grin. Ruth came running in with Steve saying, "see I told you there were cops here." "What?" "Its dad get everyone here at once." Steve's eyes got big as his mother pointed at him to move. Susan came running in just as her boss, Peter came running into the room. She looked hard at him as he held out his arms. "Did they tell you yet?" "No, what's going on?" "Dave is dead, his plane crashed on the freeway. Paul was driving home, and saw the wreck. He wanted me to have you go take his place dear lady. Can you believe him?"

The lady set down hard, and Paul had his arms around her holding her tight as she broke down. He held her till the boy were all standing around the room asking what was going on. Paul stood up to ask the boys, "line up boys this is going to be hard on you, and harder on me. Hold on to each other boys. Dad is dead. His, he died in a crash. He landed it instead of bailing out. He was doing what he always did thinking of others." Paul was grabbed by as many of the boys as can reach him as they asked many questions he could not answer. Paul pointed at Larry, "get a hold of the police. See how long till we can have his body, call the funeral home listed in the file by the phone. Get him working on setting it up. Start the boys calling our family, and Susan's too. We need to call his friends too. That list from the wedding. Use it." Paul pointed at other boys as he set up what had to be done at once. Susan touched him on the arm, "thinks son, but you need time to cry too." "Mom this is crying. This is how I handle my pain. The kids need it too."

Peter nodded as he said, "he is telling the truth dear lady. Let him do this for you, and if the outfit can wait till the man is placed to rest you need to go do the job. If they can't wait I well turn the job down." "Your kidding sir?" "No the boys need the time to greave, and I well move in with them to be sure they are alright while your gone." The two policemen looked shocked at what they heard. Peter said, "sirs don't look so shocked. The man worked for me, but he was part owner of the outfit. It is a closely guarded fact, but he owned the larger part of the place. He could have set in an office, but wanted to do the fieldwork."

"Dad owned the place?" "Paul you own it now?" "Like heck?" "Yes son. You're my boss, and your mother's too." "No way she is in charge not me?" "Nope he was changing the paper work, but had not signed it yet." "Well I'm going to let her do the job for us." "Nope lets keep it the way it was. That would be the best way to run it. She does her work, and you collect stamps till you can do the work he did. I know your going to be as good as he was." "Darn this is the wrong time to speak of this." Peter nodded as he said, "okay lets just keep it low key till you guys get settled down. Susan set there stunned at all the things she had to think about, and watched the boys do the job. Peter called the office to tell them to handle the place till he returned. "Any place for an extra body guys?" A rush to find him a bedroom, and then the long wait for the body to be given to them.

Paul was set down by Peter at last. He held the boy in his arms, "you cried yet son?" "Yes on the way home, why?" "You need to let it loose, and all the other boys as well. It well eat on you if you hold it in kid." "I have to hold it for them." "No child you need to let them see it is okay to cry at their loss. All they are doing is hurting themselves trying to be brave." Paul shook as he felt what the man was saying was true. He started quietly, and then as time went by sobbed hard. Peter patted his back as he felt the tears rolling down his chest. He spoke of his own love for the man. Look son, I roomed with the man in collage, and fell hard for him. He knows, but never fell for me. He had his wife, and Larry first, last, and always. I just loved him from a distance. Son let me try to help with all your lives. I have a request from him on file at the office that he signed a long while ago. It gives me some rights to offer you guys any help I can give you."

Paul sniffled, and said, "that is up to mom. I know she will like the help sir." "Peter son, not sir." "Okay uncle." "Oh no your adopting me?" "Yep we always liked you guy." "Okay, but I get my own room to stay in when I send your mother out on a job." "Nope you get dads old room, and can move in." "No way kid. That is up to the lady of the house." "Yep, but we will ask her, and I bet she thinks it is a good idea." Peter was told by all, "move in, and by the end of the week was living in the master bedroom, and was always there for the family as they got over the loss. Susan was called out on a job soon. Peter told Paul, and Larry, "your in charge, but if you want some evenings off just yell, and I well sub for you as long as I can call you if I get stuck."

Paul set down at his computer, and called up all of his dad's programs. He studied hard, and asked his mother to take him along on the next job. He was a great help with the job, and asked her, "think Peter needs another troubleshooter?" "You son?" "Yes mom, with Peter there, Larry can be the man of the house. I think I can do the job. I can yell for your help like you, and dad did." "Peter you have school. You can't quit school just for a job?" "I can work around school. They let some of us work part time. I could take weekends, and maybe a day at the start, or end of the week mom. You know I can do the job." Peter you don't need to do this. You own the place son. There is no need to work." "Dad did. I think if I own something I need to learn the job from the ground up."

The boy had his way, and went to work, and handled his full course of schoolwork as well. Larry was learning his father of the day job as well. He had to call Paul for help at first, but this soon was not needed. Their mother was home more as Paul took up the slack his father's death had caused. He was looked at as a kid at first, and grinned as he flashed his card from the company. "Look call the boss. I can handle the job. Let me clean it up while your checking on me." When the man returned he saw the computers were already showing signs of life. "Okay kid your who you say you are. "The name is Paul Shields sir. We really need to get over this kid stuff. Paul is the name sir." "James is mine sir." They both had to grin at the sir bit. Paul looked back at the machine, and then typed a few lines as he saw the screen full of data. He watched as the computer showed a clean screen. "There you are, it's clean now." "Oh darn your Dave's son aren't you." "Yes did he work on this computer?" "No the old mainframe. This one needs his expert hand." "Want me to look it over James?" "You as good as he was?" "No, but he taught me a lot while I was growing up." As Paul was speaking he wondered around in the inwards of the computer. He pulled out some soft disks, and transferred a batch of files to the machine. A few changes to the files the computer operated with set them in place for use. "There this will whistle for help if someone does some changes without the password." James thanked him, and as it was late asked the young man to dinner. "I well put it down as part of the payment for a good job. Your not going to get in trouble for doing this extra stuff are you Paul?"

As they set eating Paul looked around at the clients. "You bring dad here often James?" "Sure it is some of the best food in town. Oh you mean the people?" "He never committed on the people Paul. Does it disturb you to see gays enjoying good food? Many straights eat here too. It is not a sign your gay to eat here." "No James don't get me wrong. I like the food, and some hunkey looking guys are nice to see." "Oh!" James looked down at his food for a long instant, and then asked, "how young are you really?" "Why ask me that now?" " I like you guy, but I don't play the cradle robber." "Oh! Well James I'm seventeen, and quite close to eighteen in about a month. Is that close enough?" "Nope let's just be friends." Paul held out his hand to shake, and said, "dad was always on about not going to bed with people that were just interested in the body. He spoke of needing to like the mind too." I like what I've seen of your mind." The boy grinned as he spoke of the body being nice as well. "Really you looked?" "You know I did. The suit does nothing for you, but I can see what you might look like without it."

The two spoke together for what seemed like forever in the lounge. It was really not that long, but both found a liking for each other as they spoke. Paul looked at his watch at last, "well my plane well be leaving with out me if I don't get moving." He stood to leave, and stopped to say one other thing. "Here is my web name. Give me a yell someday when you see me on line." He shook hands, and walked away. The whole way home he set with his chin in his hands thinking. When he got home it was more of the same. Susan called him on thinking too much.

Paul looked at her, and asked, "what does love feel like?" "You think you're in love?" "Un hun." "Son it feels like your heart is aching. It is not nice till you get over that fear that he does not love you back. You did anything yet?" "No mama he does not like to as he said rob the cradle." "He's older then?" "Yes James is too good for me. I wanted to jump his bones." "Ow kid leave it to later. Get to know his mind first. I heard your father speaking about the mind being what you need to fall in love with." "That's what we did. I worked with him on my last job, and we set around talking till time for my plane. Damn he is a good guy." "You going to be seeing him again then?" "I don't know. I gave him my web-name. I hope we can get together there." "Good idea. It well give the time for both of you to learn about your minds." "Ow mom your just trying to keep the sex clean. You know I don't ride bareback till it is sure neither of us is fooling around." "Your in charge of your safety son, but I can worry. Bring him home someday for dinner."

Paul hugged the lady, and asked, "is it really okay me thinking about sex already?" "Paul you could have been doing this long ago if you had not had such a fine father. You honor his memory every time you do what he has asked you to do." "Yeah I get the idea James know about dad. He took me to a gay-eating place. He was so nice when he asked my age." "Good for him, and you could have lied?" "No way to start seeing the guy. He had to have an idea I was real young for the job anyway."

The you-got-mail got over worked over the next few months. Paul learned much about the handsome man, and James did the same. Paul was always honest with the man, and they were talking on line one day when James told him. "Well we might not get too much time to talk for awhile. This place decided to downsize. I'm it. There is no job, and I'm gone next Monday." "Ow bad luck, they just cut you with out any warning?" "Oh sure one of the secretaries warned me to not buy that car I spoke of to you last month. She passed the wink to me that there was a shake up in the works. I guess everyone know but me." "You think it well be hard to get a new job James?" "Yes it well. There are not many openings around here." "Well then move. Heck there are a pile of jobs right here in town. Let me look around among some people here. Send me your resume." "Ow that is too much to ask of you." "No problem James, just drop it in my mail." The two signed off, and Paul set down to eat a meal with the whole tribe of family. He was asked almost at once why the long face? "James lost his job. I told him to ship his resume to me. I can see if there is any place in town he can work."

Peter heard the young man, and told him to drop it on his desk when he got a copy. "You think we can hire him?" "If not I have contacts in the area." Peter did set down with the paper work, and the first thing he did was call the place he had been working. "Why did you guys fire the young man?" There was much bull shit till Peter started telling the man, "look we are interested in the man. I want to know why he was fired." "Well we can't really say." "You better tell me before the next call for repair sir. I really want to know what we are hiring." "Well he took a young worker to a queer dinner place." "Is the boy gay, or do straight people eat there as well?" "I don't know, but we don't want him working here." "Okay thanks for the recommendation."

Peter hung up, and called the order desk. "Take this outfit off our list of places to send any repairmen. We don't service them as of today, and tell them in the mail we do not service any outfit that does not have equal hiring practices." He laid the phone down as he looked over the rest of the printout. "Hum he has done a lot. With some training he could be a fine worker. I well have to give him a call. We can get a good worker."

Peter set down to send an E-mail to the young men. "Come on down here if you want to interview for a job." He smiled when he got home to hear Paul tell him the man already had a bite, and would be in town next week. He kept his mouth shut, and just grinned as Paul asked for time off to show the man around town? Peter called the office to get the time set aside for the boy. He had used a blind name to speak with the young man, and wanted to meet the man with out any idea who Peter was.

Paul wanted the young man to stay with them, and Peter told him it was a good idea. He arranged for one of the lower level managers to do the interview. Paul met James at the airport, and drove him home to meet the family. Peter smiled at the respect the young man paid to everyone in the house. He was a day early, and called the office to set up his interview. The man spoke of time, and the address to him, and he showed it to Paul. He wanted to ask if Paul could drive him there in the morning? Paul looked at the paper, and turned white as he looked at Peter. He recovered, and said, "sure I can drop you there, and wait till your done." He cornered Peter later to ask him if this is going to be an honest interview? "Kid I didn't tell Samuel a thing. He is taking him cold." "Thanks uncle. I was worried you had set it up for me." "Nope, but does he know he was fired for being gay?" "No kidding? I well ask him later. Do you want to blackball them sir?" "Did it son. As soon as I hung up on the fool. He should have our note by now, and be out looking for some other firemen to keep him operating."

The next day the young man was dressed to the nines, and Paul put on his own suit as he was going to do some work in the office while he waited for James. A quick trip to the office, and James was met by Samuel at the front desk. Paul had told the lad at the desk to send the young man to his office when he was done. He set down to work on some mail that had backed up while he was off. Paul was working hard when James was led into his office. "Your working here kid, and asked them to hire me?" Yes I work here, and Peter runs the place. I just spoke of you at the dinner table one night. He did all the asking that was done. The man doing the interview was not told a thing about us. He did it blind. Did he like you?" "Yes sir he did like me. I'm hired." "What job James, and congratulations?" "Hum lets see it is level seven, and I work downstairs. I guess I take orders for service." "Hum not too hot a job. I bet your getting trained for better with what I saw on your resume." "Yes that was spoke of. A half-day work the rest training." "Good for you. I bet you get to go out with me once in awhile." "I well have to move out of your house Paul." "Like hell you well. Your there till you get a place of your own. We don't stand on all this help being lower then the rest."

James asked, "what level are you guys?" "Damn I wish you had not asked that." "Why?" "Well Peter runs the place, but my family, me really owns the bigger part of the place." "You, but your a repairman?" "I do that because I like the job. Dad did the same thing. Heck the day I get stuck in an office is the day I dread." "You are really rich then?" "Oh shit there goes my love life." "Hun?" "Look guy, I live on what I make from the job. I'm not playing the rich bitch. Oh the house, and grounds, and the kids get money from the profit, but I don't need it." "Your saying I have to think of you as poor?" "No good God, just think of me as me. Leave the money out of our life." "Your thinking I can be a kept man?" "No by all that is holy think of me as just the guy that you were growing to like." Paul is almost crying as he sees his love life dieing in front of his eyes. Peter came walking in to point a finger at James, "listen fool I didn't ask you here to kill something good that was growing. The kid didn't know about my mixing into his life. If your not as good as I thought get out of his life, but on the other hand look at the boy. He is thinking of giving up his ownership even as you hesitate." "You wouldn't?" "Yes I would, but are you worth it?" "No way. Keep it, and give me a chance to get over the shock." Peter turned in his tracks to leave.

Paul punched the computer to shut it down, and stood to take James home. He held an arm around his shoulder as they walked thro the halls. James looked shocked as he asked, "the place does not get upset at you acting like this?" "What, acting like what?" "The arm around the shoulder Paul." "Oh we are okay. This is an equal opportunity, and employment place. We even hire ladies, and straight people." "Oh then your outed?" "Lord no, just don't give a shit. My brothers are not so open around here, but I'm doing my own thing."

The drive home was hard on both of them, and James set in the car when they got there. "Kid I'm working on the money bit. I hope I can handle it. Give me some time to get used to a rich bitch." "Oh guy I told you I might be rich, but I live simple. Heck I have to ask one of the brothers to pay for a movie sometimes. I know it is my money too, but it is not what I earned."

The two walked into the house to meet Susan, and she looked at their faces as she asked, "you told him kid?" "Had to. He asked the right questions, and I told you I could not lie to him." "You guys all know I was going to his place for a job?" "No just Peter, and me. Well Paul learned last night when you got the phone call." "It almost sunk our friendship." "Almost means there is still a chance?" "Yes dear lady, but it was close." "Good do you know he came home from your first meeting asking me how to tell if he was in love?" "No way. You too?" Paul nodded his head as he looked like a puppy. "Ow kid stop this looking like I'm beating you. You know my feelings about your age." "Yes, and I well be there soon. I'm growing older as you stare at me."

Paul grinned as he asked, "want to get naked, and go swimming guy? I want to see what I'm waiting for." There were grins from a lot of the boys as they ran to join the swim party. Many yells as the boys called out, "hurry we get to see his lover naked." The two stared at each other for what seemed to be forever, and then broke out in wide grins to yells of, "they like each other." Paul held up a hand to quiet the boys down. "Watch out guys I almost lost him once today." "Oh no he is worried about the money!" "Was, and I hope he understands us now." Larry swam over to float holding on to James. "Sir look at us." He had his brothers hold up their arms so he knows who he means. "We are not even related to him, and..." A yell told him, yes you are." "Shut up guys. As I was saying his father took us in with out a thought as his lover had died, and we were in trouble. We are told the money you are worried about is ours too. It was hard for me to except the food, and clothes they forced on us. I understand love better now. You better think hard about the love this family can give you. Not just Paul, but all of us. We know of love among us brothers, but now we understand real love from our new family. It gets bigger every day, and we learn more every time."

James looked around as every eye spoke of love as they heard the young man speak. He looked at Paul, and held out a hand, "I want a Caddy kid." "Okay what color?" "You would do that won't you?" "Yep, but I know your kidding." "Your right there. I get to spend my money when we go out on the town." "Nope we go Dutch. Nether of us can support the other." The hands shake even while the other hand out of sight under the water felt up two pairs of fine looking buns. Steve surfaced to yell they are feeling each other up. He was ducked at once by the twins.

The boys soon tired of making the two people uncomfortable, and left them to swim, or whatever alone. "The boys, all of them are fine people Paul." "Yes dad did a good job." "You too. I heard some of what you have done." "Oh no they are telling on me now." "Yep, and I like what I hear." "Who was talking about me?" "I think all of them said something nice about you guy." "Well at least they weren't trying to sink me." "Guy the more I hear, and see of you the more I'm hooked."

The two settled down on the side of the pool to just hold hands, and talk over the day. James confessed he was almost ready to walk out of the office when he saw Paul working at his desk. "If Peter had not done the point in the face bit I don't know what I would have done." Paul was sad as he said, "I should have told you earlier, but my thing is to not think about money. I almost wish dad had got mom on the paperwork before he died. I would not have all these problems."

They were still there when Susan walked back to tell them, "Paul your in charge. I got a call out. I well be back in a few days. Be good boys. Oh never mind covering up. I have seen many a boy, and this house does not believe in dressing much." James did slow down the rush with the towel, but did get covered up. He blushed as Paul just giggled. "Hey mom, what do you think of my catch of the day?" "Hun, day?" "Never mind lover of my son. He is kidding you. I don't think he has even played with the other boys for awhile. He is saving himself for you." "Mom!" "Never mind son. I have the boys packing my bags for me as we speak. By-by till I get back." There was a kiss for both of the boys, and she was gone." James laid back on the grass, and asked, "what is it with you guys? "Your all but the owners of the whole company and do so much of the donkey work that it is a shame." "No sir. James it is the work we all love to do. Dad taught us how to work. He did the same thing everyday of his life. At first it was to get the outfit out of the red, and then he decided to keep it up, as he loved the work. Peter is a fine boss, and we told him to just treat us like workers. Oh we walk into his office, and set down to talk over needs. There is little we don't speak of among us, but he runs the day to day stuff. It is what he likes to do."

Paul laid back to let his head lay on the young mans chest. They spoke softly of what love was about. Paul spoke of how nice it was to learn about a person, and let the love develop slowly. He set up to look at James as he declared, "you know if you had said lets fuck at that restaurant the first night I would have done it on the table." "Oh no I almost did ask you." They both held hands as they spoke of how wrong that would have been. James said it all. "You know it would have been a one-time sex act of lust if we did it then." "Yes that is why I can hold back till we are both ready." A soft kiss, the first kiss spoke of how much they liked each other. "Oh darn will you come to my birthday party James?" "You better have rip off pants on that day kid." "Good idea James, and maybe a red ribbon around my balls?" "Yes that would be nice." The boys got dressed, and wondered around the house as Paul spoke to his brothers about their plans for the evening. "You're really the father figure to the rest of the guys?" "Not just me. Larry was asked when he first got here. Well we asked him to second me. It was because he was the oldest of Sara's kids, and we thought they would do what he asked, but he has just developed into a fine dad for all the boys. I can do what Susan just did if a call comes in, or heck if we wanted to go out Larry can take up the slack."

When the two tapped on the doorframe of the twins' room the boys welcomed them to the room. The twins, and Larry were setting talking, and James saw there was more then brothers going on. "You making a threesome out of this kids?" Larry looked at Paul as he answered James. "Yes we have all played around, but it seems like us three are getting closer then the rest." Paul kissed the three boys with his hands holding their ears tight as he told them to have fun. The two lovers walked around the rest of the rooms talking to the rest of the boys as they met them.

Steve was found in his room lying on his bed in just his jockey shorts just staring at the wall. "Ow kid talk to me. What's wrong?" "Ow Paul you can't help me." "Try me." "Well you know mom decided we needed a pool expert to care for the pool?" Sure so what." "Well he was late getting here a few weeks ago. His kid had got in trouble at school, and he had to go pick him up. He brought the boy with him when he came to clean the pool." "Oops you and some of the guys sporting around naked?" "You know we were Paul." "I take it you guys stayed around while the guy was working?" "Yes sir, and he is a hunk." "The pool man?" "No fool, his kid. He looks like he might be a year older then me." "You think your in lust kid?" "No more like well I liked him. He is kool."

James had set down in the corner to watch Paul handle his duties as father. He saw him drew out everything the boy was thinking. At last he asked, "you think he might be gay, or like to play around with you?" "Well he did check us all out, and he seems to be one of those touchy feely people as mom is always calling it." "Well what's wrong with trying for him?" "He has not came back with his father Paul. That was a one-time deal." Paul set thinking, and James asked, "does he have to come when the kid is in school?" Paul looked surprised, and then asked Steve, you think it might be your soul mate?" "Yes if we can get to know each other." "Okay I well see if the man can clean the pool later, or on the weekend." James grinned at the happy look on the boy's face. The two walked off to the family room to set, and talk about what James had seen. "You should get married Paul. You love kids, and are so good with them." "Trying to get rid of me lover?" "No thinking about keeping you, and adopting a dozen kids." "Let's do that guy." "Oh wow your going to do it aren't you?" "I would like that James. Let's think about it."

Paul looked at the time, and reached for a phone. He thought hard, and then called the number for the pool man. "Sir can you change you cleaning hours sir. Yes we are happy with the job, but have found a need for other times if you can handle the job." Paul found a time he liked, and as he was getting done with the man spoke about how much the boys enjoyed having his son over that one day. As the time we agreed on is not during school hours he could come with you if you wish." He hung up with his fingers crossed. James grinned as he asked, "you didn't get me fired did you?" "No didn't you tumble to the fact yet? You were fired for being gay." "No way they downsized the place." "Yep, and as soon as you were gone they upsized." Peter was spoke of, and the young man was told, "there are few of the first line outfits that well deal with them anymore. We sent out a complaint to most of them with our letter to them about not excepting their business anymore." "Can you do that with out getting into trouble?" "We ran it by the government first. They are investigating them as we speak. Oh by the way you might want to think about what you want to do with the money, or the company if your case is won." "I'm suing them?" "Nope Peter started a suit on them, and told me he thinks we will own them before we are done. You get stock in our company to the cost of what they are worth." "Your trying to make me rich so I don't think about your money." "No it was started before you came to town. Peter didn't even ask me about doing this. He is that kind of person."

The two set there talking about life, and love as they looked at each other with the love in their eyes. "When do we go shopping for those rip away pants guy?" Paul giggled as he stood to lead him to his closet. He pulled out the pants in question. "Went me to model them?" "I wish, but lets wait for your birthday party. I don`t think I can resist ripping them off." "You too good for me James." "Nope just the way my mom raised me. She knows about my buddies, and what we did. She told me early on that age was important. I can hear her saying it right now, play around with the kids who want to when your a kid, but that stops the day you are a man. Only love another adult there after." "You never were tempted?" "Yes with you lover." "Ow darn never with some other kid?" "You were never a kid Paul. You were in charge of the whole room the day I first saw you." "Damn it, I had to act that way, as people don't respect a kid doing the job I was doing. Most of it was what I learned helping dad with the kids. It works with the people who think they can walk all over a kid too."

Billy came in to ask, "can we go get some Pizza Paul?" "Ruby okay with that idea? She not planning a big meal?" "No we asked her about the Pizza earlier." "Okay guys round up the bodies, and ask Larry if he will drive the other car." The boy cheered, and ran out. "You mind James?" "No I like Pizza once in awhile. It okay on a school night thou?" "Sure I checked on homework while I was walking around the house. The boys pile it in the box beside the computers. I leaf thro it as I speak to them. It is part of the job. Few of them have any problems, and if they do will call for help from someone." "Darn I think I well leave you handle any kids we happen to get." "No way it is part of the job to have as much help as can be found."

There was a happy look on the waiters face as he know the boys can get loud once in awhile, but keep it down if anyone is offended. His note pad was soon full, and the boys lined up at the salad bar. Paul knows it was good to do the green bit, and the boys long ago understood it was part of the Pizza dinner. Drinks by the pitcher were served. James smiled as many of the kids, male, and female gathered around the large table the boys had commandeered. The boys spoke with all of them with good humor. A small dance floor, and music box soon had the boys dancing with the girls. A few of the guys danced together. They were the younger boys, and the girls never though a thing about it as they were really not into girls yet as one girl said. Paul smiled as he asked James, "wish we could do that." "We can, but not here. Want to go out later to a bar where we can do some slow dancing?" "Drinking?" "No lover. I don't drink, and hope you don't either." "Good for you I was hopeing you were that way."

Paul smiled at one of the girls as he told her sorry, "I'm with my friend here, and this is our night to set talking about some work." He spoke to James about how she got the kids in trouble for one of their trips to the Pizza place. "She thinks I'm out of line going out with the kids, and not her."

Danny swing one of the other boys too much, and knocked over a chair. He was picking it up when he saw Paul, and Larry both frown. The two boys walked to the waiter to say sorry, and then set down with folded hands to eat their greens. Paul patted them on the back as he said, "thanks for telling the man your sorry, but don't have to do it again. A little less enthusiasm next time." Larry was frowning at the boy, and got a tap on his head from Paul. "At ease, they cleaned it up. Let them have some fun with in reason." "Okay pop. I was just as wild a few years ago, and didn't have anyone to tell me to settle down." "We both had to learn guy. I just had someone who trusted me to do the job with my brothers. You are doing well too. The guys all trust you when I'm away." "Thanks Paul. You going to ask James to act as father to us too?" "I wish, but he is scared." "Ow guy you can teach him."

There were three birthday parties celebrated this year for the eldest boy. There was a get together at work. Peter made sure the boy was welcomed to adulthood. The people all respected him, and wished him well. A pool party was held for all the kids in his school. The girls were all falling over Paul, and he let them have their day in the sun as he called it. Later the boys, all the brothers, and many friends they had made over the years who know they liked men more then ladies had a real brawl as some of the boys called it.

The evening started with a live band, and many live strippers from one of the clubs. Many of the boys tried to out do the ones hired for the night, and some did right well. Food of all sorts was served up as the evening passed to the sound of boys having fun. Late in the evening Paul slipped out to get dressed in a jock strap, and the break away pants. He pulled on a tight T-shirt that was more rips then shirt. He slipped into the party room, and asked the band to do a loud stripper song for him. He did his dance, and slipped off the shirt as he danced for James alone. The ripped shirt was placed over the back of James neck. Paul drew it closer to him, and drew the young man in close to kiss him on the lips. He pushed him away as he danced with much hip, and crouch movements. Paul slipped behind James, and dry humped his ass as he played with his body. When James reached for him he slipped away to taunt him. James grabbed at him, and Paul stayed away from his fingers. This went on till James got so frustrated he grabbed at the boy forgetting the pants were rip away pants. He stood there with a strange look in his eyes as he held the pants in his hand. Paul giggled as he waved his cloth-covered crouch at the boy. He hugged James close as he felt his hands roving over his fine smooth ass cheeks. There was many a cheer as the young man picked up his lover by the cheeks, and walked to his bedroom with him kissing him soundly.

The party slowed down after this display, and soon there were groups of the boys setting around just talking, and some hands wondered around touching each other. The band, and strippers were paid, and sent off to do their own thing at the clubs around town. Larry shook his head as he saw the last of them off. "Damn some nice bodies, but most of them fuck so unsafe I'm almost afraid to be in the room with them. Do you guys think people felt like that with my uncle?" The twins spoke of safe sex, and how often they had held the man's hands, and kissed him. "He would never let us kiss him on the lips. Just the cheek. It was so frustrating to always have to watch out for death to creep into the room." "You guys really loved him?" "Yes dad more then us of course, but we loved him like the uncle he was to us. Hell he was dad's lover even if they could not have sex anymore."

The boys as boys do thought about what was said, and then moved on to having fun. Susan came up to the family room later to point out it was late, and they needed their sleep. Steve had his arm around his buddy talking with their foreheads touching as they spoke. Susan tapped them on the shoulders, "you staying over night, or do I need to get you home Kurt?" "Aunt Susan, he can stay. I spoke to his father about what we want to do. He understood at once. He told me this was what Kurt got into trouble at school about." "You guys being clean?" "Mom! Yes mom we are being clean till we both get our tests back. I know I'm clean, but we decided to do it together." "Good boys." She heard Kurt ask as she turned away, "mom? I thought Ruth was your mom?" "She is. We all call her mom as the boys treat me like a brother."

The room was a mess, and Susan started to clean it up. Larry walked back into the room to touch her on the arm. "Mom, leave it the boys well be up early before Ruth gets up. We well clean up our own mess." "Really child I don't mind. You guys do so much." "Mom please." "Okay, but someday I want to do some cleaning up for you guys." The lady hugged the boy. "You guys giving Paul some room to fly with James?" "Mom you know he is doing his best to be the father we need. Peter has been trying to get them to go off on what could be called a honeymoon. He does not want to do it." "Well I well see if we can arrange a trip for them. I know a guy in The Bahamas who can call for some troubleshooters. Peter can send James along to help him, and then strand them there for a week, or so." She walked downstairs to knock on Peter's door. They were grinning when they parted. The call came in the next evening, and Peter asked the two men to go fix the computer.

He was called back as soon as he got a look at the computer system, "the plug was out. The damn plug was out." "Oh well no use wasting the tickets. You two stay there for two weeks. "Oh shut up, and have fun kids." "You set us up?" "Yep Susan, and me set you up. Larry told on you."

Peter walked into the house to see Kurt setting at the table. "Susan when did we get another kid?" "I'm Kurt you know dad does the pool for you guys." "Oh then you're not one of ours?" "No sir. Do you mind me eating here?" "No son, just treat the kids heart nice." "Oh gee does no one care about me being gay?" "I bet your father does, but he seems to be doing okay with the idea. I don't see any bruises on your body." "Dad has never hit me that way sir. He paddled my ass when I stole some stuff once." "You going to be doing that again?" The boy rubbed his cheeks, as he shook his head no. "No way sir, he scared me real bad. The man was crying the whole time he whaled away on my ass." "Good for him. I well have to have him over for a meal someday. I need to tell him what a good job he's done with you." "Thanks Peter. I'm sorry but I don't know your last name." "That is the way I like it. Most of the people at work speak to me by my first name. The only people who call my by my last name are not really friends son." "Why do all of you call us son, or kid sir?" "Peter and Paul told some of the younger kids once it is a way to say I love you with out getting mushy. I think the same way." "Yeah saying love is mushy." Steve grinned, "yeah, but you better think about saying it someday." A grin as the boy said, "you too." Peter walked thro the house to see what the boys were doing, and run into Larry doing the same thing. They grinned as they spoke of what had been seen, and walked off arm in arm as they spoke of how good the boys were doing.

Paul returned to the home tanned, and happy. He kissed every person in the house, and saw Kurt come out of Steve's room, "you two married now?" A grin as the two boys said as a pair, "nope just living in sin." Paul knelt to kiss the boy as well as Steve. Well I hope it is a happy sin then. Good luck, and if it does not work forever, be friends forever." A nod was the answer to this, and the two walked off with their arms around each other. Paul thought hard, and called the pool man, "now that my brother has what he wanted do you want to change the cleaning time on our pool?" "You set this up?" "Yes sir. Guilty as charged. Are you mad at my matchmaking?" "No sir I well I was doing the something that day I brought the boy by your pool. I had seen how much love there was in that house, and hoped some of it would rub of on Kurt." "Ow guy you should have popped into the house, and told us. You know by now how we feel about kids here." "Yes, but I'm a pool man." "Don't say that sir your a fine father first. That is what is needed to enter our house." "Thank you young sir. I felt like I was taking advantage of you guys frosting off my son on you."

Paul set thinking hard about the man, and wondered if he had any other talents besides caring for pools. He wondered around looking for the man's son, and set down beside the pool watching the naked boys play for awhile. He spoke to the boy asking about his father. Did he finish school was asked, and he was told about collage, and when he asked why he was working on pools found out about a mother running away leaving a young child with a man to raise on his own. "Dad had to find a job where he could carry a kid on his back while he worked. He never used all the stuff he learned in school. It is all my fault." "No son, kid." "Is that the mushy kid stuff?" "Yep. Well do you know what he majored in?" "Computer programming sir." "Paul, call me Paul. Oh shit tell me he graduated with honors." "He did Paul. I saw the papers the other day when I was looking for some junk of mine." "Oh boy this is rich. I bet no one has spoke of what we do for a living?" "No what?" Steve giggled as he said, "Paul owns one of the biggest computer outfits in the business." "Oh boy can you do something for dad?" "Yep, but we have to be devious about this. Where did he go to school kid?" The collage was named, and Paul called them to ask for a print out of the man's record. He was asked why, and spoke of thinking of hiring him. The man asked if he had a computer he could send the records to? The address was given for his work number, and Paul called up the office to ask Peter to look it over. He didn't even say it was his pool man. Kurt asked why he had not spoken of this later, and got a shrugged shoulder as an answer. "I forgot."

Peter called later to ask, "where is he working, and can we really get him?" "Yes I think we can, but he has some baggage." "What?" "Well he has been raising a kid on his own for some years, and needs time to care for his kid if he needs him, and by the way the kid is gay." "So we can work around his kids' needs, and when did you start worrying about a gay kid?" "Well he is sleeping with Steve." "You're a bastard kid. Your getting as bad as me." "Thanks uncle. Does this make us even for James?" "Nope I think I did it better. I think you still owe me one wild gag."

The father was called, and asked to come in for a job interview. He was not so much interviewed as asked to report for work as soon as he found someone to handle his other job. Peter kidded around saying he would have to work weekends cleaning pools if he could not find them a new pool man. The man wanted to know how they had found out about his collage work? "Your kid. Paul asked him, and got an ear full. We like the kid, and he has to have a fine father to be so good. "Just do us a good job guy, and we well do right by you." The man held out a hand to shake, and promised much. The man was invited home for a meal. It was out by the pool, and he was asked, "you think some of the kids can learn the job? "We always thought it was a job we could handle anyway. It is just mom worrying about the kids not knowing how to mix the junk." He shook his head as he spoke of having to spend years as a helper before he know enough to strike out on his own. "She is right, but if I mix the stuff for you, and supervise the job the kids can do most of the work." Cheers were heard as the boys planned who will do the job.

When the next school year started it was just another day for most of the boys. For Steve, and Kurt it was the start of hell week. Kurt had some problems the year before at his old school, and one person who know about him had been transferred to his new school. The boy made it his goal in life to tell everyone that Kurt was queer. He was really mad, as Kurt had blown him off when he made a try at the boy. Kurt had not liked the bully, and laughed at his demands to let him fuck his ass. The week started with a few people looking strangely at the two boys, and as time went by even some of the teachers were looking at them with hate. The two boys were so involved in each other they did not notice at first. That changed when the head of the school decided the boys were a bad influence being in the same classes. He called the two boys to his office, and told them they would not be in any classes with each other. He was smart enough to not say why he was doing this, but the two lovers were almost in tears as they left the office.

The next day was pure hell as without each other they started to see the way the people were acting. Peter the bully saw the way Kurt was acting, and could not keep from bragging about what he had done to the two lovebirds. Kurt was shocked at first, and then mad. He was ready to hit the boy when Steve came running up to them in the hallway. "What's going on Kurt?" "This jealous fool has outed us to the whole school. He has turned them all against us. We will be despised forever." Steve spit on the floor at Peter's feet, and drew his lover away. "Well if we are outed we can hold hands, and kiss each other like this." He suited action to words, and kissed the boy. "Come on lets call Paul, and Peter. We need to get back in the same class." "How well they do that?" "I have no idea, but I bet they well have some."

Paul was just getting home from his half day at collage when he received the call from Steve. The first thing he asked was were both boys okay? "We're okay Paul, just mad. We don't need this fool being in our life all year." "I well be in the office in just a few minutes guys. Cut classes, and meet me there." "Done brother."

Paul stomped into the office telling the assistant never mind announcing me. I well tell him myself. He stood over the desk glaring at the man as he spoke his own name. "What kind of teacher are you man? You have two fine kids, smart, and happy. You rip them apart on rumor from one bad mouthing boy. He made a demand on one of the boys for sex. He wanted to rape his virgin ass, and was told to go to hell. If you had checked on the story you would find this loud mouth was thrown out of his last school for the fight with Kurt when he would not take no for an answer. The man said, but they are queer. We can't have them doing this queer stuff in our school." "Yes they are gay as I like to think of it, but I bet nether one of them has showed as much stupidly as the rest of this school has done. I had a long talk with both of them about that very subject. They were going to be just kids with many friends of both sexes. Their sex was private, and for after school. Now I'm going to tell them hugging, and holding hands is okay just like any other loving couple in the school. If I find out you are not supporting them in every way, and protecting them from all the little minded people I well have an armed guard walking behind them every step of their school year. As for that Peter kid he better be restrained." "You can't do that." "Oh but I can if I have to call out the national guard like that young black girl did years ago. I have enough money to make your time here hell, and well spend most of it to get you, and any other small minded person in deep shit."

Paul heard a disturbance in the outer office, and called out, "come in boys. You ready to do the job, or do I start a hunt for your replacement." "Yes sir tell me what you want sir." "I want them treated like any other couple in the school, and if they set around kissing, or staring at each other they get called on the carpet. I get told, and they get chewed out by me. You put them back in every class like I had arranged, and tell the whole school that there is a new way to act. I bet by the end of the month there will be many people who like them. There will be a few you have to remind to stop harassing them, and many others supporting them. They both like girls so that is no problem." The man started to say, but sir how can they like girls? "Mr. Jones do you hate men because you are married? I see you have two boys from the pictures on your desk. Do you think the boys would want to attack them?" "Yes they are in the school. I want to keep them safe." "Okay lets speak about how safe they are sir. They could be locked in a room with the two boys for a week, and other then seeing them holding hands, and maybe kissing each other would be safe. On the other hand if they don't know about pedophiles they can get on the net tonight, and be lured to meet one of them. The two lovers here are safe on line as they have known how they act for years. I could set down to your computer there, and have one of your boys thinking I'm a girl from this school who is in love with one of them. If your smart you well let your kids learn what the world is like outside the doors of this school. They have been having classes in the neighborhood with many of the kids learning how to be safe. Yes straight kids too. You know my father was a troubleshooter for a computer outfit, well these boys could do the job if they were older. Take advantage of them, and let them run a class on safety on the net. You might be surprised at how nasty it gets out there on the net."

The two boys had came into the office to set down as Paul was in control of the whole office. He pointed at a pair of seats as he went on telling the man how he expected the school to act, and what the boys can do to help them. "I bet in the school there are many boys, and girls hiding from people like you. Unsafe sex is only one of the items you guys need to worry about. My boys here would never think about dieing, but if one of the less centered kids dies it is on your head for how you acted today. Let my boys act like leaders of that group, and other kids who can except gay as normal. You will be surprised how many people are just saying me too with out really meaning it. They well turn into good friends with the boys here, and finer people for doing it. Oh there will be that ten percent who are going to try to put down what they can't understand, but that is for you to control, or me if you can't do the job. Be sure I can handle it." Mr. Jones looked up at last to see the two boys setting there holding hands as they watch wide eyed. He started, and then stood up like the man he is, and apologized to them in every way he could think of to say it. Mr. Jones looked at Paul, and asked, "do you want to attend the meeting in the auditorium?" "Yes sir I well set in the back to see what the reaction is to what you have to say."

The two boys set down front where Mr. Jones asked them to set. He took the stage as the people filed into the large room. "Okay quiet down people. Set down people, and as always get the front seats filled first. I don't need any of this set in the back, and giggle bit." This as always got the laugh he wanted. "People, teachers, I'm here to tell you all that I messed up right badly. "First of all I took a rumor as fact with out checking to see if the boy spreading it had a bone to pick with the two boys it was about. I now understand that the spreader of the facts has a checkered past. The boys were outed as they call it because one of them would not have sex with the one spreading the rumor. "I'm not going to name the spreader of this junk other then to say keep your mouth off both the boys, and any other person you might want to poison with your foul mouth." There was a scream from the floor. "But he is queer." Mr. Jones told Peter to set down, and shut up. "Okay you two want to come up here on the stage?" Steve grabbed his lovers' hand, and dragged him to stand beside Mr. Jones. "You guys want to say what needs said?" "Steve elbowed Kurt, and he jump-started talking as Steve grinned at him.

"Okay boys, girls, and teachers too. The loud-mouthed boy is partly right. I'm gay. That is gay not queer. I know none of you would be talking about wops, Niger's, or any other kind of people in that way. I don't like the words that are meant to hurt any more then some of you guys. I'm sorry if my using the words has hurt anyone. They were not aimed at any person in this room. I saw Mr. Jones duck like I kicked him. I was not meaning to hurt." Steve stepped in to say, "look here girls if you, I said might be having sex with your boyfriend, and this big football player came up to say, well I well clean up what was asked of my buddy here. I know your queer, bend over, and let me have some too." The boy looked around as he asked, "you like sex with a lover, does that mean any fool can tell you to as I said bend over, and give me some too?" There were gasps from many as they heard the raw thing Peter had tried to do. Steve went on to tell the crowd, "the fool got what he deserved, and that was not sex. He got the, well lets just say he was not in good shape when Kurt got done with him, and as some people, good people had heard his demand he was thrown out of that school. It is his good luck to be sent here instead of jail. Kurt's father asked for them to drop charges on the boy. I would have jailed him myself. I'm nowhere as good as Kurt, and his father are." Mr. Jones held up a hand to stop the boy, as he was ready to climb down off the stage to show the boy what he would do to him. "Okay people the boys are now outed as they call it. I need to tell some people how they will react to this fact. One they well be treated like any other couple. No more then what we let other couples get away with. I know we tell you not to hold hands in the hall. "No hugging, and kissing, but we all know that it is done with in reason. The boys have a hard line to toe here. Lets say they can do about two thirds of what the rest of you get away with." This got a laugh as some of the kids thought about what they had done last year.

"Okay next item. I understand these two boys are quite good on computers. I want them to become assistances in one of the computer classes. Their job well be teaching the rest of you guys safety on the web. I was shown some places where we are not doing a good job. Third we have been remiss on how we handle the rights of these boys. I was told in some real strong language to clean it up on our own, or it well be cleaned up. I admit I was at fault, but others here are too. It well stop now, and I for one well try to understand them." Mr. Jones listed much more that was going to be done, and saw Paul nod in the back of the room. He stood at the end, and bowed to the man as he turned to leave the school. He spoke to both of the boys when they got home. "He gave you more leeway then you deserve. Don't go that far. Still keep the real love for home. I don't think holding hands, or a small bit of arm around a shoulder would be out of line."

The boys were treated not really well for a few weeks, but then as time passed one boy spoke to them about how proud he was of them for the way they were acting. "You coming out kid?" "Yes to you, and I guess everyone else as soon as they see me talking to you." "There an underground group here Guy?" "You bet there is, but it is not for you guys. I'm really close to being outed anyway. We got together, and decided it would be best for you to have at least one friend who can watch your backs." A hand was held out to the boys, and shook all around. Steve said, "look guy we can't let you get outed with out some reward. Here is our phone number, and address. There will be one wild naked pool party this weekend Any of the hidden guys are invited to meet my family with out us thinking about speaking to them in school." Guy though hard, and reached for the paper. "Thanks fellows this is more then we expected. Your family understands about you guys?" "Sure do, and we well tell you all about that when they meet you guys." A girl walked up to the three boys to hold out her hand. "You guys mind a girl in your group? My name is Judy." "We don't have a group Judy, just us." "Well I for one what to be friends. Guy here is a buddy, and I see he has been telling you he is getting ready to admit he does not like girls too much." "Ow Judy I like you loads, really I do." "I know kid, and I always wanted your body." "Ow girl I'm sorry." "No need to say that Guy. We all of the girls like you anyway." "They, you all know?" "Sure we do. We still like you." "Oh boy I'm already out then?" "Sure, and some of your other buddies too. Oh we don't really care that much, but why do you all have to be such hunks?" Steve giggled as he asked, "us too?" "Fishing for complements sir?" "Ow she is good. Keep it up, and I could be asking you to be my best friend, best lady friend that is."

The four walked along slowly as the meeting was after the last class, and Steve asked, "any of you need a ride? My big brother is picking us up." "I thought you were an only child?" "Yes I was, but the boys adopted me as one of their brothers. They treat me right fine too." "Oh no your one of those Brady bunch I saw in all the news papers. Darn they are all hunks too." Kurt shook his head as he said, "they really didn't catch on that Steve here was part of the family, and no one let them in on the gag. I think one of the boys spoke of twelve boys, but none of them could count to see there was an extra boy in the crowd." Larry drove up with the pile of older boys just then, and the four got in among them to much kidding. "Hey guys branching out to girls now that you shook up the school?" Steve called out names, and asked where to drop the two new friends? The two lived next door to each other about a half mile from the boys' home. "I see how you guy met living so near each other. Judy blushed, "yes Steve, and yes we learned how to play doctor together. "Gee lucky Guy. I have never done any playing in mixed company. Sorry Judy just a very small joke. A joke in bad taste too." The two stood watching the car drive away, and walked to Judy's house to get their homework done. They had done this for years, and never thought about not doing it together.

Judy got some soft drinks later, and set back watching her friend, "you in love Guy?" "No I still have not found my love mate. It just seemed like those two need someone on their side." "Do you have to let everyone know your gay?" "It's time I stood up to be counted. Will Judy do we have to quit being friends?" "No way buddy. I love you like a brother, and those other boys we met today seem like fine people too. I am going to call some of my girl friends, and we are going to be the best buddies with those two boys. I know some of their boyfriends well be following us into a support group. "Tell them, well ask them if they can hold my hand too. I think I well need it. The two of them have each other. I`m still alone." "You will never be alone Guy. You have many people who love you. I'm right up there near the top." "You've always been there for me. Remember that day I told you about little Billy?" "Yes it was funny you didn't really know what it was all about. I think I know more about it then you did." Yeah it was a good thing you had your uncle to ask about all this stuff. I didn't know nothing." Yes he was good to you wasn't he?" "Yes, and he never touched me either. That had to be hard for him to do." "I told him I would remove his balls if he hurt you Guy." "You did that?" Guy was holding his own nuts as he thought about the threat. Judy watched him while she giggled. "Yep, and he believed me too." "Ouch."

Guy looked at the time, and said, "oh it is getting late I have a batch of calls to make. The boys invited me to a pool party at their place, and I need to ask if some of the other boys want to come out of the closet." "You the goat for the group?" "Goat? Oh you mean like in staked out for the wolfs. "Yes, but this goat walked out there on his own. We talked it over, and I was the best bet to live out in the forest." Judy hugged the boy as she whispered, "you better survive, or I well be right mad."

Guy made his calls, and then called Steve, and Kurt, "well I talked to the group of gays we have in the school, and fifteen of us can make the pool party. You did say suits were not needed." Not in the pool, but it would be nice for meeting mom, and Susan if we want to go in the house. Shorts, and a T-shirt would be okay for that." They speak for awhile, and Judy was spoke of. "Oh Judy says she is going to get the girls, and some of the guys on our side." "Gee wiz lets not pick sides." "That is not what she meant. It is more a way to say we are human too. She will be watching my back real careful, and she can be a rough fighter. I saw her knee a guy once who hurt one of her friends. He never said a word, just folded into a ball, and cried."

The boys giggled at the idea, and grabbed their own balls as they thought how much that had to hurt. "See you guys in school in the morning. Got all your homework done?" "No having a problem with question, lets see ten it was ten." "Try page sixty-five it is half way down the page. See you in the morning." The small group of four met at the curb where Larry dropped the two boys off. He set watching as they met, and walked away talking. Larry frowned at a few dark looks he saw from other boys, and then shook his head as he thought, "can't do a think about it right now." He know he would have to tell the boys to watch out, but that was later.

The head master met the two boys as they walked into the front lobby. Here are your classroom assignments for your classes. I managed to get you two in every class with each other. Judy you are in most of their classes too as you seem to have adopted them as buddies. Guy you going to be their friend too?" "Yes sir, fair warning sir you are going to be hearing rumors about me soon." "I won't believe them Guy." "Wrong answer Mr. Jones, just wanted you to be on top of them when I have to tell some buddies I'm gay too." "Oh my. Any more of you I need to worry about?" "Yep, but not right away. We might all come out someday, but not right away." "Oh boy you guys sure have made my life interesting. I have never had such a lively first week of school. Look guys, my office is open for you guys. Heck it is open to all the students, but if there is a need just walk in."

The boys were reading the form as the man spoke, and Guy looked over their shoulder. "Oh kool I'm in most of your classes too. Look here Judy is in any of the ones I'm not in. You guys aren't going to be on your own now." They thanked Mr. Jones, and raced off to their first class. As they walked into the class Judy's friends greeted her, and were introduced to the two boys. There was a small group of them gathered around the two boys when they found their seats. Oh there were frowns from some of the boys as they saw the girls talking to the boys, but Judy gathered them into the group. The teacher rapped for attention, and asked them to all take their seats. The day went the same in almost every classroom. Guy spoke under his breath as they headed for the gym. "You guys might get into it in the locker room, keep your temper in check. Some of my buddies will handle the shit heads. Just stay out of it."

Steve started to get mad at the idea, and Kurt told him to rein it in. "Guy said it is handled, let him handle it." There were many partly naked boys around the room as they entered the locker room, and at once a call to cover up as the queers were in the room. Steve looked around, and called out, "oh I'm sorry girls. I thought this was the men's locker room." A few of the bigger boys moved to attack him for the dirty crack, and strangely every one of them tripped over an out stretched foot. When they stood up to tell the boys off who had tripped them they saw many of them waiting for them with their fists drew back. "Let it alone people. You know your heading for detention if you keep this up, and out of school soon there after. Keep you mouths off the boys. I don't think either of them well even look at you guys except to giggle. From what I can see of Kurt there he is a better man then most of you. If he ever fights you we are going to be sure it is one on one. Think before you jump him." The large boy turned away to slip off his shorts as he reached for his jock strap, and ball cup. I don't care who sees my body, and you guys better get the same idea soon. I have seen your small pricks in the shower, and it is a shame I well be doing the same for the rest of the school year." "You been checking us out? Are you queer too?" "Buddy I saw you drooling over my ten inches the first day of school. Don't try to deny it follow." There were blushes as the boys had all looked at the boys' large dick. He grinned as he heard one guy whisper, "ten inches, he said it was ten inches."

Steve held out a hand to the handsome giant. "Thanks I'm Steve, and that is Kurt glad some people have some good sense around here." His hand was enveloped in the large hand and shook softly. "Oh they will be okay. They get hormones that say they are going to drop their balls any day, and it makes them nuts. My Name is Niles. I`m part Viking, and the rest mongrel." "Glad to meet you. You don't mind us being gay then?" "Why should I? One of my brothers is too. Hell I bet there are at least," he looked around the room as he counted, "maybe five more right here in the room with us." He laughed a booming laugh as he saw most of the room look at each other. "That got them thinking. I bet they shower with their shorts on the rest of the year." Steve skinned off his clothes to dress for class, and Kurt did too. Both saw the other boys watching them as they changed. Kurt asked Steve, "is the brand on my ass still there? I don't want to try to pass as straight." He giggled as many a boy looked at his buns to see if he was branded. Steve frowned as he said, "cut it out lover." This brought a gasp, "he called him lover!"

The room empted when the teacher walked in to yell, "girls get out on the field now. If your not dressed come as you are." He grinned as he heard a squeak from one slow boy. The two new boys were stopped be a kind hand, "they giving you hell kids?" "Tried, but were stopped by the gentle giant." "He is good-hearted guys, you could not do better then have him on your side." The man wanted to know if they wanted him to do anything? "No sir, but do you maybe need a shower after class?" A sniff at this armpit, and a grin, "you know your right I do need to shower more often. That is a good idea, but tell me if you think I smell clean enough someday." "Deal." The boys ran to catch up with the rest of the class. One asked, "you telling him about us?" "Nope he did ask, but we don't like to tell on people. The last time I got a boy in trouble was because I was still beating the shit out of him when the teacher caught us." "You beat Peter up that bad?" A grin as Kurt spoke of how bad a fighter Peter was. He should never have decided to be a bully. It is just not his calling. Hell three other guys beat him up the day after I did him in. He was a mess."

The teacher set the teams, and started football drill. He saw some hard knocks on the two gay boys, and was almost ready to say something when he saw them starting to hit the men back just as hard. He looked the other way, and saw the gentle giant lying on the grass laughing at one of the boys limping off the field with Steve holding him up. He rushed over to ask, "hurt badly?" "No sir just the muscle. I tried to get out of Steve's grip, and found out it was not too good an idea. Steve spoke of helping the boy into the whirlpool. He looked like he knows what he was doing, and the coach left him help the boy into the locker room. "Strip kid, and I well get it started." "You're going to help me?" "Yes it was my fault you got hurt. I should never have went out for revenge." "Yes, but we were trying to hurt you guys." "So what. You guys fear us as you don't know what we're all about. Get in the tub, and stretch the leg out so I can work it over." "Oh shit that hurts." "Sure it does, and if we don't get it relaxed it well hurt lots more. Let me work it over. Hell I have worked over most of my brothers at one time or another."

There was nothing but groans for awhile, and then the boy sighed as his muscle went limp. "Oh boy you got it just then." "I know it felt like you just let go at last. Was having a gay guy holding your leg that rough?" "You know it was. I was sure you were going to grab my dick, or balls." "Dick, you're safe in my hands. I love that fool out on the field. Oh we fool around with buddies, but out, and out sex is for us alone." "What do you guys do? Oh I'm sorry that is out of line. Niels will attack me for asking you that." "You think I well tell him? No way look what do you do with your girl friend?" "Hun, what girl. I have to use my hand." "Sorry Dick. Look we kiss a lot. We use our hands too, and a mouth is for more then talking. Oh I bet your thinking about ass holes?" Steve shook his head at that idea, and said, "not yet. Someday maybe if we decide we like it, but for now we have plenty." "Gee it must be nice to have a buddy that can make you feel good." "It is heaven Dick, and don't even think about asking the next question. Go find your own buddy." "You think I want to have you do things to me?" "Yep I can see a fine hard dick waving at me among the bubbles. Just control yourself buddy." "You don't mind, and why say it is fine looking?" "Gee guy we all look at other boys. Just because we are gay, and in love does not stop us from shopping. You have a good-looking dick, and don't need to be ashamed of getting hard. Hell it is all this talking about sex. Kids like us get hard all the time."

Steve asked if he thought he would be okay now? Then he ran back to the field to get back in the skirmish. Kurt looked at him to see if he was okay, and got a silly grin, and the boy held out his fingers to show how big the boy's dick had gotten. Kurt grinned back as he clapped him on the back. They ran some more plays, and then run the laps demanded. The coach walked into the locker room to kneel beside the whirlpool, "let me feel the leg Dick." The man touched the leg, and told the boy, "ten minutes more, and I well give you a pass to your next class." He stripped to join the class in the showers. Niles asked, "you don't think I can keep the peace?" "Yep, but let me get a look at all the fine dick too." "Ow coach your kidding." "Yes, but let some of the homophobes think about it for awhile." The giant grinned as he saw more then one-boy blush who had heard the crack the man had made.

Steve, and Kurt had planned to wait till most of the boys left, but the coach used a commanding finger to tell them to get in the shower now. He took the next shower, and watched for any nasty tricks that might be played on them. Kurt played the only gag as he dropped his soap, and kicked it ahead of him as he tried to pick it up. There were many cries of oops as he chased it down the whole line of showers. There were some giggles at his foolishness. Steve stood there with his hands on his hips smiling. "Hey fool that's for me not the whole room full of guys."

The rest of the day passed fast, and Guy was busy speaking to many of the girls, and boys as he spoke the boys names to them. Many shook hands, and a few dropped a wink as they spoke of liking to swim in a pool. Steve just nodded, and said you would be welcome anytime. He kept a soft count, and always came up short of fifteen men, or boys as the fact might be. He wondered who the other boys were, and asked Guy who the other boys were? He never got an answer other then a grin. "Let me surprise you."

Saturday came up like thunder as an old song said it. The sky was clear, the day was promising to be fun for all. Steve had been helped set up a day in the sun for all, and was really worried as he had never had a party before that he had set up. Paul told him, "relax Steve us older guys well leave you have most of the fun, and if we feel in the way we are gone from sight. We well just stay inside, and handle the food for you." "Oh no you're all part of the family. I would feel bad if you had to leave after all the work you did on the party." Paul touched the boy on the cheek, "child if you did not know us would you feel safe to be yourself with what to them seems like an adult?" "No but your my brothers." "Just let us greet the kids at the door, and you, and the younger guys have a fun day. We might wonder by, but this is your party."

Kurt was watching the driveway, and saw many a mother, or fathers drop off a boy, or maybe a group of boys. A few bikes were rode up to be parked near the garage. A roar announced three motor cycles, as the crowd was almost all there. Larry looked out the upstairs window with Paul. "Damn look at the size of that guy. He must be that Niles they spoke of. I'm glad he is coming to the party." Paul was right about being too old as most of the boys clamed up when the older guys were around. Susan greeted the boys as they came in the door, and pointed them at the family room till the last of the boys was present. Finger food was in good supply, and the boys lounged around speaking of the school, and even girls till most of the older people left them alone. At last Steve stood up to say, "okay guys can I safely say we are all pretty much alike in our taste on lovers?" He looked around to see grins on every face, and Guy nodded his head till it looked like it would fall off. Paul stood up to hold his lover around the waist as he said, "I asked the other males in the house if they minded me speaking about them, and they said to trust you guys as your taking a chance coming out to us."

Steve took over to say, "Kurt's father is okay with him being gay, but he is straight. The rest of my brothers, all except the two youngest have made their mind up they are all gay. Some of them are in love, or like as some call it. You all saw my older brothers, and I feel bad as they spoke of staying out of the way if any of you guys thought they were old faddy daddies as they said." "Oh no if they don't mind there is no reason for them to hide." "Good but they will not be here all day anyway. I just don't want you guys thinking they are checking up on you." Kurt spoke of how kind Susan, and Ruth were to the guys, and spoke of how they handled being gay.

Then the boys were all running to the pool stripping off the little they had wore as they ran to jump into the pool. It was a normal party as kids always dunk, fight in the water, and in general have fun in the water. Steve swam up to Niels early in the party to thank him for speaking up for them in the locker room. "Never mind the thanks kids. I was ready to stand on his toes, and remove his head a long time ago." Steve grinned as he said, "leave him alone. I got an idea he might like to play around when he got hurt. He was talking about being a virgin, and wondered what we do. Just watch him, and see if he slips." "Oh good he is a fine looking kid when his mouth is shut." This made both of them grin as they thought about Mike. Steve told the young giant about how good Mike looked with a hard dick. He spread his hands as he spoke of the size, and was jumped by his lover. "I hope that is me your talking about kid." "Nope Mike lover. He popped a woody the other day when I was working over his leg." "Really you think he might be in the closet?" "Yep he sounded like he needs a friend. I was telling Niles here he might be a good friend if he shut his mouth."

As the sun set the boys laid around the pool watching the rose colored sky over the mountains. There were comments from many that would have never been spoke in a mixed group. Gus spoke of how Judy liked to speak of things like this with him, as he had many of the same likes she did. "She was so good to me when I found out what I like in sex." The group had spent lots of time getting to know each other, and finding out who was having sex with the others. Guy hung his head as he said, "everyone seems to have someone but me." Tom, and Jerry grinned as they told him, "we are not with anyone. You could hang out with us." "I thought you guys were straight?" "Nope just not out yet. We think we like the stuff we have done so far." "Oh boy your both hot, but which of you should I attack?" "Both of us Guy. We really don't know much about this sex yet."

About then there was a call from Lerry, "foods on why aren't your shorts on?" There was a rush to get dressed, and the twins led the way to the large dinning room. All the boys were soon seated with the rest of the family eating a good meal. Steve introduced his mother, and then spoke of Susan as his second mother. "This is a strange family guys. Most if not all of the males are gay, and the rest of the family does not mind. We, well most of us are still in the closet, but the door is wide open." Kurt spoke of Paul, and Larry sharing the father job as they had for years. We really all help out as we can. Some of us are helping with the pool, others do the lawn. Heck we all make our own beds, and help with the other house hold tasks. Ruth could not handle the place if we were all slobs. As it is if Paul gets a rush job she, or one of us will clean up behind him if there is a need."

Susan asked the boys, "any problems at home?" A few looked down as they spoke of brothers, or fathers who didn't understand them. Most spoke of mothers' love. "Good for them, any of you guys that need to get away for a day, or even more are welcome here. I don't mean run away, just a place to cool off any problems." You have to talk it out, and let them know where your at folks." One boy asked, "could one of the older folks talk to mom, and dad for me. I'm having one hell of a time at home. Oh sorry for the swear word." "Never mind I have said a few myself when I'm working on a computer. "Look here I have time, and can ask Larry, or Paul to go with us tomorrow if it would be okay with your folks. There is no guarantee, but with all the boys in this house we have done some of it at least once."

The party slowed down as time came to break it up for the day. Susan walked out to meet some of the parents as they came by to pick up their kids. She spoke to the parents of the one boy that had asked their help, and asked if they would mind a visit the next day? They wondered what the lady wanted to speak of, but said, "your welcome anytime."

Paul was free to come along with his mother, and they were welcome to the up scale home near the edge of town. Susan jumped in to speak of liking the fine mannered boy, and wondered if they know how nice he was? She saw the way they closed up when she spoke of the boy. "You folks really mind his chose for his life then?" "You know about him then?" "Yes one of my sons was outed at school, and he was brave enough to come out to him to offer him a hand. I love my children no matter what they choose. I wanted to know if your browbeating the boy about his life?" "How is that any of your business?" "It isn't, but the boy looked so sad when we spoke of how a family can support their child I had to ask." "Oh no he must feel awful we have been trying to get him to change, and it seems he just gets quiet." "Dear lady I have many people in my house, and have learned long ago they is as they is. There is no way to change their minds, or the way they feel once it is set by nature. You guys have to except him as he is, or he has to leave. I don't think family love could see a person leave like that. The boy is too young for that to be thought of. He needs you the most right now." There were looks as the lady spoke to her husband about thinking they would lose their son.

Paul spoke up to say, "folks I'm gay myself, and have a lover. If the kid is lucky he will find a mate like I have. If he is unlucky he will have many people he likes, and can trust to treat him well. I recommend a lover, as I have never been so happy." "You, what do you do?" "Sex? That is not something you should ask of me, and never ask your son. That is like him setting on the foot of your bed some night speaking of what your doing." Susan spoke up to say, I know most of what has been done, but have never asked. If you trust your son you well get trust in return. I have never asked any of the boys about their play, but over time I learn as I speak to them about much they have done." "Does any of it shock you Susan?" "Lord no I think I did most of it with my first husband, and was getting a good start on doing it with their father as well. I'm no prude."

The talk went on all evening, and the two were asked to return often to help them understand their son. The boy had asked to go out so they can have the talk, and was called by Paul to tell how much they had been able to do in the one day. "We were invited back, so they seem to understand they need to understand you. Now as for you. You need to spend some time talking to some of us as you need to learn about how they feel too. You have much to learn about how to trust them." The boy grinned as he asked, "in your pool maybe?" "Yes that might be a good place to talk about your future."

Over the school year the two boys, and many of their friends changed many a mind about gays. Oh there were some people, a few very few teachers who could not understand the boys love of another boy. Few of the kids seemed to care after the first fuss. Steve was elected as class president the last year they were going to the school, and Mr. Jones stood up on the stage to repeat what he had said many years ago when he first met the boys. "These two boys one on the stage have shown me much about a part of my world. I never thought I would be seeing them both doing so well. Thanks to them this school is now more open to the people like them. Think you both, and also many of your friends over the years. Paul spoke to the man later to thank him for his kind words, and express his hopes that there would be no back sliding as he called it with a grin. He spoke of his hopes that the computer lab could use the main frame, and computers to use it with good health." "Your giving us a main frame?" "No Steve, and Kurt asked for me to give it to you when they heard it was being retired. "Please at my request place a small brass plate on it saying a few words about the boys." Paul spoke of what the boys did in the few years they were at the school. He smiled as Mr. Jones asked, "but that does not say a thing about them being gay?" "Well is it really important about their sex likes? They were just people with a strike against them, and survived. I hope many people well learn from them to be good people, but being gay is not who they are. They are my brothers, and that is all I need to know about them. If it just spoke of love of family that would be enough. I know someone well repeat what they really did for many years." The teacher asked, "any younger brothers coming into my school soon?" "You really don't know then? That's good, three of them are here already. I'm glad they have not made a big noise here. I also have adopted some young boys, and think this will be a good place for them when they get older." Mr. Jones nodded as he held out a hand to shake with the man. I hope they are all as fine as the ones I just graduated today." He watched as the class left his school for the last time. He knows there was still the dance, but there will be no more teaching. Late that night he smiled as the last dance was danced. He watched a small group of boys some never thought of as gay dancing cheek to cheek. The whole school left the floor to their friends to show their support for them. There was a line of boys, and girls around the floor applauding them as they danced cheek to cheek.

Paul set with Mr. Jones, and saw a tear on his cheek as he thought of the last few years. "Paul you have done so much with those kids. I don't know if I helped, but I can only hope I did have a small part in their lives." "You had a huge part. I was afraid we would have to home school. I was checking into that when you did your fall on your sword speech. I had to leave them in the school after that. I hope you live long, and have many more years as the leader at this school." The last dance will be what we all think of as we leave these people to their loves, and pain of their later lives. Some lose a lover. Others gain one. Kids growing up to love other kids. Mothers suffering for kids, and supporting them no matter what. Maybe someday it well be okay to love.

The End

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