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This story is about two boys trying to grow out of a bad start in life and find in each other the strength to overcome their adversity. I hope you enjoy this short story. If you do please let me know. I depend on your in input to keep me writing.

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Forever Friends

My name is Mark Miller and I’m 12 years old. My father was killed in the First Gulf War so I never had the chance to know him. My mother has cancer and my aunt has been taking care of her. My aunt doesn’t seem to like me or any other kids for that matter so I guess out of desperation she contacted my grandpa. My Grandpa Paul who is my dad’s father called me and helped me decide it would be best for me if I came to live with him until my mother gets better. My mom didn’t have much choice but to let me go because she was so ill. Mother had always been somewhat distant with me but it became more evident as I grew older and took more notice. She was going to give up our small apartment and go live with my aunt. I was never told but I heard conversations that led me to believe my mother had a problem with my grandpa Miller as I was never allowed to see him. Her parents had died in an accident many years ago so I only had one set of grandparents.

School let out for the summer and I was on a Plane to Austin, Texas. I had never met my Grandfather Paul and only had an old picture of him so I was a bit apprehensive. As I walked down the ramp to the terminal I was picked up in a bear hug. My boy you don’t know how much I have waited for this day. This couldn’t be my grandfather he looked much too young.

Grandpa Paul?

Yes sir that’s me.

You look like my dad’s pictures.

Yes we did have a strong family resemblance.

But you look so young.

Boy do you know how to make this old boy feel good.

As we walked toward his pickup he explained that he was only 18 when my dad was born and I was born when my father was 18 so that made him 49 years old. He was about 6’ tall and had a very trim build. He was still a handsome man.

I believe you and me and your grandma will get along fine.

How old is grandma?

Same age as me, 49.

We drove for about an hour over the beautiful green rolling hills of the countryside until we turned down a dirt road and can came to a stop in front of a beautiful Large two story house. As I got out a lady came running toward me who I know had to be my grandma. She pulled me into a big hug. She was a well kept nice looking woman and was wearing some very pleasant smelling perfume.

Oh you look just like you father the same blue eyes and sandy hair. How tall are you?

I’m 5’2” and weigh and I weigh 108 pounds.

You’re a big boy for you age.

Yes grandma I’ve been told I’m a little bigger that average.

Let’s get your things and take them to your room.

Thanks grandpa.

Grandpa helped me carry my bags in the house. It was large and very nicely furnished. The kitchen and dining area were huge.

We went up the stairs and turn into a room at the end of the hall. It was very big and had windows all round and glass doors that opened to a porch. It even had its own bathroom and a TV and what looked like a new computer. Mom and I couldn’t afford such luxuries.

Grandpa it’s fantastic!

It was you fathers room. All the books on the shelf were his and his model plane is still hanging. The bathroom was updated last year.

The computer and television look new.

Yes Grandma and I bought them last week and Paul a young boy that lives with us set them up.

I just stood there and cried. I was going to live in the room my father had grown up in. I could tell my grandparents understood what I was feeling standing there in my fathers old room brought back the sadness I had felt before because I never had the chance to know him so they just hugged me gently and let me cry. Once I got myself together grandma helped me unpack and put my things away. When we finished we went downstairs and ate lunch. I wouldn’t say it out loud but her food tasted so much better than my mom’s. After lunch grandpa took me out and introduced me to his farm hands, Ernesto, Domingo and Randy. I had no idea the place was so large. As we reached the small barn closest to the house grandpa opened the door there sat a new Schwinn stingray bicycle.

Oh grandpa you should have spent so much money on so many thing for me.

Do you like it?

I love it, I’m just not use to getting new things we never had money for any extras.

Well son your grandma and I didn’t either when your dad was young so now that we have it you’re going to have better things. We want you to enjoy life here and be a boy. We have a large creek and a water falls near a large group of trees where you can swim and I know Randy would be glad to teach you to ride the horses he is only 16 but he is a very good hand. He came to live with us last year after living in a children’s home. He seemed to be a great kid so we took him in and converted the old bunk house into living quarters for him. He really likes having his own space after living with 60 other kids. He hasn’t disappointed us. We try and give him plenty of free time just to be a boy.

Well grandpa what little I spoke with him he seemed like a nice guy.

I hope you are going to like living in the country.

Yeah grandpa I already like it here. It’s so quite without all the traffic like Chicago. I can hear the birds and I saw rabbits on our way from town.

Yes son it’s always quiet out here and there are many other animals out here you will learn about.

I want to thank you and grandma for taking me in. I really don’t what I would have done with mom being sick. Aunt Mary just doesn’t seem to like kids and hardly ever spoke to me. I think life would have been more than just a little difficult had I stayed.

I should be the one thanking you. Your grandma and I have waited for the chance to see you for a very long time. Now you’re going to living with us. That’s more than we could have ever hoped for. You have given our lives meaning once again.

Gee grandpa I don’t know what to say. I think I already love you guys.

Grandpa hugged me and said you have made my day. You’re so much like your father it’s like having him here all over again.

I decided I would explore the creek and water falls that ran up against the foot hills.

Grandpa do you mind if I do some exploring on my own?

That’s what country boys do. You go ahead just be back in time for dinner at 6:00. If you decide to go swimming just do like your father did. Take all your clothes of and go skinny dipping.

Did he really go swimming naked?

Most boys out in this part of the country do. If someone comes up on you they will just mind their manners and leave you alone unless you invite them in. You know your dad wasn’t much on clothes he wore just as little as possible in the summer and from the time he was about 5 he slept bare butt naked. He told me once he wasn’t ashamed of his body so why cover it when there was no need. I had no reason to argue with him. He never gave us a problem.

Grandpa why do good people have to die in war? I sure wish I could have known him.

Yes you have lost a lot not having your dad to guide you and just be there as someone to help you grow up.

I’ll do my best to fill that need however I could never replace your father but I for sure will be here for you no matter what.

I appreciate what you’re doing for me and promise never to be a problem to you. If you don’t mind I think I’ll go to the creek now grandpa.

See ya at dinner son!

I took the trail Grandpa Paul told me to and found the country side to my liking. It was so far removed from the noise and bullies I had to deal width in Chicago I became lost in my thoughts until I came to the creek. There were trees lining both sides of it and as I looked beyond I could see the water falls. It was a beautiful green area where the falls were about 6’ wide with the water gently cascading down over rocks to a pool of clear water about 20’ in diameter and 4 or 5 feet deep. I decided to take a swim just like my dad did so I undressed and dove in. The water felt grate and was a refreshing escape from the afternoon heat. I swam for a while until I heard a voice.

Fun isn’t it!

Oh hi Randy.

I won’t come over and bother you.

No it’s okay. I’m sure you came to get some relief from the afternoon heat.

Are you sure you don’t mind.

Well I have never seen a naked 16 year old so maybe I can learn something.

Well I’m not much to look at but you are welcome to see what there is.

He undressed and tuned around. I already knew he had a nice looking face but his about 5’8” body was lean with well toned mussels. He had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He had nothing to be ashamed of.

All I can say Randy is I hope I look that good when I’m your age.

He smiled and dove in the water. We swam and horsed around splashing each other until we were both getting cold. I climbed out with Randy right behind me.

Mark for not being a teen you are very well built. You have the beginnings of a six pack and your package is bigger than any I remember when I was 12.

Yeah well I was told several years ago I was bigger than normal. I’m not sure that’s good or bad.

Believe me Mark you will be glad you have it when the right time comes.

We lay on some rocks in the sun to dry and warm up then dressed and slowly walked back up the trail to the house. He was a nice guy and I knew I was going to like him. Grandma met us as we came in the back door

Well you two are just in time for dinner.

Well boys how was the swim?

It was great grandpa I enjoyed Randy swimming with me. He’s a lot of fun.

Well Randy looks like you found a friend.

Yea he’s a good kid Paul. He and I will get along just fine.

Well you just turned 16 and Mark will be 13 in a couple months so your not all that far apart in age.

If it okay with you Paul I’ll teach Mark how to ride tomorrow.

Sounds good to me what do you think Mark?

Yea I would like that.

If You guys will excuse me I think I will go to my room it’s been a long day and I’m beat.

Everyone wished me good night and I went to my room. The moon was full so with all the windows the room was very light so I didn’t bother turning on the lights. I undressed and got in the shower. The water was so relaxing I became more tired and finished up, dried off and crawled into the big bed. I decided to do as my dad had done and sleep with nothing on. With the moon shining across my body I got an erection but was just to exhausted to do anything about it so I blissfully drifted off to sleep.

Good morning big boy.

Good morning Randy.

I’ll get dressed, we can eat and get started on the riding lessons.

I’ll wait for you down stairs.

No Randy please stay I like your company.

I got out of bed.

Woe so you sleep naked also.

I just started. My dad did so I thought I would try it. I find it fun and a little stimulating if you know what I mean.

Yeah I know what you mean. You will find a lot of us country boys sleep that way. I do.

I hope you don’t mind me being naked in front of you, I want us to feel comfortable around each other but if you want I will dress in the bathroom.

It’s not a problem I’m just glad you feel so much at ease around me. Besides we both saw what each other had yesterday. I didn’t know what to expect when Paul told me you were coming but your okay.

I dressed and we went down stairs where grandma had breakfast ready. Rand and I ate and went toward the barn but Randy wanted to show me his living quarters. He opened the door and I walked in to a very nice living area with a bedroom off it and a nice bathroom. It even had a small kitchen the he seldom used because he ate his meals with us. He said my grandpa had given him the choice of living in the main house or having his own quarters. We left and went to the barn where he showed me how to put on a saddle and to make sure the horse doesn’t take a deep breath so you can be sure the chinch is tight around his stomach so the saddle doesn’t slip when you get on. He told me he was a spirited horse but was gentle and wouldn’t give me any trouble. With a few instructions and a smart horse who quickly understood me and my movements we were ready to ride.

Ok Mark I think we can head up over the falls and let you see the other side. That should be long enough for the first time. We don’t want to get you saddle sore.

Yeah Paul I don’t need a sore butt.

He likes you Mark. It makes a big difference. Horses read people by their actions.

We rode back through the pasture and over to the water falls and let the horses drink. We then rode up the rise and stopped at the crest of the hill.

I see a house all by its self down near the road.

That belongs to John Long. He is a long haul truck driver and has a regular run to Los Angeles. He is gone four days out of the week. I don’t know why he keeps that place he never has time to do anything with it. He also has a blind son named Jason who is about your age. I haven’t seen him in a long time. I guess he stays by himself when his dad is gone.

Man that must suck staying out he in the middle of no where all by yourself and blind.

I’m told he has a teacher come in from the school for the blind once a week. That’s about all I know.

Randy where does that road in front of their house go?

It runs in sort of a U that passes Paul’s place and the back around to the main highway again.

Mark we need to head back now.

Ok I’m ready.

We rode back pretty much in silence as I was thinking of that poor kid living by himself and blind. For the next few days I helped Randy do chores that grandpa said need done. During that time grandpa let Randy teach me how to drive the All Terrain Vehicle. Grandpa told me all kids out in this country drive on the farm roads and the sheriff never bothers them. Many time this is necessary when a farmer needs his kids to help him farm. It came easy for me an in a few days I was driving by myself.

Grandpa Randy and I finished all the chores you wanted done yesterday so I was wandering if I could drive over to the Long place and see how his son is doing.

Is he still leaving that boy by himself?

I’m not sure grandpa all I know is Randy said he thinks he stays by himself while his dad does his run’s to LA.

You go ahead and see how he’s doing. I’m sure he would like some company his own age.

Thanks grandpa. I should be back in a couple hours.

Take your time son and see if that boy needs anything.

I got on the ATV and drove the 3 miles to the Long place and parked. I knocked on the door several times but there was no answer. I turned the door knob and found it was unlocked so I stuck my head in and yelled.

Is anyone home?

Yeah I’m getting out of the shower.

As I stepped in he came out of the bathroom stark naked.

You’re young and I would guess a boy.

Yeah how did you know?

Your voice hasn’t changed but it still has the quality of a male.

I’m Mark Miller the grandson of Paul Miller.

Hi I’m Jayson Long, but I bet you already knew that.

Yeah I did.

Oh god I’m standing her in front of you naked. I’m so sorry.

Don’t be Jason. I hope you don’t take this wrong but you have a great body.

I forget sometimes because I’m here by myself so much and I’ll take what you said about my body as a complement. If you will come over here and let me feel your face I can get a picture in my mind of what you look like.

I walked over and stood inches from his face as he ran his hands over my face and upper body. He had beautiful blue eyes that look just like anyone who could see.

Well you sure smell good and you have great facial features. I would guess you are close to the same height and weight as me.

Yeah Jason I would say we are about the same build. I am probably just a little taller.

We talked and told each other about ourselves. The more we talked the more I like him. Sitting in front of me without clothes didn’t seem to bother him. He told me about how his teacher came out once a week for three hours and he filled me in on how rough thing were for his dad since his mother had died. I found he had just turned 13 last week. Before I knew it several hours passed.

Jayson how would you like to come to my house for a day or two.

You’re kidding!

No I like you and see no reason you should stay here all the time by yourself.

Well Mark the problem is my dad calls every night to check on me.

Well do you have call forwarding?

I don’t know.

Let me see if I can set it up.

I punched in the numbers and did the set up and it worked.

Jayson your all set. When your dad calls it will ring in my room.

Oh thanks Mark. Give me just a minute to get some clothes on and pack a few things.

Jayson, can I help.

No I know exactly where everything is.

He got dressed and packed an over night bag and we headed back home. When we arrived he got out and placed his hand on my shoulder so I could guide him to the house.

Jayson I would like you to meet my grandma and grandpa Miller.

It’s a please to meet you both.

The pleasure is all ours. I hope the bag means your going to stay a while.

Yes Sir Mark ask me to stay a couple days.

Are you boys going to stay in your room Mark?

Yes grandma I think that would be best with Jason not knowing his way around.

Well Randy is on his way I so we can eat dinner.

Randy came in and I introduced Jayson to him while we ate dinner. Jayson put away more food than I did. After dinner I told everyone Jayson and I were going to my room, listen to music and get better acquainted.

What kind of music do you like Jason?

I like soft rock and jazz.

I put on a long playing CD of soft rock music and we filled each other in on our lives. I found Jason was hit in the head with a base ball bat when he was 6 and it injured his optical nerves. He said he could tell the difference between day and night but that was about all. It wasn’t long before his dad called and was surprised as well as pleased he was staying with me.

Jayson I’m beat I think I will take a shower and go to bed.

Mark when you’re finished undressing will you do me a favor.

Sure Jason.

Being blind the only way I can get a picture of something is to feel it so will you let me explore your body with my hands so I can better know you? I know what I’m asking is unusual for a sighted person but for a blind person feeling is the only way we visualize people or objects and I want to get to know you very well.

Jayson I realize you see with your hands so I don’t have a problem with your request. If we are going to be friends I want us to be close friends. I just never want to take advantage of your being blind.

I could tell you’re a special person Mark. You get good at insights to people when you’re blind. Actually I could be the one taking advantage of you because I am blind. Please treat me as you would anyone else. Not as a blind person.

I get your point and I won’t treat you different. There is no need for you to undress Jayson I have already seen your great body and I’m sure I will see it many times in the future.

I undressed and let Jayson know where I was by my voice. He took hold of my shoulders and slid his hands across my chest feeling my nipples. He then ran his hands down the sides of my rib cage to my hips and moved down cupping my butt with both hands. He then mover his hands around to my front and felt the circumference and length of my penis he then gently placed his index finger and thumb rolling each testicle between them. He then felt to find how far my testicles had dropped.

He then ran his hands from under my crotch to my feet and then felt each foot and toes. He stood up and hugged me.

Mark you have no idea how much I appreciate you letting me explore your body. Very few people would let even a blind person get so personal. I now know that your body is very close to mine in size except your two inches taller and have a penis that is also about two inches longer than mine. Thank you for your kindness.

I don’t know what to say Jayson. You exploring my body was like nothing I have ever experienced, I loved every minute of it.

You gave me feelings and sensations I have never felt and for sure did I know existed.

I was just afraid I overstepped some boundaries. I haven’t been with kids my age or any age for a long time so forgive me Mark if I don’t have the social graces I should have.

Jayson in the hours we have spent together I feel I know you better than any one I have ever know except my mother. I don’t know how to explain it except to say the longer I’m around you the better I like you and I don’t want that feeling to end.

Mark you have made my day. Hell you have made my year.

Jayson I’m going to take my shower now, I know you had one earlier but I would like you to join me.

He eagerly joined me and we took our shower very slow, washing each other from our hair to our toes all the while taking in the many sensations neither of us had experienced before. It was obvious we were becoming very much attached to each other very fast.

When we finished I led his side of the bed and I got in on the other.

Mark this is a very large bed.

Yeah it’s a king size.

I knew he wanted what I wanted so I reached over and touched him, he took hold of my hand and pulled himself over against me. The warmth of his body and the fresh smell of shampoo were overwhelming. I put my right arm over his side and gently rubbed his stomach and chest. We both drifted off into the blissful night dreaming of what wonders would come next.

When I woke he next morning we were still cuddled against each other. I lifted my head and kissed him one the ear.

Good morning sunshine.

Good morning and thanks for the kiss.

So you liked that!

Mark you can kiss me anywhere anytime.

Now that’s one invitation I just may take you up on. I just need to figure out were I would like to kiss you and when.

Ah Mark you have a devious mind and I love it.

We got up and I handed Jayson his clothes one piece at a time so he wouldn’t have to feel around for them. We both dressed and went down stairs for breakfast.

Good morning boys.

Good morning grandma, grandpa.

Well did you two sleep well?

Yeah grandpa we slept very well didn’t we Jayson.

I’ve never slept better.

Paul came in and we ate breakfast. Jayson complemented grandma on her cooking. He said he seldom had such a good meal.

His dad tried but he just never could cook. He told her his dad had most of his meals prepared by Marge at the Home Diner ahead of time and all he had to do is microwave them when his dad was away. It seemed he had become very adept at taking care of himself over the years. When we finished eating I ask Paul to take Jayson out to feel the horses and I would be along shortly.

Grandma, grandpa I know I haven’t been a member of this family very long but I would like to as a very big favor of you.

Son you have always been a member of this family. Just because we couldn’t see you didn’t change that. You are our grandson and what concerns you concerns us. Now what’s the big favor?

I would like to ask Jason’s dad if he can stay here while he is on the road. I think it’s terrible that he has to stay by himself all the time. He told me he hasn’t had anyone around to play with or keep him company for years. I know his dad is doing the best he can and that Jayson loves him but we could make it so much better for both of them.

You’re absolutely right. There is no reason under the sun he should live by himself. When his dad returns he and I will get together and I’m sure he will see the benefit in what you suggested for both of them.

Thanks grandpa I knew you would help.

I walked over and hugged both my grandparents.

If that’s what I get for favors are you sure there aren’t any more you need.

I ran back and hugged my grandpa again.

Grandpa hugs are for love not favors and I love you guys more than you will ever know.

As I ran out the door to catch Randy and Jayson I saw tears in my grandmother’s eyes. I was now home and planned never to return to Chicago to live no mater what the consequences. The only thing there was a mother that tolerated me and my aunt who didn’t even do that here there was love like I had never known. When I found Randy and Jayson they were standing by Mojo the horse I had rode. Randy said it only took a few minutes for Mojo to figure out Jayson was blind. He came to Jayson instead of Jayson having to go to him. I was amazed at how some horses could read people like they did.

We saddled up three horses letting Jayson ride Mojo and rode to the back of the property about three miles away so Randy could Mend a hole in the fence. By the time we returned lunch was ready so we ate and I talked Jayson into going swimming with me even though he was a little apprehensive about going.

Randy you want to go with us.

No Mark from what I can see you two need a little more private bonding time, maybe next time.

I took Jayson by the hand and we started off down the path toward the water falls. Jayson talked about how nice it was to be outdoors in the sunshine. He told me things he heard that I couldn’t. Being blind had made his hearing very sensitive. As we approached the creek I described the trees that lined it had how big the pool of water was and how the water cascaded down into the pool.

Mark it sound beautiful. The sound of the water running over rocks has a calming affect doesn’t it?

Yes it does that’s why I already love this spot.

I led him to the rocks by the pool and sat him down so we could take off our tennis shoes, shorts and tee shirts. When we were undressed I stared at his body once again. I just couldn’t figure why a boy looked so beautiful to me, but he did.

Okay Jayson we are at the edge so if you will sit down on the rock you can put you feet in first.

Oh the water feels good Mark.

Okay are you ready to slide in. It is only about 3’ deep here.

Yeah if you will hold on to me.

Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.

We slipped into the water and Jayson held on to me until he felt more confident then he let go and I began to teach him how to swim. I could tell he would be swimming by himself after a couple lessons. One thing I had found, He was a very fast learner. After I got him to the point he could keep himself afloat we just splashed and played. I was getting cold from the water and I could tell Jayson was also.

Okay Jayson time to get out and warm up.

Boy I thought you would never say that.

Why didn’t you say something Jayson?

As I am sure you are finding out I am stubborn about giving in. Being blind you have to push yourself or you will never make it.

Okay so I find out one more thing about you. You know it’s not always a good thing to be stubborn. I’m here to help now and plan on being for a long time to come so get use to it and don’t push so hard.

Oh yeah and who’s stubborn?

We both laughed as I led Jayson over to the rocks to lie down and warm up in the sun. As I stat him down he pulled me down with him so we were lying together. He ran his hand over my chest and stomach then kissed my neck. I kissed him and we rolled into a hug. That afternoon as we fondled and explored each others bodies we found what we had was more than just friendship we knew it was son kind of special bond but what did that mean. At that particular time it just didn’t seem important what it meant. This was our private world and we knew who we were and what we wanted, each other. As the days passed both of us were getting a golden tan over all our body. It made Jason’s former white as a sheet skin glow. He was nothing less than beautiful.

Jason’s dad returned and he and grandpa had a talk about Jayson. As it turned out he was almost as happy as I was that my grandparents wanted him to stay with us. He said it would take the worry out of his traveling knowing Jason was being looked after and had someone his age to be with.

His tutor started coming to the grandpa’s for Jason’s lessons and I was learning to read brail. One afternoon we finally convinced Randy to go swimming with us.

Okay guys I’ll go with you just to get out of this heat.

Ah you mean it’s not for our wonderful company.

Mark I doubt you two need company most of the time.

We walked slowly and talked about Randy and the fact he would be a sophomore in high school when school started. We also found he had a girlfriend. He showed us her picture and she was a knock out. We reached the falls and undressed.

Boy you guys have a tan all over. Even on your butt’s. You must lie in the sun more than you swim.

Yeah Rand I guess sometimes Jayson and I just forget about time.

Yeah I know you do. Look can I talk serious to you guy’s.

Sure Rand if it okay with Jayson!

It’s okay with me.

I’ve been watching you both since Jayson came to live with you. I don’t think either one of you realize what your attachment to each other means. You’re pretty young but I would it’s possible you two are what people call gay. That is two boys who love each other. I do know many young boys get an attachment to each other but they out grow it as they get older. I think you should do some research on the subject and decide for yourselves. Above all you will need to keep your private life between the two of you. There are a couple places on the internet that can better explain what being gay means and how to figure out if you are. I will give you the information to look up those sites.

Gee Randy we knew we care very much for each other but aren’t sure just what was going on.

You two promise me you will look this information up. It may save you a lot of grief later on.

Thanks Rand we really appreciate you talking to us and promise we will check it all out won’t we Jayson.

Yeah it sounds like we better be sure.

That night we got on the internet and found the information Randy said we would and it became clear to us we that by the world out side of ours we could be considered gay but neither of us was ready for nor were we willing to accept a label. The site told of all the horrors that can come from people who hate gays. We went to the Nifty Archives and found several true stories that were horrifying to us. We now new what the outside world could be like so we decided to make sure and keep our secret from everyone. I knew at least holding Jason’s hand probably would not be a problem once people found he was blind. This gave us a cover to be close. We talked about it and made our plans as how to act and answer any questions that may arise.

The other thing we found was how sex worked for to guys. We read everything very carefully as there were warnings about hurting someone during sex. We had discovered and absorbed so much information we decided to sleep on it and let it all soak in then come back and review it again.

My thirteenth birthday arrived and we had a small party with just the family. I received a CD of Lewis Armstrong’s greatest hits from Jayson and a new Honda four wheel all terrain vehicle from grandma and grandpa. Randy gave me a beautiful pair of riding boots. It was the best birthday I could remember.

Our private life developed slowly. We kissed and fondled and learned pleasure each others boyhood. We decided that was as far as we wanted to go, it was enough for us. The rest was just a little too far out for us. Kissing and cuddling was our favorite. Jayson could just touch me in the right place and I would melt into his arms. Life just couldn’t be better.

School was about to start and the teacher from the school for the blind said she thought it would be good for Jason to go to public school this year because of all the confidence she had seen him build over the past few months. She would still come out and monitor his schooling but she felt he would learn how to better deal socially with his blindness if he were around other people his age. She also brought him a red Cain with a white tip on it but Jayson would have nothing to do with it. I told him he had better keep it just in case he ever needed it. He reluctantly kept it. She went on to tell him he would be given books in brail for each class. We bought him a Palm Pilot with brail so he could keep notes I could help him review later. We also gave him a small tape recorder. Grandpa went to the principal before school started and explained Jason needed to depend on me to get him to classes so we were both assigned the same schedule.

The first day of school came and we waited at our drive way as buss approached. I helped Jayson on, the driver had already been told he would have a blind rider. Most of the kids on board I knew and introduced them to Jayson. They all seem to like him. School went about the same, each of our classes had been told they were going to have a blind student. He was welcomed by them all and I had several friends tell me how nice they thought it was that I would take on such a task.

One evening as we arrived from school Jayson’s dad was waiting for him.

Hi dad how was the trip this time?

Well son I didn’t go this time. I’m taking a new job in Memphis that will give me retirement benefits and pay much more than I can make trucking. That’s why I’m here to talk to you. I want what’s best for you. You have done so well staying with the Millers I’m going to leave it to you as to whether you want to go with me or stay here. I love you dearly but I had to face facts I have been a lousy father. Since you came to live with the Millers you are a different person. So what I’m saying is it’s your call. You can come and live with me or your can stay with the Millers.

Gee dad I don’t know what to say. I love you very much but on the other hand I now have a real life and someone who will be there for me no matter what. If I wanted to stay would you come and visit me?

Yes son I would come as often as possible.

Well dad as much as it saddens me I believe I should stay here. I have a new life and for the first time since I can recall I am very happy.

I think you have made the right decision. You’re with people who love you and obviously have done a better job in a few months than I did for 12 years. I sold the farm and the money has been placed in a trust that Mr. Miller will oversee. There should be plenty to get you through college and set you up in a place of your own. You will be covered under my company insurance in case you ever need a doctor or the hospital until you are 21 if you are a student.

Thanks dad I love you.

With that Jayson turned his face into my chest and cried. As he slowly regained his composure grandma called us all to come to dinner. After dinner Jason bid his father goodbye.

Jayson are you going to be okay.

Yeah Mark as much as I hate to admit it my father just didn’t know how to raise me. He tried very hard but he just wasn’t cut out for it. After thinking about it I really believe this will be best for both of us. Maybe he will find someone to fill the hole left in his life after my mother died. I sure hope so.

I sat him on the bed beside me and we embraced. That night we redefined the passion we had for each. We held each other and kissed each spot that pleasured the other most and then made our form of love that relieved our sexual tensions and drew us into blissful sleep.

School went on and spring brake was to start in a few days. When we arrived home that day my grandparents both met us as we got off the buss. I knew something was up.

Mark we need to talk.

What’s the problem grandpa?

Well son there is no other way to do this other than just say it. Your mother died last night in her sleep.

I was silent but not hart broken. Yes she was my mother and it upset me she was gone but she always kept me at a distance, we were never close like a son and mother are suppose to be. I felt very sad that she hadn’t lived a happier life.

Grandpa she live a very sad and lonely life. I don’t know why she was so sad but she didn’t seem to know how to love me. I will miss her in some ways but in the end she is probably happier where she is now than she was on this earth.

You may not realize it son but in many ways you are wise beyond your years.

Your grandmother and I have made reservations for all of us to fly to Chicago for the funeral.

Thank you grandma, grandpa I appreciate your going with me.

There is no way we would let you face this by yourself son.

We would only miss a couple days of school before spring brake so we all packed and the next morning Randy took us to the airport in the SUV. We had to fly from Austin to Dallas and change plains to Chicago. Jayson had never been on an airplane so he was a bit apprehensive. All the new sounds and smells seemed to through him of stride. We boarded the plane, I strapped him in his seat and we were soon backing away from the gate. He grabbed my hand.

It’s ok Jayson they are just backing up the plane so the captain can start the engines. The will make a loud whining sound as they start but they will quiet down.

As long as you keep telling me what’s going on Mark I will be okay.

I got you buddy don’t worry.

We backed away from the gate and started to taxi toward our runway. As the captain revved the engines up for take off Jayson grabbed my hand once again.

Jason the captain has to run up the speed of the engines so we can take off. When he lets go of the brakes you will feel the force push you back in your seat. That’s all normal

Okay mark if you say so.

Once we were in the air Jason let his grip on my hand loosen and I was finally getting blood back in my fingers. He had one hell of a grip. As we leveled off I could feel him relax. As we flew I explained what the clouds looked like form the top looking down on them.

Yeah Mark clouds are one thing I can still see the image of in my mind. I loved to look at them when I was small.

It saddened me greatly that he missed so much by not seeing so I decided I would do my best to give him explanations that he could visualize in his mind.

We changed planes in Dallas in a couple hours we were landing in Chicago. Jayson loved the landing and the noise the tires made as we touched down. Grandpa got a baggage handler and he gathered up our luggage and hailed us a cab. Grandpa had made us reservations at the Lake Shore Hotel on Lake Shore Drive overlooking the Lake Michigan. We had a suite with a living area and a bedroom on each side of it overlooking the lake. Jayson and I were very passionate with each other that night. I guess we both needed the comfort it brought us.

The next morning we ate breakfast and dressed for the funeral. The limo arrived and took us to the funeral home. There was only a hand full of people there as my mother never tried to make friends. When the services concluded we went to the cemetery for the internment. The minister said a few words and they lowered the casket into the ground as tears rolled down my cheeks. Jayson sensing my grief ran his hand over my cheek and felt the tears.

I’m so sorry Mark I know in you own way you will miss her.

Yeah Jayson I guess your right.

The services concluded and my ant came over to my grandpa.

Well I guess you are satisfied now. She’s gone and you get the kid. I see he already has a queer boyfriend hanging on to him.

You are a real piece of work, if you weren’t a woman I would lay you out here and now. That boy is blind and my grandson is his best friend and guide. You will never change, you let it be known what you thought of trashy ranchers when my son married your sister and you’re the reason I almost lost my grandson. If you try and bring that boy any grief you will regret it until the day you die.

So now I knew why I was never allowed to seen my grandparents.

My aunt walked toward me but I took Jayson’s hand, turned my back on her and walked away. I would never have to see her again.

As it turned out my dad had paid up an insurance policy for my mother for $150,000 which would now come to me. Grandpa said by the time I was out of college the amount could be more that tripled if invested properly. I told him that was his department and I would trust what ever he decided. I was now complete his responsibility.

We decided to stay a few days in Chicago and take in the city. I took Jayson to my old neighborhood and introduced him to some of the few friends I had left behind. Going back to my old neighborhood allowed me to realize just how lucky I was to have been fortunate enough to get out of this very poor and rough place. In the following days we walked the water front and sunned ourselves on the beach. We went to arcades that had games you could play by sound. Jason as always was a quick study. He beat my butt more than I beat his. Our last night in Chicago we stayed up late and watched the moon as it cast its brightness across the water. I carefully described the beauty of it to Jayson.

The windows in our room were from floor to ceiling so we put a blanket down in front of them and I once again took in the body of the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. Jayson passionately kissed me and then went to each of my nipples working his way down to my boyhood where he brought me to a wet climax.

Mark you made sperm.

Yeah I felt it.

How did it feel?

I didn’t think it could get better but it just did.

Hum I felt the same way my first time.

Yours has a sweeter taste than mine.

That’s because I’m such a sweet guy.

Oh yes just as sweet as any lemon can be.

Mark do you think we could be any closer to each other than we are right now?

No I don’t think it would be possible. You may be blind but you are the brightest star in the sky to me.

We returned to the ranch and life returned to normal. School finished for the year and grandpa said Jayson and I had a rough year so he was going to limit our chores to taking care of the horses. That way we could spend the bright sunshine of summer as we pleased. Randy finally got around to asking us what we decided from our research. We told him there was no label for us so he could forget about our having problems. He accepted our answer and I believe he partially understood where we were coming from. He never spoke of it again.

We spent the summer in happy bliss. We swam at the falls almost every day and we got to know some of the kids better in the area around the ranch that we had met in school. I played ball on one of the little league teams with Jayson always in the stands cheering me on. He got to where he could call each kid by his name just by his voice. We had sleep overs at the farm and we went to other kids homes. We were always discreet with our feeling for each other when around others.

Each time we returned to the falls we would lie out on the rocks and explore each other. Jayson had become very good at pushing me over the edge with his warm mouth over my boyhood. He also became a very good swimmer. As I would find later it was the best summer of my youth.

We would start high school this coming school year so grandpa took us to his doctor for a check up to make sure our general health was good. The doctors ask Jayson some questions about how he had become blind and during the discussion he questioned which side of his head he was hit on. When he finished he told grandpa that he would like Jayson to see a specialist in optical regeneration. The appointment was made and in a few days grandpa, grandma and I were setting in the optical doctor’s waiting room for word on what he thought about Jayson blindness. When he was finished the doctor introduce himself as Doctor Allen. He talked to us and found he was going to run some test but he thought he might be able to help Jayson’s right eye as he was hit on the left side of his head and the damage on the right seemed to be much less. He was to check into the hospital the next day for the test.

When we returned home Jayson was tired and more than just a little nervous about the hospital test. We ate dinner and excused ourselves to my room where I put on some music and Jayson then I sat down to talk.

Mark I’m afraid to get my hopes up when they do the test.

Just keep telling yourself that life is good now and what will be will be. I know it will be hard not to think about the possibility of seeing again but don’t build up any false hopes.

Yeah you’re right I must stay realistic.

Jayson I will be there for you. I won’t leave the hospital until you do I promise.

Jayson crawled on my lap laying his head on my shoulder. I could feel his tears against my skin so I gently rubbed his back while I sang in a whisper “I Will Carry You”. ♫You should know your not alone I will carry you…………….

I undressed him and laid him on his stomach then washed him with a soft cloth then rubbed him down with lotion from his shoulders down his back over his beautiful butt and down the mussels of his legs to his feet where I massaged each one. I crawled up beside him and he hugged and kissed me. It was the most intense night of our relationship. When we finished each other we slipped off into a never land of blissful sleep the way only children can before the innocence of childhood is gone.

The next morning we all went to the hospital to check Jayson in. I took my tooth brush and a change of clothes. I had already informed my grandparents that I was going to stay with Jayson. They didn’t argue. We arrived at the hospital where he was assigned a private room I helped him change into the hospital gown they gave him. The doctors arrived in a couple hours and said the test would be done later in the afternoon. I told my grandparents that there was no reason for them to stay around that I would be there for him if he needed anything. They reluctantly agreed and left for the ranch. Jayson and I talked for a while about the night before and how our relationship had helped both of us grow as a person.

The doctor arrived that afternoon and the placed Jason on a gurney and I walked beside him as they rolled him to the lab room where they were going to do the test. I couldn’t go past the door so I kissed Jayson on the cheek and squeezed his hand as the gurney passed through the door. The nurse told me to go back to his room a wait until they bought him back in about an hour or so. I went to the cafeteria and bought some ice cream and a coke and slowly ate and drank then wandered slowly bask to his room. I was pacing back and forth when they returned with Jayson. I was told the doctor would be in later so I called my grandparents so they could be there. The arrived just a few minutes before the doctor.

Well Mr. Miller I believe we can give him some sight, just how much we won’t know until we get in there. I would like to operate tomorrow due to a last minute change in my schedule I can work him in that way he won’t have to wait several weeks on my regular schedule. Grandpa said that he appreciated it as Jayson wouldn’t have to wait so long wondering if he had a chance to see. The schedule was set for 6am the next morning. He said the operation could take up to 5 hours. The doctor said we would know immediately if the operation was a success.

Mark your grandmother and I will be her before 6am. We already called Jayson’s dad and he was real excited.

Grandpa there is no need. All we can do is wait and I know you don’t like just setting and waiting. You can come around 9am then the wait won’t be so long.

As usual what you say makes sense so we will see you at 9am.

Okay grandma, grandpa, I love you.

I hugged my grandparents and the left. I returned to Jayson’s bed side and took his hand in mine.

Just think Jayson tomorrow we will know for sure.

I’m so nervous I just can’t let my self believe I could see again.

Jayson I will be right here all we have to do is get through the night. I think we can do that don’t you.

With you here I can do it.

I wasn’t long before an orderly rolled a bed in for me and they brought us dinner. For hospital food it wasn’t too bad. When we finished I told the head nurse Jason was real nervous so we wanted a privacy notice so no nurses came in during the night.

She said there was nothing on his chart noted that required a nurse to check on him so she did as I asked.

I closed the door and undressed then got in bed with Jayson. We kissed hugged and I relieved Jayson of some tension by sucking his boyhood dry. We lay talking and rubbing all the right spots that we each had learned gave the other pleasure. It wasn’t long before Jayson was sleeping. I kissed him and got in the bed that had been brought in for me.

Morning came much too quickly. I jumped up and got my underwear on just as the orderly came through the door to get Jayson. I finished dressing as he was placed on the gurney and I followed them to the door of the operating room. I squeezed his hand once again and kiss him on the forehead just as the gurney passed into the operating room. I went back to Jayson’s room and washed up then went downstairs to the cafeteria. I ate and then went for a walk. By the time I returned to Jayson’s room my grandparents had arrived. We sat and talked like three adults not as a kid and two adults. Grandpa said Jayson and I had reached the point where were no longer kids. He said we were intelligent and did a good job thinking for ourselves and making our own decisions. That was a sign we were reaching beyond childhood to thinking and interact with people much like adults.

The doctor came in and said he was real sorry that someone hadn’t thought to have Jayson looked at sooner because the damage to the nerve of his right eye was fixed easily and he expected he would see probably without corrective lenses.

You mean he can see now.

Yes son he can see. As soon as he comes completely out of the grogginess of the sleeping medication we used he will be brought back to his room.

Doctor Allen it’s not near adequate but thanks for giving him his sight back.

Mark there is no thanks needed. Its operations like this one that keeps me going. It helps makes up for the ones that we can’t help.

In a couple hours they rolled him into his room. I walked up beside him and looked directly into his eyes.

Mark your eyes are ocean blue.

Oh my god Jayson you can see me.

You bet I can and you are by far more hansom than I ever could have imagined.

I rapped my arms around his neck and cried.

Mark you know none of this would have happened if you hadn’t felt sorry for a lonely blind boy and decided to give him a life.

I shall forever be indebted to you.

No Jason we pulled each other out of our former miserable lives.

Have you looked in a mirror yet?

Yeah I did in recovery. I still look a lot like I remembered me just a bit bigger.

Did you look at other things that are bigger?

Yeah they gave me a few minutes by myself to look things over. It sure isn’t a button like I last saw it when I was six.

Mark I can’t remember being any happier than I am now. It’s like being born again.

Yeah I bet it does feel that way.

The doctor said he could go home the next morning if everything looked as good as it looked now. For the first time we passionately went after each other with Jayson seeing everything he did to me and what I did to him. It was a night I would never forget.

The next morning the doctor released him and grandpa drove us home. As we rode home Jayson was spellbound by the cars, highways, green lawns and all the things he hadn’t seen in a long time and a lot of thing he had never seen at all. We spent the day looking at the many things he had never seen. Late in the afternoon he wanted to see the water falls so we walked hand in hand as Jayson looked at everything on the way but as we approached the falls he stopped.

Gee’s Mark it is more beautiful than I could have imagined.

I knew you would like it. It’s our place. This is where we discovered who we were.

I undressed him slowly as he did the same for me. He looked at me after we had undressed.

Mark I couldn’t have found anything more beautiful if I had been able to see you. You are truly much more than I expected.

I’m glad you’re pleased.

Mark I would have been please with anything I saw. I already know you from the inside out, that’s all that counts. That is one thing blindness taught me. It’s the person inside that counts not the flesh that covers him.

We spent the afternoon in the water and on the rock all over each other. We were truly in a time fairyland.

The summer was passing as did our birthdays, we both turned 14. School started and it was much different now. Jayson could see and people now knew he could see so our closeness was no longer required even though for me it was needed. We were now like Siamese twins that had been detached. I felt like I had lost a part of me.

Jayson was now cultivated his own friends without my help. As the year progressed there seemed to be more and more things he was into that didn’t include me. Don’t get me wrong I was happy for him. I wanted him to spread his wings but our private lives were changing due to the other things and people in his life. By the time school ended for the year he had a wider circle of friends than I.

A week after school was out his dad called and said he was getting married and wanted Jayson to come to the wedding. Jayson wanted me to go but I said it was a family event that he needed to be by himself so he could get reacquainted with his father and see how he like his stepmother.

The next week he packed up and flew to Memphis. He called and told me all about the wedding and how much he liked his new stepmother. He had also decided to stay for a couple weeks. I told him I thought it was a good idea to stay and get better acquainted. A couple weeks later he called and said he was staying a little longer. At the end of 5 weeks he called me and said he was coming back and ask if we would pick him up at the airport.

The next day grandpa drove me to the airport. He said he would wait in the car for us so I walked to the gate he was to arrive at. When he walked off the plane he shook my hand and gave me a quick hug. As we walked to the where grandpa was waiting he told me how much he enjoyed Memphis and being with his dad and how nice his stepmother was. We drove back to the ranch just chatting but not really saying anything. When we arrive at the ranch we took his bag to my room.

Jayson would you like to listen to some music?

Sure why not.

Mark we need to talk but I’m afraid I’m going to screw up the best friendship that ever existed.

I don’t think so Jayson. We have come to far together and I believe what ever it is you need to say I can handle.

Well first I want to go live with my dad. He has really pulled things together and Marcy my new stepmother is just what he needed and I like her very much.

Jayson I can understand what you’re doing. I’m sure it will be the best thing for you. You have always loved your father it just took him a very long time to recover from the death of your mother. He didn’t neglect you on purpose he was just lost after she died.

Yeah that’s how I see it also.

Look Jayson you and I came together at a time we both had a large hole in our lives. I had a mother that didn’t know how to love me and your dad just couldn’t take care of you even though he did love you. We lifted each other up and made it possible for both of us to realize there was a life for us in this world. Were the lucky ones, we made it through the storm of adolescence and parental dysfunction by carrying each other through that storm. For me the bond you and I have formed is for life. The comfort you and I gave each other was like a mothers milk to a baby, once they have gained enough strength and maturity they no longer need what was once the very thing that sustained them. We now have that strength to go on with life in separate directions. Our time together shall always be one of the happiest memories of my life.

You always could put into words what we both felt. I was never very good at it. I will love you as long as I live and plan on being your children’s godparent. I want you to promise me we will never loose contact. We are closer than most brothers and I’ll kick your ass if you ever try and change that.

Yes Mark we are for life.

Jayson and I slept snuggled together that night. We both knew our lives were once again changing direction but we also new the bond would never be broken.

Jayson left very early the next morning for his new life in Memphis. I returned to the Ranch with grandpa ate some breakfast and headed to the barn to help Randy with the horses.

I played base ball again that summer and we became the district champions. I got to know Mandy our first baseman quite well and as the summer progressed she and I double dated with Randy often. I also introduced her to the pool at the water falls where we spent many lazy summer afternoons getting to know each other.

Jayson and I call each other at least once a week, I visit him in Memphis a couple times a year and he comes to see me on special occasions.

And so it was two boys that come together in a loving relationship that sustained them long enough to gain the strength to face the real world and in doing so built a friendship that would endure a life time.

The End