The research I did for this story was for the most part about street children in Russia and how there school system works. It has been the most difficult short story I have written to date. I hope it reminds you as it did me how difficult and fragile the early teen years can be. If you are a parent of one give them a hug and let them know you will always be there for them. If you are a teen reading this story please consider how final a wrong decision can be. If you feel trapped or overwhelmed by life find help. There are many help lines and centers just waiting for you.

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From Russia with Love

I have just finished my packing which included almost everything I own including my computer, stereo system, ipod and all the new winter clothes my dad just purchased for me. Olga our house keeper is directing the movers what to put in the air cargo containers. Tomorrow my dad, Olga and I will be on a plane to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I guess I had better start from the beginning. My name is Sasha Gurian and I am 13 years old. My fathers name is Anton and is a 45 year old second generation Russian American. He is a professor of languages at the University of California and has just accepted a reciprocal exchange with another professor at the University of Saint Petersburg where he will be teaching English during his exchange. My mother died when I was three years old so my dad has raised me with the help of Olga who is a native of Russia and a naturalized U.S. citizen. She is in her late fifties but she is just like a mother to me. She recently started to knock at my door before entering my bedroom. She has seen me naked all my life so I guess it’s still not a problem as I am comfortable with my body, in fact after comparing all my attributes and equipment with other boys my age I find that all the times I was told how hansom I was more than just flattery. Of course blond hair and blue eyes always gives one a jump on the competition. Olga tells me in Russia I will have to get use to the fact the people of Russia just don’t see modesty as we do. They are very open about sex and their bodies. This will be interesting.

I’m lucky because I was taught Russian by my dad after I was securely grounded in my English. Of course I am an American kid thru and thru. My father has spent a lot of time with me teaching everything from baseball to fine literature. I love to read and I play basket ball at my school. As I grew from infancy I realized I was gifted with insights and find my school work very easy at the school for gifted children I attend. I could have move up several grades but my father said he would take care of my further studies at home so I could stay with kids in my age bracket. I liked his plan as it has worked great for me. I’m not one of those nerd brains that walk around with my head in a book and a pocket protector in my shirt pocket with ink pins stuck in them. I can interact with bumpkins to brains without a problem.

My dad is my best friend he listens to anything and everything I have to say. He will stop whatever he is doing, sit down and listen to my most lame questions or ramblings about things in my life. He takes me anywhere from ball games to concerts. I love him very much.

The next morning we finalized everything and headed for the airport. The almost 12 hour flight was scheduled to arrive at 6am Saint Petersburg time. I knew it was going to be a long and boring flight so I had prepared myself with music and books. As dinner was being served the stewardess spoke to me in English with a very heavy accent so I look up and she smiled as I answered her in Russian. She seemed very surprised and as the flight continued she came back and we talked about why I was going to Russian. She gave me a card with her phone number and told me she would be glad to show me around the city on one of her layovers. I thanked her and settled in for a little sleep. Soon we were making our approach in the big Boeing 777 I could see the sun rising across the snow covered country side below. It was a beautiful sight.

As we walked off the aircraft we were met by a very nice looking man, I caught his first name, Demetri but he said his last name so fast I didn’t get it. We all shook hands and he took us to clear customs and then to a car waiting for us. Looking out the car window I could tell there was much of the city that had poor housing so it was clear there were many poor people here. As we drove further the area began to look better and I could see many old and beautiful buildings in the distance. As the car came to a stop I could see a new looking two story building. We got out of the car and Demetri opened the door into a marble floor entry with another set of doors just beyond the entry. We took off our coats and proceeded through the second set of doors that opened into a large Foyer. As it turned out we were going to live in a large apartment that only had four apartments each were two stories. Ours was to be the one closest to the front door on the left. The living area that had obviously been decorated by someone with access to furnishings and appointments from the states. There was a study off the side of the living area and a large kitchen that looked like it was from any nice home in the states, one of the bedrooms was near the kitchen so Olga claimed it. There were four bedrooms, two if the bedrooms had large bathroom between them so it could be shared and the other two had private baths that were equipped with western fixtures. This was far from what I had expected after all the reading I had done on what to expect in the way of housing. Demetri gave dad the keys and told us to enjoy our stay and that our containers would be delivered soon with people to unload them. He gave us a short bow and left.

Dad, how did you manage this wonderful apartment? Well son in Russia like in many other places it’s not what you know but who you know. You see years ago I taught a very powerful and wealthy man who lives here. I took a lot of extra time to tutor him and he has and I am sure never will forget it. It’s just who he is. When he found out I was coming he said he would take care of finding us an apartment. The containers arrived and Olga told the men where to put everything. By the end of the day we were all set up with everything in its place. Olga fixed us a small meal after which I excused myself and retired for the night. The shower felt so good after going almost two days without one. I finished drying off beside my bed and through the towel on a chair and crawled into bed. I already felt at home and was soon sleeping.

The time change had screwed me up so I slept much later than I usually would. Olga finally came in and pulled of the covers only to see my erection sticking straight up. As I came awake she smiled and said I see you soon will be a young man. I smiled back with a slight blush and said yeah it has a mind of its own. She laughed and said it only wants attention and then told me it was late so I needed to get up. She was right it did need attention which I gave it before I got up and dressed.

Dad said we need to look at couple private schools he had checked into. The University had provided us a Honda so dad drove us to both of the schools and checked them out. I could tell dad was not pleased with what he saw. On the way home he said he didn’t like either of the schools so he had decided to home school me. I ask how I was going to get to know other kids and he said we would figure it out. He dropped me off and said he would be back in a couple hours as he needed to check in with the collage.

I told Olga I was going for a walk and she warned me that I stood out like a sore thumb as an American because of my clothes. She said not to go far and keep my eyes open for any strange people that might accost me. I picked up one of the pass cards needed to get through the electronic opener in our apartment building and left. As I reached the sidewalk I could see down the street to the area we had passed a couple of times. It was only 5 blocks but it wasn’t what you would call a safe area in the states but I decided to head in that direction being watchful.

As I got into the area I hear buzzers going off and looked up over the doorway of a large building only to find it was a school. I went inside and the lady behind the long counter looked at me suspiciously as I approached. She said may I help you in very poor but understandable English. I replied I hope so in Russian and a very surprised look came over her face. I found the school went from grades 1st through what we would call junior high or the 9th grade. The school had over 800 students and ran in two shifts. The second shift was now in progress. I told her who I was, about my dad and the collage and ask if I could sit in on one of the classes in my age group. She said she would be right back and turned and went into what appeared to be the principal’s office. He came out and assured me it would be okay and the lady escorted me to the second floor into a room of about 40 kids. When we walked in the room became dead silent. Olga was right they knew immediately I was American. I was introduced to the teacher in Russian and I told them both how much I appreciate them letting me set in on her class.

Mrs. Samarin the teacher asked if I would like to tell the class about myself and where I was from. I gladly accepted and went into my life history and how school was in the states. They ask me question after question which I was happy to answer. By the time their dinner break came I had been in front of the class for over 2 hours. As the class room emptied I pulled out my cell phone and call Olga. Dad answered and said he was worried to death about me. I apologized and told him time had gotten away from me and filled him in on where I was and what I had been doing. He seemed pleased as well as relived. I told him I would be home soon.

As I closed my phone I noticed a smallish boy sitting in the back as the others left it was obvious he was from a very poor family as his clothes were in pretty bad shape. I ask Mrs. Samarin about him and she said he was like so many other children that could not afford to bring anything to eat for school. Many would get by with two or sometimes one meal a day. I hadn’t been repaired for this. I knew there were many poor children and wasn’t surprised by the poor condition of the school and the lack of proper heat but this just hit me in the pit of my stomach. I ask if he accepted would it be okay for me to take him to my home for dinner. When I told her where I lived a strange look came across her face and said she would have to clear it with the front office. It was clear that for some reason where we lived related to me being an important person. I told her I would wait and try and talk to the boy. As I walked toward him he looked down at the floor. I sat down beside him and could tell he hadn’t bathed for a while. I asked his name and he slowly said Pasha. I smiled at him and said our names rime, my name is Sasha. He looked up and gave me a small grinned. He had very light blue penetrating eyes and a hansom face, fine features along with small hands and feet. His hair was blond, long, shaggy and very dirty I guessed him at a little under 5’and his weight in the low 90’s or a bit lower. I asked him how old he was and he replied I just turned 12. This told me he was at least one grade ahead of his age. The tone and correctness of his Russian also indicated he was no dummy. Mrs. Samarin returned and said due to the time it would take to go to my house and return they were giving Pasha the remainder of the school day off so he could spend some time with me. He very reluctantly agreed to go with me. I could tell by the tone of Mrs. Samarin’s voice it was more of a command than an approval to go. I wasn’t sure I like how it was handled but I knew well enough to leave it alone.

We left the school and headed toward my home. I could tell the coat Pasha had on was not keeping him warm so I hurried as much as I felt he could keep up. As we got to the front entrance Pasha stopped and said he had never been to such a nice place and thought it wouldn’t be proper for such a lowly person like him to go in. I immediately told him I knew he was inelegant and articulate and his station in life was not important to me or my family. He smiled and hesitantly walked through the doors to our apartment. As we entered he looked in amazement at all the beautiful wood and marble. Olga met us as we came in the door and I introduced Pasha to her and then to dad. I could tell he was surprised at the kind reception he had received. He excused his appearance and the lack of bathing and Olga immediately said that can be cured very fast. Sasha why don’t you take Pasha to your room and let him bathe?

I reached out my hand to take him by the arm but he took hold of my hand so we walked to my room hand in hand. I turned on the shower and gave him soap and shampoo. By the time I retrieved a towel he was undressed standing in front of me. I had seen other boys naked but even though he was a bit thin and very dirty I was immediately taken by his natural beauty. His little frame was in perfect proportion to the rest of him. He reached out and took my hand. Will you please join me? I was once again surprised but gladly agreed to join him. As we got in the shower he handed me the soap and said will you wash me? I reached for a wash cloth as I knew I needed to do some scrubbing and hung it on the rack. I got his hair wet and it took several washings to get it clean and then I started on his back, under his arms and down to his butt. I ask if it was okay to wash his crack and privates, he just smiled and nodded. I washed everything taking care to be sure I got everything clean right down to his feet. When I finished he said it was the best bath he ever had and ask if he could do me. I quickly agreed and settled in for the most amazing experience of feelings I had ever experienced.

We got out of the shower, dried off and walked naked into my bedroom. There on the end of my bed were some clothes I had out grown and assumed Olga had given away before we left the states. Everything fit him right down to the shoes I had only wore a couple times. He looked very hansom to say the least. We walked out and Olga went on about how hansom he was which made pore Pasha turned red. Dinner was ready so we sat down to a regular Russian meal. Pasha must have thanked Olga a dozen times for the best meal he ever eaten.

After dinner dad took us to the living room and ask Pasha where he lived. Suddenly and to our complete surprise Pasha said he appreciated everything we had had done but he needed to leave. He said our world was far from the reality he lived every day and he had experienced too many disappointments in life to believe he could be part of our world. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said you are a very kind person Sasha and I am very thankful for the day you have given me and the fine clothes as well but you know nothing of my life and the way I live and if I were to tell you I would have to leave anyway so lets just save us both the pain of trying to be friends. I was in a panic, there was no way I wanted this boy to leave my life. I looked at my dad and I know he saw in my eyes the shear fright I was feeling. Dads stood up, Pasha please just set down and let us tell you how we feel. We are not like the people you have the misfortune come in contact with. To us everyone should have a chance in this life and as such we look at people in you circumstances as unfortunate but not as a lower class person, we also know that if given a chance for a good education you would have a much better life. Education is the equalizing factor in life. With the foundation you get in school you will greatly increase your chances of a much better life. You are not an inferior person just because you are poor. What ever your circumstances are we will make you the absolute promises that we will not abandon you. Please give us the opportunity to help you improve your life.

Pasha sat back down and was silent for a few moments. After what you have said I suppose it would be foolish not to try and believe that there can be people who are sincere and would accept me as a person not as a second class very poor castaway.

You see I was abandon by my parents who are drug addicts several years ago so I am what is called a street child, I live wherever I find a place to stay at night and eat what ever I can find or beg for. I stay most of the time in overnight communes for street children like me provided by the government. School and my dreams is all that keeps me going because I like to learn and I just….. and that is all he got out before he started crying huge tears. I got up and put my arms around him and cradled his head on my shoulder and let him cry himself out

Dad told him tomorrow he will do what ever is necessary to make sure he stays with us. You take one of the guest rooms and we will talk more tomorrow. Is it okay if I sleep with you Sasha? I don’t want to be alone. You are welcome in my bed any time or all the time it’s up to you. He grinned and took my hand as we walked to my room. We undressed and I pulled back the covers and Pasha jumped in with me right behind him. I had a king size bed but it was clear he was not getting on his side of the bed instead he snuggled up against me. You smell good Pasha. Yes it is so nice to be clean I don’t know how I will ever repay you and your father for all you doing for me. Our payment will be your happiness are we clear on that. Yes Sasha. Pasha then moved up and placed his head on my chest. I hear your hart and it tells me it is strong and belongs to a very special person. At that he lifted his head and kissed me quickly on the lips. Sweet dreams Sasha. I was pleased he had kissed me and knew that showing affection by holding hands and kissing those you care about was common in the Russian society. In minutes we were both snuggled together with his little body next to mine sleeping like the innocent children we were.

Morning came but no Olga to wake me. I reasoned she had decided not to intrude on me when there was someone in my room. Pasha stirred and stretched his arms into the air with a big yawn. Did you sleep well? Yes Sasha, I believe this is the first time I can remember not being woke up by something or someone during the night. Well I don’t think that will be a problem in here. I agree, all I need is you to keep me warm. Thank you Pasha I’m glad I can be of service. He laughed for the first time. It made my spirit soar and I knew it was going to be a great day for us. We got up and dressed. I handed Pasha the tooth brush I had given him the night before. We washed up and brushed our teeth then headed for the kitchen where Olga had breakfast ready for us. Good morning boys, and almost together we Wished her a good morning also. Pasha. Yes Olga. Would you like to try some American breakfast? Yes I would like that. I have made scrambled eggs and pancakes.

The pancakes are not like the ones you are use to eating, these are sweet. The kid scarfed down twice as much as I did but I could tell he like what Olga had prepared. When he finished he call Olga over and as she got next to him he stood on the rails of the stool he was sitting on and kissed her on the cheek. Thank you Olga that was the best breakfast I have ever eaten. Olga was almost at a loss for words but managed to say he was a very sweet and well mannered boy.

As we got up for the kitchen counter dad came in and said he had contacted his friend and that all was being taken care of so Pasha could continue to stay with us. It’s for sure and not just a promise your friend can’t keep. Yes Pasha he is a very powerful man in this town and if he tells me it’s taken care of you can be certain it has. Pasha went to my dad with tears in his eyes and hugged him. I’m sorry I questioned your word but here in Russia promises mean very little to people like me they are rarely kept. I realize it will take you some time to adjust to how normal people act. Just give us some time and you will understand. Now you boys need to dress for the cold as we are going to a shop Mr. Yuri told me about. We both dress in our winter coats but I didn’t put on boots because Pasha didn’t have any. We went to the garage and got in the new Honda Pilot. Dad pulled out through the security gates and looked at a small map he had then drove toward the center of the city. There were many old buildings that look like they came from a picture book. Dad finally stopped in front of a store. We all got out and went in where a man came to dad and said you must be Mr. Gurian. Yes I am. Very good I have been expecting you please come this way. He led us to the back of the store through a second door into a nicely decorated room with kid’s clothes across all the walls. As I look closer I could tell they were all the latest designer brands from the states. He measured Pasha first and I found he was 4’10”. He then measured me and I found I had grown a little as I was now 5’3”. He then began laying out clothes for us to choose from. Pasha looked at me then to dad. I can’t let you by me expensive clothes. These clothes cost a fortune in Russia. Pasha looked at me and said he would be more comfortable wearing European clothes so he wouldn’t stand on in a crowd like an American. I agreed with him. He said the only exception was he loved the way Levies on people so we both picked up several pair. As it turned out the better made European clothes fit and look very nice on us. When it came time to choose dress close I was amazed at how well Pasha chose his clothes. He made sure that most everything could be wore as separates or together. When we finished we had everything any kid would want and then some. The then some was outer wear for Pasha for the very cold weather in Saint Petersburg. What we had filled the back of the Honda Pilot.

We drove down a few blocks and stopped. Boys I was told this man is the best barber in the city. I guess we will all find out.

We were met at the door by a lady who told dad I know who you are by the two boys, please come this way. She took us to a room where a nice looking slender man was waiting for us. I told Pasha to go first. The man asked Pasha how he wanted it cut but Pasha looked at me and said I have never had a barber cut my hair. I told him to cut his hair just like mine, parted in the middle with short bangs in front and a medium cut. When he finished he looked like a different kid he was ever more hansom than before. The barber did a fantastic job. He did mine the same and we left.

Dad drove us to a very nice restaurant where we were met by the maitred who showed us to our table where to my surprise Olga was waiting for us. We greeted her and I told her I was glad she had joined us then Pasha and I both gave her a hug. Pasha had was very fond of her and she was becoming as much a surrogate mother to him as she was to me. The waiter gave us each our menu then Pasha looked at me and said he felt very uncomfortable in such a nice restaurant. He whispered he had never been in any restaurant in his life. I told him I would order for him. Just watch me and follow what I do when we eat. It all worked out fine and Pasha seemed to really enjoy himself. As we finished our meal the waiter brought out a colorfully decorated cake with 14 candles on it. So many things had happened in such a short period of time my mind had been flood with other things and I had forgotten it was my birthday. After we finished our cake and ice cream dad handed me a small box, in side was an 18 ct gold chain with a round charm that had my name engraved in English on one side and in Russian on the other. I gave dad a big hug and thanked him. As we parted from our hug he whispered in my ear you are and always will be the light of my life. As I stat back down I had tears in my eyes and Pasha had a look of concern come over his face. I smiled at him and said they are tears of joy. He smiled and then hugged me whispering I am only use to tears of sadness I guess I still have a lot to learn. Dad said he had to go the college so he would drop us off at home. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other. It appeared Pasha was evaluating and making judgments about me as I was him. As the day turned into evening it was clear we were reaching an unspoken understanding that we cared for each other very much.

Pasha wanted to finish his last year at school so the days and weeks passed as he attended school and me with my studies at home. Every afternoon after he returned from school we would discuss the days events and I with dads help was teaching him English. Dad was strict on enunciations which would prevent Pasha from having a heavy accent when he spoke English. He as I had expected was a fast learner. By the time his school came to and end he was well on his way mastering our language.

As the very long summer days come on we began to explore the city. In Saint Petersburg there is light 18 hours a day during the summer and the temperatures can go from hot to very cool from day to day. After much discussion dad allowed us to go to some of the many parks and museums and to the college swimming hall where I taught Pasha to swim. We were both having the time of our lives. We would often hold hands as we walked and talked and our lives were bonding. We were no longer just friends we had transcended into an inseparable Pair. We each understood the others need’s, passions and desires.

One evening after a very long day we ate dinner and told Olga and dad about our day then said we were bushed and retired to my bedroom. Pasha had all his belongings in the bedroom next to mine where we shared the bathroom but he still slept with me. After our shower we crawled into bed and Pasha kissed me as always but this time he put his hands under my head and kissed me longer and before I knew it he had his tongue in my mouth. I reacted by putting my arms around him and continuing the kiss. As we kissed both our boyhoods became erect against each other. We finally parted and I looked at Pasha declaring how much I had come to love him. He said he had felt the same for some time and kissed me once again.

As the summer continued we began to explore each other in the quiet of our bed. Yes it was now our bed. Pasha could take me in his warm mouth and work me until I was no longer in control and in the end he would extract every drop of juices from my loins leaving me limp and fulfilled. I in time learned to do the same for him, our bond was now firmly set. This became our routine and the life I thought couldn’t get bet did. By now Pasha’s English was very good and his slight accent only added to his already infectious personality.

One afternoon dad called me aside and told me our relationship had not gone unnoticed and how much he had grown to care for Pasha. He reminded me his exchange agreement would be complete very soon. I told him there was no way I would leave Pasha. I was almost belligerently admit about it. Dad realizing my youthful fear of knowing I had little or no control over what is decided by adults or in this case other countries started to calm me by saying he was willing to do what ever he could to keep us together. I told Pasha about our talk and he said he had feared this time for several months. I told him my dad would do anything and everything to try and keep us together.

Dad met with Mr. Yuri his friend and explained he wanted to adopt Pasha. Mr. Yuri told him there were separate rules related to street children and that the process could take some time. Dad went to the state run adoption agency and explained the situation. They allowed him to fill out the request for adoption but said they were not inclined to allowing adoptions to single foreign people particularly if they were of the same sex. At that point it became clear to dad that his chances were poor.

Dad returned home and explained the problem. Pasha was beside himself. He said so many officials were corrupt that he knew he had little chance of leaving. It took me most of the afternoon to settle him down. He was so upset he finally lay down. I took the opportunity to tell my dad that if Pasha couldn’t get out of Russia I would stay until he was of legal age in Russia. As a street child he would be considered legal at 16. Dad said there was no need to jump to any decisions until he could research how the system works. I am very willing to wait as I know this is our best chance but please understand I am resolute in my decision to stay if necessary. You are a wonderful father but there is now someone in my life I am unwilling to compromise over. I do understand son and if it comes to that Olga will stay with you. She has dual citizenship and is still considered a citizen of Russia even though she is a naturalized American.

I went to Pasha’s bedroom and sat down on the side of the bed. I could tell he had been crying. I have some good news Pasha, my dad said if there is no way to get you out of the country I can stay until your 16 and can be sponsored to leave Russia. You would do that for me. I thought you knew by now I would do anything for you. He jump up in my lap and kissed me while hugging the breath out of me. We just sat there with him in my lap holding on to each other knowing some way some how we would always be together. As I looked up I saw dad standing in the door way smiling at us with a knowing look that I was growing up and he was now willing to share me as I spread my wings. I was beginning to understand the sacrifices one will make for the one’s they love. He had been my anchor all my life now I was determined to do the same for Pasha.

It was a nice day out and dad said why don’t you let me take you to the country side for a picnic. We both agreed so he drove us to a small town on the Gulf of Finland where we found a beautiful area near the water to and spread our blanket under a tree. Dad said he would be back shortly so we sat and talked of what our future could be and the love we hadn’t quite come to understand. In a short time dad returned and told us there was a small hotel just a couple of blocks from where we were and he had talked to the owner and he said he would see to our safety for the night. Dad, are you saying you will leave us on our own for the night? Yes son I am. I feel certain you will be safe here and I thought it would be good for the both of you to have some time on your own. I packed some clothes for you both before we left. You planned this? Yes son I did. I will see you both tomorrow around 4 in the afternoon. I don’t know what to say. There is nothing to say you boys enjoy yourselves and remember I love you both. At that he turned and headed for the car. I looked at Pasha, he had a huge grin and said your father said he loved me. I can’t believe it. You will probably never know just how much he loves us. That’s just how he is.

The hotel was like many small hotels in Europe it was family run and your meals were included in you stay. The owner said he had placed our belongings in our room and dinner would be served at six in the courtyard as my father had asked. Our room was old but very well maintained and had its own bath and a fire place with a sitting area in front of it. Of the side of the room was a brick courtyard with an olive tree and beautiful flowers all over the place. It was a couple hours until our dinner would be served so we decided to go for a wall along the shores of the bay. By the time we were ready to return to the hotel the breeze off the cold water of the bay was making us cold. When we got to the room we could see the table in the courtyard had been set and even had candles glowing. As we were washing up there was a nock on the door and I called out enter. The door opened and in came the waiter with our dinner. He seated us and then began to serve our meal dad had ordered. The sea bass was the best I had ever eaten and Pasha exclaimed he never realized people could enjoy life like this. After we finished the waiter cleared the table and served the flambé along with a small flask of cognac. The desert was exquisite and we both like the relaxed feeling the cognac gave us. As we sipped our drink the waiter clear all but our drinks and excused himself. As he left I ask if my dad had also ordered the cognac. Oh yes he replied. It was clear he truly wanted us to enjoy ourselves.

The evening air was getting very cool so we went inside only to find a fire had been lit in the fireplace and the bed covers turned back. I sat down in one of the soft cushioned chair in front of it and Pasha sat in my lap and lay his head on my chest with his arms around my neck. He looked up and said I love you very much Sasha and then kissed me. Our passion began to grow and we slowly undress each other. I looked at Pasha’s small beautiful frame with those piercing blue eyes then picked him up placing him gently in the bed. We kissed, fondled and played with each other until Pasha took me in his mouth and slowly took me to the edge of ecstasy and then finished me off with the delicate touch of his small hand caressing my groin while sucking me dry. I worked Pasha but I didn’t have the his delicate touch however it didn’t seem to diminish the moans of shear delight he released as I brought him to the edge with out letting him release his seed several times until he pleaded for me to finish him off. Our sex play had gone on for hours when we finally drifted of into a peaceful sleep.

As I woke it was almost 10 am and was feeling very good. I pushed the cover back and slid out of bed looking down on my beautiful sleeping Pasha. In the almost year he had been with us he had filled out and was now about 5’. I had seen pictures of may beautiful young boys while cruising the internet back in California but this little bundle of beauty, personality and joy make them all pale in comparison. I knew from what he remembered of his family he would never be very tall but that was just fine with me. As I stared at him he woke and looked up at me smiling and said do you like what you see? No I don’t like it I love it. He jumped up in the bed and put his arms around my neck as I stood by the bed and gave me a passionate kiss. As he was doing so I took hold of his jewels and he whispered there are all yours. I picked him up carrying him to the bathroom where we emptied our bladders. I turned on the water in the shower and we both got in the rather small space and after a little play we finished our shower and got dressed. As I was putting on my shoes a knock came at the door. Pasha called out, enter and a young lady came in with a tray of cheese breads and honey along with hot tea. We ate our fill and packed our belongings in our small over night bags.

It was a nice day so we walked along the street until we saw some boys our age playing soccer across the street. We crossed the street and immediately were asked to join in as they were short two men. We played for several hours until I heard a horn and looked up to see dad waiting for us. We shook hands with all the boys and told them we had a great time then picked up our bags and headed of the car. On the way back dad explained Mr. Yuri had a friend in the American Embassy that was assistant to the ambassador. He told dad he had never asked him for a favor because he didn’t want a relationship with an American official built on favors but now he felt it was the only chance we had of getting the Russian adoption agency to let pasha go. As it turned out the Assistant Ambassador loved to take on the Russian bureaucrats and was more than happy to help us. We met with him and he said just call him Mike. His last name was Monroe. He set the wheels of American diplomacy into action. A few days later he asked us to return. He said the problem had been solved and the paper work would be in his office the next day. It seems diplomacy comes in many forms. In this case the Assistant Ambassador had and under cover agent check out the Russian adoption agency’s director and found he had not one but two mistresses and they quickly reached an agreement. We returned to the embassy the next day where we met with Mr. Monroe. He had an assistant take a picture of Pasha and a short time later he returned with an envelope which he handed to Mike who in turn handed it to Pasha. He said all the paper work was in order and congratulated pasha on having a new family. Dad said it was amazing what a bureaucrat in the right position could accomplish. We got in the car and drove to the American Airlines downtown counter where the attendant pulled up our itinerary and made a one way ticket for Pasha off our schedule. We got in the car and went home.

Pasha made it to the apartment before he broke down and cried like a small child. Olga rushed into the living area, sat him down on the sofa and cradled his head in her arms. She motioned us away so dad and I went to the kitchen. He finally pulled himself together then he and Olga came to the kitchen. He still had tears in his eyes as he hugged first dad then me. He then very carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the passport. He opened it gently and just stared at it for several minutes. He then look up at all of us and said he had no word to express his feelings for what had done for him. Dad said just seeing your face when you were looking at your passport is all the thanks we need. Pasha asked him if he could call him father when we got to the states but dad said I afraid I am father to the only one who we both love but you can start calling me dad anytime. You have become part of us Pasha and I love you very much. Pasha was beside himself he got so excited he had to excuse himself and run to the bathroom before he peed his pants. We had lunch and dad told us to pack up all our clothes except what we were going to ware on the plane and set aside anything we wanted to go in the containers as they were to be loaded tomorrow morning. I told dad that Pasha and I wanted to write a note to Mr. Yuri and thank him for all he had done. Dad thought the note was a nice gesture and told us he would see it was delivered.

Early the next morning the containers arrived and the workers filled them with everything we had. I was still warm so Pasha and I decided to ware shorts on the plane. When we arrived at the airport much to our surprise Mr. Yuri met us. Dima what a pleasant surprise. Anton I just had to meet these boys. In all my year I have never received a letter like they sent me. There is no question they are special. Pasha and I shook hands with him and he handed me an envelope. This is for you boys. Anton will oversee it until you are of legal age. I unfortunately have never had a family and only one friend I would trust with my life and that is your father. Please wait until you are in the air before you open it. I wish I could wait until you leave but my business will not allow me the time. I wish you the very best and hoped the day may come we meet again. At that he bid us farewell and left. We passed through passport control and made our way to our departure gate. When we boarded the big 777 I was surprised to how few people we on board. I was holding on to Pasha because he was so nervous. He had never been close to an airplane little lone flown in one. He was scared to death. We found our seats and before long the huge aircraft was lumbering down the runway at an ever increasing speed until I felt lift off. It didn’t take long before we leveled off at our cruising altitude of 38,000 feet and Pasha was feeling much better. After we leveled off I opened the envelope and took out a hand written note. It read:

Dear boys, I haven’t been to California in over 10 years and in all likely hood never will return. This is the deed to my beach house in San Diego. The taxes have been paid until you are 25 years of age then it is up to you to keep it or sell. I wish you only the best in live. My blessings go with you, Dima Yuri.

Dad is this beach house we have used since I was little. Yes son it is. Dima insisted I use it. Gee’s the place must be worth a fortune. Yes, even though it’s small in comparison to those around it. It’s some of the most prime beach front property in San Diego. But why would he do such a generous thing for a couple kids he hardly knew? First of all he owns the second larges oil production company in Russia so money is not a concern but lastly and most important he and I formed a friendship on trust with me being his advisor through is doctorate degree. It seems he has placed a higher value on that trust that I had thought. Dad what does it feel like to have such a friend. You have been finding that out in recent months as he patted Pasha on the head. Yeah I guess you are right. Pasha looked up at dad. What is it son? Well dad I just wanted to hear you call me son. Dad ruffled his hair and kissed him on the head.

A meal was served and then a movie at which time the lights were dimmed to allow for sleeping. Pasha and I sought out a place in the rear of the plane where all the seats were empty for at least six rows around us. We folded the arms on the seats so we could lie down. A steward noticed and brought us a couple blankets and pillows then told us he would not bother us so we could rest. We lay down face to face with little room to move or one of us would fall on the floor. We covered up kissed and hugged then slipped our shorts down as we had purposely not worn underwear and fondled each other. We then did a 69 and slowly sucked each other seeing how long we could make the other hold out until we just had to release. We unfortunately fell asleep that way and I was awakened by the same steward as my cover fell to the floor he grinned and said I’m glad someone had a good trip we are about to land and you two need to get dressed. I blushed and thanked him for his courtesy. The plane landed and as we stepped off into the terminal at LA International I thought to my self it has really happened I had returned from Russia with my love.

Ray Drew one of dad’s associates picked us up. Pasha was all over the car looking at all the many sight as we drove toward our home when we pulled up in front of our house with the tree lined street and fine homes Pasha’s eyes were the size of grapefruit. We got out and while dad talked to Ray Pasha and I went to the house with Olga. He couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. We showed him through but about all he could keep saying is wow. I took him to the back yard where he spotted the pool, grabbed my arm saying I can’t believe it this has to be a wonderful country. When we finished the tour we went back to the house where Olga and dad were talking. Olga looked up and said well boys I need a decision before the containers arrive. Are you going to share the same bedroom or shall I start getting what is needed for Pasha to live in the spare. I told her I wanted Pasha to look at mine before we decided. On the way up the stairs Pasha pulled my arm and whispered your not going to make me sleep alone are you? Of course not silly I just wanted to let you see it and have some time alone. He giggled as I opened the door to my room. Oh gee it’s so big and you have TV, internet, stereo and anything else a kid our age would want. Yeah I guess I do.

My room was quite large and had a very big dormer window that extended out over the roof overlooking the pool where I had all my electronics, a built in desk and a small sitting area. The walk in closet was much too big for even my stuff so giving Pasha one side wasn’t a problem. You have so much, no Pasha we have a lot of nice things. All this is now for both of us. He stood on his toes and kissed me saying I still find it hard to believe you love me so much but I do believe it. I put one arm around him and with my other hand slid down inside of his shorts and took hold of his hairless globes. He let out a small hiss and put both arms around me as I dropped his short to the floor. I slipped to my knees and took all of him in my mouth as I sucked and rolled my tongue over his little globes. He was so keyed up from all the excitement of the day he didn’t last long and collapsed on the floor beside me where I move in front of his beautiful face and kissed him. Pasha you have just been formally initiated into your new room. He looked up and smiled saying what about all the other rooms. In do time my love in due time.

We went back down stairs and announced that Pasha was moving in with me. Olga in he dry since of humor tone said what a surprise I would have never guessed. We ate a lite lunch and I took him for a walk through our neighbor hood. He said I have never seen so many grass yards and clean sidewalks. Everything is so neat and well kept. Is this the way all Americans live? No Pasha I am afraid we have many here that also are in need. America has many freedoms but our government has lost sight of the real needs of many struggling people. It will be up to future generations like ours to build a more compassionate and less self serving government. So it is like my teachers taught me, there will always be the homeless and needy no mater where you are in the world. Yes Pasha you teacher was right.

We returned to the house and I told Olga we were going for a private swim. What do you mean by a private swim Sasha?

That is my way to let Olga know we will be swimming in the nude. Pasha chuckled and put his hand over his mouth to keep form laughing as we went out the back door. We stripped and jumped in the cool water that was a welcome relief from the warm September day. We swam and played then lay in the sun in hopes of getting some color on our white skin.

The days passed as Pasha began to acclimate to California and the many changes that had taken place in his life over a very short period of time. He was learning new words and slang every day. Some mornings I would wake to find him using my stomach as a pillow but I didn’t mind. Dad said it was probably still his need for attachment and I was what he could depend on no mater what. One morning as I woke and slowly lifted his head off me and stood up beside the bed I could see how the sun had turned even his ball sack to a light tan. His hair had bleached out to an almost white blond and his entire hairless body was a golden brown. Once again I just stood there looking at the most beautiful boy I had ever seen and the best part was he loved me without condition. I bent down and kissed him awake with one of his beautiful smiles coming across his face. He got up and we showered, dressed then ate breakfast.

Dad was taking us to enroll for school at the Gibson Academy. It is a regular school in the Los Angeles district but it was for those students that displayed exceptional abilities above what a regular curriculum could offer. When we got there dad had the test information Sasha had already taken and handed it to the registrar where they began to fill out all the paper work. There were some of the students from my previous year there so I introduced them to Pasha. Of course they loved his accent including the girls. These were all very bright and enlightened kids. There were several in our age group that were boy, boy couples and were accepted just like anyone else.

School got under way and within a couple weeks they had all figured out that Pasha was mine. It wasn’t a problem with anyone including the teachers. We could discreetly hold hand and kiss while at school as long as we didn’t make a public spectacle of ourselves. I had many activities and a few friends that took up some of my time and I could tell Pasha was feeling left out. Even though he had made some friends he appeared to feel left out and was beginning to stick with me like glue.

The upcoming Saturday was Pasha’s 13th birthday so I contacted his and my friends and explained we were going to have a surprise birthday party at our house. I told dad about how Pasha had been acting and asked if he would take us to the beach house after the party and leave us for the weekend. Dad thought it over and as expected reluctantly agreed.

Saturday morning came and as usual, I woke first. Resting on my arms I lifted myself over Pasha’s face and kissed him awake. Good morning my beautiful birthday boy. Yes I am and don’t you forget it. Woe, what brought that on? He looked down and began to cry. I sorry Sasha I don’t know what’s come over me lately and I’m also afraid I will loose you to one of the boys at school that keeps talking to you. I lifted his chin and looked him in the eyes. Pasha you are my one and only love, now and for always you must understand that. I do but I have lost so many times in my life I have a hard time holding onto the belief we are forever and sometimes just can’t help having doubt. In time those feeling will go away. I understand how hard it must be for you with all the many changes in your life. You need to also understand I have times that scare me when the thought of you not be beside me crosses my mind. I love you so much I doubt I could go on if you weren’t beside me. I’m so sorry Sasha I never dreamed you also had feelings to deal with. We kissed hugged sucked and played with each other until I knew if we didn’t get a shower and dressed we would be late to his party. With one last kiss we jumped up and showered then I laid out our clothes for the party. We each dressed with me stopping Pasha just before he pulled up his underwear and kissed his beautiful long penis. He giggled with joy and we finished dressing. As we reached the bottom of the stairs all the kids came rushing out of the den yelling Happy Birthday. He was so excited I was sure he would pee his pant but he didn’t. Olga had set up tables in the back yard each with a place card and a little gift. She and one of her close friends served all 15 of us a delicious lunch and then she brought out a cake decorated in many bright colors with 13 candles on it. Pasha blew out the candles with one breath. I asked if he had made a wish. He smiled and said would you like to know. We devoured the cake and then Pasha opened his presents. Many were electronic gadgets and some were clothes. Dad gave him his own cell phone. I had never seen him happier. The party ended and the kid all said they had a great time.

As we entered the house dad ask if we were ready to go. Pasha looked at me. I have a surprise for you Pasha. I went up stairs and retrieved our over night bags I had prepared and we drove off. Pasha for some reason didn’t ask me where we were going. I guess he had decided he had said enough for one day and was going to let me take him to his surprise as a gesture of his faith in me. When we arrived he jumped out of the car. I know what this is it’s the beach house. Yes Pasha it’s our beach house. We walked inside and it was obvious Olga and dad had been there ahead of us. The place looked great and the wood rack had been filled and logs were already set in the fireplace. Our bedroom had clean Linen with be covers pulled back. Dad said Olga had prepared us meals for our stay. We only had to fix our own stakes on the grill in back. There was a small bottle of champagne in the middle of the table. Dad said when you drink it do not leave this house are we understood. We both said we understood. I took Pasha to the back yard so he could see the view over the sea. I walked him over to thee side of the cliff with railing all around it and pointed out the zigzag brick path that passed through large rocks to the ocean below. You see why dad was so adamant about not leaving the house after drinking. Yes Sasha I do understand. We went back in and dad asked if we had our cell phones, we told him we did. He said he would return Sunday at 3pm to pick us up.

It was late in the afternoon and we were both a little hungry so I Pulled the first meal Olga had prepared from the refrigerator and read the instructions. In no time we sat down to our meal. When we finished we cleaned up the kitchen and I told Pasha to get his bathing suit on and we would go down to the beach. We changed and I picked up some towels and turned on the lights that lit the pathway down to the beach. When we got there we found the beach was deserted except for a few people much further down. We spread our large beach towels and lay beside each other. As it got dark the Moon was full and bright across the ocean as the tide was going out. I sat up and reach into the extra towel I had brought with me and pulled out a tube of lubricant and handed it to Pasha. This is my real present to you. No Sasha I have dreamed of you in me. I want you to consummate our love inside me. Are you sure that is what you want. Yes Sasha I am very sure. We pulled off our swimming suits and Pasha lay on his stomach while I slowly lubricated his small hole. As I was do so I told Pasha I was afraid I was going to hurt him. I being only 4 months from 15 meant my penis had grown a lot and I was some want bigger than Pasha, but he still insisted. I continued to lubricate the inside of his hole and it help to stretch it. I finally lubricated myself and pulled Pasha to his knees as I moved up behind him and began to press my hard tool to his hole. I had to place more pressure on it than I had expected but it finally started in when Pasha let out a quiet “oh that hurts” I immediately stopped but he said don’t stop just go very slow. I continued to push as slow as possible and could tell he was hurting bad but he wouldn’t yell out. Then all at once I slipped in and Pasha let out a big breath he had been holding. Pasha are you okay? Yes it feels much better now. I started to stroke in and out of his very stretched hole but as I moved I could tell it was getting looser. I hit his prostate a couple times and he shot his load. I continued to increase my pace until we both came at the same time. I empting myself into Pasha and he on the beach towel. We fell to our side with me still in him. Are you okay Pasha? Yes Sasha I am better than okay, you have fulfilled my dream.

We spent the weekend making passionate love and resolved any issue of there ever being anyone else in our lives. We did take some time to go for a leisurely swim in the ocean. Like all good things it was over all too soon. Dad arrived at 3 pm sharp and we loaded our overnight bags in the car for a quiet ride home. I am sure we were both going over in our minds the unbelievable weekend we had just enjoyed.

Monday morning came and as we got ready for school I could tell the old Pasha was back. He joked and laughed on the ride to school then gave me a quick kiss as we go out of the car and he headed for his first class and I to mine. At lunch time I crossed the street with some friends to wait for Pasha so we could go to lunch. I saw him come running out of his class headed for the street and when he saw me he kept on running straight into the street. The last thing I remember is seeing him flying through the air as a car hit him. When I came to a paramedic was crouched beside me. He told me not to move as they placed me on the gurney I could feel blood running down my cheek. I has passed out and hit my head on the concrete sidewalk. I told them I wanted to see my brother but they said he was be worked on by another crew and I could see him at the hospital. At the hospital they stitched me up and said I would have to stay a couple hours for observation then I could go home. I again ask about Pasha but no one would answer me. In a few minutes dad arrived and slowly walked over to me and gave me a big hug. With tears in his eyes and a broken voice he said I am so sorry son but we have lost Pasha. They said he died instantly and probably never felt any pain. I collapsed against my dad until he became worried and called a nurse who laid me down and called a doctor. He told dad I was in shock and needed to be checked into a room. Two days later I finally came around. The first thing I saw was dad standing beside me. Welcome back son, you had the doctor and I worried for a while. Dad what am I going to do without him? It will be difficult for us all but we must go on. I’m not so sure I can dad. The doctor placed me on several medications one of which I recognized as an antidepressant.

The next day dad took me home. The funeral was graveside only but almost 150 students came. We buried him next to my mother. I barely made it through the service. The only reason I did was all the medication I was on. I stayed home the remainder of the year with dad trying to keep me up with my classes, but I wasn’t interested. The only thing I accomplished was getting my learners permit for driving. Friends came and I tried my best to be a good host but I was too lost to care. I wanted to be with my Pasha.

One Saturday afternoon while I was napping, Sasha took my car and drove to the beach house. He wrote a note to me saying he couldn’t go on anymore because life had no purpose without Pasha. He requested to be buried beside him. He said that hopefully God would see that they were also put together in heaven. He left the note on the kitchen table and walked to the back yard overlooking the beach. He climbed over the railing and went to be with his Pasha.

The End