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I have lived all 13 years of my live in a little community just outside of Houston, Texas. I go to a small private school and have loads of friends. I play soccer, baseball and basketball. School will let out in a week so I was planning to play little league until my dad called a family meeting. He works for Texas petroleum as Vice President in charge of Production control. I am a surviving twin. My brother died when he was three from an undetectable aneurism in his brain. I guess the loss was very hard on my parents particularly on my mom so I’m pretty sure that’s why they didn’t have anymore children. Okay I guess I had better get back to the family meeting. We sat down and dad said he had been offered a position as Vice President of Petrobras Petroleum, which would make him second in command of one of the largest oil companies in the world. I said I had never heard of them. Dad said that’s probably because they are in Brazil. In Brazil! You mean you want to move us to Brazil. By this time, I was more than just a little upset and my parents could tell it because over the years they had become use to my very reactive personality. Dad told me to calm down. He said we were going to fly there and check out the offer and the country. If by the time we finished our trip and all three of us didn’t agreed to move we would stay in Houston. That knocked the wind out of my fly-off-the-handle sails so I sat back down. He said we would fly out the day after school ended.

We boarded our Rio Airlines flight and were seated in first class. Dad said that was just part of the service to entice him to accept their offer. The flight was five hours but with the movie and eating, we were making our approach to Rio De Janeiro before I realized it. It was a beautiful sight from the air, the outline of the sand on the beaches could be seen for miles. Then as the plane made its turn for landing, I could see the tall mountains behind the city. It was an awesome sight. When we landed, two men met us at the gate, one was obviously from the oil company by his fine tailored suit and the other it turned out was our driver and guide. We were first driven to the Petrobras building where a tall smiling man walked briskly up to dad and said you must be Jason Preston. Then in reply, dad said then you must be Luis Vicente. They shook hands then dad turned to mom and I saying this is my wife April and our son Shane. We shook hands as the president said he wanted us to see the sights and what would be our home if my dad accepted their offer. He and dad would get together the next day. It was fall in Rio because of it’s location to the equator and the temperature was very comfortable. Our driver and what would be one of dads employees took us to a small town called Macae a short distance from the Oil Company Rio headquarters. It was a gated area with guards. I later found this area was exclusively for oil company executives. The house had a clear view to the beach just 50 yards away. It was a fantastic house with two stories. The upstairs had three bedrooms with private baths. Two of the bedrooms were like suites, each with a study and a balcony that overlooked the beach and ocean. The master suite was down stairs. The house was new so mom was told she could pick out all the furnishings with the help of a decorator. We also learned a cook and housekeeper came with the package.

We were taken to the school I would attend. It was an international school with kids from many countries. Fortunately for me the basic language was english as are most international schools. Of course Portuguese was the language of the country so it was deemed as important as English. I met some of the teachers and kids and found I really liked the school and the kids with their diverse backgrounds. By this time, it was getting late so our driver took us to our hotel where we had already been checked into the oil company suite for visiting VIP’s. We cleaned up and went to dinner. Dad asked how I like what I saw so far, I said it was much more than I had expected but I was having a problem over leaving everything and everyone I had known for 13 years. Dad said he understood that but I didn’t have to loose contact with my old friends. I would have video intranet to converse with them and we would be going back to Houston to visit my grandparents. Dad I know this may be a bit of a difficult transition for me but I know what this position means to you and I have no intention of standing in the way. I know if you wanted to move to hell mom would go so you can count on my vote. Dad smiled and said dam do I have a great kid or what. He ruffled my hair and kissed my cheek. Yeah dad don’t get to cheery because with all the money you will be making I’m going to cost you a bundle in monthly allowance. Son you learn fast, first you get the guy on the hook for what you know he wants then you throw in what you know he can’t refuse in order to get what you want. That’s called deal making. Thanks dad I’ll remember that so I can use it on you again. We all had a good laugh and went to our suite.

Dad contacted the President of Texas Petroleum who already knew dad had an offer pending and resigned. Dad had a very large holding of stocks and options, which he cashed in for what I found later in life was around thirty million dollars. Under his contract, Texas Petroleum was required to purchase our home for fair market value.

The next day dad accepted the position. That afternoon we were called to the company conference room. I was about to find out what it meant to be the son of a high ranking officer of an oil company in a third world country. We were told each of us would be interviewing men from whom we would choose a bodyguard. They said we were what they called high risk targets for kidnapping because of dad’s position. We were assured each of the men we would talk with was trained in martial arts, weapons, and divisional tactics. The instructor told us there had been two attempts but due to the tight security, they each had been foiled. I said do you mean he will be with me everywhere I go. Yes he will but don’t worry your friends will never notice him. He won’t be standing by you side every moment. He will be there but seldom noticed. They were trained to blend in with the crowd and still maintain close proximity to your needs. Mom, dad and I each went to smaller separate rooms where we would interview three men each to choose from. My first interview was a big burley guy I knew could never relate to a kid like me so I dismissed him quickly. The second was a young guy, well build but not a mussel man. He was about 5’9’ and approximately 170 pounds. I looked at his record and saw where he had been a bodyguard to one of our president’s kids. I asked him some questions and it became clear fast he knew kids and the latest things going on in our world. He also had a genuinely pleasant personality. I didn’t interview a third. He was my choice. His name was Mario and he was 24 years old. I told him your my man and he gave me a hi-five.

We spent two weeks in the hotel suite until mom had everything set up in the new house, as she wanted it. She had taken me to choose my bedroom and setting room furniture. I like oak so everything was in oak. The setting room became a den of sorts. I had a computer corner desk set up, TV and stereo equipment and a couple over stuffed comfy chairs. I was so glad to get out of the hotel and to the beach. Mom introduced me to our cook Ela and the housekeeper Ida. They both seemed to be very nice. I told dad even though I had finished the 9th grade in Houston I wanted to go part time so I could get to know the kids and learn as much Portuguese as soon as possible. Dad said he would talk to the administrator of the school and get me a tutor for some fast track Portuguese. That night I e-mailed some of my friends in Houston and talked to a couple on video networking.

The next morning Mario picked me up and took me to school. I spent 5 hours of intense study with a tutor learning Portuguese. My tutor said I was going to be a fast tracker, as I seemed to have a knack for language. Mario was waiting just outside the door of my class as I came out. As we walked to the car he asked how the class went, I told him I thought I could learn enough Portuguese to get by. As he drove, we became better acquainted. He told me he knew a place where the ice cream Sundays was the best. I ask him what he was waiting for so he headed for the plaza. We had a good time and each day thereafter he would take me to some new area even if it were only to see the sights and learn more about the city. He was a great guy and we were becoming friends fast.

One afternoon many weeks later, he picked me up and asked if it was okay for him to take a detour to a hospital in the shanty side of the city. He said he had a package he needed to drop off. I told him no problem. As we drove, I could see what he was talking about. This was the most rundown and trashed area I had ever seen. When he stopped in front of the hospital he said I was to stay at his side at all times. We walked through the emergency room doors of this not so clean hospital and immediately noticed a young boy on a gurney that appeared to be unconscious. He had a red tag on his ankle so I asked Mario what that meant. He said I didn’t want to know. Dam it Mario I want an answer. Okay Shane you want to know, the tag means they are going to do nothing for him. He has been deemed to far gone to waste resources on him. What in the hell do you mean to far gone? Shane that’s how it works here, there are hundreds of kids on the streets just like him. The hospital only has resources to care for those they feel can be helped. Mario where the hell is the best hospital in this city. It’s the one owned by the Petrobras Oil Company. While Mario handed his package to an attendant, I picked up the kid and said that is where we are going. Mario started to object but I said we are going and that final. We went to the car and Mario opened the back door. The kid was unconscious and smelled just awful. I got in with him and told Mario to do what ever it took to get us the hospital fast. He used his diversion tactics while driving so we were there in no time. I carried the kid through the emergency room door and was met by a nurse who said you can’t bring that street child in this hospital. I looked at her and said the hell I can’t. Mario tell her who my dad is before I really lose it. He told her in Portuguese who I was and she immediately called an orderly then a doctor came out. They put the boy on a gurney and headed to the emergency room.

I got on my cell phone and told dad I had created some major shit at the company hospital. He said to calm down that he would take care of what ever comes of it. I sat down and told Mario I was sorry I had been so blunt and nasty with him. I told him I was high strung and sometimes pushed people to hard. He said no problem; he now knew what buttons not to push. As we talked, the doctor came out and sat down. He said the boy was in very bad shape. His immediate problem was his blood. It was so depleted of nutrition he needed a transfusion but he had type A- that was not a common type, which they had none of, and it would have to send for. He said it would take several hours and he wouldn’t last that long. I told him no problem I was type O that can be mixed with any blood type. He could have mine. The doctor said he couldn’t do that without my parent’s permission. I dialed my dad again and told him the problem. He didn’t much like the idea but he knew a kid’s life was at stake so he gave his okay. They took a pint of my blood and made me stay on a gurney and fed me orange juice for over an hour until they felt I would be okay to get up. As I got up dad and mom came in the door. I explained the story to them and how I had made a complete ass of myself but I wasn’t sorry if it saves the kids life. Dad said I did what I knew was right and he would back me. The doctor came back and said the transfusion created a noticeable difference but he had an intestinal infection. He was doing better but it was still a matter of his will to live and time. He said they would run a battery of test to be sure he didn’t have any other diseases he may have picked up while on the streets. He told us it was clear he had anal sex but that was the norm for street kids as they often sold their body for something to eat or were raped by predators of children.

Each day before and after school, I would check on him. The hospital staff knew me well by now. One afternoon as I came into his room, his eyes were open. They were a blue green and had a captivating quality about them. With his hair clean, it was now a sandy color. I walked to his bedside and took his hand. He very quietly whispered “meu ango”. Mario started to say something but I knew what the boy had said. I turned to Mario fighting back tears and said he called me “my angel”. The doctor came in and said he took a turn for the better after I left yesterday and has steadily improved. He has heard your voice for many days and I’m sure that is how he knew who you were. The boy is a real fighter. I just stood there holding his hand as he did his best to give me a smile. I ask if he could tell me his name and he said Angelo. I must have stood there for over 30 minutes just holding his hand and at times running my hand through his hair. The doctor said what he needs most now was rest so I squeezed his hand then said in Portuguese I would see him tomorrow.

On our way home Mario ask if I had given any thought to what would happen to Angelo when he was released from the hospital. His words hit me like a brick. I had been so intent on getting him better the thought had never occurred to me. That night I didn’t sleep well for wondering what I could do for him. In the very early hours of morning, my mind and body gave in and I slept for a while. At breakfast, I know I looked terrible as mom said it doesn’t look like you had a good night. Yeah I have another problem. Dad looked at me and said no son he’s the same problem but now you are wondering what will become of him. Okay dad so you can read me like a book. Well son would you by any chance want to bring him home. I jumped up and hugged my dad as tears ran down my face. Your mother and I have given it a lot of thought and feel it may be good for us all to have him here. Gees I don’t know what to say except I love you guys and you have no idea how happy I am. Yes, son we think we do. Dad went on to tell me Angelo could come home today. After two long weeks, he would be coming home with me.

That afternoon Mario drove me to the hospital and we picked up Angelo. Mom had purchased him several pair of pajamas so I pick up a pair to put on him before we left. When we got to the room, the nurse reached for the PJ’s but I motioned her away. As I pulled his hospital gown off I could see how small and frail his naked body was. I helped him put on the top then I held up each leg as we pulled the bottoms on. An orderly brought in a wheel chair. I picked him up; he was as light as a feather. I carefully placed him in the chair and wheeled him to the car. When we arrived home, I carried him up stairs where mom was standing at my bedroom door. I walked over to her and noticed a small bed had been set next to mine; I slowly placed him in bed covering him with a sheet. I looked at mom with that your-always-one-step-head-of-me look and hugged her. When I turned around, he was already sleeping.

As the days turned into a month, he was like a flower blossom whose pedals slowly unfold into a beautiful flower. He put on at least 15 pounds and his color had returned to normal. His face had filled out and lips had gone from ashen to a red. He was getting restless and wanted to get outside. I took him for short walks every day on the beach and learned more of this beautiful creature as he slowly tanned making him even more hansom. He had just turned 12 a week before we brought him home. He asked me how long he could stay and I told him he was home now. There would be no more living on streets for him. He gave me a puzzled look but I could see in his eyes that he believed what I told him. He hugged me and cried.

Mom had the bedroom next to mine redecorated placing a door between our rooms. She involved Angelo in selecting the furniture he liked. As it turned out, he was good at decorating and when they had finished it looked like his personality. Dad bought him a TV, stereo and computer. With it finished, he told me he felt like he was in a dream world and at any time he would wake up. He often cried but it was out of pure joy and it made me happy to see his life evolving. He loved mom and dad as much as they were quickly learning to love him. His presents had added another dimension to our home. He had Ela and Ida wrapped around his little finger. If he even mentioned something he liked to eat Ela made sure it was on the table. I felt like I had been given a second chance at having a brother. I don’t think we could be closer if we were blood brothers. It was clear we loved each other and there no boundaries.

Many nights I would hear the door between our rooms open and he would quietly slide in bed beside me. When I would wake, there he would be curled up in a ball lying against me. I would tickle him awake as he squealed and we would hug each other just to be sureall that had happened was still true and not a dream.

Mom and I took him to my school to have him tested to see what grade he would start in since he had never attended school. He tested high in math skills and problem solving. It was decided he would start a grade 5 but the instructor that tested him said he was sure once he got into the program he would move up several grades fast. It was no surprise to me. Dad didn’t want to place too much pressure on him to soon so he would begin when the new school year started. Dad did say he could go with me on days he felt like it to get use to a school environment. He went with me most days and sat in on English classes which he was quickly learning. The instructors decided in the fall he would now start at the 7th grade level.

That evening dad told us he had checked into adopting Angelo and found due to the fact he was a street child and there was no record of him ever being born, it was going to be a simple process. Angelo and I jumped up and down as we hugged each other. When the process finished we had a small party to celebrate this gift from the streets of Rio. His world had formally changed and now he too would be required to have a bodyguard. Mario said he knew someone that would be perfect for him. He had also been a street child. He had been one of the lucky ones who found the help of several charities, he obtained an education and was considered one of the best in martial arts. His name was Paulo; his build was about the same as Mario. Angelo and he became buddies in no time. When Angelo and I were together outside of the compound then Mario guarded both of us.

Summer school went on, I was enjoying the different kids from other countries and the interesting things they would tell me about their countries and cultures. One afternoon I was setting in my Portuguese class when I notice two kids at the door. Mario had stopped them from entering. In a few moments, they came in. The boy was about my age and the girl was obviously his sister who looked to also be about my age and height. I stood up and said I’m very sorry about you being hassled. The boy said you are an American and must be from a very important family to have a bodyguard. I said no I wasn’t an important person, my dad just held a job that required us to have one. I introduced myself, he shook my hand and said he was Carlos Medina and his sister was Ana. He said they were from Spain and had just arrived in Rio. They both had light brown hair and very light brown eyes. They were both very good looking kids and as white as a sheet, which told me, they hadn’t seen much sun lately.

As we talked, I found they were twins. I told them I was a twin but my brother had died when he was three. Ana took my hand and said how sorry she was I had lost my other half. As she spoke shivers ran up my spine, she asked if I was cold. I blushed and said no I never had a girl my age hold my hand. She smiled and said an American boy your age and never held a girls hand! Yeah Ana you can’t believe everything you hear about American kids. Shane my friends back home will never believe I was the first to hold and American boy’s hand. I became brave and said I hope it’s not the last time as she gave me a big smile. Our instructor still hadn’t turned up so we continued our conversation. Carlos said they could understand much of the Portuguese being Spanish but their father wanted them to become more proficient. He said his father had taken a job with Petrobras Oil as an off shore supervisor. He asked what my dad did that required me to have a body guard and I hesitantly said my dad was Vice President of Petrobras. The look on his face was almost that of shock. I knew what he was thinking; he had just stepped over the class boundary. I put my hand on top of his, looking into his eyes said you are right I am an American and my dad holding the position he does has no barring on who my friends are. How much a person makes or what he does for a living has nothing to do with who they are within themselves. My parents taught me that and they very much believe it, as do I. He smiled and said you are intense when you speak of something that comes from your heart. Our conversation went on and I found they were sincere and nice kids. I told them about my new brother and how he had come from the streets of Rio. Carlos said I have much to learn about Americans. He is one very lucky boy to go from rags to riches. I knew we were going to be good friends. We were told our instructor was ill and wouldn’t be in today so we left and headed down the hall where we ran into Angelo coming from the library. I introduced him to the twins and before we reached the exit doors, Angelo and Carlos were into deep conversation.

Before I realized it my 14 birthday was upon me so mom said I should have a beach party and invite my friends from school. She said you only turn 14 once so let’s make it a nice one. She sent out invitations to all 16 of the kids I felt I knew well enough to invite. The invitation said no gifts please. We were going to have a buffet style dinner and a local Brazilian band. Mom was more excited that I was. I told dad I was afraid there may be a problem with Carlos and Ana attending because of their cultural background and the fact their dad was a supervisor and he was the Vice President. Dad told me to get Mario and we would drive over to their home and set the matter straight. Mario picked us up and we drove to the Medina home in a nice area of well kept homes. Mr. Medina answered the door and dad introduced himself. The poor guy was so flustered he didn’t know what to say. Dad jumped in and in a short time, he had Mr. Medina were laughing. Dad explained to him in our family friends are friends and what they do for a living or where they are from or how much they make is not how we judge people. While they were talking Ana pulled me aside and said I see you are also a diplomat. You knew we could not have come to your party if your father hadn’t talked to mine. She took me by the hand and said you will do most of your dancing with me. I just about choked but managed to say I look forward to it.

My birthday and the evening of my party arrived. All that were invited turned up. Ela prepared all sorts of fantastic food. All the kids loved it. Most of us went for a swim. I asked Ana if she wanted to join me for a swim but she said she didn’t have a suit. I took her inside and told mom the problem. One again mom was way ahead of me. She figured that Ana may not have a suit so she had bought her one. When she came out, she had on a two piece red suit, she looked stunning. As we walked to the beach, she said how nice I looked with nothing but a Speedo bathing suit on. It was dusk so she couldn’t see my red face. We swam for a while and then walked down the beach until I saw the guards, which meant we could go no further so we started back. Ana took my hand as we walked to where the band was playing and we danced, I was having the time of my life. We sat down on a lounge and talked. I commented I hadn’t seen our brothers. She smiled and said maybe you aren’t quite as smart as I thought you were. Angelo and my brother are becoming what you Americans would call an item. They what? You hear me. Did you know Angelo ask Carlos to spend the night? No I didn’t. Carlos has known he was gay since he was 12. Now that he is 14, he has found someone he hopes feels the same. I thought for a moment and realized I was feeling just a little jealous but then realized how selfish the thought was. Angelo has been through so much in his life he deserves all the love he can get and if he was inclined to be, gay this friendship could become more. She leaned over and kissed me. I told her how much I enjoyed having her near me. I asked if it was okay to have my mom call hers and ask if she could also spend the night then her parents would only have to make one trip to pick them both up. I think I would like that Shane.

I talked to mom then she called the Medina’s and received their okay for her to stay. As the party wound down and the kids left I showed Ana her room and then we went to mine. We sat in the overstuffed chairs and listened to music on the stereo. After a while, Ana took my hand as we walked onto the balcony and watched the full moon shine across the beach and listen to the waves lap upon the shore. I pulled her into a passionate kiss as we felt our warm almost naked bodies touch. When we broke, we looked down on the beach below and in the bright moonlight could see very clearly Angelo and Carlos walking hand in hand playfully kicking the sand as they walked. We stepped back from the ledge and smiled at each other.

We went back into my den then to the bedroom where I kissed Ana. As I did, she slipped her hand into my swimming trunks and pushed them to the floor. I nervously untied the top of her suit then the bottom as we slipped into my bed. We made love that reached to the depths of my soul, the likes of which I will never forget. Embraced in each other’s arms with the cool ocean breeze moving over our naked bodies, the sound of waves washing over the sandy beaches like a child’s lullaby carried us to that blissful land of sleep and dreams.

The next morning I woke as Dad stuck his head in the door. He gave me that knowing look and closed the door. Ana woke as the door closed but she never knew dad was there. As we got up, I saw a small spot of blood on the sheet and realized that in my boyish inexperience she had given me the most treasured gift of, her virginity. I asked if I had hurt her. She smiled and said you gave me a memory I shall never forget. We showered together and went down stairs where the others were digging into our Sunday morning buffet brunch. We all spent the late morning and afternoon playing on the beach.

Dad never did say anything to me about Ana but I knew he wasn’t very pleased.

Summer school went on as my Portuguese became quite good as did Angelo’s English. Ana and Carlos spent many days and nights at our home over many months. On those nights, she would come to my bed after everyone was sleeping. Angelo and Carlos friendship became very close but never seemed to reach what Ana had hoped. Ana and I became lost within our desire for each other and did nothing to nurture our brother’s friendship.

As school was about to start the fall session Ana and Carlos told Angelo and I they needed to speak with us. As we sat down in the school courtyard, Carlos said his Grandfather was very ill and his dad had decided to return to Spain before his contract was finished. He said they would be leaving at the end of the week. Both Angelo and I were shocked and saddened at the thought of loosing our best friends. I had grown very fond of Ana to the point I thought I may love her. We had a small going away party at the house and all too soon, they were gone. I missed her as soon as she left.

Their leaving caused Angelo to withdraw somewhat and he started coming to my bed every night. I would often find tears running down his face and would take him in my arms, cuddle and rock him to sleep. I talked to the school physiologist about his behavior; she said with his background any loss of contact with someone he cared for would be much harder on him than those of us who experienced a normal childhood. I suspected there was more to the problem that the Physiologist suggested. I felt sure his relationship with Carlos had been cut short before they could figure it out. I began to spend as much time with him as possible. Slowly his smiles and giggles began to return. He asked me if he was being a baby by wanting to sleep with me and I assure him I wouldn’t have it any other way. He had grown some but was still small for his age.

One evening I was setting in one of my big over stuffed chairs reading when he came in with just his pajama bottoms on, crawled up in my lap, put his arms around my neck and kissed me. I kissed him back. As we sat there, I felt his not so small penis became hard against me. He blushed and looked into my eyes saying will you play with me. I will play with you Angelo but you will have to show me what you mean by play. He got up, pulled the bow on the string to his pajamas and they fell to the floor. There stood this beautiful little creature completely naked with his boner sticking straight out. He grinned and reached for my hand, as I stood up he pulled the bow on the string to my pajamas and they fell to the floor. I unbuttoned my top and took it off. He led me to my bed and we laid down on top of the sheet. He slipped down and took my penis in his mouth as I flinched and then began to relax as his warm mouth covered me and his small hand massaged my balls. He worked me very carefully and after some time I began to feel my discharge rising until it shot several times in his mouth. He swallowed then grinned at me saying you shoot a lot for 14, did I do a good job? Angelo that was my first time but I would say you did one hell of a job. Shane would you please do me? I can’t shoot but it still feels good. Angelo I will do my best but I’m sure I won’t be as good as you. I took his nice sized boner in my mouth. It tasted like all boy and wasn’t unpleasant at all. I worked and played him longer than he did me before he stiffened and humped a couple times and I felt his penis start to soften. He moved up and ran his tongue around each nipple as I began to get hard again. He ran his tongue down my stomach to my penis and took it in his mouth making it very wet then he rolled on his back and pulling his knees close to his body saying please put it in me. Angelo are you s sure? Oh, yes Shane I need you in me. By this time, my sexual tension was in overload so I slid in behind him and placed the head of my penis at his hole and pressed. I slid in all the way, as he tightened his butt muscle making me tremble. The friction inside him was awesome. I worked him for some time until once again I felt my discharge rising up from my balls then shooting into him. I collapse on Him. As I caught my breath, I realized I was squashing the little guy. I lifted myself off him and said I was sorry I had put all my weight on him. He smiled and said your not heavy you are gentle and kind and loving. You are still “meu ango”.

After we cleaned up Angelo fell into a peaceful slumber as soon as he laid back down. Lying stretched out on his back I realized just how much I cared for this beautiful little creature who from the streets of Rio had slipped into my life. He had been starved, used, abused, and still rose above it all. I wasn’t so sure I could have done the same and I for sure wasn’t going to deny him the use of my body to pleasure him. He was mine. Like a child who found a toy, I had found him and now he was mine and I would do anything to please him.

That night as I was going through my e-mail I found one from Carlos. He said his sister had just delivered my son and his father was sending her to live with their aunt. He said his father told her she had disgraced the family and our priest said the baby was a bastard and should be given away. I went into absolute panic. I printed a copy and ran down to my dad. All I could do is hand it to him. He read it and then looked at me. Well son I guess it’s a bit late for another lecture on safe sex. I assume you had sex with her more than the one time I saw you. Yes, dad we did it quite a few times. He picked up the phone and called the company lawyer and asked him to find the best Lawyer available in Madrid. He called his secretary at home and told her he wanted two tickets to Madrid for tomorrow morning.

The next morning we were on our way to Madrid. My dad hardly spoke to me. I knew he was really pissed and had good reason to be. When we arrived, the lawyer he had retained met us. Dad in flight to Madrid had briefed the attorney, they discussed the law and how it applied in Spain. Sex is legal at age 13 in Spain so the law wouldn’t be the big problem. The attorney said Ana’s dad and the priest would be the Problem. We checked into our hotel where dad dropped me while he and his attorney left. Much later, I found they had gone to the priest first. It seems the attorney had found he was quite greedy and through some financial arrangement, he agreed to get Ana’s father to let Ana and the baby return with dad. The priest had told him it would end the disgrace to his family if he let her and the child go.

Dad and the attorney returned to the hotel with Ana and our baby boy. He was a beautiful child with blond hair and blue eyes. Ana smiled and said he looks just like you. I told her how sorry I was for not having since enough to use protection that I knew I should have, and causing her the loss of her families love. I said I didn’t expect her to forgive me but please don’t hate me. She said Shane I could never hate you because I still love you as much as the day we met. In the future, my families wounded pride will heal and somewhere along the way, we shall put it behind us. My mind went into overload as dad showed Ana her room. We talked for hours as we watched our baby boy sleep in quiet slumber. We concluded we indeed did love each other and new we had the brains and ability to make it work. I had created a life long responsibility and now it was up to me to accept that responsibility and do what ever was required of me to secure Ana’s and my child’s future. In the late hours of the night, we ran out of words so I left Ana and returned to my room.

We had an early morning flight so at 5 am, we checkd out and went to the limo waiting for us. As we walked out of the hotel there stood Carlos with his bags. He ran to his sister and hugged her. He said he could not stay in the bitter house his father had created and couldn’t handle the thought of losing his twin sister. To my surprise dad hugged him and ask if he had his passport. He said he did so dad told us all to get in the limo. On our way to the airport dad called his Madrid attorney and told him Carlos was coming with us and wanted to know if there would be any legal ramifications. The attorney told him there would be none if dad didn’t buy the airline ticket. Dad asked if I had my American Express card with me. I told him I did. The attorney said if I purchase the ticket dad would not have a problem. When we arrived, I purchased Carlos a ticket and we were soon on our way back to Rio. I was almost 15 and a father. I had Ana and Angelo to consider, and now Carlos. Dad could see my state of mind deteriorating as tears came to my eyes. I had gone into melt down. Dad reached for my hand and told Ana and Carlos we would return. He took me to an empty area of the plane and sat me down. Son there is a lot going on here but nothing that can’t in time be handled. You need to take a deep breath and let your mother and I help you through this. It’s like eating. You take one bit at a time and when that is chewed, you go to the next bite. Whatever problems arise they will be worked out, but please let me help carry the load. You are the only blood child your mother and I have and we love you more than you will ever know. I will not let this load take you down. His words were like a crane lifting a heavy load off my back. I broke down and cried while my father held and comforted me. When we returned to our seats, Ana looked up and with the wisdom of a grandmother and said I hope you listened well to his words, he is wise and he loves you very much. She handed me my son, I laid him in my lap looking into his beautiful blue innocent eyes and my spirits begin to rise.

We landed late that evening in Rio. Mario was there to pick us up. He brought the limo because there were so many of us. Mom and Angelo came with him. Mom couldn’t wait to see Ana and our son. I hugged mom and handed her our son then I hugged Angelo. We drove home with everyone trying to talk at once. Ida had prepared the spare room for Ana and the baby. Mom had purchased a crib, diapers and all the other items needed for an infant. Angelo had made room for Carlos clothes in his room and told him how happy he was he had come back. Mom helped Ana and I give the baby a bath then we put him to bed. We all showered and crashed for the night.

I woke to giggles coming from Angelo’s room and smiled to myself. I got up and knocked at Ana’s door. As she opened it, Ana was breast feeding our son. I felt like I was looking upon something sacred. I sat down and gazed at this awesome sight. When she finished she handed him to me and showed me how to hold and burp him. As I patted his back, a crowd gathered at the door. It seems the whole dam family turned up to watch. Okay you guys I’m going to start charging admission. Can’t a guy have any privacy around here? Mom laughed and said oh you poor baby have we embarrassed you! I laughed and thought to myself this is the way it should be. I had to push aside my high strung personality and enjoy all the wonderful people in my life. As dad came into the room, he said I find one thing rather odd. What’s that dad? I haven’t heard the name of my grandson. I looked at Ana. She said I have been waiting until I spoke with Shane. I asked her if she had thought of one. Yes, I have. Jason Shane Preston. For the first time in my life, I saw tears in my father’s eyes. At that second, it was settled he would bare my father’s name. Dad said he would get the paper work going to declare him a U.S. citizen born on foreign soil and get a birth certificate and Social Security card.

We all four started back to school while mom and Ida took care of the baby during school hours. We fell into a routine that seemed to work well for everyone. As the months passed, I could tell the sharing of his bed had brought Angelo and Carlos closer. One Saturday morning I heard faint noises so I very quietly cracked the door between our rooms. There I saw a side view of the two of them, Carlos on the bottom with Angelo hovering over him thrusting into Carlos like a wild animal. Every time he drove into him, his balls slammed into Carlos’s butt. He lasted so long by the time he finished they were both dripping wet. Even after he came, Angelo stayed impaled in Carlos as the lay face to face kissing and licking each other. So my Precious child and brother from the streets had found what he had been looking for, love and someone to share it with. It was already a good day.

As months passed, Ana and I both took on a heavy school schedule, which included tutors after our regular classes. I at16 and Ana 16½ we graduated from high school. I told mom and dad I was growing tired of celibacy and want to marry Ana. Although we were young were committed to each other and our son. They both agreed that I had shown great restrain and dependability along with pushing through school so fast. The wedding was planned. Ana chose all blue for the wedding. Angelo was my best man. Ana’s gown was a beautiful light blue and her attendants were a few shades darker. We spent our honeymoon in Barbados. It was two weeks neither of us would ever forget. Sex, fun and sun was the plan and in that order. By the end of the two weeks, we were missing Jason something awful. When we returned our two rooms had been turned into a suite. We had a kitchen/dining area, living area, master bedroom and a smaller room for Jason. How it was done in two weeks, I will never know. That summer we started to college. Carlos and Jason still had one more year of high school but they wanted their freedom so they found jobs using their computer skills and moved to a small but very nice beach house dad had quietly purchased for them. They planned a schedule whereby they could work part time and complete high school then go on to college. Dad told me he would make sure they would be well taken care of. We planned a small private ceremony inviting only close friends that knew they were a couple. It was the least I could do to show them our respect for their love and devotion to each other.

The summer went on as Jason grew and was becoming his own personality. Summer school ended and it was time to think about college. College was something I wanted to do on my own. I didn’t what dads money or influence to buy or pay my way in so I had applied to several colleges in the states even though my grades average was a 4.0 I felt because I was an expatriate, my choices would be slim. To my surprise, I received several letters of acceptance but there was only one I wanted, it was from Princeton University. They offered full academic scholarship. No, it didn’t pay living expenses but I could handle that with the income from the investments dad had made for me. I told mom and dad I was going to accept. It was one of the most prestigious Universities in the world. My secret desire to be a doctor was going to come true. They weren’t too happy about us leaving but they also knew I had decided my future and resigned themselves to the fact.

I got together with mom and dad and told them I would be back to stay in six years in time for he and mom to spoil their grandson before he became a teenager. I told them I wanted to set up a safe haven for the street children of Rio. I reminded dad we were a influential, privileged and wealthy family who owed the society that had helped make us that way something in return. I showed dad the preliminary plans I had drawn up. It would be built in the middle of the worst part of the city where most of the street children would be. It was a simple all metal building supported by steal. It would be 30,000 square feet with full medical facilities including emergency and operating areas. There would be a dining room, living area, sleeping area and bathing facilities. I told dad it could be finished by the time I returned if Petrobras Oil would get behind the program. Dad said I have saved them billions so I have no doubt they will support what I ask. Son you will have your facility.

At the airport, we hugged every one good by. As I came to Angelo, I hugged him tightly and told him how much I loved the wonderful loving brother anyone could ask for. I told mom and dad I expected my brother and Carlos to visit often. I reminded dad it was payment on the big allowance I never received. He grinned and said they will come. I thanked them for their support and understanding of their over reactive and sometimes difficult son. He handed me an envelope and said this is for the welfare of my grandson and Ana. We boarded the plane with Jason waving and saying goodbye to his uncle Angelo. As we departed the gate and started the long flight to New Jersey, I laid my head on Ana’s shoulder and put Jason on my lap all the while my mind was on the reason I had long ago decided to be a doctor. My brother, the bright and beautiful throwaway boy I had pulled from the grim reaper and the first words he spoke to me “meu ango”.