Gary and Daniel: Money For Nothing




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Part One

Gary Tompkins was day dreaming again in class, his name was called out twice and the other 14 year old boys in the English class of Mr. Robbins were laughing at Gary being lost in the moment somewhere.

"Tompkins see me after class!!" shouted the teacher, now frustrated at Gary and his apparent daydreaming, this brought Gary back into the real world with a bump as this was the last lesson of the day and he had swimming practice after in the school pool.

"But sir I have swimming practice right after this class" Gary cried out

"Don't argue with me Tompkins, you will be late for it ok?" the teacher ranted

Gary looked crestfallen as he really liked swim practice and it was a chance to see his best mate Daniel Marsh, the sexiest 14 year old he knew although there were some others he fantasized over, David Arless wasn't bad, he had the sexiest bum he thought although Daniel's ran him a close second.

Daniel was in another class but they met up in swim practice, Daniel was much smarter than Gary and was in a class that the school had for lads like him, but what Daniel and all the others didn't know was that Gary was gay, he had known since he was about 12, but because of the raging homophobia in the school he had kept it a closely guarded secret, but in his own bedroom at home he was in his element when his fantasy's over his school mates went into overdrive and judging by the cummed up wash cloth he had hidden and only washed when it needed..

Another secret was that his parents were about the richest parents in the school, having just won over 86 million pounds on the Euro lottery, all secret of course as his dad wanted total secrecy and Camelot who run the lottery had to oblige, Gary him self had been sworn to total secrecy by his family, that in itself was alright by Gary as because of his sexual preferences he had gotten good at keeping things secret, but it was killing him and he tended to drift off dreaming of what he would do with the money and keeping it from Daniel was killing him as well, they were best friends and he thought that Daniel had some gay tendency's as in the pool changing room he had been less inhibitive when undressing.

When he and Daniel had first signed up for the swim team Daniel had been very cautious on how he undressed and used the curtained off stalls to undress where as Gary always used the open area and wasn't afraid of exposing himself, quick flashes though, mainly bare bums and maybe just a brief flash of his reasonable cock an uncut 4 and half inch beauty with a nice long foreskin, getting to over 6 when erect, he felt he was more than adequate in that department.

He had never even seen Daniel's cock properly, just brief glimpses when they changed, although the bulge in his Speedo's showed he had something worth seeing and hopefully one day Gary would get to see it up close and very personal, there he was daydreaming again, and old Robbins was fuming at him again.

The bell rang and while all his schoolmates filed out the go home, Gary was sitting fuming in the class as old Robbins made him stay and to add insult to injury he had to write 500 lines saying "I must pay more attention in Mr. Robbins class", He saw Daniel outside the classroom waiting for him and old Robbins told him that his friend was doing lines, Gary groaned when Robbins estimated that it would take him all of the swim practice time to do the lines.

Daniel said he would see him after and went without him as Gary tried to do the lines as fast as possible, Robbins came and watched him and told him he wanted neatness and made him start again after he had done around a 100 lines, Gary felt like thumping him but decided against it and knuckled down and did them as neat as possible and resigned himself to missing swim practice.

Having at last finished Gary left and found Daniel waiting for him as swim practice had finished, he had told the PE teacher of Gary's punishment and he said Gary could come on Saturday morning if he wished to do some practice as he would be here sorting out swim team times on the computer and doing averages.

"Will you come as well Daniel?" Gary asked "yeah if I ain't got anything planned" Daniel said They walked the ten minute walk to their homes that were close together, indeed their families were close as well, his dad Robert was his best friend and best man at Daniel's dad John's wedding and his mum was best friend of Daniel's mum as well.

When they got to the end of Gary's road they had to part, but Daniel said he would come over later when he had done his homework" great! See you later then" Gary said and then both boys parted.

Gary slung his schoolbag onto the hall floor as he came in and shouted he was home to his mum who was in the kitchen with his dad "Gary can you come in here please?" the voice of his dad shouted.

Gary entered the kitchen a bit gingerly as the tone his dad's voice made seemed similar to when he had done something wrong and he was being scolded.

"Hi dad, Hi mum what's up?" Gary asked "we have something to tell you Gary" said his mum Louise "ok shoot" replied Gary jokingly.

"Well we have come to a decision over the money, as you know it's not been easy keeping it secret and your dads work has suffered as he couldn't concentrate properly" Louise said

"Yeah I know how he has been feeling, me too at school, I had to stay behind today because I daydreamed, old Robbins kept me in" said Gary

"Well we have decided to move for starters, and start a new life while we are still relatively young" she went on

Gary looked crestfallen and shocked "what about me and my friend Daniel? And his mum and dad are your best friends as well" Gary said and he was close to tears to think he had the prospect of never seeing Daniel again.

"That's not really a problem Gary" his dad said "they are coming with us, we chatted to them a lot over the last few days and we asked them if they wanted to come with us and be like two families, they agreed in principal, Daniel's dad's firm is in trouble and asking people to volunteer for redundancy so he will fast track that" "right now John is having this same conversation with Daniel, so don't worry on that score ok" he went on

Gary's mood lifted high and he grinned and then at that moment his crappy cheapo mobile rang and it was Daniel "hey you!!" Daniel shouted over the phone "hi Dan" replied Gary "why didn't you tell me about the big win your rents had?" Daniel went on.

"Sorry Daniel I was sworn to secrecy mate, the rents wanted to keep it quiet and it still is ok, no boasting at school" Gary replied

"Well we need to talk Gary I will be over later ok" Daniel said "sure no problem see you later" Gary replied and Daniel rang off

"Dan's coming over later, he's pretty mad at me for not telling him about the money" Gary said to his parents

"It's ok we will have a word with him, he will understand, let him cool a bit ok" his dad said, Gary nodded and said he was going to his room and change.

Up in his room Gary stripped out of his school uniform and stood in his white briefs in front of his full length mirror and flexed his muscles, five foot eight inches of sex on legs, he thought to himself and he started to tent his briefs so he rubbed his rapidly hardening cock and groaned slightly when he did.

Locking the door he stripped off his briefs and lay naked on the bed on his back with his six inch hard cock laying on his stomach, he decided to turn over and rub his cock up the bedspread, it had ridges in it and when he fucked the bed it felt so good, he soon shot his cum.

Gary got the old wash cloth and put it underneath him and started a slow rhythmic fuck, he closed his eyes and all the boy's he fantasised about at school crossed his mind, with Daniel the most prominent, soon the feeling that he always got hit his balls and he shot spurts of his teen sperm onto the cloth, and he lay with his still hard cock lying in the cooling sperm.

He was still hard and felt he could shoot again so still thinking of Daniel dropping to his knees and sucking on Gary's hard cock he started to do the fucking motion on the bed again, it took a bit longer but he moaned quietly as his ejaculation erupted and he shot another 3 good spurts onto the already sticky cum cloth, he lay there gathering his thoughts and then got up and clean himself up and pull on his briefs and sports socks and football shorts and a clean tee shirt and then went to the bathroom quickly to rinse out the cum clogged cloth, he hung it under the bed as he always did and went downstairs to join his parents.

Takeaways were the order of the day for dinner, so he picked his Chinese dish off the menu dad had got out and he sat and did some homework in the small office set aside for that purpose, he had one new thing that the money had been spent on, a new top of the range laptop his dad had bought him, at nearly a 1000 it was really the best he had seen and made his homework go like a dream because of the super fast broadband they had upgraded to as well.

He saw Daniel was online in MSN so sent him a message and was glad to get back a reply stating that Daniel was sorry he had given Gary a bit of grief on the phone and understood why he had to keep quiet, saying that he would see him soon he logged off.

The food arrived and they ate in the kitchen as they watched the evening news and an item came on about the record Euro lottery winners and how they still hadn't been identified, they all laughed at it and his dad reiterated that secrecy was paramount because they would get lots of media attention otherwise and loads of people trying to get them to lend money to them.

Gary agreed but did secretly wish he could tell the school, dinner over Gary went back to his room and watched a bit of tv in his room until Daniel arrived with his parents and his dad said to come down for a meeting.

At the meeting Gary's dad outlined what the two families had discussed so far, that they would buy a place for them all to live, that money would go into trust funds for both boys, and that they would be placed in a new school as they would probably encounter problems at the one they were in now.

Gary and Daniel were sitting together in the lounge, Daniel was in soccer shorts as well and he had a nice defined leg Gary thought and it somewhat distracted Gary to have his bare leg next to his and he swore that Daniel was rubbing his leg up and down his, a fact that was making his cock twitch in his briefs, even though he had spunked two good loads not more than an hour earlier.

Gary's dad droned on about the secrecy that both families had to carry on with as the distraction of publicity would drive them apart, He said that they had a couple of new houses to look at and this weekend he planned a trip out to look at one and then they would stop off a hotel to stay a night to save on a long drive home.

One thing that made both boys sit up to attention was that from immediate effect they would both have 5000 to spend on new stuff Gary's dad said. Gary looked at Daniel and they smiled at each other, one thing that came to mind for Gary was a new mobile phone to replace the cheapo one he had.

The bulk of the talking over Gary and Daniel excused themselves to go to Gary's room while the adults celebrated with a bottle of wine or two, once up there they chatted about what they would buy with their money. Gary put on his TV and asked Daniel if he wanted to watch a DVD, but he said he wanted to talk.

"Gary what do you think about this idea of us all living together?" said Daniel being the more intelligent of the two friends he always seemed to ask the questions that got right to the point thought Gary

"Well I don't know really, it's a lot to take in, if it happened would we get to share a room?" replied Gary

Daniel looked at him a bit funny and replied, "would you want to share a room then?"

"Yeah it's fine by me if, it's ok with you" Gary went on

Daniel mused over this and said "mmm well I guess so depends on what the rents decide to buy, I heard them talking and they said that the place we are going to look at on Saturday is massive"

"Oh lord I forgot, what about my swim practice session?" cried Gary

"Oh yeah I forgot as well, better go tell the rents and see what they say Gary" Daniel said

"Ok I will be right back; I'll get us some drinks shall I? Replied Gary

"Good idea, make mine a Coke if you have one" Daniel said

Gary nodded and went downstairs and told his parents about the swim practice session.

"Well we need to set off by mid morning Gary, so I reckon you will have to give it a miss ok?" said his dad

"Mmm well ok I guess I will have to, can't be helped I guess" Gary replied

He went to the kitchen and grabbed two cans of Coke from the fridge and scampered upstairs

He got back to his room and saw Daniel was laying on the bed stretched out and he did a double take to see that Daniel had taken off his tee shirt and was just in his blue soccer shorts and socks "sorry Garry, I am a bit hot so took off my shirt" said Daniel.

Gary lay the cans down on his side table and looked at Daniel "you certainly are HOT!!!" thought Gary and his cock started to erect in his briefs, he looked over to the window and saw the top window was fully open and he wasn't all that hot so he thought that Daniel had a different agenda.

"Put the TV on now if you want Gary" said Daniel

So Gary grabbed the remote and switched it on and found a game show was on they both liked

"Want to share the bed?" Said Daniel

"Oh god wouldn't I just" thought Gary and his cock twitched again and he felt it was beginning to show in his shorts.

"Yeah scoot up then Daniel" Gary replied

Daniel moved over and patted the space beside him; Gary climbed on the bed and stretched his sexy frame out next to Daniel's equally sexy body.

"I just noticed your stomach is very defined Daniel, you work out a bit more than we do at school?" said Gary

"Well I have found a few old weights of dads in the garage and a chest expander and been using them that's all" Daniel replied

"Well it's paid off as you look great" went on Gary

"Take off your shirt and let me look at yours, I could give you some tips and maybe we could do a workout sometimes on a regular basis and you will have a six pack" Daniel said and flexed his muscles

"Mmm ok" said Gary and gingerly removed his shirt; he wasn't as defined as Daniel but he felt he had a chest to be proud of and did think a bit of work on it and he would be like Daniel.

Daniel ran his hands over Gary's bare chest and that really did set his nerves on edge and he groaned inwardly as Daniel ran his hands up and down.

"Looks as though somebody likes that" said Daniel grinning and nodded towards Gary's tented soccer shorts.

"Oh sorry, it's always doing that lately" replied Gary and he went crimson

"No problem, mines the same" said Daniel and pointed to his tented shorts

They looked at each other and Gary felt that something was about to happen, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife and Daniel was acting very strange and dare Gary say it a bit gay, not that that was a bad thing, just that he always thought Daniel was the straightest boy in school, the sexiest but never the less the straightest.

"You know you really have a very nice chest Gary, with some workouts it will be even better" said Daniel as he continued to stroke Gary's bare chest "ooh hmmm arrgh" Gary moaned and his cock was leaking pre cum and it showed through his shorts.

"Mmm your going to mess those up Gary" Daniel went on grinning "well its your fault doing the stroking on my chest" said Gary "I am very sensitive there" he went on and tried to adjust his now fully erected cock in his shorts.

"Does it need some action?" said Daniel pointing at Gary's tented shorts "yeah I guess so, maybe when you have gone" Gary replied and really wished he hadn't said that

"Why wait?" said Daniel "we could wank off together, its more fun" he went on Gary looked at Daniel and thought, "what the hell is he saying?" but he so wanted it

He nodded and slid his shorts and underpants down and his fully hard cock slapped up his bare belly "mm nice cock!" said Daniel as he too slipped his sports shorts down followed by his white pants and his hard cock did the same and Gary saw Daniel's cock for the first time, it was around 6 inches and quite thick with a plum shaped head that the foreskin didn't cover completely like his, even when hard.

Both boys rubbed their foreskins up and down and soon they got into a rhythm "arrghh ohh yeah" they both moaned softly and their breathing was laboured, Daniel reached over and pushed Gary's hand off his cock and putting his own on the boy's shaft, Gary looked startled "I gotta do you, do me if you want" Daniel said and wanked Gary, Gary reached over and took hold of Daniel's cock and wanked him, pulling his skin up and down the lovely boy cock, his purple knob leaking pre-cum.

"Oh yeah that's good ohh yeah wank me harder" moaned Daniel and he gripped Gary's cock and wanked him faster, Gary sped up his wanking of Daniel and he saw a glazed look appear in his eyes "arghhh yeah ohh yeah it's here" Daniel moaned and thrust into Gary's hand and shot his stream of sperm up his belly, five full spurts erupted and then that set off Gary "ooh hmmm oohh yeah cumming!!" he moaned and he also jerked and shot his hot cum up his bare belly, he spurted 4 good spurts and then a little dribbled out of his cock head as Daniel continued to rub his cock, finally Gary could take it no more and he brushed off Daniel's hand and panted.

They came down from their mutual wanking session and lay there just thinking "did you enjoy that?" Daniel was the first to say "yeah it was awesome, but why now?" answered Gary looking puzzled.

"Well I have wanted to do that with you for ages but never had the courage and we never had the privacy" "I really like you Gary" said Daniel

"I like you as well Daniel" replied Gary "I know but I really like you Gary" went on Daniel

Gary looked at Daniel and said "you mean in a loving kind of way?"

Daniel looked away briefly then he looked back at Gary "yes I love you Gary Tompkins, there I have said it now" Daniel said and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

Gary looked at his best friend and thought it must have taken a lot of nerve to tell him that, he grabbed his friend and hugged him " I love you too, have done for a long time and just couldn't tell you" Gary whispered in Daniel's ear.

"I know, I have seen you looking at me in the changing room, I wished I could have responded there, but it was too public and we never got any privacy after" Daniel sobbed

"Shhh it's all ok now, we now know how each other feels, where do we go from here?" said Gary and they pulled apart.

"What do you mean?" asked Daniel, "well we have both sort of come out to each other, chances are we are going to live together as well, I reckon we just carry on as normal for now and when we get private time we can ermm take it further" Gary explained

"You mean proper sex, bumming and all that?" Daniel enquired

"Well yes if you want to do that" said Gary

"I would love to bum you and have you bum me" said Daniel and he giggled

"Same here, but we will have to take it steady, I have never done that and I guess you haven't either" Gary replied

Daniel nodded that he hadn't "but I have pushed things up my bum hole when I wanked, a carrot a small cucumber and the handle of one of my mum's kitchen gadgets that was shaped like a small cock" Daniel said

"Wow you have been busy then, getting ready for my cock he he" Gary said and they both giggled

"Lets go get another drink" Gary said and both naked boys scrambled off the bed, they stood together with their spent cocks hanging down softly and they looked at each and came together in a clinch and started to kiss, tongues twirled and probed into each others mouths and their boy cocks erected nicely and poked each other.

"Damn! Look at these" Gary said as he pulled slightly away and looked down at his and Daniel's very erect cock.

Daniel reached out and pulled Gary's foreskin right back over his knob and that caused Gary to moan and then he pulled his own foreskin back over the knob and he closed up to Gary and rubbed his bare cock head around Gary's bare cock head

"I guess that's what the circumcised boys do at school" said Daniel

"What you mean? I have never seen any boys that are circumcised" said Gary

"In my class there are two, one is Shavi, he is a Moslem boy and the other is Russ he is an American boy, I have seen his cock hard and he is circumcised and he told me it was the normal thing where he came from, they do it at birth" Said Daniel

Daniel could take it any more and dropped to his knees and took Gary's bare knob into his mouth, Gary rocked on his heels as his new boy friend sucked on his knob "arghhh ohh yeah oohh fuck!" moaned Gary as Daniel sucked on his cock and he gripped the boy's head and started a fucking motion.

Quickly he came to his climax and tried to push Daniel off his cock, but Daniel stayed firm and he gushed a bit more sperm out, not much as he had now spermed three times in just over an hour so it was only two small spurts of thick creamy boy seed, Daniel swallowed it gladly and looked up with smiling eyes at Gary.

"My turn now" Gary said and lifted him up and then dropped to his knees and took Daniel's hard cock into his mouth, he tenderly sucked on the head and then up and down the boy's shaft causing Daniel to softly moan and grab his head and thrust his cock into Gary's mouth, mumbling something Gary took the cock down his throat some ways and then he stopped and got used to it and then took the rest "oohh god ohh yeah suck that cock" Daniel moaned as Gary sucked avidly on the throbbing boy cock

"Arghhh ohh I'm cumming ohh yeah" Daniel moaned and thrust forward and spurted 3 good shots of his creamy teen sperm into Gary's throat and latterly in his mouth as Gary pulled off his cock

Gary cleaned Daniel's cock with his tongue and then stood up and they stood there in just their socks looking at each other "lets get that drink now" said Gary and found his underpants and shorts and slipped them on as Daniel looked for his, he found Gary's tee shirt and passed it to him and found his own pants and shorts and slipped them on, and then his shirt and both boys scampered downstairs to see their rents

"You boys have fun?" enquired Daniel's dad

"Yeah we watched some tv and a dvd a bit, were bored now though" replied Daniel

"Well we are off home now, school night remember Daniel" said his dad

And they all got up and Daniel said to Gary "I'll text you when I get home okay?"

"Sure I'll be in bed though" replied Gary and he gave a quick wink so the rents didn't see him

Daniel grinned quickly and they went out the door and said their goodnights on the doorstep and Gary said his goodnight to his parents and was about to go back to his room

"Gary can you please come into the lounge a minute?" his mum said

Gary looked puzzled but followed her in and his dad followed Gary

"Look son, earlier I went upstairs to get something out of my room and I heard you and Daniel doing something" said his mum

Gary looked mortified and he went crimson and suddenly he felt sick

"Now I know you and Daniel are both healthy young lads with urges, but what I heard went beyond that" she went on

"You eavesdropped by my door, how could you?" said Gary now with tears down his cheeks

"I couldn't help but overhear you and Daniel, saying you loved each other" she went on

"My guess is that he came on to you" said his dad "is that right Gary?" he went on

By now Gary had flopped in a chair and had his head in his hands and was sobbing

Eventually he said "I'm sorry, I have had these feelings over boys for ages now, it's been inside my head all the time and about Daniel in particular and tonight I found out that he felt the same"

His mum looked at his dad and then back at Gary "we guessed a long time ago Gary, girls used to come for you all the time and you didn't bother with them, but if a boy came you would drop everything and go out, Daniel in particular was one" she said

"Why didn't you say anything then?" asked Gary

"We both thought it was a phase, now we know it wasn't, right now John and Denise are having the same conversation with Daniel" his dad said

Gary sobbed again, "oh god what a mess" he said "I guess you want your queer son out of the house now?" he went on

What ever gave you that impression Gary?" said his dad indignantly "we both love you and would never want that and we are here to support you" he went on

"You are not the only gay teenager in the world and you certainly won't be the last" his mum said and gave him a tissue to dry his eyes on

"You mean its ok then?" me being gay then?" Gary said

He looked over hopefully at his parents "well yes it is, we will support you and Daniel, but we have to get some things clear" his dad said

"Like what?" Gary enquired

"Well we can't keep both of you apart or follow you about, but what you do when you are together stays private ok, no boasting and although you two can kiss here in the house or any we are in, we don't want you to go further in front of us, is that clear Gary? His mum said

Gary smiled a little smile and nodded, just then his phone beeped a text had been received "It's Daniel" Gary said "he says to call him as he hasn't much money on his phone" he went on

"Call him then, I can guess what he wants" his dad said

Gary hit the speed dial that had Daniel's number and he answered on the first ring just as their house phone rang.

Gary sat in his chair and spoke to Daniel as his mum answered the house phone "hey sexy" said Gary and saw his dads eyebrows go up

"Hey yourself sexy Gary" said Daniel "I guess you know what this is all about then? My rents know it all Gary" Daniel went on

"Yep it's all in the open now, what your rents say to you?" Gary replied

"Just that they heard us upstairs and have known for a bit that I was in their words "different" and that it was ok and that your rents knew about us as well, a few tears here, what about your end?" Daniel said

"Same here, me with the tears, but they are cool with us Daniel" Gary replied "but we got to keep it quiet at school okay?" he went on

"Yeah that's no problem, but at least we don't have to pretend now and have my mum trying to get me off with any girl she feels is right" Daniel said

"Yeah well we will have to talk tomorrow as right now I am tired okay" said Gary yawning

"Okay lover boy, I love you Gary" said Daniel

"Love you too sexy Danny" replied Gary and clicked off the phone and watched his dad

His dad shrugged his shoulders and looked at Gary "you young lads, what's the world coming to" he said and Gary grinned and kissed him on the cheek and then his mum and thanked them for being his parents and skipped off upstairs

His parents looked at each other and laughed "what have we brought up John?" said his mum Denise

"A fine healthy boy Denise, one we can be proud of, he may not be the next prime minister but he is ours and I am proud of him no matter what his sexual preference" his dad said proudly

She nodded and they switched out the lights and went upstairs to their room. On the way his mum opened Gary's door and saw that her son was fast asleep in bed and blew him a kiss "sleep well son, pleasant dreams" she said quietly

"Night mum, same back to you and I do love you both and will make you proud of me" Gary whispered quietly

She smiled and closed the door quietly and went to their room and to bed.

End of Part One

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