Gary And Daniel: Money For Nothing

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Part 2

The week dragged by at school, Gary wasn't able to see Daniel that much as they had different classes, they had a fumble in the woods at the edge of the soccer pitch, they were both so horny they kissed a lot in the bushes and just wanked each other to spurting their seed onto the bushes.

God I need your naked body next to mine Gary” whined Daniel

I know I have thought about nothing else all week but Friday I hope you can stay over at mine and we can sort that out hehe” Gary said and grinned

Daniel grinned back and they put their now softening cocks back into their underpants and zipped up and checked they weren't being seen leaving the woods and started back to the main school and back to classes.

Friday came and Gary's dad said he would pick him and Daniel up after school as they had to drive to see the Camelot man and have the check presented, it would be done at the local office in town he said, Gary nodded and set off for school, he called into the swim teacher's office and told him the bad news about not being able to do swim practice on Sat due to a prior family engagement, he wasn't happy but said that it couldn't be helped, Gary went off to his first class, Maths, he didn't care for it but wasn't that bad really, he had managed a “C” in the last maths exam and the teacher told his parents that was about average.

He saw Daniel at lunch and he was excited about the cheque presentation, Gary told him they could maybe go shopping after as dad had told him the money they were promised could be accessed then.

The last lesson of the day was PE and Gary loved that, it was in the gym and he went to the changing room and he and the rest of the class undressed and put on their white PE shorts and vest along with white socks and white plimsolls.

Warm ups were first and they did stretches and side dips to loosen up and then they got the vaulting horses ready and did gymnastics, that was followed by the parallel bars and the rings, the PE teacher was quite punishing today and shouted at boys who were slacking, John Stewart was one who was the brunt of his shouting, John was 14 like Gary and Gary sort of fancied him a bit as the lad was so quiet and picked on a bit and at times Gary had stuck up for him. John always thanked him but said he could handle it, Gary always seemed to be drawn to John's bum for some reason, it was a terrific bubble bum and at times Gary had gotten a quick flash of it bare in the changing room.

They did a ten minute jog around the gym to warm down and then it was time to hit the showers and get off home, John had been told to put away the equipment as punishment for slacking, it would have taken him ages on his own, so Gary volunteered to help him, he told the teacher that he had to wait a little longer than normal until his dad picked him up, the teacher shrugged his shoulders and said it was OK and left the gym for his office.

Right John lets start by putting the horses over in the corner” said Gary taking charge.

Thanks for helping me, but I could have managed Gary” said John

As I said I have to wait anyway for my friend Daniel to finish and my dad to pick us up” Gary replied

Besides I might get to see you naked as he would try to persuade John to shower as he normally didn't bother” Gary thought as well

They set to the work and both boys soon worked up a sweat, twenty minutes later they were putting the mats away in the storeroom and Gary thought of a plan, he tackled John and caught him off balance and both boys fell onto the mats, Gary started to wrestle John and had him in a head lock, quick as a flash John got out of it and grabbed Gary and pinned him down, with his knees he pinned Gary to the mat and held his arms above his head tightly.

Wow that was good, so fast John, and powerful as well” said Gary “now let me up please, your hurting me” he went on

John looked at him with a sly grin but didn't ease up to let Gary up, Gary was beginning to get annoyed

John please, your hurting me, let me up” Gary shouted angrily

Sorry Gary, I don't know my own strength” said John and eased off him

Gary gingerly got and wished he hadn't started the wrestling now, he rubbed his wrists where John had gripped him

You’re too strong for me John I wished I had never done it now” whined Gary

Sorry Gary, I do practise wrestling at home with my dad, he used to be a professional wrestler some years ago” John said apologetically

Let's hit the showers then, maybe I will get my own back in there” said Gary and grinned at John

I don't shower here Gary, besides I don't have shower gel or a towel” John said

Well I have plenty of gel and you can share my towel John, it's big enough” said Gary

John looked at Gary and felt nervous at being nude in front of Gary

Ermm ooh I don't know, I really should get off home as it's getting late” John said nervously

Oh come on, what can possibly be wrong with showering together?, it isn't as if we haven't seen each other naked before” Gary said

We haven't seen each other naked Gary” said John looking apprehensive

But ok I will shower with you, lets go” he went on

Gary smiled and both boys left the storeroom and went to the changing room

Once in there they located their lockers and Gary grabbed his towel and gel and started to strip off, taking off his plimsolls and stowing them in his PE kit bag and then taking off his socks and vest he looked at John who was slowly stripping off as well, Gary noticed John's bare chest was quite defined, must be the wrestling he thought, next Gary stripped off his shorts and stood just in his sweaty white briefs, John turned away from him and took off his shorts and stood in his white briefs and then slid them down his lightly tanned legs and exposed the lovely bubble bum that Gary liked to see, Gary's cock began to thicken in his briefs and he thought “god not now!!” he slipped his own briefs off and his cock flopped semi erect between his legs.

He tapped John on his shoulder “come lets shower” Gary said to the nervous boy who was cupping his cock and balls, they left the locker room with Gary carrying the towel and gel and entered the shower room, John took up a shower head at the far end and Gary took the one next to him, John still had his back to him as he switched on the shower and washed off a bit as Gary switched his on and squeezed some gel out and soaped himself up, he passed the bottle to John who took it without turning round much, so Gary wouldn't see his cock.

Gary shrugged his shoulders and soaped himself up and noticed his cock hadn't got any harder, he had a thought, and said to John

Wash my back will you? and I’ll do yours after” he said

John turned slightly and looked horrified at Gary

It's ok I won't bite you” said Gary and laughed

John grabbed the gel and spread some on his hand and wiped it over Gary's back, Gary thought he was paying too much attention to his upper back

Lower John please, all the way down past my bum will you?” he asked

John gingerly rubbed and washed the gel down lower and reached the top of Gary's bum, his fingers slid into the crack and it felt electric to Gary as his fingers slightly brushed his hole

Gary lent against the shower wall as John washed his bum and fingered gel into his crack, his cock started to harden and it lifted up and pointed to the ceiling, he was longing to wank himself and even better have sexy John to do it.

He looked back at John as he felt something was brushing against his bum cheeks, standing right behind him was John and with a funny look on his face, looking down he saw John's cock was erect and the knob rubbing over his bum, he stood mesmerised looking at the boy's cock over his shoulder, it was around six inches of lovely boy flesh, circumcised nicely with the tell tale brown circular cigar band on the shaft showing he had been done at birth, the bare cock head seemed fatter than the shaft and was crimson with desire.

Two lovely balls hung down between his tanned legs with just a small patch of brown pubic hair above them

Ohh lovely cock” said Gary as he turned and stood in front of John, he too was erect and his foreskin was still over the swollen cock head, Gary reached out and tenderly felt at John's cock

This ok John?” Gary said as he rubbed John's cock

Argghh oohh yeah ohh wank me” John moaned as Gary wanked John's hard cut cock

John leaned into Gary and grabbed his cock and wanked him as well, they had each others head on their shoulders and Gary whispered “oh fuck wank me hard John, make me cum”

Oh yeah I am gonna wank you so hard you will spurt gallons” John moaned as he rubbed the hot teens cock

Arggh its here ohh yen i'm cumming” moaned Gary and shot spurt after spurt of his hot sperm onto John's cock, this set John off and he shot his sperm onto Gary's cock and balls, holding each other tight they came down from their mutual spurting and Gary kissed John's neck and then pulled away slightly and kissed him on the lips, John looked shocked at first and then reciprocated and kissed Gary back.

Better clean ourselves up hadn't we?” said John looking a bit flustered

Gary nodded and they washed off and exited the shower room and dried off, shared the towel

They started dressing after drying off and John turned to Gary

You won't tell anyone will you Gary? He said

Of course not, you enjoyed it didn't you? Gary answered

Yes of course, your gay aren't you anyway? I have seen you with that sexy boy Daniel, is he your boyfriend?” John said

Wow you don't miss much do you? You been watching me then?” said Gary

I have fancied you for ages, just never plucked up enough courage to talk to you properly that's all” said John and looked sheepish at Gary as he tied his tie

Well I am gay and this week both Daniel and I came out to our parents, they are comfortable with the arrangement as they suspected it for a long time” replied Gary

What about you? You gay or bi or what?” asked Gary quickly

John thought for a minute as he gathered his school stuff “I like girls, I get on with my younger sister, but I fancy boy's as well, you in particular” John said

He shot a sideways glance at Gary as both boy's exited the changing room and headed for the school car park, waiting for them was his dad with Daniel sitting in the back of the car

Good grief where have you been till now?” said Gary's dad

Sorry dad I stayed behind to help John here with the gym stuff as he got saddled with putting it away, we got a bit late, sorry , I’ll explain later ok” John replied

He introduced John to his dad and mum and Daniel, Daniel looked a bit puzzled but shrugged his shoulder, Gary's dad offered John a lift home but he said he didn't live far anyway and thanked him though and said goodbye to Gary saying he would see him on Monday, Gary nodded and got in the car.

They started off and Gary asked his dad to stop a minute as they pulled up along side John as they went through the school gates

Hey John, here's my mobile number call me later ok” Gary said and handed him a piece of paper with his number scribbled on

John thanked him and said he would later, Daniel looked at Gary and said “what's that all about?” Gary explained to them all that John gets a bit of bullying at school and doesn't seem to have any friends so he thought he would help him out and make friends with him, not really telling them he fancied the pants off him

His parents commended him and even Daniel was proud of him and squeezed his hand a little “tell you more later Daniel” whispered Gary and squeezed Daniels leg and also cupped his balls and squeezed them gently and grinned at him

Can Daniel stay over tonight seeing as how we have to leave early tomorrow?” said Gary to his parents

It's all arranged, we are going straight to a hotel near where the houses we are looking at after we sort out the cheque at the presentation, we decided to go by train instead of driving” said his mum

You two can get some new clothes in town after and then when we get home a quick pack and off to the station by taxi ok” she went on

Gary thought that idea was great and said he would get a new phone and few other things as well in town, Daniel said he would too and they decided to get a new Iphone and laptops

Gary's dad shrugged his shoulders and soon they arrived at Camelot's office and saw that Daniels rents were there waiting.

They were shown to a room and drinks were offered and the women had champagne as they weren't driving while the men had orange juice and looked glum at first, Gary and Daniel asked if they could have champagne and their parents said as it was a special occasion they would let them.

Sipping their champagne they waited as the representative checked the winning ticket, which Gary's dad had kept safe since he found he was the sole winner of the Euro Lottery

Well Mr Tompkins I am pleased to tell you that the ticket is genuine and you have won the top prize of eighty six million and four hundred and sixty thousand pounds, here is the cheque” the man from the lottery said

They all gasped and gulped on their drinks as the cheque was presented to Gary's dad and then they all had their picture took and laughed and giggled nervously as it sank in they were multi millionaires

Gary's dad went and signed for the cheque and the man from the lottery advised him to take a couple of days away and let it sink in and then they would set up meetings with advisor’s to explain what he could do with all the money, John explained that they were away for the weekend looking at property and would take their offer seriously, he had arranged for them to have money advanced so they could splash out a bit.

The serious stuff over they thanked the lottery people for their hospitality and then they left the room and John turned to them when the got outside

Ok gang lets go shop till we drop hehe” he said laughingly and they all laughed and piled into the cars and headed into town and the shopping mall

Gary and Daniel got new phones and picked out matching laptops and they were helped by their rents in buying some new clothes and then the rents did their shopping and then it was time they left for home

They arrived at their homes and the boys scampered off to their rooms to pack for the weekend and change, the taxi's arrived and they piled into them and were soon off on their weekend away.

They arrived at the hotel in time for dinner and checked in, the receptionist informed them they had only suites available with double beds and was that ok for the boys, they grinned quietly and nodded their agreement and soon they were all shown to their respective rooms and the boy's parents told them to be down stairs and changed in forty minutes as they had a table booked for dinner.

Saying they would be ready they went into their room “wow this is massive” said Gary as he bounced on the king size bed as Daniel checked out the bathroom “check this out Gary?” shouted Daniel from the bathroom

Gary got off the bed and went into the bathroom “oh god its really massive” he said as he saw that the shower could at least accommodate four if needed and there was a corner bath as well that doubled as a jacuzzi

Gary looked at Daniel and said “lets shower together” Daniel grinned back at him and nodded and they went back into the bedroom and soon stripped out of their shorts and polo shirts and trainers and underwear and ran naked back into the bathroom with their erect cocks leading the way.

Oh yeah this is great” said Daniel as he switched on the shower and warm gentle water sprayed over them, he picked up an expensive looking bottle and saw it was shower gel, he rubbed some on his body and on Gary's and rubbed it all over him, he took Gary's cock in his hands and wanked it with soaped up hands and Gary moaned quietly then leaned in to kiss his sexy boyfriend.

They came together and kissed deeply “alone at last” Gary moaned and Daniel agreed and they took each other's cocks in their hands and slowly wanked each other and kissed deeply.

Gary pulled his lips off Daniels and whispered “suck me please” Daniel dropped to his knees and took Gary's cock into his mouth and sucked on the cock head, he had skinned back the boy's foreskin and he licked all around the bare head now causing Gary to moan.

Sucking him for a bit and his balls as well Daniel came up and kissed Gary and whispered “Fuck me please” shag my bum Gary” “you sure? It could hurt a bit” said Gary

Yes I want you to fuck me. I have told you I have used things up there, so it should be ok” Daniel went on

Daniel braced himself against the wall as Gary fingered shower gel into his hole and fingered his prostate as well “oohh umm ohhh that's good” moaned Daniel

Gary positioned himself behind Daniel and nudged his hard cock between his bum cheeks, he found his puckered hole and pressed his bare cock head into it gently, Daniel winced a bit as he felt hos lover penetrate his bum hole and he asked him to stop for a minute

Gary carried on pushing after a couple of minutes and soon he had all of his six inch hard boy cock in Daniels bum, he started a rhythm and was soon making Daniel moan “oohh fuck me lover, fuck me hard” Daniel moaned

Gary thrust as hard as he could and soon he felt his boy balls contract and his cock expand and he moaned “arggh yeah its here” and he shot four good spurts of his teen seed into Daniels bum, that set off Daniel and he spurted his sperm out onto the shower wall without touching his throbbing cock

Oh god that was great” said Daniel as Gary pulled his softening cock out of Daniels bum, he stood there with the water washing over his sensitive cock and then they kissed deeply “I want you in me next” Gary whispered to Daniel

We haven't got time now and I just shot a good load, later in bed ok, I have lube in my bag I got from the chemist” Daniel said

Garry nodded and they washed off quickly and dried off and dressed up in the new shirts and suits and ties they had bought in town and went downstairs to join their parents in a drink before dinner.

End of part 2

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