Gary and Daniel: Money For Nothing


Part 3



Gary and Daniel had a quiet drink with their parents in the hotel bar and then were called into the private dining room they had asked for as the meals they had selected were ready.



Wow this is splendour” said Gary to Daniel and Daniel nodded



They sat next to each other and the meal was started to be served, they were allowed one glass of wine each with the meal as well as a soft drink, after a sumptuous meal and having two desserts each from the well stocked dessert trolley they sat chatting about the the houses they would be looking at the next day, Gary's dad said that one of them would blow their minds and the two boy's quizzed him about it, but John wouldn't tell them anything and had a wicked grin on his face.



The head waiter informed them that soon the cabaret would start in the main lounge and they would be welcome to come and be entertained, so they all took their after dinner drinks and went to the lounge and found a nice corner table, the cabaret was excellent but soon the boys were yawning a lot after a long day and Gary's dad suggested they retire for the night, they said their good night's and left their parents having a nightcap.



Back in their room they undressed and hung up their suits and shirts, standing just in socks and underpants they embraced at the foot of the gigantic bed, their boy cocks were hardening in their white briefs as they swapped tongues “ I think we need to clean out teeth first” Gary said and Daniel agreed and they both entered the bathroom and and cleaned their teeth and used the toilet.



Back in the bedroom both boy's stripped off their socks and underpants and lay on the bed and kissed and fondled each other, both boys cock were at full erection now and Gary whispered his reminder that he wanted Daniel to mount him, they first had a 69 session and sucked each other to very close to cumming, then Daniel retrieved the lube he had bought from his back pack, he had Gary lie on his back with his legs up and fingered the lube into the boy's waiting hole and caused Gary to moan a lot as he did so, lubing his own cock up he lent up Gary's naked torso and kissed him deep and pushed the boy's legs up further and positioned his cock head at the entrance to Gary's hole “sure you want me to do you Gary?” he said



Gary nodded and then said “take it easy Daniel, I want it so bad but please don't hurt me will you?”



I would never hurt you, I love you so much” said Daniel



He pushed gently into Gary's bum hole and the boy grimaced slightly as he felt his private place being invaded “arrghh oohh hmm” Gary moaned as his lovers cock went into him, Daniel stopped and let Gary get used to the feeling and when Gary seemed happier he pushed further and further in and then picked up a rhythm, “argghh yeah argghh ohh yeah, fuck me hard Daniel” moaned Gary quietly as the 14 year old fucked him and that spurred Daniel on to go deeper and faster and his bum bounced up and down and he felt his balls tighten “oohh yeah it's here, i'm cumming” Daniel moaned.



He thrust in harder and Gary's cock started to squirt semen onto his bare chest as Daniel squirted his teen seed into his bum, Daniel slowed down and then collapsed and kissed Gary on the lips and their tongues entered each others mouths, they lay there and kissed slowly and then Daniels cock softened and he rolled off Gary and left Gary feeling empty.



Both boys got up and once again went to the bathroom, this time to clean off Daniels cock and clean out Gary's bum hole, Daniel helped him and also wiped his chest clean with a wash cloth and then naked they went back to bed and switched on the large television and watched some program about the economy, that made them both laugh as they had more money than some small countries now.


Feeling so tired they switched off the television and said their good nights and switched out the bedside lamps and were soon in a dreamless sleep.



The bedside telephone rang and it was Gary's mum reminding them it was 8 am and time to get ready for breakfast, two very bleary eyed school boys eventually got out of bed and with hard cocks leading they boy went to the large bathroom, they relieved their selves and then Gary ran the shower and him and Daniel jumped underneath it and washed each other and felt each others hard cocks, Daniel dropped to his knees and sucked Gary's cock to completion, then Gary did the same to him and then they washed off their now soft cocks and dried off.



Back in the bedroom they picked out new cargo shorts and socks and clean underpants, Gary going for white cotton boxers and Daniel white briefs again, Gary slipped on a nice blue polo shirt, Daniel was pondering over a red one or white and then decided on neither and slipped on a striped short sleeve casual shirt, both boys combed their hair and slipped on the new trainers and were good to go, Gary gave Daniel a quick kiss and they left the room and went downstairs and joined their parents in the dining room for breakfast.



The breakfast was buffet style so first they had cereal and then helped themselves to bacon and eggs and sausage and tomatoes, followed by toast and marmalade after and washed down with fruit juice they were soon full.



They had time to explore a little of the hotel grounds and a quick kiss and grope in the bushes before the mini bus arrived to take them house hunting.



After about an hours drive they arrived at some gates and a man was waiting in a nearby car, he greeted them and then asked them to follow him up the long drive to a very grand looking house, he showed them all in and then gave them a tour of the rooms, the house its self was empty of furniture but decorated in a good style and they split up and explored after the grand tour, all in all it had 6 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and a large lounge and kitchen diner with a separate dining room, with a large garden they were impressed and vowed to keep it in mind, after an hour or so looking around they left and drove on for another 20 minutes or so until they came to another set of big gates and the gates opened as they drove up.



Driving up the long drive they all couldn't help but be surprised as the house looked massive, Gary's dad said it had 10 bedrooms all with bathrooms, 3 studies and 4 lounges and two dining rooms, coupled with a massive kitchen diner and a lift that served the three floors.


Daniel and Gary looked at each other in amazement as they got out of the bus, there was a man to meet them at the entrance to the house and he showed them in, a massive entrance hall with spiral staircases each end greeted them, they had the tour downstairs and then made their way upstairs via the lift and had the tour on the second floor and then onto the third and last floor, all in all they were wandering around for over an hour.



Then the man said he would show them the extras as he called them, through a side door on the ground floor he took them to the back and there was a full sized tennis court, along with a garden as far as the eye could see, Gary spotted a figure by one of the flower beds, the person turned and Gary could see he was stripped to the waist and given it was a very warm day he understood why, he looked not much older than them and Gary thought he was so sexy, standing in soccer shorts and nothing much else and he nudged Daniel and motioned towards the lad.



Mmm nice” thought Daniel and his cock twitched in his briefs




That's Matthew, he is the only gardener left now, he was an apprentice here when the last occupants were here and now the bank who repossessed the house have kept him on to just keep the grounds tidy, he is 16 I think and lives local” said the estate agent



There is a bit more to see if you will follow me back to the house” he went on


They all trailed after him with Gary and Daniel bring up the rear and gazing at Matthew when they thought no one was looking.


They went down a set of stairs into what they thought was a cellar and the agent switched on a set of lights and they all did a double take, for in front of them was a magnificent swimming pool, with underwater lights, it was a walk in type one and they all went and had a closer look, the shallow end was about a foot and a half deep going to about 6 foot at the deepest end with a tiled bottom with a dolphin mural, benches were around and so were some chairs and table, shower and changing rooms were just off the main pool area as was a small gym and toning room and that had a jacuzzi bath in it and tanning facilities, all in all more than you wanted really in a pool room.



Gary and Daniel were amazed at what they saw and loved the whole set up and when they got back upstairs they badgered Gary's dad to buy the house, he laughed and said they were a few things to sort out yet, not least the price, he and the rest of them sat in the kitchen and talked about the house while Gary and Daniel had another look around, they looked at all the bedrooms quickly and then picked the room they fancied.



Joining their parents downstairs they said goodbye to the estate agent and Gary quizzed his dad whether he had bought it, he wouldn't commit himself but just said he needed to think about it over a pint or two, so they set off and found a pub on the edge of a village nearby and they all went into the beer garden and ordered some drinks and sandwiches as it was almost lunchtime.



Daniel and Gary sat on a small table on their own while their parents chatted, Gary was quiet and looked a bit down “what's the matter Gary?” said Daniel after he took a drink of his cola.


Ohh I really loved that house, I had such thoughts about it while we were there, the tennis court and the swimming pool and sauna, I was imagining swimming naked in the pool and of us naked in our big bedroom and getting an all over tan as well” Gary mused



Mm I can see how that would appeal to you, does me as well and that sexy Matthew” said Daniel and he grinned a cheeky grin, and that made Gary give a sexy grin back



Gary Daniel!!” can you come back over here? We have something to tell you” shouted Gary's dad, the boys scampered over and stood by their dads.



We have made a decision about which house we like, both of them were good, but I think we all agree that the last one was better, however the asking price is eight million pounds, I know we have got a lot of money but I still want to try and get the price lowered” said John




Their rents nodded, but Daniel and Gary looked puzzled “that mean you might not buy it if they won't drop the price dad?” said Gary




No, it doesn't mean that at all, I just want to try and get them to lower it for cash” John replied



In fact I will put a call in now to that agent” he went on and dialled a number on his mobile



Oh hello Mr Haskins, yes its John Tompkins here” John said



I would like to make an offer on that house we saw earlier if that is okay?” he went on



I see you want eight million for it and I am prepared to offer seven million cash” John said optimistically


The silence was deafening as they all looked at John as he listened to the estate agent on his mobile, he closed the call after thanking Haskins and they heard him say he would wait for a call soon



John turned to them all and said “Mr Haskins is going to pass on the offer to the owners, a bank I believe, he will ring me with an answer soon at least by the end of the day”


They all sat quiet and then John said “nothing we can do but wait, who wants another drink?”


They all nodded and he went inside the pub to order more drinks, they sat around chatting for a bit, then Gary and Daniel went off exploring the garden and talked about the house.



I do so hope we get to buy it Daniel” said Gary



Yeah I really want to live there myself now, at first I felt it was a big wrench to leave where we are now, but I love you so much and want to be where you are” Daniel replied and looked a bit dewy eyed



Gary looked at his friend and lover and saw the tears welling up and put his arm around his shoulders



I don't really care where I live as long as it's with you” Gary said and he kissed Daniel full on the lips.



They had wandered to the bottom of the beer garden well out of sight and hearing of anyone and were throwing stones into a small stream when John came up.



Hey you two love birds, don't you want to go and see your new home?” he said and grinned at themselves



Gary and Daniel looked at him stunned “they accepted your offer then?” squealed Gary, trying to contain himself



Yeah they did, papers will be sorted out next week, in the mean time the agent will drop off sets of keys for us to look around and for the women to see what changes they want to make and if you like you pair can get to swim in the pool, it looked as though it was ok to swim in” John went on



They both hugged him and then ran back to the others and chatted excitedly.



The drive back to the hotel seemed long and when they got there the adults said they were going to have a nap and then get ready for dinner and have a bit of a celebration seeing as how it was Saturday night, the boys laughed and said they would go up to there rooms as well.



In their room both of them stripped naked and lay on the bed and fondled each other, Daniel fingered Gary's bum hole as they kissed and then reached for the drawer and found his lube and smeared some on his cock and into Gary's bum hole, Daniel lay on his back as Gary climbed on top of him and they kissed and Gary slid his hole over Daniels waiting cock head and impaled himself on it and pushed down on the six inch cock.



Argghhh fuck argghh oohh yeah that's fucking great” Gary moaned as he felt it thrust up him, controlling it all he bounced up and down as Daniels eyes were closed



Daniel felt great as Gary bounced up and down on his teen cock and Gary felt Daniels big knob hit his boy prostate each time he pushed down hard “arghh ohh yeah oohh fuck” Gary moaned as Daniels cock gave him great pleasure.


Arggh oohh I’m cumming” moaned Daniel and Gary felt Daniels cock expand and his knob get bigger and he spurted hot teen sperm into Garys bum, that set off Gary “ohhh yeah arghh ohhh mmm” he moaned and he splattered Daniels bare chest with his hot sperm.


Both boys took a couple of minutes to calm down and Gary climbed off Daniels cock and lay beside him and they kissed and then Gary leaned over and scooped up the pool of cooling sperm off Daniels chest and they ate it between them and then kissed deeply and dozed off and dreamt of each other.


The phone rang after a couple of hours and it was Daniels dad giving them a wake up call “come on you love birds, get your asses together and get ready for dinner” he said and giggled down the phone.



Dad behave will you, we will be down in around thirty minutes ok” Daniel replied and put the phone down.


Gary was dozing and mumbled “who was that, my dad?”


No it was my dad making wisecracks” said Daniel and rolled over and kissed Gary on his bottom and then his lips



Deciding heliked the taste of Gary’s bum he then licked at Garys crack “mmm ohh yeah that’s nice” moaned Gary


Daniel pushed his hand between Garys bare legs and felt his ball sack and then his rapidly hardening cock and took hold of it and wanked him “arghh ohh yeah ohh fuck” Gary moaned as Daniel wanked him off.



Gary rolled onto his back with Daniels hand still wanking him “ arrghh yeah oh fucking hell wank me hard, squeeze my cock as well Daniel” he moaned and thrust up his pelvis


Arggh I’m going to spurt, arggh yeah ohh” he moaned and shot 4 good spurts of his sperm onto his heaving bare chest and Daniel quickly leaned over and licked up the offering, with cum on his lips he leaned up and kissed Gary and they consumed Garys seed between them.



Resting for a bit Daniel then climbed off the bed with his flaccid cock flopping around and went to the bathroom and relieved himself and started the shower and hopped in, he had a leasurely shower and then hopped out and dried off in a big fluffy towel.


He went back to the bedroom and told Gary he could have the bathroom, Gary bleary eyed smiled at him and he got off the bed and went and showered and woke himself up.


Both boys dressed in clean underwear and shirts and socks and their new suits and went and joined their parents in the bar again for a pre dinner drink.


Hi boys!” said Garys dad as the boys entered the bar and his dad ordered cola for them


John had his new notebook computer on the table “ I have been researching schools in the area for you and found two schoold that fit the bill, want to take a look?” John said to Gary and Daniel



They groaned out loud “can’t it wait a bit dad?” moaned Gary and rolled his eyes


Just having a look while we waited for you Gary and besides you need to register with a school anyway, as the summer holidays as starting soon we need to sort out a new school for both of you for the autumn” John replied


Gary looked over his dads shoulder at the website of the first school “dad this school is for younger boys than us” Gary said


No it isn’t, it says boys of ages 11 to 18 are admitted” replied his dad



Well the pictures on the site are of boys in school uniform and they are wearing short trousers dad, 11 year olds wear them” Gary went on


His dad scrolled through the site and found all the information about the school.


It says here that school uniform is compulsory at all times and that it consists of a red school blazer and white shirts with grey and red striped tie and grey flannel shorts, no restrictions on age” John informed Gary and Daniel


Gary turned to Daniel and said “good grief Daniel that school is in the dark ages, shorts for school uniform, no way am I wearing them!!”


Daniel laughed “well what’s the problem, you have sexy legs so why not show them off” he said


Gary flipped Daniel a look that would freeze the devil and tried to cuff him but he was quick to get out of the way


I agree Daniel, and he has a sexy bum as well and would look great in shorts, he wears shorts all the time at home anyway, even in deepest cold winter” his mum said and gave Gary’s bum a feel


Mummm!!!, leave off will you” Gary said and gave a pained look and they all laughed


John looked at the other school site that was close to the new place they were all going to live and leaned over and said “the other school has exactly the same rules”


Gary groaned and put that pained look on again and then grinned and winked at Daniel


The head waiter came and told them their private dining room was ready for them so they all went through and got seated, the table setting was fabulous and they all remarked that it was great, bottles of champagne were on the table and even Gary and Daniel were allowed to have a drink and they toasted to their new life together.

The meal was excellent and they were even allowed to have two glasses of wine and both Gary and Daniel were tipsy by now judging by the giggling they did, scolded by their parents it was suggested they go to bed but they said they would behave and just drink mineral water from now on.

A young waiter arrived to clear off the table and John asked him if they could have two large brandies.

Sorry sir I am not a drinks waiter as I am not old enough to serve alcohol, but I will pass on your order to the relevant waiter” he said and smiled at them all.

Gary though he looked sexy and being under 18 he was probably in their age range, the boy was bending over the table slightly to reach some plates and Gary helped him by pushing them nearer, their gazes met and Gary winked and smiled at him, the waiter looked a bit shocked at first and then returned his wink and smile and took the dirty dishes away.

Gary and Daniel excused themselves to go to the toilet and both boys bumped into that young waiter again.

Hi I am Gary and this is my best friend Daniel” said Gary

Hi Gary and Daniel, I am Nathan” said the waiter “ that wink you gave me, did it mean what I think it meant?” He went on.

Depends what your are thinking” replied Gary with a smirk and a wickedly sexy grin which was probably down to the alcohol.

Nathan looked at them both and said “how old are you both?”

I am 14 almost 15 in 5 months and Daniel is the same but his birthday is in 5 weeks” Gary said

Well I am just turned 16 3 weeks ago and this is my first job and I don't want to blow it” Nathan said and looked at them ruefully

Who said anything about you losing your job? bit of fun is all we are after, anyway we are in room 32 if you fancy a bit of fun” went on Gary and Daniel also nodded.

Well I finish at 10pm so maybe I might come up and see what your room is like, I only live 5 minutes walk away and often stay on and watch the cabaret sometimes so I won't be missed at home” Nathan said and with that said he had to carry on working.

They smiled at him and went to the toilet and eagerly chatted about the sexy Nathan and hoped he would come to their room, while they were there they had a quick feel of each others cocks and Daniel said he was horny for cock and being fucked a bit tonight and Gary grinned and said hopefully if Nathan comes up we can have a threesome.

They went back to the dining room and made small talk with their parents and then the adults went to the bar for a night cap as it was almost 10 pm and Gary and Daniel said their good-nights and went to their room.

They quickly stripped out of their new suits and shirts and hung them up and lay on the bed in just their underpants and watched some television, Daniel looked at the clock and saw it was nearly half past ten and he said “ I don't think Nathan is coming Gary, a bit late now for him I guess and maybe he got scared”.

Just then a light tap was heard on the door, Gary went to open it but first asked who it was, “its me Nathan” came a voice.

Gary opened the door to see Nathan still in his waiters uniform , he grinned and Gary asked him in.

Mmmm seems you two are ready for bed” Nathan said

Were ready for you” said Gary and rubbed his swelling briefs and grinned

Nathan stood and looked at the sight before him, two sexy 14 year old schoolboys in their white briefs and both getting nicely erect in them judging by the bulges

He stripped off his jacket and then undid his tie and shirt and took them off revealing a nice slim chest, lightly tanned with nipples hard in the coolness of the room, he undid his trouser belt and the zip as well and revealed he had blue and grey boxer shorts on, taking off his shoes and socks he then took off his trousers and his shapely tanned legs were visible as was the growing tent in his boxers.

All three boys lay on the massive bed and Gary and Nathan kissed each other and then Nathan and Daniel swapped tongues, all the time caressing each others bare chests..

Nathan had them lie side by side on their backs and went from one to the other kissing them and feeling their bulging packages in their briefs.

Both boys groaned as he did that and then he reached to Gary’s underpants and pulled them down and off his sexy legs and bared his throbbing uncut cock.

Mmmm nice cock Gary” Nathan moaned as he pulled Daniels pants down the same and off and his uncut cock came into view and lay throbbing on the his thigh.

Oh wow another beauty” Nathan moaned and he took both boys cock in his hands and wanked them both, his cock was straining in his boxers so he climbed off the bed and stood at the side and slid them down, his 7 inch hard cut cock came into view and Gary and Daniel whistled at his size.

Gary reached over and rubbed his hand over the cut head and Nathan groaned “argghh yeah ummm ohh”

Gary's mouth covered the bare cock head and he gleefully sucked it into his mouth as Daniel sucked his cock, both Gary and Nathan cocks were now being sucked.

Oh fuck this is so sexy” said Nathan “ I want to fuck you Gary” he went on

Gary pulled off his cock and climbed off the bed and reached into the bedside cabinet drawer and got Daniels tube of lube, he smeared some on Nathan’s throbbing cut cock and then bent over the bed and Nathan squirted some into his bum crack and fingered it into Gary's hole.

Arggh oohh yeah” Gary moaned as he was being fingered “ i'm ready to be entered but you gorgeous cock Nathan “ he said

Nathan got behind him and positioned his cock head at the entrance to Gary's hole and nudged the head just inside, “ok it might hurt a little at first” Nathan said

It's ok I have been bummed before” replied Gary and Nathan looked at Daniel who was positioning his cock near to Gary's mouth

Daniel grinned and nodded and Nathan smiled and then plunged his 7 inch hard teen cock into Gary's bum

Arggh ohh argghh oohh yeah oh fuck!!” Gary moaned as he was penetrated by this sexy 16 year old lad.

Nathan picked up speed and fucked Gary faster and faster and was hitting the boys young prostate with every thrust, Daniel was s being sucked by Gary and Gary's jaw was clamped over his knob when his prostate was getting rammed.

Arggh fuck, ohh fuck i'm close” moaned Nathan and he tensed up and got ready to blast his load of sperm into Gary's arse hole

Fuck so am I” moaned Daniel whose cock was getting a monumental sucking now

Nathan groaned and his cock head swelled deep inside Gary and he spurted 6 good spurts of his red hot teen sperm deep into Gary's bowels, as Daniel unloaded his sperm into Gary's mouth causing him to gag on the amount Daniel spurted and some leaked out the side of his mouth.

Nathan leaned over and licked the residue from the side of his lips and they kissed as he still slowly rammed his cock into him, the ramming slowly died and he just lay on top of him and got his breath back and then pulled off and left the boy feeling empty and his hole gaping where a couple of minutes ago he had had a big cock in him.

Gary got up and he had shot his sperm all over the top sheet of the bed “oh god what a mess” he said looking at the puddle of teen sperm on the white sheet.

It's ok don't worry, the maids are used to it Gary, I will get you a clean one from the linen cupboard that’s opposite in a minute” Nathan said “besides I have fucked Linda on this bed the other day, and squirted my spunk all over it” he went on and giggled.

Daniel and Gary looked at each other and Daniel said “ you like shagging girls as well as boys?”

Yeah I will shag any hole, boys bums, girls bum and pussy's and mouths and boys mouth as well, I am bisexual” replied Nathan and stood there with his cock softening and shiny with cum juices.

She seduced me in this room and wanted my cock in her so I fucked her good after she sucked me off and then after I shoved it up her arse as well just for good measure” Nathan said

Did she like that?” asked Gary

She squealed a bit it was hurting her as I fucked her hard and fast but soon she was moaning it was great” Nathan told him

What about you? Do you liked to be fucked?” said Daniel

Nathan looked at him and Daniels cock was sticking up again

Mmm I would love have that up me Daniel” Nathan answered

Daniel smiled and said “ well come over here and let me fuck your delectable arse then”

Nathan went round the other side of the bed and lay down and let Daniel finger lube into him and then Daniel with the help of Gary lubricated his own cock and lay on top of Nathan and inserted his cock into the 16 year old hole “arggh yeah ohh steady please Daniel” Nathan moaned

Daniel grinned and pretended he hadn't heard that and rammed all his length into Nathan

and fucked him hard and fast

Ohh fuck, ohh fucking hell, your big” Nathan moaned as his arse was rammed good and hard by the 14 year old cock

Daniel was ready to spurt again and rammed into him faster and his knob expanded in the boys hole and he spurted his sperm into Nathan's guts

Climbing off a couple of minutes later his place was taken by Gary who equally rammed his hard cock into Nathan's bum and again Nathan moaned as his prostate got rubbed and rubbed by Gary's knob.

Arrghh ohh fuck ohhh yeah fuck me hard!!” he moaned as Gary rammed harder and harder and he too started to sperm into Nathan's bum hole and filled his guts with more teen sperm.

All the boys were now exhausted and collapsed on the bed and it was covered in teen boy sperm, after a few minutes Nathan climbed off and got the other two to get off as well and ripped off the dirty sheet, he went to the door naked and looked out into the hall and quickly went across the hall to the linen cupboard and grabbed a clean sheet and put the soiled one in the linen basket and ran back with his soft cock waving from side to side.

Gary and Daniel were in the bathroom cleaning up and Gary was getting rid of Nathan's sperm out of his bowels at the toilet and then cleaned off by getting the shower head and washed out his bum, Nathan came in and did the same and then pronouncing himself clean he went and dried and then went back into the bedroom and dressed while Daniel and Gary put the new sheet on and climbed into bed, Nathan came and kissed them both goodnight night and had a quick feel of their soft cocks and then as he left he said he would see them at breakfast as he was on duty the next morning.

Gary kissed Daniel good night and then switched off the bedside lamp and they both sank into a deep sleep after their sexual couplings.

They slept like babies and were awoken by a tap on the door at 8 am, it was Nathan with some coffee, he looked at the two love-birds lying naked in bed and with early morning hard ons tenting the sheet.

I took coffee to your parents and they suggested that I did the same for you, they want you up and dressed by 9 am they said to tell you” Nathan said as he put the coffee on the bedside table.

Gary smiled at him and pulled back the sheet exposing his swollen cock and he climbed out and went to the bathroom to pee, when he came back Nathan had Daniels cock in his mouth and he bade Gary to come over and Daniel leaned over and sucked Gary's cock into his mouth, Nathan was soon rewarded by a few blasts of Daniels cum into his mouth as Gary blasted his sperm into Daniels and then Nathan said he had to serve more coffees and left Daniel and Gary alone and drinking coffee in bed.

Just before 9 am two suitably dressed boys went downstairs for breakfast and met up with their parents in the dining room and ate a hearty English breakfast before going back to their room to pack and get ready for the journey to the new house to do a little measuring and more exploring.

They saw Nathan and gave him their phone numbers and Nathan thanked them and gave them his and also he said that Gary's dad had given him a handsome tip for looking after them.

Well you certainly looked after us Nathan” said Gary grinning and had a quick feel of Nathan’s cock in his trousers as no one was looking.

They said their good byes and checked out and loaded up the mini bus and then set off for the home they had bought the previous day, as the two sets of parents went with the agent and cleared up some points, Gary and Daniel explored the grounds and found the young gardener Matthew clearing up some weeds on a lawn, Matthew was 16 they had been told and he was just in loose soccer shorts and socks with old trainers on, he was heavily tanned most probably because he worked topless most of the summer.

Daniel thought how sexy he was in those red soccer shorts and red and white striped soccer socks, he reckoned he was about their size and had lovely blond hair and smashing brown legs and torso and it looked as though he was quite fit with the work he did.

They introduced themselves and told Matthew that they were the sons of the new owners and would be moving in shortly.

What do I call you then?” Matthew said

What do you mean call us?” enquired Daniel

Well the last owner had me call him sir, do I call you young sirs?” Matthew went on

Daniel and Gary laughed “good grief no, just call us Gary and Daniel or Dan if you want” said Gary and also noted the boy looked fit and wondered if he did any sexy stuff with boys

Ok Gary and Dan it is then” went on Matthew and told them about the land they owned and what fun they could have exploring, there was even a small private river they could swim in if they got fed up with the pool he said

Do you swim in the river Matt?” said Gary

Sometimes I do when I know no one is around” Matt said and grinned and went a little red

What you mean when no one is around?” asked Daniel

Well I swim without clothes, no point in dirtying my pants up is there?” Matt said and giggled slightly

Gary and Daniel looked at each other and they giggled as well “ we might have a go at that ourselves when we have settled in Matt, you must show us where you swim and join us” Gary said

Matt giggled and said he would but for now he would have to get on with his work and bade them good day.

Gary and Daniel left him to his work and made their way back to the house and found their parents, the agent had left and they said that they were going to measure up and sort a few things out, and why didn't they go and suss out the swimming pool and have a swim.

We don't have swimming trunks with us dad” said Gary

Swim in your pants then for now, surely you have some clean ones to put on after” Daniels mum said

Yeah we have, ok we will do that” said Gary and winked at Daniel

They scampered off to the mini bus and grabbed some clean pants out of the case and a towel each and raced to the pool room in the basement.

They found the lights and illuminated the pool, they went to one of the changing rooms and had a look around and found a cupboard with new towels in and reckoned that the last owners had forgotten about them.

Daniel started to undress to his underpants, he stood there waiting for Gary to do the same.

Gary undressed and then with a sly grin said “lets go nude swimming”

What if our rents come down and catch us?” Daniel said

Then we will say our pants keep coming down as we both got white boxers on and they are loose fitting” Gary replied

Daniel thought about this for a minute or two and then grinned back and nodded and slipped off his white cotton boxers and so did Gary and the two naked boys went into the pool area and ran and jumped into the warm water and splashed and giggled around in the deep end and then in the shallows they did some arse grabbing and cock playing.

They raced each other from end to end and Gary easily won as he was the best swimmer of the two although Daniel wasn't that bad himself.

Gary swam slowly on his back and Daniel swam between his legs and licked his boy balls

Mummm that’s nice” mused Gary as he swam lazily and let Daniel get his tongue around his ball sack, they both swam to the shallow end and sat on the steps out of the water and Gary reached over and felt at Daniels soft boy balls and his flaccid boy cock, the cooler water had made it shrivel a bit but is was still a nice three to four inches soft and with Gary's attention to it it started to grow and Gary pulled back his foreskin.

Do you like circumcised cocks?” Gary said as he absent mindedly pulled Daniels foreskin right back and exposed his cock head

I never thought about it, last night was the first time I have played with one, Nathan’s was nice and cut, guess as a baby judging by the brown circle around the shaft” Daniel said

Couple of boys at school I told you about are circumcised like that, I told you a few days ago

Yeah I know, John Stewart is as well, a boy in my class” Gary went on

You seen his cock then?” said Daniel

Well yeah in the showers after gym the other day” Gary said and looked a little sheepish

He thought he might as well have no secrets from Daniel seeing as how he was going to live and sleep with him.

I wanked with him as well” Gary said and looked at Daniel

Oh did you?” enquired Daniel and at first he felt a little hurt that his best friend and lover had been with someone else with out him there like last night.

It was only a wank Daniel, just some sexy fun in the showers” Gary went on and wished now he hadn't told him

Daniel pushed Gary's hand away from his cock and got out of the pool and went and sat on a bench

Gary followed him out and stood naked and dripping wet in front of him “ it wasn't anything really Daniel, I am so sorry it happened now, I knew you guys were waiting for me but lost track of time because of it, it won't happen again ever, only ones I meet will be with you” Gary said and tears welled up in his eyes at the thought that he had hurt his best friend

He sat down next to Daniel and started to cry, Daniel cradled his head and said “ hey its ok Gary, no big deal, I did feel a bit put out and if you want to meet lads without me that’s ok by me”

Gary looked up at Daniel and saw he had tears running down his face “ no I won't again Daniel, it you or nothing now, if we both want to meet another boy we do it together or not at all ok?” he said tearfully

Daniel nodded and they cuddled each other and kissed and then Daniel said lets race again from a dive in so the went to the deep end and raced, this time Daniel won marginally though but he won, the boys climbed out of the pool and started to make out on the bench and soon they were in a 69 position sucking each others cocks.

Argghh oohh yeah suck me hard” moaned Gary as he quickly pulled off Daniels cock head to take a breath and then continued to suck his knob.

Both boys shot there sperm at the same time and swallowed it eagerly and then went and swam to clean off a bit and got into a grabbing game under the water.

When they came up for air Gary and Daniels mums were standing at the side of the pool

I thought you two were going to wear underpants?” Gary's mum said to the two startled 14 year olds

As they trod water in the deep end too scared to come to the shallow end where the steps were in case their mums saw their naked bodies Gary said “well they kept coming down as we swam so we decided to leave them off mum” looking at this mum a bit sheepishly

Well that’s as well, get out and get dried and dressed we are ready to go home now” she went on and both women stood at the side

The boys looked at their mothers and Daniels mum said “come on get a move on we haven't all day”

Well turn around then please” said Daniel

No way!! we gave birth to both of you so you haven't got anything we haven't seen before. Remember we used to wipe your bums and bath and change you two for years” she went on

Gary looked at Daniel and both boys shrugged their shoulders and swam to the shallow end and walked up the steps naked with their thankfully soft cocks swaying from side to side and past their mums to the changing room.

Looks as though they are not little boys any more” said Gary's mum to Daniels mum and both ladies laughed out loud

Yeah they are both quite young men now and growing still as well judging by what was hanging down” said Daniels mum and they both laughed out loud and Gary and Daniel heard them and groaned at each other as they had a quick shower and then dried off and dressed back in just underpants shorts and tee shirts and trainers with no socks and took their wet towels and hung them on a small dryer rack they found and went out to their mums and off back to the mini bus and set off to the station.

The journey back home was long and boring given it was a Sunday and they didn't arrive back until late afternoon and then got taxis to their homes, Gary rang Daniel later and then said he was off to bed as school was beckoning the next day and he was tired, for the first time in two days he slept alone and dreamt about when him and Daniel would get to sleep together permanently.

That’s all for now, more soon

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