Gary's Lucky Day

This is a one off story and is not true



My names Gary Worth, I am 24 years old and work as a computer software engineer in the midlands of the UK, A geek so I was told at school, truth is I was very sporty in school and I still keep my boyish looks, but I did like my studies, I am roughly 5` 7 inches tall, average body size, I work out every weekend at a local council owned sports centre and take a swim and a sauna after on Saturdays, when its men's day, meaning only men are allowed as the sauna is nude, optional nude though, but I have yet to see anyone in swimming costume, oh yes I am gay, been that way since I was about 10 and realised I could get enormous pleasure from my cock, even better if other boys felt it, from there it was a downward spiral, according to my parents when I was 16 they caught me in bed with my best friend, he was fucking me so hard I was yelling blue murder.

The upshot was I lost my best friend as he was so traumatised by being caught, my parents blamed him and his parents blamed me, but we both loved cock up our arses, I was told to leave the family home as I had two younger brothers aged 11 and 13 and the rents thought that they would turn out like me, worse still I would try my deviance on them, one monumental argument after another convinced me it was time I left.

I got a crappy bedsit in London and studied hard to get a degree in computers and worked a lousy hotel job at night to pay for it, I was lucky to land a reasonable job in the midlands and I have a nice apartment and a few gay friends, but not as yet a steady boyfriend, I have tried but to no avail, I did try contacting my best friend from school Robert, the one in bed with me, but he is married now with two kids and a mortgage and a dead end job, he told me he sees a rent boy when his gay urges surface and is happy like that.

Today is my half day at work, I finish at 1pm and today being a lovely day I decided to go to the local park on my way home and chill out with my netbook and grabbed a sandwich and coffee from the van selling them in the car park, I was about to start on my food when a rather scruffy youth came up and asked to sit down, he smelt as well, he sat looking longingly at my chicken and salad sandwich "would you like this sandwich?, you seem very hungry and it's my guess you have eaten today" I said "can I?" he said and licked his dirty lips.

I handed over the sandwich and he wolfed it down in seconds "wow you certainly are hungry, what's your name?" I asked, for a couple of minutes he said nothing "it's Jez, short for Jeremy, you can call me Jez" he answered eventually, "How old are you Jez?" I asked "old enough" he answered coyly "for what?" I replied quickly and fixed a look on him "for whatever you want to do to me" Jez went on.

"Not that" I said indignantly and started to gather my stuff and leave "I'm sorry, I just thought you were like the others" Jez said "everybody wants something here" he went on and hung his head in shame "well not me Jez, I have worked hard for what I have got and I am not about to jeopardise that" I answered.

"Sorry mate, thanks for the sandwich anyway, could you spare a couple of pounds for a meal maybe? Jez asked "oh yeah you mean a fix don't you?" I sneered "no a proper meal or something, I don't do drugs, I am many things but no druggie" Jez answered and rolled up his dirty shirt sleeves to show no needle marks.

I felt terrible saying what I did and sat down again "look Jez, I am taking a big risk, you seem like a decent lad, don't know how you ended up like this, but I want to help, I have been down at times in the past and had no help, just hard work to get me out of it and it paid off, it can for you as well, will you come home with me?, I will get you cleaned up, sort some clothes out for you and get a decent meal inside you an then sit down and see what we can do" I said.

Jez looked at me "what's in it for you?" he said "nothing, just the satisfaction I have helped someone in trouble, you can leave whenever you want, up to you Jez" I went on.

Jez thought for a minute and then replied "okay, I haven't got anything to lose I guess" I smiled and got up, he got up also "my names Gary by the way" I said and stuck out my hand, Jez reached out a dirty hand and on seeing it wiped it down his equally dirty tracksuit bottoms and it came back still dirty, his handshake was firm though, we set off to the car park and my car, it was a cabriolet with the top up, so I decided to lower the top, given that Jez smelt like a sewer, we set off when it was down and I drove to my apartment in the suburbs, we parked up and went up to it, on the top floor, 13 floors up with a view to die for and not overlooked, often I sunbathed naked on the balcony and was proud of my all over tan.

I ushered Jez in and dropped my bag off in the small study and then took him to the main lounge "bloody hell, what a view" he exclaimed and went over to the balcony window, I came over and slid open the balcony door and let some lovely fresh air in, Jez was humming " I think its shower time Jez" I said "follow me" I went on quickly, he followed me down the passage to the bathroom, his eyes widened when he saw the large shower "it's big enough for two" he exclaimed "yes it is, never had two in though" I replied and smiled weakly at him "right Jez, get undressed and throw out your dirty clothes in the passage when you're ready and I will wash them for you" I said and went and switched on the shower "plenty of shower gel and shampoo, towels over there and a dressing gown on the door peg, feel free to use it" I went on and left him to undress.

A few minutes later the door opened and he threw out his dirty clothes, I needed a clothes peg on my nose as I picked them up, his socks were so filthy they were only fit for the trash, same with his underpants, white boxers that weren't white anymore, they went the same way, I threw his tracksuit bottoms in the washer followed by his tee shirt and dirty casual jacket, but really all of the stuff had seen better days, I set it going and went to sort out some food for him.

I pulled out two large steaks from the freezer and defrosted them, fixed up some salad and got a bag of frozen oven fries from the freezer, also took out a chocolate gateaux as well, as I was about to cook the steaks on my new griddle I heard a voice, it was Jez "what's the matter Jez?" I asked through the bathroom door "ran out of shower gel Gary" he answered, damn I thought, that was a near full bottle, I went back to the kitchen and scrabbled under the sink and found another one and went back to the bathroom, I opened the door and passed the bottle to Jez.

I stood looking at him, the bathroom was full of steam but he could be made out under the shower head, he was roughly my height but slimmer, but what made me stare was his bare bum, it had bruises all over it and his back, he turned slightly and smiled at me, I got a look at his soft cock, a nice 5 inches or so over a pair of chubby balls that made his cock seem it was a semi erect one, I smiled back and told him the food would be ready soon, I left the bathroom and went to cook the steaks, I couldn't get the sight of Jez's bruised bum out of my mind, nor his cock, it had been a few days since I even wanked off and even longer since I had been with a guy.

After a few minutes Jez came into the kitchen dressed in the blue bath robe and smelled like a human being instead of a sewer rat, he looked really handsome now the dirt had gone and I understood about the shower gel running out, it must have taken a whole bottle to get clean.

He sat down at the kitchen table and I poured him a beer and he drank quickly, so I replenished his glass and told him to slow down, he smiled weakly and now sipped at it, I placed the meal in front of him "oh wow what a feast!" he exclaimed and started to eat, I poured him a glass of red wine and he tasted it "Mmm I haven't had wine before, but it tastes great" Jez said "it should do Jez, its 20 quid a bottle" I replied sipping at my large glass of red and began to eat my meal, "fucking hell!, you have expensive tastes, I could live for a week on that much" Jez exclaimed.

We ate our meal in relative silence after that, just Jez commenting how the meal was fabulous, he had two big portions of chocolate gateaux for dessert and then sat and sipped at another glass of wine as I cleared away the dirty dishes in the dishwasher "I am 18, in answer to your question in the park, last week it was my birthday" Jez suddenly said when I sat down again and sipped on my wine.

"And homeless, if you hadn't already guessed, intentionally" Jez went on; the wine seemed to have loosened him up, "how come intentionally? I asked. Jez explained his dad had died when he was 10, from an industrial accident, his mum got compensation and she went on a mad spending spree, they lived okay for a couple of years and then she met a guy, a complete bastard who took what money was left and ran out on her, she went to pieces and started drinking a lot, she met another guy a few months ago who seemed okay at first, he moved in with them and everything was alright at first, until one day he came home early from work because the works had a major power cut.

Jez was home from college with another lad and they were naked in bed, "been there, done that, got the tee shirt" I mumbled as I sipped at my wine "what?" asked Jez "I said I have been there and done that Jez" I replied, the wine giving me the courage to open my heart "so your gay like me then?" "Yes a full blown, paid up member of the queers club" I replied.

Jez went quiet, "so why did you leave home, the guy kick you out?" I asked "no I left, my friend left quickly and a couple of days later mum's boyfriend started hitting on me, said he wouldn't tell my mum if I let him fuck me now and again, so I left" Jez answered quietly.

"So how did you get the bruises on your bum and back?, sorry I couldn't help see them when I gave you the shower gel I asked, Jez went a bit pale, "I was robbed and beaten after a couple of nights on the street, and then a guy picked me up and wanted sex, I was starving by then so agreed, he was into kinky stuff and beat my bum with a stick and kicked me before he fucked me roughly" he replied and tears were rolling down his face. I got up and put my arms around Jez's shoulder, there was instant electricity between us and I am sure Jez felt it as well "hey it's alright Jez, nobody's going to do that again to you, your safe now" I said soothingly, he continued to sob a bit as I stroked his head and shoulders, I smelt the lovely smell of shampoo on his hair as I softly kissed his head, he reached up and rubbed my arm and I passed him some kitchen roll to dry his tears.

"Thank you Gary, but you certainly did something to me" Jez replied after wiping his eyes, I looked at him puzzled and his eyes travelled down to his crotch, his cock had erected and was tenting the gown, without saying anything he undid the gown and let it fall open and his hard cock came into view, a beauty of about 6 inches now, with a full foreskin still over the head, he pulled the foreskin back and bared his bulbous knob "Mmm a big boy aren't we now your 18" I observed, we both laughed out loud "please help me Gary" Jez said softly.

I took that to mean he wanted me to service his cock, I replaced his hand and felt at his throbbing shaft, he stretched out his legs and lay his head back as I slowly wanked his foreskin up and down, he was leaking precum and groaning as I gripped his cock and squeezed gently as I wanked him to climax, it didn't take long and soon he was moaning and groaning and his toes curled up and he let out a moan and shot 4 good spurts of his teen sperm onto his bare chest, followed by 3 lesser spurts "arghh ohh arghh arghh" he groaned as he spunked.

He fumbled at my zip and quickly extracted my hard cock, it was so obvious that wanking Jez had turned me on, without asking his mouth was on my bare knob, I am circumcised tightly with no loose skin to wank, he sucked on it, and mumbled something and then massaged my balls which he had also pulled out of my underpants "arghh oohh fuck Jez, that feels so good, oh yeah suck on it hard please" I groaned as the 18 year old went to town on my cock head, he struggled to get all of my cock in his mouth and down his throat, but he did and soon he was milking me with his throat muscles, given I hadn't gotten off in days I was soon getting close to my climax and tried to push Jez's head off but he stuck like glue and I cried out "arghh fuck yeah, I'm cumming" and gripped his head tightly as my sperm shot into his throat, spurt after spurt of my hot sperm went down the lad's throat and he swallowed it all.

He let go of my cock and I got more kitchen towel and we both cleaned off and I zipped up when my cock had softened sufficiently, "you didn't have to do that Jez you know" I said after I sat down again and took a gulp of wine, "I owe you one now" I went on quickly and Jez grinned and replied "I'll hold you to that old man" "old man!, old man! I am only 6 years older than you" I shouted in mock horror and we both laughed.

"But before I can suck you off Jez, I need to know your clean, no offence, but you have been on the street mate" I said, Jez looked down and then back at me "I understand Gary, I know I may not be clean that way, I intend to go to the GU clinic and get tested, but testing for HIV can take an age" replied Jez.

"Well I have a doctor friend who I was at uni with, he doesn't live far away, let me ring him and see if he can help out, he runs a GP practice, you may have to register, but we can sort that out later" I said, Jez nodded his approval and I grabbed the phone and scrolled through the stored numbers and rang his private line, he answered, "Hello Dr Smart speaking" "hello smarty pants" I said and grinned at Jez, "oh it can only be the Geek, how are you, you horny bum boy?" Dr Alan Smart said, "Missing your big cock up my tight arse" I said down the phone and Jez spluttered into his wine as he took a sip, we all laughed out loud and I went on and told Alan about Jez's plight.

"Can you bring him to my home later, say at 6pm? And I will take a look at him and take some blood and urine and swabs" asked Alan, I covered the mouthpiece and relayed the question to Jez, he nodded and I confirmed to Alan that we would be there at 6pm and rang off.

"Are my clothes ready yet? Otherwise I won't have anything to wear, I can hardly go dressed like this can I? asked Jez, "Mmm your right" I replied and checked the washing machine, Jez's stuff was on a long hot wash, well it needed it I thought, "nope it not ready yet, come to my bedroom, we are about the same size, well almost, what size shoe are you? I asked "8" Jez answered, "great same as me" I replied and we both got up and went to my large bedroom, I sorted through my underwear drawer and got a pair of white cotton boxers I didn't wear, they were actually too tight on me, Jez took off the gown and stood naked in front of me, I groaned slightly on seeing his soft cock over his balls, the foreskin was tasselled at the end and looked so sexy "you perving me?" Jez asked and grinned "Mmmm yeah, such a lovely body now you're all clean again" I answered and reached out and felt at his soft cock, "but to work, we need to dress you young sir!" I said in a slight accent similar to how a butler may use, that set Jez off in a fit of giggles, I passed him the underpants and he slipped them on, they fitted him perfectly.

Next I looked in my sock drawer and found a pack of new sports socks and threw them to him, he selected a grey pair and slipped them on and then I found a pair of Nike training bottoms I never wear and a pair of Nike trainers I didn't like, they were a present from an old boyfriend who worked in a sports shop, that sorted his bottom half, now for the top, Jez stood half naked admiring himself in the long mirror in the corner of the room, he flexed his muscle, I saw he was quite muscular when he did that, and if he went to the gym a bit he would soon tone up great.

I found a white Nike tee shirt in the bottom of my tee shirt drawer and he slipped it on, slightly baggy, but Jez said he liked room in them, well we were all set now, I looked at the clock and it was half past five in the afternoon, "time to go Jez" I said and stood up, Jez came over to me from the mirror and grabbed me round the waist, "thank you Gary, I can't begin to thank you enough" he said and tears welled up again "hey now shush mate" I answered, beginning to tear myself, it sort of felt good helping somebody out who was down on his luck.

"Come on else we will be late and I will have to pay the penalty with Alan" I said breaking his grip, Jez quickly leaned in and kissed me on the lips, he tasted so good, I grabbed him and pressed my lips to his and opened my mouth, our tongues twirled and our cocks erected again "oh fuck, look what you have done now" I said as I broke the kiss and stepped back, my trousers were tented and a wet patch was showing on them, Jez giggled that sexy giggle again and I crumbled, "well I am the same" he replied and pointed to his obscene bulge in the track pants. I slipped off my trousers and shirts and stood in my underpants and socks, I found a pair of cargo shorts and slipped them on and a polo shirt out of the closet, we left the bedroom and I found my trainers and slipped them on and we were good to go.

"We'll walk Jez, it isn't far and I have had a drink so can't drive" I said as I pressed for the lift, walking briskly and chatting as we went I told Jez about my leaving home and going to London and college and uni, he looked so sexy in the sports gear I had given him, I could have ravished him in the street there and then.

We arrived at Dr Smart's and rang the bell, he had a ground floor apartment and a nice block, Alan answered the door in his suit "come in please, not long got in myself Gary" we both smiled and he showed us into his study, it was fitted out like a doctor's office, as he sometimes did private consultations, actually it was supposed to be a third bedroom, but it had all the trappings one normally sees in a doctor's, writing desk with a laptop on and large chair for him and a few chairs around the wall and an exam table on one side of the room and a weighing scale and height measure against another wall, plus various sets of drawers and a small wash basin.

He bade us sit down and I briefly went through how I met Jez, he asked Jez for his full name, Jeremy Paul Andrews, Jez answered "mmm such a sexy name I thought" and smiled at Jez and squeezed his leg slightly, Alan saw this as he looked up after he had wrote Jez's name on a form "please keep from touching each other will you, at least until after I get my hands on his sexy body" said Alan, Jez went red and giggled, he sort of fancied the blond Dr, he was tall and handsome in his light grey suit, "take no notice of the pervy doctor Jez, he wants to get his hands on your young body and ravish you" I replied and grinned at both of them.

"Anytime" Jez mumbled under his breath, but we both heard it and smiled at each other, Alan asked Jez if he had a GP already and he said he hadn't seen his doctor in years, not since his early schooldays he said, but he thought his surgery was over the other side of town, Alan asked for his old address so he could look up the details on the NHS doctor's website, Jez gave it to him and within a few minutes Alan had all the information he wanted.

He said he would transfer all Jez's medical files over to his practice and register Jez with him, he told Jez he specialized in gay youth, and ran a drop in centre twice a month in town for gay boys, aged 13 to 20 to get condoms, lube and advice, all confidentially as well, Jez said he would love to be Alan's patient and Alan coughed slightly and grinned at him.

"Okay Jez, time for the exam, get undressed please, everything off, leave your clothes on one of the chairs over there and come and stand by my desk" Alan asked him.

Jez got up and went over to the chairs by the wall, he quickly stripped naked and went over to the doctors desk and stood at slight attention, Alan looked at the 18 year old and liked what he saw, Jez's cock was getting a bit erect as two pairs of eyes were on it, Alan took up his stethoscope and put it to Jez's bare chest and had him just breathe normally, he listened in several places and then asked him to take deep breathes and then let them out after a few seconds, listen again he said he could find nothing wrong with Jez's chest, he did the same to Jez's back, having the lad turn around.

"You seem to have extensive bruising on you bottom Jez" said Alan as he looked at the lad's pert bottom, Jez explained how they got there, then the doctor had him turn round and he felt at the side of Jez's testicles and had him cough, he did that twice on each side and then felt at Jez's balls, rolling them in his fingers, by now Jez was fully erect and the doctor then gripped Jez's cock and pulled the foreskin right back and examined his cock head, he took a swab and inserted it in his piss hole and that made Jez wince, "sorry, had to be done lad" explained Alan as he twirled it around and took a sample.

"Bend over please" asked Alan and Jez bent over and touched his toes, the doctor spread Jez's bum cheeks and checked his anus, "Mmmm some bruising there Jez, I will give you some cream for that, he swabbed Jez's hole and then said he needed to looked a bit further inside his anus and had him ben over a chair and then got a speculum and lubed it up and lubed up Jez's bum hole, he inserted the speculum, to which Jez groaned as it was inserted, and then he twisted a handle on it and it spread Jez's anus as wide as it was possible without sending Jez into orbit "arghh ohh fuck, hell its hurting doc" squealed Jez, " I know Jez, but I have to take a good look up your hole" Alan said.

He was happy that it was wide enough now and grabbed his small torch and shone it inside Jez "Mmmm as I thought, some bruising inside" muttered Alan and he released the pressure and Jez's hole went back to normal, I was so hard now in my cargo shorts it was visible to all, I so badly wanted to fuck Jez silly, but knew without a condom I couldn't do it and I didn't like them, Jez was rock hard and his cock leaked on Alan's carpet as he stood up.

Next Alan took a blood sample from Jez's arm and said he would put a rush on its testing and hopefully the results would be back on Tuesday, given it was Friday evening now that was good going, Jez still stood naked as Alan told him about the bruising inside him, no anal sex for a bit, that was to let it heal, and some cream to help he went on. Jez looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders, Jez's health was more important than my lust.

His cock had gone down sufficiently for him to dress and so had mine, Alan showed him where the toilet was so he could give a sample of urine and to leave it in there for testing, then Alan came back to me and told me the lad was undernourished and needed feeding up a bit and a few good night's sleep and he would be okay in a couple of weeks, he asked what were my plans with the lad, I told him he had nowhere to stay and I would look after him, but it was up to Jez really.

Jez came back and Alan went to test the sample and he was back in a few minutes, all clear he said and that we were good to go now, I thanked Alan and so did Jez and we set off back home with a couple of tubes of cream, one for the outside of Jez's bum and one for inside, I said I would administer both, that made us both laugh "how long can I stay with you Gary?" asked Jez as we walked, I stopped and Jez stopped with me, " you can stop as long as you want Jez, no rules mate, come and go as you feel, I would like you to get a job though" I said "to try and pay your way if you can, but until then your my guest" I went on quickly.

Jez said he wanted nothing else, he would get a job, pay his board and make me happy, I said I was more than now, but getting him sorted was my reward, we set off home again and soon arrived, we decided to watch a movie, and he selected one from my collection and we both curled up on the large couch and sipped beer and watched the movie, we watched another one after, my choice this time and then around 11pm I noticed Jez was flagging, his head was drooping so I suggested we went to bed, I told him he could sleep in the spare room if he wanted, but he shook his head and we went and got into my king size bed, both naked of course, we kissed and cuddled a bit and Jez sucked me off again and I wanked him into a large tissue and we both fell fast asleep.

Next morning my alarm went off at 8am and I told Jez I had 2 hours' work to do at work and he could lay in if he wanted, or go shopping for some clothes and I would pick him up in town after, he liked that idea and I gave him a hundred pounds, a risk I know, but one I felt was worth taking, we had a quick shower together and a wank there and then breakfast and then I drove us into town ready for work at 9am, I dropped him at the shopping mall and kissed him goodbye, was I kissing my money goodbye?.

The two hours went slow, during my time working the boss came in and I had a chat about any vacancies, I told him about Jez, leaving out the sex part though and he said for him to come in on Mon morning and he would see if the lad was what I said he was, I thanked him and noticed it was quitting time and set off in the car to the shopping mall, I couldn't see Jez anywhere, I had told him to be on time as it was restricted parking where I was, I was just about to leave and felt I had been ripped off when a breathless Jez came running up laden with shopping bags "ooh I'm so sorry Gary, I got side tracked shopping, and I don't have a watch!" said Jez, he kissed me and we set off and I told him what the boss had said and he was so thrilled, we got home and I garaged the car and went to the apartment with him.

He showed me his purchases and I felt they were a tad too young, but then again okay for an 18 year old, I sorted out a suit for him to wear for his interview and said for him not to be disappointed if the boss thought he couldn't employ him, we decide to take a nap and lay on the bed naked in the warm bedroom, I so wanted full sex so I went and got condoms and lube from the bathroom cabinet, they were out of date, but I was so horny.

Jez took me in loads of positions, finishing up with me on my side as he rabbit fucked me with my right leg up, I shot my load up my chest as repeatedly he rammed his cock in me and it rubbed over my prostate "arghh fuck yeah" he growled as he filled the condom with his hot teen sperm and I hoped it hadn't split given its age, we rested and then he did me again and then again and I grabbed a white tissue and waved my surrender, I had been well and truly fucked.

We ordered a takeaway Chinese for dinner and after went to the local pub for a drink, we got home late and went to bed after a midnight snack and Jez fucked me again, I loved it and nearly howled the place down as I came and came, we lay in bed until lunchtime and then I suggested Sunday lunch in the country, I knew a pub that served great roast dinners, he readily agreed and we showered together and he fucked me again, by now I was running out of condoms and as we drove I spotted a chemists open and sent Jez in to get some, he came out blushing and laughing as there was a young girl serving and he said she winked at him.

We had a good lunch and a slow drive back in the sunshine and I found a deserted spot and we took a walk in a wood and Jez fucked me against a tree, there is something about sex out in the open, I left my seed up the trunk of that tree. Carrying on home we lazed around and read the newspapers and then Jez asked if he could use my desktop in the small office I had, I told him it was broken, had been for a few months and I meant to take it in to work and get the tech guys to look at it, he said he would take a look so I said go for it.

An hour later he came in to say it was up and running fine, I asked what it was and he said trade secrets and grinned, I would certainly put a word in for him again tomorrow, we had a light supper and an early night, well actually a marathon fucking session with me being the bottom again, the 7 am alarm came too soon and we skipped into the shower and had a quickie while I washed my feet haha, by now my waste bin was filling up with used condoms and needed more, I was so hoping Alan would get back to me soon so I could fuck the living daylights out of Jez.

A quick breakfast and off to work, we made it with minutes to spare and I went in to see the boss, I told him about how he fixed my ageing desktop and he seemed impressed so asked me to go get the suited and booted Jez.

I spent an agonizing hour waiting for Jez in my office, he eventually came in and smirked at me, "he gave me a job Gary, starting right now helping out the tech guys, they have a back log he says" Jez said and hugged me and thanked me again, I was so proud of him, in a few short days he had lifted himself out of the gutter.

That night we celebrated, on Tues evening Alan rang and said Jez's results were clear, but he wanted to take a look at his bum hole at the weekend to see how it had progressed, to help he said to up the dose of the cream up there to 4 times day and always after going to the toilet and for me to leave off shagging him, I said I hadn't anyway, but at least I could suck and swallow his cum now, that night I sucked him dry and even had him squirt all over my face, I love that, don't you? Haha.

On Sunday Jez went over to see Alan on his own while I cooked dinner, he came back and said I could now fuck him, I did him in the kitchen there and then and then in the lounge and then in the bedroom.

We were totally knackered and after dinner went to bed and I fucked him again and again, next day at work we were both so tired, just about got through the day, as time went by our love making did subside a little but not much, we are still together 3 years on, Jez is now 21 and just passed his driving test and in the Autumn we are having a civil ceremony, then off to the Caribbean for our honeymoon, I was so glad I took my lunch in the park that day...

Hope you liked my one off story, none of its true though, but doesn't it make a lovely story with a happy ending, so nice in these troubled times.

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