Our troopers are all feeling the effects of a frightening afternoon. Our geeky trio managed to make the last paint-ball battle just a tad too realistic I think. Anyway, its time to get everyone calmed down. Sounds like a good time for a bit of lunch and a soak in the hot pool. Kyle did so well narrating for us last week, why don't we let him continue ...

Chapter 13

Jeremy says, "OK, guys, it's nearly noon anyway. What say we roast some hot dogs and then kick back in the hot pool for a while?"

This is met with cheers and whistles from the troop: they have had enough of paint-ball for a while ... snicker. The ones that didn't actually poop their pants came pretty darned close to it. I think this has been the most hilarious morning of my life. First, little Scooter rips his brother apart using his gun on full automatic, and then the two of them get into a pretty savage fistfight. And they were using language that could form blisters in your brain. But the most hilarious thing was watching Scooter, Trevor and Possum and their rather dramatic exits from the playing field. Haa .. haaa ... Scully's cherry bombs had them convinced they were under mortar attack and about to be turned into hamburger. Their speed would've made a High School track coach pee his pants in excitement! I could see the news headlines now: "Three ten-year-olds beat the 2 minute mile!"

"Some of you gather some kindling and wood for a fire. A few of you cut us some roasting sticks for the hot dogs. Everyone roasts their own hotdogs," Michael informs us. He turns toward Scully and asks ...

"Would you mind filling this insulated jug with hot water for our chocolate?"

Scully's arm, which has been wrapped around my waist, slides free as he walks over to Michael to take the offered jug. His arm had given me a warm and fuzzy feeling but, at the same time, I felt funny being held in front of all these guys - well, in front of Michael and Jeremy anyway. The rest of the boys have glad-hands for each other, so I don't think they could care less if Scully and I copied their own actions; but Jeremy is a different story. The guy is trusting me with his shy little brother. My job is supposed to be to help draw him out of his shell, not to perv on him. Sometimes I just creep myself out.

I'd never thought much about anyone in a sexual or romantic way. Then I found myself fascinated by Timmy and his bond with the Hughes twins. He made me think how nice it must feel to have someone hold ya or even paw ya like the redheads do to him. Those thoughts made me feel good and feel bad at the same time. You're supposed to think about girls this way, not boys! Oh, I've had plenty of girls trying to talk to me and get my attention at school. It seems like I could pretty much take my pick if I wanted one of them for a girlfriend. But I'm not attracted to any of them. Besides, the kids at my school aren't really into dating yet. The person I've been attracted to, since the beginning of school this year, isn't a girl at all. That person is a shy, short and very handsome boy. Yep, it's Scully! I guess it was his shyness that first got me to notice him and wonder about him and then later on to want to get to know him. But every time I said "hello" to him he'd do this embarrassed disappearing act.

I'd almost given up on getting anywhere with Scully when Jeremy called my brother Ty about this party. I heard my brother say the name Scully Howe over the phone and my ears perked up. I listened to the one-sided conversation about paint-ball guns until Ty turned to me and said ...

"Kyle, ya remember those kids I told ya about that helped me get even with Sammy Smith?"

"Yeah," I said, nodding my head.

"Well, one of them is planning a paint-ball party for his little brother and they want to borrow our guns. I said he could use my two. Do ya want to lend them yours?"

Well ... from that point on it was just a matter of me conniving an invitation to the party. I couldn't believe how things had fallen into place. I was going to have the opportunity to spend an entire day with Scully ... how kool is that, I ask ya? Not only that, but the next day I talked to his big brother on the phone and he asks for my help to get Scully out of his shell. I'd love to get him out of his shell ... is that somewhere under his boxers? Heheheh! It was all I could do to keep the excitement out of my voice when I was talking to him. I'd just been given permission to get my little wonder boy to talk to me! I'll tell ya what - I hadn't slept at all by the time Monday morning rolled around. I got to school a whole hour early and then paced around, waiting for Scully to show up. All that time my conscience was telling me I was some kind of a pervy monster and I was telling my conscience to go screw itself.

And now ... here we are, and Scully has told me he really, really likes me! YES ... I heard it with my own ears! And then the most remarkable thing ever ... he actually kissed me on my cheek! HOW KOOL IS THAT???

There is one heck of a problem in all this, however. The problem is Scully's big brother, Jeremy. I mean, the guy trusts me to help Scully open up and be sociable. He hasn't given me an OK to put my arms around him or have pervy thoughts about him. I feel sort of disgusted with myself. And I wonder if my feelings about Scully have been obvious to either Jeremy or his friend Michael. I'm kind of afraid one of them might take me aside and ask me what my plans are regarding Scully. God, that would be so embarrassing. Or even worse, perhaps Jeremy can sense that Scully is paying me some uncommon, close attention! The look on his cute little face when he stares at me has to be obvious to other people, not just me. The boy has been practically mooning over me since early this morning. What a strange set of back and forth feelings: the way Scully looks at me makes my heart burst with happiness and then I feel guilty at the same time. He probably just 'hero worships' me in his sweet, innocent way. Am I just going to end up corrupting the most sweet, wonderful, cutest boy in the world for my own selfish reasons? And then my bad side says, 'probably, but so what?' It makes me wish I were twins so I could slap the shit out of myself.

Ya know what I want ... what I really, really want? I want Scully to wrap his arms around me and say he's in love with me and that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it, all that matters is the way we feel about one another. Wow, that would be a mind blower, alright! I guess I want to be the little boy here, the one to be comforted and convinced that my thoughts and feelings aren't bad ... that I'm not a bad person. Cuz, I've always tried to be a pretty good person. I mean, I care about other people and their feelings; really I do! I never, never tease people at school because they're different. I hate when people do that. Because some kid is short or has big ears or is fat doesn't mean they don't have feelings just like I do.

And another thing: just because Scully tells me he really, really likes me, that doesn't have to mean what I want it to mean. He looks so young and immature. He couldn't really feel about me the way I feel about him. He probably just has this hero worship thing going and I know all about those. I can't tell ya how many major league ball players I've idolized. I've seen that same look on the faces of some of the littler kids at school, when they look at me, cuz I'm popular. And that makes me really feel like I am just going to end up using Scully and screwing with his emotions. He's a good kid and I want to turn him into a perv like me.

"Well, Kyle, do ya want to?"

Scully's been talking to me and I've been all wrapped up in my confused thoughts. I haven't been paying attention to anything around me.

"Wha ... what?" I ask him. I notice that both he and Michael are looking at me kind of funny.

"Earth to Kyle," Michael says, breaking into a grin, "put your brain back into your head and quit playing with it ... har, har"!

Scully snickers at Michael's comment and says ...

"I said, Kyle, will ya go with me to fill this jug with hot water? It's gonna be heavy when it's full and we both might need to carry it."

"Ah ... sure, Scully, I'll help ya out. Just a minute." And I peel my jacket off and toss it into the pile of jackets and backpacks at the foot of the table. It's started warming up and, since we don't need the paint-ball padding anymore, kids have been stripping off the warmer outerwear.

"Let's go," I tell him and fall in beside him for the walk to the hot pool.

As we saunter towards the pool, Scully's looking up at me with that look on his face again. I'm telling myself to ignore it; it doesn't mean what I want it to mean. Scully starts giggling.

"What?" I ask.

"Whadda ya think of our twins' potty mouths?" he asks me, referring to the fight the Hughes brothers had earlier in the morning.

"Ha, ha ... that was something, wasn't it?" I ask him. "I mean, I thought my ears were going to catch on fire or something ... ha, ha, ha."

Scully's doing that cute little snorting thing. God, its funny how he and Michael and Jeremy sound so much alike when they laugh. And my big brother, too; he laughs through his nose too. Scully says ...

"Scooter said he was going to rip his brother's balls off, put them in his gun and then shoot them up his butt ... har, har, har ... snort, snort!"

"Yeah," I'm laughing, "but you're using nicer words than Scooter was ... har, har ... snort, snort!" Oh my God ... his laugh is contagious! Next thing ya know ... I'm gonna need glasses! "Har, har!"

We walk up to the side of the pool and Scully sets the jug down. He starts stripping off his shoes.

"The hot water's trickling down that rock face, on the other side of the pool," Scully says, "so we'll have to wade through the pool to get to it."

I sit on the ground and start taking off my shoes and socks. Scully has his off and now he's undoing his belt buckle.

"Wha ... what are ya doing?" I ask him, knowing full well what he intends to do but feeling this nervous sense of excitement. The boy is going to take off his pants to wade the pool and I'm going to see those cute little legs, all pink and naked.

"What does it look like, silly? You can get your pants all wet if ya want, but not me." With that said he's dropped his pants onto the sand next to the pool. And yep, those are just about the sweetest little legs I've ever seen. They are shaped just right. And he's wearing tighty-whities! They make his butt look like cute little bubbles. I feel myself start to bone up and I'm thinking, "Oh, oh ... this isn't good. If I take off my pants he's going to see I have a stiff-o." That little bit of a fearful thought is enough to make my one-armed bandit start to deflate. I can take my pants off without worry now.

Scully and I step into the pool. The water comes up to my knees or my thighs, depending on where I'm standing. And it feels just wonderfully warm.

"I can see what ya mean about this pool, Scully," I tell him, "ya know ... when you said how nice it is just to float in it and relax. I can't wait." He just nods at me and smiles. God, when he does that ... when he smiles like that, I can feel it in my chest. But ever since we left the campground I've been careful not to stand too close to him or to look at him while he was gazing at me with that look on his face. I'm just afraid of projecting my twisted thoughts onto him. He's just an innocent, happy boy. I'm a twisted, demented perv.

We reach the hot water trickle and I put my finger in it. "Ouch!" and I jerk it back out. Scully giggles.

"Guess I should'a seen that coming and warned ya," he says. I stick my finger in my mouth and then answer him.

"You're not responsible for my stupid actions," I say - or for my twisted thoughts, I'm thinking.

We both grab the handle of the jug and hold the large mouth under the trickling stream of hot water. Scully is looking at me.

"What's wrong, Kyle? You're acting different; kinda distant like." He has a concerned expression on his face.

I really don't know how to answer him. I mean, I'm really just trying to protect him - protect him from me I mean.

"Don't ya like me now, Kyle?"

The question just sends a shock wave through my body. Not like him? Am I sending my wonderful little guy such a horrible message? And indeed, he has a look on his face like he could burst into tears at any second. I am getting ready to answer him when he says ...

"I know what it is. It's because I threw that cherry bomb behind you guys and spoiled your aim. It's cuz I scared Scooter with it and made him run off your team. I knew it was stupid, just as soon as I threw it. I wanted to run over and lay on it or something. But a hole in my chest over a stupid paint-ball game would'a been kinda dumb. Besides, as soon as I realized what I did, I started chucking them at Michael's team just as fast as I could light them."

He was so anxious to explain himself, to defend himself, that he was making me picture the whole incident all over again. Scooter screaming, "the fuckers are cheating ... they've got a cannon!" Then he's running around in little circles before running off the field in a zig-zag pattern, just like an old war movie. I can't help it; I just start giggling with these pictures in my mind. Then the next thing I know the giggles turn to chuckles and the chuckles change to full-throated belly laughs. I can't hold my part of the jug up anymore, I'm laughing so hard. The jug slips out of my grasp and it's now too heavy for Scully to hold up by himself so it just drops into the pool. The jug isn't the only thing in the pool cuz I feel myself sliding down the rock face, too weak from laughter to stay on my feet. I'm sitting in the pool, boxers, tee-shirt and all, laughing like a freaking hyena. And my laughter must be contagious cuz Scully's on his knees in front of me, laughing his fool head off as well.

With me on my butt and Scully on his knees we are about eye level. Then he says ...

"Did ya see Trevor and Possum take off like Atilla the Hun was chasing them with an erection?"

Oh God ... Scully can paint a mental picture! He isn't helping me get my laughing under control.

"Then," he says, "Marc sticks his hands up and surrenders! He actually surrenders during a paint-ball game ... har, har, har ... snort, snort!"

His funny little snorts make me laugh even harder. When I get a bit of breath back I say ...

"And then ... and then Michael starts bawling him out, telling him to die like a soldier!"

Scully's nodding his head, his face grimaced with laughter. He responds with, "And Marc says, 'fuck you Michael ... you're dead so quit talking to me,' har, har, har!"

Oh God ... oh God ... our sides are heaving and we are just nose to nose laughing. And as soon as the laughter dies our mouths are touching. I don't know how it happened. I don't know who leaned into who. All I know is that Scully's sweet, sweet lips are pressed up against my own. And so, of course, I have to wrap my arms around him and pull him into me. And that's just the way we are positioned when I hear ...

"Ahemmmm ..." someone clearing his throat.

Scully and I detach from one another and he swings around. We both look towards the direction of the sound. Michael is standing there with a big grin on his face. I know my own face is about three shades of red. I can't believe we just got caught like that. What's Michael going to do? What's he gonna say? I don't have to tell ya that my heart's in my throat.

"So, if you guys are about through with your private swim, do ya suppose ya could bring the hot water to the camp? We're ready to start cooking some dogs and we'd all like something to drink."

"OK, Michael, we'll be there in a minute, all right?" Scully says, not sounding embarrassed or anything.

"All right, you two. Just try to make it snappy, OK?" And he winks at us and starts walking back to camp.

"I don't believe he didn't say anything," I tell him. Scully turns to face me.

"What do ya mean?" he asks me.

"What do ya mean, what do I mean? I mean he saw us ... well, you know!"

"Oh ... well, don't worry: Michael won't say anything."

"How do ya know he won't say anything? Won't he tell your brother that he saw us ... you know?"

"Just ... don't worry about it, Kyle: it isn't a problem, OK?"

"OK!" I say after a minute. I don't know what to think. Scully isn't telling me something; I know that much for sure. But he doesn't seem the least bit fazed by the fact that Michael just caught us kissing.

"Here ..." he says, reaching for the floating jug, "help me finish filling this up, then we better get back to camp."

I don't say anything, I just help him fill the jug and we wade over and set it down on the pool edge. We climb out and I peel off my tee-shirt and then my boxers. Scully looks at me, grinning.

"What?" I say. "I'm not wearing wet underwear under my pants, I'll freeze later going back home."

"Yeah," he says, still grinning and staring at me, "I guess you're right."

Scully pulls down his Jockeys and steps out of them. God, what an adorable little bubble butt. I deliberately look away from him so my dingus doesn't get stiff from my perving him. I make a production out of wringing out my boxers and tee-shirt and spreading them on a rock to dry. I pick up my pants and put them on and only then do I swing around to look at Scully. With my dick safely tucked away I'm not so worried now about popping a woody.

Scully has his shirt off now and he's standing there nude, trying to wring all the water out of his shirt. He doesn't have a whole lot of upper body strength so he isn't getting very far.

"Here, bud, let me help." And I grab one end of his shirt and we both start twisting it. He is standing there, facing me, his cute little dingus dangling down an inch or so over what seems to be a very small ball sack. There's only enough jewelry there for him to claim that he has some. But he doesn't appear to be shy about my looking at him. He starts giggling at me.

"What?" I ask, smiling back at him. He says ...

"I feel like a lamb at a livestock auction. And you're checking me out to see if I'm prime or not."

I feel myself blushing at that remark. Yeah, I guess I have been pretty obvious with my stares.

"So, what's the verdict?" he asks, grinning at me. I snicker back and tell him ...

"I'd probably buy you. I don't think I'd castrate ya, either: save ya for breeding stock!"

We're both laughing now, as we start wringing out his undies. He tells me ...

"So, how come you were so quick to cover up? Don't I get to examine the merchandise?"

I can really feel myself blushing now. I decide to tell him the truth.

"Umm ... actually, I was perving your cute little butt and I felt something come up. Guess I just got a bit embarrassed."

"Heheheh ..." he's giggling at me, "so ya like ... started getting a woody from looking at my gorgeous derrière, eh?"

"Snort ... yeah," I answer, "guess I've always been a butt man ... har, har!"

We giggle together and spread his clothes to dry, then I watch him slip on his pants. Darn ... it's like watching the sun being hidden behind a cloud. We both sit down and put on our socks and shoes. A few minutes later we're walking back to camp with a full jug of hot water between us.

When we get to camp I see that everyone has been busy. The table is stacked with paper plates, buns, chips and condiments. Michael tells us to put the jug on the corner of the table with the spigot hanging off the end. There is a huge stack of hot-chocolate packets next to a stack of foam cups.

"Hey, guys," one of the twins yells in our direction, "I cut ya both a weenie stick" he says, holding up a couple of sharpened sticks. He is standing at the pit with the rest of the guys. Everyone has speared one or two wieners and they're holding them to the fire.

I walk over and get our sticks from the twin and Scully joins me with four wieners in his hand. We spear them on our sticks and then notice there's no more room to stand at the fire pit.

"Here," one of the twins says, "me and Scooter'll hold your sticks for ya since we got two arms. That is if ya don't mind dogs burned on one end and raw on the other."

I laugh and shake my head while handing him my stick. Shoot, a raw dog just tastes like baloney and a burnt one tastes like I'd cooked it myself, so it don't matter. Scully hands Scooter his stick and we wander back to the table to make some chocolate. Michael already has nine cups with chocolate powder in them so we help him fill them with water and stir them. By the time we're done, guys are wandering to the table with their dogs cooked.

The table is kind of a food prep area so no one's sitting there. Someone's dragged a couple of old, limbless trees over by the fire pit and we're sitting on those. It's quite the party atmosphere, everyone's laughing and joking. I know I'm having a great time and Scully seems pretty animated, too. You'd never believe he was a shy boy to hear him jump into the banter and just be part of the crowd. I look over to Jeremy and his friend and they are both watching Scully. They have big smiles on their faces. They must love Scully a lot to do this for him.

Scully gives me a little jab with his elbow and I look over at him. He just nods his head over to where Timmy and the twins are sitting off by themselves. One of the twins, Scooter I think, is feeding Timmy a potato chip. Possum is holding a cup of chocolate and he raises it up for Timmy to sip from. Then Timmy kind of glances down at the hot dog Scooter is holding and Scooter feeds him a bite. Haa ...haa, the conniving bugger! He's got his toy-boys feeding him!

Scully is giggling and snorting right along with me. He looks over at me with his eyes twinkling, then he raises his hot dog up to my lips. Something about that gesture just causes a catch in my throat. I can actually feel myself starting to tear up a little. It's like ... in that one little movement, he's telling me that he wants to be my boy, just like the twins are Timmy's boys. I don't know, maybe it means more to me than it does to him. But then his smile gets broader, he tilts his head slightly and nods at me. So what can I do but lean over and take a bite. That's when I hear a bunch of har-hars and snort-snorts! Gosh, I'd forgotten that Jeremy and Michael were watching us. Scully looks over at them and gives a giggly little wave. Jeremy waves back and winks at me. Well, whadda ya know ... he's not pissed at me or anything! Still, it was an innocent gesture on Scully's part. Perhaps it didn't look like much to the nerds. I mean, my brother being one and all, I've learned a thing or two about geeks. First of all, they are really, really brainy about stuff that nobody else could possibly care about. But, most importantly, they often don't have a clue about everyday stuff ... ya know, things that count. Who knows, I might be able to put Scully's dick in my mouth and the geeky boys would think I was trying to get barometric pressure readings or something.

God, that thought hits me so hard and so funny I just slide off the log onto my butt ... I'm braying like a jack-ass! Crap ... next thing ya know I'm snorting too!! "Hee, hee ... ho, ho ... har, har ... snort, snort!" Ah, crap!

I can tell Scully has no idea what I'm laughing at. But he's leaning over me now and laughing just as hard as I am. He must just feel good from watching me.

I see Michael give Jeremy a little nudge with his elbow. They both casually get up and start wandering out of camp. Scully's watching them too, and then he leans close to me and whispers ...

"I've been waiting for this. Ya know how ya asked me at the pool if Michael would tell my brother about us ... about our ..."

"Yeah, yeah," I tell him, somehow I don't want to hear him say the word 'kissing'. "What about it."

"Well, I told ya not to worry and that it wasn't a problem, right?"

I just nod my head. I'd wondered how he could be so sure everything would be OK. I was also sure that there was something he wasn't telling me.

"Well," he says, "follow me. Let's just casually wander out of camp like those two did so we don't attract any attention. I want to show ya something."

I just nod my head again and we both get up and wander into the trees. We get a little ways from the camp and Scully says ...

"I'm pretty sure those guys wandered downstream. Walk quietly and don't make any noise. I don't want 'em to hear us. If I'm right, I think I can show ya why ya don't need to worry about Michael or my brother ... you know, over what we did."

Scully isn't really making any sense but he has hold of my hand and is kind of tugging me along. We walk about fifty yards, through some tall, thick brush then I hear Jeremy and Michael talking and chuckling up ahead. Scully slows down and we just creep ahead. I'm feeling real nervous now because I realize he wants us to spy on them. Scully uses his arm to part some brush in front of us and suddenly Jeremy and Michael are in full view. Wow, they're standing kind of close together, I'm thinking. Oh my God ... they've got their arms wrapped around each other! Holy Crap ... NOW THEY'RE KISSING!!!

I kind of rock back on my heels a bit. I feel like I'd stuck my finger in an electrical socket! I can see what I'm seeing but I'm not really believing what I'm seeing. They haven't come up for air yet! This is no 'hello I'm glad to see ya kiss'. Those guys are trying to suck each other's toenails up through their mouths! Jeremy has his hands on Michael's butt cheeks and he's squeezing them like my Mom squeezes the dough when she bakes bread!

I look down at Scully: I know my astonishment is written all over my face. He looks up at me and he giggles ... a little too loudly, I guess.

"Who's that? Who's over there?" It's Michael's voice, and it isn't a pleasant tone either.

"Ahemm" Scully says, loudly enough for them to hear. He grabs my hand and tugs me over towards them. Oh - oh, I'm thinking, this isn't going to be good. This must be how Saddam must have felt when they led him to the gallows. Michael and Jeremy are standing there, side by side, with scowls on their faces. Scully pulls me up right in front of them. Then he turns to me and says ...

"Show them, Kyle. Ya have to show them or they're really gonna to be pissed at me for bringing ya over here."

I'm confused. I'm nervous and confused. No ... I'm really, REALLY nervous and confused. What the heck is he talking about? Show them what? Then Scully stands on his tip-toes and tilts his head back; he's leaning into me.

Oh ... I'm thinking. That! Show them that! OK ... they're probably going to use me for a soccer ball when I do. But I'm not going to ignore those lips if he's going to put them up into my face. I feel myself wrapping my arms around him and pressing my lips against his. We just kind of melt together and soon I find myself probing for some toenails ... but I just can't seem to get my tongue any deeper than his belly-button.

A chorus of har-hars and snort-snorts tell me I'm not about to get turned into hamburger after all. But I don't really care. I'm busy. Leave your number and I'll call ya back. Have your secretary call my secretary. We'll do lunch. But leave us alone! Suddenly I feel two sets of arms wrap themselves around me and Scully. We are involved in a four-way hug. Two of us are laughing our asses off and two of us aren't ... cuz two of us are still busy. Take a hint, fellas, buzz off!

"Come on, Michael," I hear Jeremy say, "let's leave the lovebirds alone. They screwed up our moment ... but I can see it was for a good cause."

All I hear from Michael is some snickering and a few snorts as I hear them fade into the bush. Scully comes up for some air. He looks around and says ...

"Hey, where'd they go?"

"Ha, haa," I laugh, "where have you been, my little friend?"

Scully colors up and gives me a sheepish grin. Then he tells me ...

"I guess I got so caught up in counting your teeth that I wasn't paying much attention to anything else. By the way ... where'd ya learn to kiss like that, anyway ... what have ya been doing at recess that I should know about?"

"He, he ... actually, Scully, I've been practicing on my pillow for quite a while now. You'd be surprised at the things I'm able to do with my pillow!" And then I wiggle my eyebrows at him.

"Har, har ... snort! Well, I'll tell ya what. Why don't ya call your Mom on that cell phone she handed ya and see if she'll let ya spend the night. Then I can be your pillow tonight and you can show me what you've learned to do with it."

"Woo, woo" I answer, "you've got a deal. Umm ... you and your brother don't share a room, do you?"

"No ..." he giggles, "but we do share an air vent. Maybe tonight it's his turn to lie awake listening to noises ... har, har ... snort!"

I'm not really sure I know what he's talking about, but, since the conversation is about us sleeping together ... who cares! He grabs my hand then gives me another quick peck on my chin and says ...

"Come on, handsome; we better get back before the Odd Squad comes looking for us." And so we join the troop once again.

It's so funny how this boisterous group has grown so quiet as we all edge up to the hot spring. At Michael's suggestion of "Let's go soak, guys", everyone was yahooing and joking and anxious to get over here. Now there is an atmosphere surrounding these guys that seems almost like fear. And I think I know why. Someone made a comment when Michael first pointed out the hot spring; he said, "oh, oh ... naked wiener time" and everyone giggled. Well, there isn't much giggling right now. There's just a bunch of very nervous ten-year-old boys who probably haven't shown their naked wieners to anyone but their mothers back when they were little.

No one is making a move to get undressed; in fact everyone is studiously looking at the scenery, acting casual, hands in the pockets ... you know, that sort of thing. I think a couple of them are even trying to whistle ... but it doesn't sound very good, through dry lips and all. It's more like a "ppfffff ... weetphfff". There is only one thing breaking the dead silence of this group, and that is the uproarious laughter of Michael and Jeremy, and of course the snickers of my own little Scully. Those three boys are stripping just as fast as they can. And of course I have to follow suit. I can't let Scully show me up in the bravery department, can I?

There is the sound of three nearly simultaneous splashes as those boys throw themselves into the water. I am not too far behind. The next sound comes from Timmy, who has started peeling off his shirt.

"Come on, ya wussys." he says, " The last one naked has to kiss my giant, black dick ... haa, haa, haa!"

That moves everyone to action. I don't think anyone - well, I won't include the twins in this - wants to be pushed that far with Timmy ... at least, not yet. Guys are speed-stripping now. They all know that Timmy is big enough that, if he really wanted his dick kissed, he could own most of these guys' lips. Then there are four more nearly simultaneous splashes as everyone that's left throws themselves into the pool as quickly as they can ... everyone but Possum that is. At least I think it's Possum - the scar is hard to see from this distance. Possum is just standing naked on the bank with a huge smile on his face. Then he puts his two index fingers up to his cheeks, making dimples, and says - in his best Shirley Temple imitation, "Oh dear ... it appears as though I am last ... heheheh!"

Of course everyone roars over this. Heck, there aren't any rocket scientists here, but we all know exactly what's prompting Possum's slow entry into the pool. Everyone is belly laughing except for Scooter. He just stands up and swoops a huge splash of water on his brother. Then he says ...

"Possum ... ya damn cheater!"

That goes a long ways to kicking the laughter up one more notch. Oh my God ... oh my God ... Scooter's jealous cuz his brother's the one that gets to kiss a big, black dick ... har, har, har!

I'm sitting kinda towards the center of the pool, leaning back on my hands. Scully has made his way over and to the back of me. He's kneeling and he just sorta pulls me back into him. He puts his arms across my shoulders and rests his chin on top of my head with his hands on my belly. God, ya can't believe how good this feels. The water is so warm and wonderful. I can feel every place his skin makes contact with mine ... which doesn't quite make it to his little nobbin ... darn.

Possum, who isn't affected one bit by his brother's jealous outburst, casually saunters into the pool. The look on his face says, "I've just outsmarted every one of you losers. I'm the winner!" And with that he wanders over to Timmy, who is in a laughing spasm with the rest of us, and who is sitting with his back against the rock face. Possum just turns himself around and plops down onto Timmy's lap.

"Owww ... damn, boy!" Timmy barks. "First ya make it stand up with your little display and then ya come over and smash it flat!"

That, of course, earns another roar from this group.

Trevor yells out, "Now you've done it, old bean. Now you're going to have to kiss it for sure. You'll have to kiss it all better ... hee, hee, hee!"

Now the whole group is chanting together and clapping in rhythm, "kiss it ... kiss it ... kiss it!" All except Scooter who is kneeling, not too far from Scully and me, and sulking with his arms crossed over his chest. Possum swivels towards his hero and grins up into his face. Then his head tilts as he looks down at Timmy's lap. You can see him take a big breath and then he plunges his head under the water, right over Timmy's lap.

Cheers erupt from the audience. Applause and wolf whistles fill the air. We all wait the few seconds it'll take Possum to do his dirty little deed and resurface. And we wait a few more seconds ... and a few more. Finally Marc yells out ...

"What the hell, Timmy, are ya holding his head underwater?"

"Nooo ..." Timmy chortles, his face all screwed up in surprise and laughter, "and he ain't kissing it, either ... haa, haa, haa!"

Oh my God ... the place erupts in peal after peal of laughter! Timmy's getting far more than he bargained for! And with the look on his face I have the feeling that this is the first time that this has ever happened. Despite his bragging and his winks and his suggestions, I don't think either of those boys have swung on his stick before. The crowd is going nuts! Scully has fallen off my back and I can hear him sputtering behind me, a mouth full of water. Michael and Jeremy have wrapped their arms around each other for mutual support. And, what's almost as funny as what Possum is doing, is the look on Timmy's face while Possum is doing it! Shock ... I guess is the only word that would describe his look.

The look on Scooter's face though is pure venom. He looks like he could bite the head off a rattlesnake! Finally Possum's head pops to the surface and he lets out a huge 'woosh' of air. He's still balanced on his hands, stretched out over Timmy. He isn't there very long though because his brother plows into him like a cruise missile, flinging him five feet away from Timmy and then doing a body slam on him ... 'Kersplash' ... and then little arms are wailing away at one another. The laughter has stopped, abruptly, and everyone's face has a look of total surprise. I think this is what President Bush meant by 'shock and awe'! Then their cursing starts up again - maybe even worse than during the fight after their dueling match. I'll do everyone a favor and not repeat the words. This time it's Michael and Jeremy that jump into the fray. The water is flying like a blender with the lid removed, but the geek boys do manage to pull them apart. Once again, I think I'll omit the name calling ... although it's burned to memory for the rest of my life!

"Let me go, Michael," one of them yells, "I need to get even. Scooter jumped me for no reason!"

"Oh yeah ..." Scooter yells back, "you said if we ever did that to Timmy we would do it together ... ya liar!"

There are some sharp intakes of breath, including my own. Someone just let a cat out of a bag, and from the way the twins are starting to color up, I think they both realize it. They had made a bargain somewhere down the line and Possum, it seems, had just broken it.

"Whoa ...whoa," Timmy hollers. "Possum didn't do what you guys are thinking, fer gawd's sake. He was swirling his tongue around in my belly button!"

There where a few shouts of 'what?' followed by an immediate chorus of boos from the group. Marc yells ...

"I want my money back ... the show was a fake!" and we all laugh. Imagine that ... we were all duped. Guess that goes to show that we all have dirty minds here.

"Is that true, Possum?" Scooter asks.

"Yeah ... I ain't no cheater, Scooter." Then after a few seconds ...

"I'm sorry, Possum. It looked like something else." Then he grinned at his brother and wiggled his eyebrows at him.

"Ha, ha, ha" and they were both laughing ... of course we all were.

Michael and Jeremy figured that was their clue to turn the twins loose. The twins scootched towards one another and then gave each other a hug. I'll say this for the little guys, when they aren't kicking the tar out of one another they seem to be pretty darn close. Imagine them making that bargain with each other about Timmy, though? Wow ... when that day comes, Timmy is going to be one happy fella. And if he dies while it's happening, it'll take ten undertakers to wipe the smile off his face!

People have kind of separated into pairs. Well, except for the triplets. Everyone seems to want a little space from the others for some one-on-one time with their particular friend. Marc and Trevor are forehead to forehead, doing some whispering and chortling. Michael and Jeremy seem to be doing the same. Timmy has a twin boy on each leg with them using him for a backrest. From the twitching and giggling going on among the three, I think there is some hand action going on underwater. But the important part to me is that I'm nearly nose-to-nose with my Scully boy. We are holding hands underwater. I just wish I were brave enough to wrap my arms around him in front of this crew. But being naked and all, it would be a bit embarrassing. At least we are able to talk privately by keeping our voices low. And if ya could hear the silly baby talk and lovey-wuvy stuff it would probably make ya gag. I think I would - hearing it from someone else's lips.

Suddenly Scully gives me a push backwards. I throw my hands behind and under me to keep my head from going underwater. Scully walks towards me on his knees and sorta straddles me. When he gets up to my waist he sits down. Gawd-all-Mighty ... he's sitting right on top of my dork! He knows it too cuz he just grins at me and squeezes his butt cheeks. After about the fourth squeeze, something I own is about to take his rectal temperature! He is giggling pretty loudly now as he feels my body respond to him. I don't have a whole lot down there yet but what I do have isn't trying very hard to hide. Well ... maybe it is ... it's trying to hide up Scully's butt-crack. And I think it's going to be successful if Scully keeps doing all that clenching and wriggling! He's really giggling and snorting now as he's watching my face start to glow like a firefly's ass! Jesus ... this little guy is not so shy any more! I guess Jeremy got his wish: I'm pretty sure Scully's come out of his shell ... har, har, har ... snort, snort!

All this hasn't gone unnoticed, unfortunately. I hear Marc yell out ...

"Yahoo ... ride'm cowboy ... ha, ha, ha!"

But that doesn't last long cuz he gets himself pushed backwards by Trevor. Next thing you know Trevor's straddled him and he's aping Scully's riding technique. Trevor yells out ...

"Come on, Scully. I'll race you to the finish line. Let's see if we can work these horses into a lather ... ha, ha, ha!"

This seems to break any tension this group may have been feeling. Guys are pretty much snuggling and snorking and doing their own thing with one another. Of course we all, politely, don't pay any attention to anyone but our own partner. This has been one hell of a coming out party I'm thinking, as Scully leans in for a taste of my lips. I'm feeling so complete and happy right now. I never want this day to end. Then it hits me - maybe I do want the day to end. After all, I'm spending the night with my own little boy-toy!! Yahoo!

We will modestly leave this group to their own devices. Actually, not a whole lot occurs outside of a bit of a grope or two. But then, what do you expect from a bunch of ten-year-olds? And at ten or eleven this is some pretty hot stuff! I bet you weren't any better at that age.

But then, regale me with some of your own early experiences. I'll call it research! (Actually, I'll call it wanking material!) I am callmepaul@postmaster.co.uk . Let's see who can make me blush the most ... giggle!

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