Marc dropped a bombshell on his friends when he told them his brother, Sammy, was gay. Marc told his new friends because he wasn't sure if he handled things between them correctly. They told Marc he'd done just fine and his brother would be okay. Michael can see Marc's relief at hearing this. Michael continues ...

Chapter Sixteen

After we get Marc settled down, Trevor says ...

"So, are you guys up for a bit of a swim now?"

Everyone nods or answers in the affirmative. We are sitting around the lip of the in-ground hot tub. We pick up our towels and follow Trevor toward the house. He heads for a set of French doors different from the ones we came out of. We follow him into a high ceilinged room that is mostly masonry and tile. Part of one wall is made of clear, glass blocks with greenery visible on the other side. It appears to be an adjacent solarium. In the middle of the room sits a pool that is only marginally smaller than the one outside. This one has a slide like the outside one, as well as a diving board.

Marc heads for the in-pool stairs and sort of eases his body into the water: he's still quite sore from his paint-ball bruises. The rest of us try to outdo each other in making the biggest splash possible as we fling ourselves into the water. I try a back flip from the diving board that turns into a belly flop. The sounds of screaming, playful boys are soon echoing from the masonry walls as we commence an impromptu game of 'splash your face'.

After about five minutes of horseplay, I feel a heavy, wet cloth smack me in the back of the head. I grab it and hold it in front of me to see what I've just been assaulted with. It's a pair of swimming trunks! I turn around to see a grinning Marc waving at me. I grin back at him and swim to the side of the pool so I can hold onto the edge while slipping off my own trunks. I ball my trunks together with Marc's and wait until Jeremy has his back turned to me.

"Whack!" Jer is hit with a double shot of bathing gear. He, in turn, grabs them to see what struck him. He recognizes my yellow, knee-length swim suit right away and turns a grinning face towards me. I grin back at him and point to Marc who gives Jer a laughing, little wave.

"Har, har," Jer laughs. He flings the wet suits at Trevor and hits him "splat" in the face. Trevor, or Richie-Rich as Marc calls him, sputters as Marc yells out ...

"Hey, Richie, go tell Maria not to come in here. I'm giving my sore weenier a good soak ... ha, ha, ha!"

Jeremy, in the meantime, has pulled off his trunks and he throws them onto the cement deck. Kyle and Scully look at one another with huge grins on their faces and there are soon six nude boys in the pool. All the bathing suits have been tossed onto the decking.

Trevor climbs out of the pool, his cute little tally-wacker wiggling with each step. He walks over to a phone hanging on the wall, pushes a number and waits for a response.

"Si?" we hear from the speaker.

"Maria ... call us before ya bring lunch, okay? We're swimming in our birthday suits."

"Who is having the birthday?" she asks.

"No ... no!" Marc screams from the pool, loud enough for her to hear. "We are swimming bare-assed naked!"

While the boys are having their playful exchange with Maria I slip over behind Jeremy and press myself up against his back. I love the feel of his bubble butt against 'little' Michael. And 'little' Michael seems to enjoy it too because he quickly lifts his head up to look around. He doesn't see too well, what with just having one eye and all, so he mostly relies on feel. And what he is feeling is getting him quite excited.

I can hear Jeremy chuckling. He is clenching and unclenching his butt cheeks against this protrusion. I kiss him on the neck and just hold onto him, letting him support me in the water. He is holding onto the edge of the pool with one hand but he slides the other hand behind me and grabs one of my bum cheeks. He is softly kneading it while pulling me tightly against him. I find my kisses on his neck are growing more and more ardent.

While snogging Jer's neck and earlobe I am able to see past his shoulder to where Kyle and Scully are swimming together. They are busy talking and gesturing and totally ignoring us. Marc is paying attention to what his little buddy is saying over the intercom. I feel safe in having a little hidden love play with my boy-toy.

Now, there is one form of love making that Jer and I have never attempted with one another. I don't know if it has been out of shyness or just based on the fact that Jeremy has been so expert in the use of his hands and sweet mouth. But feeling my stiff peter in the cleft of his bum, while he is massaging it with his butt muscles, is driving me nuts! My hips are soon thrusting against him of their own accord. My body's instincts are taking over as I thrust in rhythm to his cheek clenches. My breathing becomes irregular and forced as I feel myself building towards an impending climax. I am trying harder than hell to be quiet and not to be obvious here in front of the kiddies. However, nature is taking over and reasoning ability is shifting from the big head to the little head. Jer chooses this moment though to twist away from me and he turns to face me. I am sure I must have a pleading look on my face as I feel my hips continuing to thrust against nothing but water. Have you ever seen a dog humping against the air? That's sort of how I feel at the moment ... me and my Fido dick.

A small groan escapes my lips as my frustration begins to mount. But Jeremy just smiles at me and I hear him take a sharp intake of breath. Suddenly he plunges his head beneath the water and I can feel his two hands clasp my butt cheeks. He quickly takes my pulsing three-inches of aching boyhood into his warm mouth. My entire organ is engulfed in this tight, moist embrace. My hips continue thrusting as I feel that hot, bubbly feeling commencing deep inside of me. It is mere seconds before I feel pulse after pulse of explosive contractions as my body spews Jeremy's reward. This isn't just the normal few drops that I have been able to produce before. I feel a fluid rush of expanding pleasure-pain tear its way through my dick - and then two more! I feel like my entire body is expanding to fill this room while my mind is soaring somewhere over the mountains. The explosive force causes me to cry out even louder than I normally do - and I normally cry pretty loud! My sustained wolf howls echo from one masonry wall to another! There is now a deafening silence in the building. The only sound to be heard is Jeremy's head breaking the surface of the water, and his sharp inhalation of breath.

"What was that? What was that? Is everyone all right?" I hear Maria's voice over the intercom speaker.

"Yeah, yeah ... everything's fine!" Trevor replies ... and he slams down the receiver.

"HOLY SHIT!" Trevor and Marc yell together.

"Wow!" Kyle says, looking at us with astonishment written all over his face. Scully ... the little shit ... starts laughing .

"Now where have I heard that distinctive cry before?" the smart-ass says, chuckling.

Jeremy, having been underwater, didn't hear my verbal response to his ministrations. But he quickly deduces what everyone is talking about from his past experiences with me. He starts laughing and snorting. His face is lit up in a happy grin as he says ...

"So, Michael ... I take it ya gave away our little, private game ... har, har, har ... snort, snort!"

I can only reply by blushing my deepest red color to date. I give him a sheepish grin and can barely force myself to look towards the other boys in the room. But, without exception, every boy is looking at me with total amazement in his expression.

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!" Marc keeps repeating over and over.

"My God almighty, Michael! What did that feel like?" Trevor practically yells.

"Ummm ... I don't really want to talk about this, guys, okay?" I reply. And I really don't. I feel like a total pervert for letting myself go like that around a bunch of ten-year-olds. I'm sure not going to get into a discussion of gay sex and orgasms with them. They can go to the internet with their questions just like Jer and I have. Hell, Scully could probably answer their questions for them ... there's nothing on the internet he can't find. Man ... two weeks ago I was undressing in a closet so my buddies couldn't see my dick. Okay - I'm over that now. But that doesn't mean I'm comfortable about getting caught by some ten-year-olds having an orgasm. I allowed myself to get caught up in the feelings of the moment and now I'm really, really regretting it. And I'm sure as hell not going to play show-and-tell with these youngsters. Well ... I accidentally showed them ... but I'm not telling them about it! I can feel my entire upper body glowing with my embarrassment.

Marc, frustration written all over his face, says, "What do ya mean, ya don't want to talk about it, Michael? Those feelings must have been outrageous for ya to scream out like that!" And Trevor follows with ...

"I thought ya were being stabbed until I saw Jeremy's head pop to the surface - then I knew what had just happened! Ya have to tell us about it, Michael - ya just HAVE to!" Kyle is nodding his head in total agreement. Now everyone is talking at once, trying to get me to open up.

"Look, guys!" Jeremy hollers out, to get everyone to quiet down. "Can't ya see he isn't comfortable with this? If I'd been using my head I wouldn't have done that to Michael around all you guys. I mean, this is supposed to be something that you do in private, ya know? And with Michael it's a really, really private thing."

I don't know if Jeremy's explanation is helping the cause or making it worse. Not only did I shoot my wad around a bunch of ten-year-olds, but now Jer's telling them what a wuss I am. I find myself inspecting the ceiling, the walls, the edge of the pool, everything but looking at anyone. I am just waiting for the big, spontaneous burst of laughter that I just know is coming from these guys. But all I can hear is silence. I chance a look over towards Marc and Trevor and they are looking at me with just the hint of a smile.

"Okay," Trevor says, "I guess I can understand that. Sorry, Michael. We don't mean to embarrass you. I mean, you're our friend and all. You helped us all to know one another and become friends. And, I guess, friends don't make their friends feel uncomfortable."

There is a chorus of "yeahs" and "you bet" from the other guys. I look over towards Kyle and Scully to see that Scully is giving me his 'I love ya, ya big dummy' look. Kyle is mouthing the word "later" and pointing to me and then himself. Yeah ... right, Kyle. Like I'm going to tell little Scully's boyfriend all about orgasms ... gimme a break. Instead I yell out ...

"All right ... all right! Who's up for a game of Marco Polo?"

Everyone starts laughing and then there is a chorus of "not it". Wheew ... I'm glad that's in the past.

Just then Maria comes bursting through a set of inside doors. She is holding a white metal box with a red cross painted on it.

"Who's hurt, niños? Who's hurt?" She is clearly out of breath from hustling her rather portly body here from the kitchen. The guys look back and forth from one another and towards Maria. Then everyone bursts out in a hilarious fit of laughter. They're all pointing at me ... dickwads. Maria looks over at me and she can clearly see that I'm not in any kind of pain or danger ... unless she thinks my deep red glow is indicative of a heart attack.

"Har, har, har," Jeremy laughs, "give it up, Michael. Let Maria wrap a bandage around it and we'll all feel better ... har, har, har ... snort!" That kicks everyone else's laughter up another notch. I don't really hear it though as I've just slipped my head underwater. I just might not come back up again either ... assholes!

I set a new breath holding record for myself but still have to break surface for a recharge. I'm looking to where Maria had been standing but she isn't there and the door is closing. The laughter hasn't died down one bit though and so I hand out a double handful of middle fingers to all my would-be friends.

"God, Jeremy ... ya ass-bite!" I say.

Jer just wiggles his eyebrows at me and continues giggling. Pretty soon I'm joining him. Good God ... I'd just come close to getting a splint put on my peter! At least everyone's kind enough not to make any further comments as we soon become engrossed in a game of Marco Polo.

We are about twenty minutes into the game and Scully is 'it'. Kyle pulls himself hand over hand along the pool lip until he is next to me.

"Pssst ... Michael."

I look at him and he whispers ...

"Please be a pal and tell me what it felt like when Jeremy ... ah, you know ... when Jeremy ..." and he can't quite say it and starts to blush. But I get the message.

Now, of any of the kids here (besides Jeremy I mean) that I could talk to about this kind of stuff it would probably be Kyle. He is nearly as big as Jer and me and acts more mature than the other kids. But then he is eleven and the other guys are only ten. But still, I find myself coloring up just as red as Kyle.

Then it hits me, Kyle had said something in passing while we were in the hot tub. I don't know if the other guys caught it but I did. While he was talking about the possibility of Sammy being attracted to his brother Tyson, he let it slip that he knew something surprising about Tyson. I couldn't help but wonder if it had something to do about sexual stuff ... I mean, that's what we were discussing after all. So I get this idea.

"Kyle, I'm not real comfortable talking about this stuff but I'll make a deal with ya."

Kyle hears this and he doesn't respond verbally but he arches an eyebrow to let me know he's listening.

"You said ya knew something surprising about yer brother. You tell me what it is and I'll tell ya what a blow job feels like."

There ... I said it and it didn't embarrass me too bad. But I am willing to face a little embarrassment to get my curiosity satisfied.

Kyle is bitting his lower lip, obviously in thought. Oh boy ... this must be juicy if he's trying to decide if he wants to say anything or not.

"I'll even throw in something interesting about Scully if ya tell me, Kyle."

Oh yeah ... that did it. His eyebrows just shot up into the air. I could probably get this boy to tell me the whole family's deepest, darkest secrets with that offer ... snicker.

I grab the lip of the pool and haul myself out of the water, so I'm sitting on the edge and dangling my feet. This is just to indicate to the others that I am out of the game for a little bit. Kyle follows suit and we are soon sitting side by side.

"You guys like my brother, don't ya, Michael? I mean, you guys helped him get even with Sammy and everything so I guess ya must be pretty good friends."

"Heck yeah, Kyle. Ty's a good guy. Jer and I both like him. That's why we chose Sammy when we could have chosen someone that's been picking on the two of us instead. Besides ... I think he's cuter than hell."

I don't know how I had the balls to tell him that last part but ... what the hell, he sure knows all about me by now. If he's going to tell me what I think he is then this just might loosen him up a bit. I think it's working cuz Kyle's giving me this big grin.

"Okay ... I don't know if it's right, my saying this, but I don't think anyone here would be shocked or upset to know this about him. So ..."

And Kyle goes on to tell me a little story. It seems that when he was about nine years old, and Ty was eleven, Kyle found a porn site still on their computer that Ty had forgot to log-off from. It was a gay site and there were a lot of explicit pictures. This is a computer that the two of them share and is set up in their bedroom. Does this sound like a familiar story or what? Kyle, a total babe in the woods, asked his brother what those guys were doing together in the photos. Tyson, not knowing much more that Kyle, simply explained that they were wrestling. But they both admitted that some of the wrestling holds were very exciting to look at! Gosh, some of them definitely had to be illegal holds ... and quite possibly painful - but exciting nevertheless. They never had any further discussions together about sexual matters, but Ty still left an occasional un-erased site on their computer's browsing files - so Kyle realizes that this is something that continues to intrigue his big brother. And Kyle's own interests had definitely been piqued. He began to look at other boys in a whole different light. And he just naturally assumes that his brother's interests are still there as well.

Holy Hanna ... I just knew it! Even as weak as my gaydar is, I've had my suspicions about Tyson; nothing specific, mind ya, just a hunch is all. And now his little brother has just confirmed it!

Wow ... now something really sinks into my brain pan! If it turns out that Sammy really is attracted to Tyson ... this could just be a workable thing between them! Oh shit ... I just realized that Sammy might be over there right now apologizing and maybe screwing up his chances something royal. God, I hope not ... but things don't always work out in real life like they do in the fairy tales ... these might be two unhappy fairies after the shit hits the fan.

"Well, Michael?"

I realize that Kyle's been talking to me and I've zoned him out. All this stuff is just rushing through my brain.

"What were ya going to tell me about Scully?" he asks.

Now I'm grinning at him like I'd just discovered I can pound out post holes with my own manly appendage.

"Well, I can tell ya this, buddy: when Scully heard that ya wanted to be invited to his paint-ball party, he was positively beside himself. I don't think you're capable of doing anything wrong in that kid's eyes. He is totally gaa-gaa over you!"

Kyle just looks at me, a smile forming on his lips and the hint of a blush growing on his cheeks. He looks down at his lap and tells me ...

"Yeah, I know. He's already told me how he feels about me. And I guess ya can tell, by the way I act around him, the feelings I have for him too."

He glances up at me kind of shyly and it makes my chest expand with good feelings about these two. Scully has been so lonely for so long and now he has this swell kid in his life. Ah shit ... the water works are going to start in a minute if I don't change the topic.

"And another thing, Kyle, I'm really surprised you'd be asking me about orgasms and stuff. I mean, you and Kyle already spent the night together. So, I take it nothing much happened to satisfy yer curiosity?" And I wiggle my eyebrows at him.

He blushes a deep, rose color. Wow, even his chest is starting to color up.

"Hey, buddy," I quickly add, "don't answer that. Things will happen when they're ready to happen. Just give each other all the space ya need to feel comfortable."

Kyle grins and gives me an enthusiastic nod. Those two may have already had this conversation.

"So, to answer yer question, Kyle: an orgasm is like a stick of dynamite. It starts just as soon as ya light the wick and ends in an unbelievable explosion! Sometimes it can be so strong that ya lose touch with everything around ya: there is nothing but you and the intensity of yer feelings. God could strike ya dead right then and there and you wouldn't care - you've just experienced all that life has to offer in a few brief seconds of bliss. The pleasure is so intense ... it's just a millimeter away from being pain!"

He's looking at me with the most wistful, contemplative expression. His emerald green eyes have a glitter to them as his mind seems to carry him somewhere far from this pool.

Wow ..." He says. And then "Wow ..." again as his eyes travel across the water to land on Scully, who is bobbing in the center of the pool. Kyle's face is totally wrapped in a grin as he looks at his little buddy. The Weasel has his eyes closed and he's hollering out, "Marco!"

The answering responses of "Polo" has him shifting towards the voices of Jer, Marc and Trevor at the opposite end of the pool.

"Michael ... Kyle ... I don't hear you guys. Are ya still playing?" He yells out.

"Polo!" we both yell out and slip into the water. Kyle does a quiet dog-paddle towards Scully at pool's center. The Weasel has turned to face us after hearing our response.

"Marco," he hollers again. Kyle's response is to pull the little guy into him and lock his mouth on Scully's lips. They both sink underwater.

"Woo ... woo!" The guys are yelling and laughing. Scully is sputtering and coughing, having been caught off guard.

"I'm not sure," Jeremy hollers, "but I think Kyle has just made himself 'it'... har, har, har!"

This causes a momentary intermission in the game as partners converge on one another. I swim over to Jeremy and we do our own version of the Kyle and Scully bubble-gum swap. Marc is sitting on the steps with Richie on his lap, facing him. They have their arms wrapped around one another and are kissing like Southern cousins. Well ... time out, I guess! Marcus interruptus. Seventh inning stretch, folks, and ... yep, I feel myself stretching all right ... heheheh!

Jer is giggling and teasing me again about Maria wanting to put a splint on my dingus. I am laughing back and biting him on the neck in response. Everyone is caught up in their one-on-one boy play and pretty much oblivious to everything and anyone else in the room. Well, that's pretty much true until I look over towards the outside French doors to see Sammy Smith standing there, taking in the entire scene! It's funny how the mind works sometimes. I am looking at him but my mind isn't really registering what I'm seeing. He is looking straight at Jeremy and me now with his jaw nearly scraping the floor. It's the expression on his face that jolts me to reality.

SAMMY SMITH? Here? Jeremy evidently feels my body suddenly going rigid. He looks me in the face and I'm pretty sure I must look like death warmed over. His head snaps around to look in the direction of my gaze. As soon as his eyes light on Sammy I feel him push himself away from our close embrace. Like me, Jer doesn't say anything. We're just watching Sammy, waiting to see what his reaction's going to be. I mean, here is unarguably the biggest, toughest guy in our Junior High School - staring at a room full of obvious faggot boys. Despite what Marc just told us regarding the guy's sexuality, if he's still in denial, he has the ability to punch every one of us into mealy-mush. His eyes have travelled from us towards Kyle and Scully who are still oblivious to their surroundings and totally absorbed in one another. Then his eyes rest on his little brother who has a cute blond boy pulled onto his lap and is trying to inhale his face.

Sammy's face has started turning a deep, deep vermillion. If I've never seen a look of shock and embarrassment before I'm certainly looking at it now. He looks back again to Jeremy and me.

"Oh my God ... I'm so sorry!" he says. "The maid ... she said to just come back here. I didn't ... I mean ... I'm sooo sorry!"

And at that he spins on a heel and turns towards the door he had just entered.

Marc's voice yells out, "Sammy! Sammy, wait!" which causes his brother to halt his progress toward the doors.

I look over to Marc and see that he has slid out from under a shocked looking Trevor to bound up the steps and run toward his big brother. I don't think he realizes that his dingus is still upturned like a Springer Spaniel on point. In fact it's whopping him in the groin as he runs to his brother's side. It's making little meaty smacks against his happy face mark.

"It's okay, Sammy. It's okay! So ya caught us ... no big deal! Don't be embarrassed. None of us are ashamed that we love one another. Come on back. I want to introduce ya to mine and Trevor's other friends."

Marc is holding his brother by one arm. Sammy is still facing toward the French doors. Jeremy, who I didn't see move, has hopped out of the pool and is approaching the two.

"That's right, Sammy." Jeremy says, standing on the other side of Sammy. "No one here is yer enemy and we're all willing to be yer friends. But that's up to you, of course."

Sammy looks over to him.

"Yer name's Jeremy, right?" He asks.

Jer just nods his head yes.

"Look, Jeremy! I'm really not here to spy on you guys or anything. The maid gave me directions to get back here when I told her I was Marc's brother. I just came over to talk to Marc for a minute. And listen, I'm not gonna say anything to anyone about what I've seen here, okay? I mean it ... as God is my witness. "

"We believe ya, dude. But there is something ya could do that would make everyone feel a whole lot more at ease right now."

"What?" he asks, obviously wanting to relieve the tension in the room.

"Well," Jer says, grinning at the guy, "ya could strip those damn clothes off and join us in the pool."

I could hear Kyle and Scully giggle when Jer said that. Sammy loses a bit of his slump-shouldered embarrassment as he starts to grin at Jeremy. "Are ya sure?" He asks, "cuz I'll be bringing some heavy duty sports equipment to this minor league game."

"What the hell does that mean?" I'm wondering. And Sammy reaches over and uses a finger to gently whap his brother's still turgid, boy candy.

"Har, har ... I get it!" I announce. "You could bring some medium duty sports equipment to this party and still impress the hell out of us!" I yell up at them.

"Har, har, har ... snort, snort." From Jer and Scully.

The laughter seems to set Sammy at ease and quicker than you can say, "little Dick Spittle just licked my middle" he has stripped to the buff. And let me tell ya ... boy howdy ... this boy has a lot of buff! He wasn't kidding about bringing some heavy duty sports equipment to the game. Evidently what he had observed in this room had an effect on this kid cuz he has a case of petrified wood ... and I mean a Sequoia! This dude has to have at least six inches if he has two! I know my eyes are bugging out. It would take two of me standing end to end to match that proud thing ... and that's just length ... we won't talk about girth here.

I yell out, "hot damn, boy! I don't think I'm going to show myself in public now for at least two more years."

Amidst all the har, hars and snort, snorts, Sammy trots over to the edge of the pool and dives in. I suppose he's feeling a tad bit uncomfortable standing there with the building's largest erector set on proud display. Jer and Marc dive in right behind him. Sammy swims over to me.

"You're Michael, right?" He asks, resting a hand on the side of the pool.

Proud orator and debater that I am, all I can do is nod a shy yes. Sammy grins back at me and says, "So what do you guys think of my new Groucho Marx look? The maid laughed like a maniac!"

I knit my brows in incomprehension and then it registers on me: the guy doesn't just have short hair like Marc, he is missing his eyebrows as well. Not only that, but he has these huge eyebrows magic-markered onto his forehead and an equally large, painted-on mustache. Whoa ... it hadn't even registered on me. I was so much in shock just seeing the guy here - being caught in a naked lip-lock - that his physical appearance just zoomed right over my head. His new features aren't real noticeable, he'd obviously spent some time scrubbing at them; but ya can still see them. But now that he mentions it, he definitely has that Groucho Marx look going for him. I wiggle my eyebrows, pretend to hold a cigar to my lips and say ...

"Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas and how he got in my pajamas I'll never know ... har, har!" I tap off an imaginary ash and tell him, "I never forget a face, but in yer case I'll be glad to make an exception."

The boys are all laughing, even the ones who never heard of Groucho Marx. Actually it was pretty smart of Sammy to mention his appearance first and get the kidding over with.

Sammy, still chuckling, looks around at this diverse group of boys. He turns back to me and says ...

I wonder if you and Jeremy know just how lucky you guys are? In fact ..." and he looks around at the rest of the guys, "I wonder if you all know just how lucky ya are?"

"Ah ... luck, shmuck!" Marc answers him. Sammy faces his little brother and Marc says, "what ya see in this room is a whole bunch of courage, Sam."

"Yeah ...." Jeremy continues. "We each knew what we wanted and decided to just go for it. There is a lot of luck involved, sure. But ya also have to be willing to take a heck of a risk."

Sammy looks down at the water, suddenly ashamed to look anyone in the eye. He says, "I guess I know that now. I don't know what Marc may have told ya, if anything, but I've been fighting myself for a long time." He looks up towards us and says, "It's time I just accept the fact that I'm gay and try to build a new life."

There are a whole bunch of cheers and whistles and Sammy gets his back slapped so many times it has to be getting a bit sore. Marc grabs his brother in a big hug and says ...

"Welcome home, brother. You've got a new group of friends and they won't let ya down. It sure makes Richie and me feel good to be around these guys. And maybe we can work on getting you a boyfriend so ya won't be the odd man out."

Sammy's face lights up in a smile, he wiggles his Groucho eyebrows and says, "Kool!"

Just then we hear the intercom come to life with Maria's voice ...

"Hokay niños; I am bringing the lunch now."

Scully squeaks and climbs out of the pool. He rushes over to our pile of swimming suits and rummages through them until he find his own. The rest of us aren't too far behind him. Marc tells his brother, "ya better slip yer pants on, Sam, the maid will be here in a minute."

"How kool is that?" Sammy asks, as he walks over to his pile of clothing. He looks over towards Trevor and winks at him. "My little brother fell into a sweet deal when he found you, Richie-Rich. Having yer own maid is something else."

Trevor starts to color up a bit. He doesn't really like being reminded about being rich. But he's a pretty good sport. He just doesn't know any gay, rich boys he can pal around with so he has to settle for us poor excuses. Besides, he has a huge crush on a poor boy. What's a guy going to do?

"Follow me, guys." Richie says, and walks over to another set of French doors leading into the solarium. We step into a room filled with a bunch of plants and potted trees. There are three wrought-iron patio tables in here and a huge above ground Jacuzzi.

"Jeeze, Richie" Scully whistles, "if I lived here I'd end up growing webbed fingers, you've got so many places to swim or soak."

"Tell me about it!" Marc comments, pulling Trevor into him for a hug. "Richie even has one in his own bathroom. That's our favorite one. Huh ... Richie?"

Trevor giggles and play slaps Marc on the shoulder. Just then a set of doors open, being pushed by Maria's ample posterior. She is carrying a large tray. Setting the tray down on the center table, she slides three platters full of Nachos onto the table. Then she sets down a bunch of Coke cans and some napkins.

"Enjoy, niños." she says and starts walking towards the door.

"Thanks, Maria." we all holler at her retreating backside. She waves acknowledgment as she disappears the way she came.

Tortilla chips layered with refried beans, salsa, beef and cheese are a Midwestern favorite and well loved by boys everywhere. We're sure no exception as we dig in and make total pigs of ourselves. She made plenty of it and there are soon seven full porker-boys sitting around the table.

"I'd suggest a burping contest again but I'm afraid I'd hurl," Marc says, giggling.

"Har, har," Jeremy laughs, "Kyle could give ya some lessons on that - eh, Kyle?"

Kyle colors up and pretends to pick his nose with his middle finger.

"Don't be fishing for any dessert now, Kyle," Scully giggles at him.

"Yuck, Skull ... you're my dessert ... ya little poop!" And Kyle gets up from his chair and straddles Scully's chair, sitting on his lap. The two of them start snogging.

I look over at Sammy and the guy is grinning from ear to ear. He sees me looking at him and says to me ...

"Damn, you guys are pretty comfortable around each other, aren't ya?"

I just grin back at him and reach over to my Jeremy. I run my fingers through his hair. Then I reach over with the other hand and stroke all ten fingers through that cute, brown mop. Jeremy is grinning back at me.

I look over at Sammy and tell him ...

"Ya have to be comfortable with someone to clean yer sticky, Nacho fingers in their hair ...har, har, har ... snort, snort!"

Jer's eyes pop open when I say this and he pushes my hands away and smacks me, hard, in the shoulder.

"Ya dick-wad!" he says, "I thought ya were just getting lovey-dovey."

"Oww" I respond, rubbing my shoulder, while Sammy is roaring at us. Marc smiles at us and then looks at his brother.

"What did ya come clear over here to tell me, Sammy? Did everything go okay with Dad?"

Sammy's laughter abates and he looks toward his little brother with a gentle smile on his face.

"Oh man, Marc ... it was great! And I couldn't wait for you to get home to tell ya. After you left this morning, I was eating cereal in the kitchen while Mom was cleaning out the refrigerator. Dad walked in to get a soda to take outside while he washed the car. While they were both standing together at the fridge, I took a big breath and just blurted out to them that I was gay."

Marc's eyes get really big while listening to his brother.

"What did they say, Sammy?"

"They just looked at each other and grinned. Then Mom said, "We were wondering when ya were finally going to tell us." Can ya believe that, Marc? I figured I'd fooled you and everyone at school too, but Mom and Dad weren't fooled at all!" Sammy shakes his head in amazement, chuckling.

Everyone grins when they hear him say that. Telling yer parents that you're gay is a prospect that puts a knot in the chest of every gay boy. I guess some are so afraid of what their parents' reaction might be that they don't tell them until they are old enough to move out on their own. It's really uplifting to hear a story of acceptance. Sammy continues ...

"Then we all had a good cry together after I broke down and told them all the things I've been feeling for such a long time. I told them why I did what I did to ya, Marc, and we all had a group hug. Dad said he was sorry he used those clippers and the magic marker to punish me. He said it was a stupid, spur of the minute thing and he regretted it as soon as he did it. Then he told me I could stay home from school until I could get it all scrubbed off my face."

"Har, har, har ... snort!" from Jeremy. "I think that would be a good idea, Sammy. Ya might try some rubbing alcohol, too."

Marc jumps over and grabs his brother in a bear hug. He has an ear-to-ear grin; so does Sammy. God, that makes me feel so good I could just ...

"Ow! What was that for?" Jeremy asks me, holding his arm.

"I'm just feeling so good I had to give ya a happy pinch ... har, har!"

Jer grins back at me and says ...

"Why don't we strip and jump back into the pool. I'll make ya moan again for the boys," he says, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

Boy, that turns me crimson in a flat second - that and all the 'har, hars' from this gang of scoundrels. I should know better than to pick on Jeremy: he is a one-upmanship champion.

"Umm ... look, Sammy ..." Kyle says, trying to figure out how to express what's on his mind. "Marc was really concerned about ya and he needed to ask for advice. He told us about yer confession to him ... that's why Jeremy wasn't too shy about telling ya to strip and jump in the pool."

"Yeah, I figured that right away." Sammy responds.

"Well ... soo ... he told us something else, too. He said you would punish yourself by picking on the boys that you were attracted to."

Sammy's comfortable grin changes to a look of chagrin and he begins to color up. Marc whispers to him ...

"Sorry, Sammy. I just needed some advice on how to make ya feel better cuz I didn't know what to do."

Sammy looks back at his little brother and gets a loving smile on his face. He runs his hand through his brothers stubbly hair and says ...

"That's okay, sport. I can see why ya would trust yer friends. I mean, I sure haven't been there for ya for a long time now and I'm just grateful that you had someone ya could turn to for advice."

Then Sammy looks at each one of us in turn and he says ...

"Thanks, guys ... for taking care of my little brother for me."

Damn ... now why'd he have to say that? I feel tears starting at the edges of my eyes. I would tease the heck out of my sister when she would bawl at her soap operas and here I'm about to lose it like a sissy boy. I feel my nose start to run and I sniff and then hear an answering sniff coming from Jeremy. I look over at him and he has tears running down both cheeks and he is looking at me with the most beautiful, gentle smile. God, I love this boy. He is so tender hearted and wonderful. We both stand up at the same time and just sort of drift into one another's arms. We are cheek to cheek and just lost in the moment. Jer's stupid glasses are still in the changing room so I am able to give him a kiss on each leaky eye. I chance a look over at the other fellas and see that there isn't a dry eye in the whole room. They're all just watching us and smiling. That's when Sammy says ...

"See ... that's what I mean. That's what I want more than anything in the whole world. I just hope I haven't blown my chances by my stupid actions and the way I've been treating people."

Kyle says, "That's what I started to say, Sammy. Marc says ya were going to go apologize to someone. Would that be someone that ya like and who you've been picking on?"

"Yeah," Sammy responds, "only I chickened out. I guess I'll just pick a moment in school or something."

"Then one last question, Sammy. Would that boy happen to be Tyson Samuels?"

Jer and I are standing side by side now, leaning into one another, watching the interplay around us. I see and hear Sammy take in a big, surprised breath. He has an astonished look on his face as he says ...

"How did ya ... I mean ... I never told Marc ... so how ..." and he doesn't really get the question out before Kyle answers.

"Because, Sammy, you've probably picked on my brother more than anyone else at school. It just seems kind of obvious."

Sammy is turning beet red now. He is still looking at Kyle with shock all over his features.

"Oh my God ... oh - my - GOD! YOU'RE TYSON'S BROTHER??"

Kyle grins at the boy's total surprise. He nods his head at Sammy and says ...

"Yep! I'm cutey boy's brother all right! Chuckle." Sammy's response is ...

"Do ya think he's ... I mean, could he possibly be ... uhhh, do ya suppose ..."

And we all start cracking up! Oh my God! This boy can't get out a complete sentence and it's sooo funny! Kyle is laughing like crazy. He has his arms wrapped around himself, trying to maintain. "He just nods his head at Sammy and says ...

"Yep, I think he is ... haa, haa, haa!"

Sammy leaps up out of his chair! Marc, who was standing behind him with his arms around his brother's shoulders, comes flying off! Sammy has a look on his face like Santa just shit solid gold bricks into his Christmas stocking. His face is glowing and he yells ...

"Holy shit! Yes, yes ... holy shit!"

And then his expression changes in a second and a look of the most profound sadness washes across him. Sammy sits back down and holds both hands over his face.

"Oh my God," he says, "what have I done? He has to hate me so bad. Oh God, Marc," he sobs, "I'd give anything to be able to go back and erase all those bad things."

He looks up at Kyle with a tear streaked face. Then he quietly says, "I had a crush on Tyson when I was in grade school with him. When I got to Junior High he was still in grade school. I was able to forget about my feelings. Then puberty hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized I was gay. And then who shows back up at my school again but the same boy. Now he's older and taller and ten times as cute! I just hated the feelings he was causing inside of me. I was trying so hard to like girls and be the same as everyone else. But every time I saw Kyle in the hallway it drove me crazy. So I started picking on him. We were friends in grade school and then he comes to Junior High and finds that I'm a big bully. He has to hate me so much."

Sammy quit talking and just stares down into his lap. I am having leaky eye syndrome again, watching him agonize. I hear Jeremy sniffing next to me. He whispers ...

"Monkey trap time, Michael. Monkey trap time."

I look over at my buddy and give him a quivering grin. I nod my head and then rest my head on his shoulder. Of course Jer isn't referring to playing a trick on Tyson. He just means it's time to make plans on how to swing Ty's feelings around - to get him to understand what's been happening with Sammy - why Sammy has been such a shit to him. I don't know if it will work or if it will do any good, but ... we have to try something.

What Jer whispered to me didn't go unheard by his little brother. Scully walks over to us and says ...

"This time ya have a whole room full of brains to plan this out, guys. We're going to make this work if we have to hypnotize the guy."

Kyle, having heard the entire exchange, grows an ear to ear grin. He's heard the expression "monkey trap" before and knows it isn't something to take lightly. He winks at Scully and then puts his hand on top of Sammy's stubbly head. He tells him ...

"Don't be giving up so soon, bro, you've got the dynamic duo on yer side! Hell ... you've got a room full of dynamic duos!"

Sammy, unbeknownst to him, was once the subject of a Monkey Trap. He isn't aware of the things that can happen when wheels get set into motion. I think the boy has some surprises coming his way. For that matter, I think Tyson has some surprises coming his way!

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