A few weeks have gone by since our heroes spent the night at Trevor's, and a number of things have transpired. We'll let Jeremy fill us in on the particulars.

Chapter Twenty Two

I guess something had to eventually happen. I mean, you can't live a fairy-tale existence forever, I suppose. Although I always figured that it would be me and Michael that got outed and not Sammy. I mean, who would even begin to suspect the school's biggest, toughest and most athletic boy to begin with? And Tyson, Sammy's boyfriend, isn't exactly some namby-pamby momma's boy either. Sure, Ty isn't some star athlete or anything, but he is far from being effeminate or obvious.

I guess people's suspicions just naturally started getting aroused because the very nature of Sammy's and Ty's relationship changed so dramatically. Think about it: Tyson-bashing was an almost daily occurrence in Sammy's life. All Sammy's jock friends got a kick out of watching Sammy torment Ty in new and unique ways. And then, all of a sudden, no more Ty bashing. In fact, Sammy starts sitting down at the geek table in the cafeteria for a little bit each day. Oh, he still ate lunch with the popular people and all, but he would always find a reason to wander by our table and sit a spell and visit. This had to be a source of wonder to the other jock boys — the way Sammy's attitude seemed to be changing.

Ty and Sammy made the decision early on in their relationship to not hang together much at school. This was mostly Ty's idea, I think. Ty wanted to protect Sammy. Sammy, on the other hand, probably didn't care what the other people in the school thought about him any more. When he was in the closet his identity meant everything to Sammy, but now only one thing seemed important to him... Tyson.

Lol... but I think we all know who wears the pants in that relationship, and it sure ain't Sammy! In fact, Sammy relinquished all control over to Ty when Ty took him back. Jeeze... Sammy's just darn lucky to have him after the way he treated the kid for months. And now Sammy won't even blink unless he thinks it's okay with Ty... chuckle.

Tyson wants to protect Sammy's image but Sammy no longer gives a locker room fart about an image. Sammy would have eaten his meals at our table and followed Ty around the school like a little puppy dog if Ty had allowed it. So I think it's to Ty's credit that he would protect the boy that he loves.

Anyway, that's no longer here nor there. The cat's pretty much out of the bag now. And it all started innocently enough by a comment by one of the more brain-dead of the jock set. It's my own particular belief that few jocks put out a very high concentration of brain waves. But this one guy, Snerdy, is pretty much missing the filament in his light bulb. And don't ask me how Snerdy came by his nickname cuz I'm not really sure. I guess it's cuz he acts sort of... well, snerdy.

So, where the heck was I? Oh, yeah! Sammy passed the word to the other jocks that he'd been warned to bring his grades up in order to stay in the sports program. He told everyone the geeks were tutoring him so that's why he wasn't picking on Tyson any more. Pretty smart huh? Actually, that was Sammy's idea, too. And yeah, when it comes to brain waves, Sammy actually registers pretty decent... for a jock, anyway. So that gave him a reason to sit at our table and visit a bit every day. He tried to convince Ty to let him start eating lunch with us and pretend it was a tutoring session, but Ty nixed that idea. Ty wanted him kept just as safe as possible. Ahhh... wouldn't Ty make a great Daddy?

Good God, I seem to be going around and around here. What the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah... Snerdy! Well, Sammy sat at our table for a few minutes after putting his lunch tray away one day. The other jocks were making little jokes and stuff amongst themselves about Sammy's change of heart about us little dweebs. And Snerdy said that maybe Sammy had found that geek butt was a little tighter that cheerleader twat. That got a huge laugh at their table but one of the cheerleaders overheard it and told Sammy. So at basketball practice that evening I guess they had to scrape poor Snerdy off the court a couple of times after Sammy managed to foul him. And then I guess he fouled him again in the locker room after practice. All is fair in love and basketball... har, har, har!

But Snerdy got the other kids thinking that maybe, just maybe, where there was some smoke there might be some fire. And I have to admit, when Sammy was talking to Tyson, sitting at our table, you could practically see the love shine out of his eyes. And I guess it doesn't take gaydar to see it either. Even people with a two watt bulb between their ears could eventually catch on. So, it wasn't a stolen kiss or a hand hold that got them busted. It was due to a boy that couldn't keep the star light out of his eyes. And, outside of a blindfold, I don't know if he could have done anything about it.

It wasn't a sudden and dramatic outing. It was more of a slow shying away of friends that proved people had caught on. Fewer of the jock set hung around Sammy in the hallways and eventually they began to snub him. And then their attitudes would occasionally even get nasty. Of course they would only dare do that in a group situation: there isn't a boy in the school that would be willing to go one on one with our Sammy.

But you wanna know what the really strange thing is about this whole situation? At least, this seems strange to me. But, what the hell, the actions of most straight people seem strange to me, anyway. Well, Sammy had worked pretty hard to be considered as a lady's man. It was part of the straight image he had worked so hard to project. But when that image slipped off into “poofdom”, so to speak, it didn't seem to hurt his popularity one bit with the ladies. Oh, some of them acted all grossed out and felt as though Sammy had taken advantage of them. But that was a pretty slim minority. In fact, he seemed to become more popular than ever with the female gender at our school. Now who would ever figure, eh? I don't know if it's that they felt sorry for him or maybe, just maybe, they all of a sudden felt safe around him. I mean, think of it... here's a muscley boy they can squeeze and paw over without fear that he'll try to grope them!

Mic and I had numerous conversations over women's new attraction towards Sammy. One thing we wondered was if we were ever outed if we would suddenly be inundated with girl friends. Lol... wouldn't that be weird? It's not that I'd be particularly enthused about being pawed at by that gender, but it would beat being the present fly speck on the wall that me and Mic seem to be. Oh well, being a nonentity has its advantages when you're trying to be inconspicuous, I guess.

Well, conversation at the jock table seemed to get more and more stilted as time passed. It was as though none of them knew what a safe conversation would be. And none dared piss Sammy off. The usual hijinks and jocularity seemed to die down. So, one day Sammy just emitted a big “sigh”, picked up his tray and walked over to our table. He sat down, started eating his food and only after a minute or two did he raise his eyes to appraise Tyson's response. What he received from Ty was a small smile and a nod. Shoot, Ty's no dummy: he could see it was time to move on. So that was the day that Sammy became a regular at our table and the jocks went back to being their loud and boisterous selves. And we even became a bit more boisterous at our table as well. I mean, hell, we no longer had to fear attracting attention from some Neanderthal intent on knocking us down a peg or two. We had our own pet Neanderthal now... har, har, har... snort, snort!

Mic and my afternoon routine kinda changed too. For a while we had been going over to my house after school. This was so that Scully wouldn't be all lonely and stuff. But now that the Skull has his own hearththrob, we started going back to Mic's house after school again. This was primarily to give Scully a little breathing room cuz his boyfriend, Kyle, was spending a lot of time at our house. So things worked out kind of nice in that department. And with Kyle over at my house, that means that Tyson had free run of his own house with his little brother, Kyle, out of the way. So now you know where Sammy spends his after school time, right? Right! Har, har, har! You can find Sammy at Ty's house.

Well, all sorts of things were about to bust loose and change our lives, but we didn't know it at the time. Because by spending time at Mic's, we had a problem to contend with. Yup, you guessed it... the wicked witch of the West — Suzzane! And all that pretty much takes us up to the present and... well, just listen in for yourself.

Close my door, Jer,” Mic says, as we walk into his bedroom. He starts stripping off his school shirt as soon as we walk through the door. No complaints here, mind you: the view is pretty nice. But Mic's Mom had trained him early that the school clothes get replaced by everyday clothes as soon as he got home. So, as much as I'd like to think that my honey bunny was stripping for my enjoyment, it was just his normal routine. That doesn't stop it from being pleasant however... giggle. I push the door closed and make my usual comment...

So, why haven't you put that locking door knob on your door yet, Mic? I mean, we go through the expense of buying it and you haven't put it on.”

I dunno, Jer. I guess cuz Suzzane spends time at school doing her after school activities so that I just don't feel all that pressured. You know that we have anywhere from one to two hours before she gets home.”

That may be, but I would just feel a whole lot more relaxed if I knew that door were locked and she couldn't come home early and just barge in here.”

I'll tell ya what,” he says, “as soon as I change then you and I can install that sucker. After all, I want my cutie to feel comfortable in my room,” he tells me with a giant grin on his face.

God, I love seeing him without a shirt on. Those little adorable boy boobs and his inney navel always quicken my breath. I walk over and wrap my arms around him before he has the opportunity to slip on another shirt.

Not so fast, my little calendar boy. I wanna grope a little skin before it gets covered in another shirt... heheheh.”

Mic still has a tendency to get a bit embarrassed about his body. And my comment about groping some bare skin managed to push that button a little. He begins to get a slight reddish glow in his cheeks. But that doesn't stop him from giggling and responding to my squeezes. In fact he pulls me into a tight bear hug and starts painting the side of my neck with his tongue.

Now I don't know about anyone else, but having a tongue draw little circles on my neck has a tendency to make my “little Jeremy” stand up and pay attention. It's almost as though the nerves in my neck are connected directly to my dick! So my response is a sharp intake of breath, a bit of a moan and I find myself reaching for a double handful of buttcheeks. His of course, not my own... har, har, har.

Mic responds with another little giggle (a sound that approximates music to my ears) and unlatches from my neck only to latch on to my lips. As we commence to do a bit of a tongue battle, his hands manage to find their way under my t-shirt and to slide up and down my back.

If you've never been in love and never experienced these sensations, let me just say that they are pretty awesome. The entire rest of the world just seems to disappear and there are just the two of you. The only awareness is the tactile sensations and your heart pounding in your eardrums. This is probably why we are both a little slow to react when we hear the doorknob twisting and footsteps entering the room.

There is this sudden sense of panic and a total paralyzing fear that courses through my body. We break from our kiss as our heads swing, simultaneously, towards the door. It feels as though it takes us an eternity to unwrap our arms from one another though, so that we are just standing side by side.

We are greeted by the sight of Suzzane, standing stock still in the doorway, one hand grasping the doorknob. Her eyes are as big as saucers and there is a look of total surprise on her face. She had been saying something as she walked into the room but now there is a dead silence. All I can hear is Mic's ragged, frightened breaths.

The look on Suzzane's face slowly changes. But for the life of me I can't read her expression. It isn't anger, it isn't revulsion; I don't know what it is. And then she steps back into the hallway and quietly closes the door behind her. All this without saying a single word.

This just seems to intensify Michael's panic. If anything, I hear his breathing become even more ragged and audible. Now he's whimpering and the tears are coursing down his cheeks. Oh God... I want to pull him into my arms and make shushing sounds and comfort him. But we're afraid to touch one another. It's as though that beautiful and sweet embrace we had enjoyed just a moment before has become soiled. He stares at me with a look of almost blind panic.

Oh my God, Jer! What am I gonna do?” The words are a rushed, high-pitched whimper. He is visibly shaking now. “I can't face her. I can't look her in the eyes. I don't know what to do!”

The sight and sound is tearing my heart to pieces. It strikes a deep, protective cord in the very center of my soul. No one has a right to do this to my sweet Michael. No one has a right to cause him such total and complete distress. GOD... it's like my heart is being ripped out of my chest! My fear has changed to righteous indignation. I can't allow my baby to be hurt!

It's as though Michael can see the resolve in my eyes. That seems to frighten him even more and he reaches out a hand and grabs my shirt sleeve in a tight grip, as though he needs to hold me rooted to the spot.

What are you gonna do, Jer? Please, Jer, don't go out there and read her the riot act or anything. My God, Jer. Do you know what she can do to us... to me?”

The tone of his voice and the look on his face are begging me to not act in a hasty manner. He has always been cowed by his big sister. She has never really paid him the time of day... neither of us, actually. It's more like we are just a couple of pains in her ass that she just barely tolerates somehow. That's why Michael was always so gleeful whenever I put something over on her or did anything to bring her down to our, supposed, low level. But if he was afraid of her before, there is an abject terror there now.

Please, Jeremy?” he whimpers.

I sigh and put the palms of my hands on his cheeks, feeling the salty tears. I can feel him shivering beneath my hands. Then I pull him forward and kiss him on the forehead.

Shhhh... Michael, it's gonna be alright,” I whisper. “I'm not gonna do anything bad and it's gonna be alright.”

I put my hand on his, the one that has a death grip on my shirt. And I peel it away from me and grasp both of his hands in mine. I keep making shushing sounds and push him backwards towards the bed. This forces him to sit on the edge of the bed while I give him one more kiss on his forehead.

Trust me, okay? Let me fix this. You just sit here and wait for me. I'll come back in a minute, I promise.”

Michael seems to have gone numb. I'm not even sure he hears me. It's almost as though his mind has retreated somewhere. This scares me more than anything. I put my hands on his cheeks again and give him little kisses on the face.

Be strong, Michael. Be strong for me. Whatever happens you have me. You will always have me. Nothing else matters. Do you hear me?”

Slowly his eyes raise up to look into my own. He gives me a little nod of his head. He hears me and understands but he isn't entirely here. Some part of himself has found a safer place deep inside. And I feel like I need to do something quickly so that he doesn't go catatonic on me.

It's going to be alright,” I repeat. Then I quickly walk towards the bedroom door and swing it open. Before I even step out into the hallway I'm greeted by the sight of Suzzane. She's still standing outside the door, just at the edge of the stairwell. She has her arms wrapped around her chest and a look of total misery on her face. Her eyes are bloodshot and her cheeks are streaked with tears. Her lips are quivering.

Suzzane's appearance so astonishes me and unsettles me that I can only stand there, staring at her. I expected to see her with a wrathful look and a confrontational attitude. I wasn't expecting this. I guess I'm just dumbfounded and don't know how to react in response. So all I can do is stand there while we look one another in the eyes. Suzzane is the first one to break the silence.

Oh God, Jeremy... I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry! I didn't know. I don't know how I could have been so stupid... so blind. I've pushed my little brother away from me and made him afraid to share the biggest thing in his life with me. I'm just a stranger to him. And he's had all these fears and all these feelings for God knows how long. I've made like I was better than you two cuz I feel so dumb compared to you guys. I guess I was afraid that you'd snub me if I didn't snub you first.”

With that she just starts bawling. She's in no shape to say another word. And all my anger has evaporated as I see this person standing there, hugging herself, in abject misery. I'm about to walk over to her and at least offer a shoulder to cry on when I feel Michael push himself to the side of me. He has heard every word and it has drawn him out into the hall. He is staring at Suzzane with a look of total astonishment on his face. They just stand there looking at one another for a few seconds. Then Suzzane opens her arms towards her little brother and he rushes into them, wrapping his arms around her.

The two of them are bawling and making no attempt to communicate. Well, that isn't true, I suppose. That hug and those tears say things that words couldn't begin to express. Oh God... I wish you could see it. Pretty soon I'm bawling right along with the two of them. I'm just leaning against the door jamb and pretty much unable to see with the tears streaming out of my eyes. But I can see well enough to see Suzzane open up one arm and extend it towards me. That's all the invitation I need and, just that quick, it's a three way hug and bawl session. And it feels awfully good I tell ya — awfully damn good.

It takes a bit of time for any of us to compose ourselves. My head is pressed against Mic's and both our heads are snuggled under Suzzane's chin. She didn't seem to inherit the smallness gene that Mic and I have. She is rubbing her fingers through our hair and it feels really comforting.

She is first to compose herself enough to talk. It starts with a bit of a giggle. “Can I tell you guys something... truthfully?”

We both pull our heads back a little to look at her and try to read her eyes. I'm a bit anxious, actually, thinking we're about to hear the “you guys are mixed up” speech.

You guys make a really adorable couple, you know that?”

Mic and I just look to one another after that remark and grin. I think we're both blushing.

She continues, “I don't ever want to see you try to hide your affection for one another when you're around me. I don't want to feel like I'm some kind of a wet blanket that you can't wait to get away from. You understand what I'm saying?”

Being the daredevil of this duo, I use that remark as an excuse to reach over and give Michael a sweet peck on his lips. Shoot... if she doesn't mind then I sure as hell don't mind. It doesn't take much of an excuse for me to wrap my lips around Michael's.

Mic colors up a bit but he doesn't pull away from me. Suzzane just giggles some more and ruffles our hair up. “That's what I'm talkin' about,” she says.

I know Michael as well or better than Suzzane does. And I know he can be pretty inhibited. Suzzane made that little speech because she knows Michael would still tend to hide his feelings for me whenever she was around. So my kissing him was as much to force the issue as anything else. Hey, she wants us out in the open in front of her and I want Michael believing that it's okay. So, I force the issue even further when, still looking at Michael, I say...

I love him so much, Suzzane. Michael means the world to me. We've been best friends since we were little guys and now he's so much, much more to me. He's still my best friend but he's also the one I love with all my heart.”

While I've been giving this little impromptu speech, Michael's eyes have been peering into my own. He smiles at me, no longer embarrassed that his sister is listening to my heartfelt message. He leans over and kisses me back.

Yessss...” Suzzane says, squeezing us and starting her own version of Michael's happy dance. Lol... it must be a family trait! She grabs our hands and forces us to dance in a circle with her, while she sings...

Michael and Jeremy, sitting in a tree, K. I. S. S. I. N. G. Hee, hee, hee! Oh my gawd... I feel so good!”

Me and Mic are laughing right along with her. I think we all feel pretty damn good right now. Not only is she no longer the wicked witch of the West, but she is now our newest confidant and protector. At least I assume she will be our confidant. I halt our dancing circle and ask...

Suzzane, you aren't gonna let any of yer friends know about me and Michael, are ya? You know what would happen at school if this got out.”

I watch Mic's eyebrows shoot up from the impact of what I'd just said. He looks up at Suzzane, waiting for her response.

Suzzane just sighs and says, “look, I'm no brainiac like you guys. But I think I know as well as you how the other kids would torment you if this got out. Don't worry... okay? And I'll help make a smokescreen whenever I can.”

Michael's sigh of relief is just as audible as mine. We both look at her and smile. “Okay!” we answer, together.

Still holding our hands, Suzzane starts tugging us towards her bedroom. “Come on, you guys. Let's go curl up on my bed and have girl talk.”

Whoa...” I reply, pulling back. I can feel Michael resisting the tug as well. “Just cuz we both like another boy doesn't make us girls, Suzzane!”

Ha, ha, ha,” she laughs, still tugging us. “No... silly. I mean that I can have a meaningful conversation with you guys like I do with my girlfriends. You can't have a meaningful talk with most boys cuz there's nothing in their heads but sports and sex. But the three of us can talk from the heart. That's what girl talk means. It's not an insult... honest. It's the highest compliment I could ever make to a guy.”

Well...” Mic responds, “in that case then I guess I could do a bit of girly talk with ya,” and he gives a kind of floppy, swish wave with his hand... ha, ha, ha!

And so the three of us sit in a circle on Suzzane's bed with our legs curled under us. Her face is just glowing with happiness and it makes me feel really good. God, to think how I've despised her for so many years. Mostly it's because of the way she either tormented or ignored Michael. But I guess it's been a sort of Sammy and Tyson story. She's been treating us badly because she's felt somehow inferior to us. I guess I can understand that. Sammy treated Tyson badly because he didn't want to give in to his real feelings for him. I guess this is kinda like that.

Michael looks over at me and gives me the cutest grin. His face is still damp from the bucket of tears that he shed just a bit ago. But his face has that same glow as his big sister. I feel so good I wanna bawl again.

So listen, you two,” Suzzane begins, “this thing with Sammy is really true, isn't it? Sammy really is in love with that boy... that Samuels kid?”

Mic and I shoot each other the same worried glance. This is some territory here that I'm not sure we should be traveling.

Ummm... look, Suzzane,” Michael responds, “I don't think it's up to me or Jer to be talking about any of our friends. I think I can trust you now, and everything, it's just that I wouldn't feel right talking behind his back... or Tyson Samuels' back, either.”

Suzzane sighs and says, “That's okay, Michael. I think I understand. If Sammy has become a friend of yours then you owe your friends your allegiance.”

Suzzane's kinda looking down at the bedspread while she talks, and it's a low tone of voice. She continues with, “I had a kind of thing for Sammy, you know. And I guess I felt a little angry with him when I realized that he probably couldn't respond to me the way I wanted him to.”

She looks up at us and says, “but then I caught some of Sammy's glances towards that other boy. And I think he feels for him what you two feel for each other. And somehow that makes the rejection seem okay. I mean, he isn't rejecting me as a person, it's more like it's because I'm a girl, ya know? I don't think I'm explaining it very good. But, his being gay doesn't bother me now.”

She giggles a little then continues with, “Somehow it makes him even more attractive. It seems to make him more of a real person and not just some dumb, cute jock. Does any of this make sense?”

Yeah, sure it does.” I answer. “It's not like you can help who you fall in love with. For that matter, it isn't like you have some kind of choice in the matter. And you're right, Suzzane, he isn't rejecting you. He just isn't capable of having the same feelings for you that you could have for him. Mother nature isn't gonna let him have those feelings for anyone but Tyson.”

Whoops... so much for not talking behind the guy's back. I just effectively outed my friends Sammy and Ty to Mic's sister. She might think she's dumber than a brick, but she knows how to get my tongue wagging.

Mic can see, by the expression on my face, that I realize I've let the cat out of the bag. And the little bugger starts snickering at me. Then the snickering changes to a full-throated “har, har, har”. He flops down on the bed, looking at me and giggling and snorting like crazy. He looks at his sister and says...

Einstein here wasn't gonna talk about our friends... but you managed to pry it out of him... har, har, har!” Then he looks at his sister with a bit more serious expression on his face. He says, “Listen, Suzzane, Sammy's had a real hard time of things. He refused to accept who he was and it nearly drove him crazy. By denying that he was gay, he nearly pushed the people he loved most right out of his life. And he wasn't really using girls so much, by pretending to be a ladies man and all, as he was hoping that it would come true. He was hoping that he could somehow change and become the manly, straight stud he wanted to be so badly. So please, tell me you won't use any of this against him.”

I can see that this little speech has effected Suzzane pretty deeply. Her eyes started tearing up while Mic was talking. She gives him a forced grin and reaches over to him and ruffles his hair.

Don't worry, little man,” she says, “like I said, I probably respect Sammy more now than I did before. And if any of my skank girlfriends make any nasty comments, I'll put 'em in their place.”

That final sentence ended with a real grin and I could see we'd all come to an understanding here. Suzzane doesn't feel like she's been strung along, at least not deliberately. And maybe Sammy has one more person to go to bat for him, Tyson too, for that matter. And that has me thinking out loud.

Ya know,” I say, “Sammy can pretty much handle any flak that comes his way. I mean, he's a pretty big dude. But Tyson's the one that stands the biggest chance of getting thumped. And Sammy can't be around him all the time to protect him. Me and Mic can hardly be any protection for him. Anyone that can thump Ty would have no problems thumping us, too.”

Suzzane adds, “You guys are probably gonna have people talking about you as well, ya know. I mean, all of ya hang out together at the same lunch table and in the halls and everything.”

Then she grins and says, “but I think big sis can help you all out more than you know.”

This gets my ears to prick right up, and Mic seems to lean forward a bit, too. Hells bells, we aren't gonna turn down help from any direction.

You guys know that I hang with the crowd that dates most of the athletes in our school.”

Hell yeah,” Mic adds, “all yer friends are hot!”

I give him my “ewwwww” look, but I know what he means. Her friends are all cheerleaders, just like her. The ones that aren't on the cheerleading squad are still the school's most popular girls.

He, he, heh,” she snickers. “Yeah... I guess they are. But the important thing is what the girls are saying about their boyfriends. For one thing, the guys have all looked up to Sammy for a long time because he's been the best athlete in the school. And I think only a number of them are really upset about any of this. In fact, I think a few of them even feel sorry for Sammy.”

She sighs and says, “We girls talk about it quite a bit, ya know. It's like this Romeo and Juliet thing, only Juliet's another boy. We made a point of elbowing one another when Sammy would go sit down at your table. Oh my God... the way he looked at that boy. I would kill to have a boy look at me like that.”

Suzzane stops here and emits another huge sigh. She's wiping tears from the corners of her eyes now. Girls... they're so darn emotional about this stuff. I'm only wiping my eyes cuz they itch... heheheh. I guess Michael's do too.

But then Mic speaks up. “You said you could help us out somehow, Suzzane.”

Huh?” she says. Then, “Oh, yeah! Well, this was another girl's idea, actually, but I think it's a pretty good one. We know how boys need to sound and act macho around each other and everything. That even means putting gay people down. Boys...” she huffs, “it's as though it robs them of their masculinity somehow if they accept a gay friend. We've all seen how they've stopped hanging around Sammy any more.”

She seems to get pensive, like she is thinking about all this stuff. Her conversation has pretty much come to an end. Mic and I look at one another and Mic shrugs his shoulders at me and grins.

Ahemmm... Suzzane,” he begins, “this is all true and fascinating and everything. But, isn't there supposed to be some part here where your gonna tell us how you're gonna help us? You know, like maybe tell us what this girl's idea is, or something?”

She just looks at him for a second and then starts giggling. “Oh yeah... heheheh. Sorry, I guess I was just having a blond moment there.”

Now she's really giggling and she has me and Mic har, harring as well. But after a minute she composes herself and continues. “Well, it was Sally's idea that none of the girls accept any anti-gay talk around us. And they are to tell their boyfriends that if they hear them even talking like that among themselves there will be hell to pay. I think the boys just needed a macho reason as an excuse to still be friends with Sammy. They can pretend it's just to keep the peace with their girlfriends. And you know what... I think it's working. Did you see Stewart Macavey put his arm around Sammy's shoulders in the lunch room today? Heheheh... and Sally gave me her 'I told you so' look. Well, it doesn't hurt that Stewart is Sally's boyfriend and Sally leads him around by the balls... heheheh.”

Suzzane finishes with this broad, proud grin on her face. Michael reaches over and gives her a big hug. “Yay... way to go, sis. You and your friends are really great. Maybe if me and Jeremy do get tripped up somehow, and get outed at school, we just might live to get into high school.”

Yeah, well...” she says, “the safest course for you little dudes is to keep a low profile. This can help you to continue being friends with Sammy and Tyson at school, but those boys still aren't going to have an easy time of it. Besides, I've got my little brother back now and it would kill me to see you getting shunned at school... or worse.”

Ahhh... bruvver and sister are hugging again... how gay... heheheh!

Well I know one thing; come Monday I think me and Mic will breathe a little easier at school. Not only do we have Sammy to cover our butts for us but now we have Mic's big sister as well. And let's face it, Suzzane can probably kick any ass that Sammy couldn't handle... har, har, har... snort, snort. That and the fact that we would probably have the whole cheerleading squad behind us. Yep, I think we're gonna do all right. And who knows, when Marc and Trevor and those other little dudes get to our school, things just might be a whole lot different for them.

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