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Golden Stob, Silver Stob

~ 3 ~

Pushing open the door Kandarpavarman entered the room - an octagonal antechamber, large and lavish, furnished with deep couches and corner tables. In the centre of the chamber, upon the plush rug-covered floor, lay the skin of a very large tiger, the sparkling ruby eyes staring up unseeingly at the Prince.

Three doors led out of the chamber... two on either side and one straight ahead, each one closed.

The Prince tried the first one to his right - it opened to another spacious room... probably a study... with large bay-windows and shelves upon shelves filled with scrolls, fine parchments and bound palm-leaf volumes. Everything neatly arranged and spotless clean. A single lamp burned in the corner near a shallow couch and a low writing table with ink-pots and quills...

Shutting the door Kandarpavarman tried the next one - the central door - and stepping into the room stood rooted to the spot, amazed out of his wit...

The room was larger than all the previous ones he'd seen (if that was even possible), and lavishly furnished with rugs, tapestries and gossamer screens with intricate designs. The furniture even more exquisite... everything glittering with the encrusted gemstones and pearls in the brilliant light of the eight large lamps that burned in the room.

In the centre stood a huge, incredibly magnificent, jewel encrusted, four-poster bed of solid gold...

And on that bed... resplendent upon ivory sheets of satin, lay a most gracile form... a shimmering apparition... bewitchingly beautiful and gloriously naked... Unmoving, as if in deep slumber.

Kandarpavarman stared on in wide-eyed wonder, unblinking... Or, was it sculpted alabaster... he wondered for a moment, becharmed.

On silent feet Kandarpavarman approached the sleeping form... his eyes drinking in the amazing beauty of the youth as he walked around the bed... captivated by the graceful perfection, the flawless masculine symmetry... wondering if this was some Royal Prince... or some Divine Angel maybe... or, a young God come down upon Earth from His Heavenly Abode...

Or, his head swam at the very thought - could this exquisitely stunning wight be the living manifestation of his cherished dream... a dream that had stealthily crept upon his youthful slumber over the past two summers, permeating his very being... titillating his loins... making his Royal Member grow turgid with passion... repeatedly tempting him to finally break his vow and gratify himself...

The head rested on a soft pillow... the handsome face, graven by the finest hand, framed by flowing, shoulder length mane of coal-black silk... the skin a glowing hue of milk and honey, translucent... taut over the evidently powerful muscles within.

Despite the slender form, Kandarpavarman noted the broad shoulders... the powerful arms resting on either side of the firm, sculpted torso... the breathtakingly narrow waist... the well formed thighs and calves... and the graceful feet.

And cradled between the thighs lay the Royal Jewels... each of an incredible size, encased in a silken pouch of the most delicate texture and shade... upon which rested the most magnificent Regal Sceptre, of majestic proportion even in repose... peach-blush and marbleised... The broad base of the Imperial Shaft framed by coal-black silken pubes... each curly fibril glistening in the flickering light from the lamps.

'He must be a Prince... nay, surely a God!' Kandarpavarman concluded, his heart aching with a peculiar affliction... beating rapidly as he looked on... his whole body atingle with a weird excitement.

Circling the bed once more, Kandarpavarman called out softly, "Wake up, my lord..."

But the divine being didn't seem to hear, remaining still, eyes shut.

The Prince called once more, louder this time... but again in vain, his voice not seeming to penetrate the slumbering sentience.

Baffled, he walked around the bed a couple more times, still calling out... imploring the youth to awaken.

But nothing seemed to stir the celestial being, and he remained still, as tranquil as water on a windless day.

Sheathing his sword back in its scabbard, Kandarpavarman leaned forward... keenly observing the sleeping countenance... wondering if the alluring creature - man or god - was indeed asleep... or, maybe dead?!

After a moment of hesitation, he reached out... tentative... his fingers playing under the nose... He instantly perceived the slight flow of air... the gentle breathing of the sleeping entity...

'He is breathing,' thrilled Kandarpavarman, 'then indeed he is alive!'

Suddenly, the close proximity as he bent over the slumberous form - his fingers so close to that glowing flesh... the radiating warmth, kindled an intense desire in the Prince's heart, and almost unconsciously he let the back of his fingers drag across the cheek... caressing the soft, smooth skin, warm under his touch... feeling an odd thrill deep in his soul... Sensing a curious stirring in his Regal Loins.

A desperate urge seized Kandarpavarman... a terrible need to touch more... feel more... and he let his hands roam... the fingers of both hands fluttering across the sleeping face... stroking through the silken mane... trailing over the arched brows... and tracing the full lips - so soft and supple under touch, so ruddy of hue.

Running down the slender throat, his trembling fingers circled the areolas - a delicate pink upon the alabaster bosom... sensing them grow turgid under his caress...

Lower still his hands travelled along the masculine contour, tenderly caressing each elegant inch... before brushing through the silken pubes... and gently petting the Royal Genitals.

He could contain himself no further, and lowering his head he covered those ruby lips... the boy's tender mouth, kissing him.

Insane with desire and wanting even more (though he knew not what exactly), his tongue trailed down the neck... quickly claiming those delectable boy-nipples, already tumid from the earlier touch of his fingers, and gripping each tiny nub between his lips, sucked on them like a babe on his mother's teat.

Giddy with joy, Kandarpavarman looked up... calling out once more in a quivering timbre... pleading with him to awaken...

But the youth remained unmoved, unresponsive in his death stupor.

Taking a deep breath Kandarpavarman once more lowered his face... bringing it down upon the Royal Sceptre... letting out a soft groan as his lips felt the silken touch of the warm flesh... kissing the glorious organ and sensing it twitch under his moist caress... Lengthen and thicken in response to his passionate buss...

Flushed and flummoxed... aroused, yet bewildered, Kandarpavarman finally pulled back, looking down at the sleeping form - What was this celestial being? And what was his slumber? Nothing seemed to disturb him, nothing to stir him... Would nothing awaken this divine creature?!

Oh, how he wanted to hold him, embrace him... kiss and be kissed... Shower him with his vestal love, surrender himself and finally relinquish everything that he had carefully treasured for nearly eighteen summers now!

With a sigh of defeat Kandarpavarman sat down on the bed... his fingers lovingly stroking the head... silently praying that the youth would awaken... and... and...

As he sat thus, caressing and musing, his eyes keenly watching the sleeping countenance... a sudden glitter, just above the pillow, caught his eyes...

Kandarpavarman reached over and shifting the satin frill let out a gasp of wonder... for there lay, just above the head, and partly hidden by the pillow, a short silver stob - an exquisitely ornate wand of about six inches - studded with emeralds!

The Prince picked it up and looked at it... studying the intricate design... the perfect workmanship... the amazing size and colour of the gemstones... Wondering what it might be... and why was it lying there, under the pillow?

It was surely too slim and small to be a Royal Sceptre... or any symbol of Regal Authority... and yet, it wasn't exactly a wizard's wand - too short and ornate for that purpose, and surely not of the right construction!

Then, what could it be? What was it for?

Kandarpavarman stood up and looked around the pillow... reaching under as he searched, wondering if there were more similar stobs... But he found nothing... and nothing near or under the shoulders either.

Holding the object in his hand he sat down once more... staring longingly at the handsome visage of the sleeping beauty... his heart aching with desire, and want... once more praying that the youth would awaken...

Finally getting off the bed he went around the room... observing everything once more... hoping he'd spot something... some clue that would reveal the secret of this empty palace... and its sleeping master...

Finding nothing that he hadn't already seen, and totally dejected, he returned, standing at the foot of the bed... and as he looked down, with a start he noticed the glinting object under the feet of the youth... another similar stob, but of gold, and studded with sparkling rubies.

Curious, and mystified, he picked it up, once more studying it keenly, comparing the two - they were identical in every respect, except for the metal and the stones.

In exasperation he threw up his hands and let out a groan of defeat - what was all this, what was this enigma? And what should he do?!

His tiredness, his hunger, so long forgotten on the discovery in this room and its enigmatic occupant, now made itself known once again as his stomach growled and his vision blurred...

Well, he should leave the slumbering youth and start looking for some nourishment, search for the kitchen or larder...

That decided, he dropped the silver stob at the feet, and then walking over placed the golden one above the head.

Instantly, with a soft moan, and a slight pandiculation, the youth flickered open those long-lashed eyes... staring up at Kandarpavarman with a look of surprise and awe...

And at that moment of eye contact, Kandarpavarman's heart skipped a beat... Cupid's sweet arrow of love mercilessly piercing his Royal Bosom... making him totter as he finally lost his heart!

to be continued...

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Copyright © Author, Nov, 2011

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