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Golden Stob, Silver Stob

~ 5 ~

"Where is the man?!" thundered the ogre as soon as Jyotindronarayan opened his eyes.

"Man?" asked the Prince in feigned innocence, "Why, I'm right here!"

"NO!" shouted the ogre, "I can smell a human..."

"And I'm the only human in this palace," replied the Prince with a new-found smugness, "or have you forgotten that you've already eaten every single human in my kingdom, huh?"

The ogre snorted, looking around the room, growling and grunting as he opened and checked every closet and every chest, pulling apart the drapes, and looking under the furniture.

"Which land did you visit last night?" asked the Prince, getting off the bed, "You don't seem to have had a good feast; wasn't the men plump enough to satisfy your gluttonous appetite?"

"No sauce with me!" snapped the ogre, turning around and advancing menacingly.

"Why, you'll finally eat me?" laughed the Prince.

Grabbing the young teen in his massive paws the ogre lifted him high, shaking him... and suddenly his eyes fell upon the Royal Member dangling before his furious eyes... the ruddy tip partly exposed by the retracted foreskin... glistening with the sticky dew of passion that had oozed out while he had been with Kandarpavarman.

Throwing the Prince down on the bed, the ogre spread the Royal Thighs and grabbed the Princely Phallus in his rough hands, "WHAT IS THIS?!" he growled with rage.

"You see it every day, and you fondle it too," smiled the Prince, suddenly feeling very bold, "Why ask me, don't you know?"

"Someone was here..." cried the ogre in sudden alarm, his eyes fearful as he looked around the room, his fingers fierce around the tender shaft of the Prince's penis.

At that moment Prabhanjan entered the room, shuffling in his own grotesque way, "What's the matter, why are you screaming?" he asked the ogre.

"There has been someone visiting..." the ogre began, but Prabhanjan let out a horrid cachinnation, cutting him short.

"I've been listening to that chant of your ghouls and goblins too," he said in a derisive tone, "but trust me, I don't smell no human, other than the Prince here..."

"Then how do you explain this?" demanded the ogre, pointing the Prince's phallus towards Prabhanjan, "See!"

Prabhanjan glanced at the glistening tip and laughed once more, "Well, what do you expect from a youth on the threshold of manhood? Even in sleep his love succus flows, be glad that it wasn't his seed, he hasn't shed it yet!"

"Besides," Prabhanjan continued as he came over and picked up the Prince, leading him towards the bath chamber, "your legions have already searched the entire palace, and they've found no man!"

The ogre still didn't seem satisfied, grunting wildly as he cast suspicious looks all around the room.

"Satana," said Prabhanjan, "you know pretty well that the combined spell that you and Barolokkur cast across this land makes it impossible for any creature - God, demon or wizard - to enter, then how can a mere mortal cross it? Now, leave us alone, I need to give the Prince his bath and then feed him!"

Prince Kandarpavarman heard the ogre enter the antechamber as soon as he shut the door, and though curious, he didn't tarry to listen, or peek, silently checking out the place he was in - there was the large entrance vestibule with cushioned marble seats and pedestal tables, the walls etched with auspicious markings. A single, arched-doorway opened into a smaller inner-room, furnished with comfortable couches and divans; an arched passageway led to the Sanctum, and another door, off to a side, opened into the ablution chamber with it's small fountain, marble bath, platforms and troughs.

The Prince tossed his garments on a chair and washed up, deciding on remaining naked since he didn't have a change of clothes; and then going into the Sanctum offered his prayers, before partaking the offerings of fruits and sweets that Prince Jyotindronarayan had left the previous evening.

His hunger finally sated, Kandarpavarman stretched out on a divan...

But he could neither sleep, nor relax... the events of the previous evening - his miraculous journey to this distant land, his meeting with the amazing Prince of Suvarnabhumi, Jyotindronarayan's incredible tale about his imprisonment - constantly replaying in his mind... making him wonder what the Prince was doing right then... what those evil creature might be up to... whether the ogre would dare to hurt the Prince...

And as he mused, his eyes slowly closed... the Prince gradually drifting off as his tired body decided to call it a day.

"Prabhanjan," asked Jyotindronarayan as he lay in the bath, feeling the dwarf's hands scrubbing him, "Who is this ogre, Satana, and what is he after? What is he so afraid of, you know, about my seed? And what did you mean about me never having shed it?"

"Very curious today, eh?" cackled the old dwarf, his hands sliding between the Prince's thighs, scrubbing in the folds. "Finally feel like talking to this old Yaksha?"

"O, c'mon," smiled the Prince sweetly, "you're the only one who cares for me, who does everything for me..."

Prabhanjan giggle with joy, "Yes, that I do, my dear Prince. I've cared for you since you were this high, and I can't imagine doing anything else!"

"Then tell me everything," demanded the Prince, spreading his thighs wider as he felt the old hands caressing his manhood under the water.

Prabhanjan cast a sly glance around and then dropped his voice, "I'll tell you all, but pray, don't you breathe a word of it to anyone..."

Jyotindronarayan let out a laugh, "Who can I tell it to, huh?" he asked, his eyes twinkling, "It's just you and that ugly ogre... no one else is allowed into my chambers!"

Prabhanjan nodded, seeming to relax a bit, "Well, Satana, the ogre, was once a very powerful wizard, but soon turned malignant and was cast to the Nether World for his evil deeds. He prayed to his old master for mercy and finally the Grand Wizard granted his prayer, telling him that if he could drink the unshed semen of a virgin prince upon his eighteenth birthday, suck it out of the Royal Penis, the vestal seed would restore him to his former self, and return his powers."

"What did the Grand Wizard say?" asked Jyotindronarayan.

"He said:
 'Vestal Milt from a Royal Fount, upon his coming of age;
  Born under the shadowed Moon, when the brightest twain signage.
  Invincibility and powers magical the Regal Seed bestow;
  Upon the drinker the orchis yield, eternal youth restore.'

"Oh," exclaimed the prince, "that means there was some conditions attached to who this prince might be, his birth, right?"

"Yes," nodded the Yaksha, drying the Prince.

"So, what happened?"

"Well, after his downfall, Satana had lost all his abilities and his knowledge, and though he could make out the gist of the Grand Wizard's cryptic assonant, he couldn't work out the detail of the Prince's birth... raging as he desperately tried to work out the cipher, or at least escape and somehow find the Prince.

"The cipher he couldn't unravel and his efforts at escape were repeatedly thwarted. And so he remained in the nether region, seething and fuming for nearly a hundred years... till he met Barolokkur..."

"Now, who is this Barolokkur?" asked the Prince, letting Prabhanjan kiss his Royal Tool, something he had never allowed the Yaksha before, though the old dwarf had made several futile attempts over the past couple months.

"Oh, he's an evil warlock from a very distant land, banished to the chthonic world for killing a centaur in congress, as the creature was preparing to release his seed in the womb of his mate..."

"Well, my bath is done, and now I must go to the Chapel," said the Prince, turning away.

"Yes, Prince," nodded the Yaksha, "you go, offer your morning prayers while I prepare your breakfast. I have already left the fruits and flowers on the table near the Chapel door."

"Thank you," smiled the Prince, "I just can't imagine what I'd do without you, dear Prabhanjan!"

"The pleasure is all mine, sweet Prince," bowed the Yaksha with a broad grin.

"And Prabhanjan," Jyotindronarayan called as the dwarf turned to leave, "I feel terribly hungry this morning, so could you prepare some extra food... something delicious!"

"Yes, my Lord," the Yaksha bowed once more.

"Now," said Jyotindronarayan as he sat eating his breakfast, "tell me what happened next, what did Satana and Barolokkur do?"

"This warlock was an evil man, and very proficient in the dark arts, a caller of spirits," said Prabhanjan, "and once he heard the code he immediately understood its meaning..."

"What did it mean?" asked the Prince.

"Oh, the cipher is actually very simple - 'shadowed moon' meant the eclipsed moon, and the signage of the 'brightest twain' meant the occultation of the two brightest stars in the night sky..."

"And which two would that be?"

"Jupiter and Venus, aligning during the eclipse of the full moon..."

"Oh," gasped the Prince, "but that's my hour of birth!"

"Exactly," replied the Yaksha. "Once the enigma had been solved, Barolokkur immediately drew a chart upon a parchment and began his calculations..."

"But what was his interest in Satana's redemption?" interrupted the Prince.

"Well, you see," explained the Yaksha, "on their own they couldn't escape, but if they combined their strength they could do it. Barolokkur could call upon spirits and raise an army of ghouls and goblins, but he didn't know the secret of controlling them, or making them do his bidding. While Satana had the art to control the horde, make them do what he wanted!"

"But Prabhanjan, how can that be, how can he not do simple calculations and yet control the Dark Forces?" asked Jyotindronarayan in wonder.

"You see, Satana had gained all his knowledge when he was a wizard practising the White Arts, and when he began to secretly practice the Dark Arts, he only learnt the dark formulas and chants; he didn't need to re-learn the basics. So, when he lost his powers, he lost his basic knowledge, lost all that he had learnt as a wizard, and his ability to work things out!"

Jyotindronarayan nodded, "Then?"

"Well, within an hour Barolokkur had figured it all out, and he announced: 'There happened three such occurrences in the past hundred years. Now to find out where a prince was born!'

" 'A hundred years?!' screamed Satana, 'I need a virgin prince, not an ancient grandfather on his death-bed!'

"Barolokkur laughed, 'Relax, mighty Satana, the last such occurrence happened a mere two years ago, so your prince, if he was born that day will still be a babe,' - and then he drew a very complex pattern of lines and symbols with the powdered horn of an Unicorn upon a sand bed, and began chanting ancient mantras.

"Soon the markings began to shimmer, the lines wiggle as the shapes shifted... and then, upon the centre of the circle appeared some mysterious text... glowing with a strange fire. Barolokkur smiled and began reading aloud...

"It was the name of a prince, and his lineage..." Prabhanjan paused, "your name, my dear Prince. But he had hardly finished speaking when Satana sprang up, dancing around the chamber like a madman, 'I'll get my Prince, and have my revenge too!' he chanted.

"Barolokkur tried to shush him, 'There's more...' he said, but Satana threw the tripod upon which stood the sand bed, yelling, 'Raise the army of spirits, we shall start now!'

"Barolokkur was furious, 'Satana, there is another prince, and you disturbed the bed afore I could read the name!'

"But Satana roared, 'I got my prince, what do I care for other names!'

"Barolokkur shook his head, 'There is another prince born at the same hour...' but Satana grabbed his throat and shook him, 'I've got Jaindranarayan's great-grand-son, I don't care for any other prince!'

"What did he mean by that?" asked Jyotindronarayan.

"It was your gallant great-grand-father, Maharaj Jaindranarayan, who had captured Satana from the Enchanted Grove of Eternal Night," explained Prabhanjan, "and Satana had sworn to destroy his line, and his kingdom..." the Yaksha fell silent.

"What happened next?" asked Jyotindronarayan.

"Well, as everyone knows, there's hardly any possibility of a prince attaining majority and still remaining virgin; so they decided to take over the kingdom, destroy the Royal House, and imprison you... Satana's revenge would be complete and he would also ensure that you remained vestal till he could drink your Regal Seed once you reached adulthood..."

They both fell silent, the young Prince finally understanding everything... and wondering what would happen on the fifteenth, just two days away... Would Satana succeed in his evil mission? And what after that? Would he then kill him?!

"Don't you worry, my sweet Prince," whispered Prabhanjan, patting his head, "no harm will befall you..." and as Jyotindronarayan looked up, he noticed an odd glint in those old eyes... sensing a peculiar edge in that raspy voice.

to be continued...

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Copyright © Author, Nov, 2011

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