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Golden Stob, Silver Stob

~ 6 ~

Kandarpavarman dreamt of the Prince...

Repeatedly seeing his smiling face... and feeling his tender touch, a soothing caress.

Gentle fingers running through his hair, stroking his head... Giggling mischievously as he fondled him down there, stroking the shaft and cuddling the Princely testicles...

Those full, ruddy lips covering his mouth in a soft kiss...

Kandarpavarman simply smiled as he opened his mouth to receive the kiss... spreading his thighs wider so that the Prince could reach further... losing himself to that luxuriating feel of Heaven...

"Shh, don't speak," the Prince whispered as he flitted open his eyes, "I've already offered my morning prayer, and there is fresh fruit on the Altar. I'll bring your breakfast later."

And he was gone...

But floated right back... kissing him awake, "You didn't eat your breakfast," he smiled softly, "I'm done with my afternoon prayer, and your lunch is on the table, now get up, eat and then sleep. I'll come again at dusk, for my evening prayer..."

Kandarpavarman smiled once more, enjoying the sweet touch, the intimate fondle... reaching up dreamily to caress the Prince's glowing face... moaning softly as he felt himself flex and twitch under the royal caress...

And then, he was gone again!

With a start Kandarpavarman opened his eyes and sat up, looking around... the room was dark, the only light coming from the single, flickering lamp lit before the Altar, everything silent...

He wondered for a moment and then looking up saw the covered silver dishes on the table... So, it wasn't a dream after all, the Prince had indeed come, and had left him food!

Quickly getting up he went to wash up, and then offering his prayers sat down to eat. He had barely finished when the outer door opened and Jyotindronarayan entered.

"I'm glad you're awake," he smiled, coming over and embracing him, both young men kissing. "I must rush, offer my evening prayers and return. You come and wake me up once they've left..." and with that he went into the Sanctum.

The ogre and his hordes of murderous flesh-eaters finally left at dusk amidst a terrible din. Kandarpavarman waited for a few more minutes, listening carefully, and then slowly crept out of the Chapel...

Upon the bed lay Prince Jyotindronarayan, asleep... glowing in the flickering light of the lamps.

Quickly picking up the two stobs Kandarpavarman placed the golden one above his head and the silver one under his feet. Immediately Jyotindronarayan stretched and yawned, opening his eyes, blinking up at Kandarpavarman.

Smiling with joy as they threw themselves in each other's arms, embracing tightly, their mouth joining in a famished kiss... Their handsome young phallus already turgid between their royal thighs, flexing with joyous expectancy...

Finally breaking the kiss, the Suvarnabhumi Prince smiled, "I've found out everything you wanted to know..." recounting the tale that Prabhanjan had told him - about Satana, and Barolokkur, the secret of the riddle... and their purpose for holding the young Prince a prisoner.

Kandarpavarman sat stunned for a moment and then suddenly exclaimed, "Why, that is my own birth hour too!"

And as Jyotindronarayan gave him a quizzical look, he said, "Prince, I was born under the same star, at the same hour of lunar eclipse when Jupiter and Venus united in the dark sky," his eyes sparkling with joy, his young heart thumping wildly. "My birthday is in two days time, and I shall turn eighteen too!"

"God, this is incredible!" exclaimed Jyotindro, and then an exciting thought entered his mind, "Prince, why don't you take my first succus of love? It will make you invincible and give you great magical powers!"

"Indeed it will, according to the prophecy," Kandarpa nodded, "and it will also make the ogre's wait fruitless!"

"Yes," cried Jyotindro with excitement, "and no matter how many time he drinks, it will serve him no good!"

"Indeed, Prince," smiled Kandarpa, "you speak the truth... for according to the Grand Wizard's prophecy, only your vestal seed, the first milt that you shed, can bestow those powers and make the drinker invincible..."

"Then come, Prince," urged Jyotindro, stretching out on the bed, "come, partake of my virgin seed..."

"Gladly I will, O Prince," Kandarpa smiled, caressing Jyotindro's happy face, ready to lower his own face, when abruptly he stopped, looking up at Jyotindro, "Say, Prince, the magical chart of Barolokkur had also shown a second prince, and that could only mean me... so, my seed too has the same powers!"

And as Jyotindro looked up in excited wonderment, Kandarpa explained, "Neither frottage, nor coitus have I engaged in, therefore you too can drink my virgin milt and gain the same magical powers that your vestal seed promises to bestow upon me. And then, together, we shall destroy this evil ogre and his legions, and rid your land of his scrofulous presence!

"But," he added, his brows knit, "we must do so together, simultaneously... shed and drink at the same moment for our seeds to remain truly vestal!"

Jyotindro nodded, barely able to control the excited jitters that suddenly wracked his slender frame, his heart aflutter.

They could hardly speak anymore as they stared back at one another, totally fascinated, and terribly excited by the idea... delirious as their shaking hands slowly reached between each other's thighs, taking the rigid Regal Shaft in a tender grasp and sensing the intense heat there... Feeling the excited throb...

Both pair of eyes lowered... both gasping at the majestic sight of the engorged Royal Member... suddenly desperate to lower their head and finally savour the joys of carnal union... Indulge in what they had both desired ever since their eyes had met the previous evening... Taste the untasted Royal Nectar, and partake that magical fluid...

Spreading their thighs wider, both Princes reclined on the couch... both face drawing closer to the object of their attraction.

The Suvarna Prince had not only never seen another human being in fifteen years, but he had neither seen one unattired!

And now, seeing Kandarpa, so regally gorgeous, and so gloriously naked... lying before him with his legs parted wide... his Princely Pole on blatant display, for perusal and pleasure, sent a shiver down Jyotindro's teen spine...

Oh, Jyotindro could simply stare on in amazed wonderment, totally enchanted, as if he had been hypnotised by the sight of the Varman Prince's Imperial Phallus... Licking his lips as his hands fondly stroked the velvety length of the twitching shaft - so smooth and silky... so fiercely rigid and hot... and yet, so very pliant...

He heard the Varman Prince purr in response, letting out a sharp gasp as Jyotindro pulled back the delicate veil of the fine-veined foreskin... completely exposing the glistening, succus drenched glans... so large and flared... cerise with passion.

He gently squeezed the shaft with each upward stroke and saw the clear tear of joy ooze out of the tip... sparkling like liquid diamond in the light of the lamps... quiver delicately for a moment before rolling down the broad head...

And as he caressed the Monarchal Baton, fingers of his other hand rustling through the curly pubes, he felt Kandarpa's adoring hands on his own genitals... groping and fondling - stroking the shaft and toying with his Royal Testicles. Joyful fingers running through his own pubes, twirling around as they played some scintillatingly naughty game with each curly strand. No doubt as fascinated as he was... and equally eager to suck out his virgin milt!

With a satisfied sigh Jyotindro finally brought his face closer, his mouth already open... the tongue tip peeking out, eager to taste the sticky ooze continuously leaking out... when, with a start he paused, "Oh, Prince," he cried, tearing his amazed gaze from the glorious sight of Kandarpa's throbbing Lance and looking up, "the prophecy did mention - 'upon his coming of age' - so, would it work now? For we are still two days away from the dawn of our adulthood!

"Yes, Prince," cried Kandarpa, quickly lifting his lowered head, "you speak the truth once more! We must indeed wait for the shining light of the dawn of the fifteenth, the morn of our birth, when our seed will be imbued with the Wizard's power."

"Then wait we shall, Prince" declared Jyotindro in a surprisingly firm voice, sitting up, "wait till the dawn that will usher in our adulthood, and impart the magical power to our semen!"

Though slightly disappointed, but not disheartened, they spent the remaining night in each other's arms - talking and cuddling, kissing and caressing... stroking and fondling... simply happy in the impeccant joy of togetherness.

And whenever the temptation became too strong to control, they embraced closer, limbs entwined... rubbing away as their hips heaved and swayed in that eternal dance of joyous love...

Recklessly ravenous, yet heedfully cautious... grunting and groaning at the incredible sensation sweeping through their young body... but acutely conscious of the need to keep their milt from shedding prematurely... careful not to cross the bounds of orgasmic fury... till the eastern sky began to blush with the approach of dawn... and the distant rumble announced the return of the ogre and his legions.

"My dear Prince," sighed Jyotindronarayan, disengaging, "the new day has arrived, and the evil forces return, please put me to sleep and return to the Chapel..."

"Come, Prince," smiled Kandarpa, taking Jyotindro's hands and kissing them, "lie down... but today you must find out why the Yaksha joined the evil duo, and what he seeks? And whether the ogre, and the warlock have any weakness that might help us slay them."

"I will," smiled Jyotindro, giving the Royal Staff a quick peck before lying down.

Kandarpa picked up the two stobs, and as soon as he placed them - the silver above the head and the golden below the feet - the Prince passed into his magical slumber... dead to the world.

to be continued...

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Copyright © Author, Nov, 2011

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