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Golden Stob, Silver Stob

~ 7 ~

The ogre had raged once more, insisting that he could still smell a man!

"You are probably going senile," the Prince finally stated with a sly grin, further infuriating the ogre.

Satana grabbed the Prince and lifting him high shrieked with rage as he shook him, his eyes keenly taking in the boy's teenage penis and pubes.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" exclaimed Prabhanjan entering the room, rushing over.

Satana threw down the Prince and grabbing his phallus, roughly pulled back the delicate foreskin... sniffing around the exposed glans and the matted pubes... the lush, dark hair soaked with the combined juice of arousal that had leaked while the two Princes had youthfully disported in their vernal passion.

"Satana, are you losing your mind as the days draw closer?" asked the Yaksha tugging at the ogre's elbow.

Satana grunted as he stood back, casting a murderous look at Prabhanjan.

"I'm sure he has someone hidden here," he snarled, glaring down at Jyotindro, "and he's been in coition. Just look at him, look at the flush upon his cheeks, the shine in his eyes, the tumid paps and the bedewed loins..." he ranted. "Just smell the overflowing succus!"

"Where?" asked Prabhanjan with a derisive laugh, and then added, "Leave him in peace, or you may lose your only chance!"

Satana let out another grunt and finally departed, mumbling and grumbling as he went.

"You're a very brave young man, my sweet Prince," smiled Prabhanjan, taking Jyotindro by his hands and leading him to the bath chamber.

"Brave I am," smiled Jyotindronarayan, suddenly reaching out and playfully pinching the Yaksha's shrivelled cheek, "for I'm Jaindranarayan's great-grandson!"

"Yes, indeed," Prabhanjan nodded, "you are; and now, my dear Lord, step into the bath, the water's just perfect."

"Say, Prabhanjan," asked Jyotindro slowly settling in the bath, letting out a soft moan, "being a Yaksha you must possess tremendous supernatural skills, and magical powers..."

The Yaksha nodded in reply, scrubbing the Prince's arms and shoulders.

"Mmm...I love the way you... um, touch me..." moaned the Prince softly, closing his eyes and spreading his thighs wide as he felt the Yaksha's hands move lower down the torso.

"And I love doing it for you, my sweet, most beautiful Prince," murmured the Yaksha, his breathing suddenly laboured.

"Then, with all your magical charms and powers, why are you with this evil ogre and his wicked warlock?" Jyotindro asked, taking Prabhanjan's hand and placing it on his Royal Tool, holding it for a brief moment as he rubbed along the gargantuan length.

Prabhanjan could hardly breathe, his whole body trembling... This was the second time, in as many days, that the Prince had allowed him such liberty... well, not only allowed, but had actually taken his hand and placed it upon his Princely Phallus!

The Yaksha's heart slammed, and his hands shook as he lovingly caressed the Regal Appendage.

"You didn't answer..." said the Prince, his hand suddenly taking hold of Prabhanjan's.

The Yaksha hesitated, casting furtive glances around the empty bath chamber before mumbling in a choked voice, "What would the dear Prince like for breakfast today?"

Pushing away the Yaksha's hand from his genitals, Jyotindro opened his eyes, "Well, since you mention breakfast, I think we need to hurry..."

"Did I offend my Prince?" asked Prabhanjan, startled, staring longingly at the glorious Royal Phallus floating so temptingly under the bathwater.

"No, you haven't," replied the Prince in regal tone, "but I surely don't appreciate my questions going unanswered! Now, finish scrubbing my legs and once you're done with my back, I need to go to the Chapel..."

"I'm sor... sorry, my Prince..." the Yaksha murmured, lowering his eyes.

"Well, if you don't prefer to share with me, I really don't feel the need to indulge you!"

"I'll tell you, my Prince..." Prabhanjan finally said, his hands tentative as he reached for Jyotindro's crotch.

"Then do!" commanded Jyotindro, allowing the Yaksha to gather up his genitals.

"I was once the powerful lord of my tribe, spending my days in splendour and felicity. I had everything that one could ever desire... Then, one day, as I flew through the air, admiring the beauty of the lands below, a most amazing sight caught my eyes, a sight that nearly made me lose my head and falter in mid-flight, almost making me fall off the sky.

"It was early morning, and I was passing over the lands of Gandhara, when suddenly, in that lovely city of Pushkalavati, I spied a tender youth, the prepubescent son of the local lord, resplendent in his juvenile nakedness as he frolicked in the palace pool amidst the lotus bloom, his young mates in attendance.

"As radiant as the dawn-sun, as beautiful as the full-moon on a cloudless night... making me wonder if indeed the Sun had come down upon the earth for his morning ablution, or was the nitid Moon taking a bath after his vigil in the night sky! I felt an impossible stirring in my loins and almost shed my seed...

"Mad with lust, I quickly took the form of a crane and swooping down upon the boy, carried him away to my secret glen in the mountains..." Prabhanjan lowered his head, remaining silent for a while before mumbling, "and there, in my private grove, under the blossoming bowers of jasmine, I ravished the youth against his will..."

"But before I was fully done, and even before I could draw my still spewing organ from within the virginal folds of the boy's seething bowel, Kuber's emissary arrived with the King's order.

"Kuber was furious... and I not only lost my status as a Yaksha, but also my powers, banished to the Nether World for a thousand years..."

Thoroughly sickened by the tale, Jyotindro briefly looked away, and then forcing himself to remain calm, asked, "Why did you join the ogre?"

"He was my only chance of escaping from that dungeon of hell..." Prabhanjan replied in a low voice.


The Yaksha hesitated once more... his hands still fondling the Prince's flaccid genitals.

"Tell me," Jyotindro demanded, grabbing the Yaksha's hand and pushing it away.

"After my downfall," Prabhanjan said, "I pleaded with Kuber, praying for forgiveness, but he was firm. I reminded him of the services I had rendered, the battles I had won for him... and then he finally relented, saying that if ever a young prince of a royal house, unversed in the arts of carnal acculturation, willingly submitted to me, surrendered his virginity, I would once more be admitted to the folds of my tribe.

"Prince, forgive me," Prabhanjan grovelled, "but Satana and his plan was my only hope. He had found his prince, and he had the power to capture him... so, I... I..." he trailed off.

"So you thought that after he had his fill of my vestal seed, you could force me to submit to your crass desire, huh?"

"No, Prince, no..." cried out the Yaksha, "that can't be, you need to remain a virgin when you submit to me, besides, I can use no force, you'll have to willingly give yourself to me..."

Jyotindro shuddered at the revolting thought, stunned into silence.

"I've taken care of you since you were barely three," continued the Yaksha, "and I could never think of using force to make you agree. I truly love you, my dear Prince," he grovelled, "and I'll always protect you from Satana!"

His stomach churning with revulsion, the Prince quickly got out of the bath, reaching for the towel.

"Let me, Prince," offered Prabhanjan, picking it up even before Jyotindro could take it.

After his prayer, while he sat at the breakfast table, Prabhanjan sidled close, "Did my sweet Prince enjoy his breakfast today?"

Jyotindro didn't reply.

"Prince, are you angry with this old Yaksha?" Prabhanjan persisted.

Though repulsed, having thought things over, Jyotindro had decided to play along, keep the Yaksha humoured, at least till he could discuss it with Kandarpa... But the Varman Prince, when Jyotindro visited the Chapel, seemed lost in his own dream world, and he didn't feel like waking him up.

So, forcing on a nervous smile he replied, "Dear Prabhanjan, I'm not angry, but being unaware of all things carnal, I'm filled with an unknown fear..."

"O dear Prince, my precious little honeysuckle," cooed the Yaksha grinning from ear to ear, "don't you worry my sweet cherub, for I, Prabhanjan, will breach your innocence, not the brute ogre!"

"Oh, Prabhanjan," cried Jyotindro with feigned horror, "please... don't... I can already see the fiery tip of your mighty tool peeking out of its hairy sheath under your belly, and I can't even imagine how large it gets when fully aroused... Oh... no.... you'll split me with that terrible lance of yours, tear me to pieces even before you have entered me!" he wailed, cringing in apparent terror.

"Banish fear from your gentle heart, little one," giggled Prabhanjan with unbridled glee, "there will be no pain, and neither will I split you or draw your virtuous blood. Gently, with tender care will I breach the portal of your chaste boyhood... and you will only experience unbound ecstasy, a thrilling joy!"

"Oh, Prabhanjan," sighed Jyotindro, "you fill my heart with soothing comfort... and my fears are already vanishing..."

"Yes... yes, my Prince," squawked the fallen Yaksha with impatient glee that comes at the end of a long and vain wait, "yes, just say yes to me, and everything will be fine. You will love the moment when I pierce your vestal bowel with my rigid shaft, and when your belly receives my effulgent seed, we shall both be released!"

"But what about Satana?" blinked the Suvarnabhumi Prince, giving an involuntary shudder, "How will you convince him?"

The evil Yaksha laughed, "Well, my sweet Prince, do you really think I came this far, waited this long, to finally allow that worthless ogre take my meed away from right under my nose?!"

"OH!" squealed the Prince, clapping his hands, "But pray, what will you do, slay him?!"

"No one can slay either the ogre, or the warlock," whispered Prabhanjan, "neither with arms, nor with charms!"

"Then?" questioned Jyotindro, curious, his heart slamming with excited anticipation.

"There, my little cherub, is a way," smiled the Yaksha, "and there is a plan too!"

"Oh, please, tell me, please," entreated the Prince.

"I will, my darling Prince," smiled Prabhanjan, "for you and I, together we shall vanquish that evil pair, and then lie upon your bed in love's tender bond!"

The Prince swallowed the rising bile, nauseated by the very thought... the temerity of the vile Yaksha.

"And now, listen carefully my sweet Prince..."

to be continued...

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Copyright © Author, Nov, 2011

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