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~ 9 ~

The moment they entered the dome they sensed the immense surge of power within, their whole body buzzing with an intense thermionic force... tingling all over.

They also realised that they were no longer in water - there was solid ground under their feet... And there was neither the urge, or any need to breathe!

They whooped, embracing each other with joy, their eyes gleaming, their heart racing.

"Let's take it and go back to the castle," whispered Kandarpa, rushing to the centre and grabbing the cage.

Jyotindro nodded, both kicking their feet against the ground as they tried to buoy themselves out of the dome... but the dome rose with them, like a protective bubble around them... carrying them to the surface of the lake within the blink of an eye.

Once they broke surface, the dome - a glittering glass sheath encasing them - gently carried them ashore.

"Prince," said Jyotindro climbing out of the lake, "let's get to the top of the central tower. It has a beautiful terrace garden with couches, divans and rugs, and will afford us a grand view of the sky and the surrounding countryside."

Kandarpa nodded in agreement, both running towards the castle.

They had to hurry now, get to the top as soon as possible... the ogre must have already sensed it, and was probably headed right back... and they had no time to lose; had to immediately start milking each other with their mouth, coax the teen orchises to relinquish its magical portion and then drink the first flow before the ogre arrived!

Satana shuddered, almost falling off the air... it seemed like a stifling darkness had engulfed him, and someone was tugging at him... jerking his whole body... spinning him around.

"He's taken the cage," screamed Barolokkur, flailing his arms wildly.

A terrifying dread gripped Satana, making his heart slam... his limbs stiff and insensate. He could barely stay afloat, teetering as they sped towards Suvarnabhumi... back to the lotus pool in the castle.

Barolokkur was beside him, and Satana saw him sway in mid-flight, unsteady and wobbly. But Prabhanjan, on his other side, seemed unperturbed... and yet, Satana caught the look in his eyes - a look of disbelief and anger... of shock and betrayal. He saw the Yaksha grit his teeth, and clench his fists, the eyes fierce, burning with the terrifying flame of retaliation... wondering what the matter was...

But he couldn't think anymore, concentrate any longer... for suddenly he lost his balance... and saw Barolokkur waver too, as if they had been plucked out of the air and were being hurled into oblivion. They felt like a fish being wrenched out of water... like an air-breathing creature being submerged in it...

"He's raised it back on land!" gasped Barolokkur in a choked voice, beating the air helplessly with his fists.

The two Princes tore up the tower stairs, and as they reached the terrace garden, a soft glow along the eastern horizon announced the arrival of a new day... and their own entry into the realm of adulthood.

"The day has dawned, and the hour has come," said Kandarpa, placing the cage on top of a marble gueridon and taking Jyotindro's hand. "Come Prince, let us share our virgin seed and await the arrival of your evil tormentors."

"Yes, Prince, let us..." replied Jyotindro, leading the way to the nearby couch.

Now that the moment had ultimately arrived, they could hardly wait any longer... both youthful heart suddenly beating rapidly as their bosom welled with joy - they were about to finally fulfil their heart's desire, lie in each other's arms and unite in love!

And, by that same act, also fulfil their destiny - empower one another with each spurt of their pure Seed!

The shining light of dawn was almost upon them as they stretched out on the couch... each Regal Face lowering between the other's Royal Thighs... both pair of eyes wide with awe as they beheld the Majestic sight of the engorged Princely Phallus...

With trembling hands they reached out, reverently grasping the turgid Regal Sceptre... feeling it pulse with an expectant beat. Twitch and flex with unabashed urgency, as if urging them to promptly take it in their mouth and suck on it... force the Royal Testicles to quickly relinquish its ambrosial juice and feed them the magical nectar!

Gazing at the engorged member in his hand - so tall and proud, like some massive victory tower - Kandarpa groaned with amative desire; a surging flood of amorous craving inundating his pure heart.

Oh, there was so much he wanted to do - lick and lap along the entire length of the flesh column, from thick base to blushing tip... wrap his lips around the Majestic Organ and swallow it deep... suck on those amazingly large Royal Orbs till the Suvarnabhumi Prince was forced to release his un-shed Royal Ambrosia and fill his belly with the Virgin Milt...

And, yes, he wasn't selfish, nor ungracious... for in return, he too would shower the Suvarna Prince with his own Nectar, feed Jyotindro his un-tasted Seed!

But no, now wasn't the time for such silly, erotic games... for such frivolous thoughts. Now was the time for action, and they had a responsibility, a duty to fulfil!

Banishing those frightfully thrilling ideas, Kandarpa opened his mouth wide, eager to take Jyotindro in... sensing the hot breath washing over his own genitals as Jyotindro prepared to do the same...

At that instant the silent air around the castle was suddenly rent by the incoherent babble of a million inhuman screeches... terrible shrieks of fear and anger... the sky abruptly darkening as Satana and his horde of murderous spirits arrived.

"NO... NO!" shrieked Satana as he saw the two Princes on the terrace, in each other's arms... each handsome face poised over the impatiently flexing Royal Baton... both mouth wide in eager readiness...

The Princes heard the cry and immediately lunged forward... lowering their mouth and taking in each other's Royal Phallus.

Both groaning aloud as they felt the liquid heat surround their virgin shaft... the wiggling tongue furling around the exposed head... the moist lips gradually sliding lower, claiming the broad base!

"NOOOOOOO..." Satana screamed as he watched the two Princes bury their faces in one another's lap... those huge Royal Shafts vanishing from view as it got lost in the depth of their oral embrace.

With a terrifying roar the ogre and his host of evil flung themselves at the Royal couple... but lo, they crashed and fell back - the crystal shield that still surrounded the parrot (and the two Prince) resolute and impenetrable!

Eyes wild with fury, Satana tore at his hair as he realised what had happened - his own magic had defeated him... was now stopping him and his minions from reaching the Royal Couple!

He stamped his feet on the ground and shrieked with rage as he helplessly watched the two Princes begin bobbing their head...

They knew nothing about the intricacies of love, nor the complexities of congress... and yet, it all seemed to come naturally to them - like a newborn who needn't be taught, but knows how to suckle his mother's breasts. They too simply knew - knew where to hold, and when to urge... where to apply pressure, and how to create the gut wrenching suction...

And it all felt amazing -- They had done nothing like it before... had experienced nothing this incredible... and it was driving them out of their benumbed young mind!

In desperation Satana turned to Barolokkur, pleading, "Do something... do something!"

But Barolokkur was already atrance - his eyes closed and arms raised - his lips moving furiously in silent incantation...

The sky above the castle abruptly darkened and began to swirl... the air whining as it whirled rapidly, resonating with a deep rumble... the maelstrom fulgent as fiery bolts of lightning flashed from within its murky depth!

The ground shook, and the castle trembled as the thunderbolts crashed against the crystal dome... making it shake and shudder...

But lo and behold, there was nary a crack, nor a scratch - the dome firm and resolute against all attack... protecting the parrot, and the Princes within!

Unperturbed and unwavering, the Royal Couple continued to suckle... taking the throbbing Royal Phallus deeper down their gullet - from twitching tip to thick base. Fingers of both hands caressing and cajoling the saliva drenched column... fondling and titillating the silken scrotum as they coaxed the Royal Pair.

Exploratory digits creeping along the smooth stretch of flesh below the sac as it led its way invitingly to that Ultimate Treasure hidden within the folds of the Royal Buttocks - a Treasure that both Prince knew they'd claim once their present duties had been performed!

Stifled cries of agonised ecstasy filled the crystal dome as it bubbled forth from between their stretched lips - the moist heat, the swirling tongue, the stifling clutch of the constricted throat; those mercilessly persuasive fingers - all so new to them, so incredibly impossible to bear - was driving them insane, making their hips strut and tremble... sway and lurch with maddening urgency...

They gasped and they groaned, barely able to control much longer (not that it was in their control), writhing and moaning as they hurtled closer and closer to the edge of conflagration... their supple, young body twisting and turning in the throes of their fast approaching first orgasm...

And suddenly they were shuddering... heaving and bucking, both pelvis quivering spasmodically... those lithe forms arching back as with a blinding flash the two Prince, simultaneously, exploded!

The world swirled with an impossible range of brilliant colours as their vestal teen seed bubbled and rose from the Royal Orchises before gushing forth with a mind-numbing intensity... flooding the Royal Gullet, and filling the Regal Belly with its assuasive warmth. Imparting its magical powers to the Princely Drinkers...

And as the sunlight of the new day finally lightened the expansive sky, with a gut-wrenching shudder the young Princes spurted their final volley... the Royal Liquid joyously gulped down by the other.

"NO... NO... NOOOOOOO!" wailed Satana, as Barolokkur threw himself down upon the ground, banging his head in despair - for them it was the end, all was lost!

The Princes finally rose - Majestic. Radiant in their new Adulthood, resplendent in their newly acquired Powers. Glowing with an ethereal luminescence in their magnificent nakedness!

And though their Royal Orchises had been emptied, utterly depleted, their Imperial Sceptre remained tall - head held high in Majestic Splendour - still rigid, still flexing; the saliva drenched shafts lustrous like the raised Rod of Justice in the hands of the Supreme Judge!

They embraced, kissing those swollen, puffed lips with gentle passion, their hands lovingly fondling the Royal Tush... patting the gloriously rounded pair with the unspoken promise of returning soon, of making it their own... Possess it for all eternity!

But now, there was work to do, important work!

And as they released each other and looked at the groaning Satana, they suddenly seemed to know every chant and every spell, every charm and every incantation... appropriate for every occasion. Every remedy and every antidote, every counter for every rider... and every answer to each conundrum!

They briefly looked at one another and smiled, before Kandarpa reached forward and picked up the cage... opening the door.

Satana and Barolokkur could simply watch, slack-jawed and frozen with terror... Watch as the Prince took out the squawking parrot.

"Come Prince," smiled Kandarpa holding the parrot towards Jyotindro, "make your great-grandfather proud, and fulfil your obligation towards your destroyed kingdom and people; your brave parents!"

Jyotindro nodded as he took the struggling parrot from Kandarpa, "There is no joy for me in either violence or vengeance," he said softly, "but evil needs to be destroyed when it threatens the balance of God's Universe, and the powers bestowed upon us for that reason must be exercised."

Kandarpa smiled, "Not by conflagration, neither by submersion..."

"And surely not by suffocation," smiled Jyotindro in reply.

"Neither by cutting, nor by piercing..." laughed Kandarpa.

"Then, drawn apart!" exclaimed Jyotindro as both Prince smiled.

"NO - NO!" screamed Satana in terror.

"The blood neither touching, nor touched by anything born of earth..." Kandarpa said.

"For every drop will unleash a fresh batch of those vile goblins..."

"Increasing the powers of the evil ogre..." added Kandarpa, grinning widely now.

"So..." Jyotindro smiled as he raised his right hand, the fingers dancing in the morning air...

And as Satana, Barolokkur and the screeching horde looked on, a shimmering shower of fine celestial dust, which floats over the upper atmosphere of the earth, drizzled down from the sky... slowly spreading out and forming a fine layer in front of the Suvarna Prince... suspended above the marble floor of the tower.

Lifting the parrot over the floating celestial sheet, Jyotindro smiled, "Now we are ready, my dear Prince..."

"NOOOOOOO..." wailed Satana, suddenly waking up, pleading, "please, spare me... spare me!"

Slowly gripping the right leg of the parrot, Jyotindro ripped it off with a powerful tug... the gushing blood from the torn limb splashing upon the sheet of supernal dust, touching neither ground, nor anything born of the earth's womb!

The parrot gave a piercing cry and instantly a thousand screeches rent the air as the right leg of Satana, Barolokkur and each of the ghoul and goblin fell off.

They hopped around on one leg, screaming and crying... some threatening, while others pleaded - imploring the Prince to stop... spare them!

Jyotindro grabbed the bird's left crus and twisting it ripped it off...

With howls of pain and horror the evil duo, along with their murderous minions, tumbled down upon the ground... writhing and groaning in agony.

"Come Prince," smiled Jyotindro, offering the fiercely struggling parrot to Kandarpa, "help me with the destruction of Evil!"

Kandarpa nodded as he took the proffered bird, quickly grabbing the right wing and without much ado, ripping it off.

A terrible howl went up as the right arm of each of those abominable blood-suckers detached itself from the torso and fell away.

He repeated the same act with the left wing, and soon a thousand limbless torsos were rolling all over the Castle grounds and tower terrace... shrieking in pain and terror.

"Now, you do the final justice," said Kandarpa, handing the limbless parrot back to Jyotindro.

The time was ripe for the final act, and without much ado Jyotindro grabbed the squawking head and with a single, powerful twist, tugged it off!

With a horrendous screak the head of the evil duo, and their minions, fell off...

The parrot's body twitched and jerked as its life force slowly seeped out - Satana's body thrashing around, shuddering spasmodically in death's throe. Barolokkur and the evil horde writhing all over the expansive castle grounds... twisting and turning... as the limbless and decapitated bodies gave its dying jerk.

Giving one final, violent spasm, the parrot lay still - dead... and at that very instant, the life breathe was snuffed out of every single of those evil creature... Satana and Barolokkur too perishing!

The morning sun blazed with a new effulgence, showering the palace complex with its radiance... the castle grounds suddenly resonating with the euphoric songs of a thousand birds...

The crystal dome, which had been created to protect the parrot, and had remained shielding it from all assault... now shimmered and then slowly melted away.

At that moment, Prabhanjan, the fallen Yaksha who had been hiding behind the dense foliage along the terrace edge and watching the unfolding events, jumped out and charged at the two Princes, growling with fury...

to be continued...

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Copyright © Author, Nov, 2011

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