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~ Glossary ~

Aadityanarayan : Aaditya - Sun; 'Narayan' (a name in its own right) appended at the end of names as an appellation

Adhivasan : Over Garment - a fine muslin or silk, often richly worked piece of cloth for wrapping around the upper body much like a stole or shawl

Adripati : Master of the Mountains - an appellation or Title of Honour

Agnimitr : Friend of the Fire

Atka : A long, flowing, yet form-fitting robe of fine muslin or silk, usually bright coloured and richly embroidered with gold/silver thread, set with precious gemstones and pearls

Barolokkur : A derivation from the Old Norse varš-lokkur - "caller of spirits"

Devnagar : City of God

Dhauti : Dhoti; Lower garment - an unstitched rectangular piece of plain or patterned cloth of cotton, muslin or silk, around five metres long; wrapped around the waist and knotted in the middle, with either side then pleated and tucked, front and back

Giri : Mountain - Girikshetra & Girindranagara are derived from it, meaning 'Land of the Mountains' and 'City of the Lord of Mountains'

Jyotindronarayan : Jyotindro - Lord of Light, plus Narayan

Kandarpavarman : Kandarpa - Lord of Love; Varman (usually) a royal appellation suffixed at the end of the name

Keertivarman : Keerti - Fame; plus Varman

Kinnara : An ancient hill tribe of fierce warriors and expert horsemen. (Kinnaras are sometimes mentioned as half-man and half-horse)

Kovidhacharya : Kovidh - Wise; Acharya - Learned teacher/guru

Kuber : King of the Yakshas; Keeper and Guardian of wealth

Maharaj (Maharaja) : Great king; King of a large, powerful nation

Maharani : Chief Queen

Mashaal : A flaming torch, a flambeau

Mayurendra : Lord of Peacocks - exceedingly handsome

Naga : One of the ancient-most hill tribe of India, ranging all across the Hindu Kush and Himalaya mountains

Pankha (Punkha) : Fan; a large, hand-pulled fan consisting of a frame covered with cloth/canvas and suspended from the ceiling

Paratpara : Greatest of the Greats

Parighosh : A loud sound

Plesh : A sound like water splashing
  [This IS a regular English word]

Poorvendra : Lord of the East - an appellation

Prabhanjan : Dust Storm

Rajguru : Royal Priest

Satana : (obviously) derived from Satan

Saumyakoshin : Saumya - Handsome; Koshin - A delicate bud

Savitashri : Lustre of the Sun

Shatrunjay : Vanquisher of enemy

Shoorasen : Brave

Slish : Cut with sweeping strokes (corruption of slash)
  [This IS a regular English word]

Suvarnabhumi : Land of golden hue; Land of gold

Upavasan : Upper Garment - a plain or worked piece of large cloth used for covering the upper body

Vishnusharman : Vishnu - Protector, Annihilator of evil; Sharman - Learned pundit or priest, title of a scholar

Yaksha : (Probably another ancient hill tribe); Class of nature-spirits usually associated with the subterranean regions, woods, and water-bodies; they are the guardians of natural and hidden treasures of the earth. The males are portly and dwarf-like, while the females are extremely beautiful, wide-hipped and full-breasted. Though mostly benign, they can also be terribly malevolent

Yuvraj (Yuvaraj) : Royal Prince, officially designated as the Crown Prince





Appellations or titles of respect/honour added after the name

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