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DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Linda looked at the card and was surprised when she read it - Bryce Cummings - her brother. She was contemplating whether to tell the parents before her about her brother. Linda wanted to clear the way to talk with her brother about Drew and what happened.

"I should tell you that this person is my brother." she told them. "I am quite sure he will be able to help."

She told Doris and Barry about Bryce. She knew he was gay at a young age and he was not ashamed of it. Their parents were not happy about it, but they loved their children. When Bryce was 16, he was talking with some friends when six boys on the football team pulled up and grabbed him. They threw him in the truck they were in and drove to outside of the town, where they proceeded to beat him severely, then forced him to take their dicks in his mouth or masturbated on him. They left him on the ground covered in their semen, trying to get up. Bryce was able to make it to the road before he passed out. A car stopped and took him to the hospital, where his parents were called. When they police arrived, their attitude was one of unfeeling and loathing. Even though Bryce's friends stated the boys did abduct the teen, the six were never prosecuted. They did harass Bruce until he was pushed to the point of committing suicide. Bryce's parents finally suggested counseling for him and after a few years, Bryce was able to cope with his life, even though he did not forgive nor forgot what happened. He did sue the families of the boys and won settlements to allow him to go to college and live comfortably. Bryce decided to get his degree as a counselor and allow him to help people to overcome being harassed for being different, especially being gay.

"Hi, I'm Bryce Cummings." he said. "I'm Linda Morgan's brother. Ya' know, the therapist."


"Hi." Barry said. "It's okay Drew. He's here to help."

Drew relaxed a little but was very wary of any new person that entered his life. Bryce took a chair from Drew's desk, placed it in front of the boys, and sat down. He took a pad from his pocket, then a pen.

"So you're Drew." he said gently. "That must make you Michael."

He shook hands with the boys and began to scribble on the pad on his lap.

"So what I'm going to do today is just get the basic information." Bryce said. "That way we can develop a way for you to cope."

"Cope?" Drew said incredulously. "Don't you mean forget?"

"You will never forget." the therapist replied. "It will be a part of you for life. What you need to understand is do you want to be able to handle this or let it eat away at you."

The two boys looked at each other. They wanted to forget the rape - to completely wipe it away.

"You are going to need your friends and family in this." Bryce said. "They will help you cope. But more important, you will need each other."

"How would you know what we're going through?" the small teen asked.

Bryce explained why he was the one chosen. He told the boys of when he was 16 and about his attack.


(This part will be from Bryce's point of view.)

It started when I was 16. I had began walking home from school. I was gay and I knew it for a long time. My family supported me so I felt good about myself. Though I never advertised I was gay, some people knew and I thought people were fine with me. But that all changed on Wednesday afternoon. When I was just a few blocks from school, a red pickup pulled up beside me. Two guys jumped out of the truck bed and grabbed me. They threw me in the back and got back in. The truck pulled away and I was able to get a good look at them. They were all members of the football team. Billy Sharpe, a senior, leaned into my face.

"We're gonna give you want you want faggot." snarled the teen.

I also recognized Mark Berkley, Steve Cowler, and Vince Profitt. These were stars on the football team and I worried what was going to happen. They drove deep into some woods and then the truck stopped. The four in the truck bed pulled me out and the two in the cab got out. I saw it was Robbie McCullum and Arthur Petersen. They threw me to the ground and gathered around. Now as I said, I am gay, but at 16 in a small town, I was a virgin. Mark yanked me up and Robbie landed a punch to my jaw. My head snapped and I felt blood fill my mouth. My jaw popped and I slumped, but was still being held up. I felt another fist to my stomach and the air escaped my body. Another punch to my face and my nose was bleeding. The onslaught continued and I could not see. My body was sore all over and there was blood flowing from my mouth and nose. My eyes were swollen shut, which for what was about to happen, was a blessing. One of the boys grabbed my head and spoke. I recognized it as Robbie's.

"Open that faggot mouth." he ordered.

I refused and a punch landed on my jaw. I tried to cry out in pain but only was able to let out a groan. I then felt a hand pry my mouth open. The pain was intense and the tears flowed from my eyes. I then felt a huge object stuffed into my mouth and I could feel the pliability of the object and knew it had to be a dick. I felt two hands on my head as they forced my on and off the dick and I felt it go further into my throat until I was gagging. I thought I would choke to death until the hands pulled me off. I was orally raped hard and long. After several minutes, the penis swelled in my mouth and the penis exploded with its semen. I choked on the fluid and it was spilling out of my mouth.

"Swallow it fag." Robbie commanded. "Drink all my jizz you shit."

I swallowed as much as I could of the bitter liquid. After he finished, another penis was shoved into my mouth. Thought it was not as long, it was wider. This person slammed hard into my mouth and I began to cry.

"Look at the pussyboy cry." Arthur said.

The one who abused my mouth did not last long. His semen shot quickly into my mouth. When this person finished, another took his place. I was orally raped by all six and forced to swallow their loads. After the last one finished, I was pushed to the ground and they kicked me all over. I felt my ribs break and I could not breath properly. Then I heard their zippers again and I heard skin-on-skin movement. After several minutes, I felt, then smelled the semen on my face, arms, and clothes. They then urinated all over me to complete the humiliation. I wanted to die at that moment. Robbie then leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"You're ours now bitch." he said with hatred in his voice. "You're our slut."

The six left me laughing all way to the truck. I dared not move, but with the blood, semen, and urine on my body, I was getting cold. I began to feel my way in the woods, going the same way they went. I did hear the truck leave, so I followed the ground to the noise. I was getting cut and scraped by pine cones, needles, rocks, and other things I could only feel. I finally got to the road and collapsed. My face hit the pavement which caused me more pain and I could not cry out. I heard a truck and I tried to raise up, but was in tremendous pain. I was lucky because the driver saw me and stopped. He asked what happened, but all I could do was whimper. He gently raised me in his arms, which I felt muscular. He did not seem to mind the smell the emanated from my body. He took me to the hospital emergency room. When they asked my name, I tried to reach my back pocket but could not. They got my wallet and called my parents and told them what happened. They arrived to the hospital and they were led to where I was. My mother cried and my father tried to remain calm. The doctors were given permission to treat me. While this was going on, the police were called and they finally arrived. I was given a sedative and fell asleep. I dreamt of the attack over and over, but I could not wake up. After what seemed to be an eternity, my eyes opened very slightly and I heard voices around me, which included my parents and one doctor that I remembered. I tried to open my mouth, but my jaw would not comply. I let out a moan and heads turned to me. I heard my mother's voice.

"Bryce." she said. "What happened?"

Though my jaw would not move I tried to tell them what happened. I heard the doctor say to let me go slow since my jaw was wired shut. I began to cry, but an officer asked what happened. I went in detail of what happened and who did this to me. It was slow and laborious, but I finally finished.

"Well it looks like he got what he deserves." one cop said. "No way we'll get a conviction."

My father went ballistic and he ordered the cop from the room. My mother cried over my bed. The doctor told the police to leave. I then heard a voice that was faintly familiar.

"How is he?" the voice asked. "Will he live?"

"Who the hell are you?" my father asked in a demanding voice.

"I was the driver who found him on the road." the man said. "I rushed him here."

"I'm sorry." Dad said. "You must understand how we feel."

My mother kissed the man's cheek and my father shook his hand. Though I could not see him clearly, I saw he was a large man and I thought I saw a beard and mustache. I tried to say thank you, but all was heard was tank oo. I heard him say his name was Hank Wilkerson and he was ready to leave. My parents got his phone number and offered him dinner at any time. He thanked them and left. The days went by and my eyes finally opened clearly. My dad had taken polaroids of my face, chest, arms, and legs. The police were of no help and the district attorney's office was not much better. They said they would not prosecute the boys because they knew there would be no conviction. I was released from the hospital after ten days and went home. The doctor said my mouth would be wired shut for 2 to 3 months, so my diet was completely liquid.

I finally went back to school after a month and life in hell began that day. The six who attacked me knew they got away with their deed, so they continued to physically abuse me. The teachers and administration did nothing so I had to put up with the torment. They spray painted FAG on my locker. My so called friends shunned me so I was totally alone. The only support I had was my family and Hank, who called weekly to see how I was doing.

I finally had it. I also could not deal with the stares, harassment, abuse, and just plain loneliness. Someone had gotten into my locker and dumped urine and fecal matter on my books and personal stuff. I was given a prescription for sleeping pills since I could not sleep properly. I was still having the dreams of the attack. I had accumulated the pills and stored them in my closet. I waited until my mouth was healed and it was then I skipped school. I left the house, but waited until my parents left. As I hid out, I had written three notes: to my parents, my sister, and to Hank. This kind man became a friend to me and my family. After my parents left, I went in the house, then to my room. I stripped to the day I was born, reclined on my bed, and swallowed almost twenty pills. I washed them down with water. I felt a little light-headed almost immediately. In a matter of minutes I began to fall asleep. Before I lost total consciousness, I heard the door slam, then a piercing scream. The next thing I realized was that I was in a hospital room, but I could not move. My parents and sister were by my bed crying. My mouth felt like a bale of cotton and I tried to speak.

"Why Bryce?" my mom cried. "Why?"

I explained what was going on and what my life had been like since I had been back to school. My dad became livid and called a friend who was an attorney. All my dad said was do it. We all looked at him and he just looked at us.

"We're going to sue these boys' families and the school." he said.

I was told I had to go into therapy and I just said I wanted to die. The door burst open and Hand walked in. My sister handed him the note I wrote him and he read it. Tears filled his eyes and then he looked at my family.

"Please leave us alone." he said.

They looked at him curiously and left the room. As the door closed, he turned back to me and held my hand. Now Hank was a large man. He stood 6'6" and weighed easily 350 pounds but it was solid muscle. He was 30 when he entered my life with red hair, blue eyes, and had a beard and mustache. He raised his head and glared at me.

"Don't you even think of leaving me." he said gruffly.

This sent my mind reeling. Why would a grown man love a teenager. I became afraid because I thought he would attack me. Before I could utter a sound, a large hand came down on my mouth.

"I would never hurt you." Hank said. "And we will not do anything until you're ready. And if you don't love me, I'll understand. I still will be your friend."

My mind actually released my true feelings. Since the attack, my only pleasant thoughts were of me being held and kissed by Hank. I could even feel his facial hair tickle me in my dreams and fantasies. I would get hard thinking of that. I just thought it was because he was the one who saved me, but now it could be because he did love me. When removed his hand, I asked him to lower his head. When his face got into range, I leaned in and kissed him. I told him that I probably love him and I would need to sort my feelings out.

"Now Bryce," he said. "I think revenge is in order."

He left it at that and left. As he left, my family came back in and asked what happened. I just said Hank wanted me to live for specific reasons. My dad faced me and looked deep in my eyes.

"Is he in love with you?" he asked with grave concern.

I nodded yes and said I was in love with him also. My parents were aghast and were ready to call the police. I said that he would not do anything to me unless I was ready and he would be my friend no matter what.

"Are you sure about this?" Mom asked.

I told her yes and I would not do anything until I felt ready. Linda just held my hand and looked at me.

"If you ever do this again twerp." she said. "I'll kill you myself."

It was at that point two realizations came to mind. First it was Linda who found me. When she did not see me at school, she came home to see if I was sick. She saw me, then called for an ambulance, then my parents. She actually dressed me so they would not find my nude body. Second, I wanted to live because the people who cared about me the most wanted me to live. I agreed to therapy and by the next day, the doctor removed the restraints.

The six families and the school district were all served with lawsuits to the amount in excess of $50 million. They began to scramble for attorneys. Also the six assailants were mysteriously showing up at the hospital with severe injuries. Billy Sharpe, the starting quarterback, arrived with black eyes and three broken bones in his throwing arm. Mark Berkley, a running back, had his left leg crushed. Steve Cowler, a tight end, showed up with a broken arm and leg. Vince Profitt, the place kicker, had a broken ankle and patella. Arthur Petersen, who was a safety, came to the hospital with both legs broken. Robbie McCullum, actually received the worse damage. When they found him, his legs and arms were broken, his neck snapped, his face was turned to a bloody pulp, and his groin area was severely bruised. There was a lot of internal bleeding and he was lucky to live. He would never walk again and he was sterile from the damage to his groin area. None of the six saw their attacker(s). They were taken in the dark and taken to the same woods where I was humiliated. They were told to leave weak, defenseless kids alone. When I saw Hank after the attacks, he told me he loved me and he said I should be alright at school.

The lawsuits were settled for $2.5 million and my parents put the money in a trust fund for me. I did tell them to put half away for my sister. My therapy, though, was an arduous process. I had to learn to tame my demons, namely the attack. My therapist, a woman named Joyce Ferrell, worked with me to make me see I can control my life. But even today, I still get a dream of the attack. I wake up and see my love who will protect me.


As Bryce finished his history, the boys were in tears, along with Barry. Bryce looked at the three and grabbed Drew and Michael's hands. He just held their hands until they calmed down. Michael was the first to speak.


NOTE: I hope that you like this chapter. This allows us to see why Bryce Cummings was the perfect person to help our two main characters. I know there is lots of violence, but when the one you love is hurt, you want to see the person(s) who did it made to suffer also. I do appreciate the latest emails that I have received from people about the story. Even when I have made some slips in the story, they were constructive so as to make the story better for all. Now the bad news. This will be the last chapter posted for a few weeks while I go on vacation. I will be working on the story when I unwind from my day's activities. I hope to post other chapters almost immediately after I get back. If you have any comments, please email me at Also please put the story in the subject line and please tell me where you are from so I can add you to the readers' list. I will be going to the new Native American Museum at the Smithsonian. If you would like me to sent pictures, please tell me in your email.

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