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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

As Bryce finished his history, the boys were in tears, along with Barry. Bryce looked at the three and grabbed Drew and Michael's hands. He just held their hands until they calmed down. Michael was the first to speak.


"What happened to Hank?" he asked.

"Who do you think I see when I'm frightened." Bryce answered. "He and I have been together as a couple for fifteen years now."

"And what happened with the lawsuit?" Drew asked.

"I got $1.5 million." the therapist replied. "I used the money to go to college and become a therapist. Like I said, you never forget, but you can learn to cope."

"Bryce, what can we do to help the boys?" Barry asked.

"Just be there for them." Bryce replied. "They will need it because they will blame everyone except the ones who are responsible. And they are the ones who will overcome the pain. And you two will be mad at each other. That's when you hang onto each other and yourselves the most."

"Should they go back to school?" Michael's dad asked.

"Not for a couple of weeks." Bryce said. "But their friends should come over for support."

"NO!!" Drew cried out. "They'll make fun of us."

"Not if they're your friends." Bryce said. "Those who love and care about you will not make fun of you, but support you."

The boys sat in silence and wondered what would happen with their little clique. Michael knew that Drew hated pity and that the kids would pity him. As they contemplated about their friends, Bryce motioned for Barry to come out of the room. As they closed the door, Bryce turned to Barry.

"Let me be in the room with them alone." the therapist said. "I need to get their trust so they can talk freely."

Barry agreed reluctantly and he went to the living room. Bryce re-entered the room and the boys were looking at him with puzzled looks. Bryce sat back in the chair he was in. He looked deep into Drew's eyes and saw the pain. He then turned to Michael and saw pain, but a different one.

"Michael, you feel guilty." Bryce said. "Guilty that Drew was hurt and you could not do anything to prevent it or stop it."

"Yeah." the teen replied meekly. "It was my idea that we go to the beach. And I love Drew too much. Why did I do that?" Why did I put us in danger?"

"You're a teenager." the therapist replied. "You are a boy who wanted to try the forbidden fruit. And Drew could have refused to go , but he didn't."

The diminutive boy nodded in agreement. He thought that the therapist was blaming them for the attack. Before Drew could respond, Bryce continued.

"Just so you know, neither of you to blame for the attack." he said. "It's five sadistic animals who need to be caged. But you must get over the guilt. You're normal teenage boys who wanted to try something forbidden. Let me ask, have you have sex yet?"

Both boys blushed and tried not to meet the man's eyes. They did not want to explain what they have done in bed.

"Guys, all males want sex all the time." Bryce said. "It's only right when you feel it's right for you. Whether you're straight or gay, when you do have sex, consensual, you must feel right about it."

"We have made love." Drew said defensively. "And we wanted it."

"I know." Bryce said. "I talked with your parents before coming over so I know that you are in love and that you have had sex. I know that sounds blunt, but you take care of not trying to hurt each other, until today.

"Why did I do that?" Drew asked with a quiver in his voice.

"Revenge." the man told him. "Against the men specifically, but I sense some anger to Michael."

Drew did not want to admit that. He loved Michael, but if they had not been to the beach he would not have been raped. But he knew he was strong enough not to go. Bryce motioned to Michael to grab a pillow, which the teen handed to the therapist.

"Drew, hit this pillow as hard as you can if you're really mad at Michael." Bryce said.

Drew hit the pillow with some force, but not too hard.

"Now hit, this pillow if you're really mad at yourself." the therapist ordered.

The small teen hit pillow harder, but not enough to damage the object of the fury.

"Now, hit it with force if you're mad at your attackers." Bryce said.

Before Michael or Bryce realized it, the diminutive teen leaped at the pillow and attacked it with a great ferocity. Drew hit and tore the pillow and he was using profanity like a drunken sailor.

"You goddamned, motherfuckin' shit-assed, pussy bitches." he cried out.

Michael wanted to stop his love, but Bryce held up his hand. He wanted Drew to let out all his emotions so they could move forward. The three parents had run up the stairs and stood in the doorway. Barry was ready to enter, but Bryce shook his head no. The boy was yelling and screaming, as his hands and feet worked on the pillow. After an hour, Drew began to calm down. Sweat poured off his body and his face was red. His breath was labored and he collapsed. The pillow was shredded with cloth and foam all over. No one knew what to do, except for Bryce. He tapped Michael's arm and motioned to Drew with his head. Michael touched Drew's arm and the small teen with a giant spirit looked at him. Drew grabbed Michael and hugged him with all his might. Michael sat on the floor and Drew wrapped his body around Michael's. They cried and their parents came into comfort their boys. Bryce leaned back in the chair and let out a loud sigh of relief. After several minutes, the boys seemed to calm down and Drew looked up.

"Thank you." he said to Bryce. "But do you ever forgive?"

"Depends upon the person." the therapist said. "As for me, no way. I could never forgive the six people who change3d my life. I actually ran into one a couple of years back. He even apologized and I told him to fuck off. Now we can get to work."

Bryce rose and Barry showed him to the front door. Penny had stayed in the living room with a scared look on his face. Bryce saw her and went to the couch.

"Hi." he said. "What's your name?"

"Penny." she said looking at Barry.

"Penny, my name is Bryce." he told her. "I'm here to help Michael and Drew. They need everyone's help. Can you be a big girl and help them?"

"H-H-How?" she asked.

"Don't be afraid when Drew or Michael get mad with no reason." Bryce said. "They are not mad at you, but at the people who hurt them. If they hug you all of a sudden, just hug them back. Can you do this?"

Penny nodded and felt important. She felt that she would help her brother and Drew over the mean people.

"Good." Bryce said. "And if you need to talk to someone, you can talk to me."

Bryce shook her hand and she hugged him. He got up and Barry opened the door. They shook hands and Bryce looked at Barry's face.

"We got through one part." he said. "But we still have a long way to go. I've talked with Linda and she said she would arrange home-schooling for at least a month. They could not handle a crowd at this time."

"That will be fine." Barry replied as he walked Bryce to his car. "I have to ask. Who took care of the six that attacked you?"

"Hank." Bryce said. "He told me after three years we had been together. Although his friends did most of the damage, he said that Robbie was one he did on his own. His main reason he gave was his love for me and he could not see people like that roaming the streets. He is a gentle man, but gets angry with intolerance."

"I would like to meet this man." Barry said. "I want the boys to meet him also."

"I'm quite sure he would like to meet them." Bryce said. "Linda told us about Drew before this and how tough the kid is, but I sense his height will play a part in his recovery."

"I'll have Doris tell you more about Drew." Barry told him.

"Thanks, Mr. Green." Bryce said. "I'll be by tomorrow."

"Okay." Barry said. "And it's Barry."

Bryce got in his car and he drove off. Barry went into the house and he found the boys in the living room with Doris, Linda, and Penny. As he sat down, the mood seemed lighter than it had been.

"Bryce, has suggested the boys be home-schooled." he told the women. "His suggested at least a month."

"Who will be here to teach them?" Doris asked.

"Bryce said his sister has made arrangements." Barry replied.

"Well that should be alright." Doris said. "But that means you will keep your grades up. No excuses."

The boys agreed with slight grins on their faces. As they ordered pizza for dinner, the six ate with a regenerated energies they realized they could succeed.

The boys went to bed together and just held each other. They did not remove their clothes as Drew was tired. They seemed content now, but Drew had another dream about the monsters. When he woke up, Michael was there soothing him and kissing his forehead.

"Michael." the small teen said. "Do you think Bryce is right? I won't stop having these dreams?"

"I don't know baby." Michael's replied. "But no matter what, I will be there for you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." Drew said. "Just hold me."

They wrapped themselves in love and went back to sleep. Drew had a dream about a giant who peered down at him and picked him up. Drew strangely felt save with the giant and he got a good look at the face. It looked like Michael, but somewhat not like his love. The giant reclined on his bed and placed the diminutive boy on his chest.

"Have no fear little one." the giant said. "I will protect you forever."

Drew slept peacefully and awoke to Doris as she shook the boys. They both opened their eyes and stared at her.

"Time to get up you two." she said with a forced smile. "You need to get ready for bed. You two have been asleep for two hours now."

"Thanks Mom." Drew said. "By the way, I love you."

Doris kissed her son's cheek and gave one to Michael also, since he was like a son to her. She was happy that Drew found love, but would have loved to have grandchildren. But the most important thing to her was Drew's happiness. The boys jumped out of bed, but were hard. Doris felt a little embarrassed, but said nothing. The teens went to the bathroom and urinated in the toilet. As kids, they decided to play by piss fighting and splashed each other and laughed. It seemed as if nothing was wrong. Drew filled the tub and got in.

"Okay, your turn." he said to Michael.

"I can't." the larger boy said. "The stitches can't get wet."

"So you're gonna stick?" Drew said as he made a face.

"Nope." Michael said. "You're gonna sponge bathe me."

The boys smiled as Drew was ready to wash himself, but stopped with a mischievous look on his face.

"Well if I have to bathe you." he said. "You have to wash me."

Michael took the washcloth and soap in his hands. He lathered the rag, then slowly and methodically washed every part of Drew. He started with his chest and flicked his nips. He washed the small arms and pits and curled the hairs Drew had developed. Michael washed the preteen's back slowly and caressed the spine to the to the small of the back. He stopped as he reached Drew's buttocks and looked at his eyes. Drew closed his eyes and nodded. Michael gently washed the cheeks and around the crack. Michael hesitantly spread the cheeks apart and wiped the hole. He saw how red and open the hole was, even after a week. He dropped the cloth and soap, then cried. Drew stroked his head and lifted Michael's chin.

"It's okay sweetie." he said. "It's not your fault. It's those bastards."

He leaned to kiss Michael's lips and the taller boy held him tight. They were together and Michael did not care if his bandages were wet, he did not want to let go.

"Now you need to finish." Drew said.

Michael took the cloth in his hand and slowly and carefully cleared Drew's hole. He wiggled his finger and Drew seemed to purr. When Michael's digit hit the prostate of his lover, Drew's dick sprouted to its full 7". After he made sure Drew was clean in the rear, he worked his way to the front. Drew's rod slapped his cheek and the smaller teen smiled.

"You caused this." he said. "You need to take care of this."

Michael was hesitant since the incident from earlier. Drew stroked his cheek reassuringly. Michael opened his mouth and he swallowed Drew's pole. He masterfully moved on and off the hard cock. Drew seemed so content as he let Michael do all the week. Drew could not last long since he had not cum since the attack. He felt the warm, loving mouth pulling his life from his ball sac. The familiar feeling from the pit of his stomach rose and the first blast released into Michael's mouth. The taller teen took every shot of protein and swallowed most. When Drew was finished, Michael set him back in the tub. He leaned in and released some of Drew's cum back into the smaller boy's mouth. They kissed and Michael finished Drew's bath as he ended with the wonderful dick. Drew climbed out of the bath and Michael dried him with a large, fluffy towel. Even though he felt some pain of what happened, he felt save in his lover's arms.

After Drew was dry, he gave Michael a tender sponge bath, as he carefully washed every spot of Michael's body. He made sure that he avoided the ribcage and was very adept in cleaning the pubic region of his love. Michael sprung instant wood as his 5.5" stuck straight up. After Drew dried Michael off, he decided it was time for the protein juice only his love's body could give. Like Drew, Michael had not released since the incident, so when the small teen engulfed his rod, Michael almost shot at the moment. Drew slowly moved up and down on the taller preteen's cock, which caused Michael to breath heavily. There was some pain, but Michael ignored it since the pleasure Drew was giving him was intense. He felt the juices rise from his balls and he warned Drew.

"I-I-I'm cumming." he uttered.

Drew clamped his lips on the dick and pulled the love fluid from Michael's being. Seven sharp blasts filled Drew's mouth and the diminutive teen swallowed every bit. As the taller boy's rod softened, Drew let it slip from his mouth. He slowly climbed on Michael and kissed him with the remnants of Michael's juices still in his mouth. The kissed slowly and lovingly. Their parents looked in on them and there were smiles on their faces. The boys fell asleep and held onto each other.

As they slept, Michael had the dream that he was attacked, but could not see the attackers. His arms were thrashed wildly in his dream. His arms were moving on the bed and it nudged Drew. The small preteen woke up and stroked the forehead of the boy next to him.

"Shhhh." Drew said quietly. "Hey baby. Wake up."

Michael's eyes fluttered open and saw Drew looking at him as from an angel above. The small hand smoothed the hair on his head and all he heard was a soothing voice, but could not make out the words. When Michael finally became aware of his surroundings, he saw Drew smile at him. He pulled the smaller boy to him and kissed him lightly all over his face.

"I guess Bryce is right." Drew said. "We need each other more than ever."

Michael nodded in agreement. They fell asleep and passed the rest of the night quietly.


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