BY: 70's CHILD

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Michael's eyes fluttered open and saw Drew looking at him as from an angel above. The small hand smoothed the hair on his head and all he heard was a soothing voice, but could not make out the words. When Michael finally became aware of his surroundings, he saw Drew smile at him. He pulled the smaller boy to him and kissed him lightly all over his face.

"I guess Bryce is right." Drew said. "We need each other more than ever."

Michael nodded in agreement. They fell asleep and passed the rest of the night quietly.


As the sun rose, the boys opened their eyes and just smiled at each other. A knock came at the door and they looked at it. Doris Morgan came in and smiled at the boys.

"So how are you two this morning?" she asked.

"Okay." Drew responded. "Bryce coming over this morning?"

"He said he will be here about 9:00 am." Doris said "And your home-school teacher will be here at the same time. You two have an hour to get ready."

"Yes Mom." the small preteen said.

She went and kissed each boy on their cheeks and left for work. The two boys washed themselves and dressed quickly. They got some breakfast of cereal and orange juice. They went into the living room and watched MTV until the doorbell rang. Drew answered it and saw a mountain of a man standing before him.

"Hi." he said. "I'm Hank Gibson. You must be Drew."

The small boy extended his hand tentatively and it was swallowed by the huge hand. The gentleness of the man amazed Drew, who showed the man through the door. Bryce was right behind Hank and he smiled at the preteen's wide-eyed look.

"You're right babe." the giant of a man said. "He does look like a doll."

Drew blushed a deep crimson and he showed the men to the living room. Michael rose when he saw Bryce come in, but stood in awe of Hank's stature. A squeak of oh my God! was heard from his voice.

"Let's have a seat." Bryce said. "First will have our session, then school. Hank will stay while we talk. Is that okay?"

The boys nodded their heads. They sat on the sofa while Hank sat in an easy chair. Bryce took a chair from the dining table and he sat next to Hank. A few minutes of awkward silence ran through the room, but Bryce began to speak.

"So how did you sleep?" he asked.

The boys looked at each other with slight grins and Drew tried to be smart.

"Mostly in each others arms." he said with a wry grin on his face.

"Hmmm." the therapist said. "Being a smartass. According to Linda, that's your normal personality. Any bad dreams?"

"Yeah." Michael said. "I had one of people attacking me. Thank God Drew was there. Does it get any better?"

"Truthfully." Bryce said. "No. They become less frequent, but you never get rid of them. We can't count how many time I woke up being cradled by this wonderful man. Like I said, you two will need each other more than ever."

"Bryce, is it normal to want to hurt these guys?" Drew asked. "I don't mean just hit them, but torture them."

"After what you went through, it would not be normal not to think that." Bryce replied. "But to actually do it as opposed to just think or dream about it makes us strong. Just turn that anger into something positive, i.e. writing, art."

"Hank can I ask you something?" Michael asked.

"As long as it's not too personal." he replied.

"Did you get the guys who attacked Bryce?" the tall preteen asked.

The big man looked at Bryce and then the boys. He did not know how to answer the question.

"Don't worry." Drew said. "We won't tell."

"Yes and no." Hank responded. "I did get the main instigator. I had some friends take care of the others."

"Thanks for being honest." Drew said. "Bryce told us how much you love him. If I could do that for what they did the Michael, I would."

"Don't think about revenge." Bryce said. "You're going to get it in court. And child molesters are deemed as scum in prison, so they will get theirs. I know you would like to hurt them as they hurt you, but at least your revenge will be fulfilled. Hank, will you get that item out of the Blazer."

Hank got up and went to the vehicle. As he came in, he produced a punching Bozo the Clown. The boys looked at each other, then the two men with a strange look.

"What's this for?" Michael asked incredulously.

"Something to hit when you get mad." Bryce said.

The boys walked to the toy and playfully began to punch Bozo. They were laughing, but Bryce wanted them to release their anger.

"This is your attackers." he said quietly. "This represents the guys who took your innocence. This represents the ones who broke your ribs and left you for dead. They took something from you that you want back.

The rage in the boys was released. As if in an hypnotic trance, they began to punch the toy hard enough to have the head hit the floor several times. They continued to hit and kick for almost half-an-hour until they were exhausted. Both boys, glistened in sweat, fell to the floor. Their heads rose, but they seemed to have satisfied looks on their faces. Bryce knelt beside them and put his hands on their shoulders. They turned and hugged the man. They then hugged the huge man, which surprised both men.

"Thanks for helping us. Michael said. "Because of you, we made love last night."

"What do you mean?" Bryce asked.

"We were able to give each other blow jobs." Drew replied. "And it was great. And it was because of you."

"And I was able to touch Drew's hole." Michael said. "But I want to kill those bastards. They hurt my baby so bad."

The two men were amazed at these boys. Bryce knew they did have quite a while before things were close to normal, but they were able to move forward a bit. He thought it was a little fast for what they did, but he did see it as progress.

"Okay you two." he said. "Now I think you're ready for company."

Drew tensed, but Michael held him. Drew looked at the man, but did relax in Michael's arms. They sat there for a couple of minutes before anyone spoke.

"Who?" Drew asked.

"My sister." Bryce said. "She said she'll come by after school today."

"Oh." the diminutive teen said with a sigh of relief. "Okay."

"But you realize, your friends will want to see you." Bryce said. "Besides, they do want to see you."

"But they will pity me or they will make fun of me." Drew said.

"No, they just want to see you." Bryce said. "They care about you two and want you to be okay. Besides they said you promised to go to the dance. And from what I have heard, you never go back on a promise."

"NO WAY!" Drew said. "Face that crown"

"From what I hear, you are a popular kid." the therapist said. "You need to let the fear go. We still have a month."

"We'll see." Drew said with a sulky look.

"Now time for school." Hank said. "And no talking back."

He produced their books and their assignments for the time they had missed. They were set up at the dining table and began to work diligently. Hank was highly intelligent and was able to help the boys with their schoolwork. Hank was patient and the boys took to him as a mentor. They realized these men cared about them. When lunchtime came, the four ate soup and sandwiches and the boys began to ask them questions.

"Hank, how long did you know you were gay?" Michael asked.

"Since I was 8 or 9." the giant said. "I always looked at my brothers, but did nothing."

"So when did you meet you first guy?" Drew asked.

"When I was driving down a deserted road and found a badly injured boy." he replied as he took Bryce's hand.

"You mean..." Drew queried as he looked at Michael.

"Yep." Hank said. "He was my one and only."

"And I was so lucky." Bryce added. "We learned about each other. Now you two have big hurdle to jump. I know you are very active, but I know Drew will be very reluctant to be penetrated anally. You must accept that Michael."

"I don't care if I put my penis in Drew because I love him in me." the taller preteen said. "Let's face it, he's hung."

The men looked at each other and wondered how big a smaller boy could be. The boys saw their looks and Michael answered.

"He's 7" long." the boy said as Drew blushed. "And he knows how to use it."

"Well if all things were average." Hank said. "You would have 12 or 13" penis of a normal sized person. You are an amazing kid."

"Michael one other thing." Bryce said. "Drew might take his aggression out on you. I want you both to take it slow."

"We will." they said in unison, holding hands.

"Okay, back to the books." Hank said.

The boys continued their school work while Bryce cleaned the kitchen. The boys worked hard and the men were in awe of their intelligence. About 3:00 pm Hank called a halt to the studying and collected their finished work. They went to the living room and sat to talk.

"Hank, why did you get into teaching?" Michael asked. "Don't you make more money as a truck driver?"

"Yes you do." the big man responded. "But I felt I could be a good teacher. I like kids and I want to see them succeed. The big problem for me is my build. I could scare most kids to death."

"I could see that." Drew said laughing. "When I saw you I almost peed right there."

The four laughed loudly when the doorbell rang. Drew went to the door and Linda Morgan was standing there. She was happy to see a smile on Drew's face. The last time she saw him, he ran from the room. He showed her to the living room. Bryce got up and kissed his sister and Hank followed right behind.

"Well I'm glad to see you are smiling." she said to the boys. "Hello Michael. How are you feeling?"

"Better Mrs. Morgan." he replied. "Still sore, but better. I see the doctor on Friday."

"So how did they do on their schoolwork?" she asked Hank.

"They're about caught up." he told her. "These are two smart kids. The one with the big mouth does have a tendency to be a smartass."

"Oh, before I forget, I have something for the two of you." Linda said.

She pulled out a large manila envelope from her briefcase and she handed it to the boys. They opened it and a large number of cards fell out addressed to either one or the other, but one for both. Get well cards from teachers and students and the boys smiled, but tears flowed from their eyes. The one card addressed to the both of them was from Blake, Cindy, George, Kathy, Sharon, and Tony. They wrote they wanted to see the boys soon. Michael was ready to see them, but he knew Drew was not. Drew got up and ran upstairs. Michael was ready to follow him, but Bryce grabbed his arm.

"Let him be by himself." Bryce said. "I think we're going to see something amazing or severe regression."

"Why?" the preteen asked.

"The cards, especially the one from your friends." the therapist replied. "I had Linda bring them and I thought it might help, but I'm prepared for any problems."

The four sat in the living room in silence. When it was 4:30 pm the Greens and Doris walked in the house. They were introduced to Hank and they notice Drew was not there. They were amazed of the man's size and gentleness.

"Where's Drew?" Doris asked.

"He's upstairs." Bryce said. "He's been up there for over an hour."

"What happened?" she asked.

They explained about the cards and that Drew went up after reading them. Doris was ready to go upstairs when Drew appeared with six cards in his hand.

"Hi Mom." he said smiling. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Green."

"You okay baby?" Doris asked.

"Fine." she said. "Bryce you're right. I can't forgive those bastards, but I'll be damned if they take my life and friends from me."

Everyone was confused as Drew approached Linda Morgan and handed her the cards. He turned to Doris and smiled.

"Mom, can I have a party?" he asked.

With a stunned look, she nodded her assent. She hugged her son with great love. Linda Morgan looked at the cards, which Drew printed from his computer. She saw the six kids' names which Drew invited them to the party.

"Drew, you realize that Tony is expelled." she said to him.

"Yes, I know." he replied. "Give it to Blake. He'll make sure that he gets it. Oh will you three come too?"

The three adults were amazed that they were invited to a teen party. They agreed upon the condition that they would be on the patio unless something was needed.

"Are these the only kids you want to invite?" Doris asked.

"Well I know George will bring Barbie." he said. "Cindy said she was going with Brad Andrews, so he'll be there. And I think Sharon and Kathy will arrive together."

"You mean..." Michael said in amazement.

Drew nodded and smiled. He knew Kathy and Sharon were a couple for about a year. He also knew George and Barbie were fine with their sexuality, but Brad was an unknown factor. Brad was nice to him after the incident with Billy Simpson, but he was not sure if he was really fine with the gay lifestyle. But he knew Cindy and she was his closest friend. She would not allow Brad to put down Drew or any of her friends.

"Mom, I'm going to spend the night at Michael's." Drew said. "Is that okay?"

Though Doris did not want her boy away from her, but she also knew for the next week or two, these boys needed each other. She nodded her approval.

"We'll be back in the morning." Drew said.

Drew went upstairs to get some clothes with Michael close behind. The adults were in the living room talking and Bryce saw the look on Doris' face.

"Don't worry." he said. "I feel that they will be able to be apart at night soon."

"I just worry about him so." she said. "Even though he seems strong willed, he blames himself for his father leaving."

"We'll work on that too." Bryce said. "His main problems are anger at the incident and people deserting him, especially Michael and his friends. This party is a good sign."

"Well, we'll have a small gathering on the patio." Doris said.

"We'll get a babysitter for Penny." Linda Green said.

"Bring her along." Doris said. "She's always more than welcome."

The boys clamored down the stairs like a herd of stampeding cattle. Drew had a backpack with his clothes. He hugged his mother, then Bryce, Hank, and Linda Morgan in turn. He told his mother he loved her and left with the Greens. Bryce, Hank, and Linda Morgan made their farewells and left the house. Doris said a little prayer for her son and Michael to be happy.

The Greens picked up Penny from daycare and she saw Drew in the van. She gave him a hug and he tickled her along with Michael. Linda half-heartily told them to stop. They were talking very jovially and all seemed to be fine. As they got out of the van, Penny turned to Drew.

"Are you better from your rape?" she asked innocently.

Drew and Michael's eyes widened. Barry yelled Penny and Linda froze in her steps. Penny realized what she said and began to cry. The boys ran to the door, trying to get in. Barry unlocked the door and they ran to Michael's room. Drew slammed the door and began to pace like a caged animal. Michael sat on his bed, not knowing what to do.

"Daddy, I'm sorry." Penny said. "Please don't spank me."

"Penny, what did I say?" Barry said to her.

"Not to say anything about what happened." she said crying.

"Now Drew is upset and you might have hurt him." he said. "And now we will have a problem tonight."

Before anyone could say anything further, Drew appeared in the den. He went to Penny and sat down next to her. He had been crying, but looked at her.

"Penny, I know you did not mean to say what you did." he said. "We need to talk. Just so you know, I'm not mad at you. It's just that what happened to me shouldn't have happened and I'm trying to put it behind me. Just so you know I'm not mad at you. Actually you helped."

The Greens looked at him quizzically. They could not understand how Penny actually helped Drew.

"Ummm Drew." Barry said. "How did Penny help?"

"When I was upstairs, I was really upset." the preteen said. "But as I thought about it, she just asked a simple question and wanted to know. Michael tried to apologize for her, but I said don't. She didn't know any better. I think everyone will be okay as long as their friends and they don't pity me. Thanks Penny."

He gave the little girl a kiss and went to Michael's room. The Greens looked at each other and wondered what was going on. Barry went to Michael's room and he heard the boys talking.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Michael asked.

"Yeah." Drew said with a sigh. "I just worry what everyone else with think. It'll be either pity or scorn, or being ignored. I know Cindy. She'll be mad. Blake and George will say they would like to kill the guys, but we're 12- and 13-year-old. Penny was the first one to say rape and I guess that caused me to freak. I'm okay though."

"You know, I think that most kids would be curious." Michael said. "But this might get a club started about kids being molested. We need it."

"NOPE!" Drew said emphatically. "Once those guys go to prison, I don't want to deal with it again."

Barry entered the room and both boys looked at him. He took the chair from Michael's desk and sat down. They sat in silence for a few moments.

"Drew you must realize one thing." Barry said. "You are one person who will be able to bring this to light. You are the strongest person I've ever known."

"Mr. Green, all I am is a kid." the small preteen replied. "This is too hard to deal with."

"I know it is, but you can do it." Barry told him.

"How you know?" Drew asked. "Unless this ever happened to you, you can't imagine."


NOTE: Sorry I am a day late, but was busy yesterday. I hope that you have enjoyed the story and from the list of readers, I can say people are loving it. There will be a lot of tears in the upcoming chapters, but the end result will be happiness for all. I appreciate everyone's comments about how I am dealing with the assault. I plan to keep this up. If you have any comments, please email me at Remember to put the title of the story in the subject line and please tell me where you are from so I may add it on the Readers' List.


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