BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Barry kissed both boys and left the room. Michael snuggled against Drew's body and fell asleep with some contentment. Barry looked in on Penny and found her asleep. He tucked her blanket around her, then kissed her forehead. Barry got ready for bed and kissed his wife passionately. He loved Linda with all his heart, but the thoughts of the boys flooded his being. His lust overcame him and he made love to Linda with an abandon that she never felt before. Three times he released his seed into her as he thought about having sex with the boys. She cuddled up to her husband with great love. Barry lay awake for over an hour and could not understand why he was feeling like this.


The next morning Drew blinked and tried to remember where he was. When he felt Michael's form encircled on his body, he felt so safe. He began to kiss his move's chest and licked his nips. Michael woke up and smiled and the diminutive person he held. The smile that crossed his face made the taller boy feel warm inside because Drew was the reason.

"Good morning Superman." Michael said.

Drew smiled as he scooted up. He kissed Michael's lips tenderly as the two boys caressed each other. Michael touched Drew's butt cheeks and the smaller preteen froze for a few seconds, but relaxed to the point of him almost purring. Drew began to lick his way down the stretched frame of the boy he loved. He played with his nips, then down to Michael's navel. As he proceeded, he worked the hard 5.5" in his mouth and tasted the sweet precum. Drew's strength kept Michael on the bed as the smaller boy worked the ball sac with his hand as he bobbed up and down on the hard, smooth shaft.

"OH SHIT!!" Michael groaned. "FUCK!!"

He was ready to shoot and Drew knew it. A couple of more moves with his mouth and the blonde preteen received his daily protein juice. He swallowed six healthy blasts and pulled up on the rod with his tongue to get the last of the sweet flavor. When he finished, the smaller boy moved and kissed Michael. The taller preteen tasted his own juices and held Drew to his chest.

After thirty minutes, Michael decided to return the favor. He pulled Drew up and kissed his soul mate's body until the 7" rod was at his lips. He swallowed the magnificent cock until the blonde pubes tickled his nose. He laughed while he sucked the pole. The flow of precum oozed down his throat and Michael's belly was getting its fill. Drew then set the pace as he slowly and lovingly moved in and out of Michael's oral orifice.

"MMMMMMMM!!" he moaned with each stroke.

Drew's pace picked up because he was close to release and Michael was well aware of it. With one final thrust, Drew's cock expanded in Michael's mouth and throat, upon which he released seven loads directly into Michael's belly. The brown-haired preteen enjoyed his morning libation as he ran his mouth over Drew's softening cock. The smaller boy collapsed on Michael and they relaxed in each other's arms.

Penny burst into the room and jumped on the bed. She was dressed for school, but Linda Green had her to get the boys up. She saw they were needed and giggled. The boys began to tickle her and she wanted to get up. They kept her laughing until Barry walked in on the scene.

"Okay you three cut it out." he said with a serious tone, but with a smirk on his face.

Penny got off the bed and was going to school with Linda. Barry made sure the boys were getting a shower as he got ready. He was trying to organize his thoughts about talking with Bryce. The boys came down dressed and smiled at Michael's dad. He looked at them and he did wish Drew was his son along with Michael. As the duo ate breakfast, they joked around and all seemed right with the world, but Barry knew better. As they cleared their dishes and put them in the dishwasher, Barry got his briefcase. The three loaded into the car and they drove to Drew's house. Doris was waiting for them as they entered. She kissed both boys and said hi to Barry.

"He wasn't any trouble last night, was he?" she asked.

"Only this morning." Barry replied. "He's like Michael, a pain in the butt to get out of bed."

The adults laughed as the boys rolled their eyes. They sat down and Doris got Barry a cup of coffee. The doorbell rang and Drew answered it. Bryce and Hank were standing there and Drew ushered them in the living room. Bryce came around the corner, followed by Hank. Doris was impressed with the gigantic man and still was in awe of him. Drew loved the look on his mother's face about Hank. Doris went to get coffee for Bryce and Hank as they sat down to talk with the boys.

"So my sister tells me you're having a party." Bryce said.

Drew nodded and excused himself. He returned in a couple of minutes and presented the two men with an invitation. The men were surprised and smiled at the boy's kindness.

"Thank you Drew." Hank said. "But why would you want two old farts at a party of youthful exuberance?"

"Hey speak for yourself on the old fart bit." Bryce said smiling.

"I want my friends to meet two wonderful people." Drew said. "Besides I think Hank won't be lonely the entire night."

Everyone laughed and the two agreed to make an appearance. Doris was ready to go to work, but Barry said he needed to talk with Bryce. Doris said she would wait for him and went to the kitchen. Hank excused himself to set up for the boys lessons. Doris gave Hank a cup of coffee and they chatted.

"So how was last night?" Bryce asked.

The boys were very hushed and they kept nudging each other to get the other to say something. Barry finally spoke up and looked at Bryce.

"They made love last night." he said. "At first I thought the previous night's episode was being repeated, but I guess not."

"Drew didn't try to hurt me." Michael said. "He was slow and loving. I yelled from pleasure."

Bryce was taking a few notes and he glanced at the boys. He also saw Barry's look of worry, but it did not seem to be about the boys. The boys seemed to be a little worried, but they were looking at Barry. Bryce finally thought he better see what the problem was.

"Barry what is going on here?" the therapist asked. "There seems to be so much tension."

"Well when I asked Drew and Michael about starting the survivors club at school, Drew said I wouldn't know what he went through." Barry said. "The thing is, I do know."

He related the events of his molestation and rape when he was 7-years-old. He cried and hung his head. Barry tried to compose himself, but could not. The boys came to him and they hugged his arms. Bryce sat and looked at the boys as they tried to help the man who was their rock of strength in times of trouble. He was amazed on how closely bonded they were. Barry finally was composed and he looked at Bryce.

"And now I have a bigger problem." he said. "I think I'm bi and I think of the boys when I make love to my wife. God I'm sick."

"No Barry." Bryce said. "No you're not. You've never acted on your feelings. That makes you a stronger person. But you need someone to talk with about your past and your feelings. Call me anytime."

Drew and Michael hugged Barry tight and they kissed his cheek. Barry held the boys tight and they all felt love.

"Barry, you should tell your wife about the rape." the therapist said. "She probably has sensed a problem in you. Release it."

Barry nodded but was very scared of what the consequences would be. Drew got him a cold washcloth for his face. As Barry was ready to go, he got Doris and they drove to the office. Doris noticed Barry's demeanor and wondered if she should ask. This man was very preoccupied and she wanted to help.

"Barry, what's the problem?" she asked.

"I have a lot on my mind." he replied. "Can you come over tonight? Drew can sleep over again. There's something I need to tell Linda and you. You probably won't want me near your son after this, but I have to tell both of you."

"There is nothing you can say that would affect my feelings about you being near Drew." Doris said. "You've been like a father to him."

"Thanks." Barry said as they drove in silence to the bank.

Bryce, Drew, and Michael were discussing the formation of a survivors group at school, but to meet at Drew's house. Bryce understood that a peer group to support each other would be very helpful and he wished there was something like that after his attack.

"Boys, were you upset about Barry's revelation about his attack?" Bryce asked.

"Yeah." Michael said. "But at least that's why Dad is very supportive."

"He's going to need help." Bryce said. "A lot of help. Just be there for him."

"We will." Drew said. "And I'm glad I've got him in my life. We knew he had been watching us before, so there is no surprise about his wanting to be with us. But he loves Michael too much to harm him and I think he loves me too."

"I sense he loves you like a son." Bryce said. "But he's going to need help along the way. Okay, class work."

The boys went to the kitchen and Hank was ready for them. The boys had planned to play and attack the giant, but it was a very futile attempt. Hank had Michael around the waist and lifted him with ease. Drew tried to get away, but the big man hoisted the diminutive boy on his shoulder. Bryce came into the sight and laughed with abandon. Drew hung onto Hank's neck and began to laugh nervously.

"Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum." Hank began. "I have two mischievous boys who need to learn. What shall I do with them?"

"WE'LL STUDY! WE'LL STUDY!!" Michael yelled.

"DON'T KILL US MR. GIANT!!" Drew uttered.

Hank released the boys and the two preteens went straight to work, but looked at each other and smiled. They plotted their next attack, but were interrupted by a looming figure.

"Another attack?" Hank said with a smile. "Won't you two ever learn?"

The boys were glad Bryce and Hank came into their lives. They worked very diligently and took their only break for lunch. Hank and Bryce ate lunch with the boys and learned these were tough individuals who supported their friends. After lunch and their schoolwork was finished, the boys started to go outside until they jumped on Hank's back. As the giant tried to shrug them off his body, Bryce jumped his love from the front and began to tickle him, which caused the colossus to go to his knees. The twin preteen terrors helped to tickle the huge man and the laughter resounded throughout the house. The three attackers finally relented when Doris appeared at the kitchen entrance. She stood there with her hands on her hips and tapped her right foot. Four faces looked up with huge grins.

"So I guess there was no work done today." she said smiling at the group.

"Oops." Drew said with a huge grin on his face.

"Having fun boys?" Doris said. "And I mean all four of you."

They got up and Drew hugged and kissed his mother. She kissed his cheek, then gave Michael a kiss. She shook hands with Bryce and Hank as the boys ran upstairs. The two men and Doris sat at the table.

"So are they keeping up with their assignments?" she asked.

"Actually they are ahead of where they should be." Hank responded. "Those are two boys with great intelligence."

"And their therapy is progressing well." Bryce said. "But we still need to be vigilant."

"Well I really appreciate your help." Doris said. "Now I have some news to tell Drew and I don't know how he will take it."

"What is it?" Bryce asked. "We don't any setbacks if we can help it."

"I got word his father is dead." she said. "A lawyer sent a registered letter to me at the bank. We're supposed to see him Monday about Andrew's will."

"Well Drew has issued about desertion." Bryce said. "I suggest Michael, Hank, and I go with you for support."

"That would be wonderful." Doris said. "But when should I tell him?"

"Right now." the therapist said. "Get the initial shock over with."

"Drew, come down here." Doris said.

"Mom, we were just having fun, honest." Drew said as he descended the stairs with Michael.

"Have a seat and don't be smart." she said. "I got some news and I don't know how you will take this. Your father is dead. We have to go to the reading of his will in Monday."

"And?" the small preteen asked. "I'm supposed to cry for the bastard?"

"Drew!" Doris said. "I know he disappeared, but he was your father."

"No Mom." Drew said very sternly. "He was a sperm donor. Hell, Hank has been like a father to me and I've known him for a few days. Bryce has been like a father. Barry sure has been like a father. And Mom, you have been the only father in my life and that makes you more of a man than that asshole."

"Watch your language young man." Hank said. "Or I'll take matters into my own hands. I know you're upset with your father, but you do not need to cuss. Now apologize to your mother."

"I'm sorry Mom." Drew said as he ran to hug her. "I'm sorry everyone about my language."

"Baby, I know you're mad." Doris said. "But the only good thing he did was give you to me."

Drew hugged his mother tight and she rocked him on her lap. He felt safe and secure in his mother's arms. Hank and Bryce rose to leave and they began to say good-bye. Drew got off his mother's lap and went to the men.

"I'm really sorry for my behavior." he said as he hugged both men.

"Drew you have the right to be angry." Hank said. "But remember who you're mad at."

Drew tried to hug the huge man and his mind came alive. His dream came back to him and he smiled as he looked at Hank.

"My protective giant." he said.

Everyone looked at the smaller boy and he just said tomorrow. The two men left and Michael was ready to go home. Doris rose and went to get her purse.

"We're going to have dinner at your house Michael." she said. "Drew get your stuff together."

The two preteens flew up the stairs and got Drew's clothes together. They went to Doris, who then ushered them out the door. They drove to the Greens, entered the house, and Penny popped out from behind the door and she jumped on Drew's back. He let her have a piggyback to the living room and he set her on the sofa. Barry and Linda came into the living room and they told Penny she needs to go to her room. Linda asked about the boys, but Barry said it does involve them. Barry then explained the rape of his body at 7-years of age, which he explained in detail what happened. He cried openly and the boys were there to rub his back and hold him. As he finished, Drew was in his lap and Barry was holding him with one hand and Michael with the other as the taller boy was sitting on the arm of the chair. The two women looked at the man and Linda finally rose and hugged her husband.

"Barry, sweetheart." she said. "I've known for quite a while that you might have been molested. Your mother found your bloody clothes you tried to hide, but you never said anything so your parents couldn't help. They told me about it if you ever acted strangely or you might want to say anything. I'm so glad that you decided to open up."

"Barry, no wonder you're able to relate to Drew's attack." Doris said. "Barry, you're a wonderful person and you have a great family. Remember if you need an ear to chew, you got a friend. Let's face it, with Linda, the boys, and myself, we're here for you."

"What I'm about to say next will have you change your mind." Barry said. "I'm bisexual and I've had very inappropriate thoughts."

"About what honey?" Linda asked.

"The boys." he said with his head hung low, not able to look at the two women or the boys.

The silence was deafening. No one spoke for fifteen minutes. Doris looked at Barry, not knowing what to say. She knew Barry would not hurt her son, but one can never be sure. Before she could do or say anything, Drew cam to her.

"Mom, I know Barry would never try to do anything to me or Michael." he said. "Please let him sort out his feelings. Don't hate him Mom. Please."

Doris looked in her son's earnest eyes. She knew he was right. Linda looked at her son and went to him. Michael looked at her and she melted with his look of love for his father.

"I'm going to work with Bryce about this." Barry said. "He was the one who suggested I tell you everything."

"Barry, tell me one thing." Doris said. "Did you ever try anything with Drew?"

"NO!!" he said. "I have seen them in bed together and I have fantasized about them, but there would be no way I would touch them. I'm sorry Linda."

"Honey, I know you're a good man and you would never be like those bastards who hurt Michael and Drew." she said. "And I know you will do your best to do anything to help them, your family, and yourself."

"Barry, we're here to support you." Doris said.

"I love you Dad." Michael said. "And I'm here for you."

"Barry, you've been like my dad." Drew said. "And no matter what, I'm here to help."

Barry got up and went to the van. He sat and cried his heart out with the support he had. How could he had been so lucky he thought. He collected his thoughts as the door to the van opened suddenly. The boys and Penny were standing there looking at the man.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" the little girl asked.

"Daddy has some things to think over sweetie." Barry said. "Come and sit on Daddy's lap."

Penny sat on his lap and he held his daughter tight. Drew and Michael climbed in and they hugged the man. Barry felt with his children around him. The completeness of his happiness was the Drew felt he was a father to him. After a few minutes they went in the house and he kissed Linda, who hugged her husband. Doris hugged Barry, which surprised him.

"Barry, I know you would never hurt my son." she said. "Drew cares about you and you care about him. I know you would never break that trust. I guess I just had a mother's panic."

"Doris, I care too much about that strong-willed boy." he said. "And I would never hurt him."

They got ready for dinner. Doris, Linda, and Barry made dinner, while Drew, Michael, and Penny set the table. They finally sat down and said grace. They were laughing and kidding around. Barry said the party the next day needs to have adults interrupting every five minutes and the boys feigned arguments. As dinner wound down, the boys took Penny upstairs to play as the adults had coffee.

"Barry, were you serious about starting a survivors group?" Doris asked.

"Yes." he replied. "Bryce offered to help. I think a support group could help Drew and other kids."

"Well I know you're right." she said. "And I think it could help you overcome your attack."

They continued discussing the group. The kids were upstairs playing a Candy Land. Penny then looked at the two boys and stared at them.

"Why do you sleep naked?" she asked. "And why does your thingy get hard?"

"The first part is easy Penny." Michael said. "Drew and I love to feel each other as much as we can. The second part, I think Mom should explain when you're older."

"Drew please tell me." she begged.

"No way." he replied. "Your parents and my mom would spank my already sore butt. Let yourself grow up and you will learn."

Penny began to pout, but the boys began to tickle her and she howled with laughter. The three adults came up the stairs and saw the silliness of youth in front of them. They smiled at the scene and the boys finally relented.

"Okay, time for bed." Linda said. "Penny, you need to get your bath. Boys, you will follow right after her."

The three youths began to scatter. Barry brought in a wash basin, washcloth, soap, and a towel. Michael began to strip and Drew was prepared to clean his lover. Barry watch the love that Drew had for Michael as he carefully washed the tall preteen's body. Linda was bathing Penny, but Doris looked in the room and saw what Barry was looking at. Barry got up and kissed each boy and left the room.

"They are in love." he said. "I just hope they can put this behind them."

"Barry, all I care about is their happiness." Doris said. "And I know they will recover, but I don't think they could ever forgive those boys. I know I can't."

"Doris, I couldn't either." Barry said. "No matter how hard I try, I can't. But we can't let it eat away at us. And perhaps this group will help."

"Dad." Michael called out. "How much longer do I have to have these stitches?"

"Doctor said another week." Barry replied. "Besides we see the doctor tomorrow so he can check them. They should be removed by next week."

Drew took the basin and threw the water out. He had a smile on his face. He then filled the basin again with clean water. He got a clean washcloth and towel. Barry and Doris looked in and saw Michael give Drew a sponge bath. Doris remembered when she bathed him as a baby. She and Barry re-entered the room and tried to remain quiet. As Michael began to wash Drew's rectum, Doris let out a gasp. Both boys looked at the adults and Drew grabbed a towel.

"MOM!!" he said as he turned red with embarrassment.

"THOSE LOUSY FUCKING BASTARDS!!" she uttered, not realizing what she was saying. "I WANT THEIR BALLS!!"

Everyone looked at Doris. She collapsed on the bed and wept openly. Drew hugged his mother and she held him close. Michael also hugged this woman who was like a second mother to him. Penny climbed in Doris' lap and she was flanked by Barry and Linda.

"Why are there so many bastards in the world?" she asked as she wept. "Why do they hurt the innocent?"

She held the children as if she could protect them from the world. She squeezed so hard, Michael yelped in pain. She released her hold and apologized to the tall preteen.

"No problem." he said. "But boy can you hug."

This caused her to laugh and she seemed more composed. She stood and looked at Barry.

"I want them to suffer." she said. "And I want to take all their money."

"Ummm Mom." Drew said. "I think you need to apologize."

"Oh, right." Doris said as she was red-faced. "I'm sorry for my language. This was the first time I saw the damage they did to my boy. Now young man, you will be good tonight."

"I will Mom." the small preteen said. "And Mom, I love you."

She kissed her son and the adults left the room. Penny stayed behind and saw the bandaged area on her brother's chest. She hugged his waist and he bent down to kiss the top of her head. She then hugged Drew and he kissed her cheek. She went to bed and Michael finished bathing Drew, though the water turned cool. But when Michael dried off the smaller boy's body, the hard 7" rose like a periscope. Both boy's smiled and Michael wanted to try something different. He turned so his ass was in Drew's face while he devoured the love missile of Drew. Drew lapped the clean, pink hole and he inserted his tongue deep into Michael. The taller boy pushed back and enjoyed the overwhelming feeling he was receiving from Drew. The diminutive preteen felt his rod slowly move in and out of Michael's mouth. Drew then inserted a finger in Michael's rectum. The ass muscles clamped on his digit and he wiggled it around. As Michael opened up, the small boy inserted a second finger. Michael moaned on his cock and it vibrated Drew's being. Drew began to insert a third finger and Michael tensed. He moved off the 7"of hard meat and looked at Drew.

"That hurts." he said.

"I'm sorry baby." Drew said. "I was trying to get you nice and loose."

"Don't worry." Michael said. "I will fit this magnificent hunk of sausage in my ass."

He turned and kissed Drew. He put a condom on the boy's pole, but wished he did not have to. He then lowered himself on the hot muscle as it spread him open. A content feeling flowed through both boys. When Michael was half way down, he began to move up, then lowered himself until he was inching more of Drew into him. When he felt the downy hairs of his lover on his smooth ball sac, he smiled down at Drew, who beamed back broadly. Michael slowly rose and lowered himself on Drew and both boys moaned in unison. The sweat was pouring off their bodies and Michael's balls tightened. As he was ready to release his load, Drew's body tightened and they both exploded at the exact same time. Drew's cock expanded in Michael's ass and filled the condom with seven heavy shots of boy cream. Michael's first shot landed right on the tip of Drew's nose and it trickled down to his lips. Each successive blast hit Drew's chest, abs, and neck. The smaller boy relished of the cum shower because he knew it was from his love.

As Michael leaned in to kiss Drew's lips, the smaller boy's semi-hard cock came out with a loud pop. They both laughed and Michael removed the spent condom carefully. He positioned Drew's rod so he could save as much of the white love juice as he could. As he got it off, as he did the night before, tied the one end and saved it.

"Why are you doing that?" the blonde preteen asked.

"To save our love until you can put it in me directly." the taller boy replied.

"I'm sorry I cannot have you in me." Drew said as tears welled in his eyes. "You felt so great in me, but I'm so scared."

"Shhhh." Michael replied. "First you are such a hot top I know I would be your loving bottom forever. But you know that I love you and could never hurt you on purpose."

"Thank you." the smaller of the pair said. "I love you my sweet."

The two boys kissed passionately with Michael's cream gluing them together. Michael turned so Drew was on top and they gazed into each others eyes with love. Michael caressed the sweet face of his angel and had to wonder why he was so lucky with his love.

"What are you thinking Michael?" Drew asked.

"How lucky I am with my love." the taller preteen responded.

"I was thinking the same thing." the blonde said.

They fell asleep with Drew snuggled on Michael's body. As he dreamt he saw the five rapists bent over, nude, and tied down. He was nude also and his dick grew to a gargantuan proportion of 15" and very thick. The small preteen took the massive rod in both hands and saw the first rapist. He saw two mechanical hands spread the ass cheeks apart. Drew rammed the entire hard pole in the ass. The older teen screamed in pain and cried. He begged for Drew to stop.

"You didn't listen to me when I begged." the diminutive preteen said. "So fuck you."

He continued to fuck the ass until the orifice was bleeding profusely and he unloaded a large scalding blast of jizz in the rapist. As he pulled out, he was still hard and rammed into the second hole. He began fucking until he felt a hand on his shoulder and shaking him.

"DREW STOP!!" the voice pleaded.

He jarred himself awake to find he was imbedded in Michael's hole from behind. He felt a load already deposited but, as in the dream, he was still hard. When he realized what happened, he began to cry. He hugged Michael and tried to pull out, but Michael kept him in his ass and his hands on Drew.

"I'm sorry." Drew cried. "Oh God I'm sorry."

"I know." Michael said. "Bobby I know. And I want you to be happy. Please take it slow. I love you and I want you."

Drew slowly moved in and out of Michael, but cried with each stroke. He felt his balls tighten and he exploded with his third load that night. As his rod softened, it slipped out and he curled up into a fetal position. He turned from Michael because he could not face he one he loved after he raped him. Michael cradled the ball of boy flesh against him. He kissed Drew's head and rocked his body.

"What was the dream about?" Michael asked.

Drew could not answer for a few minutes because the guilt and anger he felt at himself prevented his speaking. When he finally calmed down he felt Michael's body against him. He explained the dream and how he felt so happy to get his revenge, but how guilty he felt about raping his love.

"You didn't rape me." Michael said. "You have to be aware of a rape, but you were asleep. Besides except being forceful, you didn't hurt me. Take a look."

Drew looked at his love's hole in the dark. Michael reached for the light over his bed and Drew saw it was slightly red and cum oozed out. The small preteen lapped his juices on his tongue, then scooted to Michael's mouth. He deposited it there, then went back for more. After doing this five times, he kissed Michael as his jizz swapped between them. They each had their fill and they snuggled against each other.

"One thing for sure." Michael said. "I'm glad you don't have that 15" cock. You'd kill Hank with that."

The boys giggled and drifted off the sleep. Michael had a dream of the attack, but he saw a superhero come to his rescue. As the figure appeared, he saw the person was small, but very mighty. The superhero fought the men who assaulted Michael, took the tall boy in his arms, and flew off. Michael removed the mask and saw his beloved Drew. He woke up and kissed the smaller preteen all over. Drew awoke with a puzzled look, but could not fight the feeling. They went back to sleep without any further incident.


NOTE: Well folks, this is going to be the last chapter of the year. As the schedule works, the next chapters will be posted beginning on January 17, 2005. And in the next year, it will be full of surprises and more love to come. I want to say this, the emails that I have received tell me that I have been able to allow them to overcome attacks in their lives. I am going to reveal a secret that even my family does not know. I was raped myself, not as young as Drew, but still the pain, humiliation, and degradation that I felt still is with me years later. This has allowed me to have a form of therapy. And I appreciate the emails I have gotten. And remember that any comments, good or bad, please send them to Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from. I will add it to the Readers' List which is growing by leaps and bounds.


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