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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

The boys giggled and drifted off the sleep. Michael had a dream of the attack, but he saw a superhero come to his rescue. As the figure appeared, he saw the person was small, but very mighty. The superhero fought the men who assaulted Michael, took the tall boy in his arms, and flew off. Michael removed the mask and saw his beloved Drew. He woke up and kissed the smaller preteen all over. Drew awoke with a puzzled look, but could not fight the feeling. They went back to sleep without any further incident.


As they awoke, Barry looked at the two boys. He smiled and reminded them to get ready for the day. He saw the dried cum and the boys went to the bathroom to clean up. Drew took a shower and Barry gave Michael a sponge bath. He did notice the slight redness of his anal area.

"What happened?" Barry said.

Michael motioned him outside and explained Drew's dream He told his father Drew imagined the rape of his attackers and he penetrated Michael. Barry was not upset with the boys but was worried. They went into the bathroom as Drew was getting out of the shower.

"Boys, I know you love each other." Barry said. "And you will never hurt each other. But until your emotions are under control, when you are going to bed together, you must wear underwear. And don't try to slide at Drew's house, because I will talk with Doris today."

"Yes sir." the boys said in unison.

"If you ever disobey, then you will spend some nights apart." Michael's father said.

The boys looked in fear. They did not want to be separated ever. They would agree to anything to stay together. They dressed and went with Barry. Linda kissed them good-bye and drove Penny to school. Barry took the boys to the doctor and the physician examined Michael's stitches and had him X-rayed. After that he examined Drew's rectal region, then got the three together.

"Michael, everything is mending fine." he said. "We should remove the stitches next week. Drew, from the initial pictures after the attack, I see your anus is closing slowly. Just keep it washed and put lotion on it."

"Lotion?" he asked.

The doctor handed the boy a small bottle of lotion.

"Apply this nightly around the opening." the doctor said. "Don't put in the hole."

Barry thanked the doctor and they drove to Drew's house. Doris was there with Bryce and Hank as they had coffee. Barry, Drew, and Michael smiled at the sight and Drew saw the living room set up for a party. Barry offered to drive Doris to work.

"Did you want to talk?" Bryce asked.

"How about tonight?" Michael's father responded.

The two left for work and the two boys sat down. Bryce asked how the night went and Drew answered.

"I had this dream about raping my attackers." he said. "I raped Michael. I couldn't do it, but I did it in my sleep."

The blonde boy cried pitifully and Michael held him. Bryce held his hand and allowed the boy to cry himself out. After Drew was finished, Bryce looked at him.

"I know you didn't mean to screw Michael." the therapist said. "But you must remember you could react in your sleep."

"We promised my dad not to sleep with each other without clothing on." Michael said. "He said he would keep us apart if we sleep together naked."

"I don't want you apart, but you need to be aware of your problem." Bryce said. "You are gentle with each other while you're awake, but anything can happen asleep. Do as Barry says for now."

"We will." Drew said.

"So are you ready for the party tonight?" Bryce asked.

"I'm scared." Drew said. "But it's now or never."

"Remember, I'll be here for support." the therapist said. "But I think Michael will be wonderful support."

"Bryce, I know you can't be here forever." Michael said. "But can we call you if we need to talk."

"Hey guys, no matter what, we'll be here." Bryce said.

"Okay, school." Hank uttered with a contrived look of sternness.

The boys went to the dining table and went directly to work. The boys not only were caught up with their missed assignments, but were actually ahead by a week. Hank's diligence and ability to explain the least little item allowed the boys to succeed. Bryce had planned a trip the following week to help the boys, so he wanted them to be ahead in school. As lunch came, the four ate and Drew was talking about the party. Bryce decided to wait until after the party to drop the bomb on the boys. As lunch ended, the boys went back to their schoolwork and Bryce cleaned up. The day flew by and before they knew it, Doris walked through the door with a bag of groceries.

"Okay, there's lots more." she said. "Go get them."

Michael, Drew, and Hank went to get the bags of party food and drinks from Barry's car. He let Doris borrow it after Linda picked him up. Bryce was in the kitchen to talk about the trip with her.

"They need to confront their demons." he said. "I think if they visit the site of the attack, it will be a huge step forward."

"Bryce, how sure are you?" she asked.

"I'm not 100 percent sure." Bryce replied. "But I am sure that if they see it, they will be angry and cry. But they will also be able to move forward with this. And I think it will help with the court day. If they confront the site, then they can confront their attackers."

"Bryce, please make sure they are alright." Doris said. "When do you plan to tell them?"

"Monday." the therapist said. "This evening and weekend should not be spoiled."

The three were carrying the bags into the kitchen when Drew saw a worried look on his mother's face.

"What's wrong Mom?" he asked.

"Nothing Drew." she replied. "I'm just worried my house will be ruined by a hoard of teenagers."

"Don't worry." the preteen said. "We'll only damage the front of the house."

Everyone smiled as the adults began to set up for the party. Drew and Michael went upstairs to get ready for the guests, who would be arriving in less than an hour. They went to the bathroom and Drew got in the shower. Michael watched his love bathe as he bathed him. As he reached Drew's groin, he flicked his tongue over the bulbous head. The 7" sprung to life and Drew looked down with a silly grin.

"Don't start what you can't finish in 10 minutes." he said. "But we will later tonight."

Michael smiled at the love of his life. Drew took a washcloth and got on the stepstool he had for the bathroom. He looked at the tall preteen in the eye and slowly gave him a sponge bath. He worked all the way down the boy's body and left the crotch for last. Drew massaged the large ballsac and Michael's 5.5" grew to its full hardness. Drew licked the head and the rod jumped. They went and dressed for the party. Michael made sure the clothes he had for the next day were ready. As they inspected each other, Bryce and Hank came in the room.

"You know if they were older, I would marry them both." Hank said.

The boys blushed with embarrassment. The men sat on the bed and looked at the boys.

"Well we have some good news." Bryce said. "Since you are well ahead in your schoolwork, we'll have a therapy session away from the house."

"Cool." Michael and Drew said as one. "Where?"

"That is my surprise." Bryce said. "But it will be something you won't forget."

The boys were going to ask questions until the doorbell rang. The two preteens flew out of the room and were down the stairs before Doris could answer the door. As she opened it, Barry, Linda, and Penny were there and they entered the house. The boys were down-heartened as the door closed, but the bell chimed again and their faces lit up again. This time it was Linda Morgan and the preteens sulked again.

"Why the long faces?" she asked. "Especially since I brought you two presents."

Ten kids came flying through the door. Cindy was the first and she hugged Drew hard. She lifted him off the floor. Blake, Tony, Brad, Karen, and Sharon followed right behind. Cindy went to hug Michael, but was gentle so not to hurt his ribs. The last kid through the door was someone Michael and Drew did not know. After a few minutes, George arrived alone.

"This is my cousin John." Cindy said. "He's here from Indiana. His parents asked if he could come with me."

Drew and Michael went over to shake his hand. The boy looked to be 12-years-old and was only 4'11" and thin. He was cute, but very shy. Drew decided to be he perfect host.

"First, for those who don't know the adults, let me do the honors." he said. This is my wonderful mom. These great people are Michael's parents and this cutie is Penny, Michael's sister."

Michael whistled and Bryce and Hank appeared. Their friends looked up at the giant of a man. A couple of the kids uttered oh my God! Penny ran to her father and hid behind him. Hank picked up Drew and placed him on his shoulder and the two small boy's head grazed the ceiling.

"This is Bryce, Mrs. Morgan's brother." he said pointing to the smaller man. And this is my giant Hank."

Everyone began to laugh at the joke and Hank lowered the diminutive preteen. The adults went to the porch and the kids went to the living room. Penny was not sure where to go, but Drew took her hand and led her to the living room.

"You're my date tonight." he said with a smile.

He went to George to see if anything was wrong.

"George where's Barbi." Drew asked.

"She dumped me." George replied. "Can we talk later?"

"Sure." the blonde boy said.

The kids dove into the food as a locust attack. They were talking about who is dating who, how the 8th grade football team is doing, and the upcoming fall dance. No one mentioned the attack or the subsequent events. Drew noticed this and he could see the eyes of his friends. He did not see pity, but the caution of saying the wrong thing. Drew decided to nip it in the bud. He turned down the stereo and stood in front of his friends.

"Okay guys." he began. "I know you're trying to not say the wrong thing. Yes Michael and I were attacked in Savannah. I was raped and Michael was beaten severely. We do have some issued to work through, but I'm glad we have friends like you."

He held Michael's hand and their friends hugged the two preteens. Drew noticed George's look and that he was trying to avoid everyone. He went to his friend and pulled him in a corner.

"What's the matter George?" Drew asked.

"Drew can you keep a secret?" George asked.

"Duh!" the diminutive boy replied with a grin.

"I'm bi." his friend said. "Barbi found out and dumped me."

"George, do you want to talk with Bryce?" Drew queried.

"No, I am just angry she didn't like me liking guys too." George said. "She claimed to be cool with you and Michael, but she's a lying bitch."

"George, are you interested in anyone?" the small boy asked.

"Not really, but I get hard looking at guys." the teen said. "But I also stroke my cock thinking of guys."

"Well you have Mike and me to talk to if you want." Drew said.

"Can I ask, who is the kid that's in the corner?" George questioned.

"That's Cindy's cousin John." the preteen said. "He's moving here and Cindy wanted to show him around."

"I will talk with him." the teen said. "He's cute."

"I appreciate it." Drew said. "He seems like a nice guy, but a little lonely and shy."

The two joined the rest of the group and they began to dance. The group of preteens and teens were having fun. There was a slow dance and the couples paired off, but Michael and Drew danced with Penny. Drew noticed George and John were very close and laughing. The pint-sized preteen nudged his love and Michael looked at the couple. They both smiled and Penny looked at the two.

"Why are you smiling?" she asked innocently.

"It looks like George found someone." Michael replied.

"Yep." Drew said. "And it looks like love."

Cindy also noticed her cousin and George and smiled. Brad was a very kind person and was very open-minded. He knew about John being gay because Cindy's cousin told him about himself. John explained that he was tricked by a boy to give him a blowjob and was beaten for it. After the attack, his parents decided to let him stay with Cindy's family.

As the evening wore on, the adults came into the house and saw the kids talking and laughing as if nothing were wrong. Doris cleared her throat and Drew smiled at his mother, who returned his shining face. Linda Morgan gathered the group to take them home. The kids took their time to say good-bye, but they thanked Drew's mother and Michael's parents for having them. They hugged their two friends and left with the teacher.

"So how did it go?" Bryce asked with a smile.

"A little awkward at first." Drew said. "But when I actually said I was raped, I felt better, and no one acted differently to us."

Penny was asleep on the sofa and Barry went to lift her to carry her to the car. Linda and Barry said good-bye to Bryce and Hank. They kissed the boys and Linda hugged Doris.

"Let's go shopping tomorrow." she said to Drew's mom

"About noon?" Doris replied. "I need to be able to clean up this fiasco."

"Don't worry Mom." Drew said. "Everyone agreed to come by and help clean it up. We're going over to George's house after."

Drew hugged his mom and she kissed his cheek. Drew and Michael went to his room to get ready for bed. Bryce, Hank, and Doris sat in the living room. Bryce was in awe at Drew's attitude.

"This is one amazing kid." the therapist said. "He seems to adjust well."

"Well, I wish he would not use profanity so much." Doris said.

"Well for right now, it's better to let him verbalize than show any physicality." Bryce said. "Eventually he should calm down more."

They rose and Doris showed them to the door. She looked at the mess, but thought it was worth it to bring her son to his old self. She went to her room and heard the two boys laughing. She poked her head in to say good night.

"Okay you two, bedtime." she said.

"Okay Mom." they said in harmony.

They both went to her and gave her a big hug. They both gave a kiss on her cheeks. She smiled at them and went to get ready for bed. Doris was happy that Drew had someone to love him.

As the boys stripped to go to bed, Drew smiled at his love. Michael was on his back and took Drew by the hand. He led his love to his body and they kissed so passionately, how they breathed was a supreme feat. As they broke their kiss, Michael looked into the blue eyes of his small partner.

"How can you be so brave?" the tall preteen asked. "I could never admit to what happened."

"Baby, if we're afraid about what happened." Drew said. "Those fuckers win. We can't ever let that happen. Besides Bryce is right. Everyone didn't care."

"Make love to me stud." Michael begged.

He lifted his legs and exposed the hole that Drew loved. He began to eat the anal cavity with his expert tongue and Michael moaned with pleasure. After ten minutes of bathing the boycunt with his spit, Drew moved up to get the lube and a condom. He placed the rubber on his massive member and applied the lube to make it nice and moist. He then put some on Michael's hole and pushed two fingers deep into the boypussy. As Drew placed his 7" at the hole, he pushed forward and Michael pushed back as he tried to swallow his lover's cock. Drew began to fuck Michael slowly. Ad he moved in and out, he leaned in and Michael wrapped his legs around Drew's body. Drew kissed and licked Michael's chest and abs. Michael's 5.5" rubbed against Drew's body and the diminutive preteen leaned his body so he could suck the sweet cock while he fucked his love's boycunt.

"Oh Drew!" Michael moaned. "God you're driving me crazy!"

Drew never missed a beat and kept a steady pace and he could feel Michael's balls pull tight. He knew there was an onrush of sweet cream in store for him. Michael lurched as the first burst of boy cream and took Drew with him as they both raised off the bed.

"OH GOD!!" Michael cried out.

Each successive blast filled Drew's mouth and he swallowed it without missing a stroke or it spilling from his mouth. As Michael's ass in sales contracted on his monster rod, the diminutive pre-adolescent exploded into the condom and the end filled quickly with his seven shots of love juice. It took the boys several minutes to come down from their bliss. As Drew's cock slid out of Michael's ass, he took off the condom, tied the open end, and gave it to Michael. He put his spent rod at Michael's mouth, who readily licked the remnants and enjoyed the taste of his lover.

As they finished, they put their underwear back on as they promised Barry they would. Michael put his sweet mate on his chest and the fell asleep. Drew dreamt he was floating on a cloud and the cloud disappeared. As he fell a guardian angel flew to him and carried him to heaven. Drew looked at his angel and it was Michael. The small boy woke ad felt his love under him. He kissed Michael's lips and fell back to sleep contented.


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