BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

As they finished, they put their underwear back on as they promised Barry they would. Michael put his sweet mate on his chest and the fell asleep. Drew dreamt he was floating on a cloud and the cloud disappeared. As he fell a guardian angel flew to him and carried him to heaven. Drew looked at his angel and it was Michael. The small boy woke ad felt his love under him. He kissed Michael's lips and fell back to sleep contented.


The boys awoke to Barry shaking them. He saw how sweet the scene looked and hated to wake them. He smiled at the duo and they returned the smile when the realized who he was. They got up and readied themselves for the day. Michael washed Drew and received his protein drink as a reward. Drew gave Michael a sponge bath and received his daily nourishment from his partner. Michael saw his father at the door and noticed the large lump in his pants. The tall boy nudged Drew, who saw the sight. He got up and led Barry to the bed. The man was flustered, but the boys reassured him.

"Dad, we know how you feel." Michael said. "And we love you."

"Besides you're really hot." Drew said with a wry grin.

He began to tickle Barry and Michael joined in the fun. Barry tried to get away, but he was amazed at the strength of the preteens. The duo finally relented, then gazed at the clock. Their friends would be there soon, so the two dressed quickly. As they went downstairs, they found the living room cleaned and a note from Doris.

My sweet boy,

I cleaned the house, because after the disaster you kids created, I wanted to avoid a bigger mess. I am kidding Drew. Enjoy the day with your friends, just be home by 6 pm.

Love, Mom

There was a knock on the door and the kids came in the house. Drew explained the situation, so they decided to go to Atlanta's Underground. Barry loaded all of the kids in the van and it was a tight fit, but they sat in their seats without a complaint. Drew set the radio and the kids began to sing some of the current songs. Barry thought he would never listen to the songs again as they massacred they songs, but he laughed. As they arrived in the parking lot for the Underground, the teens and preteens unloaded from the van, then Barry told them where to meet at 5 pm. He followed the kids, but kept a discrete distance could get back into the routine of being with their friends. He did join them for lunch, but let them have fun. At one point Cindy patted Drew's butt and the diminutive boy froze for a minute, but he sat her down and explained not to touch his posterior. Cindy hugged him and they went off. The kids had fun going through the shops. Cindy bought Drew and Michael t-shirts that had a wet cat with a mean look with the saying under it Don't Mess With Me. At 5 pm, they gathered at the appointed meeting place and Barry got them to the van. He dropped each of the kids at their houses. They thanked him for the ride until only Drew, Michael, and Barry were left in the van.

"Dad, can I stay over at Drew's?" Michael asked.

Though Barry wanted to say no, he agreed with the knowledge they still needed each other. They arrived at the Morgan residence and they went in the living room. Drew checked the answering machine. His mom left a message.

"Hi guys." she said. "Linda decided to take Penny to her mother in Macon and they will be spending the night. They invited me along, so you have to fend for yourselves. Have fun and boys, don't give Barry a hard time. We love you and see you tomorrow."

Drew erased the message. Michael and he smiled then turned to Barry. He saw the look in their eyes and knew he was in for a long night. He loaded them back into the van, after they got some clean clothes for Drew, and locked up the house. They drove to the Greens' house and the boys ran to the door. The trio ordered pizza and sat down to watch a movie. Barry sat on the couch and the preteen duo sat on either side of him. They watched an action movie until the pizza arrived. After they devoured the food and sodas, they continued to watch the movie. The boys snuggled against Barry's body, which caused the man to become erect with the scent of boy emanating from them. He tried with difficulty not to think about it, but to no avail. Drew began to play with Barry's mammoth 9" and Michael helped out.

"Dad, we've wanted you." Michael said. "And we know you want us."

"We can't boys." Barry said, almost begging. "It's wrong. It will be like those guys Drew."

"No Mr. Green." Drew said. "Those assholes did it by force. We love you."

Michael slowly slipped the zipper down on Barry's pants. Drew reached in and pulled the hard thick cock out. Both boys whistled at the sight of it and they bent to kiss it. They licked each side and Barry shivered with excitement. Precum oozed from the tip and Michael tasted his father's clear honey. The two boys took turns tasting the fluid from the man. Michael then swallowed half the monster rod. He took the cock like a pro and bobbed his head up and down. With each move, Michael took more in his mouth until he swallowed the entire shaft. Drew took the golf ball sized nuts in his mouth. The small boy worked each one in his mouth and Barry was writhing with enjoyment. He knew he would not last long and so did Drew. The man's ballsac pulled tight to his body because of the tag team work of his son and the boy he loved as a son.

"OH SHIT!!" he cried. "I'M CUMMING!!"

The first volley hit Michael's throat and the boy swallowed fast. He then pulled back so only the head was in his mouth to receive the next blast. Eight more times Barry exploded into his son's mouth and Michael kept it in his mouth. As Barry's rod softened Michael pulled off and Drew ran his tongue up the shaft. The two boys' mouths met and Michael shared his father's love juice with his lover. The duo smiled at the contented look in Barry's face. He opened his eyes and smiled, then his face became concerned.

"This can never happen again." he said. "I shouldn't have let it happen now."

"Dad we wanted to and you know it." Michael said. "And we know you wanted it too. We love you and we will never tell anyone."

"And you're one who would not force us." Drew added. "We want to make you happy. Besides we're bonding."

"Boys, it's wrong." the man replied.

"Not if it's love." the blonde boy told him.

The two boys got up and took Barry by the hand. They led him to his bedroom. When they got there, the boys slowly undressed the man. Michael removed his shirt and revealed Barry's hard, hairy torso. Drew removed the pants from the man, then his boxers. Barry's cock still glistened with spit and cum. He sat as the boys removed their clothes slowly excited him with a strip tease. They climbed on the bed as exposed his hole and Drew began to tongue bathe him. Barry saw the monster Drew had on his body and began to suck the boy meat. Though he had never done it before, Barry was a natural-born cocksucker. After a few minutes, Drew placed a condom on his rod and put hit at Michael's boypussy. He pushed in slowly and Barry was amazed how easily his son took the shaft. The boys fell into their loving rhythm and Barry's cock shot to its full hardness. He wanted to join the fun and Drew saw that.

"Face me and straddle Mikey carefully." the boy said.

Barry did as he was told and his dick was pointing at Michael's hard 5.5". Drew took both rods in hand and licked the heads. The Green men moaned with pleasure. Drew leaned as far as he could without breaking stride, took both cockheads in his mouth, and used his tongue to bathe them. Michael spread his father's firm as cheeks and revealed the mancunt. The tall boy ran his tongue around the hole and Barry froze. He felt the moist item at his anal opening and felt the wonder of pleasure. He relaxed as his son began to tongue-fuck his hole. The three males were enjoying the pleasures they were feeling. For almost half-an-hour, they sucked and fucked as sweat poured off their bodies. Both Greens felt their balls tighten simultaneously.

"OH GOD!!" they cried in unison.

The cream flowed freely as Barry filled Drew's mouth with seven shots and Michael exploded with six of his own. The smaller boy tried to swallow it, but there was no way it would happen as it flowed from his mouth onto their bodies. As Michael's ass muscles tightened, it milked the massive rod in him. Drew's exploded seven shots into the condom.

The three collapsed in a heap and Drew removed his cock from his partner's anal cavity. He tied the condom off and handed it to Michael. Barry looked at the two with a confused looked and the boys laughed.

"I'm saving the special juice that he can't put in me." his son said. "I always want Drew with me."

Drew did clean the two off and they laid together on the bed. Barry was in the middle and Drew was to his left, Michael to the right. Barry pulled Drew onto his chest and the diminutive preteen snuggled against his body. Michael got their underwear and Barry shook his head no.

"I think we will make an exception this one night." he said.

He pulled his son to his chest and the two boys felt happy against the man, safe and warm. As they slept, Drew had a dream of his father who ignored the boy. But a figure came from the shadows and slew the cold-hearted man. It was Barry who lifted him in his arms and called him son.


NOTE: Well here is the next chapter folks. I know this seems to deviate from what had gone on before, but I did allude to the love between Barry and the boys. I just hope that you enjoy this with the way I presented it. If you have any comments, please email me at Please remember to put the title of the story in the subject line. Also tell me where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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