BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

"Hello sweetie." the tall boy said. "Anything wrong?"

"No." Drew said. "I had a dream but you came to my rescue. I love you."

"The same here." Michael answered. "I'll see you in the morning babe."

"I'll see you again." the small teen replied.

Drew hung up the phone and fell asleep. He had no other dreams and was content when he woke up.


Drew woke up with a longing for his love. He called Michael immediately and heard a sleepy voice on the other end.

"Hey baby." Michael said. "How are you this morning?"

"Missing you." the small preteen said. "So you coming over soon?"

"In about 30 minutes." the tall boy replied. "Don't do anything until I get there."

"Okay my love." Drew said. "I'll see you soon."

He hung up the phone and got a quick shower. The diminutive boy found Doris in the kitchen. She smiled at her son.

"So how did last night go?" she asked.

"One bad dream." he said. "But a good ending. Mom do you know where Bryce is taking us?"

"Yes baby." she said quietly. "Savannah."

Drew's eyes showed panic and was ready to run to his room. Doris grabbed his arm and took him to her. She carried her baby boy, sat down, and rocked his body while she hummed to him. This soothed him and he looked at her.

"But why?" he queried as a tear streaked his face.

"Baby you have faced a lot of you demons from the attack." Doris replied. "Bryce feels that if you face the place of the attack, you can face the scum who attacked you."

"I'm scared Mom." the small boy said.

"I know baby." she replied. "But Bryce and Hank won't let you or Michael came to any harm. Besides you can see Judy."

Drew snuggled against his mother and felt the safety there. Michael had walked in and saw the two in the chair.

"And don't I deserve a welcome?" he asked.

Drew squirmed out of his mother's embrace and jumped into his lover's arms. He kissed Michael all over his face. Doris was happy for her son, but felt a pang of jealousy. Michael lowered Drew and gave Doris a kiss.

"How are you Mom?" he asked with a smile.

"So glad you're here now." she said. "This one has been a pest all day. I better get to work. I'll see you two tonight."

"Bye Mom." they called out together.

The two boys rushed upstairs and pulled out their hard cocks. They got into a 69 position and both boy cocks disappeared in their respective mouths. The boys' heads moved on and off their rods and they knew they would explode with passion. Michael was ready to shoot because Drew's talented mouth brought him to climax first. His balls tightened and Drew received six shots of his love's sweet cream. This caused Drew to follow quickly and he rewarded Michael's mouth with seven blasts of his own load. They had finished when the doorbell rang. The two boys straightened themselves and answered the door. Bryce and Hank were standing there, ready to take the boys to Savannah. They got in the Blazer and Drew suggested in taking the Escalade. They stopped at the new house and got the larger SUV. The boys had their own headsets and it came with a VCR. Bryce brought Die Hard and the boys were very animated during the film. Hank went I-20 towards Macon, then to I-16 East. The two men talked and Bryce was prepared for hopefully any situation. As they approached the city limits of Savannah, the movie ended and Michael recognized where they were. Drew was holding his hand and was ready to sit in his lap if need be.

"I know sweetie." the small preteen said. "I'm so scared, I'm ready to piss my pants. Bryce wants us to face where we were attacked."

Michael held his soulmate and began to cry. Drew kissed his cheek and tasted the salty tears. The two boys became more afraid and Bryce saw their fear.

"Boys, we'll be here no matter what." the therapist said. "All you have to do is see where it happened."

The SUV pulled to the beach where the attack occurred. The men got out and they looked around. The boys were very reluctant in getting out of the vehicle, but they did and stood by the men.

"Now show me what happened that day." Bryce said.

The boys showed the men where they went at the nude beach. They explained how they were approached by the college guys, then left. They walked the same path to the point of attack. The small boys showed both men and Michael where he was attacked. He began hitting and kicking the sand. After a few minutes he stopped, looked at Bryce, and smiled.

"It's just a place." Drew said. "Yeah, it was the place those fuckers hurt me, but it's just a place. It did nothing, so why be afraid of it. Come on."

He led them to the place where Michael was attacked and spit on the ground. He nudged Michael and the tall boy did the same.

"See it's only a place." the miniature boy said.

Michael smiled and they laughed. The place where the pain happened was just a street and sand. Drew took them to the store he ran to and the elderly lady from that night was at the counter.

"Well hello young man." she said. "How are you doing?"

"Cool." he replied. "We decided to see the attack sites so Mikey and I can go on with our lives."

"Good for you." she said. "And who are these gentlemen?"

"This is Michael." the small preteen said. "This is Bryce, our therapist, and Hank is our home school teacher."

"Well young man, you were very brave." the store keeper said. "You kept your head and saved this young man's life."

"No ma'am, I was saving someone I love." Drew said. "I wasn't brave, just scared."

"Well to me you were brave." she said.

She hugged Drew and gave the two boys a soda each. She offered Hank and Bryce something, but they declined the offer. The boys thanked her for the drinks and they went to the SUV. A police car approached them and the small boy recognized the officer - Dave Bruniski. He smiled at Drew and waved.

"Hi big man." the officer said. "So how are you doing?"

"Confronting demons." he said. "Mikey and I are just visiting the site to become stronger. That way we can face those bastards in court."

"Speaking of them." Dave said. "They are going to plead out for sentences of 7.5 - 15 years, except the one boy who agreed to testify."

"Well I would have liked them castrated." Drew said with a grin. "But I think those boys will be on everyone's dance card."

"You will be permitted to speak at the sentencing hearing." the cop said.

"Cool." the boys said in unison.

"The hearing is on Thursday." Officer Bruniski told them.

He shook hands with the quartet and the four loaded into the SUV. They went to the hospital and found Judy at the nurse's station. She saw Drew and Michael approach and a smiled beamed from her. She told the nurse she was going on break and went to the two preteens. She then saw Bryce and Hank.

"My God, how are you?" she asked.

"Good." the boys said.

"And you two are looking good." Judy said to the two men.

They went to the nurse's lounge and she was overjoyed to see the boys.

"So have they caused you any problems Bryce?" she asked.

"Their boys." the therapist said. "What do you think? They are amazing though, especially Drew."

"I knew he would be." Judy said as she turned to Drew. "Sweetie, I told you it would help."

"I know." Drew said. "And I appreciate your help too."

He gave her a kiss and she blushed. The four had to get back to Atlanta, which they did after going back to the Escalade. They began the journey back and the boys felt more at peace with the world than they had since the attack. They fell asleep in each others arms and Drew dreamt he was walking along and the evil in the world scattered as he approached. He saw another figure and saw it was Michael. They walked hand-in-hand to the gates of heaven and they were welcome. They felt someone shake them and it was Bryce.

"Wake up sleepyheads." he said. "We're almost home."

The boys realized they were at the new house. They climbed out of the Escalade and got into the Blazer. Hank drove the boys home and Drew told Michael of his dream.

"Cool dream." the tall boy said. "I dreamt we had a huge piece of land with no one but us. We were able to kiss, make love, and be happy forever."

They began to kiss and fondle each other. Bryce looked at them and nudged Hank. The smiled at the scene, but Bryce decided to have fun.

"Okay, get a room you two." he said. "We haven't Scotch-guarded those seats."

The two boys looked at him with smiles on their faces as they pulled into the driveway. The four entered the house and Doris was in the living room with the Greens. The boys talked excitedly about the trip. how the five were going to plead guilty, and how they would get to give a victim's impact statement. Doris, Barry, and Bryce would also make statements. The duo also told their parents that until Saturday and the move, they would sleep alone. The smiles that crossed the five adults' faces showed their happiness for the boys.

"You guys should see Drew." Michael said. "He's so amazingly strong-willed and he's my rock."

Penny came from Drew's room and saw her brother and the smaller boy. She came to them and hugged them both. Drew sat her down and was ready to spring a surprise on her.

"Penny, when we move Saturday, we want to get a computer for you." the diminutive preteen said.

The little girl hugged him around his neck and the adults were ready to protest. Drew looked at them and ready to give his brand of logic.

"Well I never said you couldn't put a child protection program on it." he said. "HHHEEELLLOOO!!!"

"Well you don't have to be a wiseacre." Bryce replied. "But it is sweet that you want to give it to Penny."

Barry and Linda thanked the miniature boy for the gift. Doris invited Bryce and Hank for dinner. Hank went to get dinner for the entire group. Penny and the boys went to play games on Drew's computer. He chose an easy game she could play and the three laughed and Penny won the game. The boys feigned being mad and began to tickle her unmercifully. The giggles echoed off the walls and the three parents were looking at the scene. Doris heard Hank at the door.

"Okay you three, wash for dinner." she said.

The three obeyed without a fuss and made sure they were properly cleaned for dinner, then went downstairs to eat. Hank went to KFC and the food was spread out on the table. They put the food on paper plates, then sat out on the porch. The evening was cool, but very comfortable. Mrs. Johnston, the elderly widow from next door, saw them from her porch and waved.

"How is everyone tonight?" she asked.

"Fine Janet." Doris responded. "Oh, I need to tell you. We're moving on Saturday."

"I'm sorry to hear that." the elderly lady said. "Why are you moving?"

Doris explained the reading of the will and that Drew decided to keep the house. The move was unexpected, but Doris gave Mrs. Johnston the address of the new house.

"I have a friend who lives only two streets over." Janet said. "I hope you are happy little prince."

Janet babysat Drew when Doris had to get a job. She called him the little prince and he loved the nickname as he was growing up. Michael looked at his lover, red-faced with embarrassment.

"Little Prince?" the tall boy asked. "Little isn't what I would call you."

The group finished dinner and threw the paper plates in the garbage. The Greens got ready to leave and the two boys, who seemed to come full circle, kissed each other goodnight.

"Wait until Saturday." Drew said. "We'll have our own honeymoon."

"I can't wait." Michael said.

The Greens left and Bryce knelt down and looked into Drew's eyes.

"You know, for someone so small, you have a huge heart and soul." the therapist said.

The diminutive preteen hugged the man hard and whispered thank you in his ear. As he let Bryce go, he ran to Hank and the giant of a man picked him up and Drew hugged his neck and whispered thank you to him also. Hank let him down and the two men left with overjoyed hearts with the knowledge they helped two boys with their lives.

Doris picked up her son and carried him to bed. She kissed his cheek and she put her son to bed.

"Goodnight Mom." he said. "I love you so much."

"Goodnight my little prince." his mother replied.

Drew fell asleep quickly and dreamt he and Michael were older and had a daughter. He woke up when he heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" he said groggily.

"Hey lover." Michael said. "I missed hearing your voice."

"I miss you too." Drew said. "I dreamt about our future."

"Well you finish that dream." the tall preteen said. "You can tell me tomorrow."

"Night baby."

The small preteen hung up the phone and returned to his slumber. He slept soundly and happy.


NOTE: Well I know this took a while, but I finally got the chapter finished. It was a long process to get the boys to move forward, but I hope that this helps. I hope that you like it. If you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to email me at Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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