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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Drew fell asleep quickly and dreamt he and Michael were older and had a daughter. He woke up when he heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" he said groggily.

"Hey lover." Michael said. "I missed hearing your voice."

"I miss you too." Drew said. "I dreamt about our future."

"Well you finish that dream." the tall preteen said. "You can tell me tomorrow."

"Night baby."

The small preteen hung up the phone and returned to his slumber. He slept soundly and happy.


The events of the week seemed to run along one day after another. Both the Greens and Morgans received letters from the court about the plea bargain, and when to appear if they wanted to make a statement. The boys had school on Wednesday and the two men decided to take the two boys to Kennesaw Mountain Historic Park. The four explored the park area, then the view from the mountain. The families had dinner at the Greens, where a real estate agent talked with the adults of the sale of their houses. They signed contracts and had dinner. Everyone agreed to meet at 7:30 am to go to Savannah. Doris and Drew left for home. The small boy got into bed, but called Michael before going to sleep.

"Well baby, one part of the nightmare will be behind us." Drew said.

"Yeah and we can tell those shitheads off." Michael said.

"Well let's get some sleep so we can be so eloquent." Drew said. "Night my love."

"Sleep well, little prince." the tall teen said.

Drew fell asleep and his mother had to wake him.

"Okay Drew, time to get up." she said. "Get ready to go."

The small preteen showered and readied himself. He put on a suit, but could not tie his tie. He presented himself to his mother, who smiled at her boy.

"My don't you look handsome." Doris remarked.

Drew blushed when the doorbell rang. The Greens were there along with Bryce and Hank. Hank had gotten the Escalade so they could ride in comfort. The Greens brought the van, but Drew suggested the Mercedes so they departed for the house. They exchanged the vehicles and headed to Savannah. The kids were in the Escalade, while the parents went in the Mercedes. Michael brought two movies, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The trip was fun for them and Bryce imitated the Beast, which caused the three to laugh hysterically.

"Come on, Hank is the Beast." Drew said. "You're more of the Beauty."

The kids were howling with laughter along with Hank. Bryce stuck his tongue out and feigned being insulted. The arrived in Savannah and found the courthouse building. After they parked and went through the metal detector, they located Thomas Anderson - the district attorney. He saw the group approach. Drew introduced Hank and Bryce to them an, they he introduced Penny.

"Well you two, are you ready?" the distinguished man asked.

"Yes sir." Drew replied.

"Just remember, explain what happened." Mr. Anderson said. "And how it has affected you. Just be carefully with your language."

"Yes sir." the boys said together.

They entered the courtroom and sat behind the DA. The five defendants were led in with their attorneys and sat at the other table. They looked at the two boys and Drew extended his middle finger. Michael giggled and Doris smacked her son's head. The clerk called the courtroom to order and a female in a black robe entered the court. She approached the bench and sat down.

"Please be seated." the judge said.

Everyone sat and the clerk stated this was a plea hearing for the five who had attacked Drew and Michael. The judge had asked if they understood that they were pleading guilty and each said yes. She asked if they were pleading under duress or of a promise or if they were impaired by alcohol or drugs, upon which they all said no. She asked if they understood that she does not have to follow the sentencing recommendations and they could face much harsher sentences. They said yes and gulped almost in unison.

"I want the victims to give a statement." the judge said.

Drew came to the gate and stood in front of the judge. He explained what happened that day from the trip to the beach and the attack. He continued to tell the judge that for the weeks following he had nightmares, could face his friends, or go to school. He also enlightened how he had been seeing a therapist and pointed to Bryce.

Michael followed along and explained what happened to him and how he had to heal from broken ribs. He explained about his nightmares and having to miss school because he was beaten severely.

The parents explained the devastation this caused their families and felt that this would never have happened if these five learned morals at home. Doris yelled at the boys for their savage attack on her son and Michael and she hoped that they would rot in hell. Bryce explained the psychological damage the boys suffered and would have to live with this all their lives.

The judge asked each of the defendants to tell what happened, which each did. They did apologize to the families and it seemed only one meant it the teen who was ready to testify. But when Greg gave his statement, he said that Drew deserved it because he was a fucking faggot. The diminutive preteen began to lunge for the defendant, but Hank caught him in mid-flight. The judge looked at the college boy with contempt.

"For the defendants, I here-by sentence each of you to a term of not less than 5 years and no more than 10 years." she said. "However, Gregory Bronkton, you are here by sentenced to a term of no less than 15 years and no more than 25 years."

The instigator of the attack collapsed in his chair as his legs buckled from under him. The defendants were led away by the deputies and the families shook hands with the DA.

"Well you two was justice served?" he asked with a smile.

"Yep." Drew said. "Especially the asshole who started it."

"Andrew Morgan." Doris said. "Do I have to wash your mouth out with soap?"

"No ma'am." he said.

They left and had lunch in Savannah. They left Savannah soon after to go home. The trip was more subdued, but the kids began to sing some the songs from Beauty and the Beast. Hank shook his head when Bryce joined in with them. As they arrived in Atlanta, they put the Mercedes in the garage, then drove to the Morgan home for dinner. Doris, Linda, and Barry made dinner while Hank, Bryce and the kids sat in the living room.

"Are Mikey and Drew okay now?" Penny asked Bryce.

"Well they are getting better." the therapist said. "But they might have some problems in the future. You're gonna help them?"

"Like a nurse?" the little girl asked. "Let me take your temperature."

She felt their foreheads and took their pulses. Everyone smiled at her seriousness, but the boys played along. She looked very somber at the boys.

"Mikey is doing fine." she said. "But Drew has a really bad case of potty mouth."

The four began to roar with laughter and the three parents came into the room to see what was going on. Penny stood in the middle of the living very seriously.

"What is going on here?" Doris asked.

Bryce explained the situation and the three parents began to laugh. Penny began to cry and Drew hugged her tight.

"Don't cry Penny." he said. "What you did was so cute and we loved it. Besides you'd be a great nurse."

This caused the little girl to smile and Doris announced that dinner was ready. The eight sat down and ate with gusto. The two boys kept teasing Penny about her nursing, but Barry stopped it quickly. As dinner finished, the kids washed the dishes, while the parents had coffee in the living room. After they finished the dishes, Penny was sleepy, so the Greens left soon after. Drew promised to call in a few minutes and Michael kissed his love tenderly. Drew readied himself for bed and kissed his mother.

"Drew, I need to know one thing." she asked. "Will you still need to talk with Bryce in the future?"

"Maybe not as often as we have been." the boy replied. "But he is a real help Mom."

"I know son." Doris said. "And I'm quite sure he will be glad to help any way he can."

Drew went to his room and called Michael.

"Hey baby." Michael said. "How are you?"

"Missing you." the small boy replied. "But Saturday we will be together."

"I'll be over in the morning." the tall preteen said. "I love you."

"I love you so much." Drew replied. "I'll see you tomorrow my love."

Drew went to bed and dreamt of the move to the new house. He saw Michael and himself in their room making love and not caring about the world outside. The small boy woke up and felt the emptiness of his arms. He was looking forward to Saturday to make their love and lives perfect.



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