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DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Drew went to bed and dreamt of the move to the new house. He saw Michael and himself in their room making love and not caring about the world outside. The small boy woke up and felt the emptiness of his arms. He was looking forward to Saturday to make their love and lives perfect.


As the day broke, it was cloudy and it had began to rain. Drew was to go to the doctor and have his final blood test. As he dressed, he saw how well he looked despite the attack, His cock began to spring to life and he began to stroke it slowly, thinking of Michael. He wished Michael was there and taking his long cock deep in his throat. The door popped open and Michael walked in on his lover. The sight of the hard preteen rod made Michael drop to his knees. He took the entire length of the shaft in his mouth and felt Drew put his small hands on his head. As they developed their rhythm, Michael's tongue wrapped itself around the smaller boy's long rod. They worked themselves into a heavy sweat.

"YEAH BABY." Drew groaned. "SUCK THIS COCK!!"

Michael looked at the lust on his sweet boy's face. He worked his mouth brilliantly which caused Drew to moan louder. Michael began to control the nut sac of his love. He could feel it pull up tight to the diminutive body and the cock swelled in his mouth. Drew grabbed the head and shot his first blast down Michael's throat.

"OH SHIT!!" he cried out.

Six more loads filled Michael's mouth, who swallowed them quickly and filled his stomach. As he relaxed, Drew sat on the toilet and Michael drew his mouth up the softening shaft. He smiled at the small preteen and felt the sweat on his body. He stripped down and the two got in the shower. The soaped themselves all over and Michael's 5.5" grew from his body. As Drew dove on the hard boy meat the taller boy leaned against the wall. The smaller preteen worked the cock masterfully, while he played with the balls with one hand and slipped a finger in the hole he loved. Michael felt the triad of pleasure on his body and he knew the explosion of white lava would erupt soon.

"OH SHIT!!" Michael whimpered. "Oh Drew, you're so good."

The small preteen bobbed his head back and forth trying to draw the life essence from the one person he knew loved him for who he was. Michael moaned and the cum boiled from his balls. The first shot of sex flooded the small mouth.

"FUCK!!" he cried out.

As Drew swallowed the white protein drink, Michaels knees buckled under him. He slid down the wall and the small boy followed him down, not missing a drop of his lover's sperm. As he did what Michael performed earlier, he looked at the content look on the tall preteens' face, but they were started by a voice.

"Do I have to get the garden hose on you two? Doris asked with a smirk on her face.

The two boys gave her a couple of goofy grins and they got up as Drew's mother shook her head. They finished getting their shower and then dried each other off. Drew brushed is teeth and they went to his room so they could dress to go to the doctor's office. When Michael dressed, he left his t-shirt and underwear off. They went downstairs to have breakfast. After a bowl of cereal, orange juice, and toast, they put the dishes in the sink and went with Doris to the doctor's office. As the arrived, the boys went in and sat down near the television set. As they watched the news, the nurse called Drew back and Doris went with him. As Michael waited and worried, Drew sat in the chair as the nurse drew two vials of blood. He placed a bandage on him and they went back to the waiting room. Michael looked at his lover and smiled at the worried boy. The nurse came out to them and the trio went to the examination room. They waited and the boys became mischievous as they played with the rubber mallet, examined their ears, tongue depressors, etc.

"Stop that now." Doris said sternly.

They sulked in a chair, with Drew on Michael's lap. The doctor came in and he saw the sight of the two boys. He walked to Drew and examined his throat and ears. He had the small preteen get on the examination table, then poked and prodded the boy's body. He sat down and looked at the trio.

"So we did a preliminary check on your blood." the man began. "It looks like you are not HIV positive or have hepatitis-C. We should have the final results in a week. You are one lucky young man."

"Yeah, real lucky." the diminutive boy said. "Lucky I was raped by two guys and not five. Lucky I wasn't killed."

"Calm down honey." Doris said.

"I'm sorry son." the doctor said. "But gays are the most susceptible to the HIV virus and hepatitis-C."

"This person is the only one I love." Drew said. "Those guys who raped me did it because they felt they could."

"We will notify you about the results." the doctor said as he rose to leave.

Doris and the boys stopped by the reception desk to take care of the bill. One of the nurses saw Drew and said how cute he was, which irritated the boy. They left and Doris drove the boys home. Bryce and Hank were waiting for them. They boys bounded out of the vehicle after they kissed Doris good-bye. She dove to work and the four males entered the house.

"So how did the doctor's appointment go?" Hank asked.

"Well until the doctor opened his mouth, it was fine." Drew replied.

He explained to the two men what the doctor said. Bryce told the two there will be insensitive people who will do or say anything to get a rise out of someone. All Drew needed to do was to ignore the ill-bred. The topic turned to the boys' return to school. They seemed to be ready, but nervous. They knew their friends would be there for support, but they were not sure of the other kids. Bryce said they would have all the support they needed.

"Okay, school work." Hank said.

The rest of the day was as it had been going as before. As they completed their schoolwork, they would talk with the men. There was no subject that was taboo, including sex. When Doris arrived home, the men would give her a progress report. Then dinner at either the Morgan house or the Green house would follow. The boys would plan their first night in their room on Saturday. Bryce had told them to be very careful until the final blood test results came in.

When moving day came, the two houses were posted to be sold. The furniture they wanted to take was loaded on the moving van and the rest went to Goodwill. The boys' king bed was delivered the previous day. Penny wanted to keep her furniture, but had her own computer put in her room. The parents made sure there was a child blocker put in her computer. Doris and Linda went to get furniture for the living room and dining room. Barry chose the den furniture and the entire group picked the family room furniture for comfort a big screen television. Linda kept her silver service from her family. The women selected formal china and an everyday setting. It was as one big family had won the lottery. As they moved, everyone pitched in and the move was almost without incident. As the last box, crate, and stick of furniture was put in the house, Barry ordered pizza. The families unpacked the boxes and the boys helped Penny when she needed it. Beds were made, clothes put away, and the boys set up their Playstation and VCR.

"How come I don't have a TV?" Penny said sadly.

"Well we can ask Mom and Dad if you can have one." Michael said.

The trio went to the adults and asked why Penny could not have a television. Barry said there would be too many in the house and Penny looked crestfallen, but Drew took her hand.

"You can watch ours." he said. "Just knock before you come in."

"YEAH!!" she yelled as she hugged her brother.

As she left Barry turned to the boys and smiled at them.

"That's nice of you." he said. "Besides, we're getting her one for her birthday next month."

"Now we will be planning her party." Linda said. "We will have the party in the backyard. Doris, how many children should we invite?"

"I guess about twenty." Doris mother replied. "That's how many children are in her class."

"We can help too." Drew said.

"That's kind of you guys." Linda said. "But I think you have a guy's day."

Barry planned to take the boys to the mountains for the weekend. The boys smiled as the planned for the weekend.

"Well they can have a sleepover." Drew suggested. "They can use our room."

"You two boys are so wonderful." the two mothers said.

The doorbell rang and the pizza was delivered. The family of five sat in the dining room and ate off paper plates. The kids cleaned up so the parents could finish unpacking the boxes. Everyone was ready for bed, but the boys for a different reason.

The boys had planned their honeymoon and had gotten their parents permission to use scented candles and Michael had picked out the music to play. The boys went hand-in-hand to their room. Michael had picked his sweet, small soulmate in his arms and carried him across the threshold. They went to their bathroom and prepared to take a long bath. As they got in the tub, Drew snuggled his back against Michael. He could feel the taller boy's hard cock against his as crack, but knew Michael would not do anything . His own 7" seemed to stick out of the water like a periscope. Michael slowly washed the smaller preteen's body and Drew shivered with the manipulation. As he was rinsed off, Drew then turned to wash his lover's body slowly. Michael loved the feeling of the small hands caressing his body. As they finished, they got out and dried each other off carefully, not to bring an eruption of white lava all over their bodies.

Michael carried Drew to the bed and laid his sweet prince down. He lit the candles and put the soft, romantic music on, then climbed on the bed and began to wantonly kiss and lick the smaller boy all over. Drew loved the feeling and squirmed with delight. Michael loved to dominated by the smaller boy, but the first of many, he wanted full control. He licked the hard cock like an ice cream cone. As he pulled his tongue up, he was rewarded with precum, which he lapped with gusto. He moved to the cum-laden ballsac and too them in his mouth. Drew moaned with bliss and grabbed the sheets. Michael worked his way up again and reached for the lube and a condom. He slowly unrolled the latex sheath on the preteen's rod. He turned his body so Drew saw the hole of the boy he loved. Michael squirted some lube on the condom covered cock, then gave it to Drew, who put some on the boycunt. He worked two fingers as deep as he could and worked the hole as Michael pushed back on the digits. The tall preteen finally moved forward and straddled his lover's body, held the dick to his hole, and slowly lowered his body onto the shaft.

"MMMMMPPPPFFFFF!!" he groaned.

"OH GOD!!" the smaller boy uttered.

Michael bottomed out and began to slowly ride the massive missile. He loved the feeling of being his lover's bottom. The tall boy knew he preferred to be fucked than to fuck. He leaned down, kissed Drew passionately, and their tongues bathed in their mouths. The tall preteen slowly moved on and off the hard cock in his hole and the moans that emanated from the room grew louder. Drew knew he could not last much longer as he felt his balls draw to his body. Michael's prostate was being prodded also and he dripped his clear nectar all over Drew's torso. Michael felt his balls tighten quickly and his prick began to swell as the first volley escaped through the slip onto Drew's face and mouth. As his ass tightens around Drew's cock, the first shot of his love filled Michael's boycunt.

"OH FUCK!!" Michael cried out.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!" Drew yelled.

They each shot six more volleys of their preteen juices and Michael collapsed sideways. He wrapped his legs around Drew and held him tight. The smaller boy began to kiss the stomach and chest of his love. The taller preteen leaned down and began to kiss his soulmate.

"My sweet love." Michael said. "You are my rock."

"And you are the person who I love the most." the small preteen told his love.

Drew's hard cock remained in his ass. Michael moved on his back and kept his legs wrapped around Drew. The small boy began to slowly move in and out of his love's boytwat. The feeling for the two boys made them love each other more. For over an hour, they made love. The sweat poured off their bodies like a river. With each stroke, Michael's magic button was being prodded to another orgasm. Both their ballsacs moved to their bodies and they erupted simultaneously. Their boy juices flooded all over their bodies and the bed. The moans and love they felt filled the room. As the last dribbles of juices ebbed, Drew's cock softened and it slipped out of his lover. He moved up the body of his sweetheart and kissed his lips.

"Mikey, you are so wonderful." Drew said sweetly.

"And my wonderful prince." the tall boy replied. "You are the best thing that ever happened in my life."

They fell asleep in each others arms and were happy. They woke up in the middle of the night and just stared at each other and smiled.

"Mikey I dreamt that we had a child." the small preteen said. "And that child loved us for who we are."

"I know." Michael replied. "I had the same dream. She was straight, but she dated a boy who loved her and us because we loved her as her parents."

"I know we will have a wonderful life together." Drew said.


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