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DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

They fell asleep in each others arms and were happy. They woke up in the middle of the night and just stared at each other and smiled.

"Mikey I dreamt that we had a child." the small preteen said. "And that child loved us for who we are."

"I know." Michael replied. "I had the same dream. She was straight, but she dated a boy who loved her and us because we loved her as her parents."

"I know we will have a wonderful life together." Drew said.


When Monday came, both boys were extremely nervous. It was agreed they would be brought to the main entrance of the school. As they arrived, it seemed they school was deserted. They went to the front office and the secretary looked at them.

"You two are late." she said. "There is an early school assembly and you must be at the auditorium right now."

The boys thought they were going to be in trouble when they got to the auditorium. The secretary smiled as they left. When they opened the door, they saw the principal and the vice-principal were on the stage and it seemed the entire school was there. All of a sudden the entire auditorium stood and cheered the two as if they were returning heroes. They were ushered to the stage and sat in the two empty chairs reserved for them. They did not see the Greens, Doris, Bryce, and Hank sitting in the front row at first.

"Have a seat everyone." the principal told everyone. "As you know, we welcome back the two gentleman who took adversity head-on and have come back to us. Andrew Morgan and Michael Green dealt with scum and are here to show that evil in the world will not destroy their lives. It would be appropriate to mention the six people who gave these two boys their love, support, and help. They are Mrs. Doris Morgan, Barry and Linda Green, Penny Green, Bryce Cummings, and Hank Wilkerson. Please stand up folks."

Everyone applauded until Hank towered over everyone. The kids gasped at the size of the man and the two lovers began to laugh. The six sat down and the principal continued with his speech.

"Drew. Michael." he said. "The Victims' Rights Council wanted to award you certificates as survivors. Also the Savannah Police Department wanted to award both of you plaques for the apprehension and conviction of your attackers. And you are also are awarded by the state legislature and governor awards for valor."

The school applauded the duo for several minutes. As they settled down, the principal allowed the two boys a chance to speak. Michael refused, but Drew went up to the podium. They had placed a step so he could speak into the microphone.

"I want to thank some other people who were there for us." the diminutive preteen said. "Mrs. Morgan, who is Bryce's sister. She was there for us. And our friends. You guys helped more than ever. We love you."

Again the school cheered and the boy sat next to his love. The principal rose and dismissed the assembly. The students rose and went to their first period classes. The boys stopped to give their certificates and plaques to their parents. The principal came up and handed the boys two envelopes.

"I didn't bring it up during assembly." he said. "But there were some reward checks. This way you won't be harassed for money."

The boys looked and each had checks for $10,000. Doris and Barry took the checks and made sure they would be deposited in the boys' accounts. They kissed their parents and went to their first period class. The day was as if nothing happened or changed. Some kids they never had known came up to them and said hi, but it was a day of getting back into the swing of things. When they had PE, the boys did not seem to do anything out of the ordinary. One boy tried to rat tail Drew. The small boy returned the favor and it was as if the past weeks were just a bad dream.

The boys arrived home and went to their room to complete their homework. They promised their parents they would finish their schoolwork before they were to do anything else. Both boys were several weeks ahead of their classmates, so they continued on with their work. After they finished, they climbed on the bed and began to kiss. Drew climbed on top, slowly lifted Michael's shirt, and licked the hard nips of his lover. Michael removed Drew's shirt and licked the entire torso, which caused the smaller boy to moan. They slowly eliminated their pants, but left their briefs on. They outlined their hard cocks with their tongues and lips. Drew then removed Michael's cloth prison and impaled his mouth on the hard cock. As he moved further down, he took the walnut-sized low hangers in his mouth. The taller boy then removed Drew's briefs and swallowed the hard 7" to the base. They would work their mouths until Michael felt two fingers at his boycunt. The small preteen began to lube the hole with his tongue and Michael loved being this sweet boy's bottom. The small boy reached over and pulled out a condom. He rolled it on his hard pole and used some lube to make sure that Michael would feel no pain. Drew then had Michael on his knees as he shipped his turgid rod deep into the boytwat. The miniature boy slowly rode his lover's ass and moved his pole not only in and out, but all over the hole. Drew gyrated his hips so his rod seemed to roll in Michael's boypussy. The hard boy cock continually pressed the magic button of the tall boy. Michael's cock leaked precum all over the bed.

"Oh God, I love you Drew!" the larger preteen moaned.

"I love you forever Mikey!" the diminutive boy replied.

They made love for over an hour and they moaned with great pleasure in unison. Drew felt the surge from his body begin to build. As his balls pulled tight to his body, the first volley pulsed through the tip and filled his love.

"OH SHIT!!" he yelled.

Six more blasts painted Michael's anal walls. This sent the taller boy over the edge with the first shot. The initial shot hit his chin and the bed.

"FUCK!!" Michael cried out.

Six more eruptions landed on his chest and the sheets. As their preteen bliss slowed, Michael fell on the bed and took Drew with him. The giggled quietly and Drew's cock softened a little as it came out with a pop. Michael turned over and took Drew on his chest. They fell asleep with the knowledge they would be in love forever.


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