BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

As their preteen bliss slowed, Michael fell on the bed and took Drew with him. They giggled quietly and Drew's cock softened a little as it came out with a pop. Michael turned over and took Drew on his chest. They fell asleep with the knowledge they would be in love forever.


The boys' lives started to flow to a steady stream of routine. They would go to school each day, come home, and do their homework. They would have dinner with their family and play with Penny each night. They would then make love and snuggle in each other's arms quite content with love. On the weekends, they would have friends over or go out with their friends. The day of hell seemed to become a distant past.

A few weeks after returning to school, the dance that they had planned to go to had arrived. The boys wanted to go , but were nervous about the reaction their classmates would have over their dancing together. Doris had Bryce come over to talk with the boys, which he did the day before the event.

"Hi boys." he said.

"BRYCE!!" they exclaimed together and hugged the man. "We missed you."

"Well I needed to see how you're doing." Bryce said. "Besides how can I not see you. You're mom said you're worried about the dance."

"Well we don't know how everyone will feel about us dancing together." the tall preteen said.

"You know you can't please everyone." the man said. "Besides most of the kids are behind you."

"But what if someone tries to attack us?" Drew asked.

"Well they would not try anything on school grounds." Bruce told them. "And my sister is one of the chaperones. Besides you two have each other."

"I wish you and Hank could be there." the diminutive boy said.

"Well we will try and stop by." the therapist said. "But no promises. So how have you been doing otherwise?"

"Well the bad dreams have been less frequent." Michael said. "It's so wonderful to wake up holding each other."

"But boy does he snore." Drew said with a smile.

Michael retorted with a quick snort. The three began to laugh. Bryce asked about the camping trip and the boys were excited about the male bonding. Bryce rose to leave and the boys hugged their friend.


The next night the two lovers dressed very smartly. They both wore khakis and button-down shirts. Drew decided on a sweater and Michael wore a sports coat. Drew got Michael a carnation boutonnière to wear. Barry drove the boys to the school and they went to the gymnasium. It was decorated and they were greeted by their friends.

"So how's the cutest couple?" Cindy said with a smile.

"Well we're like this." Michael replied as he pulled Drew into a passionate kiss.

The group stared in amazement at the boldness of the couple, but Blake cheered the duo on. Linda Morgan came over and looked at the boys.

"Alright, you know the rules." she said. "Do I have to call you parents?"

"Sorry Mrs. Morgan." the small boy said sheepishly.

The music started and the lovers took center stage as they danced slowly. Most of the students cheered but there were some disapproving looks. The boys were oblivious to them because of their own happiness. They would change partners and Drew danced with Cindy and Michael danced a couple of dances with Sharon. But the slow dances were for them only. They truly enjoyed the night and at the end, they went home happy. They made love three times that night as if were their first time.

Penny's birthday came and the three males had packed the Escalade for the camping trip. Michael and Drew made sure they had the videos for Penny and asked Doris and Linda to wrap them. Doris hugged the boys and Linda was right behind her.

"Now behave yourselves and don't give Barry any problems." Doris said.

"And try to help your dad." Linda added.

"Yes ma'am." the boys said with incredulous smiles.

The three departed and headed to the Great Smokey Parkway. Barry had rented a cabin near a lake so the boys could go swimming if they wanted. It was cool, but the boys were prepared to swim, even if it was ice cold. As they arrived, it was late in the afternoon, so the three unpacked the SUV and prepared dinner. They boys helped set the table and Barry served steak and baked potatoes.

"I didn't know you could cook Dad." Michael said.

"This is great." Drew chimed in.

"Thanks boys." the man replied.

They talked about school and the boys' friends. They laughed about the upcoming basketball season, where Michael made the team and Drew was to be the manager. As they finished, the boys cleared the dishes and cleaned up for Barry.

"Well we better get some sleep if we're going hiking." the man told them.

"Ummm Dad." Michael said. "We want this bonding special."

The two boys led the man to his bedroom and began to undress him. Barry's resolve against this melted quickly and his 9" pressed against his pants that Drew was undoing. Michael removed the man's shirt and began to suckle the hairy nipple of his father. As the pants and briefs went to the floor, Drew began to swallow the sword deep. He relaxed his throat and was able to take 7" before gagging. Michael pushed Barry on the bed, as the two preteens stripped, and resumed their attack on the man.

"Oh God." he cried. "This is wrong. "We should stop."

"Dad, we're going to make this special." Michael said.

"Besides we want this." Drew added.

The boys worked on the man, whose final reasoning capability went out the window. As Drew sucked the thick cock, Michael worked the hairy nut sac. After several minutes, Michael got up and got the lube he packed. He began to wet his hole and nudged Drew, who removed his mouth. Michael lubed the man meat of his father, while Drew finished his lover. The tall preteen rose and Drew held the hard truncheon so Michael could get used to it. As the head broke his sphincter, the tall boy felt a mixture of pain and pleasure through his body. Pain from the large piece of meat and pleasure knowing it was his father. Barry looked at his son and prayed he was not doing any harm to the boy. Michael inched slowly down and the cock seemed to know the contours of his ass. When the boy was half-way down, he decided to rise, then lower himself to get more in him. As he bottomed out, Barry smiled weakly at his son.

"Are you okay Mikey?" he asked with great concern.

"Oh yes Dad." the preteen replied.

He began to ride the thick cock in earnest. This drove Barry crazy and he moaned loudly. Drew then straddled the man's chest and presented his large rod to him to suck. Barry took the cock willingly and felt it prod his tonsils. The clear liquid tickled down his throat. Michael leaned forward and kissed his lover's back and caressed his ass cheeks. Drew had began to get used to having someone touch his cheeks and loved it when Michael glided his fingers over them. The two boys moved over the moan and Drew felt his cum boil in his sac. He pistoned his cock deeper in Barry's throat, who was amazed at the strength of the diminutive boy.

"OH SHIT!!" he cried out as the first volley filled Barry's mouth.

Seven shots of boy cream fired forth and gave the man a large dose of protein. Michael felt his prostate pressed over and over, which caused the tall boy to shoot his load.

"FUCK!!" he yelled.

Seven blast of cream covered Drew's back and butt, along with Barry's abs and chest. The collapse of the boy's ass muscles on the man's dick caused him to blast his thick cream in the boytwat of his son.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!" Barry moaned.

Eight loads of cum filled his son until the three were totally spent. Drew pulled his rod out of Barry's mouth, while Michael came off the mancock of his father. The two boys snuggled against the man and kissed his cheeks.

"Boys, you know this is wrong." Barry said to them.

"Why, if we wanted it." Drew said. "Besides we're the molesters."

They laughed as Barry shook his head and pulled the boys closer. The two played with the hairs on the man's chest as he kissed them on the tops of their heads. The trio fell asleep and Drew had a dream he was a bear cub. There was a huge bear and a slightly larger cub than himself. The two would protect him from any intruders. He woke up still in Barry's arm grasp and smiled as he saw Michael's face. The diminutive preteen fell asleep with the knowledge of safety and contentment.

The three woke the next day to a cloudy day and Barry made breakfast. After they ate, Barry got his shower and the boys put on their swimsuit. After Barry got ready, the boys opened the door to be greeted by a downpour.

"AW SHIT!!" Drew said, then clasped his hand over his mouth.

Barry swatted his bottom and Drew said I'm sorry. Michael then noticed three figures fighting with a tent as the wind and rain whipped around the campsite. He nudged Barry. The trio went to the campsite and saw two men and a boy about 13 years of age. They also noticed he too was a dwarf.

"You guys want to come to our cabin until the storm blows over?" Barry asked.

"Thanks." the older man said.

The sextet grabbed what could be quickly carried and raced back to the cabin. Drew and Michael grabbed some towels and handed them to the threesome.

"My name is Barry." the father said. "This is my son Michael and his friend Drew."

"Hi. I'm Mike." the slender man said. "These are my sons Ed and Stacy. I have adopted them."

"Have a seat and dry off." Barry said.

The three boys went to the boys' room, where Michael and Drew removed their swimsuits. Stacy, who had brown hair and the cutest eyes, began to blush.

"Don't worry Stacy." Drew said. "You probably don't have anything we haven't seen yet."

The new teen undid his shorts and unveiled a diaper. Stacy blushed and Drew saw them. Michael went over and ruffled the teen's hair as he grabbed some underwear.

"Now you see why I didn't want to show you." the small teen said.

"Hey, what's wrong with what you're wearing?" Drew asked. "Besides you're cute wearing that."

"Yeah." Michael chimed in. "Wear what you want."

"Can I ask you guys something?" Stacy asked. "I noticed when your dad said you were friends, Drew rolled his eyes and smirked. You guys are gay, right?"

"Does that bother you?" Drew said defensively. "Because if it does..."

"No, because I'm gay too." the teen told him.

As he undid his diaper, his own hard 7" sprung out. Michael looked like he had a new piece of candy to enjoy. Drew and Stacy stood face-to-face. Their cocks were the same length, width, and Stacy was cut also. Michael knelt before them and kissed the two. Stacy was hesitant at first, but enjoyed the taste of the boy. Drew then kissed his new friend and the teen sensed a difference and a similarity. The three got into a circle as Michael too Drew's rod in his mouth. Drew took Stacy's hot cock in his own oral orifice, while Stacy, who never had sex with anyone, tentatively licked Michael's dick. As he slowly took it into his mouth, he tried to take it all the way, but he gagged and coughed. He too only 2" and imitated Drew's actions. He tasted precum for the fist time and savored it. The three moved carefully and Stacy became a very skillful cock-master. Michael was ready to shoot and he pulled off Drew.

"I'm gonna cum." he said.

Stacy wanted to taste someone else's jizz, so he braced himself for the inevitable. Michael dove on Drew's rod as the first volley filled Stacy's mouth. The teen swallowed as fast at each of the five spurts entered him. This also set him off as he released six shots of teen cream into Drew's mouth. This then set Drew to release seven rounds into Michael. As the three finished their teen fun, the softened cocks plopped out. The three fell asleep, until Mike nudged Stacy.

"Well son, our campout is over." he said.

"How come Dad?" Stacy asked with a forlorn look.

"The storm ripped the tent apart and most of our gear is ruined." Mike replied.

"Dad, can they stay with us?" Michael asked.

"We don't want to put you out." Ed chimed in.

"All we need is some extra food." Barry added. "We'll get that while Ed watches the boys."

Bryan and Mike left while the boys began whooping around the bedroom. Stacy's hand touched Drew's cheeks and the diminutive preteen froze. Stacy saw this and began to worry.

"What's the matter?" the small teen asked.

Drew was very uncertain about telling his new friend, but he felt that Stacy would not pass judgment. He explained about the attack and rape. Stacy, Michael, and Drew held hands while the story was related. Stacy had tears in his eyes and he looked at his friends. Ed was also crying.

"I know what your going through." Stacy said. "I was raped myself and I can't get over it."

He told of his attack when he was younger. He told of his life when he was held against his will and molested. He also explained that he was circumcised because of his mother and he was very upset. The lovers were visibly upset and he hugged their friend. Ed knew of the attack and vowed no one would ever hut his little brother again.

"I guess we are all survivors." the man said.

He told the boys of when he was younger, he had written a bad check by accident. Before he could pay it, he was arrested and held until he could pay the $100.00 bond. That night, three guys in his cell attacked him, where they brutally raped him several times. The shame and anger filled his being until he contemplated suicide. But he took up writing and it allowed his anger to flow on the paper. The boys held his hands and he hugged them. Mike and Barry came through the door and wondered why there were four tear-stained faces. Ed explained their tales and the two men looked at each of them.

"Well if we are going to be open." Mike said. "I was raped not too long ago."

He told of going to a convenience store to get a couple of items. As he was ready to leave, someone grabbed him and pulled him to the back of the store's property. He then proceeded to rape Mike, who was in severe pain. The attacker was a three-time loser, so he received a long jail term, but the shame and hatred burned in Mike's heart. If it were not for his two boys, he would might have committed suicide. The group hugged him, then Barry narrated he attack to the rest.

"Hey, let's make our little group a survivors' group." Ed suggested. "We all have gotten through our most horrendous experiences."

They all agreed to keep in touch and help each other when times get rough. They put the groceries away and Ed cooked some chicken, rice, peas, and made a salad. The sextet ate to their full and the boys cleaned up.

The boys jumped on the laps of the men and hugged them. Drew was sitting on Ed's lap, while Michael was on his father's. Stacy was enjoying Mike's closeness. Drew became forward and kissed Ed on the lips, which caused the man to look at him with shock.

"Drew, I don't think this is right." he said to the preteen.

"Ed, just remember, you're not forcing me." the small boy said. "And I want to do this."

Ed could not resist the charm of the blonde boy. The small hands went under his t-shirt and played with the hairy chest and nips. Ed looked as the other two boys were doing the same. They were truly driving the three men crazy. Ed felt Drew's crotch and saw he was as hard as his was. He lifted the shirt off the boys and he began to suck on the dime-sized mammary glands. It seemed that all six were stripped in a matter of seconds. Michael was moving his mouth on his dad's burgeoning rod. Stacy and Mike were on their sides in an awkward sixty-nine position. Ed was taking Drew's hard 7" down his throat.

Michael moved off Barry's rod and got the lube for his hole. He made sure his dad's cock was wet, then applied it to his hole, and moved to straddle the huge dick. As he lowered down, the man who created him, filled the boycunt. He rode his dad and smiled at the man, who returned the smile of his angel son.. Michael felt the man pole press his prostate over and over. His hard 5.5" leaked all over his dad's abs and he could feel the cum rise from his balls. He also realized he never touched his pole as the first shot landed on Barry's chest.

"MOTHERFUCK!!" the boy yelled out.

Five more shorts covered Barry's torso, with one hitting his chin. When Michael's ass muscles contracted on his raging rocket, the man exploded seven rounds of man seed into his boy's hole.

"FUCK ME!!" he cried out.

The preteen fell on his dad and they were glued to each other by boycum. They kissed tenderly and Barry was happy his son was so loving.

Mike and Stacy moved in unison as their mouths worked on the respective cocks. Stacy had snuck into Mike's room to see his dad's pole. He would play with it and jerk it to full climax. He had tasted his own sperm and some of his dad's too, but he wanted to taste the full amount from his dad and maybe one day his brother. Though he thought he was doing it in secret, Mike was awake all the time. He wanted to taste his son and now he could. As they continued, Mike could feel Stacy's nut sac pull to his body. His own full sac was ready to sent his seed into the son's mouth. They shot simultaneously, Stacy six rounds and Mike matched him. They swallowed their respective loads and moaned with each swallow. Stacy pulled off Mike's still semi-hard rod and took his out of his dad's mouth. They snuggled up on Mike's hairy chest and cooed.

Drew got the lube and began to get Ed's hole ready. He saw the hairy ass and fell in love with it. He hoped Michael's boypussy would be just as hairy. He put the lube on his fingers and pushed two into the mancunt. Ed winced a little, but then relaxed a somewhat as he felt the two small fingers roll around his ass. Drew pulled his digits out of the hairy canal and lined his pole with the man's hole. He slowly slipped the hard preteen cock deep into the mancunt and Ed felt it inch up him. The fullness of a boycock made the man happy. As Drew was completely in the man, he began to slowly move in and out. He felt the hairs tickle his shaft as he pistoned the hole. He held onto Ed's hips and began to move faster and a strange sensation came over him. He saw his attacker like in his dreams. Drew became forceful and slammed hard into Ed. Pain and pleasure filled the man's body, but he knew he could not stop the boy.

"Take this motherfucker." the small preteen kept saying. "Take my cock you bitch."

Barry and Michael began to move to Drew, but Ed shook his head no. Drew's 7" kept hitting the man's magic button and Ed's thick 6" exploded all over the floor. Six shots of thick white cream covered the floor. The hairy cheeks collapsed on Drew's cock and the boy exploded nine rounds of cum deep into Ed's bowels. Drew roared with each blast until he collapsed against Ed. As he pulled his soft cock out, a trickle of red followed and Drew saw this. He screamed and ran into the bedroom. Everyone was ready to go to the room, but Ed intervened.

"Let me." he said. "Just get me some paper towels."

Barry got some wet towels and Ed cleaned himself. He then knocked on the door and walked in the room. Drew was curled up and was crying. Ed sat on the bed and put his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"GO AWAY!!" the boy yelled.

"We need to talk." Ed said softly.

He picked the boy up as he did his little brother. He rocked back and forth while the boy wept. After several minutes, Drew finally calmed down and Ed looked at him.

"You feel better now?" the man asked.

"Y-Y-Yeah." the boy replied. "I'm so sorry."

"Those bastards really hurt you." Ed said. "I guess my bid ass reminded you of them."

"But I shouldn't have hurt you." Drew told him.

"Listen, when I had my first relationship, I hurt my partner." the man said. "Something in my mind wanted revenge. I can't explain it, but I went through several partners. It took a good counselor to let go of the anger. He put me onto writing."

"I better talk to Bryce." the preteen said. "Let me give a ride in my ass."

"NO!!" Ed replied emphatically. "As long as we're okay, you don't have to do anything."

The boy hugged the man around the neck and he carried him to the living room. Ed swung him around and put the small boy on Michael's lap.

"Well it's bedtime." Barry said.

Mike picked up Stacy and carried him to the bedroom. He took a diaper out, along with a wipe, lotion, and powder. Mike wiped Stacy down, then put lotion and powder on his bottom. Mike then placed the diaper under Stacy and secured it snuggly. Drew nudged Ed and whispered in his ear.

"Will you do that for me?" the boy asked.

Ed got a diaper and wipe. He got the lotion and powder from Mike. He laid Drew on the bed and wiped his bum, cock, balls, and legs. He then put lotion on Drew's bottom, then powdered his new friend. He then put a diaper under the boy and secured it nice and snug. Michael, not to be left out, asked his father to do it to him. Barry obliged, since he had not done this since his son was a toddler. He wiped his son down, put on lotion, and powdered his tush, and fixed the diaper. The three boys were under the blanket with Stacy between his two new friends. They snuggled closely and fell asleep. The three men went to the living room and sat down.

"Ed are you okay?" Mike asked.

"Yeah Dad." he replied. "Ass is sore, but I'll live. Barry, those clowns really hurt him."

"I know, but he is seeing a therapist." Barry said. "I'll have Bryce come over when we get back."

"Barry, we're going to the LPA in Orlando." Mike said. "I think Drew will enjoy the gathering, as well as Michael."

"When is it?" Michael's dad asked.

"June 30th thru July 9." Ed said. "We will be staying at the Disney Hilton."

"I'll discuss this with Drew's mother." Barry said. "But I think they will enjoy it."

They had found a place to sleep and nodded off into slumber. About seven the next morning, they were startled by three boys yelling like Indians.

"What the hell?" Mike uttered in a sleepy stupor.

"Time to get up." Stacy cried out. "We only have a couple of hours left."

The boys were stripped down and opened the door. They were met with a wind blast and they began to shiver. Michael slammed the door and they ran to the men to get warm.

"Geez, you're freezing." Ed said.

"Duh." Drew said with a grin.

Barry and Mike made breakfast while the boys were trying to freeze Ed's body. He began to tickle them, but Stacy knew he was ticklish also. Three boys overwhelmed the man who was ready to pee. He broke free and opened the front door. The chill hit him, but the piss flowed and the ground steamed in the cold air. As he shook the final drop of yellow liquid off the tip, he walked in and grabbed the coffee. After the hot liquid began to warm his body, he grabbed Stacy and began to tickle his little brother. Michael and Drew tried to save their friend, but Mike and Barry intercepted the boys and tickled them also. The three begged for mercy and Stacy let loose with a quick splash of urine that hit Ed's chin. The men stopped while the boys headed for the front door. The stream of pee it the ground and the boys giggled as the mist rose. As they shook their peckers, they went in to eat breakfast. The six finished the meal and began to pack up to go home. The boys protested, but the men remained adamant about getting home on time. The boys exchanged e-mail addresses, as did the men.

"My birthday is in January." Stacy said. "Can you come up for it?"

Drew and Michael gave Barry a pair of puppy-dog eyes.

"We'll see." the man replied

The three men put diapers on the boys for the trip home and Mike gave Barry the name of the brand and the size he used on Stacy. As they finished packing their vehicles, the men shook hands and the boys embraced tightly. Barry knew this friendship would last. Drew came up to Ed and hugged the man tight. Ed knelt down and the hugged the boy tight.

"Remember, talk with Bryce." the man said. "And e-mail me when how life is going."

"I will." Drew replied. "And thanks."

They loaded into their respective vehicles and the man and two boys drove back to Atlanta. Drew and Michael began to whisper between them. Barry noticed this and had to know.

"So what are you two up to?" he asked.

"Dad, these diapers feel real cool." Michael asked. "We like to wear them at home."

"Okay." Barry told them. "But only around this house."

The boys snuggled up and fell asleep. Barry was happy for the two, but knew he had to call Bryce about what happened this weekend.


NOTE: Well I finally got the chapter done. As you can see I have added three characters, but they are based on three real people. Stacy and Mike are friends of mine and always supportive of the story to the point of when the next chapter is coming out. I love these two like family and I will always be there for them. Please send your comments, good or bad, to Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I can add you to the Readers' List.


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