BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

"I know." Drew said. "This is kinda cool. But I think we need a diaper pail."

"We'll have Dad get it." the larger preteen responded.

They fell back to sleep and passed the night without a care.


The days passed for the family with very few problems. The boys would chat with Stacy daily on the internet and called once a week. Drew talked to Ed each time and the two became good friends. Drew had been writing a journal and would occasionally send it to Ed. The man became a mentor to the preteen and would give him advise.

As Christmas approached two events happened. First the lawsuits against the five attackers were settled, with the boys for over $11 million. Even after the lawyers fees, they still had $6 million. Of course, their parents put it in the bank for their education. The boys also went Christmas shopping for their family and friends. They also got a gift for Mike, Stacy, and Ed. Drew got Ed a journal to write in. The boys had a small Christmas party for their friends. Penny was invited and Hank was the chaperone. The kids had come to appreciated the large man when they came to visit. The party was a success and the boys gave their friends the presents they bought. Though the gifts were not expensive, the boys friends thought they were too extravagant.

"Don't be silly." Drew said. "Besides you guys were there when we needed our friends the most."

The kids ate and drank what Hank prepared. They danced and had a great time. They all agreed to get together the day after Christmas to visit Underground Atlanta.

A couple of days before the holiday, there was a knock at the door. The kids were out of school and Penny answered the door. Mike, Stacy, and Ed were standing there. Penny saw Stacy and was like a girl with a new doll.

"You're so cute." she said.

"Hi, I'm Stacy." the diminutive teen said.

Michael and Drew came downstairs and saw the trio. They ran and greeted them, almost knocking Penny down.

"What are you doing here?" Michael asked. As they showed them in the house.

"We're heading to Florida for a cruise?" Mike replied.

Linda and Hank came out to see what the commotion was. Drew introduced the three to the two. Stacy looked at the big man in awe.

"You weren't kidding." the small teen said. "He's huge."

"It's nice to meet you." Linda said. "I hate to rush off, but I have a doctor's appointment. I want you to behave."

"Yes ma'am." the boys and Penny said together.

As she left, Hank ushered everyone into the living room. They sat down and he went to get some refreshments. Penny sat next to Stacy, who enjoyed the little girl's attention. Mike explained they were taking a seven day Caribbean cruise.

"So are you going to the LPA in June?" Ed asked.

"Yep, but we haven't decided where to stay." Drew told them.

Mike gave them the name of the hotel they would be staying at and suggested they stay at the same place. Hank came in with hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for the adults. He also brought cookies to eat. He sat down and began to talk with the three.

"So you are the young man who got these two in diapers." the big man said.

They all froze. The boys began to stare at each other, not knowing what to say. Penny sat silently since she knew the secret and actually diapered her brother and Drew once for practice. Hank let out a bellowing laugh, which confused everyone.

"I've known for some time guys." he said. "You know I find out everything eventually."

"Does Mom know about it?" Drew asked with a tremor in his voice.

"Neither of your mothers do." Hank responded. "But obviously your dad does. Besides it's harmless."

The sigh of relief sounded like a big rig had let its air out of the brakes. Drew explained why they liked it, but Hank said that he noticed the ammonia smell from the boys' room. He did find the diapers and took the dirty ones out.

"Didn't you notice the air freshener in the room?" he asked with a smile.

"So when do you go on the cruise?" Michael asked, trying to change the subject.

"Christmas Day." Ed replied. "We'll spend the night in Miami before going."

"Where are you staying tonight?" Drew asked.

"The Holiday Inn in Canton." Mike said.

"Can Stacy spend the night?" the diminutive preteen begged.

"There will be no problem, as long as your parents agree." Mike stated.

The group sat around until their parents came home. The boys introduced Mike, Stacy, and Ed to Doris. They then asked about letting Stacy to stay the night. The small teen won the adults with his charm. Mike told Stacy to behave himself and made sure he had a change of clothes. Drew, Stacy, Michael, and Penny went to the boys' room. Stacy was amazed at the size of it.

"Wow, this is huge." he said.

"This used to be my dad's house." Drew said. "He split on Mom and me when I was about five. I guess the bastard felt guilty."

"I know how you feel." Stacy said. "My dad left when I was young. Then Mom dumped me when she found out I was gay. At least I have Mike and Ed. They do love me as I am."

"I have Mikey's dad." the blonde preteen said. "He treats me like a son."

"And he's a mean big brother." Penny said, sticking her tongue out.

Drew began to tickle her and Stacy joined in the fun. They kept it up for a few minutes, but stopped when the little girl began to choke a little. The four sat on the floor, then the three family members attacked Stacy and tickled. He released a torrent of urine into his diaper. As they stopped, Stacy pulled off his pants and his diaper seemed t balloon. The dark-haired teen undid the wet garment. Drew put it in the diaper pail and got the lotion and powder out. Penny looked at the semi-hard teen cock.

"He's as big as you are, Drew." she said.

Michael showed him to the bathroom so he could get a shower. The three others were sitting on the bed and the boys reminded Penny of the secret. She promised not to say anything to anyone. Stacy came out with a towel around his waist. Michael picked him up and laid him on the bed as he did Drew many times. Penny played mother as she put lotion on his smooth bottom. She got the diaper from Drew and Michael lifted his legs. Penny centered the diaper carefully, powdered the diaper, then his front. She fixed it snuggly and got his pants for him. After he dressed, they popped in a movie. An hour passed and Linda called them to dinner. Mike and Ed were still there so the entire group sat in the formal dining room. Linda and Doris asked Stacy about his life and he told them about his natural parents. He had no problems by living with Mike and Ed because he does well in school and he is happy.

"Well that is obvious." Doris said. "I understand you were attacked when you were younger."

"Yes ma'am." he replied. "It was a doctor and he went to jail. My mom didn't believe me, but I pressed it."

"Well you're a brave young man." Drew's mom told him.

"I was just lucky for Mike and Ed." the teen told her. "They let me be myself, just like you do for Drew and Mikey."

"Why thank you young man." Doris asked. "And like Drew and Mikey, you are a fine young man."

Stacy left his seat and hugged Drew's mom. She kissed his forehead and he went back to his chair. After dinner, the kids cleared the dishes and Doris put them in the dishwasher. The adults went to the living room and the four kids went to the boys' room again. The finished watching the movie they started, then Barry came to give Penny her bath. She hugged the boys and left with her father. Stacy then turned to the boys.

"I got a boyfriend." he told the boys.

"Cool." Michael said. "Who is it? What's his name?"

"His name is Anthony and he's so cute." the teen replied.

He went to his bag and pulled out a videotape. He put it in the VCR and pressed the play button. There was a blonde boy about 11-years-old facing the camera. He was a little taller than Stacy and very cute. He was not chubby, but had a little baby fat that could be seen on his face. The two were playing, wrestling, and swimming. They were also on the tape kissing and Anthony had the love for Stacy in his eyes.

"He's cute." Drew said. "Have you guys...ahem."

"Not yet." Stacy said. "It's all too new for us, so we're going slow."

"Cool." Michael said. "Will he be coming with you to the LPA gathering?"

"I'm going to ask his mom." the teen replied. "I hope she'll let him go."

Barry poked his head in to tell the three boys that Mike and Ed were going to the hotel. They went downstairs and the two men hugged the diminutive teen and then the two boys. They left and the boys kissed their parents before heading to bed.

"Take your baths, then to bed directly." Doris said.

"Yes ma'am." Stacy said.

They went upstairs and stripped to get in the whirlpool tub. Drew started the jets and the boys relaxed in the swirling waters. Stacy was sitting just above the one of the jets, which stimulated his balls and cock. After they spent an hour soaking, the three got out with raging hardons. They dried off and climbed into the bed. The two smaller boys kissed Michael's body all over. Drew worked on the lower half, while Stacy toiled on his chest, neck, and face. They were a pile of twisted flesh. Michael was getting tongue-fucked deeply by Drew and Stacy worked on his nipples ever so gently. Stacy climbed off the bed and got some lube he saw on the nightstand. He handed it to Drew, who greased his hard cock and put some in Michael's hole. Michael put his legs in the air and Drew held them up. He slowly and tenderly entered his love. As he was totally in Michael, Stacy moved over the hot 5.5" dick and began to swallow it. His own 7" hovered above the tall boy's mouth and he took it deep into his throat. The boys worked their cocks with great precision, like a finely tuned Ferrari engine. Stacy moved off and on the rod in his mouth, while pistoned his own cock in Michael. Drew's own pole moved with a steady rhythm. Their moans echoed off the bedroom walls with the melodious tone of a choir of angels. Sweat poured off their bodies and they knew all good things must end. With Drew's hard cock slamming his prostate, Michael was the first to release his load in Stacy's mouth. Six rounds of boy cream filled the teen's throat and it was swallowed with great relish. With each blast, his mouth and ass muscles worked over the dicks in them. Drew's rod sent seven rounds of jizz into his lover's hole, while Stacy's own cock exploded nine blasts of teen juices into Michael's throat. After a few minutes, the last of the cream dribbled from their bodies and their dicks softened. Their bodies looked like a train wreck and they were too weak to move. After several minutes, the smaller boys moved to either side of Michael and snuggled on his chest, then held each other.

"Stacy, I'm so glad we met you." Drew said.

"I agree." Michael told the small teen. "You're a great person."

"And you guys are so wonderful." Stacy replied. "It was because of you I asked Anthony to be my boyfriend."

The three kissed and fell asleep. They were so exhausted, they did not stir until Penny woke them the next day.


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