BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

"Stacy, I'm so glad we met you." Drew said.

"I agree." Michael told the small teen. "You're a great person."

"And you guys are so wonderful." Stacy replied. "It was because of you I asked Anthony to be my boyfriend."

The three kissed and fell asleep. They were so exhausted, they did not stir until Penny woke them the next day.


When Penny woke them, Stacy tried to hide, but Drew reassured him she did this every morning.

"You can't keep her out." he said. "We've tried."

"Your dad and brother are here." she said.

The three all had morning wood and Penny left them to their desires. They took their cocks in hand and stroked each other off quickly. It only took just a few minutes for the fountains of youth to flow their liquids. As the last drop was squeezed out, the trio went to the shower to clean up, but not before they licked the protein shakes off their hands and bodies. They quickly washed themselves, then dressed. They came down the stairs and ran head-on to Hank. The three landed on their behinds.

"Are you okay?" the giant of a man asked.

"Yeah." they replied.

"Better watch where you're going." he said.

They entered the kitchen and the adults were enjoying their coffee. Doris greeted them and made sure they ate breakfast. As they finished, Drew and Michael got the presents they bought for their friends. As they gave them, Mike had gotten a sweater, Stacy received a video game system, and Ed was given a jacket. Drew then gave Ed his journal and the man hugged the boy tightly.

"Thank you for this." Ed said quietly.

"Well, your suggestion helped quite well." the preteen replied.

Mike handed Stacy the keys to the car and the small teen came back with gifts. Doris received a briefcase and she wondered what it was for. Barry and Linda were given a weekend in Asheville at a mountain retreat. Penny was bestowed a Barbie and several accessories. The two lovers were given matching signet rings. Though they were not a perfect fit, the boys did not care.

"Why was I given a briefcase?' Doris asked, very confused.

"Well I wanted to do this tomorrow." Barry said. "But just after the new year, you will be a branch manager."

"But how did they know about the briefcase?" she asked.

"I told them." Drew said. "I emailed Stacy about it."

"Secrets, secrets, secrets." his mom replied with a smile.

"Well time to go." Mike said.

"Drive safely and come back on the way home." Linda said.

There were more hugs and kissed all around. As the three left, the family sat in the living room to watch a Christmas show on television. Drew turned to his mom and surprised everyone.

"Mom, I want to visit the guy who wanted to testify." he said.

"But why honey?" she asked. "He was one of the people who hurt you."

"I know. But he was ready to turn his back on them too." the small boy replied. "I guess if anyone needs forgiveness is him. Please Mom?"

Doris was very hesitant, but relented to her son's wish. She suggested some time after the holidays, but Drew was very resolute about Christmas Day. When asked why, Drew stated it would be the perfect present. He suggested when dinner was cooking, they could visit the teen. Doris and Barry had a short day, since the bank closed at two in the afternoon. While they were gone, the kids had lunch and watched some movies. After Doris and Barry returned, Hank and Bryce arrived with some small gifts. Michael and Drew got them a small rectangular box. As they opened it, they found matching wedding bands.

"What are these?" Bryce asked.

"Wedding rings silly." Drew replied. "You're a couple, so you should show it."

The two took the rings and slipped them on each other's fingers. They hugged, then kissed the boys and Penny. They hugged the adults, then Bryce realized something.

"How did you get our ring size?" he asked.

"You." the diminutive preteen responded. "Remember I mentioned how big Hank's hand was."

Bryce had vaguely remembered the conversation, but he thought the boy was avoiding the attack they were talking about. Bryce realized that the small boy was not avoiding, but was planning and remembered almost everything he was told or saw. The two men were happy with the rings they were given. The men stayed for dinner and the conversation revolved around Drew's visiting one of the teen attackers.

"Are you sure you're ready for it?" the therapist queried.

"Sure? No." the preteen responded. "But it's a step forward."

"Did you make arrangements to see him?" Hank asked.

"No. Do we have to?" Drew asked in response.

"Yes." the big man replied. "Let me call a friend at the DOC for you."

Hank rose while Bryce asked why Drew wanted to do this. The small boy explained the he had been releasing his anger in his writing. He also explained his nightmares were less frequent. Drew knew in his heart he would need to forgive at least this one person. Hank came back with the time to meet with the inmate the next day. As dinner ended, the adults cleared the dishes as the kids went to the boys' room to play video games. They chose one that gave Penny would have a fair chance, so she won a couple of games. There was a knock on the door. Hank and Bryce came in the room.

"Well, we need to head out." Bryce said. "Thanks again for the gift and remember to take it easy tomorrow."

"I will." Drew replied.

"As will I." Michael chimed in.

The men hugged the three and said they would see them the day after Christmas. The kids continued to play until Doris came to give Penny her bath. The boys got in the Jacuzzi and enjoyed the bubbles. The relaxation overcame them and they fell asleep in the water. Barry woke them to remind them that church services would be in a couple of hours. The boys got out and dried themselves off. They dressed for church, but wore diapers under their clothes. They went downstairs and waited for their parents and Penny. When everyone was ready, they got their coats and piled into the SUV. Barry drove them to church and a light snowfall began. The large extended family entered the church and found one empty pew. A small orchestra was playing carols and the boys were singing along. Both their voices were changing, so the sour notes were echoing, but they did not care. The service began just before midnight and it was very over-elaborate. Penny fell asleep and put her head in Barry's lap. The boys were a little restless, but they behaved themselves. As the services ended, Barry carried the little girl to the vehicle. The boys got in and Barry put her head in Michael's lap. The snow began to fall a bit stronger, but the boys did not care. The snuggled up and fell asleep while Barry drove home slowly. When they arrived at the house, Barry gathered his daughter in his arms. He nudged Michael, who blinked his eyes.

"We're home sport." he said.

Michael picked up Drew like a baby and carried his sweet love to the room. He undressed Drew, then removed the diaper. The strong urine smell hit his nose and he got a washcloth to take care of the small boy. He wiped him down and Drew stirred. His blue eyes flickered and he smiled. He rose and removed Michael's clothes slowly. The diminutive preteen kissed each exposed area. As he removed the last garment, the only thing left was the diaper. Drew removed it and felt the heaviness. He took the washcloth and cleaned all around Michael's groin and ass. As he finished they got on the bed and under the covers. The two cuddled to keep warm and fell asleep to visions of sugarplums.

When they woke, Penny was jumping on the bed.

"It's Christmas." she was saying enthusiastically.

"Penny, it's early." Michael groaned. "Let us sleep."

"Get up. Get up." he said as she shook the two boys.

They started to get up when Doris poked her head. She saw the boys were not dressed and got Penny to go with her. The boys put on flannel pajamas and their slippers to go downstairs. The tree was lit and presents were scattered under the Yule symbol. Barry began to hand out presents and among the obligatory clothes and games, there were the gifts the boys bought for their family. Michael handed an envelope to his parents and Drew handed a similar one to Doris. The three opened it and found cruise tickets for April. The adults were dumbfounded as they saw their gift.

"This is generous you two." Barry said. "But there will be no one to take care of you two."

"Yes there will." Michael replied. "It's arranged with Hank and Bryce."

"It's too expensive." Doris argued.

"After what the two of us just put you through, it's a bargain." Drew answered. "Besides, you need it."

Though the argument (if one could call it that) continued for a few more minutes, the parents knew it was a no-win situation because their sons were very unwavering. As they conceded, the preteen lovers gave Penny her gift. It was jewelry box and as she opened it, there were several pieces of costume jewels.

"They're so beautiful." she cried out.

"Gems for a gem." Drew said as she kissed his cheek. "And when you get real diamonds, you have something to put them in."

Michael got a small box out and handed it to Drew. The small boy opened it and there were two silver chains with medallions attached. MH loves DM forever was inscribed on each disc. Michael took one and put it around Drew's neck. Drew took the other chain and made sure it encircled his lover's neck. The diminutive boy got a small box and opened it. There were two matching gold rings in it. He took the larger one and placed it on Michael's finger.

"You are my life." he said. "When I first saw you I knew we were meant to be as one. I can't picture my life without you."

With that, he kissed the tall preteen. Michael took the remaining gold ring and slipped it on Drew's finger. He took the wee love of his life and put him on his lap.

"You have been so special from the first time." the larger boy said. "We've had our joys and our pains, but we have been together through all of it and I want us to be together forever."

The two lovers kissed again and held each other tightly. Doris had tears rolling down her face and the Greens held each other as they watched the display of love. Doris rose to make breakfast for everyone. The boys took their new clothes to put them away. They sat on the bed and turned on the television. Michael held Drew close to his body and felt the smaller boy shudder.

"What's the matter baby?" the tall boy asked.

"Scared." the diminutive preteen replied. "Meeting this guy has me scared."

"Me too." Michael told him. "But we need to be strong."

"As long as you're with me, I will be." Drew told him.

Doris called them down to eat and the family sat down. They talked and laughed with the joy of the season. The adults were talking about the dinner menu, while the kids decided to go out to check the snow. After they finished, the kids went to change into warm clothes. They went out and found six inches of white fun waiting for them. They started to build a snowman. They formed it carefully and they got twigs for the arms. Michael found some rocks for the face and buttons. All of a sudden a snowball flew through the air and hit Drew in the back of his head. He turned and saw Blake and Tony laughing. Michael and Drew gathered snow and formed the round projectiles. They threw them and connected with their friends. The fight intensified for several minutes until the four were exhausted. Penny was making a snow angel when the boys went to the house. The group of kids entered the backdoor and left their boots at the door. Linda saw the rosy cheeks and made hot chocolate for them. Barry was in the living room playing with the new watch Linda gave him. The kids sat and watched television with the man, who was watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. At 11 am, Doris came in the living room and told the boys to be ready to go in a few minutes.

"What's going on?" Tony asked.

"We're going to visit one of the attackers." Drew answered.

"Are you nuts?" Blake queried with great shock.

"Maybe." the small boy replied. "But it's something I have to do."

"Good luck." Tony said to his friends. "And I understand. I don't know what I would be doing if you hadn't forgiven me."

Tony and Blake got up to leave and hugged their friends. They thanked Linda for the hot chocolate, put on their boots, and left to go home. Michael and Drew got their boots on and left with Doris in the SUV. The trip to the prison was an hour long and Doris told a guard at the gate who they were and who they were coming to see. The guard called ahead and instructed Doris where to go. The ominous building came closer and Drew held Michael's hand hard. As Doris parked, she turned to the boys.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" she asked them.

Drew nodded his head and Michael followed suit. They got out of the Escalade and entered the building. Doris' purse was searched and they went through a metal detector. They were greeted by a woman not in uniform.

"Hello." she said with a smile. "I'm Carol Barger. I am a counselor here. I will be mediating your visit with James."

She led them down a hall to an office. In there was the 17-year-old boy who looked like he had not slept in years. He saw Drew and Michael and gave them a nervous smile. The counselor offered them seats and got right to business.

"I understand you want to talk with James." she said.

"I just have one question." Drew said. "Why? Why were you with them?"

"First, I want to say again I'm sorry." he replied. "I remember that day and I wish I could give an answer that would justify why, but I can't. They were my friends, but when they told me what they had planned, I wanted to leap from the car. I guess I was chicken when they hurt you both. I'm such a loser."

James began to cry. Drew looked at him and knew he could forgive this person. James did not try to make excuses or justify what happened. When the teen finished crying, Drew went to him and extended his hand. James took it warily and they shook hands. Drew then hugged him and let go. Michael followed his lover's lead and did the same.

"James, I want you to know, I forgive you." Drew said. "You were the one who was going to stand up for us."

"Thank you." the teen replied.

"Young man." Doris began. "I hope that this will allow you to see what happened should never have. My son was in pain physically and emotionally for months now. Michael almost died. Did you do this because they were gay?"

"No ma'am." he replied. "Greg said he knew someone who would put out. When I saw it was your son, I should have run, but I froze. I was a chicken. I wish it were me."

"James, I want you to know that I was opposed to this." Drew's mom told him. "But my son wanted to do this. If he is ready to forgive you, so can I."

Doris shook his hand, but could not embrace the teen. The counselor thanked them for coming and was a little surprised at Drew's next comment.

"James, I want you to write me." he said. "And I will be at your parole hearing."

"Drew, thank you." the teen said. "Before you leave I want you to know I would never have raped you, even though I'm gay?"

"Have they raped you?" the small preteen asked.

James lowered his head and nodded. He raised three fingers and then dropped them. Drew ran to him and hugged the teen tightly. Michael drew up to his side and put his arm around James' shoulder. Doris felt some guilt for this boy, but knew there was nothing could be done to reverse the attacks.

"Why haven't you reported them?" Carol asked.

"I'm a convicted child molester." he replied. "The guards think I deserve it. But at least, when word of truth actually got out, they stopped."

"I want you to report to the infirmary tomorrow." the counselor ordered.

"What happened to that bastard Greg?" Drew asked.

"Drew, watch your language." Doris reminded him.

"I hear he gets gang raped every night and he likes it." James responded. "They say he's the biggest slut in his cell block."

Drew began to laugh at this. The one person who said he should die because he was gay turned out to be the biggest bottom. After the small boy stopped laughing he gave James his address and the two promised to correspond. The three left the office and followed the counselor to the front of the prison.

"I thank you for coming." she said. "James is a very remorseful person. Not because he was caught, but because he felt he should have done something."

"He was the only one who had seemed sincere when they came to court." Doris said. "I would have love to see them hung from their scrotums though."

"MOM!!" Drew yelped as the boys doubled over in sympathy pains.

"Drew, I think writing to you will help him." Carol told him. "He's up for parole in six months. Would you speak at his hearing?"

"Tell me when and where." the small preteen said without hesitation.

They said their goodbyes and Doris herded them to the Escalade. The trip home seemed a little easier and the boys were relaxed. Michael looked at Drew and asked one question.

"What was so funny when he told you about Greg?" he asked.

"Remember in court he said we were fags and deserved to die." the wee boy said. "Now he's begging for it over and over."

"At that point Michael laughed hysterically where he turned red. Drew had to hold his head and rub his back. Doris tried to think this was not funny, but the irony was there and she had to chuckle at it. As they arrived home, they went into the house, where they were greeted by Linda and Barry.

"So how did it go?" Linda asked.

"The young man seems to be repentant, but we will see." Doris replied.

"I'm gonna write to him." Drew said. "I would like to visit him once a month Mom."

"We'll see." his mom told him.

Barry entered the kitchen and they filled him in on what happened at the prison. The kids set the dining table, while the adults finished preparing the dinner. When dinner was ready, it was put on the table, where upon the boys claimed a drumstick each. They sat at the table, Barry at one end and Doris sat at the other. Linda sat to Barry's right and Penny next to her. Drew sat at his mother's right with Michael next to his love. They held hands and Drew said the prayer. He prayed for family and friend, but also added James in the prayer. Barry carved the turkey and did give the boys the drumsticks. This family ate to their fill and no on felt like moving. After about thirty minutes of talking and relaxing, they began to move. They all pitched in to clear the table and put the leftovers away. After the dishes were done, they went to the living room to watch A Christmas Story. They all enjoyed the comedy. Linda and Barry cuddled on the loveseat. Drew had his head on Michael's lap as they sat on the sofa, while Penny was on Doris' lap falling asleep in the easy chair. No one noticed Linda glancing at Doris every so often and how she cared for her children as her own. Tears streamed down her face. After the movie ended, Doris carried Penny upstairs to get her bath. Linda followed after her and sat against the vanity.

"Doris, before we go to bed, I would like to talk with Barry and you." she said.

Doris noticed the troubled look on her face. After she had finished the bath and dressed Penny for bed, Doris made sure the little girl was tucked in and had her favorite stuffed animal - a monkey. She kissed her forehead and went downstairs. Barry and Linda were sitting there along with Michael and Drew. Linda rose to speak.

"As you know, I went to the doctor." she said. "He told me some disturbing news. My heart is very weak and I cannot survive the pregnancy to full term. Either I have the baby and die, or I have an abortion."

The news hit the group hard. The shocked looks were very unmistakable and the boys began to cry and hold each other. Doris sand in her chair and wept. Barry just sat on the loveseat very numb.

"Doris, I know you love Michael and Penny." she said. "I want you and Barry to wed and adopt my three babies."

No one could speak, but finally Doris nodded. Linda looked at Barry and made him promise to do this and adopt Drew as his own. She explained her reason was that since they were in essence a family in but name only, but make it legal. She went to her son and Drew.

"Take care of each other as I know you can." Linda uttered. "Just be there for your parents and help them."

The two agreed. She sent them to bed and the lovers climbed the stairs. As they got in the room, they changed their clothes and fell on the bed nude. They clung to each other and cried for almost another hour until they were exhausted. They fell asleep to a hope that it was just a bad dream.


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