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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

The two agreed. She sent them to bed and the lovers climbed the stairs. As they got in the room, they changed their clothes and fell on the bed nude. They clung to each other and cried for almost another hour until they were exhausted. They fell asleep to a hope that it was just a bad dream.


As they rose to face the new day, Drew thought it was a bad dream. After they dressed, they ran downstairs. Doris and Barry were there with very somber expressions. Penny had not come down yet, so the boys got the cereal and milk. As they sat down, Drew looked at his mother, then at Barry.

"Is it true?" he asked, trying to be brave for Michael. "Is Mike's mom gonna die?"

"We hope not honey." Doris replied. "But if the doctor is right, it is possible."

Drew grabbed for Michael's hand and squeezed it. The two boys ate in silence when Penny arrived with a huge smile. Barry got her bowl and poured her cereal. He put her on his lap as she ate. She noticed the sad looks and wondered what was happening.

"What's wrong Daddy?" she asked.

"Nothing sweetheart." he lied. "We were just watching the news. Don't worry."

This seemed to appease the little girl. After she finished her breakfast, she was ready to play with her toys and wanted the two boys to join her. Drew said they would be up in a few minutes. As she left and they felt she was out of earshot, the two boys glared at their parents.

"She needs to be told." Michael uttered.

"I know. I know." Barry said. "But this is not the time. Perhaps after the new year. Let's not spoil Christmas for her."

"How about Hank and Bryce?" Drew asked. "They should be told."

"We will today." Doris told them. "Just be patient."

The boys got up and went to play with Penny. She wanted to play with her dolls, so the boys agreed. Linda peeked in and said hi to the kids. After a couple of hours, they became bored, so they got a game out and played for a little while. Penny became tired, so the boys put her to bed, then went to their room. As they laid on the bed, Mike looked in Drew's eyes.

"Do you think our parents will marry if my mom dies?" he asked.

"I don't know." the small teen replied. "But they promised to do so."

They held each other and listened to music. About thirty minutes later Barry called up to them.

"Boys, you have some company." he said.

The two got up and went downstairs. Blake, Tony, and Cindy were downstairs. They went to the family room and began to talk about what they got for Christmas. Drew told them about Stacy, Ed, and Mike. Blake gave them a sly grin, but said nothing. Doris came in with hot chocolate and cookies for the kids, which almost disappeared instantly. Drew and Michael did not each much and Tony noticed this.

"What's wrong guys?" he asked.

"Nothing." Drew replied and Michael stayed mute.

"Hey guys, if there is something we can help with, tell us." Cindy told them. "We're your friends."

Drew shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Michael. They nodded at each other and Michael told them about the news of his mother. The three sat there dumbfounded. Cindy got up and hugged Michael hard, then did the same to Drew.

"Man, that is something really shitty." Blake said. "Are they sure?"

"Yeah." Drew said. "But we're not gonna tell Penny right now. "We're gonna wait until the new year."

They came in and saw five very severe faces and he knew that the boys told their friends. He knew he should be mad, but he also knew these kids would help the boys through the rough times ahead.

"So you guys want to go to the Underground?" he said with a slight smile.

They agreed to go and got their coats, hats, scarves, and boots on. Barry got Penny and the entire group loaded into the Escalade. It was a time get the devastating news out of their minds, if only for a little while. When they got there, it was crowded with after-Christmas shoppers. Barry took charge of Penny, while the five preteens went exploring. After a few hours, they found Barry and Penny having ice cream of all things. As they finished, they went home where they found Bryce and Hank with Doris and Linda. It seemed as if the two women told them about the situation. As their friends left to go home, Bryce took the boys to their room to talk.

"How do you boys feel?" he asked.

"Pretty lousy." Drew responded. "Why does she have to die? It's unfair. Those assholes who raped me and beat Michael deserve to die. I think God's just plain mean."

"You can't blame God." the counselor said. "I know what is happening stinks, but to say God did this is wrong. Remember, Linda is not a strong woman and she knew what it means for her to have this baby. Don't blame anyone, just be there for your parents and yourselves. The one person who will need your support the most is Penny."

"Bryce, Mom shouldn't die." Michael cried as tears streaked his face.

"We all die." he replied. "But when and how is not for us to decide. Just be supportive. But you are right Michael, someone as young as your mom should not die this young."

The two boys cried for a while and Bryce was there to support them. They finally stopped and went downstairs to join the others. As they sat down, they smelled the dinner cooking. Hank came out and told them the meal was ready. The family gathered in the dining room and they blessing was said. They talked about what they did at the Underground, what to name the baby, and the basketball season. The kids did tell jokes, but the laughter was half-hearted. As dinner was over, they went to the family room to watch a movie. Hank and Bryce said goodnight to the family after the dishes were finished. About halfway through, Penny fell asleep and Doris took her to bed. Linda followed and they put her to bed. Drew looked at Barry, not know how to say what he wanted to request of the man.

"Barry, can I ask a favor?" he asked

"What is it Drew?" the man queried.

"Can Michael and I tell Penny?" the preteen posed.

Barry looked at him with a stunned look. The small boy looked at him with earnest and Barry knew he meant what he asked. He contemplated the request when the women came in. Barry relayed the request to them and they both looked at him and the boys.

"Why do you want to do this?" Doris asked.

"It might be better if it came from either Mickey or me." the diminutive preteen replied.

The three adults conferred and agreed on two conditions. First, they were to be present when Penny was told to help. Second, she was not to be told until the middle of January at the earliest. The two boys agreed to the terms. They kissed their parents goodnight. They went to their room and undressed for bed. They cuddled as Drew began to kiss Michael all over. As he worked down the hot body, he worked on the nips, then the solid abs. He worked even further to the wonderful 5.5" cock and devoured it. As he bobbed up and down on it, Michael moaned softly. Drew took his balls in hand and played with them gently. Michael could not last long with Drew's masterful attention.

"I'm gonna cum." he uttered breathlessly.

Drew pulled to the head of Michael's rod as the first shot of Michael's jizz hit his mouth. Five healthy rounds of sweet boy cream filled Drew's throat. After he swallowed most of the juices, he came up to share a little of Michael's love with him. The tall preteen enjoyed his taste and them put Drew's hard 7" into his mouth. The larger boy manipulated the smaller one's cock with flair. Drew enjoyed it and held Michael's head in place.

"Oh yeah Mikey." Drew moaned.

Drew lasted a little longer than Michael, but not by much. As the seven barrages spewed into Michael's orifice, the let out a whimper. As the last drops escaped his slit, Michael kissed him gently. They held each other and fell asleep more content.


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