BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Drew lasted a little longer than Michael, but not by much. As the seven barrages spewed into Michael's orifice, the let out a whimper. As the last drops escaped his slit, Michael kissed him gently. They held each other and fell asleep more content.


For the next week, the family tried to put on a happy face for Penny's sake. Their façade was going pretty well, but sometimes Linda would cry and Penny would ask her why.

"Sometimes it happens when mommies are having a baby." she half lied.

This placated the girl. Though they wanted to tell her, no one did. The adults were supposed to go to a New Year's Eve party, but decided against it. Blake's parents allowed their son to have a party. Doris and Barry insisted the boys go so they could have fun. The boys went and did have some fun since the announcement of Linda's health. All their friends were there and everyone one had a good time. When Barry picked them up, he noticed they were very quiet.

"What's wrong guys?" he asked.

"Dunno Dad." Michael replied. "We had a good time, but we kinda feel guilty."

"Don't." his father responded. "You two are bearing a terrible burden. You are dealing with an impending death, so you need a little relaxation."

"Well Ed, Mike, and Stacy will be here in a couple of days." Drew said. "Should we tell them?"

"Only if you want." Barry told them. "They might be able to help."

As they arrived home, the boys went to bed after they kissed their parents goodnight. Drew climbed on Michael's body and he felt the head of the 6" poking his legs. He decided to try something fun. He put the hard rod between his legs and moved back and forth on Michael's body. His own 7" rubbed between them. The feeling was overwhelming for the duo. The friction built slowly, but the momentum built quickly for the two until they could not hold out any longer. Michael was the first to shoot his load between Drew's legs. Each of the five rounds hit the smaller boy's nut sac, which caused Drew to spew his white lava juices between them. The seven rounds of love coated their torsos and Drew rubbed his body so the liquid spread all over them. Drew moved up to kiss Michael goodnight.

"Now, where did you learn that?" the tall boy asked.

"Oh, I just read it." the blonde preteen answered with a smile.

He snuggled on the firm chest of his soulmate and felt contented. He noticed a little of the cum on his chin and he grinned that this was the glue that kept them bound together.

The next morning they were surprised, not by Penny, but by a small bundle of fun. Stacy was at their bed with a leering grin on his face.

"Well, well." he said. "What do we have here?"

The two lovers tried to get their bearings, but realized they were stuck together. As they pried themselves apart, they hugged their friend.

"So how was the cruise?" Michael asked.

"So cool." the dark-haired little person answered. "Get dressed and I'll tell you about it."

After Michael and Drew got their shower, they put on fresh diapers and dressed. Stacy was talking with Penny, who came in the room to wake the boys up. They sat down and Stacy told them about the cruise.

"It was so much fun." he said. "You can eat as much as you want. There are games and things to do. We stopped in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Grand Caymans. I got you something."

He pulled out a couple of t-shirts from Jamaica. He also took a pair of Mickey Mouse ears out with Penny's name on it. She hugged him and put the ears on.

"Oh and Anthony was on the cruise with his mom." the diminutive teen said. "We have fun on the ship."

He gave the boys a wink, which they understood the reference behind it. They continued to talk about the cruise and Drew was going to ask his mom if they could go on one. Penny went to her room and Drew locked the door.

"So what happened between you and Anthony?" he asked, almost begging for the details.

"Well Dad knew I liked him, so he let me use our cabin." Stacy said. "We kissed and started off by wanking. We eventually exchanged blowjobs and he is so hot. He has a sizzling 4" cock that can fill your mouth to the brim."

"So no..." Michael said with a pelvic thrust gesture.

"We want to, but when it's the right time." the teen told them. "So how was your Christmas?"

The two preteens were very hesitant about telling their friend about Linda. Eventually they explained what was going on and Stacy was visibly upset about the situation. They also told him about Linda's last wish.

"So do you think you will tell Penny soon?" Stacy asked.

"We promised Dad and Doris that we would wait until the middle of January." Michael said. "I hope she'll be okay."

"Well Dad, Ed, and I will be here for a few days." the small teen told them. "What shall we do?"

"Dad said he would take us to a Hawks game Sunday." Michael replied. "You guys wanna come along?"

"Cool." Stacy answered. "When can I meet your friends?"

Drew called Cindy, Blake, Tony, and a couple of others to come over. He told them he had a surprise for them. While they waited, Stacy showed them some pictures of Anthony.

"He's really cute." Drew said. "Not as cute as my man, but still cute."

The two diminutive boys began to wrestle on the floor, trying to gain an advantage. Drew did have Stacy under him and ground his hardening jean-covered cock around Stacy's mouth. Stacy then gained the advantage and returned the favor. Michael was about to help his love when there was a knock at the door.

"Well, what do we have here?" Cindy said with a smirk.

The boys got up and Drew, breathlessly, introduced Stacy to their friends. They all sat around the room, laughing at various things. Doris brought snacks and sodas for the kids. John smiled at Stacy.

"I wonder if I could ask you for a date." the teen pondered.

"He's spoken for." Drew said. "Besides you have George."

"I know, but variety is the spice of life." John responded.

They listened to some music and Cindy asked Drew about the support group. The small boy agreed if his friends would be there. Stacy asked about it and Michael explained about the survivors group they were going to start at school.

"That's awesome." the small teen told Drew.

After a couple of hours, the other teens left to go home for dinner. They boys decided to change their diapers. As the put Stacy on the bed, they opened the soiled diaper and there was a huge mess.

"OH MY GOD!!" Michael exclaimed. "DID YOU TAKE A DUMP!!"

Stacy gave them a huge grin and the two lovers decided to take matters in their own hands. Drew got a tub of water, while Michael got the washcloth, soap, and towel. They put a changing pad under Stacy and removed the dirty diaper. Michael got it quickly to the diaper pail. They flipped Stacy on his stomach and proceeded to scrub his bottom nice and clean. Drew sat on his legs and Michael wiped really hard to get the fecal matter off his smooth cheeks. After they got the cheeks clean, Drew rinsed the cloth, resoaped it, then cleaned his hole. As he pushed in, Stacy's cock grew under him and on the changing pad.

"You were a bad boy by pooting." Drew said. "Now you have to be punished."

He continued to play with the small teen's hole and pressed the prostate with his finger. Precum oozed all over the pad and Stacy was squirming under the preteen. Both Michael and Drew saw the teen's nut sac draw up and they knew what was about to happen. With one final push, Stacy bit into the pillow and let out a moan. His dick spasmed and shot six rounds of his juices all over the pad. As the last dribbles seeped onto the pad, Drew withdrew his finger and rinsed Stacy's backside off. They rolled him over and washed the small adolescent's cock and balls, followed by his legs. Michael got the powder and lotion. Drew retrieved a new diaper and they got their friend powdered and diapered. As the teen sat up, he kissed both boys.

"You sure know how to punish someone." he said with a smile.

"That was a lot of shit." Drew said.

"Chocolate." Stacy told them. "I love chocolate and it makes me poop."

The three laughed and laid on the bed. Stacy changed the two lovers and made sure they were clean and there diapers were done up correctly. The three fell asleep and were only awaken when Linda came in to tell them dinner was ready.

The three went to the dining room and sat down to eat. The family was in good spirits with the three visitors there. Penny sat next to Stacy and barraged him with questions about the cruise. After dinner the children cleared the dishes and the adults washed them. They went to the family room to talk. The boys invited Stacy to visit their school and go to a basketball game later that week. A couple of hours later, the two women put Penny to bed. The men got serious as Ed turned to the boys.

"I suppose these two told you about Mrs. Green." he said.

"Yep." the small teen answered.


"You do need to be careful what you say around Penny." Mike told his son.

"I will." Stacy replied. "Isn't there anything that can be done."

"I'm afraid not." Barry responded. "I'm just glad you're here for Drew and Mikey."

Stacy smiled and the women entered the room. Stacy went to Linda and hugged her. She embraced the wee pubertal boy and smiled at the rest of the group. The boys said goodnight and hugged the adults.

As they entered the room, they three stripped and got their shower together. Their hormonal beings were evident as each of their masts flew at full-staff. After they finished washing and dried themselves, they climbed into bed where they kissed and their poles fought for supremacy. The three got in a three-way so that Drew took Michael's rod into his mouth, Michael swallowed Stacy, and Stacy engulfed Drew. Their heads moved back and forth taking as much of their respective cocks as they could. Drew began to play with Michael's hole, which caused the hard cock to flood his mouth with precum. Michael began to play with Stacy's teencunt and the small teen did the same thing to Drew. This caused the diminutive boy to freeze, but he realized that Stacy would not harm him. The three began to emit copious amounts of precum into the respective mouths. Their moans echoed off the walls. Michael was the first to release his pent-up passion as his rod blasted five shots of preteen juice into his lover's mouth. Stacy was unloading his contents soon after as he released six thick rounds of teen spunk. Drew joined the three as he rewarded Stacy with six volleys of his seed. As they swallowed the last of their fluids, the three moved to their backs and panted. After several minutes, they put their diapers on and got under the covers of the bed. Michael took his usual position of being in the middle with Drew on his right and Stacy on his left. They fell asleep with a feeling of great happiness.






NOTE: Well here is another chapter of Drew and Michael. As you can see I did include Stacy, Mike, and Ed again into the mix. Ironically I had the chapter done by Christmas, but not on purpose. I hope that you like the story and if you wish to comment on the story please feel free to email me at Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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