BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: As they entered the room, they three stripped and got their shower together. Their hormonal beings were evident as each of their masts flew at full-staff. After they finished washing and dried themselves, they climbed into bed where they kissed and their poles fought for supremacy. The three got in a three-way so that Drew took Michael's rod into his mouth, Michael swallowed Stacy, and Stacy engulfed Drew. Their heads moved back and forth taking as much of their respective cocks as they could. Drew began to play with Michael's hole, which caused the hard cock to flood his mouth with precum. Michael began to play with Stacy's teencunt and the small teen did the same thing to Drew. This caused the diminutive boy to freeze, but he realized that Stacy would not harm him. The three began to emit copious amounts of precum into the respective mouths. Their moans echoed off the walls. Michael was the first to release his pent-up passion as his rod blasted five shots of preteen juice into his lover's mouth. Stacy was unloading his contents soon after as he released six thick rounds of teen spunk. Drew joined the three as he rewarded Stacy with six volleys of his seed. As they swallowed the last of their fluids, the three moved to their backs and panted. After several minutes, they put their diapers on and got under the covers of the bed. Michael took his usual position of being in the middle with Drew on his right and Stacy on his left. They fell asleep with a feeling of great happiness.


The stay was too short in the three boys opinion. They were hoping Stacy would be there much longer, but he got to meet Drew and Michael's friends. They did get his birthday present late in January and they maintained a correspondence by email and calls.

The situation around the house was still a little tense. It was decided to tell Penny, so the boys took her to the park by the house. Barry accompanied them, but let the boys handle the actual news. They went to a secluded part of the park, even though it was deserted because of a chill.

"How appropriate." Drew thought. "Grey, dismal, and an utterly crappy day."

The four sat on a bench and the boys had Penny in the middle. Drew looked at Michael, and they both looked at Barry. Penny looked at them and nudged Drew.

"Penny, we have to tell you something about your mom." the small preteen said. "We just don't know how to say it."

"Penny, Mom might die." Michael said.

"Everyone knows that." the girl said. "Everyone does."

"No Penny. The baby she's having is too much for her." Drew replied. "She could die when the baby comes."

"NO!!" she cried out. "That's a lie. Drew, you're a big, fat liar."

Both boys began to hug her and she tried to get away from their grip. The three began to cry and Barry decided to step in to help. He picked up his daughter and held her tight. She grabbed his neck and cried.

"Penny, it's true." he said. "Mommy is not a strong woman and she should not have this baby. There is a good chance that she will die after the baby comes."

"B-B-But Daddy, why can't Mommy live?" Penny asked through her tears.

"It's her heart." her father said. "It is so weak. But Mommy wants you to be taken care of. Doris will be here for you. I know you love her."

"I do Daddy." she said. "But I hate the baby. It's gonna hurt Mommy."

"No honey, don't hate the baby." Barry replied. "Remember, it's part of Mommy."

Penny hugged her father and then went to the boys. She hugged them both, especially Drew.

"I'm sorry for calling you a liar." she said the diminutive boy.

"Penny, I love your mom like she's mine." he said. "Besides, Mom loves you like you're her own daughter."

The three got on the swings and contemplated their future without Linda. After about an hour, they went home and Penny hugged her mother. Linda picked up her child and rocked her gently.

"It's okay Penny." she said. "Doris will care for you when I'm gone. And I will look down from heaven to make sure you're okay."

"Will this mean Drew will be my brother?" the little girl asked.

"Always and forever." Drew replied.

Byron and Hank had arrived a few minutes later and the scene spoke for itself. The boys led Byron away and told him what happened. Byron listened carefully and explained it was a difficult situation, especially for children.

"I'll talk to Penny to make sure she's okay?" he told them. "How are you two feeling?"

"Frustrated." Drew said. "Why do the good die young?"

"If I knew that, I would be rich." the therapist replied. "Just be there for your parents."

Byron left the room and the boys worked on a school project together. After several minutes, Drew grabbed Michael and just hugged him.

"I can't live without you." the wee preteen said. "Don't ever leave."

"I won't my prince." the taller boy replied. "And don't ever leave me. You are my world."

They held onto each other and felt the bond between them. As they released each other, very reluctantly, they continued with their schoolwork. Doris called them to dinner and they washed up.

During dinner, the mood seemed a bit more at ease since the wording around Penny was not so restrictive. After dinner, the family gathered in the family room to watch a movie. As they watched, Drew looked at the adults and spoke up.

"So when are you guys going on the cruise?" he asked.

"What brought that up?" Doris queried.

"Well you three need to get away." he said. "Besides, Hank and Byron said they would look after us. So go."

After several minutes of discussion, the three adults agreed to go in April. They finished watching the movie and Doris put Penny to bed. The boys kissed Linda and Barry goodnight and went to their room. They found Doris tucking Penny in and they kissed both of them. Penny apologized once more for earlier and Drew just smiled.

"How did my baby become so wise?" Doris asked.

"I guess it just runs in the family." he answered with a smile.

The two lovers closed the door to their room and undressed for their shower. They cleaned every crevice and played a little as they shampooed their hair. When they finished, they dried off and got into bed. Michael kissed Drew tenderly and deeply. Their tongues dueled for dominance and Drew always won. Their hands roamed all over their smooth bodies and played with their nips. Drew slid down Michael's body and swallowed the hard, dripping 5.5" of meat he loved so much. As his head bobbed up and down, his fingers caressed the full nut sac ever so gently. Michael's body shivered with great joy as only Drew knew how to give.

"Oh yeah baby." he moaned. "You know how to make me so hot."

The diminutive preteen continued his ministrations and Michael writhed under him. Drew knew he had his lover right where he wanted him. As he felt the balls tighten, Drew pulled off and stroked the hard cock a few times. The hot shaft swelled and the first volley arched into the air and hit Michael in the middle of his forehead.

"OH SHIT!!" the tall boy uttered.

Five more arcs of sweet youth juices released and hit Michael's body. As the body jerked under him, Drew thought he was riding a bull at a rodeo. As the preteen calmed down, Michael breathed a sigh of relief and pleasure. Drew then moved up and licked the sweet cream slowly, teasing Michael with every bit of his tongue. As he took in the juices, he held it until all of Michael's sweet love was in his mouth. He hovered over Michael and dropped it slowly into the waiting mouth. He deposited half into the tonsil area and then moved back down. Michael knew what was about to happen and he raised his legs and exposed his hole. Drew first dribbled the contents from his mouth and covered the opening. Then he let his tongue go to work. He tongue-fucked deeply the wonderful boypussy and Michael shivered with the penetration.

"Oh yeah baby." the tall teen cried out. "I'm all yours."

There was no misunderstanding in Drew's mind. Michael turned over and his ass was exposed for the invasion. Drew slowly entered his love and inched downward. When his balls slapped Michael's ass, he held his hips and just wiggled his own body. Drew began to slowly slide his cock in and out of the love chute. The feeling of the hot ass that engulfed his cock was wonderful. As he moved further into Michael, the tall boy pushed back to take more into him. His own dick sprung up harder than before. Drew's slammer hit his prostate hard and often. The feeling overloaded Michael's brain. His sensual sensory soared and his own release exploded with an intensity he had not felt before.

"MMMMMMFFFFFF!!" he moaned.

Five more rounds of boy cream covered the sheets beneath him. The contraction of his ass seemed to pull the boy juice from Drew. The hard rod inflated and blasted deep into Michael's bowels.

"OH SHIT!!" the diminutive boy growled.

Eight volleys of his seed continued to fill his soul mate's body. Michael sensed if he were a girl, that he probably would have been with Drew's child and loved the thought. The boys were finally spent. As Drew's cock softened, it slipped out and Michael turned on his back. His wee love snuggled on his body.

"Mikey, I love you so much." he cooed.

"My loving prince, I will always love you." the tall preteen echoed.

They fell asleep and Drew dreamt that the two of them were married with four children. All were boys and one was a little person. They were a happy family and the taller brothers cared for the smaller one. Drew jarred awake and smiled wearily at the thought of the dream. He fell back asleep on Michael hoping to continue the dream.


NOTE: Well folks, here is the latest chapter of Drew's life. I know what is about to come up in the next few chapters will be hard to take, but I feel that it will help the story line. And there will be some surprises after I watched a story of a family of little people. Do not be surprised to see Drew and Stacy driving in any of the chapters. Also to my two favorite people who have always inspired me in this story, Stacy and Mike, remember guys, I love you. If you have any comments, good or bad, please email me at Please put the title of the story and where you are from so that I may add you to the every growing Readers' List.


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