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DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!! Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Michael called and talked with his mother. He explained Drew and he were friends and he will be at his house when they come for dinner. The boys went to Drew's room and finished their homework quickly. They fell on Drew's bed and began to kiss and hug. They both became extremely hard and Michael could not believe what he felt in his love's pants. He felt it as it snaked down his pants leg, which just reached his knee.

"Damn man." Michael said. "What have you got in there, a steel pipe?"

"Promise you won't laugh?" Drew asked him smiling timidly. He was ready to show his lover what there was in his pants until...


As the boys bound down the stairs, they were greeted by Michael's parents and sister. The Greens had never met Drew and did not know how short he was.

"Mom. Dad. This is Drew." Michael said. "Drew, these are my parents and my sister, Penny."

Drew shook hands with Michael's parents, but Penny was shy. She had never seen a midget and could not make out why he was short.

"Mama, he's almost as big as I am." the little girl said, which caused everyone but Drew to gasp.

Drew began to laugh, which eased the tension. Drew hugged the girl and told her not to think that he's short, but she was a big girl.

"Well if everyone's hungry, dinner is ready." Drew's mother announced.

They entered the dining room and sat a round table. Mrs. Morgan prepared salad, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and biscuits. The kids had sodas, while the adults drank iced tea. They talked about the events that happened at school. The Greens were glad that their son found a friend almost immediately.

As Drew and Michael cleared the dishes, Mrs. Morgan suggested that Drew show Penny his Nintendo as she would be occupied as they talked to Michael's parents. Drew did that and as the boys entered the living room, they found the adults sitting, chatting away. The boys stood nervously and Michael cleared his throat.

"Mom. Dad." he started. "I have to tell you something. Umm. Drew and I like each other."

"We know son." Mrs. Green said. "The way you look at each other, it was obvious. We were discussing it. But since you just met, get to know each other."

"Son, your mother is right." Michael's father interjected. "Learn about each other. We love you son and I know Drew is a fine boy. Just don't hop into bed. I think, actually we all think that if love is there, you will know it soon enough."

The boys hugged their parents and they got Penny for some ice cream. The evening went better than the boys hoped. But before they left, Penny said something that really charged the evening.

"Are you Mikey's boyfriend?" she said directly to Drew.

Taken aback, Drew stared in disbelief. He then nodded, smiling at her.

"Mikey's in love. Mikey's in love." the little girl teased.

She then began singing Mickey and Drew sitting in a tree. The teens chased her and tickled her unmercifully. She laughed and slapped them to make them stop, which they did after a slight stern warning from Mr. Green.

"Doris we have to go." Mr. Green stated. "I'll see you tomorrow at the office."

"I'll see you Barney." Drew's mom said. "Linda it's been nice meeting you. Call me and we'll go shopping this weekend. And it's been nice meeting you Penny."

Mr. Green shook Drew's hand, while Mrs. Green gave a kiss on his cheek. Mrs. Morgan reciprocated by giving Michael one on his cheek. The boys pulled to the kitchen for a long good night kiss. Barry called for his son, who finally appeared. The adults smiled as Penny gave a grimaced look.

"Ew. Kissing. Cooties." the little girl said.

The Greens left and Drew faced his mom and gave her a huge hug.

"What's that for?" she asked.

"For being you." he replied.

They did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and dining room. Drew kissed his mother good night and went to his room. All he could think of was Michael, which caused his 7" to harden. He stripped and slowly his cock with his small hand. He pictured Michael in bed and their making love over and over again. After 30 minutes, his balls tightened and hot white liquid emptied all over his face, neck, chest, and stomach. As his eruption slowed, he felt at peace. He wiped his body with his t-shirt, then drifted off to sleep.

As they Greens arrived home, Penny had fallen asleep. Her father carried her limp body in the house and put her to bed. Michael's mother began talking to her son.

"Michael, your father and I love you." she said. "Just remember that your sexuality is a family matter and now part of another's. I want you to treat Drew right. Don't use him and dump him."

"Mom, deep down I love him." Michael said. "And I know he feels the same. I would never hurt him."

He kissed his mother good night and as his father was coming downstairs, he kissed him good night also. He went in his room and stripped. His mind was filled with thoughts of Drew. His dick hardened to its 5". He knew Drew was larger and, as envious as he was, he wanted to know its pleasures. The tall teen stroked his dick thinking of his diminutive friend and he making love. He finally blew his load and drifted off to sleep with his cum still on his body.

The boys met at school the next day. Word had gotten around about what happened during the last period of school the day before. The principal had talked to Mrs. Morgan about pulling Drew from PE and it was agreed. Drew was notified during homeroom. He then introduced Michael to his friends: Sharon, Blake, Cindy, Kathy, and George. The five welcomed Michael into their group as if he belonged. Cindy was the only person Drew told he was gay and she promised not to say anything. Blake and George suspected Drew was gay, but he was a good friend and they did not care. Blake also had feelings he did not want to bring to the surface. Sharon and Kathy did not know or if they did, never let on to the fact.

As the weeks prodded on, they group would do things together. They also saw how close the two boys were. Cindy, Drew, and Blake had science together and the teacher was giving a boring lecture on the skeleton. Cindy wrote a note to Drew:

"Are you and Michael boyfriends?"

She passed it to him unseen. He read it and smiled the cute grin he had. He wrote on the paper and tossed it back.

"Yes we are."

Cindy smiled at this and put the paper in her purse. The teacher saw this and called the teen girl up to her desk.

"All right, let me have it." Mrs. Morgan demanded.

Cindy walked up to the teacher and handed her the paper. As the educator opened it and read it, she then scanned the classroom to see to whom the girl was passing notes. She saw Drew turning red as she glared at him.

"Mr. Morgan." the teacher announced. "You and Miss Stephens will stay after class."

The class began snickering and pointing. Blake, who sat behind Drew, poked the undersized teen and teased him a little.

"Mr. Wilkins." Mrs. Morgan said, glowering. "Would you like to join them?"

Blake sheepishly shook his head no. Cindy walked back to her desk and sat down. She looked at Drew and mouthed `sorry' to him. He nodded with tears forming in his eyes. Now he will be outed. The bell rang and the class left sans Cindy and Drew. They sat at their desks and waiting for the worst.

"Come here you two." the science teacher said.

As they went up to the desk, they looked at each other and said a silent prayer. They stood in front of the teacher and stared at her.

"Why did you disturb my class?" Mrs. Morgan began. "You two have never been in trouble, so why now?"

Before Drew could say anything, Cindy jumped in with both feet.

"It's all my fault ma'am." she said. "I'm the one who started it and Drew doesn't need to be punished."

"Did he pass the note back?" the educator asked.

"Yes ma'am I did." Drew replied.

"Well you two have lunch detention beginning Monday." Mrs. Mason ordered. "This will be for a week."

"Yes ma'am." they said in unison.

"Drew I want you to stay." the teacher said.

Cindy got her things and left for lunch. Drew began to panic. Mrs. Mason had a reputation of being extremely religious. Now that she knew the teen was gay, his life would be hell.

"Drew, is it true you are gay?" Mrs. Mason asked in a tone he never heard from her. It seemed a tone of concern.

"Yes I am." he told her. "Can I ask you something? Are you homophobic?"

The teacher was taken aback by the question. She could not believe a student would challenge her. But she also realized that Drew was not the typical teenager.

"Well Mr. Morgan." she began. "I do not think homosexuality is right. But, no I am not homophobic. I have a brother who is gay and I love him no matter what. His name is Bryce. I believe that we are to love one another."

Drew was surprised by the statement. He was prepared for her to denounce him and out him to the whole school. He actually had respect for the teacher.

"Now who is this Michael?" she asked him. "Is he the new boy I have seen you hanging around?"

"I can't say." Drew told her. "I can't reveal someone's private life without their permission."

"I understand Drew." Mrs. Mason said. "But if you want to talk, I can have you talk with Bryce."

"Thank you ma'am." Drew replied to her.

Drew grabbed his book bag and headed to lunch. Mrs. Mason threw the note in the garbage. School finished and the group of six walked to the buses. Drew, Michael, and Blake rode the same bus and sat together. Michael had heard about the incident in science class.

"So what happened?" Michael asked.

"Cindy passed me a note." Drew said. "I passed it back and we were caught. We got a week of lunch detention."

"So what was the note about?" Michael prodded.

"It asked if you two were boyfriends." Blake asked with a grin.

Drew, who did not know that Blake actually saw the note, blushed a crimson red. Michael began to blush right along with his love.

"Well, are you guys...?" Blake inquired low so only the two could hear.

The two boys looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Blake was a good friend, but they did not know how he would react to such news. Drew nodded silently.

"Don't talk to me." Blake said as they approached his stop.

The two teens followed their friend from the bus as he stormed off. The ran to catch him and see why he was mad.

"What's the matter Blake?" Drew asked his pal. "Are you mad we're gay? Do you hate us because of that?"

Blake spun around and looked at the boys with daggers in his eyes.

"No!" he sputtered. "It's because you didn't trust me to tell me."

His words trailed off and he began to cry. Drew grabbed his friend, who was 5'6", and hugged him. Blake tried to push him off, but the tiny boy held tight. Michael pulled close and hugged his new friend also. The boys did not care who saw them. Blake finally stopped and looked at the two boys. He looked in Michael's eyes.

"I'm really mad because you got Drew." Blake said. "I've loved him since we were 5 years old. Now you have him."

Drew was very upset by this piece of news. He loved his friend, but thought he was straight. He wished he had known, but now his heart belonged to Michael.

"You two are probably screwing each other silly." Blake said to them.

The boys looked at each other and laughed. They knew that they have only kissed. They had not seen each other naked.

"Blake." Drew began. "I'm sorry that I didn't know your feelings. We have been friends and I've always thought you were hot. But now I've got Michael in my life. I still love you."

Blake hung his head. He was embarrassed for making a spectacle of himself. He wanted someone to love. The only person he thought was hot was George Black, but he knew that George was straight. They walked to Blake's house and went to his room. Drew and Michael sat on his bed, while Blake sat at his desk.

"So are you guys screwing like rabbits?" Blake asked with a slight grin on his face.

"No we're not." Drew said incredulously. "We want to wait for the right moment. And ain't you the horny devil."

The boys joked around in Blake's room, not knowing what was in store for them at school. Part of the bullies' detention was to empty the trash cans in the classrooms. David White was in the class when the note was passed. As he emptied the trash can in Mrs. Mason's class, he found the note. He read it and ran to show his two cohorts in crime. Billy Simpson and Tony Stone were emptying trash cans down the hall. They read it, laughed, and planned to get even with Drew and Michael. As their detention finished, they found some spray paint and wrote FAG on Drew and Michael's lockers. They threw the cans in the vent of the boy's bathroom. They left the school and began calling some kids. They knew that the boys would be harassed on Monday morning. What they did not know was Mrs. Mason had been at school late to work on a school committee. As she was leaving she saw the three boys running with the cans to the boy's bathroom. She also saw the two lockers. Though the administration had left, she knew what would happen.

NOTE: First I know, no sex except for two self-gratification scenes. I think it would be better to have the first love making scene for a special occasion. Second, to those who are reading this and are, for PC, vertically challenged, I hope I have not offended anyone. I want this to be a love story between two different people who are the same in love. Third, I said that bullies would play a part and yes they did. Fourth, I wanted to prove that those who are supposedly religious and have gay family members are not all bad. And last, but definitely not least, to all those who are wonderful e-mailing me about this story line, THANK YOU. You have made this story take life and have encouraged me to move on with it. Any comments, good or bad, or suggestions just need to be sent to I know that this is a new e-mail address, but I set it up for story lines.

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