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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: They fell asleep and Drew dreamt that the two of them were married with four children. All were boys and one was a little person. They were a happy family and the taller brothers cared for the smaller one. Drew jarred awake and smiled wearily at the thought of the dream. He fell back asleep on Michael hoping to continue the dream.


As the weeks wore on, Linda showed her pregnancy more and it was suggested she stay in bed as much as possible. The entire family helped whenever they could. The children would bring her meals when they were home, while Barry and Doris would help with her bathing and shampooing. Much of the work around the house was done by Hank and everyone appreciated all he did. Linda did get out of bed as much as she could, but each day she seemed to get weaker.

When it was time for the cruise, the adults were very wary about leaving, but Hank and Bryce assured that they would take care of the children. Penny wanted to go, but Michael and Drew explained that this would be for their parents.

As their parents left, the three children sat down with Bryce about the ground rules.

"First, you must do your chores everyday." he said. "Secondly, no parties, so don't try anything."

"SIR YES SIR!!" Drew yelled as he jumped to attention.

"Finally, don't worry about your parents." Bryce assured them. "Let them enjoy themselves."

Each day, they would clean their rooms and help Hank around the house. They would go to school and do their homework when they got home. Either Hank or Bryce would get Penny ready for bed, but a couple of times Michael and Drew did that. The boys would go to bed when they were told. Each night they would make love and fall asleep with Drew laying on top of Michael.

One night Drew woke up and needed to get some water. He went to the kitchen and noticed the pool lights were on. He saw Bryce and Hank on one of the chaise lounge chairs making love. What surprised Drew was that Hank was on the bottom receiving Bryce's cock and the size of Hank's own monster. The small boy estimated it to be at least 12" and very thick. Drew could see Bryce slowly moving in and out of the large ass. Hank slowly stroked his massive member and the precum seeped on his hairy abs.

"Oh Bryce, you definitely know how to fill me." the giant man moaned.

"Yeah baby." Bryce responded. "I love this hot, hairy ass of yours."

Drew's own 7" was straining in his diaper. He reached through the top and began to stroke his rock hard rod. As he spied on the two men, a hand touched his shoulder. His tiny body jumped and he saw Michael standing there.

"What..." Michael began to say.

Drew nudged him and pointed at the two men on the pool deck engaged in hot lovemaking. Michael saw the size of Hank's hard cock. His own 5.5" strained in his diaper and the two boys smiled at each other.

"Jesus, did you see that huge thing?" Michael said, not realizing how loud he said it.

"Hey you two." Bryce called at them. "What are you doing up?"

The two boys turned a bright red and panicked as they realized they had been caught. Not knowing what to do, the stood there as the two men entered the kitchen. As long as they had known the two men, they realized that this was the first time they really disobeyed them.

"We're sorry." Drew said as tears filled his eyes.

The two sat at the breakfast nook table and Hank put Drew on his lap. They looked at each other and wondered who was going to speak.

"Well, I guess we have a couple of peeping toms here Hank." Bryce said with a wry smile.

"I came down for water." Drew said. "I saw the lights on and saw you. I'm really sorry."

"I woke up and tried to find Drew." Michael added.

"Well boys, I guess we should have kept it private." Hank said. "So we did get a little of what we deserve."

"But spying is wrong." Bryce replied. "But I guess you were curious."

"Amazed is more like it." Michael said. "That is one whopping piece of meat Hank. How big is it?"

"13.5 of manmeat." he said bluntly.

"That would kill me." Drew said.

The four began to laugh when they heard Penny scream. The four ran upstairs and to the little girl's room. Penny was crying and yelling Mommy's dead. Michael picked up his sister and held her. He rocked back and forth with her as the two men and two boys tried to console her.

"What happened Penny?" Drew asked.

"I dreamed Mommy was dressed in white and she was lying very still." she said. "I touched her and she didn't move. Then Daddy said Mommy died. I'm scared."

"I know your mommy loves you." Bryce said. "And you love her. But if she dies, her love won't die. It will be in your heart and head."

"You want us to stay with you?" Drew asked.

The little girl nodded and Michael carried her to their room. The boys were on either side of Penny and the two men tucked them in. They kissed each forehead and wished them sweet dreams. They went to their room and cuddled under the covers.

"Hank, I'm going to work with Penny." Bryce said. "I think I can help her."

"You're so wonderful." the large man replied. "But I think there is one thing you can work on."

He stroked Bryce's hard cock and nudged the smaller man between his legs. The turgid pole slipped back in and the two became one again as Bryce pistoned himself in and out of Hank's hairy hole.

"Oh yeah baby." the giant moaned. "Fuck me. I'm yours."

Bryce moved in and out much faster and knew he wanted to fill the huge man with his seed. Hank's hand moved on his own torpedo with great fervor. He knew that he could not last much longer as his bull balls moved up to his body. The first shot rocketed out of the shaft and flew over his head to the wall.


Ten more blasts covered his face, chest, and stomach. With each round, the large ass muscles clamped on Bryce's own cock and this pushed the smaller man over the brink.

"Oh God!!" he moaned breathlessly. "Oh Shit!!"

Eight volleys of man cream filled the deep hole of his lover. As they finished, Bryce collapsed on Hank's body and played with the cum covered hair.

"You know that I love you." the smaller man said.

"I know." the giant replied. "And I am yours always."

"Well I think those boys wanted to join us." Bryce said.

"I know you're right." Hank replied. "But I think they aren't ready for it."

"Tell me about it." the therapist said.

"I just hope that Penny will be able to get over losing her mother." the big man told him.

"I think she has a great support system." Bryce responded. "And we'll help."

The two men snuggled up and fell asleep. The house was quiet and the three children slept the night away.

As the day arrived for their parents to return from the cruise, the three children and two men cleaned the house. When Barry, Doris, and Linda came through the door, the children rushed them, where kisses and embraces were exchanged.

"So how were these monsters?" Barry asked with a smile.

"Very good." Hank replied. "They did their schoolwork and helped a lot around the house."

"Well I guess they get their gifts." Doris said.

The adults pulled out the t-shirts, hats, bags, and other items for their children. They ran to their rooms to put the presents away. Linda pulled out a box and handed it to the men. Bryce opened it and pulled out a woodcarving of two men holding each other.

"This is for all that you have done." she said.

They hugged the three parents. They went to the family room and began to talk about the cruise. Bryce noticed the glow in Linda's cheeks.

"It seems the trip helped." he said.

"It was fun." she replied. "We had a good time, though we missed the kids. It was all we could do not to call every day."

The three children came into the room and they were told about the cruise.

"We missed you three." Doris said. "We were so used to having noise all the time."

"Mommy are you okay?" Penny asked.

"I'm okay baby." she replied. "And you two boys had the best idea. Thank you for the gift."

Drew blushed and it contrasted with his blonde hair. The adults chuckled at his shyness, since he was a very bold. Hank made dinner for the family and they ate with all the joy they had at that moment. When dinner was finished, the children helped Hank clean up. Bryce and the parents went back to the family room.

"Penny had a nightmare about your death." he told him. "The boys comforted her. But I will be glad to help along the way."

"Bryce, I really appreciate that." Barry told him. "What ever you can do to help."

The four came to the living room and sat with their parents. They talked about school and the upcoming spring break. It was decided to visit Stacy in Tennessee. When it was time for Penny to go to bed, Linda and Doris got her ready for the night. The man talked about the baseball season and other topics, then Drew blurted out something shocking.

"Barry, Hank is huge." he said.

"Well, he is a large man." Michael's father responded.

"No, I mean he's HUGE." the small preteen said, nodding to the groin area.

It took a few seconds for it to register in Barry's brain, but the look of shock disclosed on his face.

"How do you know?" he asked.

"Don't be mad Barry." Bryce said. "Hank and I were making love by the pool and the boys caught us."

"Boys you know better than to spy." Barry said.

"It was an accident." Drew said innocently. "But it's so big."

"Just don't do that again." the man told her.

"We won't Dad." Michael chimed in.

The boys kissed Barry goodnight, then did the same to Bryce and Hank. They went to bed, but kissed Linda, Doris, and Penny on their way to their room. As they closed the door, the undressed and go their shower. They made sure they were completely clean and ran into the room and hopped into bed. They kissed slowly as their dicks leaked precum between their bodies. Michael broke the kiss and pulled Drew's body up until the 7" monster was at his lips. His tongue moved out of his mouth and flicked the opening just slightly. This sent a shiver through the diminutive boy's body. As the turgid piece of flesh entered Michael's mouth, Drew closed his eyes. The two developed a rhythm so that Drew would feel the greatest pleasure.

"Oh yeah Mikey." he said. "You make me feel s-oo-oo good."

Michael intensified his mouth pressure and his left hand found Drew's ball sac. He played with the smooth sac and the wee preteen moaned loudly. The tall boy felt the nuts pull upward and he was ready for his reward. Drew knew the pleasure was approaching and he grabbed the headboard as he pushed his entire length into his love's mouth. With a loud grunt, a volley entered the oral opening and filled it.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!" Drew grunted.

Six more rounds of youth protein flooded the tall preteen's mouth, who swallowed it with great pleasure. Drew's cock softened slightly and he pulled out of the lips that help him. He leaned down and kissed Michael to taste his own cum. Drew moved down and rubbed the crack of the sweet ass along with the iron rod of his soulmate. The wee boy rubbed the shaft slowly and Michael looked at him with great surprise.

"Drew, you don't have to do this." he said as his voice quivered.

"I want to." the blonde boy told him. "I want to feel your dick along my ass. Besides, this does help my fear."

Drew leaned forward and kissed the strong chest beneath him. Michael's cock was so stimulated, he could not last for long. He felt the cum rise to his shaft and Drew sensed it in the tall preteen breathing. When he knew Michael was ready, he moved up and grabbed the stiff sword. He aimed it at his crack and hole. The first shot hit and this felt good to the small boy.

"UUUNNNGGGG!!" Michael sounded.

Five explosive charges blasted at Drew's body and three connected. As the last few drops came out, Drew turned to taste the tantalizing flavor of Michael. After he drained the tall boy, he got two diapers and they got ready for bed.

"I love you so much Mikey." Drew said.

"And you are my entire life." the tall lad replied.

They fell asleep as usual, with Drew on Michael.


NOTE: Well here is another chapter. And I will say this for the great readers of the story, You caught the error that I had in Chapter 29 by misspelling Bryce's name through the entire chapter. I did not realize it. I made sure of this chapter, so Bryce is back. I do hope that you enjoy this chapter. Please email me your comments to Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.



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