BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: Five explosive charges blasted at Drew's body and three connected. As the last few drops came out, Drew turned to taste the tantalizing flavor of Michael. After he drained the tall boy, he got two diapers and they got ready for bed.

"I love you so much Mikey." Drew said.

"And you are my entire life." the tall lad replied.

They fell asleep as usual, with Drew on Michael.


Easter break arrived and the boys were excited because they were going to visit Stacy, Mike, and Ed in Tennessee. Linda's health was steady, but the doctor advised against the trip. Doris stayed behind with Hank and Bryce to look after them. Penny and the boys loaded the Escalade for the trip to Hendersonville. As they drove to the Nashville area, they passed the time watching movies and playing games. They stopped once to get gas and a snack. The group arrived at the hotel they had reservations and got settled. Drew got Stacy's number out of his pocket and dialed the number.

"Hello?" the familiar voice said.

"Stacy, guess who?" the preteen said.

"DREW!!" the teen cried out. "Where are you?"

"We just got in." Drew replied. "We're at the Holiday Inn."

"Cool." Stacy said. "We'll come over and get you. Dad and Ed have been cooking all day."

Drew gave him the room numbers and Stacy said they would be there shortly. The weekend replayed the information to the rest and they waited patiently for the trio. Very soon a knock came at the door and Michael answered it. There were two men and two boys standing in the hall. They came in and there were hugs all the way around. Stacy introduced Anthony to the family.

"Hi Anthony." Drew said. "We heard a lot about you."

"Yeah and he told me about you guys too." the blonde boy answered. "But he really didn't say how cute you two are."

The group went to the family room and talked while they ate. It was as if they were old friends for years and they laughed. Stacy turned to the boys very seriously.

"Mikey, how's your mom?" he asked.

"She's okay." the tall preteen replied. "The doctor said she could not come though."

"How are you doing Penny?" the diminutive teen queried.

"I'm okay." she answered. "But I worry about Mommy."

"Dad, Ed and I am here for you guys." Stacy said. "And I know Drew or Mikey will call."

The little girl hugged the small teen and kissed his cheek. The kids finished their lunch and took their dishes to the kitchen. It was planned that the boys would campout in the backyard. Penny was jealous, but Barry said they would go to the movies that night. Barry had taken Penny with him to the hotel so they could get a change of clothes for the boys. Ed and Mike pitched a tent in the backyard and then got dinner ready for them. When Barry came back, he kissed Drew and Michael and told them to behave. After he left, Drew had hopped in Ed's lap and the man began to tickle him. The preteen wiggled and kicked as the torture was merciless and tears streamed down his face. Drew was wearing a diaper and it was soaked with urine. Ed picked up the little blonde boy and carried him to the changing table they used for Stacy. He removed Drew's pants and diaper, then tossed it in the diaper pail. Ed got a wet cloth, towel, new diaper, lotion, and powder. Drew was a bit shy with Ed changing him, but relaxed with the gentle touch the man provided. After he was cleaned, powdered, and properly changed, Drew felt that he was cared for by an adult who would not harm him.

"Thanks Ed." he said with a smile.

"Hey, I caused the mess." the man replied. "Besides, I saw how embarrassed you were about this. I appreciate you trusting me."

"I'm just so glad we met." the wee boy added.

"Me too." Ed told him. "Stacy needed a good friend like you and Mikey."

"Are you and Mike going to join us for the campout?" Drew asked.

"We figured you wouldn't want two old farts like as joining you." the man replied.

"Please." the small preteen begged. "We want you to."

"We'll see." Ed responded.

They returned the to the kitchen and the others were eating. Ed went to Mike and whispered in his ear. Mike looked at him and then to the boys.

"You want us to join yo for the campout?" he asked.

The four nodded their heads emphatically and Stacy took his father's hand. He looked at him with his puppy dog eyes and the man could not say no when he got that look.

"Okay." he said. "Let's finish eating."

They had finished and cleaned the kitchen. The group went to the tent and got ready for a night of fun. Drew decided that he wanted to have fun with Ed again, while Mike and Michael paired up. Finally Stacy and Anthony were together and the six stripped down. Anthony was very shy about being nude around anyone but Stacy, but the teen reassured him it was fine. As he removed his briefs, Michael and Drew admired his smooth body and very sweet cock. It was 4" cut and a cute hairless sac. Stacy engulfed it in his mouth and drove his love crazy.

"MMMMMMM!!" he moaned.

Stacy's head moved back and forth on Anthony's pole and reached between his legs. The teen found the honey pot and pressed a finger into the hole.

"UNGH!!" Anthony groaned at the sudden intrusion.

The pain eased quickly and Stacy's digit played in the hole very masterfully. The blonde boy felt the tickle fill his body and he knew that the pleasure would swamp his soul. In just a couple of minutes, the first spasm hit his body.


His body shook and his cock vibrated in Stacy's mouth. With a couple of short grunts, he was finished. His cock came out and he dropped to the ground. Stacy moved up and kissed the tired boy. Drew and Michael smiled and applauded the show.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet." Stacy said.

He lifted Anthony's legs and put some lube in the pink hole and on his cock. The teen placed his pole and the entrance and pushed forward. Anthony grunted a little as the hard 7" maneuvered slowly. The once soft cock sprang back to its full 4" and the grunts turned into moans of pleasure. As the entire span of his member was in his sweet boy's love canal, Stacy began to move back and forth a little at a time. The sweat began to pour off their bodies and Stacy's movements became more frantic. He could feel the cum surge from his sac and flow to his cock. He sped his thrusts and was striking Anthony's prostate over and over. With one final push, the white cream exploded from Stacy's cockslit and flooded that boycunt. The first shot also set off a chain reaction as Anthony felt the special sensation erupt through his body and he shook spastically.

"OH GOD!!" the blonde boy cried out.

"SHIT!!" the teen uttered.

After a couple of minutes, they were both spent. Anthony's legs sagged and
Stacy's cock softened until it slit out of the hole. The small teen collapsed on Anthony's body.

The four others just smiled at the sight and they held each other. Mike and Michael paired off as did Ed and Drew. The men agreed that if they did anything, it would just be oral sex. The two couples got into sixty-nine positions and began to slowly tease the cocks in front of them.

Drew took the 6" thick pole and tasted the salty maleness of Ed, while the man savored the sweet boyhood of the diminutive preteen. They bobbed on their cocks and enjoyed the feeling. Ed cupped the smooth balls of the boy and rubbed the area between the sac and the boytwat. Drew stiffened at first, but knew Ed would not try to harm him. He allowed the man access to his hole and Ed just rubbed around the rosebud. Drew moaned on Ed's cock and they were close. Drew felt the balls of Ed rise up and braced for the flow. Ed also felt Drew begin to swell in his mouth and felt the first of six rounds of sweet juices filled his mouth. His own jizz flooded Drew's throat six times also and they swallowed with a drop leaving their mouths.

"MMMMMMMMMM!!" the moaned in unison.

As they finished, the softening poles slipped out and Drew climbed on the furry body of Ed and snuggled.

Michael and Mike played with each other's poles and the preteen licked the clean fluid off the tip. Mike slowly took the 5.5" boy rod into his mouth and played with the head. The feeling warmed Michael's body and he repeated the move on the adult pole. They slowly moved back and forth on the hot rods. Michael knew he could not last long and Mike felt the preteen ballsac pulled up. He tried to prolong the moment, but before he knew it, he tasted sweet nectar from the fountain of youth. Six rounds filled his mouth and Mike swallowed every drop. When the first drop hit his tongue, it set Mike off as seven blasts of thick, salty man juices covered the tonsils of the tall boy. Michael swallowed the juices to the last drop. As their cocks wilted, they laid back and Mike sat up.

"Okay. Boys in the middle of the sleeping bags." he said.

The four youths snuggled against each other and the two men wrapped their bodies around them. The group fell asleep and enjoyed the spring evening.

As the work progressed, Mike, Ed, Stacy, and Anthony showed their visitors Nashville and other sites of where they lived. They visited the Grand Ole Opry, the Belle Carol Riverboat, and even drove to Memphis to visit Graceland. Anthony and Stacy visited the hotel room, where they had either four-ways or paired off with each other.

The day before they were to leave, Drew, Michael, Barry, and Penny took Mike, Ed, Stacy, and Anthony to dinner. They had fun, but a little sadness surrounded the group. The boys did not want to leave, but they knew they had to go. The boys were going to stay at Stacy's and Barry would pick them up the next day. They boys brought a change of clothes and the quartet had one last campout. Anthony wanted to have Drew and Michael wanted to know the pleasure of Stacy again.

"I want you to make love to me." the blonde boy told Drew.

"It's okay." Stacy said. "We talked about it and thought it was cool."

"Drew, do you mind if we do the same?" Michael asked.

The diminutive blonde would have been jealous, but since it was Stacy, he knew it was perfect. Anthony exposed his hole and Drew dove in like a starving man. His tongue darted in and out, getting the hole wet with spit. Stacy handed him some lube and the blonde preteen made sure his cock was nice and wet. Anthony was wriggling with pleasure of Drew's tongue and he was ready have the dick plunged into him. Drew removed his tongue and aimed his cock at the sweet hole as he pressed forward, the opening relented, but collapsed as each millimeter moved into the boytwat.

"OOOHHH!!" Anthony moaned.

When Drew was fully imbedded in Anthony, he leaned over and caressed the sides of the boy. He slowly pulled back, than rammed forward. He had found the youth magic button. Anthony wriggled under the wee preteen and wanted more.

"OH YEAH, FUCK ME!!" he groaned.

Drew sped up and wanted to bring the boy to full pleasure. He found the hard 4" and began to stroke it enthusiastically. Anthony pushed back with each stroke and felt the tingle run through his body. The first spasm hit and his head jerked back, while his back arched.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!" he moaned loudly.

His body was stiff for several seconds. His ass muscles clamped on Drew like a vacuum. This caused the blonde preteen to explode in his ass.

"OH FUCK!!" he shouted.

Seven rounds of boy cream filled the younger lad. After a few minutes, the small boy collapsed on Anthony, who laid prone on the sleeping bag. As Drew's cock softened, it slipped out and they held onto each other.

Stacy entered Michael, who felt the hard 7" fill his body. He was amazed how it was a different dick, it felt the same. Stacy loved the hole he was in and began to piston in and out of the tall preteen's ass.

"OH YEAH STACY!!" he said. "FILL ME!!"

Stacy wasted no time in ramming the tall boy's pussy. He moved like a jackhammer and kept pressing Michael's prostate. The precum dripped steadily onto Michael's abs. This spurred Stacy on harder. Sweat poured all over their bodies and Michael was ready to release his seed. With a couple of more thrusts, the white cream expelled itself from Michael's rod.

"OH FUCK!!" he yelled.

Six blasts short all over his body. When his muscles contracted, the pressure on Stacy's pole was too much. He detonated deep in the preteen's bowels. Seven loads of his boy juices emptied from his being as he grunted with each volley. As they finished, Stacy's semi-hard pole came out and he kissed Michael deeply, who returned the favor. The four got in the sleeping bags and snuggled up. Drew and Stacy kissed deeply and knew they were brother's under the skin. Michael and Anthony kissed and knew they had two special lovers for themselves.

When dawn broke, the four arose and were met by Mike and Ed in the kitchen. Since they were still in their birthday suits, the two men knew what happened the night before.

"So how did you sleep?" Ed asked with a mile on his face.

"Great." Stacy replied. "As if you didn't know."

"You know Dad, this little brother can be such a smart aleck." the man said.

"Okay, you four, upstairs and shower." Mike said to avoid the playful argument between his sons.

The four boys raced upstairs and got in the shower together, though it was a tight fit. They did clean each other very carefully, especially the dried cum on Michael's body. When they were sufficiently cleaned and shampooed, they went to Stacy's room to dress. They put on fresh diapers and dressed for the day. They raced down and ate a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, hash browns, biscuits, and juice. There was a knock at the front door, where Barry and Penny were there for the boys.

"Come on in." Ed said. "Have you had breakfast yet?"

"We were going to get something on the road." Barry said.

"Have a seat." Ed told them as he got the extra dished. "We have plenty."

Everyone ate their fill and the was not a crumb to be found. As they finished, they pitched in to clean up and it was time to say good-bye. The boys held onto each other, not wanting to let go.

"Hey guys, we'll see each other in a couple of months." Mike reminded them. "It's not forever."

This did perk them up and finally Barry had loaded his brood into the Escalade. They waved farewell and were on their way. As they went along I-40, Barry had decided to get gas in Knoxville. As they filled up and got a snack, they hit the I-75 junction and were heading home to Atlanta. They finally made it to Atlanta before too long and the children ran in the house to find Linda and Doris in the family room. There were hugs and kissed galore.

"So how was the trip?" Linda asked.

"Great." Michael exploded. "We saw a lot."

"You behaved yourselves?" Doris queried.

"Yes ma'am." Drew replied.

Barry came in with most of the luggage and Doris told the three to help with the unloading. They obeyed and Barry kissed his wife and Doris. He told them that the three behaved themselves and the boys spent a great deal of time with Stacy.

"Well dinner is ready." Linda said.

After the SUV was unloaded, the family had dinner. They talked about the trip and the upcoming LPA gathering. After dinner, they cleaned up, then went to the family room.

"How are you Mommy?" Penny asked.

"I'm okay my princess." Linda answered. "Sometimes I get tired, but I still feel pretty good."

Doris and Linda took Penny to get her ready for bed. The boys were tired also, so they gave Barry a kiss. He reminded them that school started the next day. They went upstairs, kissed the three most important females in their lives goodnight, then went to get a shower. As they finished, Drew grabbed two diapers and this puzzled Michael.

"Don't you want to make love?" he asked.

"I'm so tired my love." the small boy replied. "I just want to sleep."

After they put lotion and powder on each other and fastened the diapers, Drew climbed on Michael. He was asleep in a matter of seconds. The tall boy heard the light snores coming from the blonde boy he loved and he was so happy to know he was with his one true love. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.


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