BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: After they put lotion and powder on each other and fastened the diapers, Drew climbed on Michael. He was asleep in a matter of seconds. The tall boy heard the light snores coming from the blonde boy he loved and he was so happy to know he was with his one true love. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.


As school came to a close for the kids, the family tried to keep Linda seemed to get weaker and it was hard on the children, but they tried to keep up a strong front. Bryce and Hank were there to talk to if they wanted. What made life more bearable was Stacy, Ed, and Mike being only a phone call away.

A few days before the LPA gathering, everyone left the house, except Drew and Linda. The others were getting last minute times for the trip. Drew was in his room, playing on the computer. He would check on Linda, who was reading. At one point she called Drew to her. He climbed on the bed and sat next to her.

"Drew, I want to tell you that I'm so happy that Michael found you." she said. "And I think you as my son."

"I'm glad we found each other, too." the small boy replied. "And I'm glad I have you for a second mom. I just wish you weren't so ill."

"So do I my little boy." Linda responded. "I want to see all of you to grow into the wonderful adults I know you will be."

Drew leaned to her and hugged her neck. The thought of losing this wonderful person ached in his heart and soul. Tears welled in his eyes and he felt tears flow from Linda's eyes. She kissed his forehead and smiled at the diminutive preteen. She then grimaced in pain and had a sharp intake of air.

"What's the matter?" Drew said fearfully.

"A sharp pain in my stomach." Linda answered.

"What should I do?" the small boy queried.

"It's probably nothing." she rejoinder.

A second pain came 10 minutes later. Linda told Drew to call 9-1-1, then the doctor.

"Should I tr4y to call Barry or Mom?" he asked.

"Do you have the cell phone numbers?" she inquired.

"I have to find the number." the small preteen told her.

"Call 9-1-1 first." Linda said.

Drew got to the phone and dialed the emergency number.

"9-1-1 emergency." the operator stated.

"We need an ambulance." Drew told him. "My mom is in labor and I'm the only one home."

"What is your address?" the man asked.

The wee prepubescent told him their address and phone number. Drew was told that an ambulance would be sent out and be at the house quickly. Linda told the small boy what the doctor's number was and he called. Drew explained the situation to the doctor. The OB/GYN made clear that he needed to try and call Barry and Doris, but if they could not make it, to go with Linda in the ambulance. The minute youth went to find the phone number of his mother and Barry. He called his mother's phone first, but he heard it ringing in the kitchen. As he was dialing Barry's number, the ambulance arrived. He answered the door and let the paramedics in the house. Drew showed them to the bedroom when Barry answered.

"Hello?" the man said.

"Barry, it's Drew." the boy replied. "Linda went into labor."

"We'll be home in just a little while." Barry told the boy.

"The ambulance is here." Drew explained to the man. "We're going to the hospital now. Please hurry."

"Okay, we'll see you there." Michael's dad stated. "And Drew, you're being so brave."

The EMTs were bringing Linda down the stairs on the stretcher. Drew held the door open and made sure it was locked as the paramedics were loading the pregnant woman into the ambulance. Drew set the alarm and was buckled in the passenger seat. The vehicle flew down the road with the sirens blaring and lights flashing. The sound brought the rape to mind and Drew closed his eye to drown it out. The driver noticed the expression on the small boy's face.

"What's the matter son?" the man asked.

"I just don't like sirens." the small boy answered.

They sat in silence until they arrived at Emory University Medical Center. The EMTs unloaded Linda and rushed her into the emergency room as Drew moved as quickly as he could. The small boy approached the desk to register his love's mother, Barry came through the Emergency Room doors and found Drew at the desk. He registered his wife and followed her to the delivery room. Doris, Michael, and Penny came in soon after and found Drew sitting quietly. His mother hugged him and the four were seated.

"What happened?" Michael asked.

The blonde preteen explained about their talk and how Linda went into labor. He told them that he called 9-1-1, the doctor, then Barry upon Linda's instructions.

"I can tell you that I was really scared." the wee boy said.

"You did fine honey." Doris told him. "You did what you had to do."

"My hero." Penny uttered and hugged the boy.

"Oh no." Michael retorted. "My hero and my love."

"How about everyone's hero." Doris countered. "Because he is."

They all agreed and Drew began blushing a very deep crimson. The three children sat together and held hands. Doris suggested that they go to the cafeteria, but Michael said hospital food would kill ya'. They all laughed as a nurse approached them.

"Are you with Mrs. Green?" he asked.

"Yes we are." Doris responded. "Is everything alright?"

"As far as we know." the nurse answered. "They came in so quickly that we needed to get some information and did not."

Doris went with the nurse and gave the necessary information that she could. She came back to the trio of minors and they were chatting away. After an hour, Barry came out with a huge smile on his face.

"It's twins." he said. "A boy and a girl. They're healthy and crying their lungs out."

"How's Linda?" Doris asked.

"She's very weak and the doctor put her in the ICU." he replied. "Sorry kids, you can't see her just yet. But the babies' will be in the nursery. In a few minutes."

Barry hugged the four and went to find a phone to call Bryce and Hank. The four were smiling and wondered what the babies names were going to be. It was agreed that the girl they were expecting would be named Linda. But what would the boy be called would need to be determined. Barry came back and sat with the group.

"Bryce and Hank will be here to take the children home." he said. "We'll stay here Doris for Linda's sake."

"Dad, what will the babies be named?" Michael asked.

"Well we decided on Linda Doris Penelope." he replied. "And the boy will be named Bryce Andrew Michael Hank."

The kids smiled that the babies would carry their name. A little while later, Bryce and the big man came in. they congratulated Barry and got the children together. The two lovers took the three home. They got them dinner and then got Penny ready for bed.

Drew and Michael soaked in the Jacuzzi tub. Michael held his one love in his arms. The small preteen snuggled against the forming muscular body of his beloved. They soaked and talked about the day's events.

"My wonderful little prince and hero." the tall boy uttered. "You are so strong."

"I can tell you that I was really scared." Drew responded. "I was panicked."

"But you helped to being two lives into the world." Michael said. "Don't you forget it."

The duo washed themselves carefully working on their groins and butts. They dried off and climbed into bed. The boys kissed passionately and moved their hands all over their bodies. Michael was on his back and felt Drew lick all over his body. Drew sucked and nibbled on the erect nips which drive Michael crazy. He writhed on the bed and moaned softly at first, but became more vocal. The tall preteen felt the warm mouth on his cock and the precum seeped down Drew's gullet. The preteen moved to the cum-filled balls and took them one at a time in his mouth.

"OH SHIT!!!!" the dark-haired boy uttered.

Instinctively, he raised his legs for better access to his nut sac and boytwat. As the blonde preteen moved down, his tongue slithered deep into Michael and the larger preadolescent wanted the invader deeper into his body. The more the tongue went into his ass, the more Michael moaned and groaned.

After a goot tongue lashing in his ass, Michael felt Drew's taste bud receptor withdraw. The blonde preteen climbed back cup and kissed his lover tenderly. Michael tasted his ass juices and savored his paramour. He placed the smaller boy on his back and reciprocated what Drew did. As he got to the diminutive boy's hole, he found no resistance and shamed his tongue deep inside. Drew's acceptance of Michael's tongue and fingers has allowed him to feel more comfortable and forget the events just months ago.

They got into a heated sixty-nine. With Drew on top, they moved their mouths nice and easy on and off each other's poles. Their hands explored the ballsacs and worked their way down to the wonderful nether regions. The boys inserted a digit into the other's boycunt and slowly worked it back and forth. Michael began to insert a second finger, but Drew tightened his ass. He knew the wonderful brunette lover would not harm him, but since he has had only one finger in his ass since the rape, the second did hurt a bit. Michael did not move and he waited for his lover to adjust. When the small boy relaxed his muscle tension, the taller preteen eased the second digit in. The blonde he loved moaned on his rod, which caused it to vibrate. Drew also put a second finger into the dark-haired prepubescent. They moved their mouths like pistons on their hot rods and finger-fucked the steaming boycunts. The pressure that build up in their beings was so great that the eruption of white fluids filled the oral orifices quickly and the boys had to drink the protein in rapid succession.

"MMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFF!!!" they moaned in harmony.

The two lovers each blasted six rounds of passion and the final volley was held by them. As the mouths came off the deflating cocks, Drew turned and began kissing Michael, mixing their love juices together. After they swallowed the last bit of passion, the small preteen snuggled on his sweetheart's chest.

"You were so wonderful, my love." Michael said.

"It was pure, blind luck." Drew responded. "I'm just glad the babies are healthy."

After a few minutes, they got some diapers. After a good powdering and some lotion, they fastened the other's diaper and climbed on the bed. Drew got back on his favorite spot to snuggle. Michael kissed the top of the blonde head and the two fell asleep.





NOTE: First I want to say I am sorry that it took this long to post the chapter. Between losing my job with Intercontinental Hotel (Holiday Inn) and getting a better job with the state, it has been fun trying to make an adjustment. Hopefully I will be posting on a more frequent basis. I only have three stories going right now. I hope that you do like this chapter and I will be posting another chapter within a day or two. I do enjoy getting your emails. If you have any comments, please email me at All I ever ask is that you put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List. Also please practice safe sex and pray for those who are HIV positive and AIDS.


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