BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: After a few minutes, they got some diapers. After a good powdering and some lotion, they fastened the other's diaper and climbed on the bed. Drew got back on his favorite spot to snuggle. Michael kissed the top of the blonde head and the two fell asleep.


The days to the LPA gathering were arriving and it was decided that Barry, Bryce, and Hank would take the children to Orlando. Doris said she would stay and be with Linda. The OB/GYN and the cardiologist wanted her to stay in the hospital because of her weakened heart. Doris would also start to take care of the twins when the doctor stated they would be healthy enough to leave.

The family had readied the nursery for one baby, so when there was a second, they had to get a second crib, bathing sink, and doubled up on what was necessary for twins.

When the day approached to leave, the children went to the hospital to say their good-byes to Linda. Doris went with them and so they could see the babies before they left. Linda was moved to a private room, so the family could see her.

"Now behave yourselves." she said to the children. "And you too my big boy Barry."

"We will." her husband replied as he kissed her.

"And we will keep them out of trouble." Bryce said with a smile.

The family laughed and the children hugged their mothers. They were told the babies should be ready to go home just after they got back from the trip.

They all loaded into the Escalade and headed to I-16 to connect with I-95. Though it was a six hour trip, the group passed the time playing games and singing songs that played on the CDs.

They arrived at the host hotel, checked-in, and went to their rooms. The boys had a king room, as did Bryce and Hank. Penny and Barry had a double room and the rooms were next to each other. An hour later, they went to register with the LPA. After getting the name tags and registration packet, they went to the ballroom. When they entered, they met quite a few people. All of a sudden, Drew felt a tap on his shoulder and he saw, Stacy, Anthony, Ed, and Mike. After they hugged, the enlarged group continued to meet others.

They met three girls, two who were little people and one normal sized girl. They sat and talked to get to know each other. The boys found out the girls were almost 13 years old. One of the small girls had brown hair and eyes, whose name was Stella. The other diminutive girl, named Michelle, had blonde hair and blue eyes. The regular sized girl had brown hair and green eyes. Her name was Andrea. They got to know each other. The boys found out the girls lived in the Atlanta area, so they decided to get together as friends.

The gathering was fun for the family. At dinner, they told their friends about the babies and that Linda was still in the hospital. Stacy announced they were moving to Atlanta because of Ed's new job. The three boys were excited, but Anthony was extremely sad.

"Why don't you move in with us?" Drew asked. "We have plenty of room and we would love to have you."

The boys suggested the idea to the adults and, after a long discussion, it was agreed that the trio would join the family. The move was to happen just before the boys' birthday.

They went to Disney World as a large family and were joined by their new friends. They became so comfortable with the three females that they decided to reveal their deepest secret. As the boys explained that they were gay, the girls giggled.

"What's so funny?" Stacy asked.

"We knew that." Stella replied. "It takes one to know one."

The boys looked puzzled. The gales of laughter erupted from the three females in torrential waves.

"HHEEELLLOOO!!" Andrea said. "We're lesbians."

The seven were laughing and decided to be friends for life. They even danced as partners at the gathering. They also met a few more gay and lesbian little people. The boys also wanted to start an organization for GLBT little people, but decided to wait until they got home. They did get names, addresses, and e-mails. Even Ed found a little person who he fell in love with. His name was Peter Gordon and he lived in Canton.

The last day of the gathering, the boys decided to spend the night together. They went to Michael and Drew's room and got in the Jacuzzi. As they soaked, Stacy looked at the trio and gave them a shock.

"I want you to take my cherry." the teen said.

The three looked a little stunned, but smiled at him. They washed their bodies from tip to toe, rinsed off, got out, and dried themselves off. As they climbed into bed, the four kissed each other deeply. Michael placed two pillows in the middle of the bed. Drew and Michael centered their friend so his ass was elevated. Anthony parted his lover's smooth cheeks and saw the pink, tight hole staring at him. He lowered himself and flicked the tip of his tongue against it. This sent a shiver through Stacy's small body. The blonde boy then proceeded to probe further with his tongue and this caused the teen to moan.

"OH MAN, THIS IS SO GREAT!!" he cried out.

As the blonde boy continued to tongue-fuck his soulmate, Michael go the lube and applied a generous amount to the 4" cock and then to the fingers of Anthony. Drew explained how to loosen the teen's cunt with his fingers. The youngest of the four inserted his middle digit slowly and Stacy moved back onto it. The blonde boy moved it around and tickled the surrounding muscles and nerves. He then put a second finger in and began to expand the teentwat. After several minutes, the boy removed his fingers and the preteens helped line his boy tool to the hole.

"Now go slowly." Drew said. "Let Stacy take it at his pace."

Anthony began to push in and the head slid past the sphincter. Stacy tensed a little, but felt a strong sensation in his being. As the boy eased his pole into the teen's ass, he knew he could not last long. When he bottomed out, the feeling that ran through Anthony's cock was exceedingly intense. The young boy began moving in and out slowly to make it last, but the feeling in his balls extended to his cock. He knew his orgasm was about to strike his core, so he moved rapidly. When it hit, the blonde lad began to spasm and his pelvis plunged into Stacy's body. The teen's cock leaked precum on the pillows beneath him. When he felt the dry spasm hit his sweetheart, he had a special feeling in his heart.

"UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!" Anthony muttered.

He collapsed on Stacy's back and breathed deeply. He felt as if he ran a marathon and was exhausted. Though his cocklet never softened, Anthony was so tired, he pulled out and fell on his back.

Michael prepped his preteen 5.5" rammer. He applied plenty of lube to his rod and Stacy's puckered hole. As he placed the hard shaft to the teenpussy, he also went slowly. The large boy inched his cock into Stacy and was amazed at the tightness the surrounded his pole. Stacy also began to contract the muscles, not to keep Michael from thrusting in him, but to add to the preteen's pleasure. As the dark-haired boy finally pressed his pubic hair against the smooth cheeks, Stacy turned his head.

"Michael, I want to try something." he said.

He had Michael pull out, then sit against the headboard. Stacy climbed on the preteen's lap took the turgid torpedo in his hand, then slowly lowered himself. The new position caused the diminutive teen some pain, but he acclimatized hid body to the new sensations. It took several minutes, but the entire 5.5" was deep in the dark-haired adolescent's pussy. Stacy began to rise of the pole and worked his body up and down. His own cock rubbed between their bodies and the pressure he felt in his ass, extended to his dick. His cum-filled sac was ready to release its contents.

"Oh God, I'm gonna shoot." the teen uttered softly.

"So am I." Michael responded. "I'm gonna fill you."

The pressure between them exploded in a universal climatic detonation. As Michael's own nut sac spewed forth its white lava, Stacy's own flesh fountain sprayed its liquid content between their bodies. The teen leaned into the taller boy's body and stifled his voice by biting the developing muscular chest firmly, but not hard.

"OH MOTHERFUCK!!!" Michael bellowed.

The two each unloaded six blasts of their essence. The euphoric feeling began to diminish and Stacy moved back and came off the softening tool. Drew saw the cum seep a bit out of Stacy's body. The teen laid on the bed and reached for Drew. He pulled the blonde preteen down and kissed his lips.

"I want you to make love to me." he whispered.

There was no questions nor any arguments. Drew made sure his own rod was sufficiently lubed. Stacy was on his back and raised his short legs to expose the slightly red opening. The other two boys, though tired, kept the teen's legs raised and Drew pressed his hard 7" steel rod into the love canal. The two diminutive males moaned in unison, Stacy because of the largeness of the cock that entered him, and Drew because of the tightness of the teentwat he was in. The preteen moved ever so slowly, first to prevent his friend pain, but secondly, to make the feeling last. As he finally was fully engulfed by the warm, moist hole, the boys let Stacy's legs go. The teen pulled his lover to him.

"I want this from you." he said. "When you have your first wet cum, I want it in me."

The blonde boy bent forward and kissed his boyfriend with a fiery enthusiasm that could have melted titanium. Drew, upon seeing this, began to fuck the tight hole. He pulled to the head, then slammed it back in deep. This allowed him to press the passion switch in the brunette adolescent. Though he had just unloaded a heavy volume, the force on his prostate caused Stacy's own Gila monster to rise in full force. Michael leaned in to kiss the one boy he loved at first sight. The motion of the blonde preteen into the pucker and the passion of the kisses were awe-inspiring. The four lads changed kissing partners where it was blonde-on-blonde and brunette tongue dueling with brunette. After several minutes, Michael and Anthony backed off and played with each other's cocks while they enjoyed the diminutive males they loved were fucking in earnest. Drew moved his head down to Stacy's and began kissing him. He felt the sensation he knew building from the soles of his feet to the end of his blonde hair on his head. His thrusts became more powerful. With each movement, his breathing became erratic, as well as Stacy's. The first shot exploded like a cannon deep into Stacy, while the teen's first volley lobbed onto his forehead, just between the eyes.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH GGOODD!!" they cried out together.

Six more rounds each of white pellets of love flew from their bodies. The amount Drew shot leaked out of the small teen's body. Stacy's body was covered in his own juices from his chin down to the hairs above his own rocket. What amazed him was that he came without touch it. The intensity began to ease itself when the diminutive duo heard the other two boys squeal with ecstasy. Michael unloaded four more blasts of his boy juice onto Anthony, who was overwhelmed with his own dry orgasm.

The four spent youths (for you Joe Pesci fans--youts) were in a heap when they heard a knock on the door. Drew wearily stumbles to the door in all his glory.

"Who is it?' he asked very wearily.

"It's Barry son." the voice answered. "Along with Mike and Ed."

Drew unlocked and opened the door. He saw the three men standing there with long faces. When the men saw the nude boy, they smiled slightly and entered. The other lads sat up on the bed. The air was ripe with sex, but the men had other things on their minds. Michael saw their faces and began to cry. He ran to Barry and hugged his father.

"Mom's dead." he uttered through the tears.

"No son, she's not." Barry responded. "But we have some bad news."

Ed lifted Anthony and placed the boy on his lap. He looked at the lad and kissed his forehead.

"Tony, there's no easy way of saying this." the man stated. "You're mom was killed tonight."

The four boys were in a state of shock. The blonde boy's eyes welled up and he began to sob hysterically. Anthony's mom was a single parent. The boy's father abandoned them before he was born. The man signed his parental rights away and it was the mother and son. Anthony's mother had a good job as a paralegal in Nashville. She was leaving work when a drunk driver plowed through a stoplight and struck her. She died instantly and was taken to the morgue. The police found the name of the hotel that they were staying at in her purse. They called and notified Mike, who then had Barry and Ed go with him to break the news.

The three boys wept with their friend. The three men comforted the quartet when another knock came to the door. Michael got up and saw Penny in the hotel hallway. He opened the door and the little girl saw the boys crying.

"What's the matter Daddy?" she asked very bewildered.

"Tony's mommy is dead." Barry explained. "Someone hit her with a car."

She went to Anthony and gave him a hug. The man explained that they would be leaving the next morning. Barry told the children that they would go home to get some clean clothes, then go to Hendersonville for the funeral.

"Tony, there is some goot news." Mike told the boy. "Your mom and I talked about you two boys. We had agreed that if anything would happen to either of us, the other would adopt the son. The papers are on file, so son, you're my little boy."

The news first shocked and confused the children, but Stacy went to his love and hugged him hard.

"You're my little brother." he cried with mixed emotions.

Another knock came and Barry answered the door this time. Hank and Bryce came in the room. Mike explained what was happening. Bryce offered his services if they wanted it. The older man thanked him and said he would let the counselor know. After the blonde boy finally calmed down, Mike suggested the boys go back to their room.

"Dad, can we stay here tonight?" Stacy asked. "We were gonna anyway."

The man relented without an argument. He knew that the four boys were very tight as friends. The others left after the five men diapered the boys and tucked them into bed. Michael snuggled against Drew, who held Anthony in his arms. Stacy was on the other end, holding his soulmate and now brother. Michael's long arms touched Anthony and the boy knew he had three people who loved him, but he missed his mother. The four drifted off to sleep with Anthony sobbing softly.

NOTE: Well another chapter done. First I could not resist the Joe Pesci joke from My Cousin Vinny. Second, I know I took this story to another twist, but it will become more clear as I proceed. If you have any comments about the story, either good or bad, please email me at Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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