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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: The man relented without an argument. He knew that the four boys were very tight as friends. The others left after the five men diapered the boys and tucked them into bed. Michael snuggled against Drew, who held Anthony in his arms. Stacy was on the other end, holding his soulmate and now brother. Michael's long arms touched Anthony and the boy knew he had three people who loved him, but he missed his mother. The four drifted off to sleep with Anthony sobbing softly.


As the family rose the next day, they showered and packed their bags. After a quick breakfast, the five boys sought out their new friends, Stella, Michelle, and Andrea. Stacy explained the situation to them and the girls gave the boy hugs in sympathy.

"If there is anything we can do, just call." Andrea said.

"Thank you." Anthony said. "You guys are nice."

A blonde girl approached them, who was taller than the two diminutive girls. She smiled and tugged on Stella's arm.

"Mom wants us." she said.

"Okay Suzie." the small girl replied. "Guys, this is my little sister Suzie. Squirt, this is Drew, Michael, Stacy, and Anthony. They just found out that Anthony's mom was killed, so they have to leave early."

The girl hugged Anthony and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The group said their good-byes and said they would call in a week. Drew and Michael had invited them to their birthday party and the girls said they would be there. The group left for their vehicles and left Orlando.

As they drove home, the boys wondered what their lives would have been like if they did not have loving parents there for them. Father's Day was approaching and the boys planned for a special day for their own fathers. There were whispers between Drew, Michael, and Penny. Barry kept looking in the rearview mirror and wondered what the three were conspiring to do. He knew that Father's Day was coming up and his children always gave him a special treat. But this would be the first time with Drew, so he knew anything could happen. He smiled a bit and noticed Bryce looking at the kids.

"What do you think they are up to?" the therapist queried.

"Father's Day." Barry whispered.

The men just smiled knowingly and the arrival in Atlanta was uneventful. The family arrived home and ran to Doris and Linda's arms. Linda perked up when she saw the children.

"So how was the trip?" she questioned. "I thought it was going to be a few days longer."

Barry explained what happened to Anthony's mother and the boys were going to the funeral. Linda called the boy to her bedside and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry." she said wearily. "If I know these men, they will keep you safe and happy."

Drew then dropped the bomb on the family. He explained that Stacy and his family were moving to the Atlanta area and would be moving in with them.

"Whoa Tiger." Doris said. "But are you sure about this? Look how many live here now."

"I know Mom." the blonde preteen retorted. "But we have so many rooms. And they said they would pull their weight."

"Besides Doris, I won't be moving in." Ed added.

The entire group looked at him as if he grew a third eye or had just announced he killed JFK and Jimmy Hoffa.

"Remember Peter from the convention?" he told them. "Well he lives in Canton and I plan to move in with him. He has a great townhouse."

"But you can't." Stacy pleaded with tears in his eyes.

"LB, don't worry." Ed said to the little teen. "It's not as if I'm moving across the country or the other side of the world. It's only a few miles. And you'll be over to visit and I'll be over here to see you almost as often."

The man hugged his little brother, Drew and Michael packed their clothes for a short stay. Before they left, Linda called them to her bedside..

"Have you gotten your Father's Day present?" she asked.

"We have it planned." Michael said. "Nat'l be so surprised."

"And I'm helping." Drew said. "Barry has been just like a dad to me and I want him to know it."

Linda hugged the wee lad and kissed his cheek.

"I know Barry feels the same way." she told him. "And I'm glad that you are part of the family."

Doris hugged her son and told him how proud she was of him. She then hugged and kissed Michael and told him that he was so much of a son to her also. They two women told the boys to behave for Barry, Mike, and Ed. The three loaded in the SUV and left for Hendersonville, TN. They arrived at Mike's house and it seemed that both Mike and Ed had the funeral arrangements made already. They had a call from a lawyer, then from Child Protection Services about Anthony. The lawyer explained the paperwork that Anthony's mother gave him about his guardianship. The attorney explained that Mike would be Anthony's guardian, but it also had to be finalized by the state. He also explained someone from Child Protection would call to set up an appointment to see about the home environment.

When Child Protection called, the caseworker said he would visit the next day. Mike explained there would be visitation at the house beginning at noon. The representative said he would be by in the morning.

Mike had a set of keys to Anthony's home, since he was usually there to get Anthony's clothes or toys if he had to stay overnight. The boy's mother also had a set of key to their house for the same reason for Stacy. The men went over to get some of Anthony's clothes and his bed. It took a couple of trips, but they got it done. The next thing they did was to visit the morgue and Mike identified the body. The coroner said it had to be done by next-of-kin, but Mike explained the situation and it was agreed that he could sign the paperwork. Mike told the coroner that the funeral home would collect the body that evening.

He and Barry went home to find End in the middle of a pillow fight with the boys. The five stopped as the two men came in the living room.

"Well, everything is arranged, except for one thing." Mike said. "Anthony, only you can do this. We need to pick something for your mother to wear."

The two went to the house and the blonde boy chose a blue dress his mother always wore went to church. He picked a locket with his baby picture in it. Mike brought Anthony back to the house and he then took the items to the funeral home.

The finality of his mother was beginning to hit Anthony. Tears welled in his eyes and Ed picked him up. He carried the boy to a rocker and held him. Anthony's grief released itself and the others gathered around the chair. They rubbed his body and no words were spoken. After an hour of uninterrupted tears, Anthony stopped and fell asleep. Ed carried him to Stacy's bed and closed the door.

"I want to be with him." Stacy said.

"Let him sleep." his older brother said. "He's tired and needs to rest. You can go in a little later."

Barry, Drew, and Michael began to make dinner. Mike arrived home and Ed explained the situation with Anthony. Mike looked in on the sleeping boy and closed the door quietly. The aroma of dinner wafted through the house and the two diminutive boys were setting the table. As Barry was dishing up the food, a scream resounded through the house. Everyone forgot dinner and ran to the bedroom. Anthony was sitting up and his eyes were wide open.

"MOMMY!!!!" he cried out.

Mike rushed to his side and picked him up. The boy clung to the man's neck and wept bitterly.

"Mommy's dead." he uttered through his sobs. "Why is Mommy dead?"

"Because someone did something very stupid." Mike answered. "He drank alcohol and drove his car. Let's just hope that he goes to jail for a very long time."

"And let this be a lesson to you boys." Barry added. "Never drink and drive. You see how it can destroy lives."

"Dad, we're never gonna drink alcohol." Michael said.

"I'm not saying it's wrong." his father replied. "You're mother and I have wine occasionally. And I do have a beer now and then. But we never get behind the wheel of a car after we have consumed alcohol."

"We won't." Drew told him.

"Oh, and if you ever drink while you are underage, you won't be able to sit down until you collect Social Security." Barry reminded.

"And that goes for you two." Mike said, as he looked at Stacy and Anthony.

The three older boys nodded in agreement. Anthony had his face nuzzled in Mike's chest, but his crying subsided. His new father knew this boy would need some good therapy. Barry suggested that they use Bryce. The seven went to the dining room and sat down for dinner. The mood brightened a bit. The move to Atlanta dominated the conversation. Drew and Michael promised to make sure Stacy and Anthony were introduced to their friends and show them the schools they would be attending. Stacy was worried since he would be attending high school, he would not know a soul. Drew and Michael reassured him that a couple of their friends had brothers and sisters at the high school.

The three men ushered the four boys to bed. It was going to be a long couple of days, so they needed their sleep. The two beds were set up, but Stacy wanted them pushed together. After Barry and Ed got them together, they bathed, powdered, and diapered the boys. The four friends cuddled up and made sure Anthony was in the middle so he was secure. They woke once when the small blonde boy was whimpering and moving. Stacy kissed his forehead and the others caressed his body, which seemed to help.

The next day, everyone prepared for the viewing at the funeral home and the onslaught of visitors to give their condolences. Mike was unsure how Anthony could handle it.

"Listen, if this becomes too much, find me or Ed." the man said. "Then you can be by yourself."

"Okay." the blonde lad replied. "Can I call you Daddy?"

"You betcha can." Mike answered with a big hug.

The boys dressed in either gray, black, or dark blue suits. Mike told Barry and Ed to keep an eye on Anthony. He also had a couple of friends with local law enforcement on had to make sure everything went smoothly.

The funeral home had the coffin set in a nice sized room and several chairs were arranged for the mourners. A number of people arrived and viewed the body. Anthony could not bring himself to view his mother and no one could tried to press the issue.

At one point a man approached the boy and Mike recognized him from a picture the boy's mother showed him - Anthony's father. Mike waved at the two police officers and they headed where Anthony was sitting.

"Excuse me, but why are you here?" Mike asked.

"To see my son and take him home with me." the man answered.

"First of all, you relinquished your parental rights." Anthony's new dad uttered. "Secondly, you are in violation of a restraining order. You are supposed to be at least 100 feet from both Anthony and his mother."

"You're fuckin' shittin' me." the man yelled.

This caused everyone to stare. At this point Ed, Barry, and the boys approached the scene of the disturbance.

"First, lower your voice." Mike replied to the outburst. "Secondly, if you don't leave, these officers will lead you away."

The deadbeat dad tried to reach for the blonde boy and was intercepted by the two cops. They forced him to leave, while he spewed a barrage of obscenities. Mike picked up Anthony to protect him.

"He's a mean man." the boy said.

"He definitely is." the older man said to his new son. "But don't worry, I'll protect you."

"And me too." Stacy added.

"Do you want to say good-bye to your mother?" Ed asked. "It's up to you."

Anthony nodded slightly and he was accompanied by the six. He looked at his mother and mentioned how she looked like she was sleeping. He touched her hand.

"She's cold." the boy stated.

"That's just her body." Ed said. "Her soul is with God now. She's looking down on you and will always protect you."

Anthony smiled at that answer. As the last person left, the septet followed and Mike finalized the actual funeral arrangements. The seven arrived at the house and there were several neighbors with food. The gathering took on a festive attitude as the friends revealed all the good and funny things about Anthony's mother. The blonde boy knew how blessed he was with a wonderful mother. Though they were never rich in possessions, they were rich in friends. Mike reminded everyone about the funeral time and where it was to be held. As the last guest left, the men made sure the boys clothes were laid out and somehow got them bathed. They were dried and dressed for bed. They agreed to wear regular underwear. Again, with Anthony in the middle, the four cuddled and fell asleep. Anthony woke once, but not from a nightmare, but to try to turn. This woke Drew and he shifted so Anthony could move.

He also needed to go to the bathroom, so he got up and padded to the bathroom. The house was still, except for the sound of urine splashing in the water. As Drew was ready to flush the toilet, he heard glass breaking. He knew everyone was asleep, so he went to wake up Michael.

"Mikey, wake up." he whispered. "Someone is downstairs."

"It's probably Mike or Dad." the tall preteen responded groggily.

"Everyone is in bed." the short blonde retorted. "And I heard glass breaking."

He saw the phone and dialed 9-1-1. The operator answered and asked what was the emergency. Drew explained what he heard and the situation that they are dealing with. The operator said she would dispatch a patrol car and to wake an adult. They were ready to wake Barry when they heard someone come down the hall. Michael saw a baseball bat and stood protective in front of Drew. The other two boys woke up and before they could say anything, the door slowly opened. The tall boy saw a hand and swung down on the wrist. The sickening sound of wood meeting bone reverberated in the house and a scream shattered the near quiet.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH FUCK!!!" the voice bellowed.

The other hand grabbed the injured body part. Drew for some reason charged head first into the man's groin. The rush of air leaving the body was replaced with the rise of intense pain as the blow to the nutsac caused the man to fall to the floor, doubled over in excruciating pain. The three men arrived at the scene and Ed turned on the lights. It was Anthony's father who was crying. A few minutes later the police arrived and investigated the situation. The man broke a window and snuck into the house. As he tried to kidnap the blonde boy, he was met by Michael's imitation of Hank Aaron. The police filled out a report, called for an ambulance, and placed the man under arrest. He was taken to the emergency room for treatment, then to the jail to be booked. After the commotion was settled, Barry looked at his two boys.

"Are you nuts?" he uttered with a stern look. "You could have been hurt. Didn't what happened in October wizen you about dangerous situations?"

"Dad, we called 9-1-1." Michael said. "And we were going to get you, but they guy was in the hall."

"Barry, it was a situation that they couldn't avoid." Mike responded. "I'm sure they wouldn't have done what they did if he wasn't outside the door."

"I suppose." Michael's dad replied. "I just worry about you two."

"We know." Drew said. "You check on us to see if we're still breathing. You are such a worrier."

Barry picked up the diminutive blonde and hugged him. He then reached for his son and hugged them both. He tickled them and they began to laugh. The men retucked the four back into bed and closed the door.

"Were you scared?" Anthony asked.

"Yeah." Drew said. "But I had my protection."

He hugged Michael tightly. He could feel the tall preteen flush with embarrassment. The four fell back into their slumber.

The funeral went off without a hitch. A minister that Ed knew performed the service and the most touching sight was when Anthony placed a single rose on the casket. Mike gave the eulogy. The one thing he reminded everyone was her love for her son. As the crowd dispersed, Mike left Anthony at the graveside to say good-bye one last time.

"I miss you Mommy." the boy said softly. "I know Daddy Mike will love me and take care of me, but I want yo here. Ed said you're watching from heaven. I hope that you can give me a kiss goodnight like you do. I love you Mommy."

The boy went to Mike and did not look back. He knew that Mike would bring him for a visit, but he knew there was a new life ahead of him.

The lawyer arrived that afternoon and told Mike there would be a hearing about Mike's adoption of Anthony within the week. He also brought the will that Anthony's mother made just a month prior to her death. All property was to go to Anthony, along with two life insurance policies that totaled $100,000 to be placed in trust until the boy's 21st birthday. She also reiterated that Mike was to become Anthony's legal guardian. Since the house was a rental, the attorney would contact the landlord. The belongings would be disposed of in a manner that was left up to Mike. Anthony's new dad had to sign some paperwork and the barrister left, but gave Mike a videotape. There was a label that read to be viewed after I died. Mike put it in the VCR and pressed the play button. Anthony's mom appeared on the television screen.

"Hi honey." she said. "Hi Mike, Ed, and Stacy. If you're seeing this, then I have died. First of all, Mike please raise this wonderful boy as you have raised Stacy. The primary reason I want you to raise him is that I knew about his sexual preference and that he loves Stacy. I've known for a long time sweetie and I want you to be raised in a loving home. I was hoping that we would be able to talk about this when you were older, but I guess that life made other plans. Stacy, I know you care for Anthony. Just don't ever hurt him please. Care for each other, because there are people who would want to hurt you. I love you baby. Be good."

The screen went blank and there was not one dry eye in the room. Mike stopped the tape, rewound it, took it from the VCR, and put a label on it. He wrote to be played every year on this day and put the date on the label.

"Anthony, tomorrow we'll go over and you select what you want to keep." his new father told him. "We will sell everything else."

Barry and the boys stayed one more night. The four lads hopped into bed and just held each other. Michael felt Drew's burgeoning rod against him and he instinctively grabbed it. He then felt his lover's own small hand on his cock. They were kissing deeply and stroked each other. Beside them, the dark-haired little person and his new brother were kissing and fondling each other with a passion. The moans reverberated off the walls and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that these boys loved each other. Anthony and Michael knew they wanted to be filled by the loving little people. The blonde boy reached for the lube Stacy kept on his nightstand and handed it to the teen. Stacy applied a generous amount to his pole and Anthony's hole. He wanted to make sure that his new brother would never be hurt. Michael applied the moistening agent to Drew's hot pole and to his own boycunt. As the two diminutive males lined their massive missiles to the love chutes, the recipients willing opened their rosebuds and took the members all the way. If the holes were open any more, they two small boys would have been pulled into their lovers. Stacy and Drew began to slowly plunder the two boys beneath them and Anthony and Michael's own dicks were cast-iron hard. The pressure on their prostates had them moaning and holding each other's hands. The two recipients met each thrust, which caused the two wee lads to increase their movements. With the hammering on their love nut. Anthony and Michael were ready to explode. The blonde boy was first as his dry orgasm violently spasmed his body.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" he cried out.

Each spasm caused his ass muscles to clamp hard on Stacy's pole and the dark-haired teen blasted deep within his brother's body.

"OH SHIT!!!" he yelled.

Eight shots of teen cream filled his love as he held on tightly. As the last dribbles oozed out, he collapsed on Anthony's body and just breathed heavily. He kissed the chest of the boy and smiled at him.

Michael's own eruption shot over his head to the wall.

"FUCK ME!!!" he shouted.

Six times his rocket exploded, landing his boy juices on his face, chest, abs, and groin. He felt each hit his skin like a warm lotion. His own ass muscles fastened severely on Drew's love muscle and this caused nine volleys of his own potion to fill Michael.

"MOTHERFUCK!!!" he bellowed.

As the last of his seed filled the rectal cavity of Michael, he also fell on the strong body. He kissed the tall boy's neck and his cock slipped out. In the doorway, three men stood with grins on their faces. They had ran to the room when they heard Anthony's cry. When they saw what was happening, they just made sure the boys were safe and saw the ending results of the lovemaking session.

"Okay, sleep time." Mike said, in a half-hearted fatherly tone.

The four fell asleep and no one woke from their slumber.


NOTE: Well folks, here is another chapter. First, I apologize that it took a while to get it done. I have three stories going and Brother v. Brother is the one that takes the most time since I am doing a lot of research of the battles of the Civil War. Second, I of course had to read the last Harry Potter book. Finally, this past month, my entire office have been working overtime to get the billing done. I have been trying to get the stories done as quickly as possible. I do hope that you enjoy the story and if you have any comments, either good or bad, please email me at Please put the title in the comment line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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