BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter: As the last of his seed filled the rectal cavity of Michael, he also fell on the strong body. He kissed the tall boy's neck and his cock slipped out. In the doorway, three men stood with grins on their faces. They had ran to the room when they heard Anthony's cry. When they saw what was happening, they just made sure the boys were safe and saw the ending results of the lovemaking session.

"Okay, sleep time." Mike said, in a half-hearted fatherly tone.

The four fell asleep and no one woke from their slumber.


Barry and the boys left the next day. As they drove home, Michael and Drew were laughing and whispering in the backseat. Barry was trying to figure out what they were doing, but relinquished the idea. The trip was uneventful, but Drew had planned a Father's Day weekend for the man who was there for him, even though Barry had been in his life for only a short period of time.

"Bar--, um Dad?" he said. "Can we go camping again for Father's Day?"

"Do you want to adopt more people?" the man retorted with a smile. "Remember what happened the last time?"

"Mom found a great place." the preteen answered. "And it's only an hour away. And secluded."

"What about Penny?" Barry queried.

"Mom said they were going to finish the nursery." Drew replied. "And Mom got it for Friday and Saturday. She said if we weren't home on Sunday, we're all in trouble."

The boys laughed and Barry agreed to the outing. The three stopped for lunch and arrived home mid-afternoon. They were greeted by Doris and Penny. The boys and Barry then went to see Linda, who looked tired, but happy to see them.

"So how did it go?" she asked.

The boys told her about the visitation and how Anthony's father showed up, but was escorted away. Drew then told her about the break-in and how Michael broke the man's wrist and Michael told her how Drew rammed his head into the man's groin. Doris heard this and became upset.

"What were you two thinking?" she asked angrily. "Did you want to get hurt?"

"Doris, don't worry, I already admonished them." Barry said. "The time factor didn't allow for much thinking. The boys won't do that again, will you?"

"No sir." they said in harmony.

"Dad's right." Michael said. "It's like having two moms."

Doris and Linda both looked at Barry, who blushed with the direct stare from two women. The laughter started with Drew and it spread like a warm blanket over the family. Hank and Bryce entered the room after coming back from grocery shopping. They were wondering what was happening, but let it alone. Hank hugged Michael and Drew. He let the diminutive boy down, who hugged Bryce.

"Okay, what's up?" the therapist asked.

"Nothing much." the wee preteen answered. "Just, can you be there for Anthony?"

"Is he coming with Michael and Stacy?" he asked Drew.

"Well considering Mike's his dad, duh." Drew answered.

He felt a swat on his butt and saw Barry was closest to him. He thought he was making a joke, but realized it was a rude comment. He apologized and Bryce hugged him.

"Now the boys have their Father's Day present for you." Doris said to Barry.

"They told me." he replied. "And I told them no more strays."

The family laughed and Hank went to make dinner. An hour later, the family sat down for dinner. Linda was either relegated to her bed or a wheelchair. She was sitting with the family and listened in great detail of the trip to Tennessee. Penny was wide-eyed. Doris just shook her head. Hank glared at the boys, but kept silent. After dinner was finished and the dishes were done, the children went for a swim. Hank went with them to keep an eye on their safety. After several minutes of playing, Drew got out to rest. Michael and Penny were splashing each other. Hank picked up the diminutive boy and held him to his massive, hairy chest. Drew snuggled against the fur.

"Drew, you and Michael need to stop taking chances." the large man said. "I don't want anything to happen to either of you boys or Penny."

"Hank, we didn't plan it." Drew retorted. "We were trying to get Mike or Barry or Ed. It happened so fast."

"I'm just glad you were not hurt." Hank told him.

"Believe me, I was really scared." the blonde kid said. "I peed myself."

The bear of a man laughed loudly and Drew smiled. He also had a thought that formulated in his mind. He sat on the man's stomach and looked in Hank's eyes.

"Hank, don't think that this is a dumb thing." he began. "But would you home school us the coming school year."

"But what about your friends?" Hank questioned. "Don't you want to be with them during the year?"

"They would be included." the small boy answered.

Drew explained in great detail how it would work. It was obvious that there was a lot of research that he had done and Hank could not find one flaw in what was presented to him.

"Have you asked your mother?" the beast-man asked. "Or Barry and Linda? And what about the other kids' parents?"

"That's the next step." Drew replied. "If you agree, then we can proceed. What do you day?"

"Okay, tentatively." Hank said. "But will this include Anthony, Stacy, or Penny?"

Drew told him no and explained what he learned about home-schooling. He explained he wanted to keep it in the same grade. He would talk to Anthony, Stacy, and Penny.

"I say okay with a couple of stipulations." the big man said. "First the parents and I meet. Second, if we do this, I have full authority."

"That's cool." the diminutive boy responded.

He hugged the thick neck as best as he could. Hank loved this boy because he was one who would not let anything stand in his way. As Drew released his grip, they felt a splash of water. They looked and Michael was getting out of the pool.

"Hey, that's my boyfriend." he said in a mock-serious tone. "Hands off or we're gonna fight."

The tall preteen got in a boxing stance and began dancing around the pool area. As his back was turned, he felt a stinging blow to his butt cheeks.

"YYEEEOOOWW!!!" he cried out in pain.

Hank put Drew down and got off the chair. He raised his arms and growled like a bear. Penny squealed with laughter and the boys attacked both the tree trunk-like legs, though they were no match for Hank. He dragged them around the pool and the boys yelled to kill the beast. Penny picked up a cushion from one of the lounge chairs and hit Hank, but also hit the two preteen boys. The fun ended when Bryce called them in because it was getting late. The three children pouted, but knew it was useless to argue. The small boy hugged the giant-of-a-man again.

"Thanks Hank." Drew said. "I love you and Bryce."

"I love you too little buddy." the man replied. "And I know Bryce does too. If I were a few years younger, you were a few years older, and we didn't have boyfriends who would beat the snot out of me."

The laughed and went into the house. Drew announced his proposal to the parents, who were less than enthusiastic. The questions came fast and furious, but Drew had the answers. The one thing the three adults could not deny, he had planned this through.

"We will discuss it." Doris said. "But don't get your hopes up."

"I know my sister will help if Hank needs any." Bryce added.

Penny was not too upset at the plan due to the fact her friends would be in school and she wanted to be with them. The boys and Penny went to the boys' room to play a video game. Though the little girl was still learning some of the games, she was becoming proficient where the boys were not having to take it easy. She actually defeated her brother handily. Drew laughed and Michael began to tickle him unmercifully where the small boy relieved his bladder in the diaper. Michael sensed the release and stopped.

"So you had to go bafroom." the tall preteen said with a smile.

"Yep, and now you have to clean it up." Drew replied with a wide grin.

"Nope, that's a mommy's job." Penny said. "And I'm the mommy. Michael, put Baby Drew on the bed."

The tall boy obeyed his sister, who had Michael to get the pail of warm water, washcloth, and soap. She opened the button on his shorts and lowered the zipper. Drew, not wanting to let the moment pass, wiggled like an infant. The trio tried to be serious, but the humorous situation had them laughing. Penny wet the cloth and put soap on it. She wiped the blonde bush and around his cock. Her hand brushed against his cock and balls and it caused him to stiffen almost instantly. Both the girl and blonde preteen blushed. Michael smiled and leaned into Drew's ear.

"I guess I'm not the only one in the family who turns you on." he whispered.

"Well she got it up." Drew retorted quietly. "But you're the one who has to get it down."

The boys began to kiss deeply, but Penny was bound and determined to finish the job. She tried to push the diminutive boy on his stomach, but could not. She then swatted his buns.

"HEY!!" he cried out.

"Turn over before Mommy gives you another swat." she said in a stern voice as she could muster.

Drew was going to stay in his current position, but saw Penny's hand go up. He flopped on his stomach and his hard-on pressed against his groin and stomach. He moaned in pain, but felt Penny wash his ass. She was gentle and made sure he was clean. She began to bathe his crack, but Michael stopped her.

"Don't. He still doesn't like many people to touch him there." Penny's brother told her.

"It's okay baby." Drew said. "I know Penny won't hurt me."

The little girl slid the cloth along the inside of the crack. When she touched the hole, the small preteen shuddered and his cock became more rigid. After Penny finished, she made sure the soap was removed and she dried him. She applied powder and lotion, then slid a diaper under Drew with the help of her brother.

"Thank you Mommy." Drew cooed, his arms reaching like a baby.

"Night Baby Drew." Penny replied and kissed his cheek.

At that, the door opened and Doris was standing there, looking at the three. The trio looked like they had committed a heinous crime and the police had arrived. Doris just smiled and told Penny it was time for bed. The little girl left with Drew's mother and the two lovers looked at each other.

"Do you think she's mad?" Drew queried.

"I'm not sure." Michael replied.

Drew helped the tall boy with his diaper and the two were in bed when Doris reappeared. She sat on the bed and held their hands.

"Don't worry." she said. "I've known all along. So has Linda. You think you could hide it from us? We're mothers."

"Are you mad?" Drew asked apprehensively.

"No, but you should have talked to me." his mother replied. "But I don't think it's proper for Penny to change you two."

"She always insists." Michael chimed in.

"I'll talk to her." Doris told them. "Do you like wearing them?"

"Yeah. It's kinda cool." Drew riposted.

"Well, as long as it is here at home." she instructed.

"Don't worry Mom." the two boys responded in unison.

She kissed them both and closed to door with only the nightlight giving off a soft light. Michael grabbed his compact love and pulled him on top of his body. They kissed and their preteen cocks were hard as steel in the diapers. Michael reached down to remove Drew's protective wear, only to be met with a small hand.

"Nuh uh." the blonde boy uttered. "Let's save our loads for the camping trip."

"I thought I had to finish what Penny started." the tall teen said.

"Trust me, by this weekend, you'll get it." Drew retorted. "And there is the special treat for Dad."

The two cuddled with Drew on Michael. They could feel the other's burgeoning tool through the diaper and it took an amazing amount of will power not to bring each other off.

Friday morning dawned and the three men loaded the Escalade, then left for the camp site where they first met Stacy and his family. They arrived about noon, unpacked, got the cabin set up, then the boys ran to the lake to swim. They had planned to set their trap on Barry in motion at that moment. They dropped their towels, then they dropped their swimsuits beside the towels. Before Barry could issue any protest, the boys were splashing and playing freely, so he felt the nudity issue was moot. He joined them with his own Speedo on. He saw the bare, smooth cheek of the boys and this caused his own cock to stir quickly.

"God, those are some hot asses." he thought to himself, or so he thought. "What the fuck am I thinking? I want to fuck those boys after what they had been through."

He turned to leave, but both boys grabbed his hand. They smiled at him as they kept him there.

"Where are you going Dad?" Michael asked.

"This is not right." Barry replied. "What if someone in the other cabins see us?"

"No one will come." Drew explained. "Actually, we rented this cabin and the two others on either side of us. I asked Mom to do that so we could have some privacy. This is our Father's Day gift for you."

"But it is wrong." Michael's father said. "You're here naked and me with an erection."

"Dad, we know that you won't do anything to hurt us." Michael said.

"Besides, we love you Dad." Drew added. "And yeah, we do have hot asses."

Barry began to weep at the sound of this boy calling him Dad. It was like hearing Michael calling him Daddy for the first time. He grabbed the pair and hugged them and kissed their cheeks. As he stood, the boys grabbed his Speedo and yanked it down. They had it down to his ankles, where upon he stumbled, and fell in the water. The duo got it off and Michael tossed it to the shore. Barry rose and looked at them.

"My Grandpa, what a big dick you have." Drew said.

"You shouldn't use language like that." the man said.

"Dad, it's just us guys." Michael retorted. "Besides, it was you who thought we had hot asses and wanted to fuck them."

Barry had not comprehended a minute ago that his uttered his thought aloud and turned beet red. The boys began to laugh so hard that they plopped in the water.

"Okay, but when it's just us." Barry said after he mused on the subject for a short period. "But never around your mothers and especially Penny."

"Deal." Drew replied, with Michael nodding in agreement.

The trio played in the water. The boys moved their hands over Barry's body, especially his cock. The man reciprocated, but was very careful with Drew's rectal region.

After a couple of hours, they went to the cabin, where Barry fixed them a late lunch. The boys drank sodas and Barry had a beer. Normally, he would not let the boys drink any alcohol, especially after Anthony's mother, but since it was just them, he allowed them a sip. The boys thought it was cool, though they did not like the taste. The three cleaned up the mess and Barry felt tired. He went to bed, but the boys said they would stay up a little longer.

"Okay, but not too long." he told them.

Barry went to his bedroom and almost fell asleep instantly. The boys put their next phase of their plan into motion. They had pulled out some cloth strips and a leather cockring that Tony stole from his older brother's dresser. He told the duo how he saw his brother wear it as he was screwing the shit out his girlfriend and it seemed to keep him hard for a long time. The boys listened and heard light snoring coming from the bedroom. Michael knew his dad was not a heavy sleeper, but he was know to sleep soundly. They snuck into the room and began to tie Barry's arms and legs to the bed. It was a nice brass bed, so they were able to quickly tie him spread eagle. Barry had stripped down and his manrod lay dormant over his heavy balls. They gently placed the leather device around the man's genitals as Tony showed them, then began to softly manipulate Barry's pole to rigidity. This did not take long and the 9" lie against his abdomen. Michael began to suck the thick flesh and Drew maneuvered between the hairy legs to work on the heavy set of baby makers. Barry began to squirm. He thought he was having an extremely erotic dream and slowly began to awake. He tried to move his hand to reach for his cock and realized he could not and that there was warm, moist feelings going on around his groin area. He lifted his head and saw the two preteens working his stiffness with an expert flair.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!???" he bellowed.

The boys stopped momentarily and smiled at him. Barry tried to move his hands and feet, but the boys had tied him to the bed very securely.

"Let me up." he ordered.

"Nope." Michael retorted. "We're going to give you the best present any dad could get."

Michael resumed his mouth magic and was swallowing large amounts of precum that flowed like a fountain. Barry could not deny the feeling on his cock was wonderful, but he could not accept that the boys basically kidnapped him.

"Let me up." he demanded again, but his resolve was waning with each passing moment.

"You know Mikey, there is only one way to silence our captive." Drew said.

"Do it my prince." the tall boy replied.

The diminutive boy straddled the man's chest and lowered his smooth ass onto the hairy torso. Barry tried to avoid what was before him, but the small boy rubbed his missile across the man's lips. Several swipes of preteen precum made Barry to open his mouth slightly to lick his lips, but this was the opening that Drew needed. He pressed his cock into small opening and nature took its course. Drew moved his hips as he face fucked the man beneath him. Barry's mind recalled the time when he sucked his first dick and when he made love to the first boy in his youth. His instincts took over and he swallowed the hefty preteen rod to the base. Barry thought what people thought of little people and cock size and chuckled to himself. Drew knew what needed to be done to please Barry. He turned his head and nodded to his love. Michael withdrew him mouth and mounted his dad's rod of love. He slowly lowered himself until half was in his boycunt. He began to ride it slowly, getting more and more to slide in his rectal area. The tall preteen loved the fullness of his dad. It was not the love that Drew had for him, but his body and soul still loved his father and wanted the seed that made him in his body.

The scene of Michael riding the 9" rod, his own near 6" bouncing, and Drew's hard pole sliding in and out of Barry's mouth was highly erotic. Michael felt the hard piece of flesh slam his prostate over and over, which caused his eruption after only ten minutes.

"OH SHIT!!!" he yelled. "CUUUUMMMMINNN'!!!!"

Six rounds of boycream shot across Drew's back and ass. This caused the small boy to smile. The collapse of ass muscles on his hard manpole had Barry release his seed in his son's boytwat.

"MMMMMFFFFFF!!!" he groaned, his mouth stuffed with flesh.

He filled his son's bowels with eight rounds of white pellets of love and life. With the first shot, he sucked Drew's cock so hard, the boy thought his own nuts were going to be pulled through his shaft. This caused his own cream to flow from his nutsac into Barry's mouth.

"UUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!" he grunted.

Six rounds of boy juice filled the man's stomach and Barry enjoyed every drop. The sweetness was savored on his tongue like a fine vintage wine. As the three finished releasing their cum, the boys smiled. Drew pulled his dripping, semi-hard dick out of Barry's mouth and Michael removed his father's flesh sword out of his boy scabbard.

"Okay, let me up." the man said.

The boys just switched positions. Barry finally realized that his cock was still hard and he could just see the leather cockring that the boys had adorned him. Drew took the hard flesh and slipped it in his crack like a hot dog in a bun. He slid his body along the hot 9" hunk of man salami. Michael, in the meantime, slid his boy sausage into his father's mouth, while he had his body turned so his mouth was facing Drew's kielbasa. The taller boy began doing push-ups, which drove his dick into Barry's mouth and Drew's in his. The moans echoed in the room, with Drew the only one to verbalize is feelings.

"OH SHIT...THIS IS GREAT!!!" he uttered.

Now, one would think that with a recent discharge of fluid it would take the trio a while to shoot, especially Barry. This was not the case. Drew continued to slide the man cock along his ass crack and the tip occasionally pressed his rosebud. The feeling of sexual release is imminent in his being and the first shot hit Michael's tonsils.

"OH FUUUCCKK!!!" he cried out.

Five more rounds of boycream filled Michael's throat, who greedily swallowed the nectar. This caused Michael to shoot his load into his father's gullet five times. A guttural moan reverberated against the bedroom walls. Barry swallowed the sweet load and he began to unload his seed. Seven thick blasts hit Drew. The small boy had felt the thick fluid explode and he aimed it on his back and ass. He was covered by the love of the two males who loved and cared for him.

After the three came down from their sexual delight, the boys untied Barry from the bed and Michael removed the cockring. Drew went to his bag and produced a paddle, knowing full well of what was going to happen. Barry got up and looked at the troublesome twins. He took the wooden instrument and the boys bent over the bed, with their smooth assed extended. He raised the paddle and brought it within an inch of Michael's cheeks. He sat down and began to cry. His mind was flooded with conflicting thoughts and memories. Yes, it was wrong. Yes, it was taboo. Yes, it was a crime. But yes, it was so pleasurable and wonderful. The boys hugged and held him.

"Why?" he asked through the tears.

"Because we want to make you feel so special." Michael replied.

"And we know that you wanted to be with us." Drew added. "We know it was extreme for us to do what we did, but we wanted it too."

Barry hugged the boys, then surprised them. He first took Drew over his knees and swatted his behind five times, leaving it a nice bright red. He then pulled his son and repeated the process. As the boys rubbed their posteriors, Barry looked at them.

"Look, I love you two." he said. "And yes, I really enjoyed it. But if we ever to do it again, ask me."

He hugged the boys and they returned the embrace. He kissed them and they could taste the boycream cocktail. Barry felt the cum drying on Drew's back and ass.

"Go take a shower." he instructed.

"I want to keep it on." the diminutive lad replied. "I want to sleep with your essence on me."

Drew thought of the father/son cream as the most expensive skin conditioner, but only better. Barry knew he could carry the boy to the shower, but knew it was just a minute point. He also knew that Drew might regret his decision in the morning. He had the boys in bed with him and they slept soundly.

When they awoke the next day, Drew felt the dry cum on him stretch the skin it was on and it did cause a some pain, but he felt the cum on his cheeks. He pulled a little off an looked at it. He sniffed it, then placed it on his tongue. The moisture of his mouth allowed it to melt on his tongue and he swallowed it.

"Tasty." he said quietly.

"What?" Barry said groggily.

This startled the boy, but then smiled at the man he was in bed with. He pulled a little more of the dried seed off him and showed Barry. He then placed it on his tongue and swallowed again. He showed his tongue to Barry.

"All gone." the small preteen said with a smile.

"Doesn't it hurt you?" the man asked him.

"Well it is tight, but it feels kinda cool." Drew replied.

Barry reached around and pulled a more off and fed it to Drew. He then took more and placed it in his mouth. The two felt Michael stir and he looked at the pair.

"What's going on?" he asked, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

Barry pulled some more off and put it in his son's mouth. The tall preteen swallowed and smiled.

"Oh, breakfast in bed." he said.

Barry pulled Drew over his body and place him in the middle of them on the wee boy's stomach. The father and son licked the neck, back, ass, and legs of the boy. This caused the boy's tool to harden and his love moved him on his back. He proceeded to swallow the 7" of love muscle in his mouth. Barry could not take his eyes of the sight. His 9" grew hard and Drew pulled him to his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could in that position and he felt the mammoth meat touch his throat. Barry was careful and not try to force more than the preteen could take. The warmth of the moist oral orifice had Barry moan loudly. Michael's manipulation on Drew's cock had the small preteen moaning and vibrating on the man's cock. What Barry and Drew did not see was Michael stroking his own 6". Barry loved the feeling so much his stamina was not long-lasting. Drew felt the cock expand in his mouth.

"FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!" the man cried.

The head expanded and eight blasts of man cream filled Drew's mouth, who swallowed as fast as he could, but some still escaped his lips and slid down his cheeks. Drew's own orgasm pressed his body and it exploded in a blaze of boy cum into his lover's mouth.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" the boy squeaked.

Six times he filled Michael's mouth and his soulmate had his mouth filled. After he took the last little drop, he then pulled off with a mouthful of Drew's cum, and then stroked his cock until he blasted his own load into Drew's throat.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" the preteen moaned.

Six rounds of his white pellets hit Drew's tonsils and throat, where is flowed down to his stomach. As his own fluid dribbled out and into his love, he leaned down and shared Drew's load with the wee male. They swallowed the cream and kissed with total abandon. Barry decided to let the boys have their time together alone. He went to have a shower. When he finished and dried off, the boys were on the bed with a smile.

"Well, I had breakfast." Drew said. "Nice super protein shake."

Barry sat on the bed and tickled the boys, who tried to retaliate, but Barry did have the upper hand. He finally relented and the boys hugged and kissed him. They went to get their own shower and Barry fixed breakfast. As the boys entered the kitchen/dining/living room area, they were still nude as was Barry. They remained that way the entire weekend. The trio swam and played and enjoyed the time together. Their sexual activity was continual and they enjoyed it. Barry allowed both boys to fuck him once and Michael enjoyed feeling both males who loved him in his ass. Drew had his belly full of sweet and salty man sauce. By the time it was time to return to the Atlanta, they were totally spent.

On Father's Day Sunday, they arrived home and Barry was met by Penny, who hugged him tightly. She then ran to get his present and he received a homemade card and aftershave. He kissed his daughter, then found Linda and Doris in the family room talking. They gave him their presents. Barry hugged both women and he went to unpack. As he was putting the dirty clothes, as few as they were, in the laundry hamper, Doris came in and closed the door.

"So did the boys wear you out?" she asked.

Barry looked at her, trying to see if it were an innocent question or a more knowing statement. She smiled at him and sat on the bed. She patted the space beside her and he complied like an obedient puppy.

"Barry, I knew what the boys planned." she said. "At first I was going to cancel, but I knew you would never harm them. I don't want to know the details. Just please do them no harm."

"Doris, don't worry." he replied. "I never will. I don't know why I allowed it this weekend. I'm so sorry. Drew is so much like a son to me."

"I know." she told him. "And don't be sorry. This is our secret. But let's not tell Linda. I don't think it would help her health. You are family."

Barry hugged the woman next to him. Doris felt a love for the man. Not a sexual love, but a spiritual one. She knew that Barry loved her son and would do anything to protect him.

Barry found Bryce and they talked about what happened over the weekend. Bryce explained he understood why the boys wanted to show their love and that Barry did return the love, but he also suggested that it cannot happen on a regular basis. Barry responded that it would not. As they went to have dinner, which Hank prepared steak, bake potatoes, salad, and a cake for Barry, the children gave Bryce and Hank gifts.

"What's this for?" Bryce asked.

"Cuz you're like daddies to us." Michael told them.

They opened the boxes and found two matching gold linked bracelets. They were engraved with their names, proceeded with the word Daddy. The couple hugged and kissed the children. After dinner, the children cleaned and went straight to bed. Hank got Penny ready and the boys got their showers. They hopped into bed nude and just held each other tightly.

"I hope Dad enjoyed his weekend." Michael stated.

"I think he did." Drew responded. "But it is for special occasions."

They kissed and fell asleep with Drew in his natural position, asleep on Michael's tall body.


NOTE: Well folks, here is the latest chapter. Now there is some good news and some bad news. First the bad. This will be the last chapter of 2007. With the start of 2008 I will be working on one story at a time. Now the first will be Brother v. Brother. The reason for this is because it will be shortest story to do and the one with the most research. I plan to get the research done during the rest of this year and proceed with the story and finish it quickly. The good news is that once I finish Brother v. Brother, Drew and family will be worked on next. I do not know how long this will take, but I hope it will be a story that everyone will enjoy to the very end. As always, if you have any comments, either good or bad, please email me at Please make sure to include the title of the story in the subject line and please include where you are from so that I may include you in the Readers' List.


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