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DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!! Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

The boys joked around in Blake's room, not knowing what was in store for them at school. Part of the bullies' detention was to empty the trash cans in the classrooms. David White was in the class when the note was passed. As he emptied the trash can in Mrs. Mason's class, he found the note. He read it and ran to show his two cohorts in crime. Billy Simpson and Tony Stone were emptying trash cans down the hall. They read it, laughed, and planned to get even with Drew and Michael. As their detention finished, they found some spray paint and wrote FAG on Drew and Michael's lockers. They threw the cans in the vent of the boy's bathroom. They left the school and began calling some kids. They knew that the boys would be harassed on Monday morning. What they did not know was Mrs. Mason had been at school late to work on a school committee. As she was leaving she saw the three boys running with the cans to the boy's bathroom. She also saw the two lockers. Though the administration had left, she knew what would happen.


During the weekend the boys had received calls that harassed them. Drew and Michael wondered how anyone knew. They had talked with their parents trying to sort things out. The boys sat all weekend holding each other and thinking what would happen on Monday.

As Monday arrived, the boys were driven to school by Michael's father. They approached the school and went to the principal's office. As the principal met them, Mr. Green told the administrator about the phone calls over the weekend. The school head explained that he would not allow anyone harm the boys. He already knew about the lockers and the three boys involved. The principal went on the PA system and made an announcement.

"May I have your attention." he began. "Last Friday three students decided to spray paint obscene words on a couple of lockers. They are also suspect of starting harassing phone calls. I will tend with them later. I want everyone to know that any harassment of students for any reason, and I mean any reason, will be expelled from school. No one will cause problems because of a person's race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. If you think that I am kidding, try me and find out."

The boys felt better, but Mr. Green was still worried that there could be trouble being initiated against one or both boys. As they left the office, the boys headed to class. They entered the first period class. The teens heard some kids snickering at them, but they ignored it. Class went on and with some whispering, it went well. As the day went on, the same thing continued and the boys continued to ignore it.

When science class arrived, Cindy told Drew how sorry she about the note. Drew said that it was okay and not to worry. They class noticed Mrs. Mason was not in class. Drew thought this odd and began to talk with Blake and Cindy when an announcement came over the PA system.

"Billy Simpson, Tony Stone, and David White report to the front office immediately." the school secretary stated.

The class began to look at each other and then at David as he gathered his book bag and left the class room. Drew and some of the other students figured that he was one of the boys who spray painted the lockers. Just then Mr. Burson walked in the class. The PE teacher was asked to look after the class while Mrs. Mason was out of class.

In the principal's office, the three teens were lined up in front of the administrator. They saw Mrs. Mason sitting there and the three cans of spray paint from the previous Friday.

"Well boys." the man said, glaring at them. "Do you have anything to say about this?"

David and Tony were scared. They had noticed the four police officers in the hall. Billy, however, decided to give a smart answer and trying to bluff his way out.

"About what?" he responded, trying to act innocent.

"Don't try me boy." Mr. Courson demanded. "I've already had a hard day. Now anyone want to confess and the police will not be involved. Otherwise, you three will be prosecuted for vandalism and destruction of school property."

"Prove that we did anything." Billy retorted. "We were somewhere else."

"Really?" the principal said. "Mrs. Mason, please tell us what you saw Friday afternoon."

The science teacher explained that she was leaving school after a meeting and saw the three boys running down the hall with the spray paint cans in hand. She also stated that the boys stashed the cans in the vent of the boys bathroom.

"She's lying." Billy yelled in anger. "She's a lying bitch."

Mr. Courson saw the anger build in her eyes and knew she was ready to hit the boy. He grabbed her hand and just motioned to the chair.

"Don't worry." he said to her. "Let's say his word isn't worth the effort to get upset. Now since you want to take that attitude Mr. Simpson, you will be placed under arrest."

Mr. Courson pressed a button and two officers came in to the room. The teen backed into the corner, but knew he was going out the door. The officers handcuffed the boy and led him kicking and screaming from the school. Billy was placed in the back of a patrol car. The last thing he heard from the principal was that he was expelled from school. Mr. Courson turned his attention to the other boys.

"Now, do you want to join Mr. Simpson?" he asked the boys.

They looked at each other and Tony began to cry. He admitted to the spray painting of the lockers and apologized. David, seeing that he was trapped, admitted to his participation.

"Well you boys are expelled for the remainder of the school year." Mr. Courson said. "You may return next year under four conditions: 1) you will clean the lockers in question; 2) you will maintain A's at the school you go to; 3) testify against Billy Simpson; and 4) you will give heartfelt apologies to Drew and Michael. Do you boys understand me?"

The boys nodded their heads. They were told to stay in the office as Mr. Courson called their parents. He reached Mr. Stone's mother, who was quite upset, and told her she needed to come and get her son. Mr. White was contacted and told the administrator he would be at school at noon. As the educator finally got hold of Billy Simpson's mother, he got the feeling that she did not care about her son. Mrs. Simpson told him that the "little bastard" could rot in jail for all she was concerned. Mr. Courson relayed the message to Mrs. Mason, who was shocked at the attitude. The science teacher left and arrived at her class. She heard the kids whispering about Billy Simpson being arrested.

"Class." she said. "First, before any of you decide to explore what happened, let me set the record straight. Billy Simpson was arrested, but was given every opportunity to avoid it. Second, David White and Tony Stone were expelled for a year. Now do you all realize how ugly hate is? You might not like Drew and Michael for being homosexuals, but they are human and have feelings. And just so you know this, my brother is gay also. I love him very much."

"Mrs. Mason?" Blake called out. "Will these boys be allowed to return to school?"

"Yes and no." she replied.

She explained that Billy was permanently expelled, but David and Tony would be allowed to return at the new school year with certain conditions. She then told Drew she wanted to see him after class. As the class let out, Drew came to her desk.

"Drew I need to tell you something." the teacher began. "One of the conditions that Mr. Courson placed on David and Tony was they had to apologize to Michael and yourself. It must be heartfelt and, if not, they will not be allowed to return to school."

Drew looked at her, trying to comprehend what was going to transpire. It seemed that he and Michael held these boys' fate in their hands.

"Mrs. Mason." he said. "You mean that if they aren't sincere, they can't come back?"

"Yes it does." she told him. "And I also want to talk to you about testifying against Billy Simpson. You realize you will be called to tell what happened the first day of school. Do you think you can do that?"

He nodded and thanked her about telling the class about her brother. He then did something that shocked her. He ran to her and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Mrs. Mason was a bit shaken, but realized it was this small boy who can take on the world and win.

Drew left the class and met with his friends at lunch. He told them the conditions for Tony and David's expulsion. Michael smiled, knowing that he could prevent these boys from coming back. The group continued talking about a dance that was coming up.

"So who are you going with George?" Cindy asked.

"Barbi Johns." he told them. "She just loves me."

They all laughed and made kissing sounds at George. He blushed a deep crimson because he was extremely embarrassed.

"So who are you going with Cindy?" he retorted.

"Don't know yet." she responded. "It's between Tom Cruise and Sean Penn."

As the bell rang, Michael held Drew back.

"My mom and dad are going to the beach." he told his love. "They're gonna take Penny. You wanna go? We'll have our own room."

Drew motioned for Michael to lower his head. He knew what he wanted and he whispered his response.

"Yes." he said quietly. "And we can finally show our complete love to each other."

Michael just smiled.

The week went by and the boys seemed to know who their friends were. There were some kids who were nice to them before they were outed that turned their backs on them. There were also kids who never spoke to them in the beginning and now approached them. Their little clique seemed stronger than ever, even though Blake seemed a bit sullen.

As school ended Friday, Drew, Blake, and Michael went over to Drew's house. They were sitting and watching television when there was a knock on the door. Drew got up to answer it and saw Tony standing there. Drew did not know what to make of the situation.

"C-C-Can I come in?" Tony asked nervously.

Drew knew he had back-up if Tony tried anything so he nodded and waved him in the house. He showed the nervous teen to the living room and Tony saw the other boys.

"Drew I want to say I'm sorry." Tony began. "I know it was shitty for me to spray the word on your locker. Michael I'm sorry about your locker too."

Drew looked at Michael and then back to Tony. He felt that Tony meant what he said, but he had to know why.

"Tony, ever since we were little, you three always picked on me." Drew started. "Why? Just explain why pick on me. And why when you found out I was gay, you did what you did."

Tony began to fidget and became extremely nervous to the point of tears.

"I knew what I did was mean." he said. "I did it to hide what I am."

Tony began to cry hysterically and just sat on the sofa weeping pitifully. After a few minutes he looked up, his eyes red with tears and a hidden pain. He found Drew sitting next to him, rubbing his back.

"I had to hide the fact that I'm gay." he said to the boys. "I don't know what to do."

The three friends looked at each other in amazement. They realized that here was a boy who was frightened and needed a friend. Drew lifted the teen's face up and looked at him intently. He then kissed Tony lightly on the lips. Tony's first reaction was to withdraw, but didn't move. Michael followed Drew's lead and came to Tony and kissed him ever so gently. Finally Blake came to the scared teen and kissed him, then hugged him. Blake became more forceful and kissed Tony more passionately pushing his tongue in his mouth. Tony began to relax and allowed Blake to kiss him. He finally felt more alive than he ever felt. Blake opened his passion gate and he got hard. Tony became embarrassed with what was pressing in his pants. He tried to run and the boys just held him.

"Why are you leaving?" Blake asked. "Got a hard problem to solve?"

Tony started to get upset, but then saw the boys were teasing him. He realized the boys were making him feel good about his sexuality. He also became very attracted to Blake. He did not know how the teen would feel about him. Blake pulled him close and whispered in his ear.

"Tony, I think you're hot." Blake said softly.

He kissed the teen on the cheek. Mrs. Morgan then walked in and saw the four boys. She recognized everyone but Tony.

"Mom, this is Tony Stone." Drew told his mother. "He came to apologize. He's very sincere Mom. He's confused about himself and we're helping him."

He explained the conversation to his mother and that they wanted to help him. Mrs. Morgan then called Tony into the kitchen and they talked. He told her that he knew he was gay, but afraid to say anything. Mrs. Morgan told him if he were sincere, she would help him no matter what. Tony thanked her and went to the living room. The boys decided it was time to go home. Michael and Drew had to pack for the weekend. The four teens went to the door and kissed each other good-bye.

Drew went to have dinner with his mother. They discussed what was happening with Tony. They knew that they would be there for the teen. As dinner ended, Drew cleared the table and gave his mother a big hug and kiss. He went to his room and packed his bag. He went to bed will all 7" erect. He wanted to relieve his load, but wanted it for Michael. He fell asleep dreaming of Michael.

NOTE: First I know, no sex except for two self-gratification scenes. I think it would be better to have the first love making scene for a special occasion. Second, to those who are reading this and are, for PC, vertically challenged, I hope I have not offended anyone. I want this to be a love story between two different people who are the same in love. Third, I said that bullies would play a part and yes they did. Fourth, I wanted to prove that those who are supposedly religious and have gay family members are not all bad. And last, but definitely not least, to all those who are wonderful e-mailing me about this story line, THANK YOU. You have made this story take life and have encouraged me to move on with it. Any comments, good or bad, or suggestions just need to be sent to

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