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From our previous chapter:

"My mom and dad are going to the beach." he told his love. "They're gonna take Penny. You wanna go? We'll have our own room."

Drew motioned for Michael to lower his head. He knew what he wanted and he whispered his response.

"Yes." he said quietly. "And we can finally show our complete love to each other."

Michael just smiled.

Drew went to have dinner with his mother. They discussed what was happening with Tony. They knew that they would be there for the teen. As dinner ended, Drew cleared the table and gave his mother a big hug and kiss. He went to his room and packed his bag. He went to bed will all 7" erect. He wanted to relieve his load, but wanted it for Michael. He fell asleep dreaming of Michael.


Saturday morning came through the blinds and Drew woke to the day. He had been packed for the weekend and jumped out of bed to get ready. He ran to the bathroom and quickly showered. His hard dick had a mind of its own, even though he tried to think of things to lower the one-eyed wonder. He wore a towel to his room and bumped into his mother in the hall. She smiled at her boy, but apprehensive. This would be the first time her boy would leave her for more than a day.

"Morning honey." she said to Drew. "Looks like you're ready to go."

Drew began to laugh and gave his mother a hug. He saw the worried look in her eyes and wanted to reassure her.

"Yeah mom." he said. "I'm going to streak on the beach the whole weekend. I guess I better leave my clothes here and buy a case of sun block for all over."

Mrs. Morgan laughed at her son. She saw in her son what was right with the world. Never back down from adversity and become a self-confident person who will succeed. She saw in Drew love unstoppable and someone who loved him in return.

Drew returned to his room and started to dress. The Greens would be at the house around 10 am to pick him up and it was already 8:30. He quickly put on a t-shirt with his favorite wrestler on the front - Goldberg. He then put on a pair of shorts and sandals. He grabbed his bag and put it at the front door. He then sat down with his mother and they ate breakfast.

"Mom, I want you to know." he said with serious intent. "I will miss you this weekend. This is my first time away from home. But I will be okay."

"I know Drew." she said in return. "But I'm going to worry until the day you die. You are my baby and it's my job to worry."

They sat and ate a while in silence. They then got up to clean the dishes and kitchen. As they finished, the Greens' car pulled into the drive. Michael came to the door, but Drew answered it even before he could knock.

"Hey there hot stuff." Michael said with a grin. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, but I have to do something first." Drew said.

He grabbed Michael's shirt and pulled him down to his level. The smaller boy then planted a huge kiss on his lover. They continued this until they heard two voices.

"Do I have to turn a hose on you?" Barry Green said to the boys.

"No I think we need to neuter them." Doris Morgan said with a smile.

The boys were shocked at what was said, but the adults laughed. Michael grabbed Drew's bag and headed to the door. Drew ran to his mother and hugged her. He whispered that he loved her and will be fine. He headed to the door and his destiny. The boys climbed in the back of the van. Penny was in the seat in front of them, playing with her dolls, oblivious to the boys. The boys were listening to CDs on Michael's portable CD player. They did joke with each other and Drew casually caressed Michael's thigh, which caused the teen to sprout an instant erection. They smiled at each other as if to know what the weekend held for them.

The drive to Savannah seemed short, thought the over 3 hour drive was long for Penny. The Greens and Drew arrived at the house they decided to rent for the warm autumn weekend. As they tumbled out of the van, the boys raced into the house. It was a comfortable beach house with three floors. There was a large living room, spacious dining room, and very homey kitchen. The second floor had two bedrooms and two on the third. Michael's parents had taken the master bedroom on the second and decided Penny should be in the bedroom on the same floor. Drew and Michael dazzled Mr. and Mrs. Green with their smiles. They knew they would have the third floor to themselves.

As they got settled, Mrs. Green prepared lunch for the group. They sat down to a pasta salad and tuna with iced tea.

The entire group proceeded to the beach, where they enjoyed the warm autumn afternoon. Michael and Drew splashed and swam. Michael showed Drew show to ride a boogie board, which the smaller teen learned quickly. As the afternoon waned, the Greens and Drew went back to the beach house.

After dinner, Penny was sent to bed as she was very tired. Michael's parents and the boys sat in the living room watching a movie. Michael and Drew sat on a large recliner, big enough for the two teens to cuddle up tight. As the movie finished, Michael's mother went to bed. Mr. Green started to proceed to the bedroom, but stopped at the entrance.

"Listen boys, we need to talk." he started. "I know what you're planning for tonight. There is no way I can stop you, but I want to talk to you. As a male, I know your hormones are raging, and you can't think of anything but sex. Just remember to go slow and be careful. If you try anal sex, please be very careful."

The boys looked at the man, wondering how he would know about taking a dick up the ass.

"Dad, how do you know about gay sex?" Michael asked.

"Well I have been reading up on being a gay parent." Mr. Green said. "I want to make sure that you boys will be fine with your sexuality."

Drew, who was a good judge of reading people, heard something in Mr. Green's voice that not all he said was forthcoming. But he liked Mr. Green and the man treated the petite teen like a son.

"I'm going to bed and I expect you two to do the same." the man said.

"Okay dad." Michael chimed. "We will very soon."

Mr. Green headed upstairs and went to Penny's bedroom to check on her and then to his own. The boys were left downstairs and they looked at each other. Their expressions were like that of two virgins on their honeymoon. They were excited, yet very shy about going upstairs and make love for the first time. Drew, who was on Michael's lap, could feel the 5" teen dick probing his leg. The diminutive boy leaned in and began to lightly kiss Michael on the lips, just gently pecking. They gazed into each other's eyes and Drew knew this was the moment. He jumped off the recliner and took Michael's hand.

They went up to the third floor and entered the far bedroom. Michael sat on the bed and he reached for his love. Drew stepped closer and Michael removed the t-shirt he was wearing. He gazed at the torso of the teen he fell in love with. The small boy was just developing hair under his pits and Michael was amazed at the muscular development Drew was showing. His pecs were firming up and he had nickel-sized nips. Michael reached for them and brushed his fingers lightly across them. Drew's excitement caused them to harden and peak, which had Michael to lean in and he began to suck them. Drew's head went back and he let out a low moan. The taller boy continued this treatment for several minutes and Drew's cock grew hard in his shorts. He was oozing precum, which caused a large spot to appear. Michael stopped and he leaned back. Drew reached at the waist of this wonderful person and lifted the t-shirt. He saw the great muscles forming and an ample amount of hair under Michael's pits. Drew climbed on the bed and returned the favor by nibbling and sucking the quarter-sized nips of his love. Michael was highly sensitive and thrashed on the bed while Drew orally stimulated the teen. Michael's 5" spewed precum like a leaking faucet. The spot on his shorts almost covered the entire front. Drew licked down and tasted the sweet nectar Michael was producing through his shorts. He then pulled down the shorts and Michael's hard rod slammed against his belly. The brown hair that surrounded the top of Michael's cock was matted with the precum he was emitting. Though Drew had never tasted another cock, he seemed to know what to do. His tongue danced around the swollen glan, which continued to produce what seemed an endless supply of the clear juice. Drew licked all around the shaft and Michael was writhing in pure pleasure. Finally Drew pulled 2" of the dick into his small mouth, producing a vacuum suction which Michael thought his entire life was being pulled out of his body. The larger teen instinctively slammed into Drew's throat. The smaller boy quickly pulled back as he felt it and looked at Michael.

"Whoa stud." the miniature teen said. "You almost choked me with that monster."

"Man, I'm sorry." Michael replied. "But you make me so fucking hot."

"The same here." Drew said. "But slow down. We got all night."

Drew went back to slowly sucking his love and making it pleasurable. As he pulled up, Drew would draw his tongue on the underside. He then decided to move lower to the walnut-sized testicles and began sucking on the hairless sac one at a time. Michael was feeling as if insanity took his brain as he twisted and jerked under the mouth maneuvering of Drew. The smaller boy continued to work down until he saw the smooth, tight pucker of Michael. Even though he had brought a couple of bottles of lube, he knew that rimming Michael was a way of showing his love and trust. As he slowly put his tongue to the hole, he could smell and taste the mixture of soap, sweat, and salt. Drew knew this was his lover and he began to put pressure on the pink, star-shaped forbidden fruit. As he moved his tongue to achieve entry, Michael began to moan and push his ass more towards Drew. The diminutive teen bathed the hole with his spit, some of which was seeping on the bed. As they went on for almost 30 minutes, Michael got on all fours and then spread his hole.

"Baby, I want you to have my cherry." the teen said.

Drew looked in amazement. He had always thought since Michael stated he had been with another boy, it was assumed he was not a virgin. The smaller teen stood on the bed, which allowed him to perfectly aim at the love chute. He lowered his shorts and his 7" slapped against his belly. Michael looked back and saw the light dusting of hair around the boy's dick. Drew applied some lube to his dick and pressed his steel like dick to his lover and pushed. He was met with some resistance. The diminutive teen caressed the smooth ass of Michael, just telling him he would wait until Michael was ready. The taller boy relaxed and Drew tried again. The head of his shaft penetrated and Michael stiffened by the pain. He clamped down tight on Drew's dick, which caused the small teen to freeze. Since they were both virgins, they were unsure what to do next.

"Do you want me to pull out?" Drew asked, worrying about Michael.

"No. No." the teen replied. "Just let me get used to it big man."

The two boys stayed where they were what seemed like an eternity, but after a few minutes Michael's ass muscles relaxed. Drew began pushing further in stopping when Michael's muscles tightened, which became less frequent. After the smaller teen was just over half-way in, he pulled back slowly, then pushed back into the hole, allowing more of his dick to go into Michael. Michael was getting the feeling he was being filled from the rear. He began to feel great pleasure and wanting more of Drew in him so he began to push back. After just a few minutes, Drew was completely in Michael. He began to feel a surge of power, so he slowly began to fuck Michael slowly by grabbing him by the waist with his small hands. He loved the velvety feel of Michael's ass wall around his cock. He began to pick up speed, ramming his dick in and out of the love hole. The two boys were moaning loudly and both knew they were close to releasing their love. As Drew's dick kept prodding Michael's prostrate, the taller boy felt his entire being wanting to release. Drew felt his load ready to pulse through his rod.

"Oh man, I'm ready to shoot." the smaller boy said.

"Shoot it in me." Michael said. "Let me have your love."

With that Drew could hold it no longer. He rammed his dick all the way to his balls into Michael. All of a sudden, his entire body slammed rigid as the first volley shot into his love.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!" he exclaimed, holding on for his life.

Load after copious load flooded Michael's ass walls, painting them white. Both boys thought that Drew would not stop shooting. As each load pulsed into Michael, Drew's body kept shaking as if he were having an epileptic seizure. After 10 shots into the ass, Drew finally relaxed, but could not remove his dick. After his fifth shot, Michael began climaxing and released his white gold on the sheets beneath him. His ass muscles clamped shut, which milked Drew's load.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!" was the only sound Michael could utter.

Michael shot 8 loads before finally collapsing in the pool of semen that he released. He brought Drew with him, who clung to the bigger boy's back. The small boy with the large cock finally went soft and his dick plopped out of the hole. Michael pulled him up to his face and they began kissing passionately. They held each other and slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Drew awoke and felt Michael's hard cock poking his lower leg. He also felt his dick raging hard. The smaller teen scooted down to face the cycloptic love piston and began to devour it. He moved his mouth up and down which created a reaction from his lover.

The teen woke with a smile as he saw from the moonlight streaming through the window his lover working his cock. Drew saw the boy was awake and smiled at him at best he could with a mouthful of teen meat. The teen moved so his ass was facing Michael. The taller boy knew what Drew wanted and he was more than willing to oblige. He spread the hairless cheeks and circled the tiny rosebud with his tongue. Drew felt the surge of power and lust course through his body. His pucker opened and Michael rammed his tongue in the hole. He fucked the sweet hole with his tongue, tasting the sweet untainted hole, and knowing he would have this boy's virginity. He kept working on the hole as Drew kept bobbing on the hot fuck stick like a piece of stick candy. Michael then pushed a finger into the hole and felt the tightness and warmth. He then wiggled the finger which resulted in a mixed giggle and moan from Drew. Michael then moved a second finger in and slowly fucked the teen with the digits and tongue. Drew pulled off the hot rod and pushed back, enjoying the feeling. He then reached to the nightstand and squirted some lube onto his hand. He passed the bottle to Michael who squirted a large amount onto Drew's ass and his fingers. Michael massaged it deep into the love chute, getting the smaller teen prepared for his dick. They had decided to have Drew lower himself onto the hard shaft. Michael steadied his cock and Drew put himself over the rod. He could feel the heat pulse at his hole. The small teen tried to put the dick in his ass, but his brain resisted from the pain. As he tried to do it a second time, he remembered what he had read, to act like he was relieving his bowels and he did. The bulbous head broke through the ring and the pain racked his body. He let out a yelp that the boys thought it was heard back in Atlanta. Drew's body tensed and he thought seriously to pull off, but he wanted Michael to experience the same love he had felt just a few hours earlier. He remained with just the head in him until he felt more accustomed to the shaft in him. After a few minutes the pain began to subside and he lowered himself onto the 5" of love. As Drew felt the pain, he stopped until he was more at ease. He moved until all of Michael's cock was buried in his ass. The two teens looked at each other with love and Drew caressed the chest and abs of his lover. Then the miniature boy began to raise up and felt the tip of Michael's dick hit his prostrate, which forced precum to flow like honey onto Michael. Drew continued to move up and down on the spear, always massaging his prostrate. Michael felt the warmth, tightness, and the love in Drew's ass. He was with the boy he loved and wanted this moment to be always unforgettable. As the boys enjoyed the movement of body against his body, they knew it would not last. Drew felt his impending climax approach as each movement on Michael caused him to near the point of no return. Michael was the same. He felt the hot ass milk his cock and he was ready to unleash a torrent of cum into Drew. Drew suddenly slammed down on Michael, which resulted in simultaneous climaxes. Michael back arched as his dick spewed forth the wonderful liquid into Drew's body. His dick pulsed continually for several minutes. He could feel the cum coat the walls of Drew. As the first volley from Michael released, so did the first shot from Drew. His cum shot above his head and hit Michael on his forehead. Each subsequent emission moved lower on the tall teen's body, until the last short landed on the small patch of pubic hair on Michael.

Each boy was totally spent. They were covered in sweat and cum. Drew lowered his upper body with Michael still in him and laid on Michael's chest and in his own cum. The pressed the white gold and it kept them glued together. Michael caressed Drew's hair, wet with perspiration, leaning in to kiss it. Michael took some of the cum off his forehead and tasted the sweet nectar of the boy on him. Michael's dick slowly softened until it finally plopped out. Drew moved up and they began kissing again.

"Michael, I love you." Drew said. "I have loved you ever since I saw you. I want this to last forever."

"I know how you feel." Michael said. "I loved you ever since I saw the toughness in PE. You are my soul and being."

As they held each other, Drew noticed the door was slightly ajar and thought he saw someone move. He wanted to check it out, so he raised up and looked at Michael.

"I gotta go to the bathroom." he said.

"I'll come with you." Michael replied.

As the headed to the bathroom, Drew noticed something on the floor in the hall. He leaned down and felt something sticky and wet. He raised it to his nose and then tasted it. He knew it was semen and he offered some to Michael, who tasted it with great hesitation. Could Michael's father have been spying on them and jacked off to the sight of them making love? The boys looked at each other and smiled.

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