BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

As the headed to the bathroom, Drew noticed something on the floor in the hall. He leaned down and felt something sticky and wet. He raised it to his nose and then tasted it. He knew it was semen and he offered some to Michael, who tasted it with great hesitation. Could Michael's father have been spying on them and jacked off to the sight of them making love? The boys looked at each other and smiled.


The sun rose and the two teens awoke in each others arms. Drew looked into Michael's eyes and smiled at the wonderful person he loved.

"Hey baby." Drew said, giving Michael a kiss on the nose. "How do you feel this morning?"

"Complete." Michael responded with a kiss on Drew's lips. "How about you?"

"Totally in love." the small teen said.

They felt each other's morning woodies and stroked each other slowly. Drew felt Michael's precum on his fingers and brought it to his lips, licking the clear fluid off his digits.

"Sweet." Drew said with a huge smile.

Michael returned the favor with Drew's precum and smiled at its taste.

"How about mutual protein drinks?" Michael asked with a grin.

Drew climbed on top of Michael and the teens positioned themselves for simultaneous oral stimulation. Drew devoured Michael's sweet cock until his chin was resting on the sparse bush of his lover. The boys slowly rose and descended on each other enjoying the taste.

Michael began fondling Drew's balls with one hand and playing with his hole with the other. He could still taste his seed in Drew's anal cavity. Michael eased two fingers in and out of Drew's hole. This caused Drew to push onto Michael's fingers further. Drew reciprocated on Michael's ass, slowly pushing two of his smaller fingers in and out. This treatment seemed to push the boys further than they expected, because only a few minutes of ass work the teens exploded into each other's mouths, filling them with seed. Michael tensed quickly as he shot a huge load into Drew, who swallowed it greedily. Drew's load concurrently flowed into Michael, who drank as a man in the desert.

As the flow of each boy finally slowed to a slow leak, they pulled off each other with one long draw to get the last bit of each other's cum. Penny came through the door and opened it. She saw the boys naked and her eyes opened wide.

"Oh, I'm gonna tell mama." the little girl said.

"Damn it Penny." Michael yelled. "Close the door now."

"I'm gonna tell mama you sweared." she said.

The boys, being a little annoyed at the interruption, got out of bed and took a shower. They dressed casually on that Sunday, with pull over shirts and khaki pants. They went downstairs and sat down for breakfast.

"Michael, what do you mean by using profanity to your sister?" Mrs. Green asked with a stern look.

"Mom, she came bustin' in without knocking." Michael said defensively.

"Is this true Penny?" Mrs. Green queried the little girl.

"Yes mama." Penny responded. "But you said to get them up and they were..."

"That's beside the point." their mother said. "You know better than going into Michael's room without knocking. Now both of you were wrong and you both better behave, understand?"

"Yes ma'am." the Green siblings said in unison.

"Now eat up so we can go to church." Mrs. Green told the three, as she went upstairs to see if her husband was up.

The three youngsters sat eating and chatting as if there was not problem. The boys were deciding what to do after church. The family was not going to leave for Atlanta until 8 pm. They decided to go back to the beach and Penny said she wanted to go, but the boys said they wanted to be alone. Penny began sulking and the two boys felt sorry she was being left out.

"How about on the way home we play with you." Michael said.

This seemed to make Penny happy and she readily agreed. Mr. and Mrs. Green came into the kitchen and saw the three smiling and laughing. Mr. Green sat down and had a cup of coffee. Mrs. Green put down two plates of bacon, eggs, grits, and toast. The two grown-ups ate while the three children continued their chatter.

"So how did you boys sleep?" Mr. Green asked casually.

"Fine Dad." Michael said. "How about you? Any dreams about water or other fluids?"

Mr. Green sputtered and began coughing. Mrs. Green began striking her husband on the back to help clear his airway. After a couple of minutes, he began to recover and looked at the boys, who just smiled and Mr. Green swore he saw Drew give him a wink.

After breakfast the five gathered in the van and headed to the MCC. The Greens were members in Atlanta, but Drew and his mother rarely went to church. The pastor greeted the congregation and the sermon was on tolerance for everyone. The service was easy-going and fun. Drew decided to go to services with the Greens and his mother from now on. As the service ended the Greens and Drew were met by the pastor, who seemed to genuinely warm and friendly. The group headed back to the house and the boys dressed to go to the beach.

"We're going to swimming." Michael told his parents.

"Okay, but remember." Mrs. Green said. "We leave at 8 pm. Be back by 7 you two."

The boys headed to the beach, but Michael pulled Drew down the beach for a mile or two. They saw a sign that said clothing optional.

"Michael, are you nuts?" Drew said. "This is a nude beach. We can't go there."

"Sure we can." he lover told him. "No one will notice."

Drew was extremely reluctant. He knew going in there was wrong, but he wanted to be with Michael and the taller teen was determined to go to the beach. So the two boys went passed the sign and they noticed thought not everyone was unclothed, a vast majority were and they did not seem to notice the two teens. Michael and Drew found some space to put their towels down and Michael dropped is trunks. He then pulled off his shirt. Drew looked in amazement, but did not want to feel odd. He doffed his clothing and was showing his entire glory to those on the beach. Some men and a few women noticed the diminutive teen with the oversized organ hanging between his legs.

A couple of older teens come over and introduced themselves as Brad and Greg. They seemed to be college age and they asked the two younger teens who they were and are they going together. Michael grabbed Drew's hand and told the two they were boyfriends and loved each other. Drew seemed wary of the two, but kept quiet. The two college boys told Michael and Drew they were going to a party later and they were inviting them. Drew explained they were going home soon so they could not go. The two left with very odd smiles, which caused a chill to run through Drew's body.

The boys swam in the ocean and Drew had to admit it felt freeing to have the water wash across his groin.

As the day wore on the boys decided to head back to the house, even though it was early. They grabbed their clothes and dressed. As they left the beach, Drew turned to Michael.

"That was fun." he said to the taller teen. "Just those two gave me the creeps. I'm glad you brought me here."

"I know." Michael said to him. "It was fun. And those guys were weird."

No sooner as he finished the statement a car pulled up behind them and the two boys looked as deer caught in the headlights. Greg and Brad jumped out of the car along with two others. Michael had spun around and was met with a right cross. He crumpled to the ground. Two of the teens proceeded to punch and kick him severely. Michael had fallen into a state of unconsciousness.

"MICHAEL!!" screamed Drew, reaching out as Brad grabbed him by the waist and pulled him to some dunes near a vacant house.

The five college students surrounded the smaller boy and sneered at him. He noticed Brad pulling down his shorts and Drew saw the thick bush peeking out. Brad was 5'8" and weighed 155 pounds. He was not well built, but not skinny either. As his shorts lowered his 7" dick sprung out.

"Okay you little fag." he said venomously. "You're gonna learn how to take a man's dick. Bend him over boys."

Two of the boys turned Drew over and pulled his trunks down to his ankles. He felt hands on his smooth cheeks and a sharp, searing pain in his rectum. Drew yelled out and Greg slapped him hard enough to split his lip. Drew began to cry and the salt of his tears burned the cut on his lip. He felt the college boy slamming his dick in and out of the young teen hole, being totally abused. All Drew could think was Michael unconscious and hurt. He wished he could escape and get to his love. All he wanted was it to be over. Brad forced his dick hard and felt the tightness of the hole around his cock. He felt his balls tighten and he grabbed the diminutive boy's hips and slammed his dick hard.

"FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!" Brad cried out, as he spewed his load into the boy's bowels.

The college boy pulled his dick out and the sound of plop could be heard. Some of the cream that was unloaded seeped out of Drew's hole. Greg dropped his pants and 6" of thin meat appeared. Drew smiled a little to think he was bigger and thicker than the guy who was going to fuck him. The teen dropped the smile before any of the college students could see it. Greg pushed his dick in and Drew barely felt the dick. Greg, like Brad, just rammed his dick in and out. Greg only lasted a few minutes before he unloaded a trickle of cum to mix with Brad's.

Alan, one of the boys holding Drew, stated it was his turn. This was a large guy, 6'4" and 230 pounds and very muscular. As he lowered his pants, the man revealed 12" of extremely thick horse cock. It was thicker than a soda can and Drew's eyes began to bulge. He had to think fast as to how not to be fucked by the man. He came up with a plan and hoped it would work. As Alan put his dick to the small rectal area and started to push, Drew emitted a sound that startled the college boys.

"UUNGH!!" cried the small teen, upon which he went limp and stopped breathing.

"What the fuck?" Alan cried out, jumping back.

The five older boys looked around in a panic. Brad grabbed the small boy's arm and spun him around. They saw he was not breathing and they began to run in all different directions trying to get away. They finally ran to their car and pushed each other trying to get away.

As Drew heard the panic stricken college boys he looked and saw them running to the car. He moved so he could see the plate and saw it was from South Carolina. He remembered CKS 171 and the make of a `65 Ford Mustang, white with red racing stripes. As he saw the 5 boys drive off, just missing Michael, he ran to his love and saw the damage. Blood was flowing from Michael's nose, mouth, and a cut on the right side of his forehead. Drew noticed Michael was having trouble breathing. The diminutive teen saw a store open and ran to it. He saw an elderly man and woman sitting behind a counter as he entered.

"Please, my friend and I were attacked." Drew said to the couple. "Please call the police."

The couple called the police, who arrived a few minutes later and Drew showed them the body of his lover. The police called for an ambulance and asked Drew what happened and where Michael's parents were. He told them where they were staying and one officer, Jim Bruniski, took him to the rental. Mr. Green came out when the police car pulled into the drive. Drew bound out of the car and told the Greens what happened. The officer explained Michael was on his way to the hospital. Mr. Green said they would follow the patrol car. The drove rather quickly with Officer Bruniski leading the way. They arrived at the emergency room entrance and Mr. Green explained who they were. The attendant on duty asked some basic questions, then led the group to where Michael was. Two doctors and three nurses were working on the teen as his family arrived.

"Mr. Green, my name is Dr. Bridges." the older physician said. "I will not try to sugar-coat this. Your son has a trauma to the head and what appears to be at least three broken ribs. I believe one or both lungs have been punctured. We need to operate quickly. May we have your permission?"

Mrs. Green began crying hysterically and had to be led from the room and given a sedative. Mr. Green nodded and signed the consent form. He leaned over and kissed his son before they led him away. Officer Bruniski came up and explained they had a conference room so they could ask Drew what happened. Mr. Green explained that Drew was not his son, but was with his family on the trip. The officer said that it would be fine for Mr. Green to act in loco parentis for the boy. The males sat down and Officer Bruniski began talking with the boy.

"Drew, tell us what happened." the cop said. "Start from when you left the house."

Drew, who could never lie, explained how Michael heard of a nude beach and they went there. He told the men they did strip and laid to get a tan and played in the water. He also explained how they were approached by the two college guys and how they were invited to the party. He told them how the two teens refused to go and stayed until 5 pm to head back to the house. Drew explained how, as they were walking home, a car pulled up and they were attacked. Drew told how the boys started to beat on Michael, hitting and kicking his love. Then all of a sudden, Drew stopped talking. The two men looked at each other in puzzlement. The officer approached the small teen and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. The touch set off a signal in Drew's mind as he leapt out of the seat and curled in the corner.

"NO! DON'T TOUCH ME!!". Drew yelled. "STAY AWAY!!"

Mr. Green approached Drew and knelt in front of the boy. He wanted to hold the boy who was like a son, but did not. He felt something happened and knew Drew had to tell him.

"Drew, what happened?" Michael's father asked him. "Did those boys hurt you? Where did they hurt you?"

They had noticed the cut on the lip. Drew tried to run, but Mr. Green grabbed him and held him. Drew struggled and tried to get away, yelling for the man to let him go. After several minutes of trying to loosen the hold and failing, Drew gave up and sobbed hysterically. He held onto Michael's father as if he were a life line. The teen raised his head and looked at the two men.

"Th-th-th-they raped me." the boy said through the tears.

He grabbed Mr. Green's neck and cried continually. The men looked at each other, then rushed the boy to the emergency room doctor and explained the situation. They moved the boy to an examination room and the doctor began to examine Drew. The emergency room staff performed a rape kit and gave it to the police officer, who had it sent to the crime lab and returned to the boy.

"Drew, how many raped you?" Officer Bruniski asked. "How did you get away from them?"

Drew told them that two of the five held him down and two had successfully penetrated him. He then explained how he faked a heart attack to get them away from him. He did give a description of the five, the make and color of the Mustang, and the license plate. The officer rushed to get the information to the other officers. Mr. Green held the boy's hand and did not know what to say.

"Mr. Green, please don't be mad." Drew said. "We didn't mean to do anything wrong."

"Drew, I am upset you went to the nude beach." he said. "But you two didn't ask for this. We'll get them and send them to prison."

"Do I have to testify?" Drew asked, with shame in his voice. "I really don't want to."

"Drew, from what I've seen of you." Mr. Green began. "You don't let anyone get the best of you. You're a fighter and you will do what is right. If you don't testify, they will get the best of you."

Drew looked at him and knew he was right, but the shame was there. How could he tell anyone he was raped? What would his life be like after this? The only reason he could do it was for Michael. Drew nodded at the man.

The doctor approached Mr. Green and said he wanted to keep Drew overnight for observation, to which Michael's father agreed. He asked about his son and was being told that they were wheeling Michael out of surgery. The doctor would be down to talk with him.

"Drew, I'm going to call your mom." Mr. Green said. "I'm going to tell her we won't be home until tomorrow."

"Please don't tell her what happened." Drew begged. "She would be very upset. Please just don't say anything."

"Okay, but you will have to tell her when you get home." Mr. Green told the boy.

Drew nodded and hugged the man. Mr. Green found a phone and he called Drew's mother.

"Hi Doris, it's Barry." he said. "I just called to say we won't be back until tomorrow. We had a little trouble and have to stay an extra day. Had to take Michael to the hospital because of an injury."

"What happened?" Drew's mother asked. "Is Drew okay?"

"Don't worry, he's with me." Mr. Green told her. "We'll be in around noon or 1 pm. Just tell everyone at the office we'll have our staff meeting Tuesday."

"Okay Barry. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon." Doris Morgan told her boss. "Just give Drew a kiss for me."

As Michael's father hung up the phone, he knew Drew would have a rough time. He went back to the room and found it empty. He found a nurse who told him that Drew was taken to a room. As he got to the room, he found a doctor checking Drew out. The doctor saw Mr. Green and told him his son was fine. Michael's ribs were broken and set. One did slightly puncture the lung and it was repaired. Though there was a head trauma, there did not seem to be any problems. Michael would be brought down and they could see him then. Mr. Green asked what room and the doctor told him. Mr. Green asked if he could be brought into Drew's room. The doctor agreed, called the recovery room, and told them of the change. About an hour later, Michael was wheeled into the room, still unconscious. As he was set into the bed, his monitor beeped quietly. Drew looked at his love lying there unconscious and he began to cry. Mr. Green comforted the small teen, telling him not to worry, but his owns tears betrayed his feelings. He worried about his son and feared how his life would be.

"I'm going to take Mrs. Green back to the house and I will collect you tomorrow." Mr. Green told Drew. "Will you be alright?"

"I'll be okay." Drew said. "Thanks for being here for me. My dad left because of me, but you love me as a son, and you don't care about my shortcomings."

"Drew, you're a sweet boy," Mr. Green told him. "And anyone who would turn their back on you isn't worth it. You're special and I'm glad to be a father to you."

He hugged Drew and kissed the teen's forehead. He told Drew goodnight, then kissed Michael's cheek, and turned out the light. Drew started to fall asleep when he heard a noise coming from the other bed.

"DREW, RUN DREW!!" Michael was crying in his sleep.

Michael was thrashing on the bed. Drew pushed the nurse's button and climbed into bed with his love. As the diminutive teen soothed his soul mate, the nurse entered.

"What happened?" the woman asked. "Is everything okay?"

"Michael began crying out." Drew explained. "He was thrashing around and I got worried."

The nurse checked the electrodes and tubes attached to Michael, making sure they were properly secured. She saw how the small boy was comforting the larger teen and just left them in the room.

Drew finally drifted off to sleep and five monsters began chasing the small teen. Drew ran and tried to escape, but could not. The five beasts attacked and ravaged him. He was suddenly awaken by the nurse who came in earlier. His arms began to swing and she grabbed him by the wrists. She was amazed at his strength compared to his size. When Drew knew who it was, he smiled weakly and said he was sorry.

"Come with me." the nurse said. "We'll go to the lounge and talk."

"I can't leave Michael." Drew told her. "What if he wakes up or needs me?"

"Don't worry. I'll have someone watch him." she told the boy.

Another nurse came in and was told if Michael woke up or if he called for Drew to call the lounge. They left for the lounge and Drew felt a little embarrassed as his hairless ass was exposed. The nurse found a lab coat and let him wear it.

They entered the lounge and Drew sat down. The nurse got a cup of coffee for herself and a soda for the teen. She sat across from him and they began consuming their beverages.

"By the way, the name ins Judy." the nurse said to Drew. "I have to say, you're a brave boy. You were able to help your friend before he could die."

"But not good enough." Drew stated. "Not good enough to stop them."

"Let me tell you something." the woman responded. "Bravery comes in many forms. You must be brave to face those bastards and put those animals where they belong. I should know."

Drew looked at the woman. How could she know what he had been through? How would she know how he could feel being violated and the one you love attacked?

"We do have quite a bit in common." Judy told him. "You see I was raped and the son-of-a-bitch that did it killed my husband. Oh they caught him and he was executed, but the pain is still there. You never really get over it. You deal with it and face it head-on."

Drew looked at the woman in amazement. Judy told Drew that 20 years before, she and her husband had been married for less than a year. They lived in Florida and were both home and just had gone to bed. Some sadistic person entered their apartment and he had hit her husband over the head. The rapist/murderer tied him up and forced him to watch the forced sex on his wife. The sadistic then shit her throat and stabbed her husband several times. The only thing that saved her was, as she tried to crawl to her husband, she knocked the phone over and accidentally hit O. The operator, not knowing what was going on, called the police, who responded. Drew saw tears flowing from the woman's eyes. He gave her a hug, not knowing what to do.

"You see, I could have let this destroy me." Judy told him. "It almost did. I couldn't deal with it for almost 8 years. I then read about a rape intervention group. I went and they were the people who showed me that as long as I held back my feelings back and felt the shame, they bastard would always win."

"But how can I?" Drew asked. "I'm a boy. It's not supposed to happen to a guy. It's so shameful."

"Did you ask for it?" Judy asked. "You would be surprised how many men and boys are raped. They live in fear and silence. You need to take control. I have a friend in Atlanta who works in a rape crisis center. Just go and talk with her. I know it will be hard, but you must do it. Take your mother and I know she will help you."

"I'll try." Drew said. "But it's so hard. Can I ask you something? Do you get nightmares from it?"

"Yes." Judy told him. "I still do. But I don't let it get to me. And if you ever need to talk, call me."

Judy gave the teen a slip of paper. As he read it, he saw two phone numbers and the words any time.

Judy and Drew finished their drinks and she escorted the diminutive boy back to the room. The attending nurse told them Michael was resting quietly. Drew got in his bed and Judy leaned down and kissed the boy on the forehead. Drew finally drifted off to sleep and was able to rest the remainder of the night.

NOTE: I am sorry that this chapter took a while to write. My big problem recently is that I have been in an auto accident. A school bus ran a stop light and creamed my vehicle. The big thing is that people are amazed I was able to come out of the accident bruised and battered, but no broken bones. My thought processes have been really off, so please bear with me. I also mentioned the chapter was going to be very upsetting, but I think that it does add to the story line and the characters. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at I truly appreciate the comments I have been getting.