BY: 70's CHILD

DISCLAIMER: The following story is purely fictional. The people mentioned are not real. Any correlation between the characters or actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under 18, it is illegal to possess or read erotic materials, or if gay sex turns you off, please leave. If you have any hatred to gays or lesbians, then I have two words for you **-SUCK IT!!!

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Now on with the story.

From our previous chapter:

Judy gave the teen a slip of paper. As he read it, he saw two phone numbers and the words any time.

Judy and Drew finished their drinks and she escorted the diminutive boy back to the room. The attending nurse told them Michael was resting quietly. Drew got in his bed and Judy leaned down and kissed the boy on the forehead. Drew finally drifted off to sleep and was able to rest the remainder of the night.


As the sun rose into the hospital room, both boys began to awaken in each others arms. Michael looked at the boy, who gazed back at him, and smiled. He then became confused by his surroundings. Michael could not figure out where he was or how he got there.

"Morning babe." Drew said to his love. "How do you feel?"

Michael felt the ache throughout his body as it seem to go from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Michael touched his face and felt bandages on his forehead, then the swollen bottom lip.

"What happened?" Michael asked.

Drew then explained what happened. He told of the four college boys who attacked them. Drew told Michael how they attacked them, two beating his love unconscious. Drew was very hesitant to tell what happened after, but he felt to take his life back, he had to tell all. He told Michael how two of the boys raped him and how he got out of the situation. He then told how he got help, got the police, and how they got to the hospital. Drew told Michael about his conversation with Judy and how he was going to testify against the four. Having heard the full story, Michael began crying severely.

"I'm so sorry." Michael said. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have taken you there. I couldn't protect you."

Drew held Michael close and kissed him. The electricity that flowed through their tongues made the love that they felt grow stronger. Michael began to feel better, but the guilt he felt smoldered in his mind.

A knock came at the door and Mr. Green walked into the room. He saw the two boys holding each other and tears began to well in his eyes. The teens that were lying before him were boys who did not need the previous night's atrocities to be inflicted on them.

"Ahem!" he announced himself with a slight break in his voice. "You two think you can live without each other."

The boys looked at him and gave him a slight smile. Drew clamored out of bed, got his clothes, and dressed. He knew that he would have to leave the boy he loved with his heart. Mr. Green kissed his son and told him that he would be back that night.

"Your mother and Penny will be by later." the man told his son. "Don't worry you two will see each other soon enough."

"Dad, I'm so sorry." Michael said crying.

"We'll talk later." Mr. Green said. "Right now, get some rest and I'll see you later."

Mr. Green turned and put his hand on Drew's shoulder and left the room. As Mr. Green checked Drew out of the hospital, the small teen saw Judy approach him.

"Hey sweetie." she said. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay." he said. "Kinda sore, but doing pretty good."

"How's your friend?" she asked.

"He's doing good." the teen replied. "He's awake. This is his father."

Mr. Green turned and shook hands with the nurse that stood in front of him. He told her that he was taking Drew back to Atlanta and returning that night. Judy knelt down and gave the diminutive teen a hug and kiss on the cheek. She leaned in and whispered into his ear.

"Remember to call that number." she said. "You're strong to get through this, but it helps to talk with someone."

Drew gave her a hug and kiss, then departed from the hospital with Mr. Green. They got in the van and pulled out of the hospital parking lot.

As they got on the interstate, Drew leaned back in the seat and just glanced at the traffic. Mr. Green did not know how to talk to the teen. What could he say to a 14-year-old boy who was brutally attacked by others for their own perverse reason.

As they continued to drive, Drew fell asleep. The dream that invaded his sleep had a monster who chased him down the street. As he went around the corner, he was confronted by a second beast. As he tried to back up, he was surrounded by five hideous creatures who began attacking him, tearing at his body. The petite teen tried to fight them off, but it was futile. He felt a hand on his shoulder, shaking him. As the boy began to awaken, he still felt the hand shaking him and someone calling his name. The teen swung his fist and hit Barry Green's nose. The name jerked back, holding his nose, and tears streamed from his eyes. Drew opened his eyes and saw what happened. He became panic-stricken and was ready to jump from the van, when Barry grabbed him and held the boy.

"I'm sorry Mr. Green." Drew said. "I had a nightmare and was scared."

"No problem big man." the man replied. "You pack a good punch."

It was then Drew noticed they were on the side of the road. His mind was feeling that he needed to be alone, but he knew that he needed to be home.

"So what were you dreaming?" Barry asked.

"Just a nightmare about monsters." Drew replied. "They were chasing me and I tried to fight them."

"Drew, remember that I'm here for you." Barry told him.

Barry Green started the engine, put the vehicle into gear, and pulled back onto the interstate. As they drove further, Barry decided to talk to the teen, hoping to get his mind off what happened.

"So who is Judy?" he asked. "She seemed to take an interest in you."

Drew looked at Mr. Green and told how Judy came into the room the previous night when Michael had a bad dream. She talked with Drew about what he had been through and about someone to talk with about being raped. Barry asked how she would know someone in Atlanta to talk about rape counseling. Drew told him about Judy's husband and what happened. He told Barry that he felt that she was able to give him hope. Barry felt that counseling might help Drew and Michael.

"Drew, when we get back, I will talk with your mother about the counseling for you." Michael's father said. "I also want Michael to get it too."

Drew smiled slightly and relaxed. He fell asleep again that went uneventfully the rest of the trip. As he woke up, he saw the familiar streets of his neighborhood and then his house. As the van pulled into the driveway, he saw his mother coming out of the door. As Barry pulled to a stop, Drew bound out of the van and ran to his mother. He wrapped his arms around her as she knelt down and she returned the hug.

"Drew, I'm so glad you're home." she said to her son. "What happened?"

Barry approached and looked at that the two people holding onto each other. He suggested they go in and talk. As the three went into the living room, they sat and an awkward silence grew among them. After almost a minute, Drew's mother began to look nervously at them.

"What the hell is going on Barry?" she demanded.

"Doris, I won't lie." Barry began. "Drew and Michael got into serious trouble."

Barry explained how the teens went to a nude beach and were approached by some college kids. He also explained how the boys were attacked by the same boys and that Michale was beaten. Barry remained quiet for a few seconds before he said that Drew had been raped by two of the boys. Drew began to cry and his mother ran to him. She grabbed him and held him so tight, Drew felt his lungs collapsing, so he had to push her off. As the two were crying, Barry sat and began to speak.

"Doris, I think the boys could use some counseling." he said. "A nurse at the hospital suggested someone in Atlanta."

"Drew, my baby." Doris cried. "How could this happen?"

Drew began to explain the events and how it was five-on-one. He explained meeting Judy the previous night and how she was able to talk about her rape. Drew was able to tell his mother she was able to tell him how to handle what was to come.

"I don't want you to testify!" she said. "I don't want you to dela with that."

"Mom I have to do this." Drew responded. "If I don't, they will win. These guys need to pay."

"But Drew." Doris said. "I don't want you to have to deal with this."

"I have to deal with my height everyday." he replied. "As if that is not enough shit I have to deal with, I want those fuckers to suffer."

Doris and Barry looked at the small teen in shock. The rage that expressed on his face and the language he was uttering was something they were unprepared for. Doris was seeing her son in a new light. The boy, who took every trouble with ease, was not handling the situation. She knew that he would want justice done, but the vindictiveness of Drew was even new to her.

After a few minutes, Drew calmed down and sank into a seat. Doris held him and the teen began crying again. This continued until he cried himself out and fell asleep. Doris carried her son to his room, followed by Barry. They took his clothes off and dressed him in a pair of pajamas. The two adults went downstairs and sat down.

"Doris, I'm so sorry this happened." Barry said. "I know the boys shouldn't have gone to the beach, but those damned boys need to be punished."

"Barry, let me ask you." she replied. "Should Drew testify? I think it would do more harm than good."

"Doris, I know how you feel." he said. "But I think if he doesn't, he would resent anyone from allowing him to do it. And to be truthful, it would help."

Doris looked hard at him and realized this would be the wise thing to do. She knew that with Drew's state of mind, he needed a release of the pressure he was feeling.

"Doris, I want to ask you something." Barry started. "I am so mad I plan to sue those boys' families. Those bastards deserve what happens and their families should pay for what happened to the boys. I want us to force those people to realize what evil they raised."

"Barry, I don't know." she said. "Besides, I don't have a lawyer."

"Don't worry, we'll use mine." he responded. "And remember, any monies will go to the boys for college."

The adults began planning their strategy for the lawsuit and how they would deal with the boys' counseling. As they talked, Barry told Doris he was worried Drew would have severe nightmares. He told her the situation coming from the beach. He did tell her to be prepared. Just then the doorbell rang. Doris answered it and Linda Morgan, Drew's science teacher, was standing at the door.

"Mrs. Morgan." she began. "I'm Linda Morgan, Drew's teacher. I was wondering if he's fine since he was not in school today."

Doris ushered her in the door and invited her to sit. Drew's mother introduced Barry Green as they all sat down.

"Mrs. Morgan." Doris said. "This is strange to say your name. Do you mind if I call you Linda."

"That's fine." the teacher replied. "Doris is it?"

"Yes." Drew's mother responded. "There was some trouble this weekend and Drew got home a little while ago."

"Is he alright?" Linda asked. "Is he hurt?"

Doris and Barry explained the situation on Sunday to the educator. Linda looked in disbelief that people could be cruel to one so small or young. She began crying with the thoughts of a boy being raped and remembered her brother, Bryce, who was attacked when he was just a teen.

"Is he going for counseling?" the teacher asked. "I know he must be going through hell in his mind."

"Someone suggested a therapist in Atlanta." Doris responded, producing the paper Drew was given by Judy.

Linda looked at the card and was surprised when she read it - Bryce Cummings - her brother. She was contemplating whether to tell the parents before her about her brother. Linda wanted to clear the way to talk with her brother about Drew and what happened.

"I should tell you that this person is my brother." she told them. "I am quite sure he will be able to help."

She told Doris and Barry about Bryce. She knew he was gay at a young age and he wass not ashamed of it. Their parents were not happy about it, but they loved their children. When Bryce was 16, he was talking with some friends when six boys on the football team pulled up and grabbed him. They threw him in the truck they were in and drove to outside of the town, where they proceeded to beat him severely, then forced him to take their dicks in his mouth or masturbated on him. Tghey left him on the ground covered in their semen, trying to get up. Bryce was able to make it to the road before he passed out. A car stopped and took him to the hospital, where his parents were called. When thye police arrived, their attitude was one of unfeeling and loathing. Even though Bryce's friends stated the boys did abduct the teen, the six were never prosecuted. They did harass Bruce until he was pushed to the point of committing suicide. Bryce's parents finally suggested counseling for him and after a few years, Bryce was able to cope with his life, even though he did not forgive nor forgot what happened. He did sue the families of the boys and won settlements to allow him to go to college and live comfortably. Bryce decided to get his degree as a counsellor and allow him to help people to overcome being harassed for being different, especially being gay.

Doris and Barry loked at her and realized this would be the best for the boys.

"Linda, could you talk to your brother?" Barry asked.

"I will be glad to do it for you." she replied. "When do you want to begin?"

"As soon as possible." Doris said emphatically. "I want these boys to know it wasn't their fault."

"Doris, they aren't totally blameless." Barry said. "But they definitely didn't deserve this."

The three continued to talk for several minutes until Barry realized that he needed to go back to Savannah.

"Doris I have to get everyone." he told her. "We'll be by later tonight if that's okay."

"Sure Barry." she replied. "Thanks for being there."

Barry left to go back. As he left, Drew came down in his shorts and t-shirt. He saw his teacher sitting and talking with his mother. As Linda saw him, the look of sorrow crossed her face. Drew noticed this and ran back upstairs. He could not stand pity from anyone and especially now. Doris knocked on the door and come in the room.

"Drew, that was very rude." his mother said sternly.

"I saw Mrs. Morgan's face." Drew said. "I don't want anyone's pity."

"Baby." she said holding him. "Mrs. Morgan is going to talk with the counselor the nurse recommended."

Drew was shocked. He did not want this to come out until he was ready. The panic on his faced glowed until Doris talked with him.

"Drew." she said. "The counselor is her brother. We think he will help quite a bit. And when Michael comes home tonight we will discuss when you two will meet with him. And you two will stay home the rest of the week."

Drew breathed a sigh of relief that the person he would talk with would not judge him. He also felt that he would not have to deal with anyone for almost a week. Doris asked if he wanted to come down, but he shook his head no. As she began to leave, she looked at the toughest boy in the world and wondered how this will affect him.

"Mom." he said. "Are you mad at me?"

"Drew I love you." she replied. "Though you two went somewhere you shouldn't have, no one had the right to hurt you."

Tears abound between mother and son as she closed the door. Drew laid on his bed with many thoughts running through his mind. The main thought was could he ever forget or at least deal with it as he drifted off to sleep.

NOTE: I am sorry that this chapter took a while to write. As I explained in the last chapter, I had been in an accident, but there was a broken bone. I told everyone that I had a broken finger on my left hand, but they finally found it. I have some trouble typing, where I can only do maybe 3 pages at a time. I will be working on the story in the future, but until I can get back to the ability I was at before the accident, I will only be able to work on the story a little at a time. Also, you will see there was little sex and no consensual sex. I plan to develop the story line even further. If you have any comments, either good or bad, please write me at I hope that you enjoy it.